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September 28th, 2010, 18:07
This might be familiar to most of you since I think I can recall similar threads on the old forum, but me and - I think - a lot of people would love to read sometimes about this topic. So here goes:

My main idea is to discuss our opinion about the usefulness of DK2 traps and doors, and how much and how we like them, what circumstances we usually use them, and what new additions would come in handy sometimes. Tactics are at home here too. One can dream here like no tomorrow. :p

So here I go with the first attempt...

Spike trap, we all know it, I think it's boring, weak, and useless.

My new door suggestions:

(1.) IMP GATE: A Large stone barrier in the size of a keeper barricade that lets Imps through it's lower portion, this way prohibiting the non imp creatures path on that tile, great for restricting movement.

Imps cannot drag secret items through, because those are too large, but can drag bodies and workshop crates through it.

Creatures cannot cross imp gates because they are too big, but support creatures can shoot over above it like above the barricade. The hand of evil can choose with a left click to either prohibit shooting through it or the opposite, by raising/lowering it's built in moving cover.

Imp gates should have a LOT of health points, because they are made of bricks like the hero barricade and a wooden frame from the workshop.

Pros: High endurance, creature restriction, changeable cover option, (keeping workshop workers in their own designated mini-dungeons).
Contras: Highly Expensive ~ 4500gold, not disguised as secret doors, creatures cannot rush through defending imps on the other side, manual cover operation.

Inspiration: The idea just came by thinking of small secret doors. :)

(2.) IMP BARRIER: A magical player colored force field which is actually a spell that only stops the crossing of imps.

Select the imp barrier icon in the doors panel and select a tile, your workers will assemble a crate that resembles a steel door FRAME and your imps will place it on the desired location.

Then select the imp barrier spell within spells, and cast it on the frame. Make sure your warlocks have already researched it, and upgraded it to withstand magical ranged attacks that have a trajectory like fireballs and feed etc.... In fact it could feed off magical projectiles healing itself.

Pros: Restricts imp movement, cheap frame, medium spell cost, protection against magical non instant projectiles, feeds off them.
Contras: ONLY WORKS ON YOUR OWN IMPS, vulnerable to any melee damage, low endurance against non magical attacks (that in fact travel through): arrows, knives, grenades...
No protection against instant spells: Mistress Lightning, Warlock Heal, Dark Angel Skeleton Army...
Has no effect on the Monk, and the Firefly's Tornado.
Amplifies ALL Bile Demon Gas Missile damages, including the enemy's, and works the other way around too, due to the fact that that spell tricks the door of being physical, they partly fuse together, partly lets the gas flow through with the door's magic in it. The amplified Gas Missile deals more damage, the gas amplified Imp Barrier can damage enemy Imps.

New Bile Demon job: Amplify Imp Barriers when idle.

Opinions anyone?


September 28th, 2010, 20:43
This sounds like it belongs in the WftO's Suggestion thread, or are we just completely making up DK2 style things? :giant:

September 29th, 2010, 01:15
We are! ;)

October 20th, 2010, 01:54
Anybody????:confused: :(

Duke Ragereaver
October 20th, 2010, 05:55
This is, in essence, a WftO suggestion, bring your suggestion to the WftO forum.

So locked!