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June 6th, 2013, 20:00
Ok, I'm surrounded by 3 Keepers, and am grossly outnumbered. However, if I try and reclaim my library, I get wiped out, and I have little, if any, time to fortify myself from the invading armies.

What do I do?

Duke Ragereaver
June 23rd, 2013, 20:08
I'm sorry for the late response, but it's still applicable I will give you a starting tip from what I can remember.

Dig straight for portal the through the left and while doing so you can fortify yourself in rather easily from the Green Keeper (2nd strongest) and Yellow Keeper (strongest) while at the same time building a dungeon. While doing all of this, you probbaly will not be able to out-race the Blue Keeper before he attempts to attack, sometimes he will bridge and at other times he will instead summon a Call to Arms flag. If he does the former, you're in for a rather challenging fight, if he's doing the latter you're in luck since his creatures have to walk quite a bit to reach your main dungeon. But once you reclaim the library and dispatch the Blue Keeper it will become much easier.

Another tip: look around for specials!

Good luck!

June 23rd, 2013, 20:16
What I did was:

- fortify the Greens and yellows off, and walled off the blues from the gems. In the interim, I trained my army for an attack on the Blues. Afterward, I researched prison from the Blue library and converted the warlock and his minions, before moving on to the Greens and then the Yellows.