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May 18th, 2010, 04:26
hello everyone. I bring you a topic today that is not game based, sort of.

I wanna make a story. I have the ideas and everything , however as a bonus, you get to help wright it with me. If you get any ideas that could help me improve the story, or something that can progress it, then post it here, and I'll try to see if I can add it.

other than that, enjoy.


Backround: The story is about a creator of the Universe (called a "Boss) who must end a Civil war within his universe so he may protect himself from the other bosses of other universes during the Boss War, all while trying to live a simple Earth life.

Title: *Unknown* (for you to decide)

Chapter I- The Beginning of It All

Log 81-12-304a

It all would have never started. The war would have never started had I just kept my big mouth shut.

You see, on Denoth, the center of the galactic alliance, we held a brief meeting for passing new bills and such. the problem with it is that as we were passing this stupid law, I got a call on my communicator.

"What?" I quietly said. The voice of my Communications Director Called out "Sir, we are under attack from Vence, the Droid Boss"

"What?!" I screamed in shock. It was the first time that a boss as attacked me since Boss Augmento 10,000 Earth Years before.

The problem wasn't that I said what, the problem was when I said the word. We had just agreed to pass the bill to give all under-paid workers 2 extra bonuses a year. I had no problem with it, but when I screamed "what?!" those at the meeting believed I had shown no intress in liking it.

So before I could blink, they immediately destroyed the bill, and never brought it back out. (Since I made the rule that if I hate it, everyone immediately destroys the bill without argument, no matter how many people like it)

Some people(almost everyone in that room) didn't like that. They quickly left the room, and before I could find out how my base was doing, the Galactic Alliance of Boss was split in two.

So when I got back to the base, still unaware of what really happened, I quickly was caught by blaster fire. I could easily survive a million blasts from my own weapons in my own Universe, but from Vento's robots, I was knocked out cold.

I guess while I was out, my guards quickly the few droids that were attacking, and brought me to the emergency room. When I awoke 2 hours later, I was met by a mob a angry, annoyed, and worried workers I had never seen before.

They were all mad at me, but I couldn't at the time find out why. When I got back to my desk at the top of the 100 floor base, I was quickly briefed on the situation

"Sir," the Boss Assistant spoke "it seems as our Communication Director told you about the attack, he over exaggerated the attack. As such, when you yelled in shock, it seemed to send a message to the others that you hated the bill they were passing."

"Yes," I started

"And that bill was critical to the survival of this company. The Wokes and the Terbinies were already ready to rebel, and now they have the potential to gather followers. The Zass Constortuim could possibly get so big that they could be a threat to us"

"Look," I started again, "if we can hold out against Rands and Torces attacking us everyday, then this 'Zass Constortuim' aint gonna be a problem for us"

"Those," he stated, "are beasts. One quick dart can easily take out the bigest Rand in the Universe. These are humanoid life forms. They are a bit stronger, a bit smarter, and there are a lot more of them"

"Ok, well if it turns out to be a war, I'll need an army. Gather my best guards, and place them in the toughest training session we have. Then Take the best traits of them, combine them together, and create a genetically superior creature. We can then clone him, and use the clones as an army against the weaker workers."

"There is one problem with your plan boss, how can we clone them in time?"

"Use the cloning pods we left on Kantis III"

And so began the greatest army ever. As predicted, the Zass Constortium did, in fact,grow to enormous size.

They were made of the 3 major "Anti-Boss" organizations in the Universe: the original leaders of the Zass Constortium, the Confederacy for Independent Systems Against Boss, or the CISAB, and the Empire of Galaxy 903.

It started out as simple intrusions and countless secerity failers. After a while, it started turnning into full on raids. They used Rand beasts and advance tactics to pick off the advance army i had made so quickly.

To this day they are still being hunted down. The CISAB's army, made of highly programed assassion machines, was the biggest threat. They had found some of the weapons dropped by Vento's droids, and mass producing it. Since Vento's weapons were from another universe, they could harm me because of this fact, I had stayed away from battle most of the time.

Hopefully, it will stay that way..


May 18th, 2010, 16:53
Chapter II - My Life

Log 81-40-129d

Even though I was fighting off a war within my own Universe, I was also trying to fight off other bosses. You heard how Boss Vento's droids found their way to my universe. This was the first boss to attack me, showing a sign that the Boss War had started and worked it's way to my Universe.

But maybe before I tell you about that, I should tell you about my Universe, and about Bosses.

You see, Bosses are a race of blue deer-like advance creatures. They have the abilitY to create anything with just a snap of their fingers. They are born in Universe 1, the Boss Universe.

About 40 Earth Years after they are born, they are sent to the Boss Academy, the largest school ever. It is here that they learn how to make Universes, how to use their power to create things responsably, and how to maintaine balance withing their universes.

There are some, like me, who think that the academy's teachings couldn't be more boring. I mean, most, if not every, Boss knows how to create things and how to control them right from birth. Why must we go to a stupid school for 600 Earth years (4 Boss years) of our lives.

So, only 2 years in to the school, I droped out. This was no problem for other bosses, or the Boss "Princpal" Uftrain, so no one worried about it. What made me diffrent than everyone else was that I successfully created a universe as a drop out.

Most Bosses can't make a working universe untill they graduate the academy, so when I did, it brought unwanted attention from other bosses.

I was also the first one to make a universe in my class, so I got the closest one to Universe 1, Universe 3!

And so, My universe was made, and it started out great. No one knew where it was, no one knew who I was. It was perfect.

But ever since Ventor attacked, my universe has been in danger.

So I beefed up secerity. I have 10 different guard robots. Golath 1-6 for defense of different invasions. Jambles droids used for attack and defence against other bosses. And I have the toughest solders used as body guards and escorts.

However, the Zass Constortium always sneaks passed them and shuts off the main power to the whole base all the time just right before they attack, which is how they hit us so hard.

But enough about my base, what really makes this war so inconvenient (other than the Boss War going on) is that I have to live a normal life on Earth.

You see, every Boss has to live on their own created planet as their home. The dominant species of the planet the Boss chooses must then never find out about the life or universe the Boss has created, thus making him/her blend in to the planet.

For me this means that the humans of Planet 10034 (Earth) must not find out about other life on planets outside their own star system, must not find out I am the creator of the Universe, and I must live a normal full Earth life.

And so, on Earth, I live as a 15 year-old regular human in a small desert town. Not the best place to live, but hey, I don't need to draw to much attention to myself.

This War has brought the Zass Constortuim to try to kill me. Well, on Earth, the nitrogen-oxygen rich atmosphere makes it virtually imposable for me to use any non-human powers or abilities. So, while the CISAB assassin driods try to snipe me in my weak human form while I'm sitting in school, I can not do anything about it.

Also what is problematic is the Weequy creatures that make up the Zass Constortium can shape shift into anything, making them really hard to spot out. That is half the reason the security systems keep getting shut off. It also makes them perfect spies. They were my best spies before joining them. Now whenever I'm on Earth, I can never tell the difference between a regular human and a Weequy.

Well, I gotta go now. The alarms are raised so I gotta go find out the problem. I'll tell you more later.


May 23rd, 2010, 00:45
"wright" is actually spelt 'write' if you're talking about writing.