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Tyrant Cenobite
April 26th, 2014, 17:13
Hope you enjoy this.


April 26th, 2014, 22:45
Sometimes I got the impression you really were trying to stretch things so you could fill your quota of "10 reasons". Some of the reasons barely have anything to do with DK1 at all.

(* = paraphrased from the article)

6. Born From The Mind Of Peter Molyneux

The entire reason description is just a short history lesson of Peter Molyneux at Bullfrog, and a small paragraph on how DK1 was developed. Neither of them much contain actual reasons about why DK1 is awesome. ("Creating an awesome and innovative game (...) resulted in a successful (awesome) title"*, is circular logic. "Surviving death threats and animosity between colleagues resulted in a successful title"* is a cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.)

It's also not that everything Peter Molyneux created is automatic gold.

(Also, small correction: I'm pretty sure the Bile Demon's name in the code isn't "named after" someone on the team. Unless that person's name was "Fat Fuck", but that seems kind of doubtful. Simon Carter mentioned that the Bile Demon was modeled after that person.)

1. Bastardisation Of The Franchise

(read: "DK Mobile sucks"*)

This is a terrible reason, and that is simply because DK Mobile has nothing to do with the quality of DK1. "X is awesome because it's better than this absolute shit"* isn't a good reason, since 1) you can apply that to many things, and 2) that doesn't mean X is actually good.

In this "reason", DK1 isn't even mentioned until the last line, with the obvious "this doesn't come close to the legacy of DK1"*. That doesn't say anything about how good DK1 is. (Well, it says "it's better than absolute shit", but that's kind of faint praise.)

2. Soulless Sequel

(read: "DK2 sucks"*)

This is a worse than terrible reason. It's just like reason 1 above, except even worse because DK2, unlike DK Mobile, isn't universally reviled. DK2 has a fair amount of fans and people with childhood memories of the game. Contending those people isn't going to help your point.

The rest of the reasons are good and nicely written, though. 7/10

Tyrant Cenobite
April 26th, 2014, 23:21
Thanks for the feedback.

The original article was double in length, but at the command of my editors, I had to chomp it down, at the expense of a lot of content.

I appreciate your disdain with some of the choices, but I do feel it is valid to say that the original Dungeon Keeper is still awesome because the following sequel and mobile reboot fail to surpass it, that definitely warranted mentioning but I do respect your points. :)