View Full Version : What is going on?

July 3rd, 2010, 20:14
A website for WFTO has been launched, which is great. Take a look here: http://warfortheoverworld.org/

But I got a surprise today, as it has been decided that the GUI for WFTO will be placed at the bottom in the same manner as DK2. I asked Kyle what the reasoning was behind this, to which he explained that "It was a decision that needed to be made quickly[...]The reason why is so he [the programmer] could start on the minimap". Also there was a desire to move away from the DK1 look.

Now, I can understand why you'd want to get away from the DK1 looks, both for legal and PR reasons. But I am concerned about the way this was handled, as there was no prior announcement or discussion about this change. Which seems to go against the original goal of the project, which is that to be a community project.

So it seems to me that the WFTO team needs to decide whether or not it is still a community project or not, whether or not to let Kyle take full control of the project. I have no doubt that Kyle could move this project forward, as he already has - but in that case this power should in my opinion be granted to him first.

As for the change itself that is not what is being discussed, create another thread if you want to discuss it.