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August 30th, 2009, 00:17
This is a game brought back from the old forum, mainly cause it was the games that kept us coming back every (other) day.

You think of some cool, awesome, and special thing to do in either (or both) dk's and post them here.

They must be in this format:

Name-What do you call this (N)
Acheivement/Objective- How do you acomplish the deed.(A/O)
Text- What should it say when you complete it (T)
Score-1-100 based on how hard it is.

Picture: what should show up when you complete said acheivement (optional) (P)

Ok, well, I'll make a few, and then you guys can start making some more. If they are really good, I just might try to do them or incorperate them into a map or something.

Dungeon Keeper 1/Deeper Dungeons

Name- The Great One
Objective- Play the game for 1 year.
Text- You are a pro. Teach me your ways.
Score: 90

Name- Thief
Objective- Own 20 Thieves
Text- Your tresurry is emptie than your head.
Score- 40

Dungeon Keeper 2

Name-Knight in black armor
Acheivement- Own 10 black knights and 5 hero knights.
Text- Your other creatures wish to please you, if you don't spend so much time with your knights.
Score- 50

N- Mr.Money
A- Have all the money in the map.
T- Your enemies are begging you to share some gold, turn them down.
S- 85

August 31st, 2009, 00:56
Looks like fun !

Dungeon Keeper 1

Name- Splursh !
Objective- Crush 50 ennemies with boulder traps
Text- Hey, Vile Coyote, doesn't that hurt ?
Score: 30

Name- Overlord
Objective- Have four level 1 creatures and one level 10 creature
Text- Evil always finds its way...
Score: 50

Name- Paranoid
Objective- Have at least 20 doors in your dungeon
Text- Come, there's nothing to be afraid of !
Score: 20

August 31st, 2009, 04:08


N-To Tall
A-Somehow stack a creature ontop of something.
T- Your creatures are to tall, they might try to take your dungeon

N-Wack me Dumb
A-Do nothing
T-Hello? You there. We've started.


A-Build traps and doors at every corridor.
T-Uh, Keeper, your mana is not exsitant. Sell some traps, they freak out your creatures.

A-Slap all your creatures silly.
T-Take your anger out on the heros, not your creatures.

August 31st, 2009, 07:43
A-Kill 20 of your minions with your own traps
T-I never liked that bile demon neighbor anyway

August 31st, 2009, 08:10

N: Always look on the bright side of life...
A: Rule over every pair of creatures who hate each other without them fighting. (With the proposed morale idea, this is possible.)
T: Life's a piece of shit, when you look it
S: 50

September 1st, 2009, 23:14

N-Troll Nation
A- Kill everything with only trolls
T-Get out! This is troll country
S- 95

N-Pro Photagrapher
A-Take a Screen Shot


N-Dark Forces
A- Have your forces made up of dark angels, black knights, and bile demons
T- Only the best for my keeper.
S- 50

N-Dumb Computer
A-Notice the computer being killed by someone else.
T-Good thing that wasn't you.
S- 30

September 3rd, 2009, 10:54
A- Get a fly to defeat a creature or hero (of the same or higher level) several tiers of strength above it (No goblins/beetles or anything. You get the idea!).
T- That was a feat of patience, keeper, not one of skill. (Horny, in an arrogant tone): I could have done that with one slash!
S- 10-100 (depending on what creature your fly pwnt.)

September 3rd, 2009, 22:38

A-Use only flies, Beetle, Spiders, and warlocks to win the game
T- You are truley a master of all.
S-90-100 based on what level your creatures are.


N-Your dungeon is on fire
A-Have all your creatures be Warlocks, Wizards, Salamanders, and Giants.
T-WARNING! Your dungeon is on fire. Please exit to the designated exits:

September 7th, 2009, 02:42
Name- The Juggler
Acheivement/Objective- Hold 50 or more of the same creature in your hand at the same time.
Text- Keeper, it seems you have something unpleasant under your withered hand...
Score- 65

September 8th, 2009, 04:24
Name: Shut up
Achievement: Hear every single mentor quote in the game twice
Text: Beware, micropiglets cannot reach there marbles, GO TO BED!
Score: 101 (extrascore for tring)

Name: Gold Holder
Achievement: Hol 100,000,000 Gold in your hand at once
Text: Keeper, some of that is my pay to, you know. A Mentor has become unhappy because he hasn't been paid.
Score: 90

Name: Keeper Killer
A- Kill 100 keepers through out the serise
T- Keeper, you are killing to many keepers. We have no money to hire any more. You've won, Please stop. Please, please, PLEASE stop! :'(
S-200 (combined for both games 100 if you only played one game)

November 5th, 2009, 14:04

A-Use only flies, Beetle, Spiders, and warlocks to win the game
T- You are truley a master of all.
S-90-100 based on what level your creatures are.

Level 20 would extremly hard then since you can't attract any of them and therefore you have to kill 8 level 10 tentacles with 4 flies and 4 beetles each on level one xD

November 5th, 2009, 19:09
I almost forgot about this game. I've got tons of ideas

Dungeon Keeper 1

Name: Track Athlete
Achievement: Run 1000 tiles in possestion
Text: And the winner is: <insert name>
Score: 75

Name: Mapper
Achievement: Play the same map fifty times.
Text: your other maps need love too.
Score: 90

Name: Horny
Achievement: Own only mistressess, fairies, witches, and horned reapers.
Text: Your creatures are throwing alot of privet parties
Score: 80

Dungeon Keeper 2

Name: Goblin King
Achievement: Own 15 goblins
Text: You are now crowned the Goblin King. Woohoo :rolleyes:
Score: 60

Name: Power hunger
Acheivement: Posses your best creature and eat a chicken
Text: Stop fooling around and get back to work
Score: 20

Name: Black Knight meets Dark Elf
Achievement: Put 1 blocker and 1 support creature in the combat pit
Text: The combat pit is for trainning, not slaughtering.
Score: 20

November 10th, 2009, 15:36
Game: DK1
Name: Real Patience
Achievement: Destroy a magic door using only a level one imp in possesion.
Text: Keeper you need to look after your creatures too!
Score: 85

November 17th, 2009, 09:12
Name: This Was a Triumph.
Achievement: Beat all enemy keepers to their portals on a level.
Text: It's hard to overstate my satisfaction keeper.
Score: 175

November 17th, 2009, 15:44
Game: Dungeon Keeper 1

Name: Addict
Achievement: Play Dungeon Keeper for two weeks with an average playtime of 16 hours a day.
Score: 101

Name: Expert psychiatrist
Achievement: Have 30 Horned Reapers in one level, keeping them all happy for over 15 minutes.
Text: You are worthy of having Horned Reapers in your possession.
Score: 90

Name: Reversed food chain
Achievement: Let a fly win from a spider (both must be yours). Their levels have to be nearly equal. No possession.
Text: Isn't it supposed to go the other way around, keeper?
Score: 20

November 18th, 2009, 01:31
Dungeon Keeper 1

Name: Speed Demon
Achievemnt: Use a Bile Demon to kill a fly/hound/reaper/troll/orc with speed
Text: Speed isn't everything
Score: 40-90 based on what cr4eature you killed

Name: Friendemy
Achievement: Kill your ally
Text: Now what are you going to do?
Score: 30

Dungeon Keeper 2

Name: Playing with Fire
Achievement: Use the inforno spell to kill every hero in the level
Text: Your chickens and skeletons are on fire!
Score: 100

Name: Dungeon Expert
Achivement: Build a dungeon that alous access to every room by every room.
Text: Your creatures are in awe of your dungeon's effetioncy
Score: 50

Metal Gear Rex
November 18th, 2009, 01:35
(That last one is near impossible if not impossible)

November 18th, 2009, 01:37
Name: Digger
Achievement: Dig out all the digable areas in the map.
Text: Your Dungeon is too big.
Score: 100

Name: Small builder
Achievement: Build all rooms at 3x3.
Text: Keeper, your Dungeon are getting crowded.
Score: 50

Name: Post Rank Up
Achievement: Get your Rank up by Posting
Text: ZOMG, I R TEH <Insert Rank Name Here>
Score: 45359437504753

Metal Gear Rex
November 18th, 2009, 01:40

Name: True Evil
Achievement: Create as many imps as you can and eliminate your gold to 0, then slap your imps to death.
Text: To be honest Keeper, there is such a thing as being too Evil.
Score: 666

A New Room
November 22nd, 2009, 00:43

Name- Damn... It is dark in here...

Objective- Leave no walls standing in a campaign realm.

Text- Who snuffed all the torches?!


Name- Keep your enemies close...

Achievement - Convert all of the heroes to your cause on any map.

Text- Oh it is good to be evil...


January 13th, 2010, 02:23

Name: Insect Keeper
Objective: Use only Insects in a map.
Text: Stop bugging me!
Score: 60

Name: Undead Keeper
Objective: Use only Skeletons, Ghosts, and Vampires in a map
Text: I see dead people.
Score: 60

Name: Lord of the Imps
Objective: Win a level with only Imps
Text: Keeper, the portals exist for a reason...
Score: 100

Name: Handle it Solo
Objective: Use only one creature to defeat an enemy Keeper in his dungeon.
Text: You used a level 10, didn't you?
Score: 70

Name: The Torturer
Object: Witness every torture animation.
Text: Keeper, this is a Dark Mistress occupation...
Score: 60

Name: RUN 4 IT!
Objective: Successfully outrun a boulder trap.
Text: Keeper, this isn't Indiana Jones...
Score: 1000

Name: Darkness
Objective: Don't fortify any walls outside your Dungeon Heart
Text: How can you find your way through this dungeon Keeper?
Score: 100

Name: Legion Commander
Objective: Successfully lead an army deep into enemy territory.
Text: Keeper, are you using Hero Tactics?
Score: 70

Name: From Son to Man
Objective: Sucessfully train a level 1 Demonspawn to a level 10 Dragon.
Text: Do you like fire?
Score: 80

Name: Knighthood
Objective: Sucessfully train a level 1 Thief into a level 10 Knight
Text: At your service my liege!
Score: 100

Name: Grenade!
Objective: Sucessfully do (#) of damage to a group of enemies with a grenade.
Text: Good throwing arm Keeper.
Score: (Insert # here)

Name: Surriving Insanity
Objective: Destory a rampaging level 10 Horned Reaper.
Text: Keeper, treat the Horned Reapers with more respect.
Score: 100

Name: Light to Darkness...
Objective: Successfully convert an Avatar to your cause.
Text: Outstanding Keeper! A champion of the light has been bended to your will!
Score: 100

Name: Darkened Skies
Objective: Beat the Campaign
Text: Good work Keeper. Now work on the expansion!
Score: 90

Name: Failure
Objective: Lose to the easiest AI
Text: ... Get it together you idiot!
Score: 10

A New Room
February 1st, 2010, 22:01
Name: Evil Wears Fluffy Slippers.
Objective: Keep a Horned Reaper happy and away from battle for a whole level.
Text: That creature can kill you know....
Score: 75

May 12th, 2010, 02:25
Random DK I, DD, DK II, WFTO, RP, and other achievements. Some are from a hero perspective

Name: Redemption
Objective: Redeem (Valkyrie Ability) 25 heroes in a single map
Text: Milord (Milady), the fallen has found redemption.

Name: The End of a Long Time
Objective: Finish a realm in the Awakening or the Testing Grounds
Text: Congratulations for finishing a roleplay realm! What other realms can you conquer, and memories one could cherish?

Name: The Final Goal
Objective: Complete WFTO Development
Text: The long road has been traveled, and the journey over. Thank you to all the developers that worked so hard on this project, and may it bring joy to Keepers around the world.

Name: The Pub
Objective: Find the hidden Pub containing characters from the roleplays.
Text: Welcome to the Pub! Enjoy your stay.

Name: Automated Greeting Machine
Objective: Find the rusty machine used for a legendary forum.
Text: Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.

Name: Executioner
Objective: Witness all the executions in the Hero's Justice Chamber
Text: Milord (Milady), must you be so bloodthirsty?