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August 1st, 2011, 19:02
Hi there,

A Few days i have bin looking for Online options for DK2
i have Found Hamachi .......but still it doesn`t work quite well.
After a few days of extra Search work i have found GameRanger www.gameranger.com .
This is a very easy to use game server/client.
There are a bunch of other old games to play. allmost 200!!!!!

ok ....here comes the tutorial.

1. go to www.gameranger.com
2. Download GameRanger Client.
3. Create an account.
4. Check your email and submit your account.
5. Host the a Dungeon Keeper 2 game and play with your friends /other players.

Like i said this is very very easy to use

Latest version of DK2 is Req.

Have fun and see ya there

To find me on GameRanger go and look for misterymen

August 6th, 2011, 20:12
GR uses dk 1.7 which is crap. It is almost unplayable via GR. Hamachi + 13-15 is way better