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June 24th, 2011, 23:52
Deep beneath the grasslands of Rockville, a band of heroes have successfully sneaked inside a Keeper's Dungeon. Clearly aware that allowing this evil to prevail will doom the land above, the heroes stealthily made their way deeper into the dungeon until they came to a large room. The heroes move for the door on the other side and begin to pick its lock, positive they could succeed on the mission if they stayed vigilant on their task.

The Keeper is perfectly aware of the intrusion, knowing his forces could never match the strength of the goodly heroes outright and in advance prepared a number of rooms to be rigged with special traps. The Heroes were in such a room. Failing to pick the lock, the heroes grew all the more restless when the Keeper suddenly activates the trap!
Right at this moment, the heroes became aware just what kind of room they had entered. Both exits of the room had been locked shut:

1) A poisonous gas starts to seep into the room from the floor, gradually rising taller and shortly after the whole group has died/fallen unconscious, the gas is ventilated out and both doors are unlocked once the gas is completely gone.
2) Water starts to leak in from the holes in the ceiling. Within minutes, the whole room is water filled and the heroes drown, having no escape. Shortly after the room was water filled entirely, the water leaks out from the bottom and the doors unlock.
3) The room starts to heat up, gradually increasing until the heroes suffer combustion from the immense heat in the room. Shortly after, the room is ventilated until it cools down and the doors are unlocked.


These Room Traps unlike single tile traps affect the entire room and can be used to devastating effects. Maybe costly to construct, but the rooms can be used to different effects such as Gas, Flooding, Incineration, Freezing, Falling Celing and many more. And more, they can also be disguised by placing normal rooms on top of them. Just make sure the "room" you place can handle the effects of the trap built into the room.
I figure the trap is built as a whole into a pre-dug room, and will also include placed doors on any exit. The Room as mentioned can be used normally until it is activated, at which point all the creatures in the room will fall under its effects. The trap may be manually activated, but preferably make sure your creatures are not inside the room, because once activated, picking them up may not be possible.

Sam T
July 25th, 2011, 19:33
the traps sound awesome!
it would be cool to have a dungeon guard dog trap or something. Having the kennels open when they enter the room.

August 8th, 2011, 17:15
sounds good