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Creature Type: Warlock
Age: Unknown
Personality: Aggressive, cocky and quick to anger, Val'Kaz has a rather terrible power complex.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male
Level: 4.0
Gold on Hand: 0
Gold in Lair: 0
Realm: Unknown
Status: Alive


Studies into necromancy may grant Val'Kaz greater power in the future
Is a competent researcher, particularly on more destructive magics
Has a knack for destruction
Is often cautious in battle, leading to great success without receiving too much damage himself


Val'Kaz has a temper, and so makes few, if any, friends
Due to his cocky nature, any progress he makes on refining his abilities must come from within - he does not take potentially valuable advice
As a warlock, Val'Kaz has zero competency in hand to hand combat


Other people in general

Level 1: Fireball.

Level 2: Invisibility

Level 3: Speed Creature

Level 8: Meteor

Special Traits:
Val'Kaz has a desire to eventually turn himself into a vampire.

Items Carried
Tomes of personal interest, namely those on the subject of Necromancy.

Lair Information
No information is currently known, as Val'Kaz does not reside in any known Dungeon.

Val'Kaz does not have a particularly discernible physical appearance. He wears tattered, blood and filth stained purple robes with no beautifying pattern. He always keeps the hood of the robe above his head, shrouding his ugly and gnarled features, but were he to draw it back, others would be faced with small, beady black eyes. His nose is too small and overly pointed and his skin a terrible orange colour with pores far too noticeable. Overall, he's about a 2; would not date.

Creature Kill Count
One level 2 Thief
One level 3 Demonspawn

Character Colours
Undecided at this time.

Not much is known of Val'Kaz's past, largely because he has been either too loathed for anybody to pay attention to him or too eccentric to share. From his relationship with Necrotyc, however, it can be gathered that prior to his service in Larquidos' realm, he was a minion of the now dead Morganna.
There, he was known to have frequent disputes with his mistress and, directly or indirectly, could be said to have brought about her doom.

His accomplishments in Larquidos' realm were of slight significance, though he was somewhat instrumental in Larquidos' research, ensuring that he was able to cast spells such as speed monster, heal, possession and build rooms such as the combat pit, torture chamber and graveyard. On the battlefield, Val'Kaz was never Larquidos' most valuable minion. He participated in a skirmish against Jarquidos' minions to slight effect, managing to get himself captured and tortured by the enemy, only returning to safety after a noble rescue from Ivan the spider. He was able to kill a poorly trained human thief - which happened to be encased in ice at the time - and he outright lost a battle with a different thief of questionable competence, only surviving due to the intervention of Skios. Val'Kaz was, however, able to defeat one of Drell's demon spawn children through his own merit.
Following Lord Christopher's departure from Crystalbarrow and Larquidos' transferal to another realm, it is unknown what has become of Val'Kaz, however speculation suggests that he has stayed with his old keeper, if for no other reason than he provided Val'Kaz with the opportunity to hurt things, and was never particularly critical of his arrogance.

December 6th, 2009, 05:10
Admortis "To the Death!"

Creature Type: Goblin
Age: 35
Personality: The embodiment honour, strength and courage, Admortis prides himself on his loyalty to his overworld clan and keeper. Uncompromising in his determination to bring about justice, and chivalric, Admortis wishes to ensure that all worthy of his protection receive it.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Level: 5.15
Gold on Hand: 0
Gold in Lair: 0
Realm: Northland
Status: Alive, Tortured in Hannibal's Dungeon.


Is a talented swordsman, and need not rely on magic to perform well in combat
Is becoming increasingly heavily armoured, granted him significant protection in combat.
Due to his armour, he is highly able to defend allied creatures.


Admortis' heavy armour restricts him in battle, limiting his flexibility and agility
Loyal to a fault (albeit from his own perspective), Admortis may extend in combat in order to benefit allies, resulting in personal danger or harm
Overly trusting - he could easily fall for the wiles of an enemy agent.

Heavy Armour

Dishonorable actions
[Loathes] Power complexes in incompetent individuals


Level 1 : Attack

Level 3 : Protect Self (mundane, passive): As performed by heavy armour)

Level 6: Rebound (mundane, passive): As performed with elegant sword movements

Level 9: Grenade (mundane)

Special Traits
Admortis is progressively creating himself a full suit of heavy armour. After the completion of his suit, he aims to liberate his clan from heroes and their burdenous taxes.

Items carried
Currently nothing. Formerly owned a sword, personally crafted shield and a pair of shinguards, as west as a rusty old chestplate, long abandoned.
Will likely not be able to retrieve this equipment.

Lair Information
Metal Coffin-Like structure, south-east corner of the lair.

Admortis does not have any particularly defining physical characteristics. A standard goblin in many regards, Admortis stands out perhaps only due to the intelligence suggested by his eyes and the strength suggested by his larger than average muscle mass.

Since entering the realms, Admortis has acquired some defining physical characteristics. His right shoulder features a large scar, where he was wounded by a tentacle of Northland. His left wrist has a heroic brand on it, acquired at the handy of Lucy, the heroic fairy torturess. [His right cheek is presently slashed.]

Creature Kill Count
Two warlocks, whilst under the possession of Tesonu
Level 1 Heartchamber Rogue
Partial Credit for slaying two tentacles, levels 4 and 5.
Level 2 Guard, "Veeman" - Partial credit deserved for holding the shield which ended the guard's life.
Level 4 Guard, "Salira" - Killed with aid of the Guard, Clara.
Level 5 Guard, "Lena" - Executed after Viviona, the black knight, had weathered her.

Character Colours
Referring to Admortis (Used rarely) - Royal Blue
Admortis' Speech - #00ccff
Admortis' Thoughts - Cyan and Italics
Admortis' Actions (Used Rarely) - #0099ff
Most actions, third person thoughts - Regular text
Level Up - Orange - Adopted because I often use subtle character progression for my level ups.
Workshop Actions (Finishing Traps) - Red
Referencing other characters (Used irregularly) - That character's 'banner' colour or primary speech colour.

Associates, friends and foes of the past, present and future.
Recording started on 17/12/2012, many retroactive relationships will be missed.

Tesonu - Admortis' keeper and master who he aims to serve to the best of his abilities, albeit sometimes on his own terms.

Aquila - Admortis' ex-betrothed, a goblin female of 33 years.
Sir Harry - The heroic knight responsible for exacting tribute from Admortis' clan and sentencing him to his unfulfilled execution.
Mordaine - A red robed monk, associate and aid to Sir Harry

Viviona - Admortis holds great respect for the black knight, seeing aspects of himself in the woman and aspiring to be as accomplished as she is.

Admortis was born in a clan of weak minded cowards. Even a dwarf could send Admortis' father fleeing in terror, or make his brother defecate. Admortis, however, was different. He was born with an almost innate knowledge of strategy and he was more skilled with the sword then other clan members who had practiced for years, which was to say, one clan member.

One day, when the local Lord of the Land came to the Clan's cave to collect on regional taxes, Admortis, in the Clan Leaders stead, spoke with the Lord of the Land. He said but one thing; "No." and turned his back on the regeant.

Weeks later, the Lord came back with a militia. He and his followers walked into the cave which Admortis and his clan inhabited to find it completely deserted, if it were not for a pile of gold and a "sorry" note left on the ground. Like most things too good to be true, it incited lust within the heroes, and a local thief was more then happy to go near the pile of gold. He grabbed the bag, only to find himself inverted and hanging by his left leg. Within seconds, the thiefs face was completely splattered in blood, and he found himself staring at his friends, his kinsman, and his regeants faces, sightless and covered in their own blood (and MUD!)

Months passed, and Admortis continued to teach his ways and his automatic knowledge to his kinsman, who, spite their previous exploit, remained untalented cowards.

When a honest to god ARMY wound up at Admortis' clans' front door, or cave entrance as it was more correctly called, Admortis had only one thing in his mind - his clans safety. And so, analyzing the odds (ziltch, nada, nothing, no way) he gave up, and surrendered, informing the heroes that he was responsible for everything and that his kinsman should be spared.

At the cost of every single item of any value and Admortis, the clan was spared.

Admortis, however, still had his mind on servitude to a greater power then himself, or a greater good. Knowing that the heroes would never allow him to serve them, he instead decided to look for a keeper. So, one night, whilst the heroes slept, Admortis broke his pathetic rawhide bindings (scoff, LIGHT materials) and played the old switcheroo, utilizing a nearby goblin corpse (which there were plenty of. A recent clan raid, perhaps?) to make it appear as if he had killed himself.

Finding a nearby hole, which looked awfully like what his father had explained to him as a "portal", Admortis dived down into its depths, hoping to one day find a keeper who he could be so loyal and hard working for, that his keeper would actually help HIM by helping his family - his clan.

Character Progression and Backstory
(Not performed retroactively, began recording Christmas Day 2012)
Admortis leaves his clan under involuntary circumstances (https://keeperklan.com/threads/517-Northland-Iceland/page47?p=41081&viewfull=1#post41081)

January 10th, 2010, 04:10
Lord Beetlington The Third

Creature Type: Beetle

Alignment: Saintly (Lawful Good)

Realm: Red Crystal Islands

Age: 3

Personality: Always up for a good read and is never afraid to express its opinions (which are mostly of a very high standard), Beetlington is a most co-operative dungeon dweller. He lacks good combat skills and certainly doesn’t wish to partake in it, but only because he thinks “Fighting just isn’t a gentlebeetle’s kind of sport”.

Current Level: 1.9

Gold: As a traditionalist Beetle, Beetlington does not see the value of golden gold; only brown gold. As such, he carries, and wishes to be paid, none.

Strengths: Had a very proper up-bringing – is good socially.
It is a great engineer (consider this code for “your traps will WTF P00N) and an excellent researcher. Beetlington might even have a hint of spell casting within its lack-of-veins. What do beetles have? Like, capillary like thingos?
Edit: After a year of studying biology, I can confirm that beetles do not have 'capillary thingos' but rather have an open circulatory system, with haemolymph (NOT BLOOD!) flowing from a dorsal heart...
Relevant? NOT AT ALL!

Weaknesses: Due to its personal preferences, Beetlington is a bad combatant.

Likes: Excrement, a good read on a Sunday afternoon, Tea, fine dining, fine wares, fine furniture, fine anything.

Dislikes: Poorly written books, fighting, poorly brewed tea, coarse wares, coarse furniture (you can see where i'm going with this).

Level 1: Melee

Level 2: Fireball

Level 5: Poison Cloud

Level 8: Lightning

Level E1: Meteor

Bio: Born into the most prestigious family of Beetles around the “meadow of shitting-giants”, Beetlington was always happy with his life. His house was constructed almost entirely of 99% purity crap, and he had a never ending source of fine wares from local heroes who bribed them with things to get them to move their shit elsewhere. This meant that Beetlington and his parents were brought up understanding all the finest customs and beliefs of the heroes, however his values still differed. He believed in the Avatar, for example, but only so he could be blasphemous and curse his name. Beetlington and his family never left, however, and when the heroes got mightily pissed off at him and his family, they raided their dung mound. Being a pacifist of sorts, Beetlington decided to flee as opposed to fight. So flee he did, and he eventually found himself on the dungeon ring, looking for a massive dungeon with plenty of fine books, good intellects (or small ones to exploit/inform) and plenty of sources of dung to construct a new home with. For Beetlington, as you’ve read, was a Lord – and he wants a kingdom of his own - even if it is just the size of a lair and his subjects total one.

Sample post summary (for my copy paste reference; nothing else, dear readers).
Keeper Approval:

April 21st, 2012, 06:47
Age: Unknown
Creature type: Skeleton
Realm: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Very wise, very tolerant, good learner, VERY loyal (to the point of death) happy to teach. Whilst under the domination of Val'Kaz, however, he is a drooling idiot who lives only to please his master.
Current level: 2.8
Strengths: Well liked all rounder (good leader/researcher/fighter). Whilst under the command of Val'Kaz, he is fearless and willing to do anything any thinking creature wouldn't. Like swim. In lava.
Weakness: Too loyal, too forgiving, too honest, absolutely selfless when it comes to making decisions. Doesn't fully excell at any particular area.
Likes: Anything that feeds the muscles, body, soul or mind. He also enjoys his brief stints of time in which he manages to break Va'Kaz's dominance.
Level 1: Attack (Hand-To-Hand).
Level 4: Protect Self
Level 5: Invisibility.
Level 7: Heal Self

Biography: Fanatyc (whom was only named only after his peers saw how much zeal he fought with in the battle field) was wise from birth. But he wasn't like other Barbarians - he was a mutant. He had but one eye, a horn on the top of his head and had goat like legs ending in hooves. Not one hour after his birth, Fanatyc was dropped in a forest in the overworld and left to rot.

But Fanatyc was good natured. He was kind and gentle even at but an hour's age and through this nature Fanatyc managed to get a she-wolf to suckle him.

He survived. He learned the language of the ancients from the trees - from the birds. From every thing around him.

One day Fanatyc decided that his life lacked meaning, that it was going nowhere. That was when he descended a shaft that lead into the realm of Morganna.
Morganna was incompetent, but she was also very kind, giving and hospitable. Under the rule of Morganna, Fanatyc used his knowledge of the ancient language to learn all about magical nexuses, keeper "realms" and of course shared all he learnt with his keeper, teaching her how to cast spells ranging from "Impus Nitu" to "Morte".

One day, whilst in the Library, Fanatyc was consulted by a very arrogant warlock whom he would later know as Val'Kaz. Val'Kaz was reclusive and never researched for Morganna - he always seemed to be holding tomes that had "Undead" or "Corpse" in their titles.
Whilst Fanatyc was reluctant to speak with the warlock at first, he slowly, over time, managed to find a tiny bit of good within the warlock.
Using this good, Fanatyc soothed Val'Kaz's sense of superiority enough to teach him the language of the Ancients.

Life went on under the rule of Morganna, but Val'Kaz and his master has increasingly frequent arguments and disputes. Fanatyc didn't know what to think, so he ignored it.

Bad. That was a bad bad choice, for Val'Kaz took up alot of Morganna's time. She was unable to see the imminent attack coming from the lords of the land.

One day, Val'Kaz dissapeared, and in his place came a huge army of heroes, whom he was disgusted to call his true kin.
The battle started and it also raged on, Val'Kaz returned, aided Fanatyc in combat, refused to stay, helped to destroy Morganna and left the dungeon.

Even long after Val'Kaz left the dungeon, a fight was still raging on. Eventually Fanatyc was the only one left standing, and living up to his name, he went into a bloodrage. In this fit of bloodlust, Fanatyc defeated every last remaining hero in Morganna's dungeon, but not without taking many, many wounds. Only then did he deem his pact to Morganna complete. Only then did he jump down the portal, ready to join the service of another keeper.

Keeper Jarquidos heard the voice of the mentor "A new species of creature has enetered your dungeon". And so, he paid his attentions to the portal. What he saw sitting near the portal did not please him, not at all. So before Fanatyc could stand up, he was yanked viciously and dropped into the prison, before being interrogated.
"WHAT ARE YOU?" Jarquidos asked, giving a flurry of slaps to Fanatyc as he spoke.
"I'm...," Fanatyc knew there was no point explaining his actual human heritage, "A.... mercenary?"
"A mercanary covered in wounds? What use will you be to me?"
"I'm loyal!"
"Good, then you'll make an excellent skeleton"
And so, with another relentless spur of slaps, Jarquidos slapped Fanatyc. He slapped him so much and so fast that old and new wounds begun to open up. And then his lifeblood spilled out, onto the prison floor.

When Fanatyc came to, he felt horrible. His flesh was... necrotic. It was dead. It had maggots eating away at it, and he could see his bare bones sticking out from where muscles once existed.

"No longer will i be known as Fanatyc. I can not fight at all for a keeper this tyrannous. No, i shall be known as Necrotyc, after what i have become. Undead."

And so, Necrotyc waits in Jarquidos' prison, not being let out to fight, spite the obvious battles raging on.
*Wait, that new cell mate. That's not who i think its?*

May 7th, 2012, 09:27

Creature Type: Orc
Age: 64
Personality: Confidant, unsocial, greedy and self reliant, Barthus lacks loyalty of any kind and is slow to trust anyone.
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Gold on Hand: 0
Gold in Lair: 0
Realm: Fair Coast Cavern
Status: Alive


Is willing to pursue any goal to completion, providing the price is right
Is skilled in melee combat
Is able to augment his physical abilities with powerful herbs, poultices and equipment


Barthus is not a team player; he is likely to forfeit the tactical advantage of working with allies because he trusts no one.
Barthus has an aggressive fighting style, which often results in severe injury.
Lacking basic literacy and previously relying entirely on others to provide him with equipment, Barthus makes both a terrible researches and an inefficient manufacturer.



Level 1: Melee

Level 3: Speed Self

Level 5: Heal Creature

Level 8: Grenade

E1: Invulnerability

Special Traits:
As he has no loyalty to anything but coin, Barthus may move from realm to realm frequently. Between realms, he may visit neutral markets, upgrading equipment or restocking on items, such as his herbs, bandages or grenades. In this way, he justifies his obsession with coin through spending it out of necessity.

Items Carried
A large stone hammer, notched and cracked from past use
One herb pouch
Four samples of Hastar

Lair Information
No information - Barthus has yet to set up a lair in any known dungeon.

Large in stature, even for an orc, Barthus strikes an imposing figure. He wears naught but a loincloth and a bag kept at his waist, keeping his bulging arms and impressive abdominal muscles on display for all to see. He bears many marks of previous combat, including a large scar stretching from his right shoulder down to below his left ribcage. His face also exhibits the markings of battle, his nose offset and too flat, clearly from being broken in ages past. He maintains the traditional pink hue of his ancestors. Finally, a large spiraling blue pattern is present on his back, however laid on top of it in red ink is a larger red cross.

Creature Kill Count

Character Colours
Thought - italicized and #ffcc00
Speech - #ff9900
Barthus' colour - Golden Rod

Associates, friends and foes of the past, present and future.

Barthus was not always a solitary creature.

He once belonged to a large, prosperous tribe of orcs on the surface with a proud heritage - direct descendants of Malice's very own orcs, they were. They lived a largely nomadic lifestyle, moving from cave to cave as the seasons changed and occasionally being forced to slaughter a band of trolls or goblins that were too foolish to clear out of their way. They never once had to fight other orc bands - they had both a healthy fear and respect for Barthus' ancestors and their superior genetics, and would cede resources very quickly if extorted, valuing their safety too much to a risk a fight.

In addition, there existed a tenuous peace between Barthus' tribe and the humans, who allowed the orcs to take a portion of their crops each year in exchange for their lives. It was exactly as it should be, with the pathetic humans cowing to the might of the orcs. Barthus was happy - he had kin, food and irregular but exciting opportunities to fight and kill.

Everything changed, however, with the introduction of Lady Yvonne. His tribe's chief, Karsh, was immediately taken in by her distinct beauty, declaring almost instantaneously that their yearly taxation on the heroes was to cease in order to impress her. Soon after, he pledged the loyalty of he and his tribe, including Barthus, to the delightful woman, a declaration which Barthus loathed and tried his hardest to ignore. In time, Karsh even started to cede land and resources to other orcs, goblins and trolls, attempting to appease Yvonne with his altruism.

One night, whilst resting, Barthus awoke to find a strong set of hands fixed around his neck, squeezing the life out of him. They were attached to Barthus' long time friend, Nimbu, who proclaimed loudly that Lady Yvonne was to be his and that all competition must be eliminated. Finding purchase on the rocky ground with his gnarled feet, Barthus pushed up, unbalancing Nimbu and sending him sprawling to the side. Lifting himself up and delivering a few decisive blows with his fists, Barthus finished Nimbu in short order.

Disgusted that what was once a proud band had stooped so pathetically low and fearing more of his brethren would turn on him, Barthus set out to leave his tribe, declaring his self exile through defiling his clan tattoo with a large red X. He spent a long while living alone, eking out a living in the mountains. However, with the resurgence of the keepers, he decided that he could make use of his heritage, joining the dungeon ring.
Not once did he make a true friend in a keeper's service. He could trust nobody, and so simply began selling his services to the highest bidder - a profession he has maintained to this very day.

November 13th, 2013, 05:19
Name: Kaedes
Creature Type: Hellhound [Rhodesian Ridgeback cross]
Age: Youthful
Personality: Calm, Collected. Primal, bestial. Self critical, confused.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Realm: Northland Iceland


An astute pupil
Good sense of smell


Not wholly domesticated
Internal struggle
Lack of opposable thumbs
May struggle to communicate
May approach situations in a wholly inappropriate way
Doesn't know what he wants

Nothing: he is not a joyous animal.

Measured action
Good teachers
Wise leaders
Self mastery

Lack of freedom

Effort being dismissed


Level 1: Melee
Level 3: Protect Self (Holy influence)/Flame Breath (Bestial)
Level 6: Shine (Holy Influence)/Speed (Bestial)

Special Traits:
Behaviour and spell set shifts erratically depending on which force has control of his form at any given time: rationality, control and holy contemplation or bestial nature.

Kaedes wears a simple, well worn brown leather collar.

Lair Location:

Lair Appearance:
None: Kaedes is happy to rest on the floor.

Creature Colours:
Speech: Wheat and #ff9900
Thoughts: Lavender and Light Salmon, italicized.

Kaedes' left head bears the mark of his mother, with soft rounded features not unlike the Rhodesian Ridgebacks of distant lands. His right, however, is definitely that of his father, with a pointed nose, sharp jaw and a terrifying maw of teeth.
His body is lean but muscular, approximately 5'6'' long from snout to rear. His skin is a dark grey and his short coarse hair is predominantly a rusty red, with small patches of brown spotted over his flanks.

Biography: Kaedes was born to a dog-bitch who lived in the service of a monastery, acting as a guard dog for a group of monks and curiously inseminated by a hellhound. Kaedes upbringing was soft, compassionate and disciplined, but did not manage to completely master the hellhound cross - Kaedes remains fixated by aspects of his bestial nature, commanded by his base instincts in matters of blood and breeding despite his attempts to remain level-headed and proper. In the calm of the monastery he tried to master himself and quell these imperfections through pursuits such as reading and meditation with aid of the monks, but no matter his efforts, his genetic heritage commanded him.
One night, a hapless and horribly misinformed thief decided to rob the monastery, hoping to retrieve gold, which did not in fact exist, intended for the church of the avatar. Kaedes remained in a hopeless bloodlust long after he had splintered the thief's shins and turned his face to mincemeat, turning his wrath on the larder and basement full of dried meats.

After the red haze had faded the following morning, Kaedes decided that his time at the monastery was over. The monks, terrified by the unidentifiable corpse in their foyer and worried by their sudden lack of supplies, agreed and allowed the hellhound to leave.

Kaedes decided that in order to master himself, he must first embrace his heritage.
He must follow the path of his father's ancestors.
He must join the keepers.