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July 3rd, 2010, 07:20
Hey there, could anybody help me with strategies for dungeon keeper? Whenever my brother and I play together, tthe game normally goes with us taking 3 hours training all our creatures to level 10 and then winning by brute force, so it is normally 3 hours of training, 10 minutes of actual action. Could anybody help me think of more interesting strategies?

Metal Gear Rex
July 3rd, 2010, 08:27
Hey there, could anybody help me with strategies for dungeon keeper? Whenever my brother and I play together, tthe game normally goes with us taking 3 hours training all our creatures to level 10 and then winning by brute force, so it is normally 3 hours of training, 10 minutes of actual action. Could anybody help me think of more interesting strategies?

Strategies just come with ways of thinking. Therefore, some strategies might work for some people and not for others, therefore there might not be much we can help you with but I'll give it a shot.

Simply training all your creatures to highest level possible does sound very plain and simple. Perhaps you should go a bit more on the offensive aggressive side and do frequent attacks, try taking some land or something. That should at least make things more interesting with battles. Look at your spells and use them. With conceal you could sneak some Imps over to claim his land.

You could also use the Scavenger Room and have a scavanging war back and fourth. Scavanging demands a bit more money so when you seek more gold, you're probably going to run into each other by surprise and that is always interesting as it knocks the difficulty up a notch.

Just some ideas, explore the game some more though. By the looks of it, you really seem like a bit of an inexperianced player if you're just training all day long then fighting with brute force. No offense or anything really.

Have you played Deeper Dungeons by the way?

July 3rd, 2010, 08:33
Yeah, I've played deeper dungeons, but as you've already suggested, I'm an inexperienced player :p I could never complete any deeper dungeons levels apart from Dixaroc. :( Still, some of these strategies sound interesting. Thanks!

July 3rd, 2010, 08:41
place rooms in a chess pattern the room will cost less and will be able to have more creatures in it
if you place an other room trough it you can have about 3 times as many creatures in the same room.
(only for DKI)
not to use for:
lair: some creaturs require more then 1 tile
some creatures might only be attracted by a room of at least x*x tiles so make some normal rooms to.

Metal Gear Rex
July 3rd, 2010, 08:49
place rooms in a chess pattern the room will cost less and will be able to have more creatures in it

No no, do not do that. I used to think that was a good idea at some point but I realized it was terrible. The efficiancy scale goes down, and I don't think it is even possible to train creatures.

On the subject of rooms, make them very big and square, make sure you reinforce the walls too. That increases efficiancy of the room, and possible efficiancy of the creatures but also room space is good too.[/QUOTE]

July 3rd, 2010, 08:54
I've never tried the checkerboard pattern, it does seem inefficient. However I find using a one-squar training room does make training more efficient because creatures can train but they don't waste half of the time wandering around the training room (because there's no space)

Metal Gear Rex
July 3rd, 2010, 08:58
I've never tried the checkerboard pattern, it does seem inefficient. However I find using a one-squar training room does make training more efficient because creatures can train but they don't waste half of the time wandering around the training room (because there's no space)

As long as the creature has the training job and is in the training room, he gains experiance. In other words, it doesn't matter how big it is, if he walks half a mile he'll still level up as fast as if he were attacking a training post.

The only thing that is faster is if you have Dark Mistresses and Samurais as they sorta train with other creatures, and I recall that gets more experiance.

July 3rd, 2010, 11:07
I like to rush. Get as many portals as u can. Know the map well. Train to level 4-5. Dig several patches at once, breach the enemy walls at 2-3 places at once. This confuses and disorients a player. Plus, enemy imps are less effective at defending their rooms when they have to protect 2-5 places at the same time.

July 3rd, 2010, 11:50
Step 1: Build a 5x5 Treasury, multiple 5x5 Lairs, a 5x5 Hatchery and one or two 5x5 Training Rooms. Having an organized layout with only 5x5 rooms and 1 tile of walls/doors between them maximizes efficiency and is easy to work with. Build a Library for some level 1 Warlocks to rot in.

Dragons, Bile Demons, and later on Orcs, Dark Mistresses and Vampires (and a Reaper if I find one) will be trained. Anything else that comes through the portal will be thrown into the temple (or portal if I don't have a temple yet), if it has no negative side effects; I wait until I reach the creature cap before doing that. When I reach the cap, I'll also gradually throw away my level 1 researching staff.

If I get Heroes, I keep them as prisoners until I reach the cap, then convert them. Weaker Heroes will be slapped to death for the graveyard.

Additionally, early on I get as much gold as I can and secure all gems (but don't mine them).

Side-note: I usually have 12, 16 or 20 Imps running around, depending on gold availability. After having 20 they start costing too much.

Step 2: If I run low on gold, I build a large treasury next to any secured gems and start mining those. If I don't have those, I dig towards any and all remaining gold resources remaining, as well as the enemy. My superiorly trained Dragons/Bile Demon army will usually kick the other army's ass, and then I win.

Alternatively, if gems are available, I wait until most of my Dragons reach level 10 and then go to the enemy.

Metal Gear Rex
July 3rd, 2010, 12:28
Yes, YES! Feed me your strategies so I can improve and SLAUGHTER YOU ALL!!! :horny:

@Mothrayas, out of curiousity, what is your definition of weak heroes?

July 3rd, 2010, 12:34
Yes, YES! Feed me your strategies so I can improve and SLAUGHTER YOU ALL!!! :horny:

@Mothrayas, out of curiousity, what is your definition of weak heroes?

Tunneller, Thief (not worth it to train them past level 10), Dwarf and Archer. Priestess can support Bile Demons pretty well, so I usually keep them alive. Same for Fairies, who do lots of damage when supported by tanks. (i.e. Bile Demons and Dragons).

July 3rd, 2010, 15:33
Thanks for all the replies, guys.

Henry Langdon
May 1st, 2011, 13:34
on some maps there a horned reaper get him
if your brother like mine ( keeps portals shut until all rooms ready ) possesss him a speed kill

May 4th, 2011, 10:59
The only heroes I usually convert are; Wizards, Monks, Knights and Samurai. The rest gets Vampfood or Skeletons depending on how much gold I have.

I must say I have no real experience with Multiplayer, have played it with my brother, but not against different people with different strategies.

But being creative is the key I guess.

May 31st, 2011, 13:53
Deeper Dungeons requires you to train creatures very quickly, and I can imagine where this might be useful in Multiplayer, though I've never tried it myself. Here's some possible ideas...

1) Start by training Dragons. They train ridiculously fast, and even at high levels its easy to keep them from your Treasure Room by Sprinkling

2) Every Creature, especially Warlocks / Dragons that move uberly slow, are dropped First into the Lair, and then to the Training Room / Library. This skips hugely time-wasting activities - the Creature goes to your Dungeon Heart to say Hi, and then goes to the Lair to make a home. If you let it Train / Research without making a Home, after the first Level / Spell or Room, it goes to the Lair (no matter how far away it is) and makes a home, then walks back to its previous task. This is not that important in late game, but early game its important.

3) Slap every Creature in the training room. If you have difficulty keeping track, train no more than 3-4 of each Creature in the room at one time

4) When you can afford it, use a full-blown Haste on them while Training. Do NOT hold down your spell button over the Creature - he will stop Training, even if he's whacking the post, as will every other Creature that passes by under your Spell-hand. Hold it over a Corridor, then when its maxed at 900, drag it to the creature and release.

5) If you're very fast with the above, you can attack your enemy at about level 4-5. With some luck and different choice of minions, he's mainly at levels 2-3

6) Train some of your Warlocks, then use them to Research. The only early game Creature that train fast are Dragons, and they have a huge range disadvantage. The accelerated Research time when you research at higher levels may help also. Don't leave your library empty though.

7) Use Useless Creatures to do things like Research / Workshop etc until you hit the Portal Max or a Payday (just make sure you know who is best at what). Then toss them out the Portal.

8) Drop Chickens into the Library / Training Room occasionally. It helps.

9) If you keep your Treasure Room reasonably far from your Creatures, on Payday grab them up and drop them near the Treasure Room (or sprinkle), then drop them back into whatever they were doing.

10) If you have enough Gold and Cave In, Sight of Evil the enemy Training Room and Cave In every now and then. This disrupts their Training, which helps a lot when your own Creatures are Hasted and Slapped.

11) Build a Large Hatchery or two medium sized ones. You *really* don't want your minions sitting around waiting for Chickens when they should be Training or Researching / Workshop-ing.

12) Know where the Enemy Lairs is/are, and watch for specific creatures. The ones you want to look out for are Warlocks and Mistress Lairs. After a Major Battle, drop all your Creatures into your own Lair to rest, and then sight of evil their lair. There's a very good chance they are resting there, disrupt by casting a full-blast Cave-In wherever possible. You might even kill one or two of them, since they can't heal and have limited Life. Unless he's looking at the Lair, he won't see it happening and there is no Warning.

13) Put Boulder Traps behind the Magic Doors of your Dungeon Heart

14) In an Early / Mid Game Rush, imprison your Enemy Creatures but don't convert them nor let them die. Your Creatures can now rest and heal but he won't get new ones, as his Portal Max is used up.

15) Build Rooms separately, it makes them more efficient. They are more efficient when they are not touching another Room. Training Room 3x3 minimum is more efficient for Training.

16) Put your Hatchery between your Library, Workshop, Training Room and Lair. Creatures that are dropped from a Battle will often run to pick up Chickens before going to sleep.

17) Haste and Protect your Creatures that are battling. Even just 1-2 Hasted & Protected level 4-5 Dragons is/are a terror for level 2-3 Enemy Creatures to face, backed by Hasted Warlocks will pummel your opponents to dust. This is crucial in Mid-game Rushes, especially since possibly both of you will not have Heal. Heal is not better than these 2 Spells.

18) Your Library connects to nothing but your Hatchery. Especially NOT to your Treasure Room.

19) Reinforce Walls to make some rooms more efficient. The most important early game Rooms are the Training Room and Library

20) If Gold is tight, keep Creatures that you don't want to Train but will sneak into the Training Room on the Guardposts.

21) If you are short of space, keep Creatures that will fight with another on the Guardposts. They can't quibble over their Lair being invaded if they're not in the Lair.

22) Dragons and Orcs train incredibly fast. Quickly get Barracks.

23) Initially, when you want at least 2 Dragons to start, keep your Hatchery to 24 squares, and your Library to 8 squares

24) Build a lattice / chessboard of Lairs, and a separate big Lair for your Dragons etc. This also helps prevent Lair disputes.

25) If you wish to, build a lattice / network of Temples. This helps you keep your Creatures Happy, Protect from Scavenging, and sometimes they will skip Payday. Most CRUCIALLY they prevent you from accidentally dropping a Creature into the Pool!!

26) IMO, keep to 8-9 Creatures of each type. This lets you pick them all up at once, instead of waiting to figure out who is where doing what.

27) Torture the 9th Creature. It makes the rest train / research / workshop faster, and during Payday all of the same Creatures take half Pay. Make ABSOLUTELY SURE it doesn't Die. If it can Heal, slap it and it will bounce out and Heal, before walking back to be tortured.
When you want it out / want to calm it down (especially if its a level 10 with nothing better to do than to get Angry), pick a few handfuls of Gold, and then pick and drop the Creature on normal ground. it will be angry, sprinkle once to calm it. If its after a Payday and it hasn't taken pay, once its calm (the color is no longer pink on the Creature Panel), do NOT sprinkle it immediately. Pick it up once more, then drop it, then Sprinkle it.

28) Fight on your Own Turf. Being able to Lightning / Chicken the Enemy makes all the difference.

29) If you manage to Chicken a few of your Enemy's powerful units, especially with the Full Blast, and see the Chickens running away, end the Battle ASAP if its not critical. He will return his Minions to Rest in the Lair, with some luck they'll eat their own!

30) If your Enemy is catching on and using the Cave In on Lairs and Training Rooms, build at least 2 Training Rooms and 2 Lairs. Don't vacate completely, leave a few stronger or useless creatures there so he thinks you're still using it.

31) When you want a few Imps to claim quickly, cast full blown Haste on him then pick him up, then do the same for another, until you have about 2-3 of them. Full Haste lasts long enough to make it work out.

June 2nd, 2011, 06:55
Forgot to add :

Rushing is more favourable at lower Levels, even if the gap between you and your enemy is the same. Here's why.

For each level of Training received, the Creature gains about 35% of its level 1 Life in Health and STR, DEX, DEF/SKL, Wages.
With level 1 as 100%, this works out to be...
1 100%
2 135%
3 170%
4 205%
5 240%
6 275%
7 310%
8 345%
9 380%
10 415%

Its very easy to train a Creature up to level 2-3, the following bit is when the training "slows" down somewhat, and that is to levels 4-5.
Assuming a constant 2 level Gap, we get...
Level 3:Level 1 is 170:100, ie 170% (as given)
Level 4:Level 2 is 205:135, ie 152%
Level 5:Level 3 is 240:170, ie 147%
Level 10:Level 8 is 415:345, ie 120%
Note that due to the increasing Time required to train, the Gap will also slowly narrow down.
ie. if you have an X minutes lead during which you trained 2 levels more than the Enemy at level 4-5, the same X minutes lead will only mean you trained 1 level more than the Enemy at level 9-10

In other words, at level 4 to level 2, your advantage over your opponent is the greatest at 50%+, but you have a very small window of time to take advantage of it, and at Level 10 to Level 8 (if its even possible to maintain that gap due to the vastly increased Training Times for your creatures) your advantage is only 20%.

This assumes all other factors being constant, of course. ie Same Creatures.
Your level 7 Bettle will still be crushed by a level 2 Dragon.

Dragons train incredibly fast, and backed by a few Warlocks, they are most ideal for Rushing, IMO.

April 16th, 2016, 16:39
I thought I might give it a shot.

-Since one of the latest patches, Ghosts make for great scouts and spies, provided your enemies Warlocks are below level 7, and he has neither Vampires, nor Ghosts of his own.
The ability to pass through doors, combined with invisibility allows to map your enemies dungeon.

-Watch the minimap, as it doesn't lie. If you have an invisible creature on your territory it will still show up on the map.

-If your map contains lots of water and your enemy thought it wise to place Guardpost to block off access, wait till it's unmanned and use Ghosts, Vampires, or other flyers to demolish it.
This only works if you have Call to Arms, and for whatever reason can't or won't build a bridge, but some mapmakers seem to hate bridges. :)

-You can encourage your dragons, Warlocks, or other casters with meteor to fire a salvo of fiery death by picking them up and dropping them repeatedly.
Eight meteors can cripple or take out squishy targets.

-Armageddon is a great way to force a decisive battle, but your enemies can still cast Spells. Watch for that one Dragon, that uses a continuous flame breath to assassinate your Dungeon Heart.
If your enemy forced a battle at his Dungeon Heart feel free to be that one Dragon.

-Bile Demons are powerful tanks, unaffected by wind, but they may end up killing your own creatures, as poison cloud is notorious for friendly fire. Try to keep weakened creatures away from

-Heroes seem to prefer attacking Keepers in the order of Red -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow. So unless you blocked off access, keep an eye out for keepers that lure Heroes into your dungeon early
in the game. Try it out for yourself. The map "Water Around" is infamous for this kind of disingenuous tactic. Take them out Svatona-Style.