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August 16th, 2010, 02:10
This is a combination of my failure news topic as well as providing information to the public. Of course, some things have to remain a secret, so don't expect total knowledge of progress or the developer's hot topics.
In this thread, I'll list what is mostly settled down in the developer domain as well as providing some information about progress here and there.

Latest Update: 15 August 2010

1. DO NOT ASK FOR OTHER INFORMATION. The developers decide what to throw out to the public. I'm just the messenger.
2. Keep complete posts out of this thread. Simple comments, questions, and feedback are allowed.
2A: Complete Posts = Posts that address many points and may provoke a large discussion.
2B: Simple Posts = Posts that are rather small, no longer than 6 lines worth in a post. Does not provoke large discussions.

Game Mechanics:

Remember those polls from who knows when? The results have been in for some time, but is now available to the public domain! Yays.

Research Poll: (Final Approval Process)
Rooms and Upgradeable Spells

Workshop Poll (Final Approval Process)
DK I and II (Automatic + Focus)

Spellcasting Currency: (Final Approval Process)
Mana, due to majority on poll and Developer's Choice

Dropping Creatures: (Developer's Choice)
So far, Limit with No Stun will be used unless any developer objects.

Horned Reaper Usage: (Developer's Choice)
So far, DK I and II (Horny and Horned Reapers) will be used unless any developer objects.

Portal System: (Pending - Developer)

1: Creature limit for every player needed to be set in the level script. This is hardly much work when talking about multiplayer and the only way to go above the limit is to convert, starve, or kill enemies to put them to use in the graveyard. It is a good feature when talking about single player where you want massive differences in creatures between players.
2: Creature time intervential is universal for all players, this can be changed.
3: Because of the previous thing, multiple portals are not really useful other when disabling enemies, making them often helpless.

1:Creature limit for every player starts with 15 (?) and increases by 5 by every new portal. This is handy to ensure a fair game in multiplayer but it can lead to massive differences in army sizes. In singleplayer you had to give players extra portals if you want them to have a large army. The amount of creatures you can obtain can be changed in the map editor but it's universal.
2: Creature time intervential is independent for each portal, I'm not sure if it can be changed.
3: Multiple portals are way more valuable in DK2 because of these reasons, because it allows you to get an army bigger and faster than your opponents.

DK I and II
Combine both aspects of the portal system for WFTO, including some features, discarding others.

A Developer's comments:
A new option/combination perhaps, so that at a certain point the the creature spawn rate slows. So at a amount (say 25) the creatures stop coming so frequently. This would give a reason for more than one portal.

Otherwise I would say a slightly modified DK2 option would be good idea, Ie increase the portal cap to say 30.

Rooms and Units: (Pending)

The following list seems to have been accepted as the standard. It is trying to go through the final processes of polishing and approval.

Dungeon Keeper Classes [Sire Confirmed]

Worker: Imp --- Dwarf Tunneler [DK I]
Basic Researcher: Warlock --- Wizard
Dark / Holy: Vampire --- Monk
Glass Cannon: Dark Mistress --- Samurai
Trash (Mobs): Skeleton --- Fairy
Commander: Keeper --- Lord / Lady of the Land

Debatable Classes:

Scout: Fly -- Thief?
Basic Attacker Goblin? (Chaos Spawn) --- Barbarian? (Thief?)
Basic Ranged: ??? --- Archer
Basic Manufacturer: Troll --- Dwarf Warrior? (Barbarian?)
Tank (Blocker): Bile Demon --- Giant? (Knight?)
Powerful Unit: Horned Reaper --- Knight?
Supreme Commander: Horny? --- (Classified)?


Basic Tank: Beetle --- Dwarf Warrior
Upgradeable: Chaos Spawn --- Thief?
Upgraded: Dragon --- Knight?
Disruption: Spider? --- Priestess?

Suggestions: (Suggestion classes are here, reposted if it's already existing)

Support: Succubus? --- Maiden?


Ghost (Obtained via failued torturing)
Giant Worm [Wrym]
Giant Scorpion [I love Impale too much...]


Archlich (It's an extremely powerful creature with abilities similar to Horned
Reapers and Fallen Angels. As of now, there is no Hero counterpart.)
Valkyrie (She is a verstile unit, good for offense and defense, possessing a
special skill to redeem fallen allies. There is no Creature
counterpart [although I considered editing the Dark Angel to fit
this role...])
Juggernaut (He is a powerful tank [blocker], a grade above the Knight. Perhaps the
dragon may be his adversary?)
Orc (A powerful attack unit, but I don't know where the opposite is.)
Dark Angel (A extremely powerful attack unit, but where's thy enemy's copy?)


Salamander - May be returned as a neutral hostile.
Hell Hound - May be returned as a neutral hostile.
Tentacle - May be returned as a neutral hostile
Ogre - May require reworking.
Succubus - May require reworking (But I want one in! :D)
Maiden - May require tweaking (Can be a counter to Succubus)
Dark Elf - May be replaced by something else, otherwise requires new model
and voicework. (I didn't like the DK II version)
Black Knight - May just be a skin for a converted Knight, nothing more.
Rogue - May just be a skin for a converted Thief, nothing more.


Maiden of the Nest (Spider takes its place)
Guard (Can be replaced with something better)
Royal Guard (Can be replaced with something better)

A completely new storyline has been chosen for WFTO.

Everything is still under progress, but there has been a few level ideas thrown around (Campaign and Bonus), as well as a feature that may contribute to the storyline as well as other things (Lore, achievements, etc).

August 21st, 2010, 21:43
Just to let you guys know, this thread may go away in favor of posting it on that one site place where it automatically routes it here via the Mentor.

Almost the same thing, but a separate auto-thread per news post.