View Full Version : Mood System?

Metal Gear Rex
January 3rd, 2013, 16:16
Does anyone have any sort of idea on what kind of Mood System DKII uses? Like how it actually uses the annoyance values. I'm trying to figure it out but it seems pretty screwed up.

All Creatures have a universal Mood Unhappy Threshold of 50. The Bile Demon, for example, has 150 as an "Anger (No Lair)" and "Anger (No Food)" value. According to the DKII Guide, the annoyance every second is .46. Dividing 150 by .46, I end up with 326.08695... it just goes on and on.

However, the Bile Demon also has annoyance No Pay/No Work values of 60/50 respectively. According to the guide, that's .18/.15 annoyance per second. When dividing as before, I end up with an infinite loop of 3s, starting from 333.

Does anyone have any idea on what DKII does to the inputted annoyance values? It looks like it divides them by some absurd number equal to 333 or something but... I cannot tell. Perhaps the guide is wrong somewhere? (well I'm fairly sure it's wrong somewhere considering it just contradicted itself as shown above, but I'm also sure it's right elsewhere)

Looking at some other values, I think DKII may end up dividing the annoyance value by 328 before applying it per second, strangely enough. According to the guide, a creature gains 50 pleasure from being the Combat Pit Victor. The "Modify Anger of Combat Pit Victor" value in the Level Variables is set to -16400, which, when divided by 50, is equal to 328.

Dividing 150 by 328 is 0.4573... well it rounds up to 0.46 like the guide says. Doing the same to 60 and 50 provides values like ~0.182 and ~0.152 which both can be rounded down to make the Guide info accurate.

Does this all seem accurate enough?