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Metal Gear Rex
May 5th, 2013, 16:14
This is an Applications Thread for the Awakening Test Realms, as the name of the thread would suggestion.

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Applications are needed for every test performed.
They define for all Role Players and Player Characters that will participate in a particular test, a permission to post essentially. Every time a new test is needed to be done and under normal circumstances, it will be posted here, first.

This post will detail not only exactly what is being tested, but why it is being tested and how.
The how describes the kind of scenario, which is usually a battle, that will be created for the test. It will list enemy unit types and their general abilities, if not their specific abilities. It will also list what kind of player units are needed for testing.

Once this is done, then roleplayers are allowed to post their applications.
Applications will not be directly listing which RPer will be participating or desires to participate in a test realm, as that information will already be given away by the user posting. Instead, applications will include which characters the RPer will be using in order to perform such tests. The application will essentially be a full profile being sent for approval as is necessary for allowing that character to join in the normal Awakening, with the obvious main difference being that it is handled publicly. RPers can use numerous characters rather than just one. The amount of characters needed will be listed.

Applications for characters must be existing Creatures in the Awakening.
This is to make sure that RPers are using a character they're familiar with roleplaying. Characters will recieve a revised spell set in order to make it appropriate for the test being performed. Any necessary or forbidden abilities will be listed. It is possible for a character to have a revised ability or feat beyond the spell set but quite unlikely and definitely unpreferable, for similar reasons as to why character applications must exist in the Awakening. It can complicate things beyond what is necessary otherwise. The only likely exception to this would be if a roleplayer participating lacks an appropriate character for a certain role and no one else is eligible and/or desiring to participate for that role.

Balance is necessary.
Remember the reasons why a test is being performed. It is to ensure balance of a certain ability, or to point out the flaws of an ability to see what needs changing to correct it. If a character is imbalanced, it does little to help create accurate results in a test of balance. I will reject any applications for a character I find to be imbalanced.

There are two main rules for what define an Role Player as being eligible to post an application.
The first rule is that they must have good experience with Awakening battles, and I must be convinced of that experience. Battles can be chaotic, especially larger ones, and thus they can get messy at times. This usually happens due to the error of an RPer. For that reason, I must be sure that an RPer can handle a test battle. If too many mistakes occur in a test, it can convolute the results and force me to perform a much higher level of analysis that shouldn't be necessary and can also increase the possibility of error.

The second rule is that I must be convinced an RPer will remain active during the whole testing period. The reasons for this are quite self-explanatory.

After the applications are taken care of, the Test Thread will open along with its OOC thread.
This thread will receive a post to acknowledge that, along with a link to the two newly opened threads, which will be useful in the future for any user browsing this thread and lacking the proper context of a timeline of events.

This thread will then have no use once the test threads are opened until the next test is needed to be performed, where the process repeats.