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February 10th, 2013, 14:01
Ok, what levels/campaigns that you have played would you say are truly among the best levels in Dungeon Keeper?


Vanilla campaign (Good start that all Keepers have played)
Ancient Keeper (Challenging, fun, and unique. Not only did you have to be good with your economy and minions, but you also had to have your wits about you, especially in the later levels. Only Sloth kept it from being the best campaign out there)
Burdened Imp (Well designed levels that can keep a player going for hours on end, especially as there were few, if any, cheap shortcuts around levels. Oh no, you were in for the long haul of a fight)
Japanese Dungeon Keeper Campaign (For its sins and graces, many of the levels, especially the second last one, could have fit in to Ancient Keeper with several tweaks)

Benetzaron (From Deeper Dungeons). A fun level that kept you on your toes. Basically a much saner version of Batezek
Dixaroc (From Deeper Dungeons). A well-designed level that obviously took cues from Ancient Keeper. Though I never understood why it wanted to kill off the Giants with the Boulder traps.
Entomology (From Ancient Keeper). A brilliantly designed realm that allowed for multiple solutions. Thankfully, the Yellow Keeper wasn't aggressive otherwise it would be having you for lunch.
Huge Army (From Japanese Dungeon Keeper). Easily the best level of that campaign, where you not only had to have minions, but strategy and guile were must-haves for that realm.
ETA: Kanasko (From Deeper Dungeons) Like Benetzaron, a fun level that kept you on your toes.

February 10th, 2013, 17:53
My favorite campaign is the hero one and my favorite level is Warlock Slave, of the hero campaign, because the start is a bit challenging, like dixaroc.