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September 24th, 2011, 04:04
Keeper !!

The battle is over.

Your forces have been decimated.
Your dungeon is in ruins.

King Reginald has learned after many battles with your forces that you seem to magicaly reappear in another part of the underworld kingdom each time your dungeon heart is destroyed.

He will not make the same mistake again !

This time he has ordered his subjects to build a stone fortress around your dungeon heart and guard it with ther lives so you can never cause him trouble again.

Oh how the mighty have fallen........

All is lost......

But wait .....
Whats this ?...

It seems one loyal imp has somehow survived the slaughter.

By some stroke of good fortune a section of tunnel collapsed and during the cave in your imp was knocked unconcious.....

Maybe there is still a slim chance you can triumph...

If only your imp can find its way to saftey and recruit some neutral creatures to help your cause.

It would seem your future ( if there is to be one ) now lays the hands of 1 lowly Imp.


This is a map I've been working on for some time.
It has undergone many changes in its basic map design and is still in the development stage but plays reasonably well and takes a few hours to complete.

I've set it up for 4 AI's and it loads via the "Skirmish" screen in DK2 rather than using a "short cut" at present for easy testing.

All 4 AI's will eventually build dungeons containing all rooms and although they are dumb as mud, they can still be a major pain if they find a way into your area as they tend to attack en mass.

The map has 1 small glitch and I was wondering if those of you who have also created maps might be able to point out what is causing the glitch and how to correct it.

The problem happens randomly in the first 20 min or so of the game.
For some reason you get a warning "Your creatures are rebelling" and your creatures defect to the hero side which meens you have to try and kill them, imprison them and then convert them again in your torture chamber.
This can be a real problem if you only have a couple of imps and 1 lvl 3 dwarf left under your control.
The reason you need to re-capture them is that "YOU" dont control any portals, hence the title of the map.

I've tried to work this glitch into the game scenario but the AI creatures also rebel so that meens they lose up to 70% of their trained units as the default setting is that 70% of rebelling creatures leave the dungeon and that meens they have to waste time retraining.
I know I could set the leaving percentage to 0% but that still leaves the questions why its happening and how to fix it ;)
The funny thing is I never set creatures to rebel as I have no idea how to do that !! It just suddenly started happening and I'd really like to know what I did to cause it because I have an idea for another map and would like to be able to use it at a specified time.

As I said at the start of this post, the map is still in development and I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions on how to correct the glitch and on how the map might be improved.


October 29th, 2012, 00:57
i tried to play this map as soon as i go from the lobby to load screen my game crashed.any ideas?

March 6th, 2020, 11:32
A map with a great start but not a very interesting continuation. Since the royal guards patrol the fortress by force equal to the dark angels, therefore, after capturing the fortress, the player becomes too strong and can easily cope with AI.

The map did not start because the author changed the name with an error, fixed through Hex editor. Also added a trigger for the victory, which was absent: