View Full Version : Crash upon the possession of a fly

Blue Giraffe
May 20th, 2011, 05:16

I wanted to confirm this bug, so I played the first level of the Dungeon Keeper Original Campaign. I dug to the Entrance, claimed it with my imps, and then a fly came through the Entrance. I tried to possess the fly and then the game crashed.

Sync: update: Finished
Sync: keeper_screen_redraw: Starting
Sync: setup_engine_window: Starting for size (884,768) at (140,0)
Sync: redraw_display: Starting
Sync: process_pointer_graphic: Starting for view 2, player state 11, instance 13
Sync: set_pointer_graphic: Setting to 0
Sync: redraw_creature_view: Starting
Sync: update_explored_flags_for_power_sight: Starting
Sync: setup_engine_window: Starting for size (1024,768) at (0,0)
Sync: engine: Starting
Sync: draw_view: Starting
Sync: display_drawlist: Starting
Sync: draw_view: Finished
Sync: setup_engine_window: Starting for size (1024,768) at (0,0)

The in-game resolution I used while playing was "1024x768x32".

The Keeperfx version was 0.39.

I have attempted to reproduce this crash on these settings many more times. Sometimes this crash happens, sometimes it doesn't.

I tried possessing imps many times as a control for my experiment. Possessing imps on the first level did not cause crashes, only possessing the flies. I've not tried any other creatures.

See the attachment to my post for the full debug log.


May 20th, 2011, 07:20
I think you have something here!

I was playing The Burdend Imp Campaign and in the second level you have to use 1st person a lot. Also on a fly, each time I want to use the spell on the fly the game crashes back to the desktop..