View Full Version : Fefnir from MMZ in Mega Man X 1-3 Style Sprites

Metal Gear Rex
May 12th, 2010, 04:48
This is my second time actually making some sprites, but the first I did anything complex. First time I made sprites I did a "Molok" from Bomberman 64 the Second Attack into the Super Bomberman 4 Style, but I never finished it.


I kinda like the simple use of Super Nintendo games when I make Sprite Movies with Swish, so if I use Mega Man X it is the X1-3 style. And I really like some of MMZ's characters like the Four Guardians so that's where the inspiration for this came from.

Fefnir in Mega Man X 1-3 Style

I placed the Fefnir from MMZ there as a comparison. The Mega Mans below is the order of the progress I made it, first changing stance then I did a recolor (Manually) and then came the unique designing of Fefnir. Overall it took a few hours to do.

I actually think it turned out fairly well for a second time at this, and it being a long time since my first. There are a few things I don't feel certain about, such as the gun and the thing that comes out of his back (You see it right behind his shoulder)

After I finish him, I may or may not get some of the other characters going.

Oh if you want to use it for whatever, give credit. I prefer to have credit for "DarkFire4114" as that's the username I pretty much use everywhere now.

What do you all think?