View Full Version : Multiplayer "Sector" Maps

Keeper Decagon
December 20th, 2012, 15:32
I've recently made a set of maps which I named the "Sector" maps. They can be played in skirmish and multiplayer modes. Any feedback is welcome.
Here is an overview:

Map 1 - "Bisector"

Two keeper face off for the control of this strangely circular realm; heroes also have been spotted, but do not pose a great threat.

Map 2 - "Trisector"

Another realm with a geometric shape, three keepers have proclaimed themselves rulers of this land. There can be only one victor. Heroes patrol the region too, and seemingly guard the central gold deposit.

Map 3 - "Quadrisector"

Four keepers battle for control of this realm. Heroes have a decisive hold on this land, and try their best to keep it from evil's grasp.

Map 4 - "Pentasector"

This time five opponents face each other, only to be separated by rock and heroes. The sectors have become small; don't become hasty with an early assault. The heroes will destroy your heart quicker than you can say "micro-piglet".

Download it here: 1102