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August 26th, 2010, 01:52


Quoted from another forum, my response:

...Don't get me started on politics and policies.

Otherwise, I may very well end up like in that picture I put up for Clannad: Last Requiem, but those wouldn't be burning fields...

* * *

What amazes me is that they will handle such an "important" issue such as this instead of...

(not in any particular order)
A: Law Enforcement on Violence and misuse of materials.
B: Donating to Medicine to find cures for sickness.
C: Securing one's own border against invasions.
D: Advancement of technology (Although I don't like Technology that much, for the people can misuse it...)
E: Any other such far more important topics.

Greed... People will do anything for money. Money should be the least of your concerns, they have bigger things to handle. Not only that, Piracy will exist anyway, just more secretive.
Or, are they simply selling out all the people so they can pay up their debts to each other? Their "misuse" of people's currency costs them, and in turn they take it out on the people themselves who may not have done anything wrong.

Am I guilty of this? Sure. Why? I enjoy music tracks from various sources, but don't to buy a CD that has a bunch of other songs on there that I do not enjoy. And, I do not enjoy all this i**** stuff either.
In addition, I find it extremely hard to find music to video games (I prefer to listen to Video Game music than the mainstream), because not many really care about such things. Some release soundtracks, but I won't be able to get my hands on them where I live. Yeah, I can order them off of Amazon, but we need to save money too! Don't you guys make enough money already, you don't need any more!

* * *

Simply put: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Not only that, but larger issues will still roam the streets of all nations, something they seem to turn a blind eye to. When will they understand that politics is NOT A GAME, but VERY REAL AND AFFECTS US PEOPLE LIVING HERE ON PLANET EARTH!
I swear, one of these days there's going to be a civil war between the people and the corrupted governments of this world...

* * *

...rant over. This is why I don't listen to newscasts, otherwise I'll go insane saying that the whole world is corrupted and whatnot.
I'm sorry of I offended anyone here in the rant. I had to blow off some steam otherwise I won't be able to sleep at all tonight...
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August 26th, 2010, 02:18
oh no. no more free software. i don't wanna pay for stuff i already payed for but lost

August 26th, 2010, 10:34
wow, this world is getting more and more screwed each day. whats next marshal law? hell the conspiracy theorist in me is getting worried :\

August 26th, 2010, 12:08
Yet another reason to hate the American and European governments and their anti-Internet driven minds (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NewMediaAreEvil).

August 26th, 2010, 18:38
If you want to read every opinion to everything the click on the spoiler, or just read the tl:dr bit :P

"The scope of ACTA includes counterfeit goods, generic medicines, Internet censorship, irrational new downloading laws and what is termed "piracy over the Internet". ACTA is a treaty, which would overcome many court precedents in your own country that defines consumer rights as to "fair use" and would remove any limitations on the application of intellectual property laws. This means that ACTA would overrule any laws in your own country, and deal harsher, unfair and ineffective punishment to anyone suspected of piracy, without a trial in court. If you are just suspected of listening to songs illegally, or uploading anything illegal, you may be dealt with harshly, against the laws of your own country."

So it basically obsoletes part of the law, well thought out *coughcough*. And how do you suspect someone handling something illegal without seeing with your own eyes anyway?

"ACTA also makes Internet Service Providers legally responsible for any of it's users downloaded content. ACTA gives recording industries more rights to enforce copyrights and officers of the law the right to search any digital device for copyrighted material."

There's no way I'm letting a random person look through my stuff without my bloody consent.(Ever heard of privacy? obviously not...)

"Did you pay for the songs on your iPod? Under the new law, that instantly classifies you as a criminal, and the same classification as murderers and rapists. You will get a criminal record."

So what, raping and killing people is equal to torrenting a few files? This leads me to thinking that people = money which is bull****, and it is completely over the top.

"Even if you do not download songs onto your iPod, you will feel the effects as millions, possibly billions of dollars in taxpayer's money will be poured in to catch these "criminals", money that can be used to save lives."

And just gone through a ressession and me (a Brit) have had it really bad. Whoopee...

"Part of ACTA deems anyone accused of copyright infringement to "compensate" for the loss in profit to recording companies. They want harsher punishments for these criminals. These recording companies, such as UMG, earn upwards of $1 billion in 2009. However, the RIAA (Recording Industries Association of America) recently sued a 12 year old girl for downloading, as well as many other people. They are seeking $150 000 per song, on allofmp3.com[1]. How much harsher will they go?"

As if they didn't make enough money already, c'mon, $1 billion is strecting to bank profits. Suing 12-year-olds? At this rate we'll be suing 6 to 5-year-olds... and $150 000 PER SONG?!?!?!?!? You might as well pay for every song in the universe and you still would be better off (a exaguration (I can't spell it lol) maybe, but $150 000 per song, not your regular pocket money. Seriously, who has $150 000 sitting around apart from businesses? NO-ONE. We've been through a ressision, you coudn't of picked a worse time...

"Isn't there a point where they must stop?"

The've already gone over the limits imo. Unless the government want more money for them and less for us, and make impossible for us to live and make money, what a way to screw up.

"Internet Service Providers are forced to monitor everything you do online and to report to the government with anything that seen as suspicious. How are they going to pay for this? We will be forced to pay with much higher Internet bills, in order to allow this invasion of privacy."

"But that is not all."

As if the're wasn't enough...

"1. It makes it more difficult to distribute free software; Without file sharing and P2P technologies like BitTorrent, distributing large amounts of free software becomes much harder, and more expensive. BitTorrent is a grassroots protocol that allows everyone to contribute to legally distributing free software."

Stuff like BitTorrent is mainly using for illegal torrents, but still, this is bad.

"2. It will make it harder for users of free operating systems, such as Linux-based to play media. Consumers are no longer allowed to buy media without DRM and DRM'ed media cannot be played with free software."

We have to pay for free software. F***ers.

"3. It allows your devices to be taken away without any explanation whatsoever as part of random security checks. Devices suspected of including pirated material and/or copyright infringements will also be confiscated and searched. Not only is this an invasion of Privacy, this could mean restricted to people carrying digital equipment. This means that bringing an iPod or a laptop through airport security could cost hours off your time. This is not only restricted to digital device carriers. This extends the time required for the average check-in up to 70%, assuming 1 in 10 people receive a searched media Device."

There would be no bloody way I'm going to let some person look through my computer. It's basically voiding privacy. Whoop de doo.

"4. ACTA requires that existing ISPs no longer host free software that has the possibility of including copyrighted media; this would substantially affect many sites that offer free software or host software projects such as SourceForge and Download.com. Most software we use on our computers are free. Are we to pay the price because of a misleading treaty?"

This is getting really rediculous.

"5. Part of the ACTA treaty states that import generic medicine are to be restricted and controlled. This could have disastrous effects that will cost lives, especially in developing countries. The majority of medicinal companies do not supply medicine to third world countries. This is because more profit can be made by selling it to the richer countries where we live. Most medicines received in third world countries are imported by concerned people and charity groups. If ACTA is to be approved, these medicines would be confiscated for "security" reasons (in order to maintain a monopoly). Should these people die because of our current inaction and unwillingness to act against ACTA?"

This is the worst one for me, confiscating medicine for "security reasons"? What next? Medicine for countries like Africa >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Any treaty or law.

"6. If ACTA is implemented, privacy on the internet is no longer a given. Internet Service Providers will be forced to monitor what websites you visit and what you type, search and do. People have a basic right to privacy that this treaty clearly ignores. Are you willing to pay this price?"

Speaks for itself. 0 privacy for everyone...

"7. ACTA gives governments and ISP’s the right to block websites deemed “unsuitable” There are no clear guidelines as to what is deemed suitable or unsuitable. Do you honestly believe that this power will not be abused for political and economical gain. China has used the same excuse to censor the internet. Concurrently, China has far banned facebook.com, youtube.com and blogspot.com. Does this seem like national security?"

So how do they "judge" what is suitable and unsuitable? This has got "abuse this power" written all over it.

"8. This treaty will not prevent piracy. This is an ineffective and ridiculous agreement that will only harm the common people, not the pirated goods trade. Again, China is an example. Most websites and Peer to Peer networks are blocked. Yet China has one of the most rampant piracy industries in the world. Why? Because piracy will always find another medium. Only we will suffer."

This is so very true...

td:lr Worst Treaty EVER. Why are they so anti-internet when the internet has helped us all these years...