View Full Version : Custom map multiplayer problem.

October 6th, 2011, 22:03

About a week ago I decided to install DKII again, to play some games with my brother. I made a map to play over LAN, and it seems
to work fine in singeplayer mode, and in multiplayer when I add 3 computer players.

Now here's my problem: As soon as we try the map over LAN, the game starts for 2 seconds, then immediately goes back to "mission debriefing".
We have been trying to solve this problem for some time now.

Things we have tried:

-both of us tried the map in single/multiplayer mode with only AI added. works fine.
-checked the box for multiplayer/skirmish in the map editor.
-added/removed AI in the editor.
-added lose conditions, but apparently the manual states these are not needed for skirmish multiplayer maps, so I removed them again.
-double-checked starting conditions (gold/imps etc.)
-removed triggers to see if it made any difference.

We had no problems playing other maps in multiplayer. So we tried to modify a different map (only changed one tile) and we were back to the same
problem again, facing the "mission debriefing" screen instantly. Also, the screen flickers when loading, we get to see the dungeon heart for 2 seconds.

On a sidenote, when playing WITH AI, we get NO statistics on the debriefing screen. When playing WITHOUT AI, we get statistics for all 4 players.

Also tried searching on the internet, reading manuals and searching these forums.

Does anyone know what it is we're doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


P.S. Both of us are on windows XP, with DKII V1.7, using the original editor at first, then tried the "pro editor".

Here is the map if anyone wants to take a look: