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Duke Ragereaver
August 30th, 2009, 09:55
In this sub-forum section you can and must post your creature/character and RPG profile down. Remember, your creature HAS to be approved by Metal Gear Rex (http://keeperklan.com/members/153-Metal-Gear-Rex) first in order to enter the RPG and to add it to your RPG profile. Here is blanco(with explanation) and a filled in profile.

Creature Profile (blanco)

Name: Should speak for itself, perhaps adding a nickname aswel shoudn't hurt.
Creature type: should speak for itself too, cheak in the Creature List (http://keeperklan.com/threads/44-Creature-amp-Hero-List) thread what creatures are available.
Gender : Male or female.
Age: Obviously..
Personality: Decisions, actions, and interaction with other creatures should always or stay close to his and be effected by his personality.
Alignment: An expansion to the personality, see this article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alignment_(Dungeons_&_Dragons)) for the whole thing
Current level: What level is your currently on.
Gold on pocket: How much gold your creature has on him.
Strengths: What are your creature's strong points?
Weaknesses: What are your creature's weak points/flaws?
Likes: Has your creature a liking for something?
Dislikes: The opposite of the previous, what does your creature in low-regard?
Abilities: What abilities and/or spell does your creature posses? See the Creature Spell list (http://keeperklan.com/threads/43-Creature-Spells-amp-Abilities) for choices.
Most Powerful Foe Slain: The most powerful enemy slain at this point by the Creature, starts off empty.
Body Count: The various types and amount of enemies slain at this point by the Creature, starts off empty.
Other things: Any other information your creature set's apart from a 'normal' one.
Realm: In which realm your creature is going to be active. To see the current choices, look at the Heavenarius (http://keeperklan.com/forums/28-Heavenarius) sub forum.
Biography: Has your creature a tragic past? Is he a veteran from other Dungeons? Use your creativity and imagination.

Right! Let's fill it in now!

Creature Profile (filled in)

Name: Bob ''the Whacko''
Creature type: Warlock
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Personality: Vengeful, patient
Alignment: Neutral evil
Current level: 1
Gold on pocket: 0
Strengths: Wide array of magical knowledge and spells
Weaknesses: Very fragile if forced into close combat
Likes: Researching
Dislikes: Loudness while researching, and holds contempt to non-human creatures.
Level 1: Attack
Level 2: Fireball
Level 4: Heal
Level 7: Meteor
Level 8: Rebound
Level 10: Word-of-Power
Most Powerful Foe Slain: -
Body Count: -
Other things: He walks with a sight limb
Realm: Crystalbarrow

In his younger years he was a talented man, he was destinated to become a highly ranked wizard untill he received an unfortunate accident that claimed one of his legs. Even though it was replaced by a wooden one, the real damage was physiological since he was rejected by the wizard society and his promotion was given to order wizards. On that day Morris swore revenge on the wizards that rejected him and therefore he made a pact with the Dark Gods in help him in his unholy quest.


! Follow these simple guidelines and PM your creature profile to Metal Gear Rex (http://keeperklan.com/members/153-Metal-Gear-Rex). After he approves it, you are allowed to make a topic. But remember, you have a maximum of eight creature slots, should a creature die or become inactive, the creature slot it held will become free.