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Yang Liu
September 14th, 2011, 08:00
So i've followed DL's guide to make the official editor work with Keeper FX. only problem i have so far is it will crash on every map with the file extension .adi (which includes a LOT of campaign packs). I also found that changing the .adi extension to .flg makes it work just fine. Is there a fix for this? changing every file extension name manually is a loyal pain in the rear!

September 14th, 2011, 11:10
.adi files are only used by ADiKtED, so I'm surprised they have any effect on anything else. I suppose maybe the Official Map Editor needs to have .flg files for some reason, although I don't understand how it accepts renamed .adi files, since they're very different.

Try putting blank map00xxx.flg files there and see if that works. Alternatively, try deleting the .adi files. I don't think they have any effect on the game itself - only on ADiKtED.

September 14th, 2011, 16:29
Strange. .ADI files are reserved for Adikted level editor. This file is ignored by the game and the official level editor so, I don't understand why a crash would occur. It's even more weird if you're saying that renaming the file to .FLG corrects that, but I really don't think it's the solution so, don't bother renaming the file extensions.

Here are the possibilities why the editor crashes:
- You didn't install the level editor properly.
- Some required files of a level are missing.
- .LIF files and .LOF files are sharing the same level numbers.

Yang Liu
September 16th, 2011, 20:19
hum, i've did some poking and this happens fairly consistently: any map with .ADI will cause editor.exe to crash. Deleting it fixes SOME levels, but others keep crashing. Renaming the ADI files also do not solve all problems (for example, the japanese map pack all has .ADI files, but after renaming the first 3 maps make editor function properly, the rest of them still consistently crash the editor)

I also tried to use Editor.exe in my original DK1 installation, same problem.

I have also made sure to check all the files are there (went through all the crashing levels maps manually -_____-) and the .LIF file and .LOF files are not in conflict (i clean the folder out every time i play with a batch of maps)

this is a kind of off-topic but just recently, keeperFX starts to crash itself in normal campaigns. I went through 2 times before without a single crash, now it crashes (and bugs) very often (i didn't modify any of the maps for the normal campaigns, only some temple recipes in the rules file) :(

a new and very annoying bug: when mistresses are lvl 9, if you use a increase level special box while they're going towards the training room (not there yet but has the training bubble), they'll reach lvl 10 and continue to the training room, and once there, the game crashes that instance without giving any error reports. I assume it happens with every other creature that reaches lvl10 by the box, but the only confirmed ones i've seen are mistresses, knight and orcs. :( (i don't think this happens all the time, or on all maps, i don't know the reason, but it happens often enough to set me back hours of gameplay several times)

September 19th, 2011, 02:52
Just wondering: I hope you didn't use the KeeperFX data files to share with the level editor. I clearly specified to use the original game data files into a separate folder since the editor isn't really compatible with modified or deleted KeeperFX stuff. If KeeperFX crashes, check about the generated .LOG file. If there's nothing much specified, try the Debug version. Ensure that you're using the latest version.

I just uploaded the first Ancient Keeper campaign map into the level editor folder, deleted the MAP00001.LIF file which comes along with the level files (since it's already used in a .LOF file) and I got no crash at all even with the presence of .ADI file. I also uploaded the first Japanese map pack into the level editor folder and this time, I didn't deleted the .LIF file since there's no other level using the level number 203, still no crash in the editor, again with the presence of the .ADI file.

The crash can't be caused by the .ADI file 'cause the official level editor ignores that file. It's caused by something else.

I repeat the possibilities:
- You didn't install the level editor properly: Ensure that you followed my instructions correctly.
- Some required files of a level are missing: A level is generally composed of .APT, .CLM, .DAT, .FLG, .INF, .LGT, .OWN, .SLB, .TNG, .TXT, .WIB and .WLB files. The rest isn't necessary.
- .LIF files and .LOF files are sharing the same level numbers: This one is important to check. If at least ONE level (even a level you're not editing) share a level number along with another .LIF or .LOF file, the editor may result to a crash. Here's a tip that's gonna help you know if the editor may crash: there's no sound playing when, for example, you click on a button. If it's the case, quit the editor asap and correct the situation. Once you can hear sound, you know that the editor won't crash.