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Duke Ragereaver
August 30th, 2009, 09:58
Creature Profile

Vaturdo is dead!


Name: Vaturdo
Creature type: Bile Demon
Age: 33 years old in bile demon age
Personality: Usually obedient and loyal if provided with enough food
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Current level: 2
Gold on pocket: 0
Strengths: Fairly strong melee fighter, immune for gas
Weakness: Slow on movement, slow on regenerating himself after a battle
Likes: Manafacturing and sleeping
Dislikes/hates: Hates Heroes, and has a low opinion of skeletons
Other things: Tends to sleep more then needed. Has an eyepatch covering his left eye now.
Level 1: Attack
Level 2: Gas/poisen cloud missle
Level 4: Fart
Level 9: Protect self
Realm: Crystalbarrow


Vaturdo’s was born in a powerful clan of bile demons that ruled their land with an iron fist, he quickly rose to the rank of a brutal enforcer for the clan, which he exelled at it. With his methods and strength, noone had the guts ever to challenge the might of the clan, untill the Heroes came. With the help of the Heroes the locals stood up to the clan, slaughtering all except for Vaturdo, who swore bloody revenge.

Duke Ragereaver
September 1st, 2009, 10:10

Name: Din ‘Dawndeath’ Eden
Creature type: Warlock
Gender: Male
Age: 71
Personality: Relusive, patient
Alignment: Lawful neutral/evil
Current level: 3
Gold on pocket: 0
Strengths: Wide array of magical knowledge and spells, excellent researcher, cunning
Weakness: Close to worthless when forced into melee, very dependent on his staff
Likes: Researching, praying
Dislikes: Loudness while researching, undead
Level 1: Attack :melee:
Level 2: Fireball :fireball:
Level 3: Heal self :heal:
Level 5: Hailstorm :hailstorm:
Level 7: Invisibility :invisibility:
Level 7: Freeze :freeze:
Level 9: Meteor :meteor:
Level 10: Word-of-Power :word_of_power:
Most Powerful Foe Slain: Archer
Body Count:
1 Archer
Other things: Can mind read, wields a golden ring on his right hand ringfinger
Realm: Frozengard
Din was the only child of a rich merchant couple, thus he was the only heir when they died. Inheriting a massive fortune and even a castle among them! Even at a early age, he was very talanted with magic and quickly became a high ranking member of the Wizard Order. His life was finally perfect when married with a beautiful women named Tasaeta, who gaved a year later birth to a daughter, Celeri.

Things couldn’t get more perfect for Din; he was rich, he was well-liked, he was a senior member of the Wizard Order, but the most important thing to him was that he had a beautiful wife and daughter.

Untill at one day… both his wife and daughter died of a disease…

-Groogo the bile demon (friend and fellow veteran from the War for the Overworld)

Din looks identical to a DK1 warlock, but his robes are black instead.

Duke Ragereaver
November 22nd, 2009, 18:23
The diary containing information of Din's tragic past.

Can be found: Din's Lair
Warning: Din will attack the person who is reading the diary if he's around, regardless of who that person is

Din Eden’s Diary

Diary Extract One

Tonight I look down on the mobs crowding around the Westhaven Village streets and feel a dark, bitter envy. Castle Westhaven is silent. My dear Tasaeta, my cherished Celeri... I miss you both terribly.

Diary Extract Two

I resumed my research today; I can read for an hour at a stretch before that dark cloud descends upon my mind once more. The moments of clarity I have suffice. I think. Perhaps in these papers I can find something that will ease my suffering, and perhaps those of others…

My Tasaeta and Celeri, no words can describe the feelings on how much I miss the both of you…

Diary Extract Three

My research on the Darkt Arts has brought the attention of the Head of the Order on me, the old man pleaded to abandon it, he does not understand it, nor does he want it. From now on, I will carry on my research all by my self in secrecy.

Diary Extract Four

I have been caught by my colleagues, many wizards that studied the Dark Arts were usually punished by exile, at best. Fortunately, having a position of a senior member I have managed to shake them off me, for a pricecard. I responded to my treacherous colleagues by assasinating the Head of our Order.

My beloved Tasaeta and Celeri still visit me whenever I close my eyes but last night my dreams were unlike anything that have haunted me before. The Head appeared right in front of me, and burned something in my eyes, from that moment I was gifted with the ability of Mind Reading!

Meanwhile, news has come in a Dungeon Keeper only known by the name of Malice has entered the Overworld and is making large gains, including in our direction…

Diary Extract Five

I do not understand how things got this bad, I find myself now in the employ of Keeper Malice himself, fortunately I was always stationed behind the front lines. And to this opportunity, and greatest displeasure – Tasaeta, please forgive me- I took our my research in practice on prisoners. They gaved me the name 'Dawndeath because they knew when I was around they woudn't last the night. While I learned a great deal from it, I was more occupied with wondering if Celeri would ever look into my eyes and forgive me if she learned the truth…

Diary Extract Six

Keeper Malice had suddenly dissapeared. And the Heroes launched a large counter attack, causing confusion among the not-yet-deserted ranks. I’m feeling my time is coming to an end soon… My dear Tasaeta and my beloved Celeri... stay with me... please..

Diary Extract Seven

I think the Angels stood by my side, for I have survived the onslaught. Yet I cannot turn back now, not while I am this far! But I cannot stay here either, for my acts, I have been sentenced to death, they are looking for me at this very moment. I do not get them wrong, but neither will I turn myself in, atleast not before I brought my beloved wife and daughter back.

Someone is knocking on my door of my room of the tavern I’m in… I can hear people talking and drawing weapons… they are coming! I have to get out of this place!

Duke Ragereaver
April 7th, 2010, 07:42

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Creature Profile

Name: Lucien
Creature type: Black Knight :lord:
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Personality: Serious, calculating, straight to the point, has a twisted sense of honor.
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Current level: 1
Gold on pocket: 0

Powerful melee
Strong armour


No ranged attacks
Can headbutt with other Creatures regarding duty and strategy
Armour slows him down considerable


Honor, duty


Dishonorable Creatures
Creatures he considers to be weak

Level 1: Melee (sword) :melee:
Level 4: Armour :protect:
Level 10: Rebound :rebound:

Most Powerful Foe Slain: Level 4 Dragon
Body Count:
1 Thief
1 Demonspawn
1 Dragon

Other things: Lucien is tall!!!
Realm: Crystalbarrow
Though young, he became an early soldier of the Dark Crusade, Lucien had served countless Keepers in their conquests and campaigns. However, Lucien was had an apparent bad luck streak, the Keepers were always destroyed one way or another, even if victory seemed imminent. Now, he has set foot in the Kingdom of Heavenarius to seek his fortune.

Duke Ragereaver
January 20th, 2012, 15:28
Name: Valimar Fell
Creature type: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: 142
Personality: Introvert, moody, cold, serious
Alignment: Neutral evil
Current level: 2
- Immortal
- Intelligent/good researcher
- Fairly strong offensive fighter
- Rather agile
- Lacks armour
- Lacks early offensive abilities
- Lacks early heal methods
- Does not have the flight ability
- Intelligent Creatures
- Researching
- Stalking
- Warlocks
- Temples/Dark Gods
- Manufacturing/manual labour
- Heroes
- Rogues
Level 1: Attack
Level 3: Tornado
Level 4: Slow
Level 5: Heal
Level 7: Drain
Level 8: Sight
Level 10: Word-of-Power
Most Powerful Foe Slain: -
Body Count: -
Other things: Has a Glasgow grin on his face
Realm: Crystalbarrow
In ages past, Desmond was once a Hero with great abilities who protected the land of Heavenarius from everything that was evil. Although he attained the rank of a noble, he could always be found at the frontlines. In one of these battles he was captured but escaped yet not before getting a Glasgow smile slice through his face, damaging his psyche. He began losing faith in his mission although the final straw was yet to come.

It was in his final mission in Crystalbarrow that he met his demise when fighting an evil Keeper. He decided to sacrifice himself in order to save his subjects, allowing the Keeper to be destroyed. Miraculously, he survived but his subjects or friends never bothered to retrieve his body. Dying, with his last breath, Desmond swore bloody vengeance to all. Thus in essence becoming the very thing he swore to destroy.

When Desmond died, Valimar Fell was born.