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March 29th, 2012, 23:28
AWAKENING SUGGESTION THREAD! (Sorry, MGR. Stole your thunder XD, and if you want any of it changed, PM me.)

This is a thread about, Surprise!, suggestions. Please feel free to post any suggestions here, but keep them in a certain way, such as the example below.

Suggestion Name: Self explanatory
Suggestion type: Creature? Spell? Event? Other?
Explain Suggestion: Self explanatory.
Reason for suggesting said suggestion: Self explanatory.

Here is my suggestion:

Suggestion Name: Final Recruits
Suggestion type: Creature
Explain Suggestion: This suggestion is to rap up the remaining creatures (Dark Angel, Maiden, Reaper) and get them ready for RPing.

Dark Angel:

Requirements: Five by Five Temple, along with a five by five Combat Pit.

Maiden of the Nest:

Level 1: Melee
Level 2: Web
Level 4: Freeze
Level 6: Ice Shard
Level 10: Word of Power
Level 2E: Fear

Requirements: Five by Five temple, with a Four by Four Library and Three by Three Scavenger Room.

:horny: REAPER :horny:

Level 1: Melee
Level 3: Fireball
Level 6: Haste
Level 8: Slow

Specials: Psychopathic Anti-Social, ONLY USABLE BY KEEPERS!!!!(!!!), Strongest creature recruit-able, Must be kept occupied

Requirements: Certain temple combination (Must be researched to be found out) (PMing MGR with combo)

Reason for suggesting said suggestion: To finish up polishing the other creatures and getting them ready for RPing

Metal Gear Rex
March 30th, 2012, 00:28
Link (http://keeperklan.com/threads/819-RPG-Suggestion-Thread)

Those three Creatures need their own thread though. It's likely to have a fairly large discussion unless I'm spot on with my own ideas. This is something I'm already preparing so there's no need to make an additional thread about it.

Being as this is technically a duplicate thread and anything in the thread currently will be generally moved to another topic soon to be created, I'll be locking this topic now.