View Full Version : UnSafeDisk doesn't work .__.

July 12th, 2011, 08:50
Hey guys, I'm new here, (post number 1, woo) and I loved DK2 back when I was a young boy.

About two years ago I actually got the game functioning perfectly. No joke, I could actually run the game and never have it crash. I have no idea how I achieved it, but I did.

Now, I'm trying to use UnSafeDisk but it keeps coming up with an error. I ran on every compatibility mode but it always either crashes when I click the button or crashes when I try and open the DKII.icd. It says "SafeDisk_shit" or something.

It kind of sucks :/ But I'm wondering, if I have the DK2 1.73 patch, does that automatically break the copy protection? Thanks guys.

Was playing DK2 yesterday on Hamachi with my brother but it kept doing the "DKII.icd has stopped working" every half an hour.

July 12th, 2011, 16:02
If you have installed the 1.73 patch then it's supposed that the executable doesn't have SafeDisc. Otherwise, I can provide the unsafedisced executable if you want.

July 12th, 2011, 16:15
Yes please <3 that would be nice.

Oh, when I try to get v1.73 from this site it only opens in Firefox for some reason. It's really weird.

I've tried 3 different copies of DK2 today and I've gone back to the 1.3 version at the moment to see if that will work. First version gave me DKII.icd has crashed the game, second version did exactly the same but with DKII.exe. Happens totally randomly at a point in any game.