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March 1st, 2013, 20:05
Ok, here's some drink-related fun for Dungeon Keeper. Magner's is preferable for this game because I want Keepers to stay alive (Or Sambuca if you think you have the fortitude of an :avatar:).


1 sip/shot if:
- A :lord: gates in
- Tunneller gates in and starts digging towards you
- a :horny: gets angry
- The mentor says something
- A creature is scavenged
2 sips/shots if:
- Minions start fighting each other
- You come across a dungeon special
- Torture reveals information about the enemy base
- an unconscious rival minion dies on the way to the prison
3 sips/shots if:
- You come across a Multiply Creatures special.
- You imprison an :avatar: or a :horny:
- hero party gates in and causes trouble.
- A vampire rises from your graveyard
finish your drink if:
- you find a neutral hero/:horny:
- An enemy keeper has a hero/:horny:
- Armageddon is cast.

Any more ideas?

April 21st, 2013, 06:46
Heres a classic. Get a full bottle and drink it upon victory!:D