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September 8th, 2011, 02:14
Hi everyone,

I'm a newly registered member to these fora though I have been reading posts as a guest for the past few weeks.

Before I ask my "noob" question I should probably give a little background as to how I came to be posting.

I will appologise in advance for the "block txt" I'm about to post :o

A couple of months ago I was listening to a radio station that plays 1 hit song each hour from years gone by, and the song they played was Disco Inferno.
As soon as I heard it I thought of Dungeon Keeper and how much fun it was playing it all those years ago. Funny how hearing a song can bring back memories.
I decided to dig out my DK2 CD and play a game for old time sake, so off I went to rumage through the rather large stack of old games and eventually
I found the original DK2 CD case only to find it empty :( ..
I thought about this for a moment and figured I must have put the DK2 CD into one of the other games cases by mistake so I spent 30 min opening every case but to my great disappointment .... still no DK2 CD.

Normally at this point I'd have given up and gone back to playing some online game but we all know that once you have that song (Disco Inferno) in your head it just wont go away so I decided I'd search the net to see if DK2 was abandoned or freeware and was available to be downloded.

I spent some time checking out different sites, searching different fora and following tons of dead links ect and eventually I found site with a link to a
( shhhh .... cracked copy of DK2 V1.7 ) which I installed and eventually got running on my ancient PC.
I then played the campaigns and more than a few skirmish games which I greatly enjoyed apart from the occasional crash and the AI being as dumb as mud.

I remembered while looking for the actual game I'd come across the Keeper Klan site :D and I also remembered it had an area for player made maps so I decided to download a few and see if the AI in player maps was any better than the ones that came with DK2.
Short answer is No... the AI still sucked but..... On some of the maps the makers had spent alot of time and effort on setting up rather large "Good Player" bases with a multitude of doors, traps, spawning heros ect which went a long way towards making up for the weak AI on the computer players.

I was playing one particularly difficult and complex map by created by someone named WhyNot.
Mythologica was the maps name, and while playing I had an idea for a different type of map.

Having never made a map for DK2 before I figured reading the posts here on Keeper Klan would be a good place to learn the basics.
I must thank all Keeper Klan members for the help and hints they've posted because it really help me understand the basics of good map building.

I've spent some time developing and creating a map and setting up the basics of what I want to do.
Testing then making changes and tweeks ect as I go along to make sure there are no glaring errors.
Everything seemed to be going fine.
I'd managed to work out how to do most of the things I wanted so far and I've even got all 4 AI's to build dungeons with all rooms without having to give
them starting rooms such as Lairs or Treasurys ect.

Last night I ran into a problem that I have no idea on how to correct.

The map is far from finished but it loads fine through the skirmish screen. I've played it for over an hour without crashes or glitches.
The problem occurs when I save the game. I'd played a game for around 45 minutes and decided to save it because I had to do something else on the PC.
When I tried to load the saved game later, I crashed out to my Windows desktop.

I've tried starting new games using the same map and saving them a number of times with the same result.
I can resume playing after saving without a problem.
If I play a game, then save, then try to reload the saved game I get booted out to Windows.
If I try to load the saved game from the "Single Player" screen, it changes to the loading page, the loading bar on the lower left reaches full load then I get a black screen and a message that DK2 has crashed and back to Windows I go.

I've saved the game about 60 seconds after it starts and I can load that save game without problems.

I then tried saving a game about 5 minutes after starting. This saved game crashes me back to Windows when loaded.
The only actions performed on the 5 min game were to use an imp to dig about 8 squares of rock, destroy 2 wooden doors belonging to the "Good Player" and claim 3 squares belonging to the "Good Player".

I was hoping someone might have an idea what is causing this problem and could point me in the right direction.



I think I've found the answer.

The problem seems to be caused by using the "Change Room Owner At [xx, xx] " action.
I've tested this by adding the above action at various points in the game and in each case, when the "Change Owner Action" is performed, games saved after the action is performed become un-loadable.
I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or is it something unique to my system or the way I use that action ?

Suggestions would be appreciated.