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January 9th, 2013, 22:07
Hello everyone,

This is my first map made for DK 2.
I hope you will enjoy playing this.
Please feel free to comment.


The Kessler Cabal (skirmish/multiplayer v1.7)

Behold, keeper !
Keeper Bahamut rules this land and has allied himself with the good heroes.
He is a most cunning adversary and has taken a valuable hostage.
Kessler Van Doom is overlord of a conspiratorial group of plotting vampires, the Kessler Cabal.
But he is being held captive in one of Bahamut’s prisons.
Free the overlord and defeat the infamous Bahamut with his help.

Beware, only vampires will join the ranks of your glorious army.
You will undoubtedly find some feeble heroes who will serve as fodder for your graveyard. Word has spread that monks are hiding in a monastery to the north.
Those cowards have paid some mercenary fighters to their aid.

Now go forward and crush your adversaries, keeper.


March 5th, 2020, 18:47
Simple but pretty map without triggers. Difficulty: easy. There is no portal, you will have to destroy the enemy by reviving vampires from the heroes standing in the way of the enemy.
It is necessary to remove the Horny spell from the player.