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November 13th, 2012, 15:36
Creature Profile

Name: Sidara ''The Loved''
Creature Type: Dark Knight
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Personality: Mysterious, patient
Alignment: Neutral Good
Current Level: 1
Gold on Pocket: 0
Strengths: Powerful Melee Attacks
Weaknesses: Magic Attacks
Likes: Training, Battles
Dislikes: Reading
Level 1: Attack
Level 4: Rebound
Level 7: Protect Self
Most Powerful Foe Slain: -
Body Count: -
Other Things: Sometimes she gets pain in her left leg
Realm: Northland Iceland

When she was younger, Sidara worked for a Lord who owned a small village. He was greedy and corrupt, taking whatever he could from the people. As apart of her contract with the Lord, he was not to bother her family in exchange for her services. However, one day, he betrayed her and broke that contract when he ordered her to collect her family's money. She refused, and he considered her disobedience to be a sign of treason, then ordered her to be executed.

Sidara ran, and the Lord hunted her down with his Archers. She barely managed to escape with only an arrow to her left leg, crippling her. Since he could not find her, the Lord ordered her family to be executed in her stead and then stole everything they had. Sidara had no choice but to flee far away from that place, searching for a new place to work. Even now, her left leg occasionally stings with the pain of the arrow fired into her that fateful day. The pain was a reminder of Sidara's thirst for vengeance.