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June 14th, 2014, 20:04

Alright, today I've got some exciting news for those of you who still love playing DKII after all this time! Here I'm presenting you the DKII Expansion "Seats of Power", which will be released during the end of this year.

What this is

This is technically an Expansion Pack for DKII which gives the game a complete overhaul. It features completely new missions, skirmish maps and a reworked MPD mode, alongside with a new Balancing based on the patch by MGR. The lightning system has been updated to be much darker than in the normal DKII game and resembles DKI a lot more in this regard. New voice actors will be hired to record new lines for the campaign missions and a new extra soundtrack is a possibility.

All in all this is more like a completely new Dungeon Keeper game, using DKII as the basis it's built on.

The Campaign

The campaign will be different to what you are used from the official Dungeon Keeper games. The maps will be a lot more dynamic and will play out differently depending on your playstyle. Every mission features a lot of different Side Objectives you can obtain, but depending on the map, your Main Objectives might change drastically as well! This allows for a high replayabillity and an interesting experience every time you play a level. The Secret levels and the alternative versions for level 6, 11 and 15 will have fully fledged and different missions as well, adding to the amount of total maps you will be able to play.

The story mode will be more difficult than the standard DKII and will provide for a challenge, without actually being over the top difficult. Due to certain new features, the dungeon management aspect of the game will be more fleshed out and the fighting will be more tactical than before.

This campaign will mostly resolve around the story of three big Keeper leagues that are at war. This means that you will fight alongside multiple allies in the campaign, some of them who will even make re-appearances. The Keepers of every league have quite some different characteristics that define them, which will allow for more diverse Keeper battles. Later in the game you will be seeing three big houses of Heroes that are at war with each other as well. Each house will have special units only available to them, thus making them a more diverse enemy as well. More information on the leagues and houses will be revealed later on.

I'll say that much that the Keeper you play as (who will actually speak during missions now and be an actual character) is called Dionysus and that you are part of the Achaean League. The campaign is divided into three stages, which I will further elaborate on at a later point.

Skirmish Mode

The skirmish mode will be mostly the same as in the normal DKII version, but it will feature all new maps and a new type of map called the Versus mode, where all Keepers start with pre-built dungeons so you can go straight to the killing! Siege maps are also planned.


I will not work on the Multiplayer maps until the Campaign is finished, but I will most likely include some modified Skirmish maps and Coop-versions of certain campaign levels once I get to it.

My Pet Dungeon

MPD mode will be changed to a certain extent. It will emphasize the exploration aspect of the game a bit more and will not feature a Hero tool box for every mission. This mode will also be connected to the main story, in that you are holding a certain realm under the control of your league that you will have to defend. It is still up to you when you want to trigger the attacks, but now you will not have Heroes as the ones doing the invading in every map. In some of them you might actually have to fend of incursions from enemy Keepers. Furthermore, due to the bigger scope of the MPD realms you might actually find allied Keepers in some of them.

New Features

Three new interesting features that were added will also play a big part in the campaign and MPD mode. Depending on how well you do and how efficiently you manage your dungeon, there is the possibility of a large scale rebellion happening inside your dungeon. Think along the lines of a civil war in the Total War series. Casino's will be a lot more useful, as they are able to keep the spirits of your army up and will prevent the outbreak of a rebellion. As will Guard Rooms, who give your creatures a sense of security, which will also bind them closer to you. However, if you absolutely fail on the battlefield time and time again, treat your creatures to cruelly and anger them or when you run out of gold to pay them, the risk of a rebellion happening increases. Other Keepers will also be able to suffer from rebellions, though the requirements for that are more map specific.

Another big addition is the new terrain type, the chasms. The chasms are unpassable for all but the flying creatures. The only way to get across them is by using stone bridges. However, the ability to do so is restricted exclusively to your enemies. You can build them in the new MPD mode though. Ranged units and traps can fire across chasms, but if any creature should accidentally fall into them, they will be irretrievably lost.

The third feature includes new Keeper spells. Some of them will appear again from time to time, if you defeat Keepers of a league who make use of a certain spell. Others, however, will only be available for one time and will be found by completing Side Objectives on certain levels.

Also, there is a big possibility that you might end up playing as a Purple and not a Red Keeper. The only real problem I'm facing right now are the sprites. So basically I have everything changed over aside from the creature and trap icons, which are still red for the Player. But if I was able to crack the Sprites somehow, there'd be nothing in the way of having a new Player color as well!

Finally, I replaced some of the silly random messages that you can get from the Mentor with some unused ones to make the game feel a bit more refreshing. The same old messages got boring after a while, so this should fix that, I think.

New Creatures

I can't technically add new units to the game, but I can change existing ones. There are two new unit types, one replaces the Monk and the other one the Thief. The replacement for the Monk is the High Priest, a boss type unit that acts as the Heroes' vampire to some extent. The High Priest utilizes a much stronger version of the drain spell. He still retains his healing and buffing abilities though, making him a really dangerous foe if he is protected by a group of other Heroes. At some point in the campaign, you might find a lesser version of him, called the Priest. He will not be as dangerous and a more conventional enemy. The Thief is replaced by the Sellsword, who is, as the name suggests, an excellent swordfighter. He is a little bit tougher than the Guard, but he has the ability to stun enemy creatures while in a melee and will make for a really dangerous foe in big groups. You will be able to hire him in certain missions or convert him in others.


I can't make any promises, but I plan to get this out at some point before winter 2015. The level 1-7 of the campaign are mostly done, as are a bunch of Skirmish maps, but it will take me a long time to get the remaining highly dynamic maps finished for the campaign. And I haven't even started with the MPD maps yet. After that I will also need to audition for voice actors, so I hope you can understand why this will take me quite some time to actually complete. However, I might put out a demo at some point, showcasing some of the different maps.


I am still looking for a few more Beta testers, in order to get a better grip on the overall balancing and to eliminate all possible bugs before I ship this, so if you are willing to help me and have the time to test out some new maps for a couple of hours a week, send me a PM and I will add you the list of the testers. You will get early access to the maps and will be mentioned in the Credits of the game once it is done! All you need is a working 1.3 or 1.5 version of the game. 1.7 with the General Improvement Mod will also work.

Videos and Screenshots

I will basically post some preview stuff here, showcasing parts of missions or trailers. For now, you get a couple of screenshots and two videos. One shows the invasion of a hero castle from the last stage of the campaign while the other one is a trailer for one of the two versions of level 6. The version shown is called "War Pigs". Level 6 will be the first mission where you will actually start fighting alongside your default league allies.

SCREENSHOTS (outdated)








June 15th, 2014, 00:43
Sounds fantastic and really interesting. And I hope the big problem with the crashes also will solve, then this will be awesome and the changes you have planned of course! Respect!

Good work, keep it up!!!!

June 15th, 2014, 04:15
Big problem with crashes would involve hacking/recompilation of code. Nobody has access to that unfortunately.

June 15th, 2014, 11:58
Pretty bad :(. But the GIM is also stable happily.

June 15th, 2014, 12:28
Yeah, unfortunately I can't really do anything about the crashes. However, I will provide three versions of the Expansion pack, one for 1.3, 1.51 and GIM each. That way everyone should be able to play it with whatever version works best for him.

Edit: by the way, people who would volunteer for Beta testing could also use any of the three versions. The compatibility of each version is something I would need to test anyways, so that could also help with that I reckon.

Edit 2: I'll also provide some new screenshots soon. The lighting system has been updated and is a lot more like DKI now.

July 3rd, 2014, 21:05
I released a new gameplay video of level 4, also introducing the new, reworked lighting system. As off now, either level 4 or 6b are the likely candidates to be released as a demo, so I will be presenting a bit more information about these levels as I update the thread. The name of this particular level is "Bad Moon Rising" and will have you face a rather powerful Keeper from your rivaling faction, the Arcadian League, who you and your allies are at war with at the beginning of the campaign.


A new feature has also been added. Instead of all the old ways to "recruit" new creatures and alongside the new Sellsword mechanic, I also added "Gateways" into the game, through which Keepers have access to Hero Units from the overworld. It'll be featured in a couple of story missions beginning with level 7, where it'll either be available to you should you be in a realm that has been subjugated by your league, or for enemy Keepers should they own the land. It'll also show up in a couple of MPD and Skirmish maps for that matter. They work somewhat different compared to the Portals, as in that you will only receive a limited number of troops from them, who arrive after certain time limits instead of when you have the room requirements. More details on the mechanics will be revealed as I refine the system.

I will also reveal some more details about the new Keeper spells soon-ish. So far I can tell you is that you will get access to a Keeper Freeze spell fairly early on in the campaign, which can already be seen in the footage of Bad Moon Rising. It is a really useful spell for disabling the more dangerous units on the enemy side for a short duration of time, allowing your creatures some breathing room in more difficult battles. It can only be cast on your own land and is a spell that you will frequently encounter while facing Arcadian Keepers, from whom you are almost always able to steal this spell from, provided you get their libraries somehow. On other levels it's available for research, which will mostly happen in the later phases of the campaign when the Arcadian League slowly fades out of the picture.

And that's pretty much all the news for this week. Updated screenshots might follow in the next couple of days.

July 4th, 2014, 19:44
This sounds really great for once it comes out, would definetly play it once it's out. Mostly been using the GiM and really tempted on getting MGR's patch for another copy of the game.

Though I may already know the answer to the next question as being "That's still not possible" but... I still have to ask...

Any chance that the Maiden of the Nest might be able to finally be readded in a working patch?

July 4th, 2014, 20:57
Technically it would be possible for me to add the Maiden to the 1.7 version of the Expansion Pack as some sort of special units for Skirmish and MPD. I'd have to consult Rex on his ideas on the Maiden and how they'd work out with the current patch, but aside from that there's nothing that's stopping me from putting it into the game. If anything, it'd be something I could only add in further down the road, as I am creating the Expansion Pack in 1.3 and neither me, nor Decagon who mainly helps me with the testing of the maps, use any other version of DKII at this moment. After the base game is finished, optimized to the other versions and fully tested I could start looking at the additional stuff I can add in for the later versions.

September 26th, 2014, 16:33
How is it going so far? Need any beta testers?

October 12th, 2014, 11:33
Progress has been going rather slowly the last two months, but the first part of the campaign (roughly 1/3 of the missions) has been done by now. I'm waiting until Rex releases the next update for his Balancing Patch right now, so I can update all the maps and then move on to the next part of the campaign.

To you second question, yes, I'm still very much in need of some more beta testers. ;) Especially now that the first couple of maps are more or less finished from a gameplay-standpoint. I've sent you a PM regarding your application, we can talk about the details of there.

As off now I'm still just doing closed-beta tests, but depending on how much progress I make until the end of the year, I might actually release a short demo version of the Expansion Pack, showcasing some of the finished campaign maps plus some Skirmish action.

November 14th, 2014, 18:13
nice project
how about a beta?

November 14th, 2014, 19:28
An open beta is certainly planed later down the road, but right now there's too much left to do and too many things that are too far from being done for that. Once the campaign reaches a certain state though, I'm sure I'll be able to put out a beta version with some of the missions and Skirmish maps!

Ah yes, new Skirmish maps are actually coming along nicely!


On another note...

There's actually another thing I've been thinking about doing. Instead of releasing the whole Expansion Pack once everything is finished, I could release it episodically and put out a new release once each chapter of the campaign is finished. Seeing as the campaign is divided up into three parts, there'd be three Episodes, each one coming with about 6-8 story missions and a bunch of Skirmish and MPD maps. That way you guys would be able to get to play the finished parts earlier and I could use the feedback from the earlier releases to improve upon some general design choices for the next Episode and roll out updates faster.

I'm not really sure which way I want to go with this, one big release or an episodic schedule. Once I come to a decision, I'll let you guys know!

November 15th, 2014, 00:57
episodic schedule sounds like a really good choice, like you said feedback would defiantly benefit you for the next chapter.

November 26th, 2014, 15:51
How is it going so far?
On how version will it be build on, I mean do you use for example version 1.5, 1.7 or the patch from Rex as basis?

Like I have seen from the video there are many changes in the graphic as the overall lighting it looks really good, and is there any other changes with spellls, doors, traps or creatures in progress?

November 29th, 2014, 12:07
How is it going so far?

I've been redoing some of the scripting of the first couple of levels and will probably have to start rebalancing some things due to Rex' new patch release, but I'm making progress. :D

On how version will it be build on, I mean do you use for example version 1.5, 1.7 or the patch from Rex as basis?

The main version will be for 1.3. 1.51 and 1.7 with the GIM will be optional versions and all of them are going to use Rex' Balancing Patch with a few modifications.

Like I have seen from the video there are many changes in the graphic as the overall lighting it looks really good, and is there any other changes with spellls, doors, traps or creatures in progress?

Yes, aside from the lighting changes I'll be using Rex' patch as a basis for balance and that alone includes a few new things for all these categories. But aside from that the SoP Expansion will also feature its own unique spells, traps and creatures. I'll be revealing more about them once the Expansion gets closer to its release.

November 29th, 2014, 21:44
OK thx for the informations. A next question is that I have played Rex patch, I don't know which release it was but it doesn't matter, that he has change the abilities espcially from the creatures very much and I think your SoP will include they also. Come to my question finally-> Is there any possibility to play your patch with the normal abilities we know from Dk 1.3 - 1.7?? I hope you know what I mean :).

November 30th, 2014, 11:41
No, the entire Expansion will pretty much be designed around the Balance of Rex' patch, thus making it incompatible with the vanilla Balance. Rex' patch improves the gameplay in almost all areas in my opinion, which is why I am going to use it for the SoP Expansion.

January 12th, 2015, 18:12
how is the progress? i'm eager to give this a try, is a release in sight?

January 12th, 2015, 23:17
same here... eagerly awaiting this one.

February 16th, 2015, 08:03
Any new updates or things of the sort soon?

February 19th, 2015, 22:13
Excuse me for the lack of updates as of late, but due to other concerns I haven't been able to work as much on the Expansion Pack the last few months as I'd have liked. However, I'm back at it again now and am currently optimizing the existing maps to work properly with the new release of Rex' Balancing Patch. This tweaking period should take a bit of time, but after that there is only one completely new map left for me to make for the first release. Speaking of that, I did make up my mind on how I am going to release the Expansion. Due to the likelihood of some further phases of decreased activity spent working on all the maps appearing again during the rather long time it'd take me to finish the entire campaign and all the additional maps, I decided to go for an episodic release schedule, thus allowing me to put out polished content earlier, without harming the quality or forcing me to rush or scrap certain aspects.

The first episode will contain the levels 1-7, with one bonus level, one MPD level and 7 skirmish maps. There is still some work that needs to be done before I can put out the first release, but you can expect more frequent updates now, as I move closer to finishing up all the maps.

February 21st, 2015, 05:18
Glad to hear it!! I agree the episodic release of the campaign is much better as you described, maps wont need to be rushed giving you the time to polish them. Can't wait to play the first episode of this expansion! I will tell you my experience on each map and if I encounter any issues.

This is off-topic, but do you plan on updating the kasabian campaign at all with the new rex patch and working on the episode one maps? And will you be finishing that series aswell? Because that's my favorite campaign/series of maps I've ever played. It was very hard on certain levels - took me dozens of restarts on just one level to try and beat it. and eventually I did. I love the difficulty you put in to the maps - and it should not be any lower.

April 6th, 2015, 17:42
A small update: This is the official list of levels in the first episode of the Expansion pack.

Seats of Power - Episode 1

1. Battle for the Sun


2. Breakdown


3. Dregs of the World


4. Bad Moon Rising


5. The Mighty Fall


6a. Death Valley


6b. War Pigs


The seventh level is technically done, but I think I will use that one as the starting point of Episode 2, as its pacing makes it more fitting for an earlier map, rather than for the ending of an Episode.

Skirmish Maps





Summer Time




Black Lagoon




More Skirmish maps will be added with each Episode. The work on the MPD maps isn't very far yet, but I'll keep you updated once I make progress with those!

This is off-topic, but do you plan on updating the kasabian campaign at all with the new rex patch and working on the episode one maps? And will you be finishing that series aswell? Because that's my favorite campaign/series of maps I've ever played. It was very hard on certain levels - took me dozens of restarts on just one level to try and beat it. and eventually I did. I love the difficulty you put in to the maps - and it should not be any lower.

Unfortunately, the balance of these maps is very delicate and the changes in Rex patch would severely affect it. If I wanted to apply the new patch to the Kasabian Campaign, I would have to redesign every single map. So no, I won't update it. But once I am done with the Expansion pack, I will most likely do a second Episode for the Kasabian Campaign. The sort of maps in the Kasabian Campaign are a lot easier to make and a lot less script heavy. They won't take me nearly as long as the Seats of Power maps do.

With the next update I'll probably post a few more screenshots and will talk about the dynamics of the main objectives in each mission, hopefully without giving away too much!

April 6th, 2015, 18:28
Thanks for the small update. When do you think you'll be uploading the first episode?


Ah, glad to hear the kasabian campaign doesn't require as much time as seat of power does to develop maps. This meaning I get to experience the kasabian saga sooner.

April 6th, 2015, 20:59
Well, there is still a lot of work to do and additionally to that I need to get the voice acting recorded as well and implement it into DKII before the campaign side is finished. The Skirmish maps for this episode are done, but the MPD maps will require a lot of work. I can't promise anything, but some point during 2015 is what I am aiming for.

July 9th, 2015, 11:34
Hi Skarok,

This does sound very good!

I have lifted Dungeon Keeper 2 again after a good long while and looking to find improvements,

Sound like you have a good story down, problem with campaign missions is they are always so easy on typical games..

When are you thinking of sending out Beta versions?

Can i be a tester :D

Emre Bener
August 14th, 2015, 13:30
Hello. its 14 / 8 / 2015 and i 'm waiting this expansion. is it possible for us to change our color? for example on skirmish screen, we would be able to change our color as we want. :) i will check here for news.

Metal Gear Rex
August 14th, 2015, 15:50
Changing the color involves swapping files in the DK2 folder to make it so that the game is, for example, referring to the files that a blue or purple keeper has to make Player 1 into a Blue or Purple Keeper. I haven't messed with it myself but I'm fairly certain it'll impact the whole game by making Player 1 into Blue/whatever, but of course is reversible. Skarok isn't actually going into the game's programming and adding in a new feature to allow players to change colors at whim. Even if he could, I doubt he would want to since DK2's programming is presumably very messy.

Emre Bener
August 15th, 2015, 10:13
found a game named "war for the overworld" its awesome :) we can change our colors as we want and even theme of our dungeon, theres tons of feature like survival, multiplayer etc. just saying, maybe someone wasnt know it and would like to interest with it eh.
about dungeon keeper 2, if someone add changing colors, multiplayer system to it, i would give my soul for it ^_^

edit: even if this expansion didnt get release, can you guys share texture packs and tell me where to place them to get different color?
i tried it myself, i did everything, searched everywhere on map. i downloaded every dk 2 map editor, i cant change player 1's color or dungeon with other players. tried this cause i have seen something was saying "you have to change color of that player in that map." and tried to access texture files of game, wad editors, i downloaded a few open source dungeon keeper 2 projects.. i tried everything but my programming skills are not as good as you guys. also good to see here is still active :)

August 15th, 2015, 12:54
Perhaps Skarok will finish his expension pack sometimes.

I think most people here would have heard of WftO though, they started out on this board. See here (https://keeperklan.com/forums/6-War-for-the-Overworld).

Emre Bener
August 16th, 2015, 09:04
Hi Skarok, i can be a tester, just mail "[email protected]" :))
campaign maps 6b. war pigs whats happening there? are we sharing same base with red? lol

Anyone know how to change player 1's color on a map? if anyone did it, can you guys tell me how to do it?

I tried everything to access in EngineTextures.WAD but nothing worked. How to?

About WftO, they are doing real good job, i'm going to purchase it

August 21st, 2015, 01:02
Hey! Sorry for the silence, I've been somewhat busy.

Hi Skarok,

When are you thinking of sending out Beta versions?

Can i be a tester :D

I'm trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible, but unfortunately I don't have nearly as much time that I can spend on DK as I'd like, so progress is somewhat slow right now. I still need to finish one level and overhaul the entire scripts for another one, but after that the basic playable version should be ready. Depending on how long it'd take to get the voice acting done and included I might either release a public beta then, or wait a bit longer to push out the finished first episode.

Hi Skarok, i can be a tester, just mail "[email protected]" :))
campaign maps 6b. war pigs whats happening there? are we sharing same base with red? lol

Anyone know how to change player 1's color on a map? if anyone did it, can you guys tell me how to do it?

I tried everything to access in EngineTextures.WAD but nothing worked. How to?

About WftO, they are doing real good job, i'm going to purchase it

I'll get back to you about the beta once progress is a bit futher. ;)

In War Pigs you have an independent dungeon from Red who is in the center of the map and your ally. You have your own space to build a dungeon, but your ally and his actions are an important part of the mission.

If you want to change the textures, you'd best ask Decagon. He was the one who figured out how to do it in the first place and helped me swap Red and Purple's textures for the expansion. I don't reallly know what exactly Decagon did anymore, but he might be able to help you out.

October 19th, 2015, 05:00
too much silence

January 23rd, 2017, 19:40
Want iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit :DDDDDDDDDD

January 24th, 2017, 01:50
Status Update!

I'll try to slowly get back to working on this. There's still a lot of work to do, but the maps themselves are mostly done. Here's a rough outline of what's left to do:

Battle for the Sun
-Some balancing and testing is still needed
-Small changes to the "early game" are planned

-some side objectives have to be rebalanced
-thinking about adding a Keeper for a new side objective

Dregs of the World
-has the most complicated scripting I've ever done in DKII
-and I have to redo all of those from scratch :(
-Addition of one or two side objectives/world events (they are honesly not needed once the scripts are in place)

Bad Moon Rising
-Some changes to exisiting objectives
-Adding a huge, awesome new side objective
-changing the "early game" to make the buildup phase less tedious

The Mighty Fall
-Adding of Side Objectives
-Making Hero movement and actions dependent on player actions
-Balancing of reinforcements for Keeper #2 after Keeper #1 dies

War Pigs
-Further balancing tweaks to allied Keeper and enemies
-Addition of Side Objectives

Death Valley
-Honestly, I need to redo this from scratch
-I might scrap the original idea for this level completely

Secret level 1
-Checking whether I already did add Side Objectives

Skirmish Maps
-Might make one or two more just to get back into the whole DKII map-making

MPD map
-I'd still like to make one for the first release, but this would be a lot of extra work just for figuring out how to do this properly
-I might just make a rudimentary map first and replace it later on with a proper new MPD map

I think I will focus on level 3 Dregs of the World at first and might release it as a standalone map whilst I finish the rest. Once I manage to beat this scripting nightmare this particular map should have the most replay value out of all DKII maps I've ever made. As for why, and more importantly when, I'll get to that once I have made some progress again.

February 1st, 2017, 21:30
Hey Skarok,
i'd love to see it finished! gonna replay some kasabian-campaign the next weeks. im about to see if i still can do it


Marco Zollino
March 16th, 2017, 21:58
Hi Sharok, did you manage to finish it? looking forward to it. Is there any other DK2 expansion around?

March 17th, 2017, 02:52
Is there any other DK2 expansion around?*ahem* https://keeperklan.com/threads/5193-The-Quest-for-Fruity-Goodness

Marco Zollino
March 18th, 2017, 15:47
*ahem* https://keeperklan.com/threads/5193-The-Quest-for-Fruity-Goodness

thank you very much

Marco Zollino
March 18th, 2017, 15:53
*ahem* https://keeperklan.com/threads/5193-The-Quest-for-Fruity-Goodness

How do I install it? Does it work with DK2 Tweak? Are there any serious missions or only silly ones? :D, there are 2 links in that page (main campaign and expansion), which link should I use? Whats the difference?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks a lot.

March 18th, 2017, 17:16
How do I install it? Does it work with DK2 Tweak? Are there any serious missions or only silly ones? :D, there are 2 links in that page (main campaign and expansion), which link should I use? Whats the difference?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks a lot.Be best to take this to the campaign thread itself rather than here.

June 17th, 2018, 20:03
Lads, it's happening! The Alpha of the expansion featuring some of the campaign and new Skirmish maps! Levels 1-6A, a preview of level 7 and all new 1v1, 1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1 Skirmisj maps! Hussa!

But more is to come just in a bit.. prepare to be hyped!

edit: Lads it's in moderation queue! (https://keeperklan.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=134) Just a lil bit longer now keep faith!

Until then, direct download available here! (http://www.mediafire.com/file/nqk17jbn2h9bj5i/Dungeon%20Keeper%202%20-%20Seats%20of%20Power.zip)

June 19th, 2018, 19:42
This mod shouldn't be so bulky if you provided just the edited files only.

June 20th, 2018, 00:37
You are quite right, it shouldn't be and I never intended to publish this Expansion in the way I did now. The simple problem I faced though was that for this Expansion to work properly I had to modify quite a few files all across the board, which made it impossible to just provide the map files alone without everything literally falling apart (having a different text code file alone would mean the game would immediately crash as soon as you'd hover the cursor above anything with modified text values.).

Now I could have provided only the modified files across all the different folders and game components, however the installation process would have been quite the complicated mess of a nightmare, with the requirements still having forced you the copy the relevant files over into a separate instance of your very own 1.3 version of your DKII folder (as the standard campaign maps are replaced, as well as MPS and Skirmish maps).

So this current release really is just to allow YOU, the community, to personally see and try out the current version of this Expansion's campaign and its story, in the previously "finished state" I once left it in as I last left it behind. It will also allow you to directly observe the direction of the Skirmish/MP maps I had taken for this Expansion and it will allow you to provide feedback on how you to take these forward from this point onward.

As such, the current state and release format of this Expansion Pack are not an indication of the final product, but more of an example of what has been achieved/ worked and experimented/ tested on intensively so far during these last few years. This is the current state of all the components that have been worked on for this Expansion, which are also playable as of right now.

HOWEVER: As I have returned to this project, and as I am trying to further improve on the initial vision of the Expansion I first had in mind, it seems likely to turn into a way bigger collaboration project as it was ever planned as beofre. This means the project will be evolving quite a bit and push more even more boundaries further than ever before. The focus will still be on a challenging and dynamic gameplay that adapts to the players' general approach and playstsyle, but the Expansion will provide approach these from more unique and differentiating angles than before.
This will translate into even more possible different campaign, MPD, Skirmish and multiplayer maps and experiences, as well as all around challenging and changing/ unique approaches to the DKIIs gameplay. A high level of replay-ability-exists campaign wise due to tailored experiences for different playstyles and possible strategic approaches, which allow different takes on each main mission, as well as allowing for unique Side Objectives,each offering their own rewards and possibilities.

So this release is really only for those who are willing to test out the currently finished maps tailored towards these ideals, while also being willing willing to provide feedback on how those things turned out in actual gameplay, and how things could be improved from their current standpoint to make for an even better experience in the full release. :D

(Note this answer started when I was sober, continued after a few drinks before I started to feel drunk, til past the point where I was drunk AF, but also still working on typing out this answer. If this doesn't make much, or any sense at all, just let me know and I'll get this back on-track once I've sobered up xD)

Metal Gear Rex
June 20th, 2018, 04:37
Skarok you're drunk, go home.

June 20th, 2018, 14:55
Skarok I will not approve a download that contains the entirety of DK2, that's just straight up piracy.

June 21st, 2018, 01:18
If your setup is untrivial, please use an installer. Alternatively, you can write a .bat file to do some pre-setup.

July 28th, 2018, 15:44
Like the different approaches so far!

Karol Piechowiak
August 16th, 2018, 12:29
I killed all in chapter one all what life but all time i am in first map cant play second map..

main question was kill all monks and i did but i cant go to chapter 2 :/

pls need save with second map or something

Karol Piechowiak
August 17th, 2018, 17:32
chapter 3 killed all rivals but cant go to chapter 4... no end gme when i wont leave to main menu going to crash game...

somebody can give me save to all levels??
i lost 18 hours for end 3 level and cant go to 4 chapter no end game when i killed all rivals in chapter 3 i am rage!!! campaing is rly epic hard i did all 3 chapters and cant play next... fucking madnessssssssssss

September 16th, 2018, 09:17
Can I start the Levels like in The Kasabian Campaign?