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August 10th, 2012, 20:10
Crazy Beserker of the Demon Spawn


Name: Keeyai (pronounced Key-eye)
Creature type: Demon Spawn
Gender : Male
Age: 24
Personality: Keeyai isn't overly social with other creatures, as he doesn't feel like they understand him. He is extremely loyal to his Keeper, and as long as the Keeper deserves his loyalty, he will stay until the very end. He dislikes some dungeon-dwellers, but the only ones he refuses to even share a room with are Hellhounds. He is trustful of other Demon Spawn, though. Keeyai is a bit odd in the head, read the biography for a bit more of an explanation.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Current level: 2.5
Gold in pocket: 0
Strengths: Keeyai is a great melee fighter, as he's agile and has jaws like a pitbull. Once he's got you, he's not letting go easily.
Weaknesses: He's not a very fast runner, due to his short legs. He can get very focused on an enemy and do something stupid just to kill them. Keeyai holds grudges for a very long time.
Likes: Keeyai loves fighting and leveling up, so that he can be strong enough to face whatever comes
Dislikes: Keeyai hates being held back from a fight, but he often understands why and doesn't complain. He can't stand Hellhounds
Abilities: Attack (Gained at level 1) Locked: Fireball(level 4), Heal Self (level 7), Protect Self (level 10)
Most Powerful Foe Slain: -
Body Count: -
Other things: When his health goes down to about 40%, he gets really angry, or when he gets really caught up in a battle, Keeyai enters this kind of 'frenzy state'. His eyes grow wide and alert, and change from their usual purple into a wild yellow. He moves faster in this state but often badly judges the situation. In the frenzy state, he has a hard time telling friend from foe, so if you accidently step on him (which is incredibly easy to do), he might just turn on you.
Realm: Red Crystal Islands

Biography: Keeyai has only had one Keeper before. That was Keeper Svekla, in a realm so far away that no one knows about it. He fought for his Keeper well for several years and made many friends, leveling all the way up to level 8. His best friend, though, was another Demon Spawn, named Kelaria. When she became a dragon Keeyai was happy for her, but also somewhat jealous. She helped him get closer to his goal of becoming an elite dragon. He would have achieved it...
...if a massive group of heroes hadn't sprung a surprise attack. There was no warning. One moment, it was calm, and the next was filled with blood and chaos. That was the final battle. His beloved Kelaria fell, as well as the Dungeon Keeper Svekla. He was the only survivor of that horrible battle. His heart broken and his life in tatters, all he had left of Kelaria was her massive skull. Keeyai keeps Kelaria's skull with him at all times and uses it to store his gold and other treasures. Every night, right before he goes to sleep, he sings a lullaby to the skull of Kelaria.