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September 7th, 2009, 20:20
Name: Vergil the Rogue

Creature type:Rogue

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Personality: A serious man who rarely shows his emotions to anyone including friends.

Current level: 1

Gold on pocket: 0

Strengths: Strong and good with a blade.

Weakness: Slower then most things.

Likes: Close friends and other rogues

Dislikes: Heroes and traitors.

level 1: Attack

level 3:Poisen cloud

level 5: Sight

level 7: Invisibility

level 10: Teleport

Other things: hindered by slow speed.

Biography: Originally a theif in the heroes. He was mocked and ridiculed for his slow speed so he began stealing items from his fellow soldiers.
this was shown to be a dire mistake

On a attack on a dungeon which turned bad quickly for the heroes vergil was shot on the leg
and begged for help from his comrades. They left him there to die which spurred his hatred for heroes.
After hearing this and seeing his abilities he decided to sweared revenge and abandoned his theifing title in place of the rogue

His despise of heroes and worry of traitors has sent him to never becoming friends with many people and still then rarely talking even to them.
His only hope is one day to find the men who left him for dead and bring an end to there miserable little lives.

September 30th, 2009, 20:57
what do you know I found a song that fits Vergil in my opinion:

September 30th, 2009, 23:05
I love it when people link to music in relation to their characters! I know what song is playing when I picture the opening credits to the Vergil Television series now!

you my friend have no diea how much that made me laugh XD but I do enjoy the band as much as I enjoy Dragonforce and such

October 10th, 2009, 13:44
Name: Merla the Warlock

Creature type: Warlock

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: a Cheery easily frightned girl who seems clingy to many.

Current level: 1

Gold on pocket: 0

Strengths: A strong magic user and can run rather fast.

Weakness: Freezes up if fighting a dragon or Demon Spawn out of fright, cant take much of a beating, Has a bit of a addiction
to gambling

Likes: Warlocks, Researching, Gambling.

Dislikes: Dragons and by extention demon spawn.

level 1: attack

level 2:fireball

level 5: Meteor

level 6: Heal self

level 8: Heal others

level 10: Hailstorm

Other things: Tries to avoid Casinos at all costs.

Realm: Frozengard

Biography: She spent a large amount of her life in the overworld living away from the villeges as she was seen as a witch by
the villegers. She was eventually driven from her home by a mob of drunken villagers, she was driven into a cave where a dragon resided,
needless to say the dragon was not happy about her and quickly began to attack her. Merla escaped with a badly burnt but still usable arm, she now
wears a somthing over it at most times. After that she wandered for a few weeks until finding her way into a portal to the
underworld and is now on her first position in a dungeon.

October 10th, 2009, 16:41

October 10th, 2009, 16:44
There's a lot in CrystalBarrow for her to be afraid off ^^

I hope to add ASBO Trolls to that list before she's threw!

October 10th, 2009, 16:54
There's a lot in CrystalBarrow for her to be afraid off ^^

I hope to add ASBO Trolls to that list before she's threw!

aww come on she just wants to kill every villeger she comes across XD and besides thefsuth hates everyone fi we madeh im LIKE someone it wouldnt be right she will be dispising him soon im sure XD

October 10th, 2009, 16:58
Thefsuth liked skarl...

And Dasoop! For some reason Dasoop reminds Thefsuth a a green keeper he met once...

And he's getting to like Eddy the rouge a bit.

But most of all he misses Fell's orc, he was so stupid Thefsuth liked him because he could be manipulated =/

Anywho, I'm still thinking on what interaction between the cowardly warlock of yours and Thefsuth, hmmm maybe he could "help" her get over her fears so she becomes more useful to the dungeon? Just a thought.

October 10th, 2009, 17:00
well im not trying to have her come out as cowardly XD she just has issues with dragosn and demon spawn. I enjoy making characters which are driven by somthing. For Vergil its revenge and also his wanting to remember his blocked off memorys. For Merla its a feeling of beign useful.....she felt useless before heh go figure.

October 10th, 2009, 17:08
Yay! More creatures(TO KILLLL)!

(Has nothing to say about Merla now.)

No love for Ivan? The only Spider left in the RP? :(

October 10th, 2009, 17:10
I dont know maybe ill make Merla actually be his friend so he can stop with his consious trying to make him commit suicide o_o

October 10th, 2009, 17:36
Ivan really does need a brake. Maybe I'll have Thefsuth build him some anti-fail armour?

October 20th, 2009, 19:46
The first year of Merlas back story is done YAY here is is!

Year 5: The execution and end.

Merla’s Father is meant to be executed today, she does not know what is going on or why, just that her father told her he would be gone for a very long time. She stands there and watch as her father walks out of the house with two men, guards is what her mother had called them. Her Father walked out and never returned.

Months later, her mother now getting drunk most of the time walked out of the house saying she was going to the bars for a few hours. Merla waited. She waited the whole rest of the day and the rest of the night for her mother to come home. A knock came at the door, it was a guard he told Merla in a sad voice that her mother had been robbed and stabbed the day before.

Merla realized with those words that she was alone now, no family left. The guard hugged her and said it would be alright, but Merla doubted it would she doubted it would EVER be alright again. For the first time in her life, Merla cried.

October 20th, 2009, 20:17
Damn it Oblivion! I just read your name all the way through for th first time and just realized your age is 16ish.

I thought you were in your 20s =(

October 20th, 2009, 20:28
WRONG! *shoots* also im notp uttign year 10 as it will be with year 13 because year 10 is only a paragraph year 13 is the introduction if simon XD who is Merlasl ove intrest I say is because hes still alive! OH MY GOD SOME ONE MERLA CARES ABOUT IS ALIVEZ XD

October 20th, 2009, 20:47
Here we go

Year 10: running away.

Merla couldn’t take the foster care anymore. She couldn’t take people acting like she is a part of there family when she is not. Her magic which she found out comes from her Mother being part fairy. She ran and ran and didn’t stop running for 3 years.

Year 13: Simon

Merla walked down the road rubbing the now new bandaged burn on her arm. As she walked she did not notice the boy 2 years older behind her following her. She turned around at one point and saw him.

“Who are you?” She asked a slight amount of fright in her voice.

“Simon is the name miss…?”

“Merla.” Merla was surprised by how fast she gave this stranger her name, normally she gave a fake or not one at all but…this boy seemed different.

“Nice name,” He said smiling. “Do you have a place to stay? If not you can stay with me, my parents wouldn’t mind.” He asked.

Merla shook her head and when Simon motioned for her to follow she did quickly. This boy would one day be the one to buy a ring for her.

(figured out what is in the small black box yet?)

October 20th, 2009, 23:25
and now I give you the end

Year 17: a life pushed off the tracks.

Merla didn’t know it but Simon was going to ask her to marry him that very day, His parents however who did not like Merla in the slightest, had other plans. They knew about Merla’s magic and were trying again and again to convince there son that this “witch” as they called her was not the right person.

He did not listen however they persisted and one night they set fire to the woods and were going to blame it on Merla, unfortunately the fire spread and engulfed one of Simons best friends houses killing them in the process.

The night after the funeral Simon had gotten drunk with grief and was on his way home to ask Merla if she wished to marry him, his father got him and put the idea that Merla had started the fire in his sons head.

Later that night he arrived home and began talking with Merla:

“Merla did you start that fire?” He asked the drink having slurred his words mildly.

“what? of course not I was his friend t-” Before she could finish he went off.

“SHUT UP! YOU STARTED IT! IT’S THE ONLY EXPLANATION!” He screamed loudly at her.

“Simon please your frightening me.” She said in a terrified voice.


“Simon please ca-” Before she could finish he slapped Her in the face and told her to leave again. This time Merla quickly began gathering her things, before she left she turned to ask what was wrong, he didn’t like that and threw the engagement ring while it was still at the box at her, it hit her and bounced off her head and fell into her bag.

She ran, like she had so many times before. She ran until she was far away from the time and she stopped only because she was tired. She reached into her bag to see what it was he threw it her, when she opened the box and saw it was a ring, she realized how much he cared for her and he was drunk and people do stupid things while drunk. She looked at the ring again and tears filled her eyes as she knew she would probably not go back. For the second time in her life Merla began to cry.

It was weeks later on her 18ht birthday that she found the portal to the underworld, she went down it into darkness.

(oh and to clarafy yes Simon felt remorse after what he did and felt tricked by his father. He really did love Merla.....sappy love story for the win XD)

October 20th, 2009, 23:37
you know, this is a good backstory. Now can you tell the story that tells how she god caught up in keeper work?

October 20th, 2009, 23:39
you know, this is a good backstory.

(Now if only people would read Ivan's backstory...)

Anyhow, that is a pretty good backstory for Merla, dang Simon's dad, being a poop head.

October 20th, 2009, 23:44
too bad im lazy.

January 14th, 2010, 23:19
Name: Mary "Sly"

Creature type: Rogue

Gender : Female

Age: 24

Personality: Happy and as her name implys Sly like a Fox.

Current level:1

Gold on pocket:0

Strengths: Quick on her feet and has great aim with her knives.

Weaknesses: Small attack, only able to land fast blows, has mild anger issues.

Likes: Rogues, Demon spawns, Warlocks, spiders, gold, fightign things as fast as her.

Dislikes: Beer, gambling, fighting opponents that can smear her into the wall. (strong ones)


lvl 1: attack

lvl 3: invisable.

lvl 5: speed

lvl 7: slow

Lvl 10: Poison

Other things: Has short cut silver hair, despises her twin brother Jix, and despite being a rogue, she holds distaste
drinking and gambling.

Realm: Northland.

Biography: Sly grew up with her parents, but also had a strange lvoe for fighting, she also enjoyed sneaking around and spent her time scaring her brother Jix.
When she turned 18 she became a rogue, it suited her and she loved sneaking around, it gave her a thrill that she might be cought, it also to a cirtain degree
frightened her. Her hood and mask which covers the lower portion of her face, causes people to beleive she is a male, as it distrots her voice strangly.
She is also a bit of a hot head, as she gets angry quickly.