View Full Version : Need help..

June 22nd, 2010, 08:24
i downloaded the orginal version of dk and evry thing was going fine.. but wen i got in the game i realized that its in german! :eek:

i saw a file name english wich seys:
To play this game in englisch, import dk2eng.reg and
change the directory in DATA\TEXT !!!

waht the hell does it sey??? :mad:

side question:its tru that the orginal version of dk is 1.3?? Oo and if so its mean that i will have some reall hard time to kill AI?? :confused:

edit: i seems that the game have come wite alot of maps YET only 4 apears in the skirmish manu.. its allso conected wite the problem that the game is in german or its something els? and there is no sign for my evil guilder.. (the one wich allweys tells me whats hapening in my dungeon sad creature payday and such..)