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Duke Ragereaver
September 4th, 2009, 07:46
The main difference between DK1 and DK2 is that all creatures/Heroes have an actual use in all stages of the game I'm sure most people would agree on that. I'm also curious about the people's thoughts about creatures and how they would rank them, post here your personal list from best to worst creature and don't forget to mention WHY.

My personal list with the best at the top and worst at the lowest is right here.


The creatures

1. :dragon: Dragon: Excellent all-round creature in all stages of the game, can do very good research, can manafacture, and can last long in battle His only downside is he's a bit slow and deals minimum damage. Still a fair trade to me.

2. :bile: Bile Demon: Second to overall value to me, simply because they are awesome fighters. Can do also a good job at the workshop but I will almost never use him for research, it's better to let dragons and warlocks to do that. They also never seem to get angry and take rather low pay.

3. :orc: Orc: Another great addition to your underground army aswel, excellent to smack the heads of unfortunate Heroes. Is also one of the best creatures to have when it comes to manafacuring. Very hard to anger and get along with everyone.

4. :vampire: Vampire: The vampire is somewhat of a curiousity, statiscly he appears strong but in pratice it can be a little dissapointing because of his overuse of drain spell instead of the default attack ability. Nevertheless, still a nice minion to have, an excellent researcher and train rather quickly, not to mention his immortality! He does take a huge pay however, so amassing a legion of them need to be thought well out.

5. :mistress: Dark Mistress: I think people will critize me for not putting this creature higher up. True she may have the notorius lightning and drain spell which can make short work of anything in no-time. But the truth is, she is moderate at research and manafacturing, and other things at best. Her true value is at the battlefield. The other cons about her are she rather dies quickly and her teleport spell might do her more harm than good.

6. :horny: Horned Reaper: Oh here are we going to get it, I'm a bit nervous I might not last this night for putting him up higher. :p But back to the point, he's a good creature that truely excells at combat, notting much else. He's good at what he does, he k-k-kills. Some people keep him in a private apartment while the only thing they need to do is constantly assign him on a job, like guarding or praying at the temple. He's defininetly not recommenced in under-developed dungeons where gold is scar unless ofcourse you use the ‘gold sprinkle trick’.

7. :warlock: Warlock: A good beginners creature, good at researching. Even though he can obtain lots of spells (some are quite useless or weak), the warlock gradually loses his value over the game simply because he can't deal damage fast enough and take not much of his own. His often use of the tornado spell and feud with vampires also make him rather unwanted.

8. :demon: Demonspawn: A good early fighter, but I will never get them when dragons are instead available, which is pretty often.

9. :dog: Hellhound: A moderate fighter and an active scouter, sounds pretty good actually. Sadly enough, the scavenger room is the last room that is researched, making him obeslate by then.

10. :skeleton: Skeleton: Some people like skeletons, I'm one of the people that doesn't, they die too quickly! Ok so they might have the notorius lightning spell, and they take low pay, but that's about it. They are simply too flimpsy to be of much use. Even their armour spell does little to protect them. And considering that skeletons are almost solely get by starving out prisoners, you might aswel think twice of the prisoner is really worth to convert him/her into a skeleton.

11. :tentacle: Tentacle: A moderate fighter, tends to make few to none appearances on maps. His major downsides are speed and slow training, the latter making him unattractable to some people including me. Keep in mind he's one of the few creatures that can actually freeze enemies.

12. :troll: Troll: Moderate fighter, can do very well in the workshop.

13. :ghost: Ghost: More of a liability than helpful, few ghosts will return from a violent battlefield. Even their monopoly of rebound issen't helping much to keep them longer alive. I mostly get them by accident by not watching the torture room, nearly all creatures and heroes have a higher value to me than ghosts.

14. :spider: Spider: strongest 'insect', can be actually a good early fighter due having freeze, but will quickly be phased out..

15. :fly: Fly: The reason why I've put the fly higher than the beetle is due his early scouting he can do, making him actually invaluable. But sometimes that can backfire and cause some unnessesary trouble. Some people say flies are actually useful to sacrafice for instantly finish long research, but usually flies tend to never appear when that kind of job needs to be done.

16. :beetle: Beetle: The bottom of my list, the poor beetle is virtually outpreformed by all other creatures in all areas, and his sacrafice value is simply worthless to me.

The Heroes

1. :avatar: The Avatar: Well I don't need to explain much about him, he's virtually unstoppable in the hands of an experienced Keeper.

2. :lord: Knight: Very strong, excells in combat and can manafacture/research if really nessesary.

3. :wizard: Wizard: FAR superior compared to the warlock, doesn't argue with vampires and has some better spells.

4. :samurai: Samurai: Very capable warrior, a shame though he's not the best friends with the mistress.

5. :monk: Monk: The monk is a powerful stepping stone between the spellcasters and the warriors. Lots of spells to back him up.

6. :giant: Giant: Very strong physical hero, third behind the Avatar and Horned Reaper. His only downsize is SPEED.

7. :barb: Barbarian: The extra muscle and the warhammer is always a welcome addition.

8. :thief: Thief: Not much loyalty and can transform into a knight, sadly enough his training takes LONG.

9. :archer: Archer: One of the weaker Heroes, but I guess he's decent when he's allowed to have some range.

10. :dwarf: Dwarf: Low-level melee Hero, decent untill the middle to late stage.

11. :fairy: Fairy: Some good spells but simply can't take anything, even a summerbreeze is likely to kill her.

12. :priestess: Witch: Simply plain annoying hero, unnessesary to say thanks to her tornado spell which she use in much more frequency than others.

13. :tunneller: Tunneller Dwarf: A rather annoying fellow, does not listen to orders for long. Seems to have a preference to act like a foreman on the place imps work.


Your turn people.

September 4th, 2009, 08:29
First of all i'd just like to say i love the idea presented by this thread. Now here is my order.

(Note: Samurai, if we WERE to include heroes, comes first. Excellent melee + ranged dps and... FREEZE!)

1. Mistress. Excellent dps, rather good survivability (unless lightning strike is involved), low pay and can research and manufacture. Whats not to love?

2. Dragon. Fantastically tank, best creature in possession (IMHO, when scaled and with speed/slap) and isn't a bad researcher/'shopper

3. Orc. Rather good melee dps + in some levels i can be COMPLETELY financially dependant on them :-)

And that pretty much concludes the creatures i actually use... but for the sake of the thread...

4. Bile Demon. Tank, good against packs of creatures and great if you're fighting masses in possession. The reason i don't use them is because they train really slowly.

5. Umm... Warlocks, i guess. Great in the early stages of the game, good researchers and actually rather great if used in possession effectively.

6. Skeleton. Good when used in masses and they are a financial asset (they're able to produce more golds worth in traps then they cost to train/pay).

7. Spider. Component for a mistriss in the temple and can also freeze.

8. Flies. Destroy walls. Nuff said.

9. Beetle. Don't use, but they can make mistrisses.

10. Hellhound. I wanted to put these guys higher cuz i actually love em, but hell, they aren't good creatures.

11. Ghost. Fails at life around the clock.

12. Demonspawn. When you consider it they suck, even at the low levels. Might as well just train your warlocks IMHO.

13. Troll. Not worth it.

14. Tentacle. Meant to put him higher, but then i remember that the last time i used a non converted tentacle was never.

15. Vampire. They cause far more problems then they solve. I'd rather have imp efficiency to a money sucking tempermental fail dpser.

16. Horny. Just to piss you guys off :-) In all sincerity, i'd have put him about 4th/5th. Last, because i'm one of those nice keepers who likes happy faces around the clock and because i think Orcs can do everything that Horny's can. Last of all, i only use Horny in particular situations (level 19) and when they're converted.

Duke Ragereaver
September 4th, 2009, 08:32
''You've got too many mistresses, there is a name for Keepers like you...'' :p

September 4th, 2009, 09:03
Heh, fact is if you've got a Handful of Mistriss and a Handful of Samurai, you've got a nigh unstoppable fighting force (ignoring cave in/lightning strike).

So let me phrase it this way: An excess of mistrisses? I don't believe i've 256 of them!

Duke Ragereaver
September 4th, 2009, 09:24
Heh, fact is if you've got a Handful of Mistriss and a Handful of Samurai, you've got a nigh unstoppable fighting force (ignoring cave in/lightning strike).

So let me phrase it this way: An excess of mistrisses? I don't believe i've 256 of them!

Yea that may be true but I'm one of those Keepers that like to have diversity for an all-round army. Dragons, bile demons, orcs, warlocks, vampires and mistresses is my personal favorite combo.

That's not quite near 9000 but it's a start. :p

September 4th, 2009, 12:33
Here's how I rate my creatures:

:horny: He is just awesome. A couple of these on level 10, and the avatar himself would not survive much longer. They do get angry very, very, VERY easily, so whach out for that.

:mistress: Their use of the lightning spell and drain spell makes few enemies left over. And they can be quite easy to train.

:bile: They have a tendency to use gas spells to choke their enemies, and also my creatures fighting. Keeping a few is good, but to many is deadly.

:dog: I love these guy. Speed, flame breath, and a great health rate, and the way that these guys see in possesion.

:orc: These guys are easy to train, but once they are level 10, they are still to weak to take part in any major battles alone. Still, These guys don't ask for much, and 3 or more will be devistating to any hero invader

:troll: Trolls are great manufactors, and gain a speed spell at level 5, making them good to have with other creatures (like mistress or horny)

:dragon: This is a great creature to get, but even on level 10, they can still die easily from a simple disease+lightning spell combo.

:warlock: Great Spells, but that's it. When all research is done I through them right back.

:imp: Dies to easily from lightning, takes forever to train, and doesn't fight. If I didn't need them for dungeon expansions, I would never use them.

Tentacle They are only seen in a few levels, and only are good in water. Throw them back unless they were nuetral creatures.

:vampire: He loves to fight with my warlocks. and gets scavanged all the time. I really hate the vampire in dk1 but dk2 did good.(for once)

:demon: These little critters take forever to turn into dragons, and when dragons are already on the map, bye-bye demon spawn.

:spider: just another useless creature for begeners. Still, the slow spell has been helpful in someways.

:beetle: Just another creature added for the beginning. I will never use these (except on the first level)

:fly: Just a scout and imp chaser. I have other creatures for that. Flies never even get to see my dungeon heart when I'm around.

September 7th, 2009, 17:18
0.:imp: - You can't do anything without them. 'nuff said. But then, that's what they're for so it's not really part of the list

1.:horny: - Overall supreme fighter. Instagibs imps and other weak creatures. Slashes it way through everything - great to control, an okay researcher and overall badass. His 'anger' management is controllable with gold (though his payday is high). Only 1-2 maximum to keep it under control, and more you don't really need either.

2.:dragon: - Excellent all-round, healing, casting and supreme fire breath (if controlled). Researches and constructs and is just lovely. Only costs quite much.

3.:bile: - This guy is so tough, so rad. He kills people by farting and is one of your best against traps since he just takes em like that. He's our real man. Sadly, since I kind of like skeletons, they seem to charge each other way too much since they like to sleep so much.

4.:ghost: - Wait, what? Ghost? On 4? Are you kidding me? No. The Ghost is awesome. Whereas your Bile Demons/Horned demons are meleeing, these forgotten fellows nuke the living hell out of all enemies with life drain. They cost absolutely nothing, hardly any lair, don't eat and can research. Who cares if they die, you have plenty anyways.

5.:orc: - On five, not forgotten but he slipped my mind, because he's so fast! He's like level 10 before you even know it! How awesome is that!

6.:vampire: - Hm, Vampire could end up a lot higher, since he's so powerful, but his insane cost, quick scavenging, quick angering and hatred for warlocks makes him incredibly annoying. But yeah, being immortal has its costs. And if you're the one scavenging, they're epic.

7.:mistress: - Whee, lighting, leech. But they can't really research or work. While incredibly powerfull with their lightning and teleport for incredibly awesome strike-teaming on imps, in melee they aren't great.

8.:warlock: - Your basic superpower ranged fighters. Incredibly fragile, but they unleash terror upon your enemies from far. Early levels they -suck- but meteor makes them a lot better later on. Still, because they really only use as researchers I don't see much more use in them than another monster.

9.:skeleton: - Quick levelers, lightning, funny to use. I adore these guys, except for the fact they hate Bile Demons.

10.:troll: - These guys are.. kind of weak. I don't see much use for them in combat, besides on high level with a little fireball.. In the workshop they're the best though.

11.:dog: - They're fun. Fast and lethal with Fire (if controlled). Overall as a NPC they die quite fast or they let themselves die because they scout. I don't see much use in them.

12.:demon: - These guys are fun with their hyperballs. Also, they evolve into Dragons :o Overall weak themselves though but once upgraded incredible.

13.:fly: - I sort of wanted to put this little fello higher on the list, but everyone know they're so incredibly weak. They can research and scout for you at all times. They sure die fast but they did their cheap service by then. Also, great to sacrifice :3

14.:tentacle: - Who even knows these guys. They're so rare and hardly bring in something anywhere. Still better as the last ones >_>

15.:spider: - They're sort of okay.. Well... They suck. They're annoying since they freeze prisoners and even kill your best scouts. Bleh.

16.:beetle: - There is only one use for these.. things. And that's the temple. Really, they suck so much... Sometimes though, on later levels, you wish you had them for just the awesome sacrifice.

Heroes are hard to pick.

1.:avatar: - Ehm, yeah. He's too powerfull. Anything else on 1. as hero is ridiculous.

2.:lord: - The knight is a supreme fighter. While kind of slow, his rebound and heal make him a tough cookie.

3.:wizard: - A warlock without being grumpy and doesn't hate vampires? :o Sign him up!

4.:samurai: - It's so sad that he doesn't like kinky woman. But his slashing sword skills make him great. He's like some kind of Horny only less powerfull. But hey, he's cool regardless.

4.:monk: - These guys just wont die. Bah, annoying.

5.:tunneler: - Gasp, they can help with your imps! How awesome is that!

6.:fairy:/:priestess: - I can't really grade these. They're spellcasters and annoying at it. Fairy's die too quick but have okay ranged spells, just like the priestess but overall she's too annoying with whirlwind.

7.:thief: - The only reason is for being easy to convert and eventually transforming into the mighty Knight.

8.:dwarf:/:barb:/:giant: - The rest. While the barbarian got an insane attack power, overall they don't really add much.

September 7th, 2009, 18:09
You forget the best creature!

The Orc!

Duke Ragereaver
September 7th, 2009, 18:15
Blasphemy!!! How can you forget the orc?! :p

ps: currently adding hero list aswel.

September 7th, 2009, 19:01
You forget the best creature!

The Orc!

Added and I gave the reason why :D:p

Duke Ragereaver
September 7th, 2009, 19:25
Added and I gave the reason why :D:p

A very acceptable excuse. :D

September 7th, 2009, 19:36
My Heros:

:avatar: Just too overpowered. Just the way I like it. :)

:lord: These guys are strong. I use them whenever I can. Strong armor, and armor spell, genuis

:giant: These guys are so underprivledged. No spells, but still, they do hit hard. I wouldn't mind having 3 or more of them

:samurai: freeze and lightning. What will they think of next. Chickens on steroids. :D

:wizard: Great range of spells, almost to great. :eek:

:thief:/:archer: These guys are easy to train, and can turn out to be great help when they need to be.

:fairy: Lightning and drain spell. and flying, like a mistress with wings.

:priestess: Good spells, including rebound, but they are weak when it comes to killing in close combat

:barb: these guys are just a weaker version of the giant. Still, their armor and speed spells are somewhat helpful, if I ever need them.

:dwarf:/:tunneller: These are just nothings. Simple. Hate 'em, what's not to get?

September 8th, 2009, 08:09
Just a few notes before i give mah hero list.

Lol, X. Lol, Dk2. I don't know HOW you guys like Bile Demons so much. They train slow as a pile of shit, they're too slow to actually fight and they're dps is rather pathetic. That, coupled with the fact that they kill your own creatures and that (in spite of their appearance) they aren't very tank, well.... their only real use is in spam groups against groups!

X, Ghost that high? Their DPS is too fail to be above Mistress if you're ranking them high because of the supposed dps. Sides, you've researched everything by the time you get your first ghost most of the time.

And now to stop my QQ and write about the PEW PEW!

1 :Avatar:. Obviously. The thing i like most about him is if you have one of these bad boys you can free train your creatures (just chuck him in a lair and whack at him!) in a billionth of the normal time.

2 :samurai: Best melee DPS, freeze, good worker, not huge pay. The Samurai is, quite simply, winnage.

Acutal 3. Sorry, meant to add this in earlier (move everything down a number!). Tank, mediocre dps.

3 :wizard: :lord: can't decide who takes the cake... Oh well. Wizards have great ranged dps and freeze. They're also good researchers. They still seem to attack yo imps though. Knights, whilst lacking dps, are decently tank and great for pissing off enemy spiders/beetles/tentacles (you see my thought train?) with a taste of their own medicine.

4 :Giant: :Barbarian: Yes yes, another tie. But sne. They both have their melee dps uses.

5 :Archer: Not horrible ranged dps, plus they're fast

6 :fairy: Ranged dps, but fragile

7 :dwarf: No real uses, but no obvious detriments either

8 :tunneler: Wastes lair space and a paycheck. Horrible fighters and they only claim/dig one in a hundred times you tell them to.

9 :Priestess: Yes, she's last because she completely screws up your fighting. Not only does she gas your creatures, she blows them all into a corner and prolongs fights uselessly. EPIC FRICKEN FAIL.

September 8th, 2009, 08:36
Guys you should really use the forum feature for creating ordered lists:

[LI ST=1]

Line #1

Line #2

Line #3

Line #4

Line #5

Line #6

Line #7


Duke Ragereaver
September 8th, 2009, 10:58
I disagree Searingflame, they kick-ass. Bile Demons are close if not over average when it comes to training. Regarding their speed, they are on par with beetles, spiders, trolls and orcs, considering that the last two use speed spell on later levels, I say it's not bad compared with their health, armor and damage, which I can't really say about the formers apart from the orc. Their health, armor and raw damage are in fact second only to the Horned Reaper(third, when looking to armor)! Use slap and speed on them for maximized effect. :D And regarding damaging allies, the level 2 skill does damage allies while the level 4 doesn't.

Edit: In short, bile demons are superior to mistresses! And down here is the proof! :p


Guys you should really use the forum feature for creating ordered lists:

[LI ST=1]

Line #1

Line #2

Line #3

Line #4

Line #5

Line #6

Line #7


Smilies don't work when using that. :confused:

September 8th, 2009, 11:07
X, Ghost that high? Their DPS is too fail to be above Mistress if you're ranking them high because of the supposed dps. Sides, you've researched everything by the time you get your first ghost most of the time.

rue about research, but it's just something -extra-. They can also work btw.
Anyways, what I like about them is that they're so cheap and you have so easy so much of em. I know Mistresses have better power and all, but I just love Ghosts of their simplicity and force.

September 8th, 2009, 12:29
The problem with Ghosts is that they train slower than a snail and get Drain at level 8.

So the only time I would have high level Ghosts is when there are high level Tunnelers or Dwarfs on the map and even then I would pick the Skeleton before the Ghost. Cause they do everything better and survive a lot longer.

My List:


:orc: I can easily say that I like these guys the most, Power, Speed, Fast training, Workshop they can all do it and do it good! An army of these guys just kicks ass!

:skeleton: Same story as with the Orc, but they lack a bit of speed (as in moving) and are weaker. But still pack a big punch and from a distance a pack of these guys smoke everything with Lightning!

:vampire: I love these guys but have a few downsides, which is why they are not at the top of the list. First they are very cranky and get mad quite fast (I think Horny is the only one that gets mad faster?) and they plunder your treasury like gold is made of air. But with Gems around I always try to get a pack of these great fighters!

:dragon: I find this the most basic creature with standard powers which are usable throughout the whole game, but nothing more. I even throw them out sometimes cause of their paycheck.

:horny: I never have problems with him regarding anger management but his price/power ratio is a bit off. I rather have 2 Level 10 Orcs then 1 of these guys (and I can have many more Orcs for the same price) So I usually have them for fun if I can manage them with gold (I hate dropping gold)

:troll: If Traps/Door are required these are the guys who I let in most, they get to level 4 pretty fast (which is when they learn speed) and then they go into the workshop and produce lots of goodies for moi.

:spider: Heavily underestimated, a couple of these can slaughter the enemies with their Hail and Freeze. Great support creature!

:mistress: Why are these ladies so low on the list? Well, they are more annoying than an angry Horny! Especially at level 10 when they get stuck or don't obey the CTA spell or do but don't attack.

:warlock: I only have these guys for research I rarely train them cause I find Vamps/Skeletons much more useful. I usually dump them in the Portal/Prison when research is done or I slap them to death to get vamps.

:bile: I don't like these guys, rather have Orcs with Trolls than these guys. They take a big space in the Lair and need a chicken farm for breakfast and get cranky if they don't get there in time so I try to keep them to a minimum in my Dungeons.

:tentacle: I always dump them unless there aren't any better creatures, basicly it's a beatle on steroids...

:ghost: Only "useful" at high levels and you rarely get them so high so one of the most useless creatures to have.

:demon: I just don't like them...

:fly: Good scout and that was it.

:beetle: Only good for the Temple imo.


:avatar: Well he's the boss. Don't mess with him

:lord: Has only two spells, but the best two in the game imo, great melee fighter and is easy to train and to keep happy.

:monk: These guys are like the Spider but then on steroids. They train slow but when they reach high levels they just kick ass!

:wizard: I would trade 10 warlocks for one of these

:samurai: The less annoying version of the mistress, They train like a skeleton and have the power of a knight!

:archer: Only cause they can turn into Knights...

:giant: :barb: :dwarf: :tunneller: :thief: :priestess: :fairy: These guys are destined to be Skeletons! :D

September 8th, 2009, 12:43
:archer: Only cause they can turn into Knights...

:giant: :barb: :dwarf: :tunneller: :thief: :priestess: :fairy: These guys are destined to be Skeletons! :D

Archer's cant turn into knight's, thief's are the ones.
Also, dwarf/tunnelers and I'm not sure about fairy, but those can't change into skeletons IIRC.

September 8th, 2009, 14:39
All human like creatures can turn Skeleton. ;)

And Thief is the one with the thingy under him. Names are switched on the forum. ;)

September 8th, 2009, 14:45
I question why the archer and thief icon has to look alike.

Duke Ragereaver
September 8th, 2009, 16:26
Ha Krizzie, it seems you've forgotten a creature yourself. :p The hellhound!

September 8th, 2009, 16:32
Smilies don't work when using that. :confused:


September 8th, 2009, 17:29
Ha Krizzie, it seems you've forgotten a creature yourself. :p The hellhound!

Eh, erhm... Damn. :p

I hate the Hellhound. Not worth posting. :D

September 8th, 2009, 23:00
Actually, a possessed Avatar can take out four Reapers without too much trouble - at least, four level 10 reapers with the speed bug that makes their haste last for a very short time.

(In fact several Ancient Keeper levels absolutely depend on this ability.)

I don't know whether it would work if you're not possessing him, though. Or whether it would work if haste worked properly at level 10 (like, a level 9 hasted creature is hasted ALL the time because it lasts longer than the recharge tiem.)

September 9th, 2009, 15:57
yeah, "possesed" A possesed skeleton can take out a large army of intruders, but alone, he dies to quckly. Besides, heros don't posses thir creatures, so if the avatar is good, the horned reapers will kill hem with little problems

September 19th, 2009, 17:37
I don't have much to add to Duke's list, it's fairly true. Dragons, Bile Demons, Mistressi, and Orcs are your basic bread and butter.

Should be noted Bile Demons are especially useful for their area of effect damage, meaning, the more enemies you drop them on, the more damage their gas will do. This collateral damage is simply amazing to deal with large groups of enemies, and easily wipes out the weaker enemies quickly. This means Bile Demons have the potential of doing the most damage compared to any other creature. And on top of it they pack a punch and can take a lot too. Your best AOE damage choice.

Dragons are your basic tanks; high health, armor, and heal, they can take damage better than any other creature available to you. Trains fast, researches, the only downside is a high payday cost, but it's worth it.

Mistressi are invaluable due to Drain and Lightning not being reflected by the rebound spell.

Warlocks are actually useful in early games where they get Meteor at level 4 already, which is quite powerful. At later levels though they are inferior; except for Meteor their spells suck and their damage output is simply not worth it to train them for, when they could spend their time researching instead. It's their only use as far as I'm concerned.

I find many people underestimate tentacles. Yes they are hard to obtain and train but they do hit quite hard AND they have freeze. Four tentacles can easily take down the Avatar without a problem (but then again, so can four spiders). In the right circumstances they are great to use.

Metal Gear Rex
September 20th, 2009, 11:19
I find it very difficult to vote. For I don't like to sack anyone, not even flies. I use them to the most effective way. Let me see if I can create a list, I can find something useful about every creature, and I mean more positive than negative.

The lower ranked creatures aren't unloved, just less loved. You may find it strange for a Dungeon Keeper to love his creatures but that's why I never lose anyone (And I don't save often). It is because they fight so hard for me. Though I am pretty ruthless on my enemies.

1. :bile: This was the hardest pick, because my first few are all ranked number 1 but I just picked out the order randomly. Bile Demons are extremely useful in the workshop, and in combat. Their style of fighting is very useful to fighting multiple enemies, and they survive a long time as well.

2. :warlock: These guys are just priceless. They are just as good as Dragons. I usually train them to level 4, where they gain Meteor or Fire Bomb. This attack eliminates enemies very quickly. They can aim for one creature and take him out instantly with an explosion of blood. Then They aim for their next victim.

3. :dragon: Somewhat of the melee version of Warlocks. They research well, and provide excellent defense. Using them in a Warlock Dragon combo is an excellent choice.

4. :troll: One of the best, if not THE best, manufacturers a keeper can have. You can easily train them with speed and a slap. Meanwhile, Bile Demons can be manufacturing, and when the trolls reach level 4 they begin showing true ability. Due to the fact that their sole purpose is manufacturing, any other creature who is just as good can focus on other tasks. Plus, they're cheap.

5. :orc: One of the greater creatures ever made. They aren't the best fighters, nor manufacturers, but they are pretty good at both. They are extremely cheap, hard to annoy, and they train fast. Once they are done training, they will go to a guard post and wait. How useful!

6. :skeleton: Definitely a good unit. Easy to get, cheap, fastest trainer, and once they get lightning, they make one hell of a backup unit. Unlike mistresses, they don't teleport away. And lightning is the best support spell available.

7. :ghost: I usually get them in groups. You can keep them training, no rush. It is worth to allow them to train to level 8 where they make good support. If you pay attention to a battle, you can pick them up before they die. Then you can easily drop them in the Torture Chamber where they are reborn into a new ghost with full health.

8. :vampire: He feuds with the Warlock, and has high pay as well as long training. What else? He can also resurrect himself, and when he holds drain and heal, he is something else. So he doesn't kill fast enough. He does make a very good survival unit and distraction unit. He will keep an enemy at bay for a long time while you prepare a bigger strike quickly. Then, if the vampire is defeated, he will resurrect himself to fight again!

9. :tentacle: Certainly a cheap unit. He provides freeze and can take out a spider easily. I consider him with the Orc as they are both standard fighters. With his freeze spell, and the mind of a decent keeper, these guys can take down the Avatar.

10. :demon: These creatures are cute. They are lesser fighters, but also walk faster than Dragons. They can deal more damage too. Don't count them out because they aren't adult Dragons. If you are worthy of a real keeper, you can use these creatures to provide better usage, if not equal to, than the Dragon.

11. :fly: These are better than Hell Hounds because they arrive earlier. They can be the first creature to enter (I'd say step into but as you know...) your Dungeon. They can be useless in some maps, I'll admit, but they are good to getting a better feel for your surroundings, early on. Plus, keep a pair alive and you can sacrifice for the longest spell ever.

12. :dog: These would be more useful if they arrived earlier. They are decent fighters, about the same as Demon Spawns. You should use good usage of their selection of spells.

13. :horny: He is the best melee combat creature out there. He is incredibly fast but I don't like giving him special treatment. Temperamental, and isn't useful out of combat. If I have a few spare creatures around, I will create a Horned Reaper to fight off some pests.

14. :beetle: A good starting creature and are cute to a keeper as a baby is to humans. Not me of course, but I'm not a human but a keeper. They do make good sacrifices too, but I just like to let them wander around. Sometimes I train them to level 7 if I have the gold.

15. :mistress: Possibly the most annoying creatures. I'm aware of all the goods, but they are annoying creatures. Lightning is one of their best uses ever, but it is also troublesome as it helps them to level to 10... I've lost a few fights because of them, and I would prefer using them to create undead units, or Horny.

16. :spider: Freeze Prisoners, killed easily, not entirely useful. They do make great bile demons though. But the fact that they kill the flies that I was going to sacrifice is way beyond crossing the line.

I'll post later on heroes. As you can see, my list is quite odd. My hero list should be amusing for you all as well.

September 22nd, 2009, 08:03
Whilst i can accept that opinions are just that, opinions, there are a few things that i simply can't swallow!

1. Bile demons and everyones religious fervour over them. Perhaps my game is bugged, but my bile demons DO damage my orcses and dragons with their gas, even at level 10. And blerp, they're in the bottom 2 slowest of the "bread and butter" creatures.

2. Vampires. Not worth the effort. I myself like to keep about 50 imps, so vampires are NOT an option. One gas trap and i have to wait for the corpses to dissapear.

3. (@REX AND YOU OTHER INTOLERENT GOOSIES) Mistriss = win. The inconvienience that is a result of teleport is incredibly minor when one considers that (under the right conditions) one of these bitches (i'm their pimp, so its kai if i say it, but you guys can't) can solo an avatar w/o keeper intervention. Sides, they DPS like fucking crazy and once you've 8 of them you can pretty much rape the final parties of the heroes from most maps.
(Lightning strike doesn't count ^.^)

Duke Ragereaver
September 22nd, 2009, 16:24
1. Bile demons and everyones religious fervour over them. Perhaps my game is bugged, but my bile demons DO damage my orcses and dragons with their gas, even at level 10.

They tend to use the ranged poisen gas on close range, and when they can't reach their target directly.

September 25th, 2009, 10:02
Which is why any intelligent keeper doesn't use Bile Demons and Orcs together. Bile Demons work well with Bile Demons and ranged support, Dragons work well with Orcs and anything else.

Metal Gear Rex
September 25th, 2009, 10:06
Like I said. Dragons go well with Warlocks. Especially if the Dragons are level 7 and the warlocks level 4. Then your enemies taste a series of exploisions. I always like the fact that in DK1, you could get knocked back and take damage from Meteor if it explodes on the ground/wall.

September 26th, 2009, 03:05
Dj (Sorry, but i find that about a billion times easier to remember and type) True dat, but some maps have evil creature restraints. Like alot of yours. On a tangent, i adore most of your maps, but i feel that a fair portion of them overdo the adding of hero parties.

October 3rd, 2009, 04:18
1- :bile:
2- :dragon:
3- :mistress:


1- :lord:

I don't put the Avatar...'cause u got him only in the last lv, my friend the Knight follow me in almost all my conquering, so I really like him.

Metal Gear Rex
October 4th, 2009, 03:41
1- :bile:
2- :dragon:
3- :mistress:


1- :lord:

I don't put the Avatar...'cause u got him only in the last lv, my friend the Knight follow me in almost all my conquering, so I really like him.

I did a campaign run where I got a knight from level 7, and I brought him to every level. I didn't wait longer in the game to train him further, I exited as soon as possible. In level 13, he teamed up with the Horned Reaper and pawned the two Dungeon Keepers single-handedly. I was the Horned Reaper, I trusted the Knight cause by that time, he had heal. And he did so well.

October 5th, 2009, 02:01
I did a campaign run where I got a knight from level 7, and I brought him to every level. I didn't wait longer in the game to train him further, I exited as soon as possible. In level 13, he teamed up with the Horned Reaper and pawned the two Dungeon Keepers single-handedly. I was the Horned Reaper, I trusted the Knight cause by that time, he had heal. And he did so well.

Sure thing, the Knight is simple awesome.

October 5th, 2009, 02:28
The knight can't win against spiders slowing him down, while warlocks spam meteors while moving back, while you spam LMB with 200k gold in the reserves and lighting selected.

October 5th, 2009, 02:49
Spiders? Warlocks?, the knight with the skill to repel those magic attacks? lol...if u say mistress, samurai, yada yada (in large numbers, the Knight is only ONE)...ok but....

Metal Gear Rex
October 5th, 2009, 05:30
There were no heroes. And mistresses? Hah! Those keepers were so pathetic compared to me that they haven't even heard of women!

May 31st, 2011, 10:28
Hope I'm not necroposting, I have only ever played DK1 and have no interest in DK2 whatsoever...

Given that most of the original Campaigns, notably Deeper Dungeons, put you on a Very Strict Treasure Schedule, I would suggest that Creature Values are determined primarily by :

The following Traits are the Core Criteria, I feel...
- Availability : how early / late the Creature is obtainable. this automatically excludes most Heroes from the immediate discussion
- Training : how quickly / slowly to Train, and how Expensive
- Combat : how able the creature is to kill various Enemies, how much Life etc
- Possession : if you possess the creature, can you tackle the enemy on your own? how many enemies can he kill / traps he disarms before you have to pull him back to the Lair?
- Jobs - Research vs Workshop. Research is interestingly more crucial at the beginning of the game but less crucial at the end. Workshops may have little/no value or mean Everything, depending on the level. increasing Levels makes jobs even better, but increasing Levels generally applies more to Workshops since your level 10 Warlocks won't take too long to get themselves Jobless. Haste doubles the effectiveness,
- Payday - overall cost, and if this can generally be avoided by sprinkling, but is made difficult by Haste. probably the only downside of Haste. It is made almost impossible by Teleport

Others - these traits include
Skills - mainly relating to Combat section. IMO, the most useful and notable skills are
- Heal : ideal for Tanks
- Haste/Speed : doubles the effectiveness of just about any action
- Lightning : never Rebounds, always hits, long range, more damage
- Drain : never Rebounds, always hits, long range, somewhat less damage
- Teleport : Others may disagree but personally, this is an extremely irritating ability.

Special Traits
- Lava Walking / Flying
- ignoring Gas Traps
- Lair Enemies - the more useful the Lair Enemy, the less useful the creature is
- Double Scavenger Rate
- Default Job - if he does what you want him to do without you moving him around, so much the better! On the other hand if he keeps going to the Training Room when you want him to stop (especially at level 8)... that's Annoying
- Walking Speed - affects just about everything. Jobs, Combat etc
- Anything else, ie Annoyability of the Creature
- Anything else that aggravates the Player

Note that the Overall Score I'm giving is NOT an average of all the scores.


That said, here's my list. Its quite detailed so I won't cover all the Creatures.

1) :mistress: - The Dark Mistress is the only viable Support Fighter for a Keeper
The Dark Mistress fills a very niche role in mid/late game, especially in late DK1 and Deeper Dungeons where the number of "Rebounders" make Warlocks unviable. Between Lightning and Drain (neither can Rebound), Haste and fast walkrate, plus AI that makes them retreat backward so quickly most Heroes have no chance of catching up, they're excellent support. Used with tanks there's no reason for enemy Casters to ever target them, and with Drain they go a very long way. Plus, they are almost impossible to anger, even without a Lair, and even if they do, just SLAP them, yes its that easy. Their main downside is their late availability, Samurai Rivalry, and the Sheer Rarity of them coming through the portal, even when there's 20 of them in the pool...
Availability : 5/10 - Late game, but they're the best at it
Training : 9/10 - they train very fast, but it seems slow because they come in late. until they get Haste...
Combat : 9/10 - their AI and skills are unparallelled for the support role they play. 4-6 Mistresses can instantly lightning just about any Hero to death around a Corner, before the rest of the party catches up. they only lack Heal.
Possession : 9/10 - very nice to possess, great set of abilities with great range, great moverate. less durability though.
Jobs : 7/10 - decent at all, master of none. you'll only want to work them when they're level 8-10, and then they'll be better than level 1 Trolls.
Payday : 9/10 - very cheap for what they do, move very fast / teleport
Others : 6/10 - impossible to Anger. Their downsides are the Samurai hatred, and so difficult to draw from pool and sneaking into the Training Room. Required for Horned Reaper summoning. And they tend to Teleport out of fights...
OVERALL : 9/10
Despite coming late game, they're the best at what they are, and they flout it too.

2) :horny: - Yes, He's Horny for a Reason
The Horned Reaper has a reputation for being good at nothing except Killing. However, this is for a good reason. With 1-2 level 10 Horned Reapers, you have as good as won. I used to hate these fellows except I did a recent Campaign edit / run of Deeper Dungeons starting with a transferred level 10 Reaper. Even against All-Hero maps, the Killing rate was INCREDIBLE in Possession, even though he had no Heal! I'm at Batezek, btw, re-trying it only without Traps now.
His anger is legendary, and he gets annoyed easily. that is easily manageable however, even in a bare dungeon, sprinkle a wee bit of gold when angry, and keep him in Library then Guardpost, finally Temple. Frankly, if he goes Psycho, you've just could have been a bit faster (he never got Angry with me throughout Caddis Fell, from the start)
As for Training, if you have 2 Increase levels, prepare a Bile Demon 9, Mistress 9, Troll 4. Use 1 Increase Level, getting Bile10, Mistress10, Troll5, toss them in to get Reaper9. Then use the 2nd Increase level for Reaper10.
Availability : 1/10 - we all know how he comes by.
Training : 8/10 - As above, if you sacrifice for him, you'll do great. But even from scratch, he trains very quickly at level 5+ due to Haste, and generally comes in around level 2-3. With a few shots of full-power Haste, he'll be 5 in no time.
Combat : 8/10 - Yes, he's the best, but only in Possession. With many Creatures around, he tends to stand around staring or keep hitting and missing, so you have to pick him up and plonk him down again. Still, he's pretty Awesome
Possession : 9/10 - this is where he truly shines. cross over Lava, he can hit slightly further than most Melee-ers, and has Haste as well as a fast run rate. if only he had Heal and immunity to Freeze, he would literally kill EVERYTHING.
Jobs : 2/10 - he can Research, if you start with him, but you probably want him killing stuff then. Other than that, no, he can't workshop.
Payday : 6/10 - he runs in a blink and you can't hold him for long. you need to be a quick clicker to sprinkle him.
Others : 3/10 - nothing you can't manage until you win, which won't be long. Just grit your teeth... actually, just drop him on a guardpost or temple.
OVERALL : 8/10
If you get 1-2 Reapers, you've almost Won. So who cares about the rest?

3) :dragon: - The Dragon is probably the most capable early minion.
They are available right from the get-go, the rooms required are terribly Cheap, train incredibly fast, and between Heal and Armor 90, they just keep sucking up the damage! When they're high enough, they will blow your Research away in a puff of smoke, and with Meteor in Possession, though they're slow they can damage and kill enemies in the Lava without them even noticing the Dragon. Plus they're great for Disarming certain traps, just possess and park them on it, keep Healing.
On the downside, outside of Possession they do damage extremely slowly, and they can Never touch level 6 Archers without you possessing them. The most crucial time for Research is early game, but then you probably have Warlocks who can attend to that. If you put them all to research, as the library gets full some will try to get in some Training time, which annoyingly slows your other Creatures (especially Bile Demons) down. Dragons also tend to kill instead of imprison, and they run out of things to do in late game, as well as costing a payday bomb. Nonetheless, if you have no one else to attend to, its deplorably easy to cheat them out of payday with a few handfuls of Gold.
Availability : 10/10
Training : 9/10 - great, just short of Haste. I'm not even sure how they train so quickly without Haste...
Combat : 7/10 - no DPS, great Tank
Possession : 8/10 - slow walking speed but otherwise great versatility
Jobs : 7/10 - they're great researchers but they're busy training...
Payday : 7/10 - sprinkle them, but quite easy to locate due to size
Others : 6/10 - great lava immunity and Meteor, but slow walk rate, can't imprison well and sneaks into Training Room
OVERALL : 8/10
You probably want them, but not more than 2-4 dragons in your Dungeon. Makes them easy to sprinkle. Other early Dragons can research, and go right out at Payday if you're tight for gold.

4) :bile: - The Bile Demon is a useful addition in the early game.
Their presence in early game is a great counter to Dragons. Dropping them behind Archers while Dragons are sucking damage up usually scores a few hits at least, and the Poison Gas wipes up the rest. They also have a great amount of Life, making them very hardy, and unless a late-game battle is very long or there's a lot of Ranged enemies, they will generally do OK. They are good at Manufacturing and continue to be useful all the way, and of course deal with the occasional priestess. However, they train quite slowly unless managed, and they eat too much, affecting both their Training and Job. Early game they damage their allies, but if you use with Dragons its not much of an issue.
Availability : 9/10
Training : 5/10 - they train decently, just need to slap them. Slapping 2-3 of them are fine, more becomes a hassle
Combat : 8/10 - hit hard, moves ok, damages groups of enemies
Possession : 2/10 - why bother? except to get Vampires
Jobs : 7/10 - not only are they good with the Workshop, they usually have a few levels when they begin. this makes them more effective than Trolls who will (likely) remain at level 1. they just eat a lot...
Payday : 7/10 - they're cheap, they move reasonably ok
Others : 7/10 - Gas damages allies before level 4, eats too much, kills enemies instead of imprison. Great sneaking into Workshop, and doesn't get blown away by Wind. Required for Horned Reaper summoning.
OVERALL : 7/10
Like Dragons, in early game you probably want them, about 2-6 of them. If you choose to train them, train them before other creatures like spare Dragons, so that you have high level Bile Demons in your workshop while training the rest, making your Door-cranking very quick, and usually lucrative.

5) :orc: - The Orc is Versatile but neither Early enough nor Durable enough
The Orc should rank higher, but his main issue is Availability. Orc (Barrack) comes after Troll (Workshop), and shortly followed by Dark Mistress (Torture Chamber), and this puts him at a great disadvantage both ways. Yes, he trains like a Pro, and with his Training and Haste he workshops awesomely.
Personally, they don't seem impressive in Combat mid and late-game unless you position them correctly and ranged enemies are few. Usually let the Tanks suck it up, then drop them behind. Often than not, they will charge others, and though they have Haste and will catch up, those others will then target them (instead of the Tanks).
This makes them short lived in truly pitched fights, whereas Dark Mistresses stay behind at respectable distances and pummel your enemies throughout, outperforming Orcs in the Support role that they have to do in mid and late game. Dark Mistresses also train very well, giving Orcs the run for the money throughout the game and winning. And early game? Oops, they're not available...
Availability : 5/10 - Overall, this is the main kicker
Training : 10/10 - they are wonderful at training themselves, terribly cheap, and yes, slightly better than Mistresses
Combat : 6/10 - does OK, but takes damage and can't heal. they tend to move forward so much they have to Tank, which they can't, and either have to be taken out, Healed, or die.
Possession : 2/10 - nothing there. maybe Grenade, nothing Dragons in the thick of things don't have.
Or you can Haste and go exploring.. just not over Lava. Oh and Mistresses move faster.
Jobs : 9/10 - like the Bile Demon, if you choose to keep them, they are likely to be decently trained and Hasted, they eat less and work double rate. Probably the best Workshop worker, if you really need them to keep up the $$, they're the ones for you.
Payday : 8/10 - very cheap, and move very fast, hence minimal interruption to their work. unfortunately, Mistresses give them the run for the money too.
Others : 8/10 - nothing good, but also nothing bad. They seem almost impossible to anger but often sneak into the Training Room
OVERALL : 6/10
Their Availability and lack of Range spoils it all. If there's a level without Mistresses, and you need Combat support as well as regular Magic Door sales, they would be better positioned candidates.

6) :vampire: - The Vampire is overrated...
When I first played DK1 many years ago, my favourite creature was the Vampire. But after a while, I realised its all hype... this guy is really overrated, and nothing quite justifies his obscene payroll that you *just* *can't* deny him thanks to irritating Teleport, plus he sure angers quickly. Sure he can Research, but what's there left when he's here? Combat-wise, he's a great big "Fail" against the Damage of the Reaper and Mistress, but his kiting is unparalleled. His Heal, Immortality and great Defence is a great Plus though, and best of all, at 10 Imps per Vampire, you have an uncapped number of Vampires, not even limited by your Portal Pool!
Availability : 6/10 - yes, he's late, but you can have as many of them as you want! ... I mean, as you can afford.
Training : 6/10 - the Vampire trains decently, but it seems to take FOREVER especially from level 9 to 10. or maybe its just that by then there's no one else training...
Combat : 7/10 - the Vampire has terrible DPS, especially compared to a Mistress, but he is a Great Tank. between Heal, Drain high DEF and flying away, he'll last a long time. the best part is, he'll draw the enemy melee behind your Tankers where you can drop even more stuff on them, and given a large open space he can Kite forever. Eventually, they do win fights, and of the entire list so far, Reapers aside, they're the only minions that can win fights all on their own.
Possession : 4/10 - I used to like possessing this guy, but I'm not sure why. Really.
Jobs : 4/10 - by the time you get him, what's left to Research? only great if you Transferred him in then he does decently.
Payday : 2/10 - the most expensive minion other than the Reaper, only you can't stop him from teleporting to his pay.
Others : 6/10 - his annoyability and inability to use the Temple is a toss up against his powerful Immortality. Your Vampires shouldn't ever die, though, unless you seriously screwed up or there's really overwhelming enemies.
OVERALL : 6/10
No real reason to have a lot of Vampires unless you've got lots of Gems, but, to be fair, having a pack of Vampires and 1 possessed Reaper will easily win you most fights, very very quickly. 8 Vampires alone will win you just about any reasonable fight, just takes a while.

7) :troll: - Only if you need Traps and Doors urgently, or Horny.
Trolls are basically workshop staffers. There's no combat worth to them, but if you need traps and doors, use them. If you want more Traps and Doors, and especially if you foresee you'll want Horny, train at least 1 Troll to level 4. He gains Haste and workshops wonderfully, and when its time to really spill blood, you'll be ready...
Availability : 4/10 - he comes after the Guardpost, and most certainly by then he has no combat value whatsoever
Training : 7/10 - a Troll trains pretty well, especially with Haste
Combat : 3/10 - at least he can keep a distance by shooting, though if he's there you ARE screwed or screwloose.
Possession : 2/10 - what, why?
Jobs : 7/10 - his general combat uselessness makes him unlikely to be trained, which in turns reduces his workshop efficiency in late game as compared to your other high level creatures. level 8-10 Samurai and Mistresses will workshop better.
Payday : 6/10 - just somewhat slow to reach
Others : 10/10 - you want him to workshop, and he comes in and does just that and nothing else. distances, sacrifice and training aside, there's practically no reason to ever pick a Troll up.
OVERALL : 6/10
If you need Traps and Doors and/or eventually Horny, keep this guy around. Otherwise, no.

8) :warlock: - The Warlock is probably the most staple early game researcher
Their presence is invaluable mainly because they research so well in the early game when its most Necessary. However, a high level Warlock loses his Research Value unless I carefully hide my Library away, and of course he trains slowly too. He is almost totally useless when not researching (ie mid-late game), and against level 10 Enemies, he doesn't last long in battle. Most Deeper Dungeon maps pit you against high level Heroes, most of which have Rebound, making the Warlock self-destruct, and his Wind is irritating (although only an issue with Bile Demons around).
Availability : 9/10
Training : 1/10 - why train?
Combat : 2/10 - great for early game, but only if you train them up.. wait, why are you training?
Possession : 2/10
Jobs : 8/10 - they're great researchers when it counts, though spare Dragons are stiff competition
Payday : 3/10 - they take FOREVER to get to the Treasure Room and get back to Research. at least they're cheaper than Dragons
Others : 2/10 - many irritating side traits, including knocking others out of the Library, slow walk rate
OVERALL : 5/10
After the initial Research and when my Dragons are trained, they usually go right out to make room for Mistresses. Warlocks would have a hugely increased value in Multiplayer, due to very few Rebound users.


Heroes Rating

In brief, my view is that add that Samurai are probably more useful than Knights, who aren't good at most of the work. They can both Research and Workshop decently (like the Mistress), and fight wonderfully. Knights are also terribly expensive, but easy to sprinkle on.

Wizards are the best overall Ranged Units, their powers of Freeze and heavy Firepower make them extremely useful in combat. Fairies are also underrated, they are very high in firepower. 4-6 level 10 Fairies can easily obliterate any Creature without Haste and Rebound in a few seconds. They are vulnerable to Lightning, Drain and eventually, Rebound (when their own Rebound runs out), they die very quickly.

Giants are more useful than Barbarians as they train well and workshop just as well, except with Haste, plus they hit harder.

So along with the 8 Keeper Creatures above, probably rank useful Heroes roughly about here in terms of Overall Usefulness
1) :avatar:
2) :wizard:
3) :mistress:
4) :horny:
5) :samurai:
6) :lord:
7) :dragon:
8) :fairy:
9) :monk:
10) :bile:
11) :orc:
12) :giant:
13) :vampire:
14) :barb:
15) :troll:
16) :warlock:

Of course, purely Combat and DPS-wise at level 10 against other level 10s it'd be about...
1) :avatar:
2) :horny:
3) :samurai:
4) :wizard: - Freeze sets him far from the warlock
5) :fairy: - apart from the damage, they also freeze at level 10
6) :mistress:
7) :vampire: - yes he doesn't die, but he doesn't do much damage
8) :lord: - same as vampire, only he is slow and has to get close...
9) :monk:
10) :warlock:
11) :dragon:
12) :bile:
13) :giant:
14) :barb:
15) :orc:
16) :troll:

June 4th, 2011, 19:32
1.- Hellhound :dog: Because he is fast, have fire power like dragons, is dont have damage if walk on lava, etc. For me, is the best.

2.- Orc :orc: Is one of the bests creatures of the game, can manufactered and training fast, and is very strong. But cant walk in lava...

3.- Vampire :vampire: Can fly, fight with melee or with spells,and cant die. But hate warlocks.

4.- Dark Misstress :mistress: Are fast, can teleport, and have the bests spells. and i never see one angry.

5.- Skeleton :skeleton: Yes, this undead creature have the 5 place, because have the protect spell and are cools.

6.- Horny :horny: Are the best creature ever made. There not creature that are best that the Horned Reaper. But are a physco reature, that love the gold and hate all. i dont have time to make it a own dungeon. So have the 6 place.

7.- Ghost :ghost: can fly, see bad, but are strong and in my own level, this become to level 10 avatar if training 11level.

8.- Bile Demon :bile:Can manufacter fast, but isnt fast, are strong,and i ever use this creature in the finish battles of all levels.

9.- Demon Spawn :demon: He have the 10 place, but, because he training to the level 11 become to a level 5 dragon, so have the 9 place.

10.- Tentacle :tentacle: Are no fast and not are very spells so, have the 10 place

11.- Spider :spider: I hate the spiders because hate the flys, and die very easy.

12.- Troll :troll: Are fast and the best manufactered creatures, but dont have the heal spell.

13.- Warlock :warlock: Are fast to research, but no is fast in battle, i hate the warlocks.

14.- Fly :fly:No, i dont forget bettle. The fly can adventure to all the level, and tow of this can finish the actual research. isbest like the beetle

15 .- Beetle :beetle: Without comments

Now The Heros.

1.- Avatar :avatar: All know why.

2.- Knight :lord: is a perfect fight machine, have rebound spell. But is not fast.

3.- Samurai :samurai: is another fight machine, but is nothing with the Lord of the land.

4.- Tunneller Dwarf :tunneller: without he, the heros cant go to our dungeon.

5.- Thief :thief: If he training to the level 11 become a level 3 Knight.

6.- Wizard :wizard: Best like warlocks, and in the level 10, are one of best heros.

7.- Giant :giant: Is the thirth best creature of the game, but is not fast.

8.- Archer :archer: The brother of the thief, but can attack with arrow.

9.- Monk :monk: Barbarian :barb: Priestess :priestess: Are storngs heros, but is not easy to torture.

10.- Fairy :fairy: