View Full Version : 0.38b Bug with imps

February 16th, 2011, 07:13
I'm celebration of the things being fixed in the newest patch I wanted to see how much money i could amass, but I appear to have found an issue with Imps.
I built a few large treasuries for the hell of it, but found that my imps only felt like filling up one of them. They kept digging at the gems until the gold piled up so much that they couldn't dig anymore, but they aren't carrying it it to the other treasuries. BUT, if I connect the middle treasury either of the ones beside it, they will fill both up, even the one that isn't connected.

Link to the save. It's the one called "holycrapgold"

Also, I don't have a save of this one, but I also noticed that they would sometimes not claim a tile, usually the unclaimed tile was in a corner, but the would leave it unclaimed until I manually dropped an imp on it.

Metal Gear Rex
February 16th, 2011, 07:44
Which Treasury did you build first? Are you doing other things such as training creatures or anything that costs gold?

February 16th, 2011, 07:59
I build the one up top first, the one dead center second, the one to the left 3rd, and one on the right last. I trained all my Imps to lv 10 before I started to fill the treasury.
The treasury up top was already full, and the one on the left had some treasure in it already.
I wasn't doing anything else at the time, the only thing that should have cost me gold was payday.

On another note, I connected the treasuries so the imps would actually fill em up, and after finishing off the other keepers, selling all my other rooms, and getting rid of my creatures, I managed to get get about 4.1 BILLION GOLD before it was unable to create any more gold pots.
But I still had 50 imps kickin around...so I probably could have gotten more. lol