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Metal Gear Rex
May 5th, 2013, 16:16
The procedure for Test Realms is fairly simple in terms of understanding.

First, a post occurs in the Applications Thread (http://keeperklan.com/threads/3062-Test-Realm-Applications) notifying users of a test that needs to be performed for a particular ability.

Afterwards, RPers then reply in the Applications Thread to post their Character Applications.

Once Applications are taken care of, two new threads appear and a post in the Applications Thead occurs to acknowledge this and link to the new threads. The Applications Thread explains these first three steps in full detail.
The first of the new threads is the Test Realm itself, used for testing the previously mentioned ability. The first post will explain all information necessary to know before the Testing begins. Only those who applied and received approval by the Game Master can participate in this thread.
The second thread is an OOC Discussion thread for the individual Test Realm. Anyone can post in this thread so long as they have something relevant to say.

The OOC Discussion thread will be used whenever necessary throughout the testing period, which may involve very frequent usage or no usage at all. However, after the testing period is done with, a discussion period must followup in the OOC thread. When the testing period is done, the Test Realm thread will be closed, but the OOC thread will forever remain open.

After the discussion period ends, the Game Master will decide upon a verdict. This will be the final judgement to any ability as to what will be done with it, whether it becomes a Player ability, a High Power ability, Enemy Only ability, or not used at all. This judgement will always remain up to the Game Master unless the Game Master says otherwise for any given reason.

To keep things simple, only one Test is allowed to occur at any time.

If there is reason to believe that the test did not provide accurate results, it will be redone, either in the same or different circumstances, whichever method that better solves the problem as to why the previous test did not provide accurate results.

If there are any questions on anything, point them to the Central Test Discussion Thread (http://keeperklan.com/threads/3065-Central-Test-Discussion).