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August 6th, 2011, 22:51
Not sure if this goes here, but it's something that's gotten stuck in my head so I want to tell it here.

The Dungeon Heart stood still but the light fading from it as time went on.
The pitter pat of Imps running around no longer echoes this dungeon.
The fortfield walls grow weak and rotten, nothing coming through them for ages.
The gems remain untouched, no longer any Imps around to dig it.
The Torture Chamber stands silent as ever waiting for a Mistress to come, but she never will.
The Prison stays, hoping that a hero will die and the skeletons will rise, but the prison grows moldy and fragile.
The Treasure Room begs for a single gold, but it remains empty and no creature will come to claim the gold.
The Portal starts to crumble, starts to cave in yet it hopes a creature will arrive, but no creature will come.
The Workshop hopes for a Troll to arrive and make a trap, but he will not come.
The echos of heroes breaking into the walls and the halls becoming a battlezone between heroes and the creatures is long gone.
The taunts and laughter of an enemy Keeper remains quiet, their Dungeon Heart either lies to waste or standing with no light or life left in it.
The Lord of the Land stays above ground, grinning in victory every room remains silent.
The Lair waits to comfort and give rest to the weak and the weary, but no creature will come.
The Hatchery stands but no eggs will reproduce, the chickens long gone and the Bile Demons do not show up.
The roar of the Horned Reaper can no longer be heard, he no longer comes around.
The Training room stays still, it's targets no longer spins around and starts to crumble to dust.
The Graveyard is full of the dead, long deceased creatures and heroes lie here, but no vampires rise.
The Scavenger room waits for the loyal Hound, but no Hound appears and it's eyeballs start to fall off.
The Library waits for the Warlocks, and the higher ones to attack any other creature in the library, but the books fall to waste as he will not come.
The Barracks cry out to the Orcs, and the Guard Post waits for someone to guard on it, but the Orcs will not come.
The Temple remains dry, yet it hopes for a sacrifice or a creature to come and be happy, but no creature will come.
The bridges now weakened and rottenness away by water, or burned into ashes by lava.

The sounds of the Dungeon can no longer be heard. Where have all the creatures gone? Where have no Imps come to play? The Heroes know they have won, and do not come around anymore allowing Dungeon Hearts to live but go to waste. The Avatar has taken back all the lands won by the Dungeon Keepers and now underneath those places, remain the waste of the Keepers.

Where have they all gone? The Dungeon Heart grows weaker, glowing rapidly hoping for a Dungeon Keeper to rise, but like the creatures all the Keepers have vanished. Where have all the Keepers gone? The heart seems to cry out in agony as it closes to an end. The cries and screaming of a battle can no longer be heard, because there are no more Keepers. All the creatures have disappeared to another world, and the Keepers have placed up their hats and gone home, no more Keepers want to take over.

The Heart still hopes, wishes as it becomes smaller. However nothing will come, and the Dungeon Heart crumbles away and turns into dust, leaving nothing more then an abandoned Underworld.

Not sure if it was good or not, but since it would be stuck in my head I thought I would post it. It is Dungeon Keeper 1 though not 2.