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October 10th, 2009, 08:28
Name: Aeger
Creature type: Goblin
Gender: Male
Age: Adolescent
Personality: Calm and hard to anger, but once he does, he lashes out on those close to him.
Current level: 1
Strengths: Quick thinker, cheerer-upper
Weakness: Coward, small body, lazy
Loves/likes: watching trolls in the workshop, poking the bile demons and running away
Hates/dislikes: anything wet, being alone, light
Other things: He has robust sweat glands, annoying those around him with his odors.
Realm: Frozenguard
Biography: Aeger is from a long line of Goblins that have all dedicated their life to naming shadows in a cave. Aeger is the first to have left the cave and misshapped into the portal. His parents taught him the value of a good story and that the best fun is the kind you can share with your friends. Aeger does not care as much for materlialistic things, but he has grown keen to poking things with his knife fashioned from the bones of his grand father. He even has a matching belt.

Level 1: physical attack
Level 5: poison
Level 7: speed self

(poison is applied to blade)

Expect to see some cowardly heroism in the realm of the Frozengard Wastelands!