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February 22nd, 2013, 03:21
Hi guys,

I just found this site and I´m very happy to have found an active forum for this game. I´ve been looking everywhere on the internet for a solution to my problem but I couldn´t find one so now I´m hoping the Grandmasters here can help ;)!

I´ve installed this game on about 5 computers since it came out. Every time it worked perfectly, no black screens, barely any crashes, and no graphical glitches. Now the urge has risen again, and once again it´s running very smoothly.

Except that the cheats won´t work. Which is strange, since all the other times they always worked. I know exactly how to input them, and I hear the ´door´sound, but when I enter the cheat, nothing happens.
I´ve searched the internet high and low, tried every available version with every available patch, but nothing works. I believe it might have something to do with my operating system, as this one is the first with 64-bit (windows 7). The last one was windows 7 32-bit, and they worked back then.

So if anyone has any idea why the cheats aren´t working this time around, any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS: Please don´t bash on me for using cheats. I just like to play the campaign every once in a while :).

Metal Gear Rex
February 22nd, 2013, 03:24
You should hear another door sound when you either properly enter a cheat, or you fail. When do you hear the next sound? During your typing or after you finish? If the former, you're probably not typing it in correctly.

February 22nd, 2013, 03:34
First of all, thanks for the quick reply!!!

I´ve gotten them to work before, so I know how to type them. I´ve never noticed the ´door´sound again when the cheat finished, even if the cheat worked. But I just started up the game to check and I´m not hearing the second ´door´sound at all. Is it possible the game doesn´t register some of my key strokes? I´m not experiencing any lag while playing a map (only in the menu).