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Metal Gear Rex
March 20th, 2011, 00:15
I've been thinking about some Boss Gimmick ideas, but I had a lot of bosses planned especially since there would be two stories to play. And I'd rather not use the same gimmick twice unless it were the same character. And I gotta create the ideas for the boss gimmicks as I plan out the story and boss battles. In other words, it may hinder my progress a bit if I gotta create so many gimmicky ideas.

So I gotta ask you, got any ideas for boss gimmicks or recomendation for a boss gimmick that was used in an already existing boss? It would really help progress out a bit, and I'd be sure to credit you for giving me the idea.

All ideas are welcomed. None of the bosses have actually been thought out, I just got a beginning and an ending with some ideas in the middle in terms of story, so there aren't any real guidelines to follow. If I can't create the boss gimmick idea perfectly due to RPG Maker limitations, I can always try create something similar.

Thanks in advance to those that try to help out.

March 20th, 2011, 02:54
When you say "Boss Gimmicks" do you mean gimmicky character traits or like this:

A 3x size Bile Demon who was just looking for the bathroom .

A grouchy, crochety, old warlock whom you accidentally woke up whilst going through the enemy lair.

A warlock with a temporary chicken spell and a shortage of test subjects >=)

Metal Gear Rex
March 20th, 2011, 03:02
When you say "Boss Gimmicks" do you mean gimmicky character traits or like this:

Think of Bowyer from Super Mario RPG, and how the gimmick behind his battle was that he would disable certain buttons from being capable of being used. I mean gimmick in that sense.