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June 23rd, 2010, 10:38
I downloaded the first version of dk wite the strong AI and i wanted to play the game and i went to the skirmish menu and saw only 4 maps.. checked the maps on the maps bag on data/editor and i saw atleast 10 more.. officiall maps like alcatraz.. and they to show up in the menu.. -_- i ignor..

tryed to create maps at my dk 1.7 editor dubel checked for maidens and each, Ctrl X the map files to the dk 1.0 version maps bag and went to the skirmish menu AND? after loading the map 2 sec of black screen and a mesage that the program has issus and it has to close... i tryed meny maps and neither work i even make a test map of 25/25 size wite two dungeon hearts (me and player 2) and the game still crashes.. i tryed to copy the editor to the dk21.0 file bag but all the tumbnails were mest up evry room was a tresury any object an portal jem and such.. and even wen i did change the tumbnails icon i get rocks as solids.. and rooms as tresury even the dungeon heart was a tresury and wen i open the map agein i saw lots of grey spots on the map and evry move of my chenged they look.. i was really starded to scare.. >< pleas help me i realy wanna create a working map on the version cuz thta version is so fun!!! ai are actually hard to beat!! simple levels cen become un epic battle between 4 different kindoms at same time!! :D wich is amezing!!! :D i even lost 1 time!!! XD pleas help me!!!!!!!!!!

note:my game is in german is that something that cen might interfer?? Oo btween even not i realy like to turn it to english..

June 24th, 2010, 09:50
The editor updates the map format to version 1.7 and the map becomes unplayable in earlier versions.

June 25th, 2010, 16:25
i saw post of yours some were were you typed that you have socesfully have converted a map from dk2 1.7 to normal dk and not only that wen i tryed in the first time the maps i created on dk 1.3 it worked but after i got out of the game and chenged some stuffs in the map ALL the maps was stuck.. man this game is so random :mad: