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December 30th, 2012, 23:49
Name: Thinneus
Creature type: Human Rogue
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Personality: Tricky, a bit manipulative, independent, greedy, cocky about his strengths,
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Current level: 1
Strengths: Good charisma, agile, stealthy, sometimes very lucky. Can disarm traps. Uses a dagger for assassination, sword and offhand swordbreaker for combat. Knows how to throw/drink/apply potions if instructed but cannot make them. Can identify magical reagents for potion-making given instructions.
Weakness: Clever but not smart, no magical talent, capable of direct fighting but not great at it, gets in over his head, sometimes very unlucky
Loves/likes: Money, women, money, stealing, money, pulling off a great heist, money.
Hates/dislikes: People better looking than him, not being paid, fighting directly,
Level 1: Arrow
Levels 2 & Up: None planned
Most Powerful Foe Slain: ire piglet
Body Count: 1
Other things:
Realm: Northland
Thinneus grew up in a school for orphans, but turned to thieving at a young age. But the rest of his past is currently a mystery.

(Looks like the guy on the right)

December 30th, 2012, 23:53
Name: Maion
Creature type: Human Warlock (Alchemist)
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Personality: Bookworm, studious, go-with-the-flow, leave the studying to me and you take care of the physical stuff
Alignment: lawful neutral
Current level: 1
Strengths: Makes potions, can temporarily boost his potions right before using them
Weakness: No combat skills, and not effective in combat even as a spellcaster. In theory he can do a fair amount of damage with his potions, given training. But as of now he's worthless in a fight. Hates leaving his research areas. More interested in theory than practicality.
Loves/likes: Knowledge, magic, learning, getting new ingredients
Hates/dislikes: Doing anything physical, mornings
Abilities: Researcher, knowledge of poisons. Will learn various spells that he cannot cast but can make as potions
Level 1: Potion creation and alchemical manipulation
Level 2 & UP: None planned
Most Powerful Foe Slain: n/a
Body Count: 0
Other things:
Realm: Northland
He studied extensively under tutors provided by his wealthy family. The rest of his past has yet to be established.


January 18th, 2013, 05:27
Name: Suzuka the Dragon Blade
Creature type: Human Dragonborn Samurai
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Personality: Very concerned with honor and duty, uptight, loaded with guilt, aggressive
Alignment: Lawful goodish
Current level: 1
Strengths: Excellent swordswoman and decent caster. Good at training and worship.
Weakness: Nearly suicidal, obsessed with honor, serving evil despite being good. No sense of self-preservation. Usually refuses to take advantage of others' weaknesses with the excpetion of them not being as good a fighter as she is.
Loves/likes: Honor
Hates/dislikes: Those without honor, herself
1: Whirlwind spell
2: Self Heal
4: Lightning Spell
6: Speed
8: Sight
9: Freeze Spell

Most Powerful Foe Slain: n/a
Body Count: 0
Other things: She's human by all appearances, and for almost everything that counts. Her dragon nature is a recessive trait that is rarely expressed. Salamanders, demon spawn, and dragons will be able to tell she's half dragon.
Realm: Northland Iceland