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Duke Ragereaver
April 9th, 2011, 21:00
Download (http://keeperklan.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=81)


''A Samurai warrior of great skill has become Shogun of this realm. It's time that someone put these so-called skills to the test!''


Metal Gear Rex
April 12th, 2011, 15:51
I kinda expected you to allow me to give the map another go of testing after I broke it the second time around XP

But okay I'll play the new version. *downloads*

February 14th, 2017, 18:28
I have been working in my spare time on Yami, so far I am pleased with the results. I think it will be ready in a week at this rate with the playtesting involved with it. Amongst of the changes is that the Temple can be acquired faster and that the number of traps have been reduced. I have also shifted the focus on the map somewhat. There is still a choice in going after the Heroes or the Blue Keeper first but the script will no longer check if either is defeated before coming with a response (reinforcement of the remaining enemy). Also, the Blue Keeper is much more formidable and very aggressive after an initial "sleeping" period.

Great. If you want some help with playtesting let me know.

Duke Ragereaver
March 12th, 2017, 19:50
It took somewhat longer than initially expected but I have finally uploaded a new version of Yami (https://keeperklan.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=81). The map now playing out as intended in regards to the Blue Keeper and Heroes in the way they should interact. Both enemies are lot more formidable but one will get some choice and freedom on how to proceed. I have made a lot of other tweaks and changes and victory conditions now actually work.

A huge thanks for YourMaster for providing valuable feedback and other tips/suggestions to make this map more enjoyable!

March 12th, 2017, 22:05
You're welcome. I can honestly say I enjoyed playing this version, you've got the choice to go slowly through the hero dungeon with limited resources or try and take on the very powerful blue keeper and gain access to his powerful rooms and his gems. The map provides a nice challenge, without being truly difficult, and there are a few big and rewarding fights.
It is no longer trap invested, making it more enjoyable as well.
One thing to note though, is that it is just about against the limit of what KeeperFX can handle with the pathfinding bug, you should be able to manage just fine but save regularly and don't make any crazy pathways and don't watch the dungeon hearth go down.