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Duke Ragereaver
August 30th, 2009, 10:44

Ruled: Lord Christopher
Affiliation: Kingdom of Heavenarius

This region of dreaming underlings is ruled by the noble Lord Christopher. He's kind, and fair, and doesn't imprison or torture his subjects...for some reason.

Dungeon Status

Dungeon Heart health

Current Gold
200 (Your Gold Reserves are Running Low!)

Number of Imps

One level-up special


See attachment.

Rooms constructed and under control
2 Portals
1 Treasury
1 Lair
1 Hatchery
1 Training Room
1 Library
1 Workshop
3 Guard Rooms
1 Casino
1 Prison
1 Torture Chamber
1 Combat Pit
1 Graveyard
3 Sections of Stone Bridge

Available creatures
Demon Spawn
Bile Demon
Dark Elf
Black Knight
Vampire (If rotting corpses are sufficient)

Imprisoned enemies
2 Archers
1 Dwarf

Corpses rotting on graveyard

3 Tunneller Dwarfs
2 Dwarfs
7 Barbarians
2 Bile Demon
6 Goblins
1 Orc

Researched spells
Create Imp
Speed Monster
Lightning Strike

Researched Rooms
Training Room
Guard Room
Torture Chamber
Combat Pit

August 30th, 2009, 23:20

A battle rages on, Ivan the Spider, Thefsuth the Troll, Dasoop the Demon Spawn, Ookoo the Orc, Tu'vac the Salamander, and Kanquios the Demon Spawn are fighting against 2 Goblins and a Orc in the second blue Guardroom.

Val'Kaz the Warlock is strapped to a torture device, at very low health.

Necrotyc the Skeleton is a chicken, is pecking a Troll's feet.

Fyoke is about to present the Torture Chamber room to the Keeper.

And finally, Vergil is training.)

August 31st, 2009, 07:42
Ugh! I go away for a measly day ((let's just say it was about a day, alrighty?!)) and my dungeon falls into complete dissaray. Haven't you ever heard of lost spirit exploration?!

*Turns attention to the battle*

Fight on, my minions, fight on and give my brother no rest! Continue pressing forward as you are and be careful of traps...

*Attention to imps*

WHAT? IDLE IMPS? You lazy beings, if you weren't naught but physical manifestations of my will i'd.... well, you don't want to know what i'd do. NOW STOP YOUR FRANTIC RUNNING AROUND AND CLAIM SOME NEW LAND!
Lquiz seemed fond of this, so here i go *Total slap fest*.

September 2nd, 2009, 00:05
Ivan the Spider

*Ivan looks up*

"Good to see you are with us once again Keeper! It has been quite quiet without you here these last days." Ivan said.

*Ivan continued to get back to the fight in the second Guardroom, before looking behind himself to watch the Imps FINALLY begin to claim the land. Ivan tipped his hat to them (As if they saw it.) and continued to the second Guardroom. Ivan walked into the enemy Treasury, slightly tempted to grab some gold, but ignored it. Once Ivan got back to the fight, it seemed like Tu'vac was still fighting with the Goblin, as blood was flying everywhere.*

"That one has alot of blood now, does he?" Said Ivan.

*Suddenly, another enemy Goblin jumped onto Ivan, stabbing him in the Abdomen. Ivan stabbed the Goblin's arm with one of his legs, and kicked him off. As Ivan was getting back up, the Goblin jumped onto Ivan again, stabbing him again. Ivan, kinda angry, bit the Goblin's leg, and flinged him off. Ivan got back up, and finally prepared himself for any attack from the Goblin. Sadly, the Orc threw his hammer into Ivan's face, and the Goblin started to attack someone else. Ivan couldn't see who the Goblin was about to attack, since Ivan has a hammer in his face right now.*

Health : 40%
Ivan is blinded near the second Guardroom.
Level : 4.9
Mood : Happy
Efficiency : 70%
Inventory : Web Net: Mistress Claw, and Two Chickens.

September 3rd, 2009, 08:14
When Dasoop got any further into the blue dungeon of Jarquidos, he met two Goblins and an Orc into a second Guard Room. Tu'vac was already there, fighting with the Goblins. Then, Ivan joined them and threw a chicken to every friends around. When Dasoop saw the chicken coming in its direction, he caught the the chicken in his wide open mouth. After a few "munches" and a "slurp", he felt better.

- Heya! Thanks a lat for thata Ivan!

Then, Ivan started fighting the other Goblin, knocking him out, ready to go in the Prison. Right after, he got attacked by another Goblin. He managed to defend himself, but he got knocked painfully by a throwing hammer from the Orc. The Goblin noticed the presence of Dasoop and started running toward him. Noticing that, Dasoop threw a screaming projectile into the Goblin's face to stop him and made him blind a little moment. Dasoop got that precious moment to jump on him and bit his arm that held the sword, but the Goblin punched Dasoop in his face near one of his eyes, pushing him back onto the floor.

- Grrrraah!!

Angry of that move, Dasoop ran back to the Goblin to jump on him again, but he got kicked by the Goblin and flew a few meters back to get knocked on the wall, and then on the Guard Room floor, dazed.

Health = 58%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is in the second Guard Room, fighting with a Goblin
Level = 3 (23%)
Mood = Dazed, but still able to fight
Efficiency = 80%

Summary of the situation = Dasoop got a chicken from Ivan and started fighting with a Goblin. He threw a projectile into his face and bit his arm, but got punched and kicked afterwards. He's now on the Guard Room floor, dazed of the hits.

Duke Ragereaver
September 6th, 2009, 08:15
The Mentor

You've claimed a guardroom!


Keeper Jarquidos

A CURSE upon you, brother! You and your creatures will not escape your ultimate fate!

Vaturdo the Bile Demon

Once again Vaturdo emerged from the portal, with an eyepatch covering his left eye now, and blood covering his hands. He did not say anything and moved to his home in the lair to take a nap.

Vaturdo is sleeping in the Lair.
Health: 80%
Level : 2
Mood: Tired
Efficiency: 90%

September 9th, 2009, 20:32

In the lair a gnarled troll stirs as if he's about to re-awake...

September 9th, 2009, 23:51
(New record for me. This is the longest post I ever did in the RP. :D If anything here seems like Godmodding, let me know and I'll change it up.)
Ivan the Spider

*Ivan's sight recovered, and was able to see again, and what he saw, was another Hammer being thrown at his face again. Ivan caught the Hammer before it hit him and threw it back at the Orc.*

"AUGH!" The Orc wailed in pain.

*Seeing the Orc stunned for a moment, Ivan bit the Orc's leg and flinged him across the Room. The Orc's head met with the Steel Door. The Orc got up, pulled out another hammer and threw it at Ivan once again. Ivan tried to catch it again, but it was heavier than the other hammers, so it broke one of Ivan's legs.*

"AGH!" Ivan yelped in pain.

*Unable to feel his second right leg, Ivan stumbles towards the Orc, who ran out of hammers and is now using a Axe. The Orc swings his axe towards Ivan, who dodges it. Ivan creates a Web Lasso, while dodging the Orc's attacks, and throws it onto the Orc's Axe. The Orc didn't want his axe to be taken so easily, so he pulled with all his power to keep it. Ivan saw that if they kept going at this rate, noone will get the axe, so, Ivan bit the Orc's hands. The Orc let go of the axe, grabbing his bitten hand. Suddenly, the Orc stopped moving, and fell down onto the ground as poison dripped out of the Orc's hand.*

Level Up!
Ivan Learned Speed!

*Ivan looks behind him, Tu'vac and Dasoop are still fighting against the last two Goblins, it looks like they are handling it. Ivan pulled out the Mistress Claw out of his Web Net and tries to pick the lock. A snap was heard, as the lock falls onto the ground, sadly, the Mistress Claw broke, so Ivan discarded it. Ivan took a step forward, and the next second later, was surrounded by poison gas. Ivan coughed, trying not to breathe in any poison. Ivan stumbled forward, eventually, Ivan got out of the poison gas. Ivan finally breathed in, and continued walking. The next thing he met was a Spike Trap going into his third left leg. Ivan resisted the urge to scream in pain, instead he rammed the axe he picked up earlier into the Spike Trap.*

*After breaking the trap, Ivan sniffed around for any trace of Dranton or any ally that was imprisoned. Ivan couldn't find any smell of Dranton, but the smell of a Warlock seemed familiar to Ivan. Ivan slowly opens the wooden door leading into the Enemy Hatchery, spotting three Bile Demons gourging themselfs with chickens (One is Level 2, the others are Level 3). Hoping they wouldn't notice him, Ivan crept along the wall, into the doorless room. Ivan entered the Torture Chamber, the Warlock on the Wheel in the middle of the room smelled of ally. Ivan untied the Warlock off the Wheel, and handed him a chicken.*

Health : 21%
Ivan is in the Enemy Torture Chamber, not being Tortured.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Ivan killed the Orc with his poison bite, stole his axe, destroyed the Steel Door's lock with the Mistress claw, was hit by the Spike Trap, destroyed the trap with the axe, opened the wooden door to the enemy Hatchery, sneaked past the few creatures eating all the chickens, released Val'Kaz off the Torture Device and gave him a chicken.

September 11th, 2009, 20:06
Vergil stopped training and turned toward the door that led to the bridge.

....Im not helping by just wating around here. As he finished this thought he opened the door and saw fighting still on the other side of the bridge and quickly ran across it to help.

September 11th, 2009, 20:28
The Lair

Thefsuth lay in his battered goblin bed snoring loudly. The only force that made him jolt awake was the act of drowning on his own foul tasting drool.

What muted tooth sucking in-bred let me over sleep!?

Thefsuth creaked out of bed and saw the bandaged other stab wounds from when he battle charged three goblins that one time ((Did I forget to post the post in which Thefsuth died? I'm so glad I did))

Goblin's loincloths! I could have treated the wounds better with a rusty battle axe!

WAIT! There's a war going on! What selfish idiot waisted his worthless time patching me back to health when there's other worthless idiots on the opposing side ta kill!?

The over sized Troll full iron hammer was dragged from it's resting point and then careered through the dungeon, Thefsuth soon cached up with Virgil on the bridge.

Health : 100
Summery: The The foul mouthed troll woke up and has caught up with Virgil on the bridge

Dark_Omega MK2
September 12th, 2009, 07:41
*Edmundo appears from the portal takes a little walk and looks around, as expected, he found another dungeon to stay his expretion was serious*

Another dungeon... i see... as always...

*Stay quiet for a second while meditates for himself, after a minute then starts walking*

Anyway... better move on... im sick tired...

*Edmundo walks toward the corridor to search for a lair and sleep*

Edmundo is now walking out of the Portal Room

Dark_Omega MK2
September 12th, 2009, 19:10
*After a little while, Edmundo walks straight the corridor and finds the Lair*


*Edmundo thinks where to make his new home*

(There's many creatures here... i just hope they dont annoy me... unlike my last the last dungeon i was... yeah that was very unhappy... ... for them...)

*Edmundo walks to the bottom left corner of the lair*

i guess this will be perfect...

*Edmundo makes his home in bottom left corner of the lair*

...Now... im... hungry... i hope there is chicken in here... unlike the last dungeon i was... ... greedy bas-

*Stops talking to himself to see the hatchery in the next corridor to the south and walks to the south to the hatchery Edmundo just walks around and grabs any chicken and starts eating*

Summary: Edmundo made his home at the library and now he is eating at the hatchery

Dark_Omega MK2
September 13th, 2009, 06:33
On the last episode: Edmundo came out of the portal and went directly to the lair to make his home, now he is finishing eating at the hatchery.

And now... the exciting conclution...

*Edmundo finished eating after grabin some chicken and eat them whole realizing that somehow creatures are able to eat chicken with feathers, beaks and stuff... all in one shot*

i think this chicken is not bad... better than the last dungeon i was... but i still dont like feathers... anyway... time to move on... my skills are completely rusted... i need some training...

*Edmundo walked to the corridor on the west of the hatchery and arrives to the treasury, he stoped for a moment to watch what was inside*

hmmm... nothing too impresive...

*continue walking and enter the room right straight to him, now he is in the workshop*

hmmm this is not what im looking for...

*Edmundo walks back to the treasury and looks the door to the south*

aha... this is the training room...? not bad... not bad at all... anyway... the keeper pays me to protect this place... better get started...

*Edmundo draw his knife and start hitting the dummy with it*

hmmm lets see... how was it? left, right... no no... im doing it all wrong... curses... i need a lot to practice...

Edmundo is now training in the training room (no, duh)

Summary: Edmundo finished eating chicken, headed to the treasury, then entered the workshop for a second and finally to the training room in which he is training right now.

Duke Ragereaver
September 19th, 2009, 12:05
Vaturdo awoke from his slumber, his wounds been healed now. With no orders given by his Keeper he decided to take matters into his own hands….

''Hm, I’m hungry.''

…after eating first. He quickly moved to the hacthery through the treasury and after devouring ‘some’ chickens he moved to the south-easteren part of the trainingsroom to train.

Vaturdo is training in the south-easteren part of the trainingsroom.
Health: 100%
Level : 2
Mood: Happy
Efficiency: 100%

Dark_Omega MK2
September 20th, 2009, 01:50
*While training, Edmundo sees a Bile Demon entering the training room and training, he spoke to himself*

...From all the posible creatures that can be in a dungeon... why a Bile Demon...? At least this place its not as dead as i thought... so... i guess i can't complain at all...

*Edmundo trains some more, then stops and look at his arms*

hmmm... i think my skills are coming back... but not enough... im bored... i need a drink...

*Edmundo starts exits the training room and heads straight north of the dungeon, passing the treasury and the dungeon heart, and finally arrives to the casino, without saying a word, he grabs a beer and starts drinking it*

Ill continue my training later... i need to improve my skills before even thinking on going outside...

Edmundo is now drinking at the casino
Health: 100%
Level : 1
Mood: Happy
Efficiency: 90%

September 22nd, 2009, 20:44
Ivan the Spider

Unable to tell if the Warlock (Val'kaz) had finish the chicken or not, Ivan grabbed him and started to drag him out of the enemy dungeon. Ivan noticed that he wasn't straining himself to drag the Warlock out of the Dungeon.

Enemy Hatchery

The Bile Demons were still busy gorging themselves with chickens, but Ivan didn't wish to take that risk. Ivan pulled out the last chicken in his Web Net, and threw it onto a Bile Demon's head. The other Bile Demons noticed the chicken, and kinda jumped for it. The Bile Demon with the Chicken on his head panicked when they jumped for him, and started fighting with them both. With the Bile Demons completely distracted, Ivan dragged Val'kaz out of the enemy Hatchery.

Enemy Corridor

Once Ivan was in the Corridor, he noticed he left the Axe in the Spike Trap. Once not on top of it, Ivan grabbed and pulled the Axe out with his last free leg. The Spike Trap triggered many times, and started to malfunction. Ivan panicked, traps used Mana when triggered, he might of alerted the enemy Keeper to his presence. Ivan flung Val'Kaz onto his back, and-to the remaining of Ivan's strength-ran for the exit.

Enemy Guardroom

Dasoop and Tu'vac were still fighting the last two goblins. Ivan decided to help Dasoop real fast, by web tripping the Goblin that was about to attack Dasoop. After that, Ivan hurried with Val'Kaz to the exit of the Enemy Dungeon.

Outside the Enemy Dungeon

Ivan was almost out of breath, dropping the Axe, he started moving to the Ally Keeper's dungeon. Ivan pasted Vergil and Thefsuth, but paid them no mind, as he was out of breath.

Ally Guardro- Training Ro- Hac- Treau- LAIR

Finally at the Lair, Ivan moved to the lair, which had Val'Kaz's scent on it, and placed him on it. Ivan turned around, about to go back into battle, but collapses.

"Ah... Not yet... I can still fight..." Ivan mumbled before falling unconscious.

Ivan couldn't open his eyes, but he felt some sort of Imp hands drag him into what felt to be Ivan's lair. Ivan couldn't fight, or move, so he began to sleep in his lair.

Health : 1%
Ivan is sleeping in the Lair.
Level : 5
Mood : Tired
Efficiency : 0%
Summary : Ivan saved Val'Kaz.

Dark_Omega MK2
September 22nd, 2009, 21:07
*Edmundo finished his drink in the casino after a while*

hmmm... this place its dead as a graveyard... nothing interesting here... anyway... back to training...

*Edmundo walks passing the dungeon heart and the treasury to get to the training room, he noticed that the eye patched bile demon its still there training but ignored him*

I guess ill train a bit before exploring this place with more detail...

Edmundo trains once again at the training room

Health: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy
Efficiency: 90%

September 23rd, 2009, 07:38
The Escape (From Val'Kaz Point of View)

After being tortured what what seemed like an eternity and effectively losing his grip on reality, Val'Kaz was sure that he was being lifted up by a nice and gritty back cloud made of millions of tiny beetles and that he was eating a nice steamed library book.

He was first lifted off the Torture device before being hauled on the cute little creatures and flung around near the top of the room before proceeding through the corridors, blacking out and coming to several times a moment. At one point he thought he heard what sounded like a spider's mandibles clicking in fear, but he told himself that he was delirious (^.^ Delirous in a delirium!). He then imagined goblin and troll shouts before finally getting a moment of peace in a rush of all consuming black, and in a moment of pure insanity, he saw red tiles.
Meanwhile, Necrotyc was busy pecking at the trolls feet, but no sooner had the troll stepped to loom over him did he regain his skeletal compusure, and his sword, which he had never let go of, raised with his regular skeletal height. Unfortunately (for the troll) this left a very emasculated creature in the room, and given that Necrotyc had long since accepted his lack of original manhood, well...
As all men can relate to, the Trolls reflexes send his hands to cover and protect what used to be the area of his genitals, but Necrotyc saw the opening and, with one quick slash of his blade, cut off the Troll's head.

And finally... (Sorry for the long post!)
Excellent work my minions! You are all - wait, hang on? Whats this! Filthy trash! I'm fighting a war here and we've two uninjured warriors NOT on the field? I know a certain Rogue and a certain bile demon that are looking forward to some prison time! GET ON THE FRONT LINES!
And last of all, to my lovely, precious imps, GET TO WORK!

Val'Kaz escaped with Ivan (or was it beetles? DAMN YOU DELIRIUM!)
Necrotyc castrated and decapitated a troll
Larquidos gave his orders

September 23rd, 2009, 18:28
Hearing his keeper's remarks Thefsuth chewed on his top lip in thought before shouting "Are yeh gonna slap yer idle creatures Keeper, or are ye too afraid you'll brake a nail!?"

Content in knowing that he was back on track for insults Thefsuth Surveyed his surroundings:


Yes, that is how Thefsuth sees the under world, he does not approve.

September 24th, 2009, 01:05
Ivan the Spider

Ivan's broken leg twitches.


Ivan's broken leg twitches again.


Ivan's leg twitches once more. A very loud snap is heard throughout the Dungeon, as Ivan's broken leg pops back into place.

"Ou...ch..." Ivan groaned.

Health : 2%
Ivan is still in the Lair.
Level : 5
Mood : In pain
Efficiency : 1%

Dark_Omega MK2
September 25th, 2009, 04:19
*Edmundo hears the call of his master and thinks*

Yes master... (a little briefing on the mision would be nice, but i don't feel like roting to death in the prision...)

*Edmundo leaves the training room and and heads to the guardroom on the left and walks across all the traps*

Not bad... but that won't last in a real battle...

*Edmundo heads left not too far to find a stone bridge where he finds a Troll and a Rogue*

...? (who are those guys? maybe they are part of the attack team... or... maybe they just happen to be here... what ever there is no way ill go ahead alone... at least in this state... it is suicide... guess i dont have much of a choise)

*Edmundo walks near the troll and the rogue*

what are you two doing in here?

HP: Full
Level: 1
Mood: Indiferent
Efficiency: 90%
Edmundo is at the Stone Bridge

September 25th, 2009, 15:02
Vergil turned at the sound of this new voice.

Hey Thefsuth looks like we got some fresh meat here in the dungeon, and to answer yoru question were at war!

Vergil then continued walking forward mumbling to himself that the keeper is too lazy to even tell the newbies whats going on.

September 25th, 2009, 16:56
The bridge

Seeing a newbie dungeon dweller talk to him Thefsuth quickly hid the wooden stake he was whittling behind Vergil's back.

"Oh not a second rogue!" (Eddy Mundo is a rogue right?) "Do you know why this dungeon is so empty all of tha sudden? It's not because of our keeper's Vast incompetence, or the fact that our keeper sent us all into battle with out any tactical support, or even the wonderful truth that our keeper stopped doing anything for a long amount of time probably because he was catching up on his well needed beauty sleep! No! Everyone is dead because My Workshop had a piece of metal stolen from it by a ro-

"Actually it probably is the stupid keeper's senile fault. Come on you two, let's smash in some civilians and pee in their corpses."

Thefsuth made a gesture as to move towards Keeper Jarquidos' dungeon-

Thefsuth has suggested we all go on a merry wonder of murder towards Keeper Jarquidos' dungeon.

September 26th, 2009, 02:44
In light on his recent kill, Necrotyc was struck with glee - a glee rather unlike his character, for he disdained death in life... it seemed death could change anyone.

Accepting his changed ethics, Necrotyc moved on into the filthy blue training room. It smelled of despair and looked rather like a bunch of corpses had been used to decorate it... months ago. As the training room was empty, he decided to pass it through and walked up to a wooden door barring a corridor that sounded as if it was buzzing with activity.

One thump.
Two thump.
Three... CRACK? A oblivious warlock stood infront of Necrotyc, looking at the blade lodged into his head. Unfortunately, it would seem that the warlock had some form of divine protection, for the blade, whilst shattering his skull, had failed to knock him out or destroy his mental and physical mobility.
Necrotyc couldn't help but chatter in fear as the warlock held his hands out infront of him and shouted "BRIZOT!"

Knocked back several metres by the force of the magic and losing grip of his sword in the process, Necrotyc was forced back into the training room and hit his right side and sword arm rather painfully on one of the stationary training dummies.


September 26th, 2009, 16:57
Ivan the Spider

Ivan wakes from a short nap, which healed most of his injuries, and got out of his lair. +50

"Ugh... I gotta take it easy next time." Ivan muttered.

Ivan begins to leave the Dungeon, before he does, he goes to the Hatchery to grab a couple of chickens to eat, then enters the Training Room. There was a Bile Demon with a eyepatch training, Ivan wondered if he should ask him to join raiding the enemy Dungeon. Ivan went for it.

"Uh... Hello. Would you like to join the raiding group for the Enemy dungeon that is nearby?" Ivan asked.

Health : 65%
Ivan asked if he wanted to join the Raiding Group.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

Dark_Omega MK2
September 26th, 2009, 18:48
"Pee in their corpses" huh...? Not bad for a green hammerhead...

*Edmundo follows them*

Before going... i need a clear briefing of the mission... like... who the hell are we hunting? Also... are we really the only ones in the dungeon to hunt down the enemy? that is not a smart strategy... it will lead us to a certain death... we can use one farting, meat tank... i saw one of those in the training room... but... whatever... not that i really care about it anyway... after all... i just follow order from our master... besides i assume you know the enemy more than i... ill follow you in whatever strategy you got in mind then...

*Edmundo keeps following Thefsuth and Vergil, waiting for answers*

Summary: Edmundo follows the command of Thefsuth and Vergil

September 26th, 2009, 20:28
Clap Clap Clap - That's the sound that Thefsuth's bare boiled covered feet make on the tiles between the bridge and...

The Guard Room

Thefsuth, hearing Eddy's whining swang round and jabbed the rogue with his iron torso sized hammer head;

"That's dangerous thinkin'! Lucky fer you it's a step up from yer normal stupid thinkin'.

"The job of every slurring, slack jawed creature is to run into battle towards their hillarious deaths at the moment their keeper give them the omni-idiotic order. And without any girly cries of complaints too!

"We'll run into Jarquedos' dungeon, knee a few baby blue creatures in their ugly parts, go completely the wrong way, become surrounded and out numbered, get our selves extremely killed, and still have time to destroy the dungeon heart afta'wards."

I love it when a plan comes together.

Duke Ragereaver
September 26th, 2009, 20:52
Keeper Larquidos’ trainingsroom.

Vaturdo’s training was interrupted when his master, Keeper Larquidos, was ordering him to the ‘front lines’. It was obvious to him that things quite changed when he temporary left the dungeon. That could explain why he only saw just one rogue in the trainingsroom.

‘’The masters’ temper is one thing that didn’t change’’. He quietly mumbled

He was not sure what to do next, since he had no idea where the enemy is. A voice then came up, it was a spider with a cowboy hat on it, something unusual.

"Uh... Hello. Would you like to join the raiding group for the Enemy dungeon that is nearby?" the spider asked.

‘’You could tell me first what’s going on here, spider, tell me first what’s your name if we are supposed to fight alongside each other.’’ was Vaturdo’s response.

Vaturdo the bile demon is interacting with Ivan the (cow)spider
Health : 99%
Level : 2
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 90%

Keeper Jarquidos’ creatures protecting his dungeon

One level 5 bile demon
Three level 1 bile demons

Three level 3 orcs
One level 3 dark elf
One level 1 goblin

Four level 2 trolls
Two level 2 rogues

Enemy creature abilities: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Keeper_Klan_Forum/index.php?showtopic=2627

September 26th, 2009, 21:11
Ivan da CowSpida

‘’You could tell me first what’s going on here, spider, tell me first what’s your name if we are supposed to fight alongside each other.’’ The Bile Demon replied.

"Oh, my name is Ivan. Jarquidos, the enemy Keeper, created built a bridge to our entrance of the Dungeon, and sent many creatures to attack us. So far, a Salamander was killed, Dranton the Beetle was captured, Xerina the Dark Elf is in a coma, and I haven't seen the first Skeleton we got for awhile. Now I think about it, many of our allies are missing." Ivan started to explain.

Ivan then noticed, he forgot to ask for the Bile Demon's name.

"Oh, mind if I ask your name?" Ivan asked.

Health : 70%
Ivan asked for Vaturdo's name.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

September 27th, 2009, 03:47
After being hit into the dummy, Necrotyc realised that he would be useless with his now totally-feels-like-its-on-fire sword arm, so he dropped his sword. He then began to dart around the training room, keeping training dummies between him and the warlock at all times - to prevent an unfortunate stint of Deja Vu.
When he thought that the warlock was tiring, he got ready for a counter attack. Raising his shield with his left arm, he ran up to the warlock, screaming like a maniac.

Unfortunately, the warlock wasn't stupid, and although he had lost some of his power through the broken cap of his skull, he was still perfectly ready for a simple spell.


Whilst his shield caught the full force of the blow, the shield WAS connected to him, and thus Necrotyc was flung directly into the side wall of the training room, getting some fetid organs from past foes in his eyes and cracking his skull against a brick. K.O

When he came to, Necrotyc was back in the Prison.


Necrotyc lost his fight with the warlock and is now back in Prison.
Health: 25%

__________________________________________________ ______________

Waking up with a throbbing headache, a burning foot and a partched mouth, Val'Kaz hop-stumbled towards the Hatchery, and after draining the essence of a few chickens and drinking a good ol' cup of blood, he felt slightly better. He then hopped over to the library due to some unknown compulsion and went directly to the registry book.

"Soo.... let me get this straight. We've researched lightning strike, but not Possession. Thats some screwed up priorities right there."

Putting his statement to mind, Val'Kaz walked over to a tome that was titled
*Your Minion's Mind and You: How to Dominate Their Every Thought!*
opened it, and quickly began reading.

Val'Kaz woke up, ate and is now researching possession (Its totally not because of any plans i've been trying to make, or anything. I'd never be so self centered as that. NO!)

Health: 65% (Nothing a rest can't cure!)
Location: Home sweet home - Larquidos' library.

Dark_Omega MK2
September 28th, 2009, 04:55
*Edmundo ignores most of the commentary from Thefsuth, the serious expretion on his face has not changed at all*

Jarquidos... i see...

*Edmundo keeps following them*

Well... have it your way hammerhead... as i told you before... im here to obey orders from our master... thats is my purpose as long as i stay in this land... and whatever we like it or not... we are comrades... and thats not gonna change as long as we serve the same master... Whatever you understand this or not... makes no diference to me at all...

*From there, Edmundo keeped himself quiet and limited to follow Vergil and Thefsuth waiting for the time to battle*

Edmundo is following Thefsuth and Vergil.
Health : 100%
Level : 1
Mood : Indiferent
Efficiency: 90%

September 28th, 2009, 18:42
The Guard Room

"See Vergil? Why can't yer be like Eddy here: Less of your stupid stupid and more of his normal stupid?"

Thefsuth took one step onto Jarquedos' blue land.

"Well I don't think much of this keeper! I should be stinking dead by now!"

Thefsuth speed plodded forward until he got to the corner and peered through his telescope (Which consisted of him holding his fingers to his eyes in a binocular shape) down the long hallway, through the treasury, over the guard room, between the bars of the iron door and along the endless hall way until he spotted Three Orcs in a Casino. Thefsuth waved for attention,

And mooned them. Loin cloth flapping about the knees.

Thefsuth lead the small party to the entrance of the blue dungeon proper and antagonized three orcs who may or may not have noticed.

September 29th, 2009, 00:09
(OOC: I finally got myself to write down the return of Xerina XD)

Xerina, the Lv.4 Dark Elf

After more than a day, Xerina finally opened her eyes.
"A... dream?", she thought.
She felt weak, but managed to get up and sit in her bed. Her vison was blurry and unfocused, but she could at least see that her arms were unusually pale, about snow white. Puzzled, she brought her left hand closer to her face. Her vision slowly got more focused and now she could recognize the bandages on her hand and, ultimatelly, her wntire arm.
"That was... real!?", she thought while remembering the frightening scenes of the lighting strike and the painful fall into the lava river.
She tried to reach her backpack, but noticed it was missing. She hysterically started to look for it and ultimately found it next to her bed, left there by the imp that dragged her to the Lair. Luckily for her, the backpack mostly resisted the heat, so most of the stuff inside was still usable. She quickly searched the backpack and found her pocket-sized mirror inside it. She got up, but fell to the ground almost instantly, since she was still weak. She tattered to the wall and tried to use it to help her walk/stop her from falling over again. She clumsily got near a torch mounted on the wall and lifted the mirror, noticing that her face was bandaged as well. She reached for the bandages on her face with a sheaky hand and started to unfold them. After she unfolded the bandages on her face, she looked at the mirror again.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H!!!", a loud, screachy female scream, equal to that of the banshees, echoed through the dungeon.
Xerina's face was disfigured. Her beauty was gone. She collapsed on the floor, still watching her reflection in the mirror with disbelief.
"No... It can not be...", she mumbled, refusing to accept the truth.
After she finally gathered enough strength, she put the mirror down and folded her bandages again. After checking with the mirror to see if she did it right, she tattered to her bed and put the mirror back into her backpack. Her vision has almost completely recovered, but it was still a bit hazy. She looked at her clothes, noticing that her pants mostly resisted the heat, but her shirt was burnt, with the sleeves completely missing. She searched through her belongings trying to find some spare clothing, but soon she realized that the shirt she was wearing was actually her spare shirt, most likely changed by the Imp that bandaged her (either that or Keeper ran out of dolls - ahem- action figures to dress up XD). It turned out that her real shirt was severly burned, almost completely destroyed, and this one was actually on top of her backpack, protecting most of her other stuff from the heat, but getting slightly charred itself. Thanks to the way it was folded, however, only the sleeves got completely burnt, leaving the rest 'usable'.
"How long hath I been out?", she finally started wondering and her stomach, as if answering her, started to growl. "I guess I should go to the Hatchery...", she decided, grabbing her dagger and crossbow that were next to her bed.
Slowly, she headed to the Hatchery, wobbling and shaking.
"I wonder who hath won the battle? Is it still raging?", she thought.
When she got to the Hatchery, she aimed at one of the chickens, trying to stabilize her shaky hands. She fired few shots before actually hitting any chickens, after which she pick it up and roasted it over the torch on the wall, holding it by the end of the bolt that impaled it.

Xerina woke up from her coma, screamed loudly and hysterically when she realized her face was ruined, then headed to the Hatchery, where she's currently roasting a chicken.
Health: 20%
Gold held: 70


Dranton, the Lv.4 Beetle

Memories of the last day are mostly unclear to Dranton, partially because he tried to forget what have been happening. He spent some time in Prison and part of the time in Torture Chamber (explaining why Val'Kaz didn't see him in Prison - Dranton was actually put back in Prison to free the torture device to torture Val'Kaz XD). When he first came to, he realized that enemies have already found and taken the 70 gold coins he had with him. Exhausted and starved, Dranton spent his time lying in the Prison's corner semi-concious, barely noticing the skeleton being dragged back into Prison. Dranton continued to stare blankly at one point, wondering if there's any hope of being rescued.

Dranton is being held in an enemy Prison.
Health: 10%
Gold Held: 0

September 29th, 2009, 00:21
Vergil had abandoned Thefsuth and the other rogue making his way past the enemy Spike trap and into the training room.

When he saw the enemy creatures there he quickly began to make his way around them by hiding behind a few of the dummies and moving by quickly one of them thought they heard footsteps and saw nothing so quickly turned around back to the others and continue talking.

Vergil then madeh is way into the

Vergil entered the enemy prison

He quickly began looking around for anyone and saw dranton the Beetle slumped in a nearby cell looking in horible condition. He quickly ran over and picked the lock before going in and picking the Almost unconsius beetle up.

Come on you little bug lets g- Before he could finish a loud shriek erupted from the direction of the dungeon.

"thats not good" He thought as he began carrying the beetle back towards the dungeon to find out what happened

September 29th, 2009, 01:44
(Nijuni! Welcome back!)

Ivan the Spider

While talking to a Bile Demon in the Training Room, a loud banshee scream echoed throughout the Dungeon, which frighted Ivan, and caused Ivan's once broken leg to pop out of place again.

"Good Dark God! What was that?" Ivan exclaimed. Ivan turned to the Bile Demon. "Umm... Excuse me for a second." Ivan said to the Bile Demon.

There were some echoes of the scream still, at least to Ivan, as he started thinking where it would of originated. Ivan thought to search the Lair first, and headed through the Treasury into the Lair. Everything seemed normal, until Ivan realized Xerina's lair was empty.

Did a enemy creature sneak past the Training Room?

Ivan froze with alarm, scenting the air. There wasn't any scent of enemy creatures, however there was a scent of a burned Creature. Ivan followed the scent into the Hatchery. Ivan looked about, seeing what appeared to be a Dark Elf covered in bandages roasting a chicken. It was then Ivan noticed, that was Xerina. Grief stabbed at Ivan, it wasn't his imagination, Xerina did fall in the lava. Ivan wanted to be of help to her, try to comfort her at the least.

She fell in the lava during the battle... How can I comfort her? All I got was a broken leg and my chest arrowed open, and that is nowhere as bad as a lava dip...

Then a memory of that one Demon Spawn girl ranged in his head, and a dark voice echoed in his mind.

You are a Spider. Nothing will like you. You are useless space. Make room for a Goblin. Freak. Better Dead. Flies are more valuable than you. Die. The voice echoed.

Ivan was terrified, a dark voice was speaking in his mind. Many insults came from the dark voice, Ivan was about to lose his mind, until he found himself hurling back to reality, still frozen to the spot he was at, with Xerina roasting a chicken.

Ivan took a few steps to her, but freezes. After a few seconds, Ivan took a deep breath, and finally walk towards Xerina. Words were stuck in Ivan's throat, making it hard for Ivan to talk. Ivan gulped, and finally started to talk.

"X-Xerina?" Ivan shyly started.

Health : 65%
Ivan started 'talking' to Xerina.
Level : 5
Mood : -Unknown-
Efficiency : 80%

September 29th, 2009, 03:43
((:-D Good to see some friendly faces and the RP back in full swing!!))

The script continued: "...however, some creatures minds are far easier to dominate," Val'Kaz burst out laughing at the notion of a CREATURE hard to dominate, when he himself had defied a keeper's will, "and others are more pleasant to be in. Be careful of willfull creatures, as even if you do wind up in control of their meatsacks their impressions and expressions can still be imprinted onto your conciousness..."

Val'Kaz is continuing his research of Possession. Totally not for his own benefit.

September 29th, 2009, 11:39
(OOC: Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. It's good to be back.)

Xerina, the Dark Elf

Xerina heard a shy, insecure voice: "X-Xerina?".
She turned toward it and saw Ivan standing next to her. She quickly averted her gaze, feeling uneasy with him seeing her like this.
"I-Ivan... Hath... the battle concluded?", she responded with an insecure voice, "Or hath thou suffered a fate similar to mine...?".

Xerina responded to Ivan.
Health: 20%


Dranton, the Beetle

To Dranton, Vergil's voice seemed like his own thought rather than someone talking, until a female scream snapped him back to reality. He looked at the figure carrying, barely managing to recognize him with his hazy vision:
"Vergil...? Is that you...?", he said in a whispery voice - mostly from exhaustion, rather than being causious not to be heard by enemies.

Dranton barely recognized Vergil, who's currently carrying him.
Health: 10%

September 29th, 2009, 23:50
Ivan Da Spider

"I-Ivan... Hath... the battle concluded?", she responded with an insecure voice, "Or hath thou suffered a fate similar to mine...?".

"I have suffered many injuries... But, none of them are fatal compared... to yours. The battle rages on still, within the enemy Dungeon's walls..." Ivan replied.

Ivan shakes his head, unable to find anymore words.

"I'm sorry Xerina..."

Ivan turns and leaves the Hatchery into the Training Room.

In the Training Room

Ivan was gonna talk to the Bile Demon again, but figured he knew enough about the battle. Ivan continued to the exit of the Ally Dungeon.

After awhile of walking back onto Blue Land, Ivan took a quick look around, and noticed a Troll mooning something. To the best of Ivan's skill, he ignored the giant green bum and walked towards the Troll and Rogue.

"Hey, am I late?" Ivan said to them.

Health : 65%
Ivan is with Thefsuth and Ed.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 75%

September 30th, 2009, 03:09
When Dasoop opened back his eyes, everything was so blurry at first. He could hardly see what was going on, but could notice that the Goblin he was fighting against was about to attack him. He shook his head quick to recover his sight, and could see that Ivan the Spider has webbed the Goblin to save him. He was glad of that and grinned at the Spider while he left the enemy's dungeon with Val'Kaz on his back, leaving him alone (Kanquios and Tu'vac seem to be gone). Tired, Dasoop decided to take a lava bath by going back toward the lava river, near the new claimed Guard room. The nice sensation of the burning lava over his wounded scales made him feel much better and could recover a bit of his health.

Later, he could hear some steps coming in his direction. When he looked toward where the sound was coming, he could see Thefsuth, Vergil and another Rogue entering into Jarquidos' dungeon, followed later by Ivan. It was the ideal moment to go helping them in the fight. Dasoop left the lava river and followed them.

- Heya, wait for meah! WAIT FOR MEEAAAHH!!!

Health = 62% (because of the lava bath)
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is following Thefsuth's troop.
Level = 3 (23%)
Mood = A bit better and ready for more fight
Efficiency = 85%

Summary of the situation = Dasoop was saved by Ivan the Spider and went back to take a lava bath. Later, he could see some of his friends going for fighting and decided to follow them to help them.

September 30th, 2009, 16:41
Thefsuth grinned at the two welcome faces that joined the party, but more so at the fact Vergil had left. He quickly remembered to locate his loincloth and drab it up to his prominent beer belly.

"Dasoop yer ugly lizard! I'm so glad ta see you I wont even bother to hold my breath in yer presence! Any imp with a limp knows yer welcome to join us on our pub crawl!"

Thefsuth looked at Ivan, he did not approve of the idea of a creature attending battle in costume, no doubt he'd get the 4 of them all killed horribly.

"Well yer certainly an improvement on Vergil! Welcome back to tha party! Also there's three orcs chargin' towards us, I suggest we do 'em in before the smell get's any worse!"

I don't really know what he's talking about, Thefsuth practicly has visible stink lines coming off of him.

Thefsuth welcomes Dasoop and Ivan to the group, also thee orcs from the casino are about to engage them. Fun times!

Dark_Omega MK2
September 30th, 2009, 20:31
*Edmundo watches Vergil get away*

fool... always in a hurry to die... alright... i guess its time for me to get insi-

*He couldnt finish what he was saying when a loud scream disturbed him*

...and that completely ruins any stealth factor... thanks dungeon... always making my day...

*See a spider coming*

about time... maybe you can help me to control this suicidal hammerhead...

*See a demon spawn*

Great... now this starts looking like an assault party...

*Edmundo see the orcs from the casino coming for a fight*

Well... guess i have to fight with a team by my side... definetely not my style... anyway... *draws knife and gets into battle pose* Who is the first one to die?

Edmundo its ready to fight
Health = 100%
Level = 1
Mood = Ready to Fight
Efficiency = 90%

October 1st, 2009, 18:04
Xerina, the Dark Elf

As Ivan was leaving the Hatchery, Xerina turned toward him and watched him leaving. No one was as nice to her as Ivan was ever since she had to flee from the Overworld. She started eating her chicken, which was done by now, thinking:
"I should return to battle... I should not let these wounds keep me from helping my allies... ", she thought and rose her left hand, "It is still shaking... I must be strong... I must not let this shatter my mind... break my spitit...", she thought as she clenched her hand into a fist.
After she finished eating the chicken, she picked up the bolts that were around the Hatchery (left there after she missed several chikens before) and headed toward the enemy dungeon. After passing the Training Room (ignoring Vaturdo) and Gurad Room she noticed that some of the enemy land was claimed.
"At least some good news...", she thought and headed across the bridge and towards the newly claimed Guard Room.
She recognized several of the allied creatures as well as some new faces ahead. She noticed that they were looking down a tunnel and preparing to fight. It seemed that the enemies were coming their way. She prepared her crossbow and walked toward the group (not running because of her wounds).

Xerina finished her chicken, picked up her crossbow bolts and headed to the enemy land. She noticed the group of allies and headed toward them.
Health: 40% (ate a chicken)

(OOC: My 'net 'expires' tomorrow night. I might not post for few days, until I get to 'Fog City' (nickname I gave to the city where my faculty is) and activate my 'net connection there.)

Duke Ragereaver
October 1st, 2009, 18:14
Vaturdo the bile demon :bile:

After Ivan the spider gaved a response there was a loud female scream, making the Ivan leaving to investigate it. Vaturdo took the opportunity to think about the statement Ivan told him, and analyze it.

Apparantly there is some mess that needs to be cleaned up... and fortunately I'm an excellent cleaner! He said to himself.

Vaturdo proceded to move to the west of the trainingsroom, crossing a lava river over the bridge. And noticed there were some creatures standing near a guard room. Without really knowing them, he approached with caution...

Vaturdo the bile demon is near the guard room

October 2nd, 2009, 04:44
"...from there, your hapless body should be under your complete and utter control. Do as you will with the body, but it is suggested that you keep it alive, for some keepers have been known to become trapped in corpses of their minions.
Now what the hell are you waiting for? GET TO IT!"

Finally putting the tome down, Val'Kaz thought he was ready to let Larquidos know about possession.
"Larquidos, get your lazy conciousness over here and listen to what i've found out!" After he'd spoken the words, Val'Kaz felt the air around him become thick with an unknown presence, and then, without warning, Val'Kaz felt but a whisper of another being inside his mind.

"Yes. That knowledge will be helpful. Thank you, Val'Kaz. Oh, and Val'Kaz?"
"Yes, oh insolent one?"
"I still hate you."
"Indeed. The feeling is mutual".

And then the air once again became clear.

Val'Kaz finished researching possession and informed Larquidos about it.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Necrotyc was bored, so he wailed outloud for room service.
"What does a barbarian," Necrotyc looked at himself sadly and corrected his words, "Eh, Skeleton, have to do around here to get another chamber pot?! And would it kill you to give me some FOOD?" Everything was entirely sarcastic, and he knew the mentality of keepers, so he was delighted when an imp came along holding what looked like a liver.
The imp came close to the prison bars and held the liver out towards him... his arm going through the bars.

Then Necrotyc grabbed the imp with his arms, pulling, and putting his legs up to the bars as well to pull at the imp with every inch of strength in his body.

The imps arm promptly exploded in a flurry of mana.

Nothing much, just felt like moar ARRPEE.

October 2nd, 2009, 20:51
Vergil turned toward the beatle ath is side and opened his mouth to speak and then shut it again when a voice popped up in his head that almostm ade him speak the words it spoke.

Your going into the lava bug boy

Vergil shook his head and the voice faded. He knew what the vocie was and knew it meant nothing but bad news for himself and maybe the rest od the dungeon.

Y-yea its me lets get back to the dungeon he said in a shaky voice unlike his own.

October 2nd, 2009, 21:25
Ivan the Spider

Three Orcs, coming in. Fast. Ivan thought of webbing lassoing one towards him, so they could beat the crap out of him, but if Ivan did that... The Other Orcs would pull him towards them, and he would be dead really quick.
Ivan started to ponder, what will he do? Jump on one's face? Swatted off, and smashed like a bug... Bite them to poison them? Ivan's poison takes a long time to effect, sometimes it won't even take effect. Ivan would have to wait if he didn't want to die.

As the Rogue drew his blades out, Dasoop right behind them, the Bile Demon he talked with earlier, the Troll readying his hammer, and Xerina as support...

Ivan then thought of a crazy idea.

Ivan created a fairly strong Webbing Lasso and threw it at one of the Orcs. It surrounded one of the Orcs, who grabbed it and pulled Ivan towards him.


Once close enough, Ivan made a jump onto the Orc (I'm calling the Orc Ivan is attacking OrcA.), and pushed him to the ground. Ivan made a reach to bite the Orc in the neck, but was kicked off. Ivan latched onto the ceiling. OrcB was trying to hit Ivan with his hammer, but missed and hit OrcA in the foot. OrcA let out a painful scream.

"Forgit this Spida! 'E got some 'etter targits!" OrcA yelled, and charged for the ally creatures.

When the Orcs were close to Ivan's comrades, Ivan dropped down and he grabbed the Lasso he made, which is still around OrcA, and pulled with all his power back. The Orc fell backwards, scrambled up and charged at Ivan. The Orc slammed his hammer down, Ivan dogded, then sat on the hammer.

"Git! Git off mah 'ammer!"

The Orc punched Ivan in the face, then began to pick up his hammer to fling Ivan off. Once the Orc had his hammer over his head, Ivan shifted his weight, causing the Orc to drop his hammer onto his own head, knocking him out. Ivan left the Orc alive, if Ivan tried to kill him right now, Ivan would be vulnerable to attacks and be squished. After leaving the Orc, Ivan returned to his comrades to aid them kill the other two Orcs.

Health : 50%
Ivan is behind the attacking Orcs.
Level : 5
Mood : My face hurts.
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Ivan knocked a Orc out with his own hammer, and is behind the attacking Orcs.

October 3rd, 2009, 03:34
Larquidos loomed over the battlefield, looking at the various skirmishes that were occuring between his and his brother's minions.
He was not overly impressed, but he was rather happy with a certain spiders competence.

When he noticed an additional Dark Elf and Goblin heading to enter the fray with what he called his front line, he was rather worried for his wellbe- ahem, his creatures.

He looked at his group of minions, and noticing a general lack of veteran like prowess, he fixed his eyes on a certain green figure that appeared to be the embodiement of ugly.

Then, after a great sigh, he muttered 2 simple words, his mind going down into the figure...

October 3rd, 2009, 05:29
Dasoop grinned back at Thefsuth and answered :

- Hahaha, yah! I'm glada to see ya too! Let's do some fightah!!!

After speaking, he could hear a huge scream coming from their own dungeon. Dasoop was worrying.

- Arrr! Zhat's not good at all... Hey Keepah, what happans?

He looked behind, watching the way they came in, and saw Xerina and Vaturdo coming, which made Dasoop smile. Then, he looked back at the front and could see the Orcs coming toward them. One of them got pulled back by Ivan that was behind them. Dasoop took that moment to leap over one of the remaining Orcs' (let's say OrcB as Ivan called him) in the belly, planting his claws and pushing him back on the floor. Instantly, he bit him in the neck, making the Orc yelling of pain, but got smashed hardly by the heavy hammer of OrcC, propelling Dasoop against the nearby wall to fall on the floor afterwards.

Dazed and weak, Dasoop could feel the blood spurting a bit from his head. Completely stunned, he tried to stand up again to take his revenge, but his vision blurred and fell back on the floor, losing consciousness.

Health = 22%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is completely stunned in the enemy's Casino
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = None...
Efficiency = 0%

Summary of the situation = Dasoop attacked one of the Orcs, bitting him on the neck, but got smashed but the other Orc's hammer and finished on the floor, completely stunned and losing consciousness

October 4th, 2009, 15:42
Thefsuth stood bolt up right before jolting about on the spot like a dancing Egyptian hieroglyph.

"Bal- Damn- thei- You- anvi- Sodding- tra- Incompetent- worksh- Keeper!



Thefsuth slumped.

Within Thefsuth’s Mind

If you thought Thefsuth looked vile and disgusting on the outside, you’re completely right. But that doesn’t stop his interior succeeding with flying colours of foul smells and queasy feelings.

The best way to describe the sensation of entering Thefsuth mind would be to image you’re using a traditional portable out house. You’re quietly doing your busness possessing your creature when suddenly your Out house topples over and all manners of unpleasant things flow out, engulf and suffocate you.

Thefsuth’s mind in its youth (Presuming Thefsuth had a youth) might have looked like a normal Trollish workshop dwelling, except now the walls and floors seem to be decaying into what one hopes is mud.

Despite the fact that the mind looks like the core of a rotting apple some one has clearly made attempts to add practical instruments to the dwelling: Plain stone pillars had been erected to hold up the roof, which seem to be working, if only there was a way to stop the walls from falling in. A welcome mat to scrape the decaying floor off your boots would have been a nice edition if the mat too hadn’t decayed into a sticky mess that could probably make your self dirtier. A shower! Thank the dark gods there’s a shower- although, probably best not to test what comes out of it.

Dotted around the walls were pictures of Thefsuth’s fellow dungeon dwellers, or to be more precise, dart boards of his fellow dungeon dwellers. The pictures of Vergil and Larquedos were the most damaged, Vergil’s dart board even had a row of cannons pointed at it. Larquedos’ dart board had lawn mowers embedded in it, but more notably the portrait, and thus Thefsuth’s image of his keeper was a poster of Hanna Montanna. Even Thefsuth’s portrait had the words “Nobody’s perfect” scrawled on it.

In the center of the room was an Iron statue titled “Keeper Thefsuth” which consisted of Thefsuth with a red cape and a full head of hair.

Thefsuth vision was displayed on a 10” by 10” monitor above some well used levers.

Thefsuth has been sucked into his subconscious as Larquidos possesses him.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 5th, 2009, 09:09
*Edmundo quickly approach to one of the Orc from behind while distracted and slash him on the back a bit, making him angry*

C'mon... fight me... i dont have time to waste with you...

*The orc seemed really angry and start attacking Edmundo trying to hit him with his weapon, but Edmundo manages to dodge him, the Orc quickly rushes again at Edmundo attacking him pretty fast multiple times*

...(Damn... he's pretty fast... i forgot that my skills are not yet perfected...)

*Edmundo dodges his attacks and hits the orc with in the hand with the hammer which makes the Orc to drop it*

Hah... got you there fool... now what?

*The orc just looks at Edmundo for a second and then bash him with his shield throwing him on the floor*


*Edmundo tries to get up, while the Orc tries to get his hammer back, Edmundo gets up, but his heads starts hurting as effect of the bashing*

Put yourself togheter Edmundo... this battle has just begun...

Edmundo its standing at in front of one of the orcs, hes a bit dazed.
Health : 100 - 20% = 80%
Level : 1
Mood : Dazed
Efficiency: 70%

October 5th, 2009, 22:29
Ivan the Spider

Dasoop flew past Ivan, just centimeters away from Ivan. Ivan turned back and help Dasoop, before a hammer smashed into Ivan's Abdomen, making Ivan hiss in pain as it crushed its way inside.


Ivan was lifted up by the Hammer. Just when the Orc readied to fling Ivan off his hammer, Ivan used his back legs to cling onto the Hammer. Poor choice, as Ivan was almost killed by being smashed into the ground.


Ivan, trying his best to regain his strength, tried to get up, but a heavy foot was on top of Ivan, preventing him from moving. The Orc got real close to Ivan's face to mutter these words.

"You mangy Spider!" The OrcB spat in Ivan's face with effort from Dasoop's bite.

(Ivan is pleased by your sacrifice.)

Ivan bit into the OrcB's throat, began to suck blood out of the Orc's throat, while stabbing at him with all his legs, and clung on for dear life. Ivan was getting battered by the Orc, punched, grabbed and was pulled, and was almost pulled off, but Ivan held on. A few moments later, the Orc fell to the ground. Ivan struggled while getting up, until a new foot stomped on Ivan's head. OrcA woke up! The Orc stomped on Ivan's head again, the blow stunned Ivan's body. After a few more stomps, but Orc decided the Spider was dead and went for Edmundo, Xerina and Vaturdo.


Even though Ivan can't move, he is still well alive, and can watch the remainder of the fight.

Health : 4%
Ivan is stunned.
Level : 5
Mood : Ack... Medic!
Efficiency : 0%

Duke Ragereaver
October 6th, 2009, 05:35
(Sudden anti-climax)

It is payday!

October 6th, 2009, 18:47
Inside Thefsuth's Mind.

"What!? Payday? But the training wheel using Keeper is in control of my body!"

The entrance to Jarquidos' dungeon. (Oo-er!)

Thefsuth still stood lop sided with a glazed look on his eyes due to the lack of mental control at this moment. Even though the battle with the Orcs ragged on around him. His foul mouth slowly filling with drool.

Inside Thefsuth's Mind


Thefsuth started banging on the walls of his mind in frustration, which only made horrible squelching noises in response.

The entrance to Jarquidos' dungeon

Nope, still just standing a drooling there.

The colossal nose of Thefsuth snorted in it's half sleep and his decaying mouth gave a spit to remove the vile drool in his mouth (To make room for more vile drool ofc)

The spit landed square on the forehead of OrcA

+1 damage!

Summery: Thefsuth has managed to archive nothing.

October 6th, 2009, 22:07
(OOC: I finally got 'net again :D)

Xerina, the Dark Elf

When Xerina reached the intersection, Ivan, Dasoop and an unknown rogue were already battling the enemy orcs. She tried to shoot one of them (OrcC), but she feared she might hit the rogue. She haven't completely recovered and her aim was not as good as it used to be, afterall.
After few seconds, she finally noticed that one of the orcs (OrcA) knocked Ivan out. While this was an unfortunate turn of events, it did give Xerina a clear shot of the orc. She aimed and pulled the triger on her crossbow. The orc was hit in his right shoulder, which made him drop his hammer. This might look like an excellent shot, if not for the fact that Xerina actually aimed for his HEAD. She quickly reloaded her crossbow and tried to stay behind the allies for 2 reasons: her health was not so good at the moment AND she's terrible in melee, anyway.
Xerina watched over the battlefield, waiting/looking for a clear shot.

Xerina shot OrcA in the right shoulder and OrcA dropped his hammer.
Health: 40%

October 6th, 2009, 23:18
Inside Thefsuth's Mind

Traped with no input on the out side events Thefsuth sat gawking at the 10" screen that was Thefsuth vision.

"Yer dizzy dark elf! I could have Farted that arrow into the orc's face!" He shouted at the screen.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 7th, 2009, 06:05
*Edmundo recovered his senses and watched OrcC with his hammer on hand*

Damn... i guess that was foolish of me... *Gets in battle position again* Ready for round number two?

*OrcC starts laughing at Edmundo*

Shut up!!!

*Edmundo quickly runs toward OrcC and manages to stab his shoulder with his knife, the orc, acting like if he wasnt injured pulled the knife out of his shoulder and pushed Edmundo away*

Playing with you its boring, now i kill you. *The orc said while quickly getting close to Edmundo and tires to hit him with the hammer whil he is on the floor, Edmundo dodges by rolling to the left and gets up quickly*

No way you will defeat me... *The Orc smilled and quickly hammered Edmundo on the left shoulder, his left arm was stuned, Edmundo suddenly heard the word from the Mentor*


*Edmundo smiles while saying* hah... how anti-climatic... you fool... *Gets his attention to OrcC* Dont think you have won... i still got my knife... *The Orc laughed* ho ho ho, your punny knife against MY hammer and shield? *Keeps laughing*

...(If i dont think carefully my next move... im surely dead... Damn... if only this keeper gave me more time to traing myself up... this situation its embarrasing...)

Edmundo its still fighting OrcC, his left are its paralized, OrcC its currently in the LOLs.
Health : 50%
Level : 1
Mood : Anger and embarrasment
Efficiency : 60%

October 10th, 2009, 04:25
Convincing his possessive body out of its argumentive stupor, Larquidos sent out what he was planning on doing in the first place. Whilst recieving mental comments about how he was doing everything wrong every step of the way, Larquidos made sure his control was complete and begun to move deeper into his brothers dungeon. He noticed a few orcs, but ignored them, and they ignored him (being in a melee with his own denizens).

Seeing a Goblin and a Dark Elf infront of him, Larquidos had a thought about how he was going to destroy them for their insolence. His meatsack had a similiar thought, only he was the dead one in it's mind.

*CHINK* *pheeeeeeeeeeeeew* *CHIRTHCH* A bolt was fired, flew and landed into Thefsuth's flesh. Giving a soft laugh, Larquidos got Thefsuth to rip out the bolt, and after a few seconds, the flesh was healed. Charging up to the first Goblin, "Larquidos" swung "his" hammer and brought it down on the Goblins skull, who fell unconcious - but not before releasing his bowels in terror. The Dark Elf met a similiar treatment, only she was dignified enough to at least try at another bolt before the hammer smashed in her ribcage, preventing her from the dignified act of breathing.

Larquidos, who is still in his friendly ol' meatsack, is heading deeper into his brothers' dungeon.

October 10th, 2009, 13:53
(Merla has been transfered)

October 10th, 2009, 14:04
Inside Thefsuth's mind

Thefsuth looked up and down at the physical manifestation of Larquidos sitting in the control chair and pulling levers.

"I guess I'll have to take down tha Hanna Montanna poster then.

And fer dark god's sake Wash Yer Hands! Yer getting yer scented-soap hands all over ma thoughts! "

Out Side Thefsuth's mind.

Larquidos was in complete and total control! Well, not completely in controll, see, within the old troll their are functions that no Mortal nor God can dream of controlling!

Thefsuth Farted.

October 10th, 2009, 20:26
(Okay, I know somebody may want some of this changed, just let me know.)

Ivan the Spider

Ivan found himself getting up, did the Orc blood heal him? Ivan tried to move once he was up, but instead he found himself jumping onto OrcC's, knocking the Orc down. Ivan sinked his fangs into the Orc, sucking all the blood out of the creature. Ivan is on a frenzy! Ivan started stabbing the orc with four of his legs, while his other four ripped the Orc's organs out. The Orc screamed, trying to lift his hammer. The Orc soon lost too much blood and died. Ivan got off the Orc's lifeless body, hissing like a madspider.

What is happening?! I can't stop myself! The Orc Blood... Is that the reason?!

Ivan then aimed himself for OrcA, who saw the disturbing scene, and jumped. The Orc smacked Ivan with his hammer, sending Ivan into a wall. Ivan fell onto the ground, and got up. Ivan thought his body would try to jump again, but instead found himself in control again. The Orc seemed to diverted his attention to the other creatures, thinking the weak Spider died from the impact. Ivan shaked his head, everything was still spinning. Ivan remembered Dasoop, and rushed to the enemy Casino to Dasoop's side. Ivan tried to wake him.

"Dasoop! Get up! Come on Dasoop!"

Health : 45%
Ivan is trying to wake Dasoop.
Level : 5
Mood : Urgent
Efficiency : 65%

October 10th, 2009, 21:34
(OOC: Didn't OrcA drop his hammer when Xerina shot him o.0? Oh, well.)

Xerina, the Dark Elf

Xerina tried to get a clear shot at one of the 2 surviving orcs, but 1 orc (OrcA) held his shield toward her, so she couldn't hit him again and the other one (OrcC) moved around with the rogue close to him, so she didn't want to risk hitting the rogue. She saw Thefsuth running beside the enemies and deeper into enemy territory. The next thing she noticed was that Ivan rose and jumped the orc rogue was fighting (OrcC). She was surprised to see Ivan attack so viciously and suck the orc dry. Then Ivan jumped the other orc (OrcA), but he smashed him with his hammer he picked up again. Xerina noticed that the orc was briefly off-guard after this and fired a bolt at him. The bolt hit the orc's leg and he fell to his knees. He almost fell over, but he leaned on his hammer so he wouldn't fall. Realising that orc was now open to attacks, Xerina turned toward Vaturdo and the rogue (Eddy) and shouted:
"Now! Before he recovers!", after which she pulled her dagger out of it's holster instead of reloading her crossbow.

Xerina watched Ivan's actions and saw a chance to shoot the orc. After being shot in the leg, Orc fell to his knees and is now open for attacks.
Health: 40%

(OOC: Sorry I didn't react earlier, I forgot Dranton can regenerate. Silly me XD
Dammit, I rolled 10 for Dranton's regeneration (I used the "ran#" function on my calculator XD)! I could've healed 25 hp max. Oh, well.)

Dranton, the Beetle

Dranton noticed that Vergil's voice sounded different, but he thought he just imagined it because he was in the Prison for too long.
"Wait. Put me down. I think I can walk now.", Dranton whispered to Vergil.
As he finally gripped the floor with his feet again, he tried to concentrate on healing his wounds. Dranton's battered body started to recover as he finally completely recovered his senses. His body couldn't heal completely, though - possibly because his stay in the Prison weakened him too much.
"That should do it, I guess... ", said Dranton and turned toward Vergil, "Thanks for coming after me. I guess I owe you one." , then he turned toward the Training Room and saw the enemy creatures in there, "What's our plan of action?", he asked Vergil.

Dranton regenerated somewhat and regained his senses. He thanked Vergil for saving him and asked for plan of action.
Health: 20%

October 11th, 2009, 04:25
Val'Kaz, who had taken a nap and eaten some good ol' DK style KFC was feeling fresh and rosy fingered. Whilst he would have been happy to sit in his lair and learn more about corpses, and more importantly, animating them, he decided that going out and MAKING corpses would probably be a better use of his time.

Val'Kaz walked through his master's dungeon, crossed and bridge and walked up a long winding red path. That was when he saw all his associates, or despised people whom he had the misfortune of being associated with. Except that spider - he was alright.
"Greetings, o insolent ones" , he proclaimed rather pointlessly, as his words fell on creatures caught in the midst of combat.

Val'Kaz is on the battlefield!!!
Val'Kaz woke up, walked to the battlefield and announced his presence.
Health: 98% (because being 100% is just unrealistic. He could have broken a nail, or stepped on a rough stone, or hurt his pride, or cut himself on one of his books or....

Dark_Omega MK2
October 11th, 2009, 05:04
*Edmundo ignored for a moment the fact that he was saved by a spider with a hat as he recovered himself he heard the shout from Xerina*

Heh... he's distracted... its my chance...

*Edmundo quickly recovered and jumped toward the orcA to hit him with his knife*


*Edmundo stabed the Orc on the back completely with his knife*


*The orc seemes pretty bad injured from the unexpected strike and tries to resist*

No you don't... *Edmundo pulls the knife even more which makes the orc to scream in pain and Edmundo looks toward the Dark Elf and the Vile Demon, Edmundo seemed really angry.*

This guy its not dead yet... FINISH IT!!!

Punishing OrcA with his dagger because of his sinz
Health : 50%
Level : 1
Mood : Angry
Efficiency : 70%

Duke Ragereaver
October 11th, 2009, 10:01
At the portal of Keeper Jarquidos...

The western steel door suddenly breakes and some low level dwarves enter the portal room, Jarquidos withdraws and drops his creatures from the casino but they are quickly defeated and killed.

Hero band at Jarquidos' portal
Four level 2 dwarves

The Mentor

It seems that we're not the only ones invited at this party, master...

(This scene is reserved for Searingflame2, who has Thefsuth under his control)

October 11th, 2009, 12:14
Xerina, the Dark Elf

The rogue (Ed) saw the opening and jumped the orc. The orc was backstabbed by rogue's dagger and started to shake violently, trying to get him off his back. Rogue responded to this by pushing his dagger even deeper, which allowed him to keep a firm grip on the orc. Xerina saw this as her chance and charged at the orc while he was trying to shake the rogue off. She surprised the orc and managed to sink her dagger into orc's skull. Needless to say, the orc was done for. The orc gargled few uninteligable noises and slumped to the floor. Xerina pulled her dagger out of his head, and wiped the blood off of it, while saying:
"...and that is why thee should remember the importance of team work. Good job, rogue.", after which she returned her dagger to it's holster.
Ignoring the rude warlock that joined them, Xerina walked to Ivan and Dasoop:
"Art thee alright? Can thee keep going?".

Xerina stabbed the orc in the head after Edmundo stabbed him from behind, killing him. After that, she walked to Ivan and Dasoop and asked them if they are alright.
Health: 40%

October 11th, 2009, 21:50
Ivan the :spider:

The Warlock said something to the battling creatures, sadly, Ivan wasn't close enough to hear.

Ivan was about to go help his comrades finish the last Orc, but they seemed to managed. Soon, after they killed the Orc, they reached Ivan and Dasoop, who were at the entrance of the Casino, and Xerina asked the following question.

"Art thee alright? Can thee keep going?"

Ivan looked at Dasoop, he was still alive judging from his breathing, but he is badly hurt.

"I'm fine now, but Dasoop seems to be badly hurt. Can anyone heal him?" Ivan asked the group.

Health : 47%
Ivan asked the group if they can heal Dasoop.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 79%

October 12th, 2009, 10:10
Only just noticing that he was infact in a Guard Room, Larquidos in his meatsack took advantage of the lack of guards (or rather, lack of concious ones) and beat down the steel door infront of him in a few skilled blows.

Knowing Keepers mentalities, Larquidos thought there might be a trap on the tile infront of him, and having troll vision, Larquidos was able to detect and disarm the poison gas trap that lay infront of him, and did the same to a spike trap several extra tiles ahead.

Continuing forward, Lar-Suth(:D) found himself in a Casino, and in a sudden loss of control, reached for a beer bottle and skulled it before regaining his composure. Remembering some reports from one of his creatures, he noted the lack of creatures within the Casino and wondered what was going on.
Swaying slightly side to side, Lar-Suth then moved closer to the opposite side of the Casino, towards another steel door. He didn't know why he did this - but there seemed to be some sounds coming from the other side. Sounds that he had been instinctively drawn to.

Giving the steel door infront of him similiar treatment to the last one he had encountered, Lar-Suth finally found himself in a treasury.

He then understood the sounds he was hearing and why the creatures reported to be on guard weren't in the casino. Lar-Suth had company in the form of 4 small bearded folk...

Suddenly worried for both himself, his meatsack and for his brothers' (although he wouldn't admit it!) safety, Larquidos inside Thefsuth went into a flurry of rage and charged up to the 4 dwarves.

Larquidos/Thefusth took down 2 steel doors, drank a beer and are now engaging 4 Dwarves in Jarquidos' treasury.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 12th, 2009, 12:17
*Edmundo looks at Xerina*

Team work...? Don't be soo foolish... That's some fantasy i refuse to believe... The only thing i can count... its on my skill... nothing more... we just happened to be following orders on the same target... that's all...

*Edmundo took a moment to treat his arm*

...(My arm... i can barely move it... however...)

*Edmundo sits on the floor and suddenly moved his left arm with his right hand making a weird sound, Edmundo was looking to the floor, his expretion reflects pain*

Grrr... my arm... its... its ok now...

*Edmundo moved his arm freely again, Edmundo stands up and grab his knife, he starts to feel like if his skills were improved after the fight*

Excelent... My skills are returning...

*Not much later he see Thefsuth passing throught the Casino*

Finally hammerhead... i thought that for a moment you got coward... it would not be a surprise for your kind...

*Edmundo looks at the troll ignoring him and destroying the Steel door, when the troll finished destroying it, he was able to see the treasury, Edmundo smiles (1 puppy just died)*

Excelent... something worthy finally...

*Edmundo stays behind the Troll just to see 4 Dwarves ready to fight*

Of course... its never easy is it...? You won't get away with my treasure!!!

*One again Edmundo pulls out his knife and gets ready while speaks to himself*

Hope this time you do something useful instead of hiding you green hammerhead... or else ill cut your selfish tongue...

Edmundo treated his left arm and now can move it again, gained a level and now its at the treasury ready to fight the dwarves and claim some money for himself.
HP: 50%
Level: 2
Mood: F*kin Serious
Efficiency: 70%

October 12th, 2009, 20:02
Inside Thefsuth's Mind

The lanky ex human dripped gold trinkets that ws Larquedos' physical form in Thefsuth's mind tampered eagerly at the levers of Thefsuth's motor functions. And sat firmly in the metal chair.

"Yer even more feminine then I ever imagined! Yer like a spoiled brat of a eith yer old girl! Yer, yer..." Thefsuth sniffed and shed a tear when he realized that he could no longer hold on to the homely thoughts of Larquedos as a Disney princes wanna be.

"Yer may not be as hideous pink as I would 'ave expected, but yer still just as incompetent! Yer killin' them dwarfs TOO fast! Yer bulbous brat! Yer should be using yer keeper vision ta see if we're abo't ta get royaly over whelmed by these stunted dirt snorters! Not that yer'd be able to see anything through all the stupidity that must ooze out from the top off yer ugly head!

'ere! Let me drive!" Thefsuth pushed and shoved Larquedos in a battle for the control of the command levers, with great struggle Thefsuth managed to again influence over a third of the levers!

Out Side of Thefsuth's Mind

Thefsuth's left arm flayed about randomly as Thefsuth gained control of it. Frustrated that more was not under it's control it gestured violently in attempt of trying to drag the main body this way in that. It even waved at Eddy briefly before resorting to pulling on Thefsuth's nostrils to try to wrench control of the body, to no effect.

In the end Thefsuth had the arm simply give a bony boiled covered green middle finger to his own face for Larquedos to see.

Thefsuth gave some friendly advice to Larquedos before wrestling the control of his left arm, which then splayed all over the place in an unsuccessful beating of the main Thefsuth body.

October 12th, 2009, 22:25
Xerina, the Dark Elf

Xerina looked over Dasoop's injuries and tried to reach her backpack, but realised she forgot it in her Lair.
"Blast it...", she said quietly.
She unwrapped part of her bandages on her left arm, exposing the upper part (from shoulder to elbow) of her burnt arm. She then wrapped the bandages around Dasoop's head wound. She ignored the cocky rogue and concentrated on helping her ally. Remembering that a warlock joined their group recently, she turned around.
"Can thee heal wounds?", she asked the warlock (Val'kaz).

Xerina took some bandages off of herself and used them to help Dasoop. She asked Val'kaz if he can heal the wounded.
Health: 40%

October 13th, 2009, 07:40
Val'Kaz stared at Xerina long and hard, pondering what she just asked him in his head. He'd seen her, for sure, but he didn't know her, so he thought he'd let this one slide. JUST this ONCE.
"ME? Heal? Do i look like a pansy to you? Do i grow bright in spring and feed off sunlight? OF COURSE I DON'T HEAL! I am the legendary Val'Kaz! I would no sooner heal then i would spend time cuddling a hellhound puppy or reading up on Alchemy!"
Satisfied that he had treated the situation as it deserved - with soft words - Val'Kaz turned around and whisked off into Jarquidos' dungeon - HE HAD A FRIEND TO SAVE!

October 14th, 2009, 06:19
OOC-I'll post for real later, I need to catch up big time. But for now...

Kanquios has left your Dungeon out of fear of battle!

October 14th, 2009, 06:56
Kiboo :bile:

:bile: Kiboo: Zzzzz...zzzzz... Huh?

Kiboo awakes from his long nap at the bridge between Larquidos' and Jarquidos' dungeon and finds everyone gone.

:bile: Kiboo: Where everybody go? Why leave Kiboo? Kiboo fight! Kiboo FIGHT!!

Kiboo begins crawling his way to the battle. He makes a nice and easy trip up until the second guard room. He stopped in the center of the room and notices his ally creatures up in a casino just ahead.

:bile: Kiboo: Friends! Kiboo friends! We fight!!

Kiboo begins walking into the narrow path up to the casino. But he stops as he enters the narrow passage between the casino and second guard room.

:bile: Kiboo: What...? Kiboo... can't move!

Kiboo pushes and pushes but realizes he's stuck on a very narrow (For him at least) part of the passage.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo stuck? Kiboo stuck! Kiboo no like being stuck!! RAAWWRR!!

Kiboo puts his almighty strength to the test but his hands are squished as well, so being able to summon any strength needed to push the gigantic Bile Demon through is out of the question.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo... stuck... HELP!! HELP KIBOO!!! KIBOO STUCK!!!!!

His calls were probably loud enough for the creatures at the casino to hear, but first an imp ventured in front of Kiboo.

:bile: Kiboo: Can imp help Kiboo?

The imp poked Kiboo and then grinned proudly. He began bashing his pick-axe into Kiboo. He did no real damage to the massive beast, but only angered him.

:bile: Kiboo: RAAWWWRRR!!! KIBOO MAD!!!!!


Kiboo :bile:
Health: 99%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: Stuck in the beginning of the passage to the second guard room and casino in Jarquidos' dungeon

Summery: Kiboo woke from a long nap and began moving towards everyone's location but got stuck at the passage between the second guard room and the casino in Jarquidos' dungeon. He cried for help and was most likely heard. An imp came to him first, and began poking and hitting him with his pick-axe. Doing no real damage but angered Kiboo.

October 15th, 2009, 00:52
Ivan the Spider

Ivan, not amused from Val'kaz's words, has gotten a idea.

"Wait... My webbing can be used as bandages, it could stop his wound from bleeding any further."

Ivan makes a large amount of webbing, cuts them up into equal sizes of bandages, and gives them to Xerina, since Ivan doesn't have hands to wrap anyone else with bandages.

"These will keep everyone going for the time."


Ivan looks at the Bile Demon, stuck in the doorway with a Imp picking at his body. Ivan walks over there, and bites the Imp's head off causing a explosion of Mana onto Ivan's entire body.

"...Bluah... Those rumors were lies, Mana tastes horrible... Hang on big guy, I'll get you out of there."

Ivan looks around the doorway. Only thing Ivan could pull from is the Horns.

Worth a shot...

Ivan climbs onto the wall, and begins pulling on Kiboo's horns.

Health : 48% (The Orc blood is healing Ivan by one point every nonbattle post.)
Ivan made web bandages and gave them to Xerina to replace the missing bandages for the time, and is now trying to pull Kiboo out of the doorway.
Level : 5
Mood : Straining
Efficiency : 80%

October 15th, 2009, 03:38
"Dasoop! Get up! Come on Dasoop!" this voice echoed in Dasoop's head. This awoke him and he could recognize Ivan's voice.

Slowly, he opened his eyes and could feel a big headache as it was the second time he got knocked on his head on a hard surface. His vision was blurry a little, but he could still recognize Ivan and Xerina. Then, he could see the Dark Elf place a bandage on his head which did hurt a bit.

- Arrr... My... my headah... he said, touching his wounding with his forepaw. Damn Orcs... Zey smashed meah!

After that, he stood up slowly back on his paws but realised it wasn't a good idea as he started to be dizzy. It was strong enough to be sick and Dasoop immediately turned on the side to vomit his previous chicken meal and fell back on the dungeon floor.

- Arrr... Zi don't feel very well at all...

Health = 21%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is in the enemy Casino, sick
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Sick
Efficiency = 10%

October 15th, 2009, 23:27
Dranton, the Beetle

Before Dranton and Vergil could figure out a plan of action, enemy creatures started leaving the Training Room and headed west (toward Treasury, through Hatchery and Casino).
"Looks like this is our chance.", Dranton told Vergil and headed north, through the Training Room.
When Dranton opened the wooden door, he stopped. He saw an enemy bile demon exiting the wooden door on the other side of the narrow corridor. Looking at demon face-to-face, he started backing off slowly and demon spew it's poison gas at him.
"Ha! I'm immune to poison, you bastard!", Dranton yelled and readied himself to defend from enemy's attack.

Enemies left the Training Room to go to the Treasury, so Dranton went north. He faced a Bile Demon and is preparing to fight it.
Health: 20%

(OOC: That's a Lv.5 Bile Demon Duke mentioned 0n 3rd page.)

Xerina, the Dark Elf

Xerina took the webbing-bandages and looked at Dasoop, who regained his conciousness. Her bandages seemed to be enough to help Dasoop, so she used the web-bandages to wrap her arm again. While she was doing so, she heard Kiboo calling and saw Ivan going his way. Dasoop tried to stand up, but he swayed from side to side and vomited.
"Take it easy. You shall be fine.", Xerina told him as she finished wrapping her bandages.
Soon afterward, a group of rogues and trolls entered the Casino from the south. At first, they seemed surprised, but rogues quickly readied their daggers and took a battle-stance and trolls got a firmer grip on their hammers. Xerina took out her crossbow and realised she haven't reloaded it last time she used it. She started reloading her crossbow and yelled to her allies (the more distant ones):
"The enemy is here!"

Xerina wrapped her arm with a web-bandage. Soon after, an enemy group entered the Casino from the south. Xerina yelled to her allies and reloaded her crossbow.
Health: 40%

(OOC: This enemy group consists of 2 Lv.2 Rogues and 2 Lv.2 Trolls - see Duke's post in page 3.)
Map of the current situation, if I understood it right:

October 16th, 2009, 05:15
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo struggled to attack the imp, but then a spider (Ivan) with a hat on came to his assistance. The spider then bites the imp's head off and mana spread all over the spider and Kiboo. Kiboo sneezed and got a little snot on the spider.

:spider: Ivan: Bluah... Those rumors were lies, Mana tastes horrible...

:bile: Kiboo: Can spider hat help Kiboo?

:spider: Ivan: Hang on big guy, I'll get you out of there.

The spider looked at Kiboo.

:spider: Ivan: Worth a shot...

The spider climbed on Kiboo and began pulling on Kiboo.

:bile: Kiboo: Rawr! Spider hurt Kiboo!

Realizing that it wasn't working, Kiboo used the best of his strength to throw his head forward and he began tilting forward. Ivan fell of him and then Kiboo landed on him. Kiboo got up, and was no longer stuck.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo free! Spider hat friend!!

Kiboo turned to the narrow part of the wall.

:bile: Kiboo: Bad wall! Kiboo break!

Kiboo used his mace and threw it at the left wall, breaking enough off to make him able to pass through. He then punched the right wall with both hands and froze.

:bile: Kiboo: ...Wall tougher than Kiboo thought... Kiboo hurt...

Out of anger, Kiboo smashed the right wall with his other mace.

:bile: Kiboo: Job done. Kiboo no stuck.

Kiboo turned to the spider.

:bile: Kiboo: Me Kiboo.

Kiboo picked up the spider and began moving towards the enemy casino.

:bile: Kiboo: CHAAARGE!!!

Kiboo made it to a four-way interception, but then was hit in the head by a mace. Kiboo got angry and turned to see an enemy level 5 bile demon.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo mad!!

Kiboo dropped the spider and swung his maces at the enemy bile demon. The bile demon used Poison Cloud and Fart simultaneously, yet it was only affecting the spider.

:bile: Kiboo: Spider hat, go get friends! Quick!

Kiboo was hit by the enemy's mace and he returned the attack. He grabbed the enemy bile demon and slowly lifted him in the air while receiving strikes of his mace.

:bile: Kiboo: KIBOO MAD!!!


Kiboo :bile:
Health: 65%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: At the four-way interception from the casino and training room

Summery: Kiboo got out of the narrow spot and smashed the walls so he wouldn't get stuck again. As he was moving towards the enemy casino with Ivan, he was attacked by a level 5 bile demon. They were locked in combat, Kiboo told Ivan to get help when the enemy bile demon used Poison Gass and Fart. Kiboo began picking up the enemy, prepared to toss him.

October 16th, 2009, 21:59
*Vergil walked out of the training room and saw Kiboo being attacked by a bile demon*

Vergil: Well thats not good. helping time! *Vergil pulled his sword out and ran at the bile demon before stabbing his sword into it gefore beign smacked away and sent flyign into a wall* OW THAT HURT!

October 16th, 2009, 22:09
Ivan the Spider

The Bile Demon, Kiboo, falls on Ivan.


"Kiboo free! Spider hat friend!!"

Ivan watched Kiboo attack the wall.

So... Kiboo is his name I guess., Ivan thought.

Kiboo then turns around to Ivan.

"Me Kiboo."

Ten points for me., Ivan thought.

Ivan was then picked up by Kiboo, and almost charged into the Casino, until a enemy Bile Demon attacked Kiboo.

"Spider hat, go get friends! Quick!"

Ivan was gagging, and gasping for air when the enemy Bile Demon used Gas and Fart, but Ivan manage to rush into the Casino. He was surprised to see two Rogues and two Trolls ready to attack, Ivan quickly makes a webbing lasso and throws it around the group. Ivan missed one Rogue and one Troll, but the other two were caught in it for the time. Ivan launches himself on a Rogue, bitting into his arm that held a weapon. Ivan was hit by the Troll's hammer, Ivan let go of the Rogue and jumps back to Xerina, Val'kaz and Dasoop.

"Go help the Bile Demon in the hallway that I came from, I can handle these guys." Ivan said to Xerina and Val'kaz.

Ivan glares at the only two enemys who weren't webbing lassoed. Ivan hisses at them.

Health : 35%
Ivan is hissing at his enemies.
Level : 5
Mood : Fighting Time!
Efficiency : 80%

October 16th, 2009, 23:12
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo witness a rouge (Vergil) attack the enemy bile demon. But then the enemy bile demon swung his mace and stuck Vergil and sent him to the wall. Kiboo became very angry at the sight of this.

:bile: Kiboo: Hurt friend, Kiboo MAD!!

Kiboo threw the enemy bile demon a short distance into the hatchery and he landed on several chickens with a roll. Kiboo charged at him as fast as a bile demon could. The enemy bile demon stood up, and he and Kiboo met face to face. They continued to hammer each other with maces.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo mad!

:bile: Enemy Bile Demon: Shut up!

Kiboo was hit by a powerful strike from his enemy and his head was thrown to his left so fast that he also hurt his hidden neck. Kiboo returned the attack, yet it didn't have quite the affect on his enemy.


Kiboo :bile:
Health: 40%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: In the enemy hatchery

Summery: Kiboo got angry when Vergil was attacked and threw the enemy bile demon into the hatchery. They met face to face and began smashing maces at each other.

October 18th, 2009, 20:11
(OOC: Interesting how noone noticed Vaturdo wasn't on the map XD He should be in the Guard Room behind the door where Kiboo got stuck, I think.)

Xerina, the Dark Elf & Dranton, the Beetle

Xerina saw Ivan run into the room and incapacitate 2 enemies by lassoing them. He then jumped on the remaining rogue and bit his arm, making him drop his dagger. Unfortunatelly, a troll smacked him with his hammer from behind.
"Go help the Bile Demon in the hallway that I came from, I can handle these guys.", Ivan said and hissed at his enemies.
Xerina's hands have finally stopped shaking and her vision got back to normal, so she managed to shoot the troll in his knee. Troll now had problems balancing himself and standing altogether, making him less accurate and an easier target. After this, Xerina started running toward the hallway while reloading her crossbow. But before she left the room, she noticed that the rogue was pulling something out from under his cloak with his healthy hand. Soon she realised that was the rogue's other dagger, which flew past Xerina when the rogue threw it at her. Luckily, her sight and reflexes were back to normal - otherwise this would've ended badly for her. She just gave rogue a cold stare and rushed out of the room to help the bile demon.

Before the enemy bile demon had a chance to attack Dranton, another bile demon rushed to Dranton's aid, yelling "KIBOO MAD!!!" every now and then. Vergil charged at the enemy and stabbed him in the back, after which he got tossed into a wall. Dranton got into a good position to attack, but Kiboo threw the enemy bile demon into the Hatchery. After that, 2 bile demons continued beating each other with their maces. Dranton saw his chance and jumped the enemy bile demon from behind, biting his neck and gripping him firmly. Bile demon shook madly trying to get Dranton off of his back to no avail. Demon swung itself all around and smashed it's back to a wall trying to get Dranton off, but it was no use (Dranton -10 hp). It was weakened too much by Kiboo's and Vergil's attacks, so it didn't have enough strength left to fight. Soon it slumped to the ground and Dranton got off of it and concentrated on regenerating. His wounds healed (+24 hp) and he started feeling better than he did before the fight.

Xerina saw Vergil in the hallway, looking toward the north room. Xerina ran to the passage leading to the Hatchery and saw that the enemy was already beaten.
"Come, everyone! Our allies need our assistance in the enemy Casino!", Xerina told everyone and started running back toward Casino.

Dranton heard the dark elf and followed her. As he was leaving, he said: "Come on, guys! We're on a roll now!".

Xerina shot an enemy troll in his knee and evaded a dagger that rogue threw at her. Meanwhile, Dranton jumped the enemy bile demon while it was distracted fighting Kiboo and managed to take it down, thanks to it's previous wounds. After that, he started regenerating and Xerina entered and told everyone that they need help in enemy Casino, after which she and Dranton headed toward enemy Casino.
Xerina's Health: 40%
Dranton's Health: 34%

October 19th, 2009, 18:24
OOC (I don't mean to complain, but that bile demon was level 5 and it felt like we won too easily)
OOC (About the big jump in leveling, 90% Bile Demon, 9% Rouge, 1% Smashing the Walls, Sorry I didn't update it before because now it looks like this big jump.)

Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo continued trying to smash up the enemy bile demon but then Dranton jumped in front of him and began biting his neck while the enemy went crazy. Kiboo managed to land a few more strikes but then the enemy fell to the ground, dead.

:bile: Kiboo: Friend help Kiboo!

Kiboo grabbed Dranton and tossed him in the air and caught him, and then set him down. But then a dark elf entered thier view.

:thief: Xerina: Come, everyone! Our allies need our assistance in the enemy Casino!

:beetle: Dranton: Come on, guys! We're on a roll now!

:bile: Kiboo: Bile Demon joke? Bile Demon joke not funny...

Kiboo then followed everyone into the casino. He saw Dasoop, Val'kaz, and Ivan fighting 2 rouges and 2 trolls. Ivan was battling a troll and a rouge and capured the other two in a web lasso. Kiboo charged at the lassoed creatures and picked them up.

:bile: Kiboo: Hahaha... Kiboo big and strong. Kiboo throw and squish all!

Kiboo then threw the lassoed creatures at the other enemy troll. The troll was crushed beneath them, and the lassoed troll hit his head and got knocked out.

The enemy lassoed rouge was alright, and got out of the lasso and charged at Kiboo. He slowed as he approached Kiboo, intiminated by his rather large size.

:bile: Kiboo: What wrong rouge? Kiboo going to squish you...

Kiboo grabs the rouge, who in panic stabs the arm Kiboo grabbed him with his knife. Kiboo screamed and dropped the rouge. He pulled the knife out and dropped it. The rouge picked it back up as Kiboo began trying to smash the rouge with his fists.

The rouge panicked and ran around Kiboo, avoiding his fists. He landed quite a few cuts on Kiboo until Kiboo got mad and hit him across the face with his mace and sent him to the floor. Kiboo went to him and began beating the rouge with his fists. After he killed him, he slumped over.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo hurt...

Kiboo had some serious cuts made by the rouge, and some even more serious bruises from battling the enemy bile demon.


Kiboo :bile:

Health: 20%
Level: 1.65
Gold: 0
Location: In the Casino

Summery: Kiboo went to the casino after the enemy bile demon's defeat. He grabbed the lassoed creatures and tossed them at the non-lassoed troll and crushed him. The lassoed troll was knocked out and the lassoed rouge got out of it.

Kiboo and he battled but Kiboo did a strike with his maces across the rouge's face and beat him to death. Kiboo had some serious cuts on him from the rouge, and bruises from the bile demon. He asked for assistance.

October 19th, 2009, 23:48
Ivan the Spider

Ivan glared at the Rogue who threw a dagger at Xerina, thankfully, he missed. Ivan jumps onto the Rogue, and bites onto his arm. The Rogue screams, as he tries to find another dagger. Ivan drags the Rogue to the ground while stabbing at him with his front legs. The Rogue pulls out a rather large dagger, and tries to backstab Ivan.

Oh shi-!

Ivan casts Speed on himself by accident, everything seemed to slow down to him. Ivan gets off of the Rogue when the Dagger was just a centimeter from his body.

Ivan pushes the Dagger down into the Rogue's chest.

A scream echoed in Ivan's head as blood squirted out of the Rogue's chest, and at the moment, Ivan now notices Kiboo, who just now finished the other Rogue. Ivan tried to speak.


Ivan instantly stops talking, knowing almost everyone may not understand him. Ivan takes a closer look at Kiboo's wounds, sadly knowing he cannot help Kiboo's wounds from lacking hands. Ivan looks at his two allies in the next room and enters it. Ivan instantly hissed two times when he caught the scent of Dwarfs. Ivan glares at the Dwarfs, who seem to be cockly sneering at the three creatures in front of them. Ivan instantly knows one of the Dwarfs.

Spider God... its... him! Its that Dwarf who tried to kill me long ago! I'll show him!
Health : 35%
Ivan is in the second enemy Treasury.
Level : 5
Mood : Angry
Efficiency : 85%

Duke Ragereaver
October 24th, 2009, 09:01
(quickly made a post with Vaturdo)

Vaturdo the bile demon :bile:

In the second guardroom.

:bile: Zzzz... huh what's going on?

Vaturdo said to himself when waking up because of the noise of the actions that was going on. The only thing he could remember was that his allies were attacked by orcs before suddenly falling asleep. Vaturdo moved to the corridor of where the noise was comming from. He could see at the far end of it some of his allies in a casino. fighting.

:bile: WRAAAAAH!

Vaturdo moved towards the casino to aid his allies.
Health: 85%

October 24th, 2009, 09:45
Larquidos, who had noticed that some of his other minions were attempting to aid him, was beggining to worry for his own safety. The presence of dwarves almost always indicated a heroic force was coming.
Depossessing his meatsack and taking a few moments to readjust to his regular, copiously huge conciousness, Larquidos surveyed the situation.

His minions were either in combat, or damaged.
His brothers minions were mostly dead, but a few remained, all of whom appeared to be hurt or in a skirmish.

And then he heard: "Right this way lads. Should be a pushover, the idiots have been fighting each other! Obviously no sense of family love, our scouts say".
And then, within a minute of the call, a heroic force consisting of

One level 6 elven archer
Four level 3 dwarves
One level 2 human archer
Two level 2 thieves

entered Jarquidos' casino

Larquidos instantly recongised just how dire the situation was.
Neither his or his brothers force could do anything to stop the heroes.
And it was but a short distance to Jarquidos' heart from the portal.

"Brother... look alert." Larquidos didn't often show emotion, but there was both a hint of sorrow and fear in his voice.

And with that, Larquidos picked up every last one of his creatures and, after a moment of thought, plonked all of them back in their respective lairs in his home territory.

"All of you, stay in MY territory. Do not venture across the lava. It is..." Larquidos thought about his brother's inpending doom, and remembered all the plans he had for him. Not destruction, but something more. Then; "It's... too risky."

October 24th, 2009, 15:50
Ivan the Spider

Ivan froze with terror when the other Heroes appeared.

Too many... We can't fight them all off!

Ivan took a step back, before finding himself in the air, being carried by a huge green hand.


Ivan shook his head, as he found himself in his Lair. Ivan didn't complain, he was too injured to fight anymore. Ivan creeped into his Lair, and quickly fell asleep.

Health : 36%
Ivan is asleep, and forgot about payday.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 70%

October 24th, 2009, 19:02
Vergil pulled himself up off the floor and was then lifted up into the air by a large green hand. Vergil was then dropped into his lair where he quickly fell asleep.

Health : 40%
Asleep in his lair
Level : 3
Mood : sleeping
Efficiency : 0%

October 24th, 2009, 19:05
Xerina and Dranton

Xerina watched over the battle, looking for an opportunity to shoot someone. Kiboo managed to knock out one of the rogue and then slumped over from his wounds. Ivan killed the other rogue and left for the enemy treasury. Dranton entered the Casino and looked around. He saw the 2 remaining enemy trolls and headed toward one of them. But before anything else could happen', a dark green hand seemed to come out of the ceiling and started grabbing all of Larquidos' creatures. Before being picked up, Xerina noticed several heroes in the enemy Treasury thanks to her better-than-average vision, and realized why they were retreating, before being pulled into the dark void and dropped in the Lair. Larquidos ordered that noone should leave his territory, to which Dranton replied: "As you wish, Master.". Dranton tried to regenerate some more of his wounds, but it did him no good, as he was too tired. "Oh, forget it.", he quietly said and slumped to his lair, almost instantly falling asleep. Xerina unwrapped the webbing bandages and replaced them with the normal ones she took from her backpack (which she left next to her bed). She looked around at her allies and, after seeing that they have all returned safely, she went to sleep herself.

Xerina and Dranton were picked up by Larquidos and dropped in the Lair, then both went to sleep.
Xerina's Health: 40%
Dranton's Health: 34%

October 24th, 2009, 22:20
5 seconds ago within Thefsuth's head

"Clean Yer Moldy Teeth! Yer breathin' yer blisteringly bad breath all o'er ma mind! An' stop makin' me walk like a pansy with a pineapple up 'is agoraphobic arse!"

Suddenly, to Thefsuth's delight Larquedos vanished with some smoke and a small *poof* Thefsuth was causious of the happy ending and checked his chair

"OI! Yer saggy behind draggin' pig nosed keeper! You've ruined my arse print!" Thefsuth toppled into his chair and wobbled around uncomfortably until his bony behind was lodged in the chair.

Larquedos' casino

Thefsuth slumped back into his disgusting body, wiped some clotted snot from his face (His whole face) and grinned a grubbed filled grin at the chaos of the battle field.

"Yer turned quivering knees scared an' left tha dirty job ta me!" Thefsuth sucked on a meal worm that was trying to escape his mouth. "First smart thing ya done all century."

Thefsuth realized a Dwarf was hacking at his boil and hairy shin, Thefsuth bent down and ripped the beard of the stunned thing with his growth covered fingers and forcibly shoved the ginger beard down the dwarf's mouth until it chocked to death (Probably from what ever it is growing on Thefsuth's hands)

Thefsuth was swallowed by a bright swirling light. Thefsuth scratched his rough back in celebration; he was level 5.

"Very good job keeper! Yer only part of the colour-by-numbers idiot you clearly are deep down. Fer this out of character intelligent tactical strategy I'll spare yer from ma criticisms an'-"

The lair


"I. Have. No. Keeper!"

Thefsuth regained control of his body, reached level five, and forsake his keeper in disappointment.

October 25th, 2009, 02:05
Necrotyc, who in his state of death, had no need for sleep. So he was painfully aware when all the commotion and sounds of hacking, stabbing, screams and hissing all suddenly stopped, only to be replaced by the yells of things that seemed far too human for his liking.

"Umm... hello? Creatures? Keepers? Is anybody there...? Technically unaligned creature up for hire..."


Val'Kaz, who had done absolutely nothing on the battlefield except look pretty and do what he liked to call *Moralizing the Troops*, wasn't at all dissapointed when he found himself back in his lair. He was upset, however, by all the smells and thick aura of idiocy that loomed over and around the room.
As he wasn't exactly hurt (except for mental scarring from the torture) Val'Kaz picked himself up quickly, went to the hatchery for a bite to eat, moved back up to the training room, and started to speak the the ancient language, or as outsiders might put it, gibberish. This caused fireballs to zoom around the room, most hitting targets, but some hitting the poor quality tapestries on the wall and incinerating them.

Necrotyc is worried... everything just went quite!
Val'Kaz ate and is now training.

October 27th, 2009, 21:46
Ivan the Spider

Ivan yawns, as he stumbles out of his lair, and shakes himself.

"Oh man... I can't remember when I had such a peaceful slumber..."

Ivan looks around, thinking of what to do. He was too strong to train in the Training Room now...

I'll just research to the best of my skills then.

Ivan heads for the Library.


Ivan looks on the shelf, going over all the books that had a green check on them. Ivan noticed that one book had no check mark. Ivan grabs it, and reads the Cover.

Torture Chamber: Whips Galore

Ivan slowly opens the book.

Oh Spider God! W-what is all of this?! THEY DO WHAT!?

Ivan slowly turns the page, shuddering in terror.
Health : 100%
Ivan is in the Library.
Level : 5
Mood : Terrified
Efficiency : 80%

October 27th, 2009, 22:34
Xerina and Dranton

Xerina wakes up and gets out of her bed. Remembering the PAYDAY was announced during their battle, she went to the Treasury and picked up 50 gold coins. Since the Troll was still sleeping, she couldn't claim her personalized trap. And training with dummies and targets wasn't good enough to improve her skills, either. She decided to go on guard duty, so she went to the Guard Room on their side of the lava river (since Larquidos ordered everyone not to cross the lava) and began her watch.

Dranton woke up a bit later and felt hungry after his time spent in Prison, so he went to the Hatchery and grabbed 2 chickens and ate them. After this, he headed for the Treasury and took 40 coins, then put them under his shell. He started to think about what he could do. He couldn't learn more from fighting dummies in the Training Room. He didn't know how to research spells in the Library - only new rooms. Then he remembered that there was a Casino built in north part of the dungeon, so he headed there. He ordered a drink, paid 5 coins for it and got a large bottle of red wine, which he proceeded to drink.

Xerina picked up 50 gold as payment, then went to the Guard Room for guard duty. Dranton picked up 40 gold, then went to Casino and spent 5 gold on wine.
Xerina's health: 100%
Dranton's Health: 100%
Xerina's gold: 120
Dranton's Gold: 35

October 30th, 2009, 22:06
The Lair

Thefsuth was livid: he was chewing his own teeth. Which made a crunchy slurpy sound.

He plodded over to the sleeping Vergil and gave him a light kick with his ingrowing toe nail covered foot.

"Oi! Wake up yer lazy tosser! Our Kitten cosy Knitting Keeper is trying with all 'is meekly might ta ruin this campaign. So I'm gonna try an' salvage this dungeon even if it kills me! An' yer gonna help me yer goit."

Thefsuth paused to scratch at the rash that was his entire body.

"Pay day gives ma grotty 'ands 1,000 ta play with. Spread tha word that I'm re-openin' ma workshop an' I'll be making everyone somethin' ta stop them gettin' their slimy selves killed!"

Thefsuth woke up Vergil and gave him a business proposition.

October 31st, 2009, 01:43
Ivan the Spider

Ivan shivers, feeling uncomfortable reading the Torture Chamber Book, sets it back in the shelf.

I'm gonna have nightmares for years...

Ivan started to roam around the Dungeon, until he remembered Payday was announced during battle. Ivan heads for the Treasury.


Ivan overhears the Troll's plans of opening the Workshop.

Maybe I can ask him to make some Spider armour for me.

Ivan continues to the Treasury.


Ivan looks at all the gold, since he was a much higher level now, he could take a couple more gold pieces.

Ivan takes 40 Gold!
Ivan's Total Gold is Now: 70

Ivan nodded, 10 gold extra for his level seemed fair. Ivan scents the air again.

The Workshop is right next to you, you dumb Spider!

Gee... I have a nice scent guide...

Screw you too, I wished I was assigned to a Mistress, I hear-

Ivan shakes his head, forcing the voice out of his head, and walks into the Workshop.


The Workshop's heat slapped Ivan in the face, Ivan started to steam.

"Gah... Its burning in here."

Ivan looks around, the Workshop was empty, Ivan got there too early. Ivan needed to wait for the Troll, so Ivan found a cool spot on the roof, beside the door.

"*Sigh* I wished I wasn't so weak... Gotta fight harder."
Health : 100%
Ivan is in the Workshop.
Level : 5
Mood : Bored
Efficiency : 80%

October 31st, 2009, 08:11
Val'Kaz casted what must of been his hundreth fireball, but this one was different. It was more potent...
Hurling backwards towards the wall from the recoil, Val'Kaz thought for sure that he was going to have some face wall interation. He was more fortunate, however, and was covered in a gold speckled blue glow, which seemed to pad the force of the blow on his back and head.
One word suddenly enveloped Val'Kaz's conciousness.

Acceleratai is good. Acceleratai is great. Use Acceleratai. Acceleratai Acceleratai Acceleratai. Use it, use Acceleratai. It will do great things for you, Acceleratai will.

Getting fed up with his mental turmoil, Val'Kaz suddenly decided to use the word pestering him.
Val'Kaz suddenly started moving at about 125% of his regular pace.
"Perhaps i can improve it in time?"

And with a sigh, Val'Kaz went back to training.

Val'Kaz dinged (GRATS!) level 3 and has learned Speed Creature.

Metal Gear Rex
October 31st, 2009, 22:56
Dear Diary-Entering the New Dungeon...

Dark clouds began rousing from the mist surrounding the Portal. At the same time the mist seemed to begin getting blown away and lightning struck the Portal grounds from the dark clouds. A single white cloud came up from the Portal, and the Warlock, Emmra, sat in it while holding her staff.

"Good morning everyone!" Emmra announced before jumping off the cloud.

Emmra skipped her way to the Dungeon Heart and smiled.

"Hello! I'm Emmra!" Emmra introduced herself to Larquidos

Emmra then skipped around the Dungeon in search for the Lair. It took her longer as she went through the Treasury after she said hello to the Dungeon Keeper. She finally found the Lair and created her lair in the south-east corner.

It was a giant flower with pedals of her favorite colors, white, yellow, green, and brown. There was a pile of books sitting beside the flower as well as a simple tree.

Emmra saw Thefsuth in the Lair and skipped over to him.

He seems nice.

"Hello, Mr. Troll!" Emmra smiled warmly at Thefsuth, "I'm Emmra! What's your name?"

Page End


Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 300/100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy
Job: Talking to Thefsuth
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Lair, in, with Thefsuth

Summery: Emmra entered the Dungeon, and then introduced herself to the Dungeon Keeper, then created her lair. She saw Thefsuth, skipped to him, and asked his name after introducing herself.

October 31st, 2009, 23:41
The Lair

Thefsuth looked up from Vergil with blood shot eyes, his colossal nose heaved a sniff and he replied "Thefsuth."

Thefsuth went back to prodding Vergil with the hairy bottom of his sweaty feat to provoke a response when he turned (With a creek) back to Emmra.

"Yer new 'are an't yer?" Thefsuth smiled a wide, disgusting grin "I'll show yer around chubby-cheeks. make sure yer oversized ears are used to listen ta ma bloomin' acceptable advice an' not fer any ot'er tedious task yer 'ad planned fur them."

Thefsuth thrusted out a growth populated hook of a green hand, expecting Emmra to shake it in agreement.

Thefsuth continued to try to motivate Vergil, and offered to educate Emmra.

October 31st, 2009, 23:47
Vergil sat up in his lair

if you kick me again ill not hesitate to smash yoru skull into the ground, Thefsuth. Vergil then laid back down and feel asleep.

October 31st, 2009, 23:52
"This, Emmra, is Vergil. He's not as post-stamp stupid as he looks, but he insists on actin' like 'is only purpose in life is ta slowly rot inta tha ground! Which would make a 'orrible stain!"

Thefsuth snorted and wheezed before resuming,

"I offer'd 'im a chance ta help me work ma green hide ta death, an' tha useless louse of a man couldn't even be motivated by tha' thought of offin' me!"

Metal Gear Rex
November 1st, 2009, 00:06
Dear Diary-Thefsuth

"Okay, Thefsuth!" Emmra smiled warmly at him, "If it helps everyone out!"

Vergil woke up and threatened to hurt Thefsuth.

"Don't say that, nobody is hurting anyone," Emmra told Vergil. "This, Emmra, is Vergil," Thefsuth told her, "He's not as post-stamp stupid as he looks, but he insists on actin' like 'is only purpose in life is ta slowly rot inta tha ground! Which would make a 'orrible stain!"

Emmra walked to Vergil, "He's not stupid. He's just tired, let him sleep." "I offer'd 'im a chance ta help me work ma green hide ta death, an' tha useless louse of a man couldn't even be motivated by tha' thought of offin' me!" Thefsuth told Emmra. "Let him hold his own free will, he has the right of his own thoughts and opinions," Emmra told Thefsuth.

"Let's not desturb him," Emmra continued, "Please, Thefsuth, show me around and let's see what we can do to help this Dungeon."

Page End


Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 300/100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy
Job: Talking to Thefsuth
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Lair, in, with Thefsuth

Summery: Emmra said that Vergil should sleep, and asked that Thefsuth show her around and what needs to be done.

November 1st, 2009, 02:06
Ivan the Spider

Ivan yawned, getting tired of waiting for that troll. Ivan was about to climb down onto the ground, until he lost his footing, and fell.


"Ouch..." Ivan hissed as he got up.

Ivan shakes his head.

Hmm... I'll just go ask him.

Ivan left for the Lair.


Ivan spotted the Troll with Vergil and a new Warlock, and walked to the Troll.

"Excuse me, I heard you talking about opening the Workshop, could I ask if you could make me some Spider Armour?"
Health : 99%
Ivan is in the Lair, talking to Thefsuth.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

November 1st, 2009, 08:48
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo was fast asleep, dreaming of giant man-eating chickens. And he controlled three of them, until he was eaten by a man. Kiboo awoke with fright in the Lair, and hurt the voice of Larquidos.

Keeper Larquidos: All of you, stay in MY territory. Do not venture across the lava. It is... It's... too risky.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo hungry anyways. Kiboo make Trap and Door... if Kiboo not get stuck in door...

Kiboo was too tired to move... he shut his eyes and began healing.

:warlock: Emmra: Good morning!

Kiboo woke up and looked around.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo want sleep more. Kiboo... Kiboo hungry...

Unable to deal with his hunger, Kiboo quickly found himself in the Hatchery, gobbling chickens.

:bile: Kiboo: BUUUUURRRRRP!!!! Kiboo done.

Kiboo then decided to work on some Traps but got stuck in the Braced Door at the northern exit of the Hatchery to the Lair. Kiboo struggled a bit, but then grew furious with his weight problems.


Kiboo :bile:

Health: 35%
Level: 1.65
Gold: 0
Location: Between the Hatchery and the Lair

Summery: Kiboo fell asleep and woke up in the Lair. He went back to sleep but awoke when Emmra entered with her "Good Morning" call. He was hungry and entered the Hatchery and decided to work in the Workshop but got stuck in the Braced Door at the northern exit to the Lair.

November 1st, 2009, 09:18
Necrotyc, who was beginning to go mad from the lack of company and the good old entertainment known as nothing, began to think dark thoughts where only valour and loyalty had existed before.

Shaking from head to toe, Necrotyc ripped out his left arm and began to hit it against his prison bars. It made a pleasant noise, and it was something to do!


Val'Kaz, who was training happily, soon found that he was extremely hungry.
Must be the combination of magic and physical exertion...
Heading off towards the hatchery at what was now approximately normal speed, Val'Kaz picked up a few chickens and absorbed their energy, quenching his thirst for souls.
He then had a painful thought; a thought of his friend.
Oh bugger it, he's probably sitting around losing his mind as i eat...
Regaining his normal, *lone wolf* composure, Val'Kaz went off to the library in search of a good, productive read....

He found himself intwined in a tome about manipulating corpses to do his bidding.

Necrotyc IS LOSING HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Val'Kaz stopped training, ate, and is now reading in the library.

November 1st, 2009, 09:52
Kanquios :demon:

Kanquios made her way back up the Portal, she had overcome her fear of battle at last, and prepared to face the enemy. But her thoughts first was to create a Lair and grab some food to fill the hunger created rom the long climb.

:demon: Kanquios: I-I'm sorry I r-ran out like that... I'm scared of fighting...

Kanquios quickly made her way to the Lair as she feared Larquidos' anger. She spotted Dasoop, sleeping in his Lair. She walked over to him and created her Lair next to his. A large red glowing stone surrounded by black roses that also had a set of red ribbons on top for Kanquios to nap on. Kanquios smiled warmly at her Lair, but as she saw Dasoop's injuries, the smile faded.

:demon: Kanquios: Dasoop?

Kanquios slowly walked over to Dasoop and poked him once. She opened his eyes forcefully and stared into them.

:demon: Kanquios: Dasoop! Wake up!!

Kanquios pouted as she circled him, poking him every now and then.

:demon: Kanquios: Dasoop! You promised to play!!

Kanquios :demon:

Health: 100%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: In the Lair, next to Dasoop.

Summery: Kanquios entered Larquidos' dungeon again, and appologized for running off. She then created her Lair next to Dasoops, but then began to panic when she noticed his injuries. She kept telling him to wake up.

November 1st, 2009, 14:35
The Lair

Thefsuth waved his arms at Emmra, exposing his pungent arm pits.

"Didn't I just tell yer ta use yer wax filled ears? Or weren't yer using them when I said that? I never said 'e's stupid, I said 'e doesn't use what scrap of intelligence 'e 'as! 'e lacks motivation among ot'er things."

Thefsuth became aware that Ivan was talking to him about making some spider armour.

"Listern up Ermma! This 'ere stunted spider is tha smartest collection of weedy legs in this dungeon! Even if 'e is an expensive bag of useless on tha battlefield, but that's what 'is armour will be for!"

Thefsuth plodded of in a south dirrection dragging his oversized troll hammer.

"Hurry up yer pair of sight seeing squatters! We an't got all day! This dungeon could fall apart at any moment tha way it's run." Thefsuth creaked to a stop when he saw the door way had a Kibbo shaped bung in it. Making sure he was out of ear shot of the demon he exsplained to his small party.

"That rotting swollen rat is Kibbo! 'e 'as a tendicy ta destroy every thing in 'is path due ta being wider than 'e is dim, an' bein' extremity dim."

Thefsuth's arm jetted out in front of Emmra, blocking her path to Kibbo.

"No wondering off from tha tour path! Kibbo is best left stuck untill a battle starts unless you like 'aveing all yer worldly goods flattened by 'is impressive behind! My orders ta yer sensitive self Emmra is ta cook 'im an intelligence potion when yer find tha time in yer worthless calender."

Thefsuth charged towards the Path to the portal.

"Moving on! No time ta take pictures or smell tha flowers! You too cowboy 'at!"

The Treasury

Thefsuth had completely ignored the dungeon heart save a spit of flem in it's direction and was now tapping his blistered covered foot waiting for the other two to catch up.

"There yer are! Did yer 'ave ta stop fur a pee or somethin'? That!" He pointed to that training room "Is a waist of yer time, as yer level 5 Ivan, and yer got bigger things ta worry about Emmra!"

"That!" Pointing now to the Hatchery "Is a distraction an' should only be used ta prevent death and fur access ta tha library south of it. Make sure yer remember that Emmra an' don't replace that thought with somethin' ta do with putrid ponies!"

Thefsuth pocketed his pay of 1.000 gold ((eep! I had to double check that too)) and swang to the direction of the workshop.

"That shamble of a workshop is where yer'll find me. The dungeon will fall apart at any moment the way it's bein' run so we can't rest until we find our selves on bloody solid ground! I'm constructing armour an' weapons fur any creature intelligent enough ta operate them! Yer two remmeber ta spread word of that!"

Thefsuth took a deep breath before bellowing: "RIGHT! That's tha end of yer tour! Stop wasting ma time! Emmra, yer orders are ta go ta the library- Yer Better Not 'ave Forgotten Where It Is! an research the combat pit. With Crumpet Lord Richard doin' dark lords know what ta Jarduidos' sluggish heart we need ta get off of our oversized behinds and train ta higher levels!"

"So get ta work!"

Thefsuth piveted around to Ivan and yanked him into

The Workshop.

"So Ivan! Make use of yer puny mandibles an' tell me what yer want fur yer armour!"

Thefsuth explained to Ermma that Vergil could be smart if he wanted to be, praised Ivan for being smart, and kid napped the two on a tour of the dungeon, ending at the workshop.
He ordered Emmra to research the Combat Pit, spread word that Thefsuth is building things for people in the workshop, and suggested she cooked Kibbo and intelligence potion.
He asked Ivan what he wanted for his spider armour.
He also collected his pay.

Metal Gear Rex
November 1st, 2009, 15:02
Dear Diary-Tour

"Didn't I just tell yer ta use yer wax filled ears?" Thefsuth asked Emmra, "Or weren't yer using them when I said that? I never said 'e's stupid, I said 'e doesn't use what scrap of intelligence 'e 'as! 'e lacks motivation among ot'er things."

"I'm sorry for mistaking that..." Emmra replied simply. "Listern up Ermma!" Thefsuth commanded after Ivan entered thier view, "This 'ere stunted spider is tha smartest collection of weedy legs in this dungeon! Even if 'e is an expensive bag of useless on tha battlefield, but that's what 'is armour will be for!"

"But isn't he the only Spider?" Emmra asked Thefsuth, "And don't Spiders usually have freeze and poisoness attacks to help take weaken larger enemies?" "That rotting swollen rat is Kibbo! 'e 'as a tendicy ta destroy every thing in 'is path due ta being wider than 'e is dim, an' bein' extremity dim," Thefsuth told Emmra.

Emmra stepped forward but Thefsuth stopped her.

"No wondering off from tha tour path! Kibbo is best left stuck untill a battle starts unless you like 'aveing all yer worldly goods flattened by 'is impressive behind!" Thefsuth told Emmra. "We really should help him though..."

"My orders ta yer sensitive self Emmra is ta cook 'im an intelligence potion when yer find tha time in yer worthless calender," Thefsuth continued. Emmra questioned, "Cook him? But why?"

Thefsuth ran off, and called back to Emmra and Ivan.

"Moving on! No time ta take pictures or smell tha flowers! You too cowboy 'at!" Thefsuth shouted. Emmra petted Kiboo, "I'm sorry I have to leave you like this..."

Emmra skipped her way over to Thefsuth. He pointed at rooms here and there and told Emmra to research the Combat Pit.

"Alright, Thefsuth!" Emmra smiled warmly.

Emmra twirled around, and skipped over to the Library, letting her dress follow her motion. She reached the Library in little to no time at all, and began looking through books for a Combat Pit book. She finally found one and began reading.

Page End


Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 300/100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy
Job: Researching
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Center of the Library

Summery: Emmra followed Thefsuth around, and then began research on the Combat Pit.

November 1st, 2009, 18:21
Ivan the Spider

Ivan looks at the female Demon Spawn, who is at Dasoop's side now.

Ivan held back a hiss.

Where has she been?

Ivan heard Thefsuth start talking about him, and turned his attention to Thefsuth.

"Listern up Ermma! This 'ere stunted spider is tha smartest collection of weedy legs in this dungeon! Even if 'e is an expensive bag of useless on tha battlefield, but that's what 'is armour will be for!"

Weedy!? Most Spiders would take offense to that! ...Useless? He didn't even see me destroy that Orc...

"But isn't he the only Spider?"

Now that you mention it, having at least another Spider around would be nice.

"And don't Spiders usually have freeze and poisonous attacks to help take weaken larger enemies?"

Ivan winces.

I don't know freeze... and my poison rarely effects... But I won't let that stop me!

Ivan ignored most of Thefsuth's insults to Kiboo, and followed him into the Treasury.


While Thefsuth explained many things to 'Emraa', Ivan looked at a gold coin. Ivan noticed something in his reflection on the small coin. Ivan gazed into the coin, looking at the reflection of his abdomen, where there was a hole from that was caused from a Orc's hammer, that impact revealed something.

There was a hourglass on it.

A hourglass? Isn't that a mark of a Black Widow? ...Was Mother a Black Widow?

Ivan glares into the coin.

If I am a Black Widow, why hasn't my poison been more effective?!

Ivan tosses the coin back into its pile.

Complete bu-GACK!

Ivan was yanked into the Workshop by Thefsuth.


"So Ivan! Make use of yer puny mandibles an' tell me what yer want fur yer armour!"

"Oh, uh, I need the armour to entirely cover my Cephalothorax, and cover most of my Abdomen, just keep the Mark uncovered."

Ivan looks down, then back at Thefsuth.

"You wouldn't happen to have a scarf, yes?"
Health : 99%
Ivan is in the Workshop with Thefsuth.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

November 1st, 2009, 20:04
Xerina, the Dark Elf

After guarding the area for some time, Xerina went to the Bridge and took a look at the other side of the lava river. Everything was quiet. No creatures nor even imps. Apparently, everyone was busy with the hero invasion, so this side was completely deserted. Seeing that noone was likely to come this way anytime soon, she went to the Hatchery to get something to eat. After arriving in Hatchery, she noticed a bile demon stuck in the Braced Door. She quickly averted her gaze from the disturbing sight of bile demon's behind, thinking:
"Curse thee, inhuman vision. Where hath thou been during battle?"
She shot a chicken with her crossbow and started to roast it over a nearby torch.

Xerina left the Guard Room and went to Hatchery, where she's roasting a chicken over a torch now.
Health: 100%

Dranton, the Beetle

After solo-drinking for a while, Dranton got bored and headed for the Library, wondering if there are any rooms left unresearched. On his way there, he noticed Kiboo was stuck in a door. He rushed to his aid.
"Hold on, I'll help you.", he said and started pushing Kiboo from behind, trying to get him through the door.

Dranton got bored and headed to Library, but saw Kiboo stuck and decided to help him.
Health: 100%

November 1st, 2009, 20:09
Vergil awoke and stood up out of his lair, he remembered it was payday and went to the treasury. Once he got there he picked up 30 gold and then decided to go to the casino.

gettign drunk will do me good... after saying this he went to the casino and began getting drunk.

November 2nd, 2009, 17:50
The Workshop

Thefsuth's hand surged into a bowl of gun powder, imprisoned it in his vile clutch and forced it into his slimy mouth. Thefesuth chewed on it as he thought deeply.

"A scarf? Yeah... An leaving yer mark visible? Yeah... yup, certainly, with out doubt, tha most ass-brained idiotic idea I've ever bothered ta listen to."

Thefsuth tore a huge sheet of greesy construction paper from the workshop rafters and started attacking it with charcoal and ideas.

"Yeah, yeah! Serrated iron platings... flip out razor saws 'ere an' here! Coal burning engine there, an there! Exhaust pipes there..."

The friary smog of the workshop seemed to become more devilish as Thefsuth forced more ideas at the construction paper.

"Hydrolic joints! On all tha joints..... wiring, No! Spined wiring... Spinning wheels! Fer shooting yer webbing! Tha'll flick out here!"

The plumes of smoke from the workshop danced around Thefsuth as he rose the plan from the table. He span round to Ivan and presented him with the plot.

The picture of the armour was horrific, monstrous, an infernal machine of black and fire, ever edge sported a daggered finger of some blade or piston or web spinner.

"An don't ferget! A little flap in tha back so yer can take a poop every now an' then."

Thefsuth's cheeks pulled back his crusted green lips to reveal his now charred black toothy grin.

Thefsuth created and presented Ivan with the blueprints for the infernal machine that will be his armour.

November 2nd, 2009, 21:26
Ivan the Spider

Ignoring most of Thefsuth's rambling, Ivan looked at the Armour's blueprints.

"..." Ivan looks at Thefsuth, to the Blueprints, back to Thefsuth* "Okay, so... how much do I pay you for it?"

(Stats are the same from before.)

November 2nd, 2009, 21:32
The Workshop

"50 now, and an awful lot more latter." Thefsuth's mouth managed to burst into flames and jet a huge tongue of fire forward. Thefsuth didn't seem to notice or care.

"I'll help yer sticky fingers stick to some gold if yer need them two when the big bill arrives." Thefsuth's eye brows went up and down. Several crumbs and bits of long dead chickens were dislodged and fell to the ground.

November 2nd, 2009, 21:41
Ivan the Broke Spider

"50 now? Can do."

Ivan speeds into the Lair, taking all of his coins, and returns to the Workshop.

"Wait...How much will the aftercost be?"

November 2nd, 2009, 22:02
"Can't be sure, materials change prices by the second."

Thefsuth grabs the coins and pushes them deep into his loincloth.

Thefsuth creeks round on his heels and started hitting metal on other types of metal.

Thefsuth is manufacturing Ivan some armou-

"Oi! Yer still standing thar mandible-mouth? 'Avn't yer got some where ta be? Or are yer totally with out use? Spread word of ma Workshop or go check up in ecstasy Emmra."

Metal Gear Rex
November 2nd, 2009, 22:15
Dear Diary-Beginning Training

The pages of Emmra's book flipped so often that it appeared to be her skimming down the pages. But Emmra had good eyes, and read it word for word. To her, this was taking her time. But she finally close the book, and had finished all she needed to know about Combat Pits. Her research wasn't done yet, but she decided to go train now.

"Yay! I'm done!" Emmra twirled around, happily, "I guess I should train or something, heehee!"

Emmra then proceeded to skip about the Dungeon, taking multiple detours into other rooms. She stopped by the Hatchery and grabbed a chicken.

"I'm sorry but I have to eat you... there's no other source of food..."

Emmra ate the chicken and picked up four more, apologizing to each before eating them. She then skipped about the dungeon. Alas, she made it to the Training Room.

Time for some fun!

Emmra then began skipping about the Training Room, practicing her healing abilities and defensive abilities. She hardly ever purposely hit a Training Dummy. Even if they weren't real, Emmra refused to harm one.

Page End


Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 300/100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy
Job: Training
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Training Room, skipping about

Summery: Emmra finished her book, and skipped around the dungeon, taking some long paths to the Hatchery. She ate five chickens and apologized to them for having to eat them. She then skipped to the Training Room but took some more detours. She then proceeded to train in the Training Room by practicing healing and defending.

November 2nd, 2009, 22:21
Ivan the Oi'd Spider

Ivan left the Workshop after being yelled at.

Hmmm... spread the word or research?

Ivan heads for the Library.


Ivan looks around, the Library was empty.

...Alright then... I'll just research for awhile.

[i]Ivan looks around on the bookshelf, finding a Combat Pit book called,

Combat Pit: Its Fun Killing Your Friends!

Ivan opened it up, and started reading.
Ivan is researching the Combat Pit.

November 3rd, 2009, 10:13
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo wasn't happy with Thefsuth insulting him. He prepared to swing his maces at him to shut him up for good but then Emmra stepped forward. Kiboo lost his anger towards Thefsuth. But then Kiboo felt something pushing him. Kiboo panicked, and thought it was the man who ate him from his dream.

Kiboo shook wildly and managed to go backwards a bit, and through his head to the sides in allowing his maces and began hitting the Braced Door several times. He damaged it enough to use his incredible arm muscle to break the braced door from the sides as if he were the Hulk.

Kiboo escaped the Braced Door and turned around to smash it. He then looked down and saw Dranton the Beetle.

:bile: Kiboo: Oh... just bug friend. Kiboo thought bug was Kiboo-Eating human from dream. Bug help Kiboo! Kiboo help bug! What bug need? Kiboo build!

Kiboo picked up Dranton for a brief moment while speaking, but set him down shortly after.

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 35%
Level: 1.65
Gold: 0
Location: Between the Hatchery and the Lair

Summery: Kiboo was mad at Thefsuth but Emmra calmed him. He thought Dranton was a Kiboo-Eater but then offered to build him something when he realized he was trying to help.

November 4th, 2009, 09:09
Larquidos, who had been having a montague of times with his brother (both pre a post "ascention") snapped back into the dungeon situation, and having not heard anything from his brother, assumed that he was still holding out.

Whisking around his dungeon and lightly probing his creatures for information, he found that he knew all but the finest details of the Torture Chamber and was about halfway done to understanding exactly how the Combat Pit worked. He also made sure that his creatures were being SOMEWHAT productive, and noted troll spittle on his heart.

Imps! Dig south - a passageway starting in the training room and squaring off next to the lava. Mine the gold, but don't chase it around the lava pool. Just a section will do for now.

Larquidos checked to make sure his dungeon was in order and made orders to mine some gold to the south.

November 4th, 2009, 10:00
Kanquios :demon:

Kanquios began running around the Lair, panicked. She returned to Dasoop and poked him some more. She gave him a quick hug and let Dasoop go with a drop on the floor, with a false believe that he would wake up from the hug. Kanquios had no idea what to do.

Kanquios :demon:

Health: 100%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: Lair w/Dasoop

Summery: Kanquios ran around the lair, hugged Dasoop, and dropped him from the hug.

November 4th, 2009, 21:38
"Take it easy. You shall be fine." Xerina answered to Dasoop even though his sight was turning like a spinning top. To avoid that, he closed his eyes and took a breathe, relaxing a little bit. But then, he could hear that more enemies were coming and Dasoop was absolutely not in a good shape to fight. Fortunately, he could feel that the Keeper grabbed him along with his friends to drop them into safety in the Lair. Dasoop was more than happy to be back at his pile of bones and his Dwarf's head that was decomposing. He immediately fell into the bones and whispers :

- Thanks Keepah... before he slept.

After a little moment, he could hear a very familiar voice that was calling him and telling him to wake up, followed by a gentle poke.

Dasoop! You promised to play!!

He didn't answer as it was absolutely not the time for that. Instead, he opened an eye and could recognize Kanquios starting to panic and running around the lair to finally poke him again. She then grabbed him and gave him a hug which was totally unexpected.

- K... Kanquias? Is it ya?

Dasoop was somewhat happy to see she didn't leave the dungeon. He was wondering where she was gone. Suddenly, she dropped him back in his Lair, the impact hurting him a bit.

- Ouchah! Carefulah please! My headah is so delicatah... And nowah, I'm so tired and wanna sleepah... I will play with yah later, I promise... Oh, and it's good to see ya!

Health = 24%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is in his lair, sleeping.
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Happy, but very tired
Efficiency = 5%

Summary of the situation : Dasoop ended up in his lair by the Keeper and started to sleep until he got awaken by Kanquios that hugged him. He talked to her and started to sleep back.

November 4th, 2009, 21:55
Vergil walked out of the casino not one bit drunk or feeling one bit better.

ugh, so much for drinking helping, all it did was give me a headache. Vergil said before walking into the training room and began hitting a nearby training dummy doing his normal routine of counting each it.

Metal Gear Rex
November 4th, 2009, 23:16
OOC (Yeah, I got Evi's permission with the double post)

Dear Diary-Level 2

Emmra trained for so long that she perfected her healing ability.

Level Up!
Now Level 2
New Spell: Heal Other

Yay! Now I can protect people more effectively now!

Emmra skips about the Training Room with a warm smile to spread about.

"Heehee! Glory to us all!" Emmra called out multiple times as she skipped about.

*Meanwhile, with Ivan*

"Wow... That was a short book... It only had two pages... Maybe I should look around for Emmra."

Ivan leaves the Library, and starts looking around. Emmra was so happy that she continued to shout her call. It must have been an attraction for Ivan to search the Training Room, because Ivan hurried to the Training Room. Once Ivan entered the Training Room, he saw Emmra skipping about, happily.

"...Er... Emmra?" Ivan started out. Emmra stopped skipping and turned to him, giving him a warm smile, "What is it, dear?" "Uh, I was wondering if you could help me research the Combat Pit, I saw about ten books about it in the Library and..."

"Sure my cute Spider Ivan," Emmra petted Ivan gently on the head, "You look a little hurt. I can heal you now... do you want me to bare your pain?" Ivan blinks, "Huh? Oh, no thanks. It doesn't hurt much anymore." "Alright then, let's go!" Emmra smiled again.

Emmra then picked up Ivan and skipped her way to the Library. She set Ivan down and began exploring the shelves.

"Can you please inform me where these books are?" Emmra asked Ivan sweetly. Ivan climbed up the bookcase, "They're all the way up here. How many should I bring down?" "All of them!" Emmra twirled happily and opened her arms to catch some books.

Ivan dropped six books into Emmra's arms. Ivan started to tip over while holding the last four books.

"Wha-Whoa!" Ivan fell to the ground, with a thud, "Oof... I'm okay!" Emmra rushed to Ivan, dropping the books, and begin petting Ivan, "I'm sorry my poor spider... I was holding the books... ket me heal any injured part of yours..."

Emmra gently places her hands on Ivan with her warm hands and casts Heal on him, allowing a large feeling of warmth engulf Ivan and heal him.

"Now dear, feel better?" Emmra asked Ivan, "Do you want to read the titles? Why don't you pick out a good book for us to read." "Ah... Thanks...

Okay, lets see... There's Combat Pit
How to Get Back at Your Enemies: The Ways of the Combat Pit
It's Good to be Bad: The Combat Pit
The Smashing Gore of the Combat Pit
History of the Combat Pit
The Pit of Doom
Smashing Buddies
How to Cheat at Combat Pit Battles
Why Combat Pits Suck
The Combat Pit's Champion..."

Ivan blinks, "The Combat Pit's Champion seems alot thicker than all the others, maybe we should read that one first?" "Okay!" Emmra picked it up, "But I'm not so sure if it's the best source of information. And I don't want to read about gore and blood too much..." "It might explain some things, besides, once we finish it, all the other books can be read through easily," Ivan explained.

Emmra smiled and hugged Ivan, "You make a good point my cute little spider friend. I'm pretty fast at reading. I could be done shortly! Hold on!"

Emmra picked up the book, "The Combat Pit's Champion", and then began to read. She occasionally looked up on Ivan and sometimes gave him a brief warm smile. Emmra flipped through the pages quickly as if all there were to look at were pictures. The words were actually big, and is what made the book so lengthy.

Ivan takes a peek at the next page Emmra switches to, which was the last page, a picture of the Combat Pit's Champion, the Black Knight was on it.

Ivan shudders, "Yikes... so... that's a Black Knight?" Emmra giggles, "Heehee, you've never seen one before?" "Err... No. This is kinda my first time in a Keeper Dungeon..." Ivan answers.

"Really?" Emmra asks him, "I've been to many dungeons! I go wondering about each one for a short time. Maybe I should stay, I did meet some cute little spiders like yourself in my last dungeon! Umm... right, what should we read next?" "Hmm... Lets start with the basic one, The Combat Pit."

Emmra smiles before she picks it up and begins reading. Ivan gets up.

"Excuse me, I'm gonna check on Thefsuth," Ivan told Emmra, who merely responded, "Alright. Maybe you could come back, I can't read all of these books by myself! Heehee!"

Ivan leaves the Library, heading for the Workshop. Ivan reached the Lair, noticed that the Demon Spawn girl was still there. Ivan, holding back his anger, walked up to her.

"Hey, why don't you go and train? Dasoop could join you when he is strong enough," Ivan told her.

-Page End-


Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Happy
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Library

Summery: Emmra leveled up, and Ivan finished reading his book. He went and brought Emmra to the Library and they researched together. Ivan left Emmra while she was still reading, and went to see Thefsuth but ran into Kanquios on the way. He told her to go and train, and that Dasoop will join later.

November 4th, 2009, 23:25
(Sorry DragonsLover.)
(Also, yes, I am too lazy to change the Style. :P)
:demon: Kanquios: I don't wanna train! I don't wanna fight! Look what happened to Dasoop!

:spider: Ivan: That is because you left him alone.

:demon: Kanquios: I didn't want to get hurt!

:spider: Ivan: Where ever we all go, we will get hurt.

Kanquios moved behind Dasoop.

:demon: Kanquios: I don't wanna go and fight!!

:spider: Ivan: ...What if there is another fight here then?

:demon: Kanquios: ........I don't like fighting... I don't know... I don't wanna stay in a fight!

:spider: Ivan: *Hisses* Fighting is in all the Realms! What must I do to make you understand that?!

:demon: Kanquios: Hikes!

Kanquios runs and hides behind the large ruby that was her lair. She quickly began covering herself with the black roses that surrounded it.

:spider: Ivan: Ugh... Its like talking to a child.

Kanquios popped out of the roses.

:demon: Kanquios: *Growls* I'm not a child! You're stupid! Oops!

Kanquios dives back into the roses and shakes with fear.

:spider: Ivan: ...Are we resorting to idle threats now? Honestly, haven't you grown up yet?

:demon: Kanquios: *Sticks out tongue* I'm a Demon Spawn, dummy!

:spider: Ivan: *Hisses loudly* Shut up! You're giving me a headache!

:demon: Kanquios: No!

:spider: Ivan: *Shakes head* (Calm down Ivan.) *Walks away*

:demon: Kanquios: Haha! Now you run!

Kanquios curls up next to Dasoop, shaking with fear.

:spider: Ivan: *Looks back* Run? I just don't feel like attacking a Comrade, even though you don't seem to act like one.

:demon: Kanquios: *Sticks out tongue* I don't wanna be your comrade! Your mean and dumb!

Ivan's mind snaps, and suddenly becomes very angry.

:spider: Ivan: *Hissing uncontrollably* nOT a COMraDE!?! ThEN yOu aRE MY EnEMy!!!

Ivan jumps in front of Kanquios, his fangs, dripping with poison, ready to sink into flesh. Kanquios runs for the Portal, not sure exactly what comrade meant but she knew what an enemy was.

:demon: Kanquios: AHHH!!

Ivan proceeded to chase Kanquios, but he stops suddenly.

:spider: Ivan: *Shakes his head* ...Wait... What was I doing?

*Ivan looks around, feeling many gazes burn into his body*

:spider: Ivan: ...I need time alone.

Ivan drags himself to the Guard Room, and sat there quietly, in the Corner, keeping his gaze on the door to the outside. Kanquios, still sure Ivan is chasing her, reaches the portal and stands right beside the hole.

:demon: Kanquios: *Crying slightly* I-If I'm not wanted... I'll leave!

Kanquios drops down into the portal and leaves Crystalbarrow Catacombs.

Kanquios has left your dungeon!

Ivan looks down.

:spider: Ivan: ...Its my fault. Maybe I should of died in that Dungeon.
Health : 98%
Ivan is alone in the Guard Room.
Level : 5
Mood : Very Unhappy
Efficiency : 0%

November 4th, 2009, 23:41
The Workshop

Flames and smog engulfed the Workshop, the two forces swirled around the forge in a tempest of heat and iron.

"It's Alive!! It's bloody ALIVE!!"

At the raging eye of the violent vale of labour nestled the glowing amber of seething metal. It sat there; hunched down in the pain of birth.

"What 'ave I done? W'at 'ave I DONE!?!"

The searing steel skeleton squatted within the casket: a masterpiece of metal.

Thefsuth blew out the forge and the room flicked back to normal. "I've built somethin' tha's not rotten an' worthless, that's what I've bloody done."

Thefsuth cleaned his hands off the soot by dipping them in crude oil.

He chewed on some Iron filing as he watched the armour slowly cool, it would be some time before it's wearable.

"Imps! Dig south - a passageway starting in the training room and squaring off next to the lava. Mine the gold, but don't chase it around the lava pool. Just a section will do for now."

Thefsuth hardly reacted, after a moment he said to him self "Ma rugged ears must be rotting, as I could 'ave sworn I 'eard some sweet nothin' of stupid just then."

Thefsuth pulled him self over to a more standard part of the Workshop. "What idiot's left me senile self responsible fur this disgusting dungeon? Good think I make tha best of a bad job"

Thefsuth started manufacturing a Lighting trap, alarm trap, and a clutch of Freeze traps.

Thefsuth completed the Exo-Exo-Skeleton, leaving it to cool, and is now manufacturing a Freeze Trap, Alarm trap, and lighting trap.

November 5th, 2009, 08:39
Dranton, the Beetle

"Uh... Thanks.", Dranton rsponded to Kiboo, "I don't really need anything right now, but thanks for the offer. Name's Dranton, by the way.", after which he peeked at the direction of the Library, "I guess I'll see you later.", he said turning back to Kiboo, "Watch out for those damn narrow doorways ,okay?", he finished and went to the Library.
He saw a human girl (female humanoid? a.k.a. Emmra) inside reading a book, with several books piled next to her. Dranton looked at the titles and realised she was researching a Combat Pit.
"Good idea.", Dranton thought, "We could use a Combat Pit around here.", after which he picked up "It's Good to be Bad: The Combat Pit" and asked Emmra: "May I borrow this?", after which he started reading the book.

Dranton told Kiboo he doesn't need anything made at the moment and left fot the Library. He took a book about Combat Pits from Emmra's pile o' books and started researching.
Health: 100%

Xerina, the Dark Elf

Xerina finally finished her chicken and saw Dranton helping Kiboo get loose. She didn't stick around for too long and headed for the Guard Room, where she saw Ivan. He was in the same spot as when she first saw him. And she was approaching him in a same manner as she did back then. The only thing different were her wounds.
"Greetings, Ivan.", she said, "Not much going on here, is it?"

Xerina finished her chicken and returned to the Guard Room, where she saw Ivan and greeted him.
Health: 100%

November 5th, 2009, 09:11
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo shook his head when Dranton told him no.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo appreciates Dranton. Kiboo no want to disrespect Dranton. Kiboo build Dranton Lightning Trap Decoration! Me named Kiboo. *Yawn* Kiboo tired from battle. Kiboo sleep now. Kiboo build later.

After Dranton left, Kiboo went to his lair and stared at it. He thought he needed to remodel it so he took it down and then rebuilt it to appear to be a mini fortress. Kiboo would rest on top as if he were king! The problem, however, was that he could not get on top. Kiboo was a terrible climber. And even if he made it to the top, it would probably collapse under his weight!

Kiboo realized this, and smashed his lair with his mace in anger that his weight was again complicating him. He rebuilt his lair yet again to be a nest of rug surrounded by four anvils. Kiboo climbed inside and realized it was too small. Kiboo made it bigger, and it covered 2x2 tiles. Kiboo set himself inside and rested.

Kiboo awoke after a peaceful short nap, and felt ready to work, even if he wasn't fully healed. He went back to the Hatchery and picked up 12 chickens and ate them all. Kiboo burped, and for the first few moments the burp appeared to be the Poison Cloud but it disappeared shortly after. Kiboo hung his head in shame as much as he could, and slowly made his way to the Workshop.

Once there, Kiboo got straight to work. He ignored Thefsuth and in barely any time at all, Kiboo created an artificial Lightning Trap. He then brought it to the Lair and left it beside Dranton's lair. Kiboo returned to the Workshop and began working to build two Lightning Traps.

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 72%
Level: 1.65
Gold: 0
Location: The Workshop

Summery: Kiboo told Dranton he'd build an artificial Lightning Trap for decoration to give, then he went and took a short nap, and ate 12 chickens. He went to the Workshop, ignored Thefsuth, and built the artificial Lightning Trap. He then left it at Dranton's lair, and returned to the Workshop and began working on 2 REAL Lightning Traps.

November 5th, 2009, 22:44
Ivan the Spider

While watching the door, Ivan dozed off.


Ivan found himself in complete darkness, just floating there. A raspy voice is heard.

"Why are you unhappy Ivan? You should be proud. That Demon Spawn is worthless, thinking everything is all ponies and rainbows. One second in the real world, she'll be DEAD within the second."

The hairs on Ivan's abdomen stand up.

"But... What about Dasoop? He-"

"You mean that accent crazy Demon Spawn? He'll find another, hopefully a less STUPID one. But enough of that, look up, and be proud."

"But... How can I be proud if I drove off a Comrade, a ally?"

"YOU don't need these worthless fools. THEY need you. You are, of course, of my blood. Look up, and see."

Ivan shivers as he looks up. A massive Spider with the same Mark thunders above him.

"Wh-who are you?!"

"Me? *Snickers* I am your Mother, Xela, boy."

Xela smacks Ivan into the darkness.


Ivan wakes up with his heart beating loudly. Ivan looks around, relieved to be back in the Dungeon.

"Greetings, Ivan. Not much going on here, is it?" Xerina said to Ivan.

Ivan looks up at Xerina.

"Nothing. It is eerily quiet..."

(Status is the same as before.)

Metal Gear Rex
November 6th, 2009, 01:58
Dear Diary-Dranton

"Of course you can, my cute little Beetle friend! Take your pick! I've read these two though," Emmra told Dranton happily with a warm smile when he asked if he could take one, "I'm Emmra! What's your name?"

Emmra then continued reading, she had finished "Combat Pit" before Dranton arrived, and now she was reading "The Pit of Doom". With a Warlock like her, the Combat Pit would be available within barely any time at all.


-Page Break-

Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Happy
Job: Researching the Combat Pit
Location: Library

Summery: Emmra told Dranton to take his picked, told him her name and asked for his, and had finished reading "Combat Pit" and was now reading "The Pit of Doom".

November 6th, 2009, 17:58
The Workshop

Thefsuth cracked his spine back into a vertical position and looked down at his four completed traps: 2 freeze traps, an alarm trap, and a lightning trap.

He chewed his rotting teeth for a moment before belching a yell "OI! Is this dimwitted dungeon devoid of Imps? Or are yer all wasting yer lives 'aving a smoke? One bet'er get in 'ere before I resume MY smoking habits!"

An Imp rushed in and tripped over him self. "Please don't light me and smoke me Mr. Troll sir: I don't like fire."

"Shut yer gruesome gob! I finished tha traps we bloody well need." "But Mr. Larquedos didn't ask for any-" "Quit yer jibber jabber before I make yer swallow yer stained teeth! We need these traps in this position."

Thefsuth shoved the scrap of paper into the imp's face:

"With all tha chaos in that decapitated dungeon yer'll can sneak yer runty self and traps on ta some newly claimed land. If any crippled creature crawls out of that grotty dungeon I want a delay and warning."

The imp looked up blankly at Thefsuth.

"Are yer tryin' ta translate w'at I said into stupid or 'ave yer limpy legs stopped workin'!?"

"No Mr. Troll sir! Not me sir! It's just I should run this past Keeper Larquedos first."

"Bah! Idiots love company. Fine! Just don't come cryin' ta me when he 'as a fit from not being' able ta take SOUND advice!"

The imp scuttled off to the dungeon heart with the four traps dragging behind him in a trail. "Good riddance, tha- Kibbo!"

Thefsuth's crusted eyes locked on Kibbo for the first time. "Yer sack of saliva! Yer came an' did some not-utterly useless work with out ma shoutin' at yer waxy thick ears fur hours! I'm not completely disappointed in yer Kibbo."

"Don't ruin tha Workshop with yer fat ass while I run some errands. Keep up the mildly adequate work you goit"

Thefsuth lugged the Exo-exo-skeleton on to his liver spot riddled back. As Thefsuth creaked out of the workshop the skeleton watched Kibbo menacingly over Thefsuth's boney shoulder.

The Training Room

Thefsuth plodded in and barked "You twits all better be training in 'ere! We've got a war ta fight an I hope it wont be you inexperienced imbeciles that do me in on tha battlefield!" to the whole room.

Thefsuth completed 2 freeze traps, 1 alarm trap and a lighting trap, ordered an Imp to put them into position, complimented/insulted Kibbo on his work before taking the Exo-exo-skeleton to the training room and "motivating" Vergil and the training room.

November 7th, 2009, 11:37
Kiboo :bile:

While completely ignoring Thefsuth, Kiboo had finished his two Lightning Traps.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo done.

Inside Kiboo's head, he had a checklist for what he needed to build for a proper defense. In total, he needed 2 Lightning Traps, 4 Sentry Traps, 2 Fear Traps, 4 Freeze Traps, and 4 Barricades.

:bile: Kiboo: Lightning stuns, Fire burns stunned enemies plus damage. Barricades block passage. Freeze Traps stop in place. Fear Traps fear destroying Freeze.

Kiboo had it all planned out in his head.


:bile: Kiboo: L=Lightning, S=Sentry, E=Fear, F=Freeze, and B=Barricades. Kiboo draw good layout.

Kiboo decided to get to work on the Sentry Traps. Then the Fear Traps would come after. Freeze Traps followed by Barricades would end it. But Kiboo wasn't sure if he should create Barricades with the Fear Traps. Kiboo thought that that would save time and decided to do it that way.

Kiboo got straight to work on four Sentry Traps. It would have been easier if Kiboo and Thefsuth worked together, which they would have done if Kiboo wasn't ignoring Thefsuth, which he only did because he found Thefsuth to be irritating. Kiboo also found Thefsuth to be not too helpful nor bright with his way of motivating other creatures.

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 72%
Level: 1.65
Gold: 0
Location: The Workshop

Summery: Kiboo finished his two Lightning Traps, made plans for his coming work, and then got to work on four Sentry Traps.

November 8th, 2009, 06:53
Dasoop was half-asleep and too weak to react. He could hear the discussion between Ivan and Kanquios. Ivan was right when he said she left Dasoop alone and that wherever they'd go, they'd get hurt. When Kanquios answered that she didn't wanted to fight, Dasoop immediately knew that she wasn't really for him as it's the thing he enjoyed the most. Later, when she started to dislike Ivan, Dasoop also agreed for Kanquios to shut up. He even smiled when Ivan was chasing Kanquios, but also felt very sad for her, but it would have never worked between them anyway.

Dasoop finally fell into a deep sleep...

Health = 37%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is sleeping in the Lair.
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Happy to sleep and get rid of Kanquios, but also sad for her.
Efficiency = 0%

Summary of the situation = Dasoop heard the conversation between Ivan and Kanquios and then fell asleep.

November 10th, 2009, 23:21
Vergil smashed his sword into the dummy and cut was slashed clean in half.


Vergil, now happy after leveling up, made his way back to the lairs and laid down and went to sleep.

Dark_Omega MK2
November 11th, 2009, 17:09
Edmundo, because being an unique character its for communists...

*After a time paradox, Edmundo realices its no longer on the enemy dungeon and its back at home*

Just when it started to get nice... oh well... Orders are orders after all...

*Edmundo went to the treasury to collect his payment, and grabbed 35 gold*

This will do for now... And now... i really need to rest, my wounds are not yet totally healed...

*Edmundo heads to his Lair where he starts treating himself*

I hope this time i get more time for training... instead of going suicidal again...

Edmundo went to the treasury, grabbed 35 gold and now is in his Lair*
HP 50%
Mood: happy of being back at home
Efficiency: 70%
Level: 2

November 14th, 2009, 17:07
Ivan the Spider

Ivan gets up.

"I'm gonna go check the Guard Room we took control of."

Outside the Dungeon

Ivan shivers at the sight of Lava, but tries his best to ignore it and continues to the Second Guard Room.

Second Guard Room

Ivan looked around. Empty. Ivan shrugged.

"Might as well stay Guard here."

Ivan crawls onto the wall, and makes a Lookout in the Top Right of the Room.
Health : 99%
Ivan is in the Second Guard Room.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

November 14th, 2009, 18:33
The training room.

Thefsuth saw that the training room was empty save for Vergil. He was doing that annoying thing where he counted each of his blows on the dummies.His breath could be used for much more important things, like admitting he was a sloth of a slob.

"Oi! Lazy liver Vergil! Yo better make yer stubbly self useful and level up right now!"


Huh, fancy that...

Thefsuth cracked a grin; great green chasms of old troll skin folded into wrinkles about his face.

"If yer used yer wax filled ears an' listened ta ma motivation in tha first place yer'd 'ave done that days ago!" Vergil started to leave the training room "What!? Are yer sixteen separate shades of stupid!?"

As Vergil walked out of the training room and passed the Grumpy-Green, Thefsuth gave him a particularly scabby finger, and the Exo-exo-skeleton glared at him with eye of hot coal.

Thefsuth followed him, sweaty feat slapping on the tiled floor into

The Lair

Thefsuth stood their with a slacked jaw of disapproval; two rouges and Dasoop were sleeping peacefully, while all sorts of carnage and mayhem was raging within Jarquedos' dungeon.

On inspection the only creature near death was Dasoop, it was within the Dungeon's interest for him to sleep, so Thefsuth ripped out some pillows from the lairs of less deserving Creatures and wedged them under Dasoop's head.

After reassuring him self that the two rouges certainly needed a rude awakerning to show them that now is not the time to be idle Thefsuth returned to the training room, lopped off the two bucket heads off a pair of training dummies.

Thefsuth looked down the the two buckets clamped between his hands. The questions was where one could find cold water in this land of fire.

Thefsuth's yellow eyes span to the long corridor leading to the river of lava where the bridge was located. A menacing grin appeared on Thefsuth's face, the Exo-exo-skeleton joined in.

The river side

He plodded into the Guard room and gave a nod of aproval to Xerina who was working before shuffling to the river's edge.

He picked some of the cooler moltern rock back the edge of the river; Thefsuth didn't want to burn their faces off- well, he wanted to but he wasn't going to.

He looked up and spotted Ivan in the far Guard room, Thefsuth gave a large wave exposing his damp arm pits before wandering over to Ivan.

"Great ta see yer puttin' yer self ta some work Ivan. I'm 'aving to rush all over tha dungeon ta keep every spotty creature with their name sowed into their cloths tha motivation ta work."

The Exo-exo-skeleton leered over Thefsuth's boney shoulder at Ivan; it's sinnister skull winked wickedly as it's engines bled smoke into it's eye sockets.

Thefsuth followed Vergil to the lair, gave some pillows (Stollen from all the other lairs in the room) to the sleeping Dasoop, lopped off the heads of two training dummies and filled them with lava at the river's edge (After giving a nod of approval to the on duty Xerina) He then travelled over to Ivan and congratulated him on staying on guard.

Duke Ragereaver
November 14th, 2009, 22:24
Keeper Jarquidos

''Brother... for your own safety do not try to save me. It's too late for me, and I'm not going to allow you to suffer the same fate. With my last creatures dead now, it will be a matter of time before this pathetic Lord Christopher guy will come to you with his men. Seek out the secrets of this realm if you want to make a chance. Goodbye... brother... I will await you from the Other Side.''

The direct moment after that Jarquidos has spoken these last words, his Dungeon Heart supports collapsed under the attacks of Lord Christopher himself, who decided to enter the fray personally, and his lackeys that were already present.

:lord: And yet another false Keeper kneels down before me, and I can already smell the fear of the small, weak, one in the east. You men! Take care of him, I will return to the castle and send some men to evacate this place.

:dwarf: Yes milord Christopher!

Keeper Jarquidos is dead!


Heroes that are marching towards the Dungeon
One level 6 elven archer
Four level 3 dwarves
One level 2 human archer
Two level 2 thieves

Metal Gear Rex
November 14th, 2009, 23:20
Dear Diary
Pg. 7

Emmra was already almost done with her books. There was only "Smashing Buddies" and "The Smashing Gore of the Combat Pit" left for her to read. But Emmra heard the news of the defeat of Keeper Jarquios and stood up. She had become sad at the news of the fallen Dungeon Keeper, but decided she best make a good position to prepare for the Heroes to come towards them.

Emmra began to skip her ways towards the Guard Room within Keeper Larquios' main Dungeon. She spotted Xernia and waved at her.

"Hello Dark Elf!" she greeted with a warm smile, "I'm Emmra! Who are you?"

Emmra turned and noticed Thefsuth and Ivan at the captured Guard Room and began to call out to them.

"Hello Thefsuth and Ivan!!" Emmra called out to them, "Heroes are coming!! Why don't you come back over here so you're not hurt while alone!!"

-Page End-

Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Happy
Job: Guarding
Location: First Guard Room

Summery: Emmra finished reading the Combat Pit books except for 2, then she went to the Guard Room, said hello to Xernia, and called out to Thefsuth and Ivan suggesting they come back to unite with the other creatures.

November 15th, 2009, 00:32
Ivan the Spider

Ivan peeks out of his outpost on the Wall at the sounds footsteps, to look at Thefsuth.

"Great ta see yer puttin' yer self ta some work Ivan. I'm 'aving to rush all over tha dungeon ta keep every spotty creature with their name sowed into their cloths tha motivation ta work."

Ivan nods, then notices the Exo-Exo-Skeleton.

"Is that the Spider Armour? Great job on it!"

Ivan hears multiple steps in the distance, far too loud to be any Creature's steps. Ivan scents the Air, Heroes. The hairs on Ivan's abdomen rise, ten Hero scents crawled into Ivan's sense.

"Hello Thefsuth and Ivan!! Heroes are coming!! Why don't you come back over here so you're not hurt while alone!!"

Ivan climbs down onto the floor and looks at Thefsuth.

"Yeah, we better return back to the Dungeon. I scented ten Heroes coming our way."

Ivan crawled back to the Ally Dungeon.
Status is the Same

November 15th, 2009, 08:20
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo picked up his creations with pride. 4 Sentry Traps were now complete. Kiboo looked at his poorly written out Workshop Plan. He needed 4 Freeze Traps and then he'd create 2 Fear Traps and 4 Barricades. Kiboo grinned with pride as he looked at his work but then his stomach growled. Kiboo remembered Thefsuth, and decided to mark his work before he left.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo wish he knew letters...

Kiboo wrote his name on all of his work, but his name was misspelled as Cebo. Kiboo then created a quick sign and shoved his creations in his corner. He put the sign in front of it, so his traps were protected.

The sign read: PROPRTEE UV CEBO

Kiboo then rushed off to the Hatchery. He suffed 7 chickens in his mouth, knowing he wasn't that hungry and he wanted to also watch his weight. Kiboo heard the news of the heroes.

:bile: Kiboo: Heroes? Kiboo smash and eat heroes! Kiboo work on traps later, Kiboo train now. Kiboo almost have Poison Cloud!

Kiboo then rushed off in the Training Room, ALMOST getting stuck a a different Hatchery door but managed to squeeze out. He then entered the Training Room and began to train.

He picked one dummy and wacked it with his maces and he practiced his strength by ripping it out of the ground. He then slammed it back into the ground with such force it probably gave the Training Room a shake, as well as smashing the dummy's bottem into the Training Room floor.

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 80%
Level: 1.75
Gold: 0
Location: Training Room

Summery: Kiboo finished 4 Sentry Traps, moved them off to the corner of the Workshop, labeling them as his and put a sign in front of them listing them as his in fear that Thefsuth would take them. He mispelled every word, and then grabbed 7 chickens in the Hatchery. He decided to train instead of work in the Workshop when he heard the Heroes were coming, he's almost level 2.

November 15th, 2009, 09:28

Larquidos, who was busy overseeing his dungeon expansion to the south, was rather startled when he once again heard his brothers voice.

He listened intently, and when he heard the crashing of what could only be his heart pillars, Larquidos was suddenly overcome with a feeling of regret...

Necrotyc, who was nearly completely insane and had entirely disassembled himself, was only partially aware when he noticed great balls of blue smoke pop up all around him.


Val'Kaz finished reading his tome on Necromancy and stopped by the hatchery for a bite to eat. He then went off to the Library to research the Torture Chamber, as he knew his friend Necrotyc would need to be "broken in" to the dungeon, even if he was a unaligned creature as of present.

Noticing that one of the books on Torturing was already marked with a magical code, Val'Kaz picked up another one which talked more about the physics and mechanics of the room, as opposed to the pyschological and painful aspects.

Larquidos was SAD.
Necrotyc is a MAD.....ass
And Val'Kaz is obsessed with his Necromantic FAD. He like, finished reading that book and is now researching the Torture Chamber.

November 16th, 2009, 22:30
Xerina, the Dark Elf

After hearing the news of Jarquidos' death, Xerina walked toward the Bridge crossing the lava. A very cheerful girl skipped past her and introduced herself as Emmra, then continued toward the Bridge.
"My name is Xerina.", she replied upon reaching the Bridge (and seeing Emmra wave at Ivan and Thefsuth).
Xerina pulled out her crossbow and loaded it with a bolt. She looked at the 2nd Guard Room and watched for enemies that might come, waiting for Ivan and Thefsuth to come back to their side of the lava river (and traps that could help in the fight against the enemies).

Xerina walked to the Bridge, told her name to Emmra and now watches the other side.
Health: 100%


Dranton, the Beetle

While Emmra finished several books already, Dranton was still reading his 1st one. He was almost done with it when the news of Jarquidos' death came.
"That doesn't sound good. Those heroes could be marching this way anytime now.", Dranton thought.
He left the book open on a desk in the Library and left after Emmra toward the lava river. He saw Kiboo training and call him:
"Hey there, Kiboo. I'm going to the lava river in case the enemies come our way soon. Come join us when you're done here."
With this said, Dranton continued toward the lava river.

Dranton walked toward the lava river, but saw Kiboo in the Training Room and stopped to tell him to join them when he's done with his training, then continued toward the lava river.
Health: 100%

Metal Gear Rex
November 17th, 2009, 18:10
Dear Diary
Pg. 8

"My name is Xerina," Xerina replied to Emmra after she waved at Thefsuth and Ivan. Emmra turned and smiled, "What a beautiful name for a lovely Dark Elf."

Emmra watched as Ivan made her way to the main dungeon. Emmra petted Ivan on the head and picked him up.

"Such a cute little Spider," Emmra petted Ivan gently while speaking very lovingly, "Be careful when we fight, I don't want to see you hurt."

-Page End-
Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Worried
Gold: 0
Location: At the Bridge

Summery: Emmra told Xerina she had a beautiful name, and petted Ivan and picked him up, telling him to be careful.

November 17th, 2009, 22:27
A small demon spawn has climbed up the portal. Visibly bruised, he was shaking on his legs. He had scars in several places, and his body was covered in blood. He dragged his burnt and slashed body towards the dungeon heart. When he reached the chamber, he felt a surge of energy feel him. The steady beating of the heart filled him with hope for a new life here, in the high underground.

"S-s-sir" - he said, stuttering from pain. "My name's... Zengg... Zenghar... although you could call me Zenek, if you'd like..." he chuckled, and spat a bit of blood on the dungeon floor. "I'd... like to serve under you... master"

The creature looked around the room quickly "And... if I could.... I wouldn't mind to take a quick rest right now... as you can see, my body didn't take the journey as well as my mind did." Once again, he chuckled, this time almost choking on his blood.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 24%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Tired, unhealthy but fairly happy.
Action: Reporting in the dungeon heart
Current Abilities: Attack

November 17th, 2009, 23:17
Vergil pulled himself up and grabbed his bag. He reached inside and pulled out his cloak. He put it on along with strabbign his knives to the inside and putting his sword on his side. He readied his poisen and then walked out fo the lairs.

Somthing isnt right...theres somthing about to happen. He though walking towards the bridge. Somthing aint right at ALL. When he got there he looekd accross andcould faintly hear the cheerign of heroes. After he heard this he understood and put drew his sword.

November 18th, 2009, 02:09
Ivan the- You know ALREADY!

Ivan was lifted up by Emmra and was called a cute Spider.

"Err... heh... you can put me down now..."

Metal Gear Rex
November 18th, 2009, 02:28
The Beautiful and Cheerful Warlock
"The Avatar's Saint"

Dear Diary
Page 9

"Err... heh... you can put me down now...?" Ivan asked Emmra who replied cheerfully, "Of course my cute little Spider dear!"

Emmra sets Ivan down and decided to grab a quick meal as her stomach began to ask her for food, considering she's so kind that not even her stomach growls.

"I'm gonna grab some food..." Emmra told Xerina and Ivan.

Emmra then skipped her way to the Hatchery, humming a light tune along the way. She picked up a chicken and apologized to it for having to eat it. After petting it she then quickly ate it so it wouldn't live to bear too much pain.

She followed the same process for the next four chickens and then skipped over to the Lair so she could round up any sleeping creatures for the fight. She spot Dasoop lying there and skipped over to him.

"You poor thing..." she whispered as she gently placed her hands on his chest, "I can help you now."

Emmra began casting a very efficient Heal over Dasoop, and then petted him after a hug. She then skipped over to the next wounded creature she noticed. It was Zenghar.

"Hold on my dear, I'll make you feel all better..." she whispered softly as she again placed her hands on his chest and casted heal, "There... better?"

Zenghar, surprised by Emmra's action, jumped away. However, he quickly felt the healing spell working on him.

"Why yes, thanks! At least now I won't stain the carpet with my blood spit..." Zenghar chuckled cheekily, this time his blood staying inside his veins, "My name's Zenghar by the way, but you can call me Zenek if you wish." "Okay! I'm Emmra!" Emmra told him.

Zenghar winked happily. Emmra smiled warmly in response.

"I was just telling the dungeonkeeper aboutmy arrival, not that I'm anyone too important but well hopefuly-" Zenghar started out.

Emmra tried to break in, "You're as important as everyone else is, and EVERYBODY is important!"

"Yeah yeah anyway hopefulyIwill soonbe significant andstuffso hopefulyI willbe important andmy arrival willbeseenasan event of great significance and everybody willbe happy and stuff and yeah I'm sorta newhererightnow and stuff butIthinkIcould accomodate quite quickly so it will be allgood and stuff"

The speed at which the demon spawn talked was astounding, you could barely make out words out of the steady stream of sound he made, and the draconic accent he had didn't help either.

"Anyway, I'm just sortagonna wait righthere for the uhhhh keeper to likesorta acknowledge of mearriving and then justkinda goand getsome stuff toeat like achickenor I dunno, what else do they servedoesn'tmatter either way I'll need somefoodandrest aswell since your spell asusefulasitwas didn't really satiatemystomach or give meanyz's if you knowwhatIsortamean it'sagood spell andall but youknow notreally that usefull whenyouhaven'teaten foraweekorso anddidn'tsleep fortwiceaslong".

The demon spawn grinned, and lightly tapped the floor with his tail.

"Butstillyeah thanks for it causeitlike reallyhelped getmebetter and thepain isgone as well soit'sallgood andIhopewecanbefriends?"

Zenghar looked at Emmra, expecting her to not understand his request. But he was happy, excited even, for a potential new friendship. Yet Emmra understood every last word.

Emmra picked up Zenghar and smiled warmly, she spoke gently even for her naturally soft voice, "I'd love to be your friend. Let me get you something to eat. But you shouldn't wait around all day. Heroes are coming."

Zenghar was shocked at the news. He looked around the room to ensure there weren't any heroes around.

"Damndamndamn" - he said, in his usual quick paced tone. "I donotbelieve I am ready for a fight yet I seriously need somerest and yeahitwould be quite good ifyoucould bring me a chickenortwo butIthink I'mgonnago makemylairandrest for abit rightnow cause wehaven'tgottimetowaste I'm sure thekeeper would understand... and about that chicken, couldyoubringit to the lair ifit'snotaproblem... ifitisthough I'll understand andjustgetsome myselflater..."

"It's not at all a problem! But they're already here... they'll be here within minutes! We already are set up to defend ourselves, please come. I will protect you. And we are already enough to send the Heroes back. Please come," Emmra begged Zenghar in a rather sweet tone.

"Hmph... howdarethey... interfere withinour dungeon, claimingtobeheroes whilebeingnobetter thananyofus..." Zenghar spoke, seemingly to himself, staring at the ceiling. He took a deep breath, and turned to Emmra. "Yes, let'sgo. It'saserious matter, chickenscanwait" Zenghar smiled.

It was obvious his smile was a bit forced. He wasn't fully recovered, didn't even have time to make his lair, and he already had to go into real combat.

"So, wherearetheycomingfrom again?" Zenghar asked the female warlock, Emmra, as he sharpened his claws on the dungeon floor. "From the defeated Dungeon Keeper's land," Emmra answered, "Stay put, let me get your food."

Emmra then began to skip her ways towards the Hatchery. Not remembering how much creatures are supposed to eat, she grabbed 6 chickens and apologized to them for needing to feed them to Zenghar. She hurried back to him with her skips, humming the same tune as she went along.

Hearing the now quite familiar sound of Emmra's voice, Zengrah hurried down the corridor the noise came from. He noticed the beautiful mage holding 6 fresh, meaty chickens. He quickly rushed over and pulled one away from her hand. The chicken landed on the floor, confused yet happy due to being liberated.

However, the bird's happiness didn't last long, as it was quickly torn to shreds by demon spawn's claws. The lizard then proceeded to quickly chomp on the corpse of the chicken, and after finishing his meal faster than you can say "Wow, watching you eat is disgusting", he turned to Emmra.

"Pardon my manners... you see, I was just really hungry, several days with no food... hope you'll understand" Zenghar smiled.

Now that his stomach was somewhat satisfied, Zenghar spoke in much slower, calmer tone yet it still was relatively fast, and sounded just as cheerful as before.

"Now, let's go and stop the hero invasion before it is too late. I'll finish those chickens on the way." he said, quite eager to go, as he spat out a bone of the chicken he just devoured. "Okay!" Emmra jumped with great glee and then picked up Zenghar, "Off we go!"

Emmra began to skip with Zenghar to the Guard Room. She was not at all disturbed by his violent fashion of eating the chicken, she was merely disapointed that it was violent. Emmra stepped into the Guard room and set down Zenghar.

"Hello everybody!" Emmra greeted and waved, "This is Zenghar!"

"Hi, hello everyone," Zenghar spoke then nudged Emmra with his elbow, which reached just above her knee, "And hey, you know, you don't have to carry me everywhere. It's not that mind but I mean... yeah you know, if you're into that sorta thing, come into the lair after the battle."

The lizard grinned mischeviously, but then his face turned a little bit more serious. Emmra, however, had no idea what he was talking about.

"Well, cheekiness aside, have we got any battle plan, or are we just going to give it our best shot at stopping those pesky good-doers?" he asked not only Emmra, but everyone gathered in the room.

-Page End-
Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Chearful
Gold: 0
Job: Guarding
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Emmra set Ivan down, and went to grab some food. She ate 6 chickens, apologized for having to eat them before she did, and noticed Dasoop still injured slightly. She healed him and noticed Zenghar injured as well. She went over to him to heal him as well. They talked, Emmra fed Zenghar, and Emmra brought Zenghar to the Guard Room and introduced him. He asked what was the plan.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 86%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Battle ready, happy
Action: Awaiting for battle

November 18th, 2009, 10:26
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo stopped and rested to heal himself in the Lair. When he was almost fully healed, he went to the Hatchery and ate a few chickens, then returned to the Training Room. Dranton came to him shortly after.

:beetle: Dranton: Hey there, Kiboo. I'm going to the lava river in case the enemies come our way soon. Come join us when you're done here.

Kiboo looked at him and fired a Poison Cloud at a dummy near Dranton, this one was perfect and Kiboo was Level 2. It was no surprise he aimed for him but he was still a safe distance from the gas that exploded from it.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo done. Kiboo go get lunch now. Come with Kiboo, beetle friend. We grab lunch and eat it together.

Once Kiboo started heading for the Guard Room, it was clear that he spoke about eating heroes. Kiboo set himself in the middle of the Guard Room and readied himself for battle.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo here, Kiboo ready for meal now.

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 100%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Kiboo had napped and ate then trained and Dranton came to him. Kiboo fired a Poison Cloud at Dranton to prove he was level 2, but it was aimed a safe distance from him. He said he was ready to eat the heroes and so he set himself at the center of the Guard Room and announced his arrival.

November 18th, 2009, 21:43
Xerina & Dranton

"I'm gonna grab some food...", Emmra told Xerina and Ivan.
Xerina noded at her and then got back to watching over the now-unclaimed land. Soon after, Vergil arrived to the Bridge and readied his weapons.
When Emmra returned, she was embracing a small demon spawn in her hands. She set him down and introduced him as Zenghar. After greeting everyone and sharing few PG-rated comments with Emmra (which she didn't seem to understand), he asked everyone if there's a battle plan.
"We have only got the *melee units front, support units back* thus far. We still require a more detailed plan of action.", Xerina responded.

In response to Dranton's comment, Kiboo shot a poison cloud at a dummy near Dranton and said he was done. Afterwards, they went toward the Bridge, with Kiboo comparing the battle to 'going to get lunch' and inviting Dranton to 'eat together' with him.
"I never tried human meat, but I hear it tastes just like chicken.", Dranton replied.
"Kiboo here, Kiboo ready for meal now.", said Kiboo as they entered the Guard Room.

Xerina heard Dranton's talk about 'human meat tasting like chicken' and Kiboo being 'ready for meal'.
"By the Dark Gods, thou two art getting more and more disgusting by the day.", she told them.

Xerina told Zenghar there is still no detailed battle plan. Dranton replied to Kiboo he heard human meat tastes like chicken. Xerin expressed her disgust toward Dranton's and Kiboo's talk of eating the dead heroes.
Xerina's Health: 100%
Dranton's Health: 100%

November 18th, 2009, 22:14
"Ahem, now, may I suggest something?" - asked Zenghar, and looked around the room. Nobody seemed to object, so he carried on talking. "Now, while sort of standard set up of attackers up front and support staying behind them works quite well most of the time, we do not like know the like proper formation of the enemy I mean we should sent a scout up ahead, if we haven't already... did we? Has anybody like actually been sort of where the enemy is coming from and like saw what was sorta they tactics or marching formation or whatever? If not then somebody totally needs to do so otherwise they could take us by surprise I mean yeah..."

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 89%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Battle ready, happy
Action: Asking for inteligence, planning strategy

November 19th, 2009, 06:49
When Dasoop opened back his eyes, he was lying inside a prison. Alone. With only a single wooden door as the only exit. He absolutely had no idea what happened and tried desperately to flee from there, but the prison bars and door were very resistant.

Suddenly, the wooden door opened and an orc, a goblin and a rogue entered, making all evil grins at him. Dasoop was afraid, he had no idea what to do.

- Ha, he's awake. said the orc.
- Great! It's the ideal moment for him to join us. said the rogue.
- I just can't wait to see him suffer in the Torture Chamber. said the goblin.

They all laughed madly at Dasoop which became extremely afraid. He was totally unable to speak. Then, they unlocked the prison door and grabbed Dasoop to pull him out from the prison cell and brought him to a nearby Torture Chamber. They placed him over a torture table and attached his forepaws and hind paws on it so that he couldn't move. They also did so with his mouth.

- All right, I guess we can begin. said the orc.
- Ha ha ha! He's so pathetic attached like that! said the rogue.
- Prepare to scream of pain! Oh... that's right, you CAN'T! said the goblin.

They all laughed madly again and Dasoop felt extremely bad. Hoping that something, anybody will save him. Suddenly, he could hear the noise of a circular saw that started to spin. When he looked in front, he could notice the circular saw. The orc then placed himself at the left of the table, the rogue behind Dasoop and the goblin at the right of the table. They all looked at him, still with an evil grin on their faces and they started to slowly push the table toward the spinning saw. Dasoop tried desperately to get out from the table but he was so well attached that he couldn't absolutely move. He could see the saw coming slowly toward him, and all the evil creatures around started laughing madly louder and louder while they pushed the table closer to the circular saw. Once it reached his body to cut it, Dasoop stood up, all his body sweating. By looking around, all the torture chamber has disappeared. Instead, he recognized to be in the lair.

He realised that it was just a nightmare...

Dasoop fell back in his lair, sighing and closing his eyes, still a bit weak.

- Arr... what a really bad nightmaar!

Then, Dasoop could hear some steps. He half-opened his eyes and could recognize Thefsuth that just entered in the room. He closed his eyes back and what a suprise when, after a few seconds, he placed pillows under his head. Those were very comfortable and Dasoop grinned and whispered :

- Thank ya...

Dasoop fell asleep back until he got awaken again by a female Warlock she never met before some minutes later.

"You poor thing... I can help you now."

Dasoop half-opened his eyes again and the first thing he saw was a female hand that was just placed on his chest. Suddenly, he could feel something strange inside his body. It was something nice and warm that moved in all his body parts. Dasoop quickly felt better after that marvellous sensation. Then, he could feel that the Warlock took him to hug him and pet him. Dasoop thrumed gently, and once he was placed back onto his lair. He smiled.

- Waaah! Zi feel so much bettah! Thank ya! But, who are ya?

But she was already away, healing another demon spawn he didn't even meet before. Hopefully, by listening to their conversations, Dasoop could learn both names.

Then, he yawned and walked to the Hatchery to grab and eat some chickens as he was very hungry. He really felt way much better and was in good shape to started back his training. He then took the way to the Training Room...

Health = 94%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is moving toward the Training Room
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Very happy and in good shape
Efficiency = 99%

Summary of the situation = After Dasoop did a nightmare, he got pillows by Thefsuth and got healed some minutes later by Emmra. Now in better shape, he moved to the Hatchery to eat a bit and now took the direction of the Training Room.

November 19th, 2009, 06:49

Ahh, Zenghar, a pleasure to see new faces - providing you can earn your keep, of course.

"Imps, don't sit around and do nothing! Dig a tunnel to the north, hugging the side of the inpenetrable rock. Mine every last block of gold when you come to it!"

"Minions, i'm pleased that you are assembling of your own free will. Please, when the heroes reach you, i ask only that you try your best and hold the front line for as long as you can. No heroics, though. I can't afford to train new creatures!".

November 21st, 2009, 09:26
Waiting for the heroes arrival in the guard room, Zenghar heard the keeper's voice boom inside his head

"Ahh, Zenghar, a pleasure to see new faces - providing you can earn your keep, of course."

Zenghar, happy to hear from the keeper, jumped a few times but then calmed down.

"Master, don't you mean face? I'm not a hellhound, you know, they suck!"

Zenghar laughed a bit at his own joke, however quickly stopped, after realizing how bad was it.

"Ahem, yes, sorry for that. Now yeah I will try to earn my keep and stuff and do my best and thanks for kinda like welcoming me into your dungeon"

Zenghar grinned. Soon, he heard the keeper's voice again. However, this time, it seemed like it was heard in the entire dungeon.

"Minions, i'm pleased that you are assembling of your own free will. Please, when the heroes reach you, i ask only that you try your best and hold the front line for as long as you can. No heroics, though. I can't afford to train new creatures!"

Zenghar nodded, and crept up to the edge of the guard room, to the corridor from which he expected the heroes would come from. He focused his attention, looking out for those nasty cave dwellers. However, they weren't there yet. He still couldn't leave his post. Time has passed, and Zenghar was bored, as the heroes didn't come yet. His eyelids got heavier and heavier, and the world finally turned dark. However, he quickly woke up, as the cold stone floor of the dungeon was no viable replacement for a pillow.

"Yawn... where are they?"

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 90%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Battle ready, bored, sleepy
Action: Waiting for battle
Summary: Zenghar has been greeted by the dungeon keeper. He made a bad joke and then assured the keeper he will do his best. He started guarding the corridor from which he'd expect heroes to come from, but then fell asleep because nothing has happened.

November 21st, 2009, 12:25
Val'Kaz, who was delighted that the usual atmosphere of insolence that his fellow dungeon dwellers seemed to carry was absent, was also horribly aware that something was wrong - and it became especially obvious when his master, not that he deserved to be called such, made reference to a gathering.

Val'Kaz immediately put his book on torture down and started thinking.

Using his brilliant mind for the process of deduction, Val'Kaz eventually arrived at the obvious train of thought; his inferiors were at the guard room. After grabbing a bite to eat, Val'Kaz begun heading over to join them - not because he wanted to spend time with the filthy wretches, but because he wanted to kill some heroes and harness some corpses.

Val'Kaz stopped reading and is now moving towards the western Guard Post of Larquidos' true dungeon.

Mood: Corpses?
Health: One hundredeos percentos.
Gold: Still none. Val'Kaz isn't one for gold.

November 21st, 2009, 23:23
Ivan, the Last Giant Spider On Earth?

Once Ivan was set down, he slightly twitches, getting tired waiting for the Heroes to show up. He stretches his legs out, and his fangs.

"Hello everybody! This is Zenghar!"

Ivan turns to face the new Demon Spawn.

I swear, if this one doesn't like to fight. Spider God help me. Ivan thought to himself.

"Hi, hello everyone. And hey, you know, you don't have to carry me everywhere. It's not that mind but I mean... yeah you know, if you're into that sorta thing, come into the lair after the battle."

Ivan blinks.

""Well, cheekiness aside, have we got any battle plan, or are we just going to give it our best shot at stopping those pesky good-doers?"

Ivan shrugs. Dranton and Kiboo enter the GuardRoom.

"Kiboo here, Kiboo ready for meal now."

"I never tried human meat, but I hear it tastes just like chicken."

Ivan blinks and twitches from the memory of drinking Hero blood.

"By the Dark Gods, thou two art getting more and more disgusting by the day."

"Yeah... We're better off eating Chickens..."

Ivan looks around from his corner, which was covered in web, a good amount of Comrades were in the Room.

"Ahem, now, may I suggest something?" Now, while sort of standard set up of attackers up front and support staying behind them works quite well most of the time, we do not like know the like proper formation of the enemy I mean we should sent a scout up ahead, if we haven't already... did we?

"Has anybody like actually been sort of where the enemy is coming from and like saw what was sorta they tactics or marching formation or whatever? If not then somebody totally needs to do so otherwise they could take us by surprise I mean yeah..."

Ivan looks up, and speaks to Zenghar.

"I heard and scented them, seems to be a typical Hero Party. From the sounds of their footsteps and scent; they seem to be in a clustered formation."

Ivan looks down again once he finished speaking. The Keeper's words echoed throughout the Dungeon, Ivan nodded.

Ivan yawns.

"If nobody minds... I'm gonna take a nap."

Ivan slumps onto the ground. Fast asleep.
Health : 99%
Ivan is in the upper right corner of the First Guard Room.
Level : 5
Mood : Tired
Efficiency : 50%
Summary : Alot of talking, talking, talking, now Ivan is taking a nap.

November 22nd, 2009, 09:23
"I heard and scented them, seems to be a typical Hero Party. From the sounds of their footsteps and scent; they seem to be in a clustered formation."

Zenghar heard somebody say, and quickly turned around. There was a huge spider wearing a cowboy hat. A little bit surprised, Zenghar still started to plan his strategy. He drifted off in his thoughts, but then came back to his senses, as he made up a battle plan.


He said to the spider, it was however in vain - the arachnid was already asleep.

"Damn, that spider seemed pretty smart. I wish we sorta survive the battle today so we can kinda like become proper friends and stuff like properly so it will be all good and cool-like but I mean yeah I'm pretty sure we will survive the fight after all we're pretty strong I mean most of us excluding me but still I will sorta get along and stuff just fine I mean I still can kick some hero ass hopefuly and yeah..."

Zenghar sighed, and came back to his guard post.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 86%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Battle ready, happy
Action: Guarding the corridor
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar spoke with Ivan the Mildly Shy Infamous Male CowSpider, who gave him some information about the hero party. He then wanted to discuss battle strategy, but the spider fell fast asleep. Zenek then expressed his hope for becoming friends with Ivan, and after a short monologue went back to guarding the corridor.

November 22nd, 2009, 09:57
Kiboo :bile:

:thief: Xerina: By the Dark Gods, thou two art getting more and more disgusting by the day.

:bile: Kiboo: If Kiboo not eat meal then who eat meal?

Bored with all the other talking, Kiboo closed his eyes until it stopped then opened them and spoke his battle plan.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo stand at front and use Gas to poison, block food too. Elf and Magic Person cook food behind me. Bug and Rouge check guard left side of Kiboo. Spider and Baby Dragon check guard right side of Kiboo.

Kiboo :bile:
Health: 100%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Guard Room in Larquios' protection

Summery: Kiboo asked who would eat the Heroes if he didn't, and closed his eyes durring the talk of a battle plan and then gave his suggestion showing some brain in the giant brute. He said he would stand at the main front guard, Ivan and Zenghar support his right side while Vergil and Dranton guard his left. Emmra and Xerina would support. He talked like his plan was more of a cooking strategy.

November 22nd, 2009, 11:34
:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo stand at front and use Gas to poison, block food too. Elf and Magic Person cook food behind me. Bug and Rouge check guard left side of Kiboo. Spider and Baby Dragon check guard right side of Kiboo.

The huge, fat demon spoke. Zenghar has chuckled at the references to cooking.

"Yeah it seems like a pretty viable plan I mean it sounds good and smart mr what was your name I don't think we were introduced, my name's Zenghar although you can call me Zenek if you like oh and also I'm a demon spawn not a baby dragon although I reckon that we do sort of turn into proper dragons when we are adult but still we're not like baby dragons we're like sort of kinda seperate creature which is kinda like linked by the bond of evolution or something like that I mean yeah you get what I mean"

The "baby dragon" grinned.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 86%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Battle ready, happy
Action: Talking with the Bile Demon
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar heard Kiboo's battle plan and he believes it's a pretty ok one. Now, he introduced himself to the Bile Demon and is awaiting reply.

November 22nd, 2009, 17:21
The outer Guard Room

For the last 10 minuets since Ivan left Thefsuth, in his wizened and refined mentality, had spent the time swearing.

"The entrails of fire flies! Spread the guts of dwarfs over they head! Let you forever swim in slightly yellow pools! Bladders of bile demons! I'll replace your legs with them of an imp!"

After 15 minuets Thefsuth was getting a little horse. His mouth began to croak. He span around the outer guard room (sloshing his two buckets of lava slightly) and addressed the Keeper directly;

"Did you brain melt and seep out of your eyes as tears? Or did your tears seep back through your skull and drove your brain to rot!? I built traps for this guard room! I had an imp ask you for their implementation! But all you've done is sit and weep like a little girl!

"Now a pack of degenerate Heroes are marching towards us and we have made no preparations! And that is your fault Keeper!"

Thefsuth thrust'd a grubby green finger to the above "You did this Keeper! You've killed us all!!!"

The sound of happy people, religious chanting, ordered marching crawled round the corner.

Thefsuth was now very aware that he was alone. Tired. On the bad side of his keeper. And generally royally bummed by this situation.

"Thefsuth you senile idiot! You're the crusty green glue that holds this dungeon together! Yer need ta shape up."

Two thieves that where scouting ahead of the pack staggered into the outer guard room. They did commando rolls, crawled on their stomachs and checked dramaticly round walls. Obviously they were using their invisibility spell unbeknownst that trolls have an eye for these things.

"Feckin' idiots! If yer gonna kill me do it with some dignity yer dogs!"

The theives looked at each other before charging at Thefsuth.

"Feckin' POW" The two buckets emptied their lava-y goodness over the heroes surprised faces as Thefsuth swag them.

"Only hunchbacked heroes fight honourably!"

With the need to take his two handed forge hammer, the exo-exo-skeleton and buckets with him Thefsuth forced his boney green feet into the buckets which gave his running a confident clanging sound. Thefsuth turned his pimple covered behind and ran

The Inner Guard room

Among the heaving commotion of every creature in the dungeon trying to archive something there was a distant, nearing sound.




The noise got faster and louder until a troll inside some wrinkly green skin burst into the room.

He tore a flaming torch off the wall and clamped it between his teeth like a cigar.

"I 'ave no idea what yer scurvy lot are doin' but I'm positive yer doin' it completely wrong!"

Summery: Thefsuth pointed out to the keeper that this was all his fault. disposed of the two level two theives (creatively) made a retreat to the inner guard room and told everyone that they must be doing what ever it is that they are doing wrong.

November 23rd, 2009, 06:52
Larquidos heard Thefsuth's insolent remarks, and whilst he was furious, he also noted their good sense.

"Imps, note my western guardroom within my dungeon proper. Mine 3 tiles to the left both above and below the corridor heading towards the guard room, but be weary to leave my Steel Door in tact."

"And imps? HURRY UP WITH YOUR MINING UP NORTH" and with these words, Larquidos administered slaps to all of his slap deserving imps - as well as a slap deserving troll.

Metal Gear Rex
November 23rd, 2009, 11:21
The Beautiful, Cheerful, and Naive Sorceress of Protective Magic
"The Avatar's Saint"

"If anyone needs it, I can heal them! That way nobody gets hurt!" Emmra told everybody, but then a thought occered to her, "I'm gonna go get some more creatures to help out!"

Emmra smiled warmly and giggled before she skipped over to the Lair. She saw that Dasoop was gone, and was curious where he could be. Emmra skipped to the Hatchery, and then the Training Room and spot Dasoop fairly quickly.

She skipped over to him, and surprised him when she suddenly picked him up. She turned him in her arms to face her and she smiled at him.

"Hi! I'm Emmra!" Emmra introduced herself to Dasoop, "I'm the Sorceress that healed you while you were sleeping. Do you remember? Did I wake you? Oh and Heroes are coming, do you mind helping us at the Guard Room? Please?"

-Page End-
Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Chearful
Gold: 0
Job: Talking to Dasoop
Location: Training Room, with Dasoop

Summery: Emmra said she could heal the others so no one got hurt, and then left to gather more help. She saw Dasoop was gone and skipped about the dungeon to find him. She visited the Hatchery, then the Training Room. She caught him by surprised when she suddenly picked him up. She introduced herself and asked if she woke him up when she healed him, and asked if he would join the others at the Guard Room.

November 23rd, 2009, 19:17
The Inner Guard Room

"Too right yer kibble nibberling Keeper! Glad ta know yer listernin' ta advice fur a change, even if yer 'ave ta get yer sweaty hand of evil all over ma putrid person."

Thefsuth sucked on the wooden base of his torch/cigar making a slurping sound. Before climbing onto the table with the map on it that is in most guard rooms. He stood up strait with a creak and spat an anouncement.

"Right yer lug nut lot!! I'm gonna sort yer'll out so yer all don't die as soon as them doors burst open! It's gonna be a difficult job, so I'll need yer all ta act like yer 'ave some brains and co-opirate! We can pull through this! Even if we're an ugly stinky bunch we can pull together. And by pull tagether I mean LISTEN TA EVERY THING I SAY! But first things first."

His blood shot eyes darted around the guard room person to person. Eventually they locked on Ivan. Thefsuth hulled the Exo exo skeleton to him

"Stop sitting there like yer waiting fur flies and get ready fur battle yer sloshed spider! Get in ta yer exo skeleton! There's only one way in" A flap un hinged and swang patheticly on it's hinges (EVIL hinges!) "Threw tha poop flap."

Summery: Thefsuth commented on the Keepers increasing awareness. Announced that he was going to sort every one out, and told Ivan to get into his Exo-exo-skeleton.

November 23rd, 2009, 21:29
Ivan The Spider


Ivan twitches.


Ivan opens one eye.


Ivan wakes up.

"I 'ave no idea what yer scurvy lot are doin' but I'm positive yer doin' it completely wrong!"

Ivan rolled his eyes. Suddenly, a something lands on Ivan's back, Ivan gets it off his back, its the Exo-Exo Skeleton.

"Stop sitting there like yer waiting fur flies and get ready fur battle yer sloshed spider! Get in ta yer exo skeleton! There's only one way in. Threw tha poop flap."

Ivan blinks at a flap and squeezes himself into the Exo-Exo Sketelon. Ivan left the flap open, since it opened up to where Ivan can spin web.

"Fits like a glove! Thanks!"

Ivan has been upgraded!
Defense has increased!
Attack has slightly increased!
Ivan looks like a threat now!
Ivan is now Class Level 2!
Ivan is now a Killer Cow Spider!
But you're still hungry...

"Hang on everyone, I'll be right back."

Ivan leaves the Guard Room, and into the Hatchery.


Ivan quickly consumes two chickens and hears a female Warlock's voice. Ivan looks up, and sees that Emmra has picked up Dasoop. Ivan crawls his way up to them two.

"Dasoop! Good to see you back in action again! ... You're not mad at me, are you?"
Health : 99%
Ivan is in the Hatchery, talking to Dasoop.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%
Equipment: Exo-Exo Skeleton (Armour)
Summary : Thefsuth gave(threw) the Exo-Exo Skeleton to Ivan, who puts it on.

November 23rd, 2009, 22:36
Xerina & Dranton

"If Kiboo not eat meal then who eat meal?", Kiboo relied to Xerina.
Xerina simply shook her head, unable to find the words with which to answer to that.
Keeper Larquidos' words echoed thrugh the dungeon. He was pleased his minions started preparing for the attack on their own, but he also instructed everyone to just defend the dungeon with "no heroics".
"Yes, Master. As you wish.", Dranton replied to his Master.
"What a suck-up...", Xerina thought to herself.

"Kiboo stand at front and use Gas to poison, block food too. Elf and Magic Person cook food behind me. Bug and Rouge check guard left side of Kiboo. Spider and Baby Dragon check guard right side of Kiboo.", Kiboo said during the discussion of a proper plan of action.
"Sounds good.", Dranton replied, "I'm immune to poison and I'm quite sure Vergil here's got a gas-filtering mask or something.".
However, this debate was cut short by a clanging noise coming their way. Since Xerina saw Thefsuth heading out with 2 buckets and an exo-armor, she guessed it was him running back to safety. However, Dranton thought the hero knights with loose armor plates were charging at them and took a battle stance. After seeing Thefsuth running in the Guard Room, he broke the battle stance and gazed at the troll, wondering what the hell's he doing with all the stuff he's carrying.
"I 'ave no idea what yer scurvy lot are doin' but I'm positive yer doin' it completely wrong!", Thefsuth said when he finally cought his breath again.
Emmra headed back into the dungeon to see if anyone's still there and Thefsuth started his usual "motivational" speech, after which he threw the exo-armor at Ivan. Ivan got into the armor and went back into the dungeon.
Xerina walked toward the Bridge to see if the heroes were coming and saw a thief with burn marks on his face inspecting the Guard Room on the other side of the lava river. Xerina aimed at him with her crossbow and took a shot. The bolt pierced the right side of thief's chest, but, apparently, didn't kill him. Thief barely regained balance and kept both his feet on the ground after the hit, after which he grabbed the bolt and tried pulling it out, whilst shouting:
"They're here! And they've got archers!", after which several more voices could be heard in the distance.
Xerina hurried back to the Guard Room, while reloading her crossbow.
"The enemy is here! Prepare thyselves for battle!", Xerina told everyone upon entering the Guard Room.

-Dranton agreed to Kiboo's plan before Thefsuth rushed in. After Thefsuth's "motivational" speech, Xerina checked if the heroes were coming and saw one of the thieves in the Guard Room on the oposite side of the lava river. She shot the thief, who called for his allies, then she rushed back to the Guard Room and told everyone that the heroes were coming.
Dranton's Health: 100%
Xerina's Health: 100%

(OOC: Just for the record, the 2nd thief went back to call the others, while this one was left as a lookout.)

November 24th, 2009, 08:38
Kiboo :bile:

:bile: Kiboo: Troll late. Troll miss Kiboo's plan. Kiboo say Troll shut up before Kiboo eat for snack.

Kiboo then heard Xerina tell the battle was beginning, and dragged himself forward to block the passage between the Guard Room and lava river. But then an idea occured to him.

:bile: Kiboo: We smash Heroes, Magic Person stay here. Wounded run behind traps and doors. Magic Person heal. Bug Friend, tell Magic Person when return.

Kiboo then dragged himself out to the bridge and waited for the Heroes to come.

Kiboo :bile:
Health: 100%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Bridge

Summery: Kiboo threatened Thefsuth and then said that that the wounded should run behind the traps and doors to the Guard Room where Emmra will wait to heal them. He told Dranton to tell her that.

November 24th, 2009, 14:55
Vergil saw the heroes and ran into the guard room. COME ON! Vergil shouted drawing his sword and flashing everyone his insane like battle grin before pulling his hood on and drawing his sword.

(I apoligize for the short post.)

Duke Ragereaver
November 24th, 2009, 15:03
The Heroes have arrived! Standing at the bridge.

:thief: Thief: We're going to need more men.
:dwarf: Dwarf: On to it, lad!

One of the dwarves then turned back to get reinforcements, the others then moved over the bridge...

Heroes Party
One level 6 elven archer
Four level 3 dwarves
One level 2 human archer
Two level 2 thieves

November 24th, 2009, 21:29
The inner guard room

"Kibbo yer vermin like voice is TOO quiet ta give out orders! use it ta tell me yer irritating ideas!" Kibbo began to shuffle down the hallway towards the bridge . Thefsuth let loose a grumble.

"Right! I need a demon spawn!" Thefsuth jabbed a knarly green finger into Zenghar's face "Take theses buckets! Make use of yer limpy legs and run to tha Hatchary, fill these with chickens, an' bring em back ta us sorry lot! Make sure we always 'ave chickens! When we see these damn ugly Heroes we're all gonna loose our lunches so we'll need replacements ready!" He gave Zenghar a kick. "Hop to it lizard!"

"You! Idiotic Imp! There's 3 lightning traps an' 4 century traps in tha work shop! Pick up three of each of tha terrible traps and haul them inta the 6 spaces yer just mined in this room!"

Thefsuth creaked round on his bone-bulked feat, smearing some brown substance on the floor below him.

"Dranton and Vergil! You'll be less usless up front with Kibbo as yer both poison proof. So try to look less disgusting an' more terrifying."

"Tha rest of yer; try not ta kill each pother and lend us support! That trap filled alleyway is a strong chock point and we're gonna try ta keep the hiddious heroes in there even if it means getting bloody hero blood all over our weapons!"

Thefsuth thundered down the trap filled alley with out another insulting word. he came up to Kibbo from behind and crawled on top of him, perching his saggy green bottom on Kibbo's flat head and horns. His overly long and over sized forge hammer dangled in front of Kibbo.

"Not a whiny word from yer mouth Kibbo! You are tha best blocker in this dungeon an' I'm not letting you go big-belly up. Two blockers are better than one in this narrow hall way, an I'm safe from yer damn usful gas clouds up 'ere."

A eager dwarf ran forward from the pack and Thefsuth swang his hammer at it like a gold club to a tee, the dwarf somersaulted back to the Hero party. Thefsuth smirked

"Try an' pull me off an' I will pull yer nose ring out."

Summery: Thefsuth ordered an Imp to put 3 lightning traps and 3 of the century traps in the new spaces about the inner guard room.

Ordered Zenghar to use the two buckets he gave him to collect as many chickens for the battle as possible.

Ordered Dranton and Vergil to help Kibbo up front and to look scary as they did that.

Told every one else not to kill each other and to hold the trap filled alley way for as long as possible.

And then perched himself on Kibbo's head, explaining that Kibbo was the best blocker in this dungeon and he would not let him die in battle.

He also did some damage to a dwarf.

Metal Gear Rex
November 24th, 2009, 21:43
The Beautiful, Cheerful, and Naive Sorceress of Protective Magic
"The Avatar's Saint"

"Oh, I think the battle is starting. I'm sorry we couldn't talk very long," Emmra apologized as she set Dasoop down, "Let's go help them!"

Emmra skipped until she reached the Guard Room and was just in time to hear Kiboo's plan, and heard Kiboo's threat to Thefsuth.

Emmra tried to calm them, "We shouldn't fight, it is bad enough we have to fight the Heroes."

Emmra replied to Thefsuth when he ordered Zenghar to collect chickens.

"That won't be nesscary," Emmra smiled, "I can heal, anyone can come back and I'll heal them!"

Emmra was fine waiting, she didn't like to see battle and she wasn't strong enough to protect everyone on the battle yet.

-Page End-
Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Chearful
Gold: 0
Job: Guarding
Location: Guard Room inside Larquidos' dungeon

Summery: Emmra told Dasoop to follow her to the Guard Room, and asked Thefsuth and Kiboo to stop when Kiboo threated Thefsuth. She also told Thefsuth Zenghar wouldn't need to go because Emmra could heal.

November 24th, 2009, 22:16
Ivan. The Spider you don't want to mess with. Now comes in different flavors.

"Oh, I think the battle is starting. I'm sorry we couldn't talk very long. Let's go help them!"

"Battle? Already? Okay, lets go!"

Ivan rushes off to the Guard Room and outside of the Dungeon.

Near the Bridge

Ivan looked at the group of Heroes. His sight rests on one Dwarf who is sneering at him and has a HUGE nose.

"I got the Dwarfs. Specially the one with the big nose."

Ivan hisses, and raises his two front legs as a aggressive gesture. One Dwarf farts.
Health : 100%
Ivan is ready for combat near the Bridge.
Level : 5
Mood : Angry
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Ivan rushed to the Bridge and is hissing at one Dwarf with a HUGE nose.

November 25th, 2009, 21:21
"Right! I need a demon spawn!"

A grumpy troll has shouted. His disgusting face didn't stop Zenghar from volunteering, however, before he could say anything, the troll's finger was on Zenghar's face

"Take theses buckets! Make use of yer limpy legs and run to tha Hatchary, fill these with chickens, an' bring em back ta us sorry lot! Make sure we always 'ave chickens! When we see these damn ugly Heroes we're all gonna loose our lunches so we'll need replacements ready!"

Zenghar nodded.

"Err yeah I mean sure that's a pretty good idea but I think I could be kinda like useful in combat here I mean I am not..."

Before he could finish the sentence, however, he felt the feet of the troll on his tail. The ugly creature kicked Zenek

"Hop to it lizard!"

"Alright alright chill out buddy I mean... whatever I'll better just get going..."

With that said, Zenghar was ready to leave the chamber. However, just a second before stepping out of the guard room, he heard a familiar voice.

"That won't be nesscary,"

It was Emmra, the friendly mage he had met earlier. Surely, he'd rather prefer to take orders from her than that horrible troll

"I can heal, anyone can come back and I'll heal them!"

Zenek thought for a bit about what to do, but he made up his mind fairly quickly

"Well, no offense Emmra but as good as your healing spell might be it won't really fill our stomachs will it now it probably won't I mean I don't know you seem like a good mage I bet it would be possible for somebody like you to do a spell which spawns chickens or hey even turn enemies into chickens that would be quite cool actually if you think about it"

Zenghar looked into the sky. At least he would, if he wasn't in a dungeon. The Demon Spawn instead looked at the rocky ceiling, and smiled to himself in delight of his idea.

"Either way, we can like think brilliant awesome great ideas after we win the battle cause I mean we are surely going to win it with spellcasters as clever as Emma and fighters as strong as Kiboo that was your name right I mean you didn't introduce yourself but I sorta caught it from bits and pieces of conversations if it's not then apologies either way I better get going, those buckets won't fill themselves with chickens, you know"

Zenghar has left the room, however, he turned around and said to Emmra:

"Oh and honestly please do think about that spell I've came up with I mean how cool would that be yeah."

With that being said, Zenghar hastened to get the chickens.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 86%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Happy
Action: Running to get the chickens from the hatchery
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar took the buckets from Thefsuth, and was told to fill them with chickens. He was about to go, but Emmra said it won't be necessary, as she could heal everyone. However, Zenghar decided that Thefsuth was right as the healing spell couldn't fill the stomachs of the creature being healed. He then suggested a spell that would spawn chickens or even better turn enemies into chickens, and then ran off to the hatchery.

Metal Gear Rex
November 26th, 2009, 08:37
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Ice formed around the Entrance Portal and Crystice rose in power. She looked around and quickly set foot on the dungeon floor and made her way to the Dungeon Heart. She was disppointed with the lack of ice but was happy to be away from Mechrin. She bowed to the Dungeon Heart.

"I am Crystice, "The Ice Sorceress", I will serve you well in both the Library and in battle," she told him calmly.

It might have been odd to Keeper Larquidos for Crystice's appearance to be the striking image of her older sister Emmra, except for two things. The first was that Emmra appeared to much younger than Crystice, a teenager in fact. The second was Emmra held brown hair while Crystice had blue hair.

Crystice entered the Lair and looked around. She spotted Emmra's Lair and created her's right next to it, yet she was comepletely unaware who the owner of the Lair was. Crystice's Lair was similar to how it was in Frozengard, a small Ice Room with 2 matressess. She looked around again.

A Lair full of creatures, yet a Dungeon full of air...

Crystice found her way to the Guard Room and found many creatures standing about.

"What's going on, is there a battle?" Crystice asked them.

Crystice spotted Emmra and became extremely irritated. She glared at Emmra darkly, Emmra did not seem to notice at all.

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Angry
Gold: 0
Job: Guarding
Location: Guard Room inside Larquidos' Dungeon

Summery: Crystice appeared, introduced herself, and created her Lair right next to Emmra's. She wandered about and arrived at the Training Room. She asked what was going on, and spotted Emmra. She became angry and simply glared at her.

November 26th, 2009, 22:36
Dranton & Xerina

Dranton moved to the Bridge, but when he got on it, he slowly crawled along the middle ('till he got behind Kiboo), looking around at the lava.
"Damn it... Why does it have to be a lava river? Why can't we fight them on solid ground?", he thought to himself.

Xerina overheard the heros' conversataion and soon spotted the Dwarf that left to get the reinfrcements. She aimed at his head and shot. Her accuracy was perfect, but the bolt wasn't strong enough to penetrate dwarf's helmet. Upon hitting the dwarf's helmet, however, it did knock the dwarf off-balance, but that only bought few seconds before dwarf got up again and continued running.

Dranton finally manages to overcome his fear enough to move to cover Kiboo's left flank.

-Because of his fear of heat/lava, Dranton slowly moved into his position on the Bridge. Xerina tried sniping the dwarf that went to get the reinforcements, but his helmet saved him. Dranton finally moved to cover Kiboo's (and Bridge's) left side.
Dranton's Health: 100%
Xerina's Health: 100%

November 26th, 2009, 22:45
Vergil ran out on to the bridge pulling out out his knvies in his sword free hand. As he saw a dwarf get hit in the helmet with xerinas cross bow bolt and it had no effect. He took aim and drew his knife hand back.

Come on xerina! get a stronger BOLT! he said as he threw his knfie at the Dwarf. It burried its self in the middle of his back, a place he couldnt reach and the Dwarf fell forward weakly graspign at the knife as it bled to death.

YA HOO! Vergil screamed in his excited voice.

November 27th, 2009, 09:02
"Brace yourselves, minions, for they are nearly here. Prepare to fight! As an incentive, i shall offer free booze and a potential cash reward for everyone who slays a hero! But minions - should the lord of this land be foolish enough to enter the fray himself, do not slay him! Capture him, instead. I'm sure it'll be... interesting, to see how much he's willing to tell us of his own masters."

Map update:
http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/2464/crystalbarrow.png (http://img694.imageshack.us/i/crystalbarrow.png/)

Bob the Imp
Bob the imp was busy humping a wall (you all know thats what it looks like) near the southern exit of Larquidos' domain - near the lava pit. He was interrupted, however, when a very loud hiss rung our from across the lava, and Bob found himself eye to eye, or rather eye to shin, with a massive dragon heading towards him. He spontaneous combusted in a flurry of mana from the sight and stress of it, only to be reborn at Larquidos' heart.


Val'Kaz, who had only just arrived at the guard post with the creatures who he was ashamed to call his peers except that spider, he thought, he's alright, was only too happy to turn around and head towards the sound of that hiss. Perhaps i can make good on my former plans?

November 27th, 2009, 16:06
Before the Bridge

Thefsuth gripped Kibbo's sturdy horns and leaned forward glaring at the heroes. He appeared like a gargoyle, but then a again, he normally does anywho.

"COME ON YER MOTHER HUGGING - FLOWER PICKING - AVATAR KISSING - KING LOVING PANSIES! Are yer trying ta kill us with yer disgusting looks or are yer gonna co-operate; charge over 'ere an' get yer selves sliced inta tinny pansie bits!?"

Thefsuth saw the three remaining dwarfs were most antagonized by this. But it was Vergil who landed the first blow; he chucked a dagger at the retreated dwarf and let the Dwarf stagger about and die.

Thefsuth glared down at Vergil from his high ground (kibbo)

"If yer let them wonder out of yer puny arm's reach before they die 'ow are we gonna use there bodies as stickin' sandbags!?"

The other three dwarfs marched towards them meaning to cut open Kibbo as if he was a overly bulked candy bag. Thefsuth's hammer intercepted them on a downward swoop, knocking them into the wall by Vergil. The one Thefsuth previously managed to gold club suffocated when his helmet dented over his entire face, although the other two picked them selfs back up.

"I don't know why yer bother ta stand up- yer only gain a feeble foot in hight! we're gonna kill yer before-"

"Brace yourselves, minions, for they are nearly here. Prepare to fight! As an incentive, i shall offer free booze and a potential cash reward for everyone who slays a hero! But minions - should the lord of this land be foolish enough to enter the fray himself, do not slay him! Capture him, instead. I'm sure it'll be... interesting, to see how much he's willing to tell us of his own masters."

"KEEPER! I- I- wait... there's nothin' wrong with that slurred statement of yer's, that was all of sound strategic an' motivational worth! You've stopped being stupid! I AGREE with you!"

Thefsuth's arms flew into the air in glee, tears of joy streamed down from his bloody eyes, a gaping gum filled smile of delight spread over his face!

"Keeper Larquidos! I LOVE you!"

Summery: Thefsuth aggravated the last three dwarves to attack, told Vergil in his rude manner that they should use the bodies as sandbags. He killed one dwarf, and dazed the other two, but before he could finish the job he heard Larquidos's orders, and AGREED with them. Brimming with joy he announced his undying love for his keeper.

November 28th, 2009, 22:06
Xerina & Dranton

While Dranton was wondering why heroes haven't charged them yet, Xerina noticed that Larquidos' Fear Trap was repelling them, preventing them from advancing any further. However, heroes apparently noticed this as well, as 2 rogues changed the way they held their daggers, preparing to throw them at either Larquidos' creatures or the Fear Trap. Xerina also noticed a human archer about to shoot Thefsuth, who was still having his "moment". She quickly aimed toward him and shot, hitting his left hand - with which he held his bow - pinning it to the bow and resulted in him reflexivly releasing the arrow, but shooting it past Thefsuth and hitting a wall behind him.

"Instead of confessing thy undying love for our keeper, try concentrating thyself on the enemies in front of thee.", Xerina told Thefsuth while reloading her crossbow.
She also noticed an elven archer joining the enemy group.
"Great. Another archer.", she thought to herslef, "It would seem that we shall have to charge them.".

While still in his defensive stance, Dranton turned to Ivan and asked him: "Should we charge them or wait for them to charge at us?".

-Xerina realized heroes couldn't charge them because of keeper's Fear Trap. She saw human archer preparing to shoot Thefsuth and shot his hand, making him miss. She told Thefsuth to concentrate on the enemy instead of talking to the keeper. Dranton asked if they should charge or wait for heroes to charge.
Dranton's Health: 100%
Xerina's Health: 100%

November 28th, 2009, 22:24
Ivan the Spider

"Should we charge them or wait for them to charge at us?"

Ivan stood motionless for a brief second.

"Considering the odds, we might lose some Comrades if we charge them. Our best option is to fall back into the Guardroom and let the Traps do their job. If they get through the traps, they will be severely weakened, which means we can easily take them out without difficulty."

A arrow flies by, just barely grazing Ivan's leg. At the same moment, two theif daggers fly by and hit the Fear Trap.

"Lets fall back for now. But if we're gonna make them follow us, someone needs to insult them."

Ivan takes a step away, as the Sentry Cannon fires at a Theif.

Ivan looks at Thefsuth, who is still having his 'moment'.
Health : 99%
Ivan is near the bridge.
Level : 5
Mood : Battle Planning
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Ivan replied that they should fall back, let the traps weaken the Heroes, and to finish them off afterwards.

November 28th, 2009, 22:41
The bridge

"Ivan an' Xerina, yer sodding geniuses! I didn't even need ta tell yer ta act smart! Get back! Get back ta tha guard room! Leave ma pungent person 'are; I'll get them ta follow us, dont yer worry yer thick heads!"

Thefsuth tumbled forwards of off his Kibbo perch, he was now on the bridge proper, his churning mind realized that there should be two dazed dwarfs here. He concluded that they where on the other side of the living wall that is Kibbo slashing at his back.

He pressed his crinkly over sized troll ear to Kibbo's stomach and heard the sounds of digestion, clucking, and two dwarfs slashing at fat.

Thefsuth looked up at Kibbo's face and chewed his own mouth in thought before shoving kibbo, causing him to roll backwards onto his back and comicaly crushed the two dwarves.

"Teamwork Kibbo!" Thefsuth looked up over the massive bulge of Kibbo's belly and saw Vergil, Dranton, Ivan and Xerina were still there. "Are yer so dim yer wont take yer own inspired advice! Get running!"

Thefsuth swang round and faced the hero army. He dragged his oversized hammer behind him as he marched forward, flinching only when he took an arrow to the right chest and another to his left flank.

Thefsuth came to a stop at the centre of the bridge. Thefsuth took a long deep breath...

Summery: Thefsuth agreed with Ivan's plan and told everyone to get back to the lair and leave him, he pushed kibbo over crushing the two dwarfs and killing them, he walked to the centre of the bridge and took a deep breath.

November 29th, 2009, 00:32
Zenghar ran to the hatchery as fast as he could on his little lizardy legs. He saw a warlock on his way there, who looked very similiar to Emmra, yet more cold and not nearly as kind-hearted. She didn't seem to notice him, so he kept on moving. He arrived at the hatchery after traveling through both a training room and a treasure room. He grabbed some chickens as fast as he could, but it still took him a fairly long time to grab two bucketfuls. After the task was done, he went back to the guard room, once again, running. When he came, there was a huge commotion - it seems that the battle has just started. However, it seemed as if every creature was retreating from the corridor back to the guard room - except for the troll which commanded Zenek to bring the chickens here in the first place. The Demon Spawn dropped the two buckets on the floor, about in the middle of the guard room

"Hey guys here quick chickens for everyone kinda gotta go right now I mean that troll guy might get like hurt out there I mean we gotta sorta help him"

With that said, Zenghar quickly ran over to Thefsuth. There were some friendly creatures in the way, but he swiftly ran past them. He saw a band of heroes attack the Troll.

"Hey Mr Troll guy what are you doing all alone in here I mean why is everybody running away and not you I mean I'm not calling you weak or a coward or anything but if everybody's running away there might be some good reason for that I mean we've got some traps set up along the way I bet those pesky heroes won't even get past the first few and even if they do I mean we've got like that proper massive badass boulder thing that's like twice a bile demon's size and like tenfold the weight I mean there's little point in you like running there berserking everything in sight you could get hurt and stuff you know better play it safe I mean a live troll is better than a dead one oh also yeah I brought those chickens so yeah I reckon we should like make a run for it otherwi-OUCH!"

An arrow has hit Zenghar's left arm, and it stuck in relatively deep

"See Mr Troll that's like the kinda thing we want to avoid so we kinda better get going trolly guy I mean I am sure going back I mean owww that hurts"

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 75%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: A bit freaked out
Action: Trying to convince Thefsuth to come back to the guard room.
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar brought the chickens back from the hatchery, then saw most creatures retreat from the corridor to the guard room. However, he saw Thefsuth on the bridge and came running to try to make him retreat as well.

November 29th, 2009, 02:41
"I'm pleased to see you're planning on making use of my traps, minions. Good thinking"

"Imps, i'd like for you lot to start some preperation. Dig to the east of my lair, making the room as large as you possible can, but without exceeding the north and south dimentions of my lair - make it parrallel, and only parrallel. I don't care if the room has an odd shape due to inpenetrable rock, that is irrelevent. But we do need a combat pit, and i've a feeling its close at hand."

"And imps? Whilst we're making preperations, how about preparing for a torture chamber, too! Note the empty space just above my prison - square it off, and extend it a few tiles to the North, South and West."

*Larquidos gives a brief glance over his dungeons affairs, and notices a particularly massive and angry dragon in the middle of the lava lake - heading towards his domain.*

"Zenek, was it? I believe i've a special task for you... or Dasoop. Either will do."

Val'Kaz, who was nearing the empty space connected to the lava pit, heard Larquidos' remark about requiring a demon spawn.

"What was that, Larquidos? A reference to the plan i suggested (months ago?)?"

November 29th, 2009, 12:07
"Zenek, was it? I believe i've a special task for you... or Dasoop. Either will do."

The enigmatic voice of the Dungeon Keeper reached Zenghar's ears.

"Oh shoot Mr Troll guy have you heard that cause I totally did I mean I don't have really much time to waste I mean the Keeper has a special task which only somebody like me can perform it or that Dasoop person I wonder if they are a demon spawn as well or just have like similiar physical or mental characteristics and stuff either way gotta go do whatever you want just don't get hurt ok casue it wouldn't be very nice yeah?"

The demon spawn then hurried back to the guard room, hiding behind some traps on the way in order to dodge the hail of arrows fired at him. He was inside the relatively safe for now guard room, and took the arrow from his arm. The wound wasn't as serious as he'd imagine, and he licked it in order to ease up the pain.

He looked up to the ceiling:

"Ok Keeper, Sire, now I'm kinda here and can kinda do pretty munch whatever you need well... what kinda special task were you talking about?"

Zenghar grinned, as perspective of him getting set a special task so early during his stay at this dungeon.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 75%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Happy
Action: Awaiting instructions about special task from the Dungeon Keeper.
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar was told that either he or "Dasoop" were supposed to fulfil a special task. He left Thefsuth, telling him that it would be better if he came back so he wouldn't get hurt. After that, he went back to the guard room, and asked for further instructions from the keeper.

November 29th, 2009, 12:38
The Bridge

Thefsuth began to inflate like a balloon, his gaping gob pulling in litres of air, his all ready bulging bear belly swelled and threatened to envelop the troll in it's ever increasing size. Thefsuth's rotting mind churned in on itself forming the greatest heckle ever whispered on mortal lips.

It was diabolical! It was the masterpiece of art! Spoken language was created for this moment. Thefsuth's diaphragm threatened to break, his lungs could swell no more and his body could withstand few more arrow. Thefsuth stopped breathing in, and gave the Heroes what they had coming;





Thefsuth felt a tad woozy after that... but suddenly realized a mob of heroes had stopped thinking tactically and were charging across the bridge at him enraged. He made use of his last ounce of energy and wobbled back at break neck speed to the inner gaurdroom.

The Inner Guard Room

Thefsuth slammed down he iron door behind him and collapsed on it panting, unable to catch his breath and bleeding heavily from arrows he pointed violently at the Boulder trap indicated to ready it.

He flopped his saggy Troll body over to Emmra and wheezed as he bled all over the place.

Summery: Thefsuth took many arrows but tempted the heroes into running towards their trap, he indicated to get the boulder trap ready and collapsed next to Emmra asking for heals.

Metal Gear Rex
November 29th, 2009, 13:42
OCC This won't include too much response, I haven't felt like posting with Emmra nor Crystice lately... damn you Who-Horny for forcing me too... and damn you Thefsuth for getting hurt... why couldn't you god-mod like the rest of us?

The Beautiful, Cheerful, and Naive Sorceress of Protective Magic
"The Avatar's Saint"

The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice watched and quickly figured out that a battle was going on. She readied herself quickly and was about to charge through the doors and freeze all her enemies when a pair of arms wrapped around her.

Emmra was waiting patiently for anyone to come by needed a quick heal. She suddenly spotted Crystice and was filled with joy. She ran over and hugged her, even if Crystice hated it.

"CRYSTICE!!" Emmra shouted joyfully as her grip on her sister tightened and she quickly gave Crystice a kiss on the cheek, "Deary love!"
"Get off of me!!" Crystice commanded as she pushed Emmra away, "Must you hug and kiss everything you see you slut!?"
"It's good to see you Crystice!" Emmra replied with a warm gentle smile.
Crystice merely glared, "Must you always be so annoying?"
"I missed you so much dear!" Emmra giggled.

Thefsuth suddenly bursted into the Guard Room and fell before Emmra.

"Let me guess, you plan to sleep with this one?" Crystice asked, absolutely amused, "How pathetic he is."
Not knowing at all what Crystice meant, Emmra answered, "If I have to protect him then yes. Oh my poor dear Thefsuth, hold on... I'm going to make all the pain go away..."

Emmra gently and carefully pulled the arrows out of Thefsuth's body one by one, while gently petting his head with her warm soft hands to calm him. Once she was done, she placed her hands on his wounds and casted heal.

Crystice rolled her eyes.


Poor Thefsuth...

Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Sad
Gold: 0
Job: Healing Thefsuth
Location: Guard Room inside Larquidos' dungeon

Summery: Emmra saw Crystice and hugged her. Then she tried to heal Thefsuth after pulling out his arrows and calming him with words.

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Amused/Annoyed
Gold: 0
Job: Guarding/Watching Emmra
Location: Guard Room inside Larquidos' Dungeon

Summery: Crystice prepared to move out to battle but was hugged by Crystice Emmra. She responded aggresively, and was amused by Emmra's actions.

Edit by DragonsLover : a little mistake in the summary.

November 29th, 2009, 15:30
The inner guard room

Thefsuth wasn't feeling too good...

but then Emmra healed him, all his wounds closed up causing the arrows to pop out of his body and fly about the guard room.

*pop* *pop pop* *pop*

All the same Thefsuth still felt off; not that he knew it but the Heal spell was a bit off and he was given too much morphine to his head.

Thefsuth pulled 40 gold piece from his sweaty loincloth and pushed them into Emmra's hand in thanks, he shook her hand with his scabby green paw of a right hand and tried to stand up.

Drunk on morphien he'd do what any troll would do,

No! Not vomit every where.

No! Not piss on everything either.

No! He certainly didn't kiss his male friend... well, this time he didn't.

Thefsuth toppled over while remaining absolutely stiff strait in posture. Naturally he collapsed on the most aggressive and monstrous of the creatures here: Crystice.

Thefsuth's disgusting body pushed Crystice to the ground. Thefsuth rolled off of Crystice, but not before drooling on her face in his drugged state.

Summery: Thefsuth thanked Emmra with 40 sweaty gold coins, but then under the effects of too much magical morphine collapsed onto Crystice and drooled on her.

November 29th, 2009, 16:53
Ivan the Spider

Ivan falls back into the Guardroom.


Yells of many enraged Heroes soon came after, and Thefsuth ran into the Guardroom. Emmra ran to him and started to heal him.

"Good job Thefsuth! Those Heroes should be meeting with our traps right now."

Thefsuth, drunkly, tumbles to the new Warlock, and drools on her.
Ivan is in the Inner Guardroom.

November 29th, 2009, 17:00
Zenghar saw the Troll come into the inner Guard Room. After being healed by Emmra, he seemed a little bit unsteady. He fell on the second warlock, the one Zenek saw on his way to the hatchery. He swiftly rolled off the mage, but not without leaving a trail of drool all over her face. The Demon Spawn chuckled, but then flinched in pain, as the wound in his arm hurt a bit more. He took a look at it, and was shocked. His blood has turned into olive green colour where the arrow has hit him. One of those archers must've used poisoned arrowheads! He flinched once again, this time in fear. He then remembered that he licked the wound earlier, so he pulled his tongue out - his worst fears were true. The tongue turned from bright red colour to a dark shade of blue. Scared, he didn't know what to do. He stood there, in the corner of the room, with his tongue out, looking around. He didn't know what was going to happen. For the first time in his short dungeon life, he was truly scared.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 72% and dropping...
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Scared
Action: Awaiting instructions about special task from the Dungeon Keeper, standing with his tongue out not knowing what to do.
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar saw Thefsuth fall on Crystice. He chuckled, but the laughter quickly turned into fear, as he realized the arrow that hit his arm was poisoned.

November 29th, 2009, 20:40
Dranton & Xerina

While Xerina started slowly backing off while shooting at enemies, Dranton only backed away few steps and kept close to Thefsuth, in case he he gets knocked out and needs someone to drag him away to safety. During her retreat, Xerina tried shooting the Elven Archer, but he managed to quickly dodge the bolt and shoot an arrow at Xerina. The arrow hit Xerina's left shoulder.

"He must hath used speed on himself. His evasion and rate of fire seem to hath increased.", Xerina thought as she finally entered the Guard Room.

Dranton have taken several hits from the daggers thrown by the thieves before Thefsuth finally yelled his taunt and got heroes to chase after him. Dranton ran toward the Guard Room with Thefsuth nearby, but stopped to see if Kiboo and Vergil were coming. He noticed that heroes were now dealing with the Sentry Trap that was shooting at them. Unfortunatelly for him, that's when Thefsuth entered the Gurad Room and slammed the door behind him, leaving them outside. He came to the door and tried to open it, but for some reason he couldn't do so - either because they were stuck or because they were locked.

"Uh... Guys? Can you let us in?", Dranton yelled at creatures in the Guard Room.

Frtunatelly, Xerina heard him and recognized his voice. She came to the door and saw that Thefsuth dropped his hammer there, which seemed to jam the door. She moved the hammer aside and quickly opened the door, allowing the allied creatures to get in.

"Make haste, the enemy is almost upon us!", she spoke to them, ready to close and lock the door behind them.

-Xerina retreated while shooting at the enemies, but got shot by the sped-up Elven Archer. When she entered the Gurad Room, Dranton was still close to Thefsuth. When Thefsuth retreated Dranton, Vergil and Kiboo were left outside, as Thefsuth's hammer jammed the door. Xerina noticed this and moved the hammer aside, allowing the others to retreat to safety.
Xerina's Health: 75%
Dranton's Health: 80%

Metal Gear Rex
November 29th, 2009, 22:07
The Beautiful, Cheerful, and Naive Sorceress of Protective Magic
"The Avatar's Saint"

The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

"Eww... get this drooling green pig off of me!!" Crystice commanded, before pushing Thefsuth off and glared at him.

Emmra giggled and began cleaning the slobber off of Crystice.

Crystice gave Thefsuth a good hard kick to wake him up and casted Freeze on Thefsuth.

"Stupid Troll!" she shouted, furious.

Name: Emmra "The Avatar's Saint"
Health: 370/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Surprised
Gold: 0
Job: Guarding
Location: Guard Room inside Larquidos' dungeon

Summery: Short post, read above...

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Angry
Gold: 0
Job: Guarding/Attacking Thefsuth
Location: Guard Room inside Larquidos' Dungeon

Summery: Short post, read above...

November 29th, 2009, 22:31
Vergil saw the others were fallin back and ran into the guard room. Unfortunatly his leg cought on the door and he was sent tumbling into Emmra

Ouch...ah hello...Emmra isnt it? He said as he pulled himself up and put his hand down to help pull her up.

Dark_Omega MK2
November 30th, 2009, 01:15
*Edmundo gets up and grabs his dagger*

Alright... time to head on battle i guess...

*Edmundo heads toward battle on the guardroom*

Maybe i can try to avoid them and get to the other side to kill the source of this attacks...

*Edmundo tried to pass without being seen and manages to pass the battlefield, but then it is noticed by a dwarve*

oh damn...

*Many heroes noticed him and started attacking him, Edmundo fighted his way throught but sadly he got many serious injuries and falled to the ground*

I failed... and now i pay the price...

*Edmundo closes his eyes while he recieved the final stab that kills him*

Summary: Edmundo is dead
Side Note: FINALLY!!! i get to finish this thing D8<... anyway see ya next time crystalbarrow :D

November 30th, 2009, 02:44
Dasoop was about to reach the Training Room when he could feel hands grabbing him and got lifted up.

- What tha...

He got turned to face the grabber and could see that it was the Warlock that healed him earlier.

- Arr... Hiya!

"Hi! I'm Emmra! I'm the Sorceress that healed you while you were sleeping. Do you remember? Did I wake you? Oh and Heroes are coming, do you mind helping us at the Guard Room? Please?"

- Yah, I saw ya andah... yah, ya wake me upah. I tried to thank ya but ya were already awayah... Huh? Heroes? Nah, I don't mindah, I wanna fightah!

Dasoop had never been able to fight heroes so far, and he was much than interested to fight and kill them, remembering what they did to their parents. Then, he could hear a well-known voice speaking to him. It was Ivan the Spider :

"Dasoop! Good to see you back in action again! ... You're not mad at me, are you?"

Dasoop didn't remember well what Ivan did wrong to him.

- Madah? At ya? Nah, I'm not.

Then, Dasoop could hear some noises coming from the Guard Room.

"Oh, I think the battle is starting. I'm sorry we couldn't talk very long. Let's go help them!"

Emmra placed Dasoop back on the ground and rushed to the Guard Room. Dasoop followed her with a grin.

Once arriving, friendly creatures started to retreat, but could see another Demon Spawn and Thefsuth on the bridge with some heroes a little further. Suddenly, he could hear the Keeper talk to him :

"Zenek, was it? I believe i've a special task for you... or Dasoop. Either will do."

Dasoop looked up and answered :

- What do ya want, Keepah? I can do anything for ya.

He could then notice the other Demon Spawn coming toward him and, once he arrived in the Guard Room, asked the same thing to the Keeper. Suddenly, he could hear a huge scream from the bridge. It was Thefsuth yelling at the heroes. Dasoop came close to the steel door so that it opened automatically and looked at him coming back here with some arrows planted in his body.

- Ya okay, Thefsuthah?

But he aimed mainly for Emmra to get some heal. Dasoop felt very angry for what happened to him.

- Arr... Pathetic heroesah! I will them ALL!!!

He stood in the Guard Room, waiting for the Keeper's answer.

Health = 95%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is standing in the Guard Room
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Willing to kill
Efficiency = 99%

Summary of the situation = Dasoop got grabbed by Emmra and talked to her. He also talked to Ivan the Spider. After that, they moved on to the Guard Room to wait for the heroes to come and the Keeper talked to him to do a special task, but didn't specify much. Finally, he asked Thefsuth if he was okay.

Metal Gear Rex
November 30th, 2009, 06:45
The Beautiful, Cheerful, and Naive Sorceress of Protective Magic
"The Avatar's Saint"

After healing Thefsuth, Emmra began feeling a little sick to her stomach from seeing so much blood. She still wasn't quite used to seeing such blood and gore, not quite yet. She knew she needed to help others, and began skipping into the battle on the bridge, where she saw Emundo the rouge, lying in a pool of his own blood.

Horrified, Emrma took a few steps back. She ran back into the Guard Room and all the way back to the Portal.

"Im sorry... it has been fun... but I haven't gotten used it... the battles... I'm sorry..." Emmra repeated, "I'll come back! Someday..."

Emmra wanted to continue speaking before leaving but accidentally slipped and fell down the Portal.


November 30th, 2009, 06:59
"Ahh, good to see you're both willing denizens. Thats always good to see in my subordinates."

"Well, Zenek, Dasoop. You've a very special task ahead of you - and it really is good that you both feel up to it. As we speak, one of your kind - a full grown dragon - is heading towards my dungeon. I would like for you both to go out and meet it. No, you're not going to try and talk to it, its long since declared itself an unaligned beast. No, you two are going to try and LURE it towards the heroes, by going around the lake and into the river, towards my bridge. What do you say, you two? Still up for it?"

"And whilst i'm at it..."
*Larquidos administers slaps to all of his imps*


Hearing Larquidos' orders, or rather the potential assignment of the Demon Spawn, Val'Kaz was both enraged and pleased, for Larquidos had pretty much summarized what he wanted to be done from the start. Maybe Larquidos actually DID listen to his creatures? Well, that would certainly be a refreshing change...
That being said, Val'Kaz no longer felt the need to endanger himself by bothering with the dragon himself, and he then decided to turn around and walk right back towards the guard room.

"Greetings, filthy incompetents. How can i teach you to make good use of your time this evening, instead of wallowing around in your own baffling ignorance?"
Val'Kaz was pleased with himself - he hadn't been so arrogant and so... himself, since his days with Morganna.

"Well, seeing as how you're looking at me as if i've wronged you - pathetic beings - i guess i don't need your permission. Simple enough, then. Fatty, block the door, Stealthy, look Stealthy. Warlock," Val'Kaz pauses a moment to admire the cold beauty of Crystice, "We will provide rear support and beneficial castings, if you're into that sort of thing. Cara-pacey. Don't be useless. Crossbow, rear support. Scaly, what are you doing here? Larquidos needs you, just say yes and get going! Drunkard, leave some bile in yourself to burn the filthy heroes when they enter. And you, Ivan. You seem to be competent enough - do as you see fit."

Larquidos spoke with Zenek and Dasoop, giving them their assignment should they accept it.

Val'Kaz administered his orders to the guard room - not that anyone was listening. (OOC: Don't you just love Val'Kaz's bias? Ivan is the only other creature he gives credit to. Must be something about his visions of a bug saving his life. MAYBE? Also, hope everyone understood what Val'Kaz was referring to them as - Val'Kaz has made a note of NOT learning peoples names - or caring, either.)

Name: Val'Kaz. NORLY?
Health: Muchas el 100hundredos percenta.
Thought: With competence like this, why aren't i a keeper?
Level: 3.0

November 30th, 2009, 17:34
Inside Thefsuth's Mind

Thefsuth was furiously pushing rusty buttons to make sure every one in the dungeon didn't spontaneously drop dead, when suddenly there was a yellow flesh of a heal spell and the brain room slowly filled with yellow custard.

As inner-Thefsuth was slowly devoured by the custard he shook an angry fist at the sky "Damn you comical metaphor! I'll get you mmph! Hmmpth! Hmmmmm" *gloop* *gloop*

Some time later...

Inner-Thefsuth emerged from the defeated custard with a bloody hunting knife. Thefsuth rushed back to the control console and saw through the tiny hole that is Thesuth-vision that he was now on the floor and The Greatest Creature To Ever Serve The Dungeon was running away to the portal in horror!



The inner Guard room

Thefsuth picked him self up in a hurry, stepping on Crystice's face in the process.

He span around in a flurry of blame, who could he insult for this crime!?

Thefsuth saw Cryistice picking her self off the floor! Of course the evil twin!

His entire body twisted with insults; he opened his mouth in Crystice face and;


"What? WHAT!? What's happened ta ma voice!?"



"Feckin' fruitless cause an' effect! I've lost ma voice!"

So Thefsuth punched Crystice in the face instead.

Summery: Thefsuth recovered from the morphine over dose, was out raged to see Emmra leave, tried shouting at Crystice but discovered that the shout on the bridge had caused him to loose his voice. He punched Crystice in the face instead.

November 30th, 2009, 21:06
Xerina the Dark Elf & Dranton the Beetle

Dranton dragged/helped Kiboo to the Guard Room, after which Xerina closed the door behind them. Xerina was somewhat dissapointed when she saw Emmra running away at the sight of battle.

"That is a second creature since I hath started working here...", Xerina said while shaking her head, "And we hath got casualties as well...".

Dranton started regenerating his wounds. After several seconds his wounds healed up somewhat, easing most of the pain.

"How are you holding up, Kiboo?", Dranton asked, ignoring the rude, obnoxious warlock.

Xerina barely managed to pick up Thefsuth's hammer and went to give it back to him, but before she could do so she saw Thefsuth punching the female warlock in the face.

-Dranton dragged/helped Kiboo to safety, regenerated some of his wounds and asked Kiboo how is he. Xerina picked up Thefsuth's hammer and tried to give it to Thefsuth, but was prevented by Thefsuth punching Crystice.
Dranton's Health: 90%
Xerina's Health: 75%

November 30th, 2009, 21:25
Ivan the Spider

Ivan closed his eyes, mourning the death of Edmundo and Emmra's abandonment. Seconds later, Ivan opens his eyes.

"Has everyone made it in?"

Ivan looked around, everyone seemed to be in one piec-

A strange scent wafted into Ivan's sense.

Ivan looks at the orgin of the scent. Green blood was oozing from Zenghar, and his tongue was blue. Ivan scented the air to find out what the scent was.


Ivan rushes to Zenghar.

"Anyone got a antidote? Zenghar's poisoned!"
Health : 99%
Ivan is near Zenghar, in the Guard Room.
Level : 5
Mood : Shock
Efficiency : 80%

November 30th, 2009, 23:43
An arrogant laugh echoes across the realm Keeper.

:lord: "Har Har Har! The creatures of this Keeper are Cowards! They hide behind traps and insults while our heroes; mighty and pure brave their lowly fear trap!

Only the good have the right to rule this realm! Flush them from my new land like you would waste from the gutter! Har har!

Pester me not with these pleas for re-enforcements and blocker troops, your fallen dwarfs will be replaced with my knights! They will not give us the dishonour of failure once they arrive at the battle.

Now leave me! I must return to my task; this land Will surrender its secrets to me, and all the more faster once it has been unburdened of this Keeper."

Heavy knocking is heard on the iron door to the inner guard room...

..yet the door still holds.

November 30th, 2009, 23:55
"Well, Zenek, Dasoop. You've a very special task ahead of you - and it really is good that you both feel up to it. As we speak, one of your kind - a full grown dragon - is heading towards my dungeon. I would like for you both to go out and meet it. No, you're not going to try and talk to it, its long since declared itself an unaligned beast. No, you two are going to try and LURE it towards the heroes, by going around the lake and into the river, towards my bridge. What do you say, you two? Still up for it?"

The the keeper spoken.

"Uhm yeah I mean sure, let's do it right? But are you like sure the dragon won't cooperate I mean we lizards can like talk to each other quite well I mean you can't quite be sure of that dragon's alingment unless you've send another demon spawn and or a dragon to him I mean could we at least try and if we fail then try to lure him over? I mean dragons are like quite smart and stuff they can like research like properly and also sort of like love gold and I mean they'd sure get more gold if they worked for a keeper rather than just sort of being neutral... I knew like some dragons and stuff they were rather nice guys especially once you've gotten to know them so it might just be worth it giving it a shot..."

The Demon Spawn asked the keeper. He then turned to the other, bigger demon spawn who was standing just next to him.

"Oh, and by the way hi my name's Zenghar, call me Zenek if you will though I mean both are fine I don't mind either I like them both equally anyway as I've caught your name is Dasoop right? If not then sorry but either way nice to meet you and I hope we'll be like friends and stuff... so yeah anyway I'm ready to go do our special task as soon as the Keeper answers my question but if you need to prepare then it's fine I mean it'd be better to do it as soon as possible but if you need to do something before going then go for it I mean we're not in that much hurry at least I hope so."

Just as he said that, a warlock entered the guar droom.

"Greetings, filthy incompetents. How can i teach you to make good use of your time this evening, instead of wallowing around in your own baffling ignorance? Well, seeing as how you're looking at me as if i've wronged you - pathetic beings - i guess i don't need your permission. Simple enough, then. Fatty, block the door, Stealthy, look Stealthy. Warlock, we will provide rear support and beneficial castings, if you're into that sort of thing. Cara-pacey. Don't be useless. Crossbow, rear support. Scaly, what are you doing here? Larquidos needs you, just say yes and get going! Drunkard, leave some bile in yourself to burn the filthy heroes when they enter. And you, Ivan. You seem to be competent enough - do as you see fit."

Zenghar looked at the Warlock, with anger in his eyes, which have turned blood red.

"Shut up."

Said the demon spawn in a cold, slow and creepy manner, which was opposite of his usual manner of speech. He then crept forward to the mage.

"Look at yourself, you pathetic excuse of a creature, before you comment on others. Look at your feeble bones, so easily snapped" the demon spawn said, as he slowly moved his tongue by the warlock's ears " - and those muscles, barely able to drag along the body of yours. NO. SHUT UP. DON'T INTERFERE AS I AM SPEAKING" - the demon spawn shouted, and his voice would bring fear even to the bravest of creatures - "'No, it doesn't matter at all', you think. 'I'm a mage, I don't need physical strength, you pathetic brute'. Biledemons#$@, I say. You ain't a mage. You know what you are? A F$&@($ DISGRACE! Your pathetic array of spells is made even worse by the fact that you lack one quality which every magician should have - intelligence. I can GUARANTEE you that EVERY SINGLE CREATURE inside this very guard room is both smarter AND stronger than you, you pathetic disgrace of a spellcaster."

Zenghar turned to Dasoop, and now, in a bit more relaxed tone, although still full of anger, said:

"Let's get out of this guard room already, shall we? If not, I'll be waiting by the empty room by the lava, you know which one I mean, the one next to the training room."

Just as Zenek was about to leave the room, Ivan the CowSpider said something:

"Anyone got a antidote? Zenghar's poisoned!"

Zenghar looked at the spider, but quickly replied

"Hey Spider, Ivan is your name, isn't it? Either way, Ivan, I don't really care right now, and I've got an idea what to do, which doesn't involve an antitode. Thanks for the care, though."

He then left the room to go to the empty room by the lava.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 68% and dropping...
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Angry
Action: Leaving the guard room, still awaiting reply from the keeper about the specifics of the special task.
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar was briefed on the special task. He then suggested an alternative, and introduced himself to Dasoop. Then Val'kaz came in, and insulted almost everybody in the room. Zenghar got angry, and started defending other creatures and insulting Val'kaz. He told Dasoop he'd be waiting by empty room by lava, but he was stopped on his way there by Ivan, who asked if anybody got some sort of antitode for Zenghar's poison. Zenghar, however, said he doesn't need one, as he knows what to do, and then he marched towards the empty room.

Metal Gear Rex
December 1st, 2009, 23:39
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice was struck in the eye, and her anger grew beyond insane.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!??" Crystice questioned Thefsuth, "Are you a complete idiot or were you born stupid!?"

Crystice left the Guard Room and entered the Lair. She looked through her thinks for something to heal up the black eye Thefsuth gave her.

"Oh great and almighty Keeper, I have been assaulted by an annoying Troll! For no reason, his name appears to be Thefsuth from what my sister said..." Crystice complained to Larquidos, "After what I experienced in my last dungeon, I ask that you do something first... if that solves nothing then I will beat that Troll senseless!"

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 427.5/95%
Level: 3
Mood: Angry
Gold: 0
Job: Complaining to Larquidos/Covering up Black Eye
Location: Lair

Summery: Crystice called Thefsuth an idiot and then left to the Lair and tried to cover up her injuries and complained to Larquidos about Thefsuth.

December 2nd, 2009, 06:19

"Ahh, once again i'm most pleased by your willingness to follow my orders, minions. When you are both ready, which i hope to be soon, i'd like for you to move to the :dragon:.
Zenek, you make good sense, i suppose. Reason with the dragon if possible, but i doubt it will be, so be ready to lure the dragon towards my bridge, to the oncoming heroes.
Other then that, i shan't say much. Improvise! Use your good sense! You're both loyal, so i trust you both. Now go!"

And as if to seal the deal, Larquidos picks Dasoop up and drops him next to Zenek. He then casts "Speed Monster" on both of them.

http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/2161/crystalbarrowo.png (http://img14.imageshack.us/i/crystalbarrowo.png/)


Val'Kaz gave a very broad smile when the little demonspawn started mouthing off at him. He was pleased to see that he was no longer the only one in the dungeon with his own opinions and a spine.

"Fine," Val'Kaz spoke in a gutteral tone after almost everyone ignored him, "Do as you will. But if any of you die, apart from that pathetic excuse for a rogue who already smells delightful, don't come crawling to me".

That being said, Val'Kaz positioned himself directly in line of the door blocking the heroes entrance to the guard room. He then got a good stance up, and took a deap breath. He thought about the corpses he'd have at his disposal after the battle was over, and he was very pleased. Then, with "brizot" on his lips, Val'Kaz pointed his hands at the door in readiness. Any second now.

December 2nd, 2009, 09:04
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo wasn't happy when Thefsuth climbed onto him. He wanted to throw him into the lava at that moment. And the heroes came. Kiboo wasn't able to actually hurt anyone because everyone kept charging in front of him and did the damage. Kiboo remembered he had Poison Cloud and began launching it at the enemies to weaken them all a bit.

The entire time he was reiceving fire from the Archers because he was such an esy target. He took so much damage that he was losing alot of blood and begining to close his eyes from the pain. He felt himself being dragged but didn't open his eyes. There were so many arrows in his body.

Kiboo :bile:
Health: 23%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Kiboo was attacking with Poison Cloud but was hit with so many arrows he blacked out.

December 2nd, 2009, 20:17
The inner guard room.

Thefsuth looked dissapointingly at the whole room. The dungeon's most effective blocker had been bleeding on the floor for nearly a second now and no one had thought to help him!

"Ungrateful twerps!" thefsuth was tremendously annoyed at his suddenly tiny voice, so he gave the room a green knobbly finger instead.

Thefsuth picked up the first buckets of chickens and poured them all down Kibbo's gaping maw.

Content that he saved the bile demon's over sized life he span on his creaky heals to point out to Emmra's evil twin that that is how one treats a fellow creature; no matter how incompetent they are.

She'd left.

She'd LEFT? In a time of battle she's turned her hairy back and ran away!?

"Every one get tha boulder trap ready fur when that door brakes! I'm gonna retrieve our lugg-head lose cannon."


"An don't any of yer childish creatures laugh at ma voice!" he squeaked.

The Lair

Thefsuth burst in and forced his sweaty troll body across the room to Crystice's person.

"Where yer whole feckin' family born cowards or was it just yer"
... he squeaked.

December 2nd, 2009, 21:44
Xerina the Dark Elf & Dranton the Beetle

As Dranton started plucking the arrows from Kiboo, Xerina approached him.

"I shall take care of his wounds. Thee can get the Boulder Trap ready."

Dranton looked at her, then at Kiboo, then again at her. He nodded and left to prepare the Boulder Trap's triggering mechanism. Xerina pulled out the arrows much faster, yet safer, than Dranton would. After all, she spent most of her life in real battles, treating the wounded and fighting for her life. Dranton worked in keepers' 'war games', where there was no real killing, so he wouldn't be your best choice for treating one's wounds.

After she pulled all of the arrows out, Xerina took a roll of bandages out of her backpack and started wrapping Kiboo's wounds with them to stop the bleeding. Dranton prepared the trap and distanced himself, waiting for it to splatter the heroes when they break the doors down.

-Dranton prepared Boulder Trap's triggering mechanism, while Xerina treated Kiboo's wounds.
Xerina's Health: 75%
Dranton's Health: 90%

December 2nd, 2009, 23:10
The lair

Crystice had now finished covering her black eye with make-up and was satisfied now. She turned and saw Thefsuth and felt disgraced that she was even in the same room as he.

"Oh it's you..." Crystice whispered, disgusted, "What do you want you butt-ugly dog?"

Thefsuth stood there knowing that his presence alone was probably insulting enough to this arrogant girl. She was putting on make up when battle was meant to commence? Did she have a clue about how to act!? He sucked lowly on his teeth before speaking.

"So sorry ta interrupt tha applyin' of yer make up ma'am." He said with a mock bow "I can see why yer'd be so irritable of ma lowly self walkin' in on yer lookin' like a decomposing hag!"

Thefsuth spat and there was a loud *Shlop* at it hit the carpet.

"Yer sister or who ever she is is our only healer an' she's just run out of tha dungeon in tears! Tha cry baby. I need ya ta stop puttin' on make up as it's a waist of time with a face like yours and ta go get her!"

"I wouldn't be putting on make-up if you hadn't punched me arrogant Troll," Crystice glared at Thefsuth, "And why should I get that slut anyways? If you knew who she was then you'd know she'd just run back out to whore herself to everyone she sees.

This time Thefsuth was insulted; by Crystice's blatant stupidity.

"Did yer suffocate yer brain with yer cold personality or somethin'!? Sluts are the MOST useful type of employees! The'll constantly be tryin' ta make up fur there insecurities by sleepin' with every one that tha keeper has only got ta make an innuendo for them ta ride out ta battle in there skimpy battle ware!"

Thefsuth's mouth radiated spittle in Crystice's direction.

"Yer must 'ave some messed up family girl. Did yer perants die of shock at tha first sight of yer ugly blue face, or did it happen after they realized yer were a selfish shadow of a person!?"

Crystice threw a slap at Thefsuth's face.

"My abilities of ice are far superior to her healing!" Crystice replied angrily, "Besides, shouldn't you be focusing on the battle? You're not doing much more than I am by standing her wasting your time on me! Sluts used for the better? Hah! They should just be put up for display so people can pick their favorite."

"Yer crappy cold powers are useless compared to hers if yer don't use them! What is yer slimy self doing here other than distracting people from tha battle with yer vile attitude? I came 'ere ta get yer ta make some use of yer."

Thefsuth cracked his knuckles and one or two finger bones.

"An' ma time can't be waisted; it's absolutely worthless." He squeaked as his pungent green arms clamped around Crystice's waist and fireman lift her onto his knobbly shoulder.

A dark smile arose on Crystice's face, but for a different reason.

"What are you doing you ugly little troll?" Crystice asked him aggressively, "And you want I use my Ice powers? Okay... fine..."

While clutched by Thefsuth, Crystice casted Freeze on him but what she didn't know was that she would also be affected for making contact with Thefsuth.

Both Thefsuth and Crystice were locked in a angry embrace with in the block of ice.

Keeper... two of your creatures have mutually trapped them self in a block of ice. They would make a lovely statue by your dungeon heart...

With neither of them able to move they had to wait for a passing imp to take pity on them and drag them over to

The inner guard room

It was mildly embarrassing to be stuck in a block of ice in a room full of your fellow warriors. Thefsuth spent every inch of energy trying to tell every one in the room that it was all her fault with his eyes.

Sumemry: Thefsuth and Crystice had an argument but got each other trapped in one block of ice. An imp moved them into the Innerguard room for all to see.

December 3rd, 2009, 00:00
Ivan the Spider

Ivan looks at the giant Ice Cube with Thefsuth and Crystice inside.

"I don't know if I should pity them or to be angry at them. Ugh, we're about to fight off a Hero Party, and we're STILL fighting among ourselves for whatever reason."

Ivan goes to one of the buckets, noticing that very very few chickens remained to heal Kiboo, Ivan grabs one and eats it.

Ivan goes to one of the Guard Room's torchs that were on the wall, pulls two off, and tries to melt the ice.

Ivan turns to Val'kaz.

"Mind helping me? We'll only do this once, and if they do it again, we'll just leave them."
Health : 100%
Ivan is in the Guard Room, trying to thaw Thefsuth and Crystice.
Level : 5
Mood : Annoyed
Efficiency : 80%

December 3rd, 2009, 05:55
(OOC : Of which experience level is the dragon by the way?)

"Well, Zenek, Dasoop. You've a very special task ahead of you - and it really is good that you both feel up to it. As we speak, one of your kind - a full grown dragon - is heading towards my dungeon. I would like for you both to go out and meet it. No, you're not going to try and talk to it, its long since declared itself an unaligned beast. No, you two are going to try and LURE it towards the heroes, by going around the lake and into the river, towards my bridge. What do you say, you two? Still up for it?" The Keeper said.

Dasoop wanted to answer, but instead, he looked at Zenek to hear his answer and at the same time, learn more from him.

"Uhm yeah I mean sure, let's do it right? But are you like sure the dragon won't cooperate I mean we lizards can like talk to each other quite well I mean you can't quite be sure of that dragon's alingment unless you've send another demon spawn and or a dragon to him I mean could we at least try and if we fail then try to lure him over? I mean dragons are like quite smart and stuff they can like research like properly and also sort of like love gold and I mean they'd sure get more gold if they worked for a keeper rather than just sort of being neutral... I knew like some dragons and stuff they were rather nice guys especially once you've gotten to know them so it might just be worth it giving it a shot... Oh, and by the way hi my name's Zenghar, call me Zenek if you will though I mean both are fine I don't mind either I like them both equally anyway as I've caught your name is Dasoop right? If not then sorry but either way nice to meet you and I hope we'll be like friends and stuff... so yeah anyway I'm ready to go do our special task as soon as the Keeper answers my question but if you need to prepare then it's fine I mean it'd be better to do it as soon as possible but if you need to do something before going then go for it I mean we're not in that much hurry at least I hope so."

Dasoop was a bit confused with everything the other demon spawn just said. It was too much words for him.

- Yah, I'm Dasoop! Niceah to meet ya, Zenek. And wellah, I don't careah if the dragon will cooperateah or notah. Less blah blah, let's go meet that dragonah and we will seeah! Come on!

Dasoop wanted to leave, but he saw that Zenek didn't take attention on him to follow him. Instead, Zenek talked, or in fact, shouted to Val'Kaz. In the meantime, Dasoop looked outside through the opened Steel door at the heroes being busy and also saw Ivan the Spider coming. Then, after Zanek talked to Ivan, Zenek finally told him :

"Let's get out of this guard room already, shall we? If not, I'll be waiting by the empty room by the lava, you know which one I mean, the one next to the training room."

Dasoop didn't know exactly what room Zenek talked about. He saw him leave the guard room while the Keeper spoke to them:

"Ahh, once again i'm most pleased by your willingness to follow my orders, minions. When you are both ready, which i hope to be soon, i'd like for you to move to the http://forum.keeperklan.com/images/smilies/dk1/dragon.gif.
Zenek, you make good sense, i suppose. Reason with the dragon if possible, but i doubt it will be, so be ready to lure the dragon towards my bridge, to the oncoming heroes.
Other then that, i shan't say much. Improvise! Use your good sense! You're both loyal, so i trust you both. Now go!"

After that, he wanted to join Zenek, but the Keeper did the job for him by grabbing him and dropping him in the new room opened over the big lava lake. He could even see the dragon coming toward them in the middle of it. After that, he got blessed by the Speed Creature spell, like for Zenek.

- Zathdragonah? Thenlet'sgo!

Dasoop rushed into the lava lake, swimming very fast with the Speed spell until the dragon spotted him. Dasoop stopped and asked:

- Hey yah! What are ya doing therah? Ya seem so angryah, why so?

Health = 95%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is in the lava lake talking to the angry dragon
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Curious, but also careful

Summary of the situation = Dasoop listened to the Keeper and Zenek. He talked to Zenek, got grabbed by the Keeper and being dropped into the new empty room along with Zenek. The Keeper casted Speed on him and Dasoop rushed into the lava meeting the angry dragon to ask him a question or two, hoping Zenek would follow him.

December 3rd, 2009, 06:52
((OOC: Its a level 10 Dragon, Dragonslover. Sorry for not mentioning it :-P))

Larquidos watches over his two faithful demonspawns with his hand of evil poised, ready to pick up his denizens should things go awry.


Val'Kaz broke his stance to turn and face the spider - Ivan - who was asking for his aid. He stated rather simply, in a dry but respectful (as respectful as Val'Kaz'll ever get) tone "Ok."
Val'Kaz, however, saw it as an opportunity to test how careful he could be with his magic, and he slowly whispered "Brizot" to himself, whilst making sure to keep the fire burning within his mind small, so not to harm his foolish associates.

He then ran his hands slowly over the ice that encased the arrogant troll and that beautiful maiden, and it melted very quickly under his magical touch.

That done, Val'Kaz returned to his original stance, however he modified it to look similiar to that of the "Ka-ma-ha-ma-ha" stance, with one leg behind the other, as if he was wrestling, and his hands poised infront of him.


Deep within what was once Jarquidos' dungeon, a skeleton spent its time ramming itself into the side of its prison. Funnily enough, this turned out to benefit it, and its arms and head flew off its torso, landing outside the prison, provoking a small thought.

Without impish and magical upkeep, the prison had turned into a rusted mess very quickly in the cold, damp environment of the dungeon. This meant that the skeleton, who was attempting to reunite his arms and head with his body, was actually bending the metal in its mad, instinctive rushes.

Metal Gear Rex
December 3rd, 2009, 15:57
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice coughed several times upon being freed. She looked up at Val'kaz, and then glared at Thefsuth.

"Oh Dark Gods! He smells!!" Crystice cried, "Imagine being frozen with him! Eww!! So... your a Warlock of fire... I hope you're not a lying idiot piece of sh!t disgrace to my species like the last Warlock I met! What's your name, and hurry up. I want to get away from this ugly mutt of a Troll... suddenly the smell of blood sounds so delightful..."

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Annoyed
Gold: 0
Job: Complaining to Val'kaz
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Crystice insulted Thefsuth and made reference to Mechrin, both in a conversation with Val'kaz.

December 3rd, 2009, 21:12
"- Zathdragonah? Thenlet'sgo!"

Said Dasoop, after which he rushed into the lava lake, swimming very fast with the Speed spell until the dragon spotted him. Zenghar followed him, but as soon as he went into the lava, he submerged completly - he felt much better, as the poison which has been flowing through his veins has been burnt out completly. Dasoop then stopped and asked the dragon:

- Hey yah! What are ya doing therah? Ya seem so angryah, why so?

Zenek then came out from behind the second Demon Spawn. The dragon was towering above him, being several feet tall, with it's majestic wings spread out it seemed at least ten times bigger than Zenghar.

"Ahem" - he cleared his throat, ready to make a speech - "Hello, Missir Dragon" - the strange title he gave to the dragon was common amongst those creatures - as the gender differences in the species were neglible, they were often completely ignored, which caused this title to be created. Zenghar then continued with his speech - "Would you care to share your name with us? If not then that's ok as well as I suppose, either way, as my friend here already asked, we've noticed that you seem to be pretty angry about something and sort of as fellow lizards wanted to check out what's wrong and also to see if there's anything we can do to help... so, spill your guts out, we are all ears"

Zenghar spoke in a relatively calm and slow (at least for him) tone, due to the seriousness of the situation. Although he was a bit worried, the dragon being a powerful beast, his natural optimism and ability to keep cool has made him not show it much.

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 66%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Cautious
Action: Talking with the unaligned dragon
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar followed Dasoop along the lava lake, and then started talking with the unaligned Dragon.

December 3rd, 2009, 21:26
:dragon: The Lava Lake

The dragon flexed it whole majestic body. It inclined it's sculpted head upwards and felt the warmth of the lava that was it's home dance upon it's hide.

The two children that were talking to him were tiresome.

He blew a jet of flame above their heads before replying to their questions.

He spoke in a heavy, old, and rusty voice that had not been used for many a century.

"I... am Drell..."

"And this is my home."

Drell shrugged off the two children and continued to stagger towards the lights of the dungeon in the distance.

"Leave me to the destruction of these intruders..."

Duke Ragereaver
December 3rd, 2009, 21:43
(Who-Horny, I'l expect from you to PM me first when attempting to DM, this issen't really acceptable at all.)

Second Hero Party on way to Dungeon
Six level 2 dwarves
Two level 2 human archers

Third Hero Party on way to Dungeon
1 level 5 knight
2 level 3 thieves
2 level 3 archers

December 3rd, 2009, 22:05
The Dragon breathed fire, and Zenghar instinctively ducked. However, the flame went far above his head, and it would surely miss even if the Demon Spawn stood perfectly straight - it seemed as if the Dragon did it just as a show of power.

"I... am Drell..."

"And this is my home."

The dragon's voice was... ancient. It was hard to describe the mysterious and creepy tone of the words he spoke. After introducing himself, the dragon seemed to ignore the two demon spawns, and kept moving at his slow pace towards the dungeon heart.

"Leave me to the destruction of these intruders..."

Zenghar jumped back a bit, and with fear in his eyes, started speaking to the dragon again.

"In...in...truders? Destruction?!" Zenghar spoke, although this time, all the calmness was gone, and he was obviously scared "Now hold on I think you're getting a wrong picture... w... the dungeon keeper is not an intruder! We came here in order to ensure that all the creatures of this realm, such as yourself, could live in safety from those pesky heroes... who are the real intruders, slaying hundreds creatures for little reason other than gold and fame... they've already slain several local creatures, and probably the only reason they haven't attacked you yet, sir, is because of your strength... but if they manage to gather forces, surely, you will perish as well. I mean, I do believe you are very powerful, that breath of fire was so intensely hot even my lava loving skin couldn't really stand the heat, but if they do manage to get a whole army in here, even you won't be able to stop them. Now, the keeper is trying to prevent that, we're in pretty much an open battle with the heroes right now... we do not want to intrude into your home, and if anything about the dungeon annoys you, just say it, we can try to work something out... either way, back to the heroes. As I've said, we're currently at war with them, and we actually could use some help, either in form of actually helping us in battle or at at least not attacking our dungeon. For the greater good, of course."

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 66%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Worried
Action: Talking with the unaligned dragon
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar heard about Drell's plans of destroying the dungeon, and now he's trying to talk him out of it.

December 4th, 2009, 07:27
"Oh Dark Gods! He smells! Imagine being frozen with him! Eww!! So... your a Warlock of fire... I hope you're not a lying idiot piece of sh!t disgrace to my species like the last Warlock I met! What's your name, and hurry up. I want to get away from this ugly mutt of a Troll... suddenly the smell of blood sounds so delightful..."
((OOC: Damn, bit hasty of me. Perhaps i shouldn't get him to return to his egotistic stance after every post...))

BACK IN THE PAST: "Val'Kaz. And who might you be, oh malicious one?" With these words, Val'Kaz takes a bow and kisses Crystice on the hand - not delicately, as the French might, but with his hands superhot and his grip tight. He then continued "And yes, i am a warlock of fire, but i believe you'll have to make judgement on my prowess as to yourself." Val'Kaz makes a gesture to every creature in the room, bar Crystice and Ivan, then "I personally think each of these creatures is incompetent. Perhaps you can judge my own might based on my opinions?"

Val'Kaz spoke with his ideal fair (or not. Thats exactly what he likes :-P) maiden.

December 4th, 2009, 08:25
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo awoke to find himself feeling much better thanks to Xerina. He felt so happy, and it was obviously located in his tone.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo better! Dark Elf true friend!

Kiboo hugged Xerina so tightly that it must have felt as if if she were dropped into the lava again. Kiboo let go of Xerina.

:bile: Kiboo: What Kiboo miss? Heroes eaten?

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 94%
Gold: 0
Level: 2
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Kiboo hugged Xerina tightly and asked what happened.

December 4th, 2009, 19:16
Xerina, the Dark Elf & Dranton, the Beetle

"Ouch... Not so tight...", Xerina barely managed to say while being bear-hugged by Kiboo. After he released her, she managed to speak in more natural voice: "Thou should thank the beetle as well. He hath dragged thee to safety.", she said and pointed toward Dranton, who was watching the door heroes have been trying to break.

"What Kiboo miss? Heroes eaten?", Kiboo asked and Dranton replied: "Not yet, but they're just about ready to be served.", he said, and he'd probably smile evily if he had cheeks that could form a smile, "Glad to see you back in action.".

Soon after this, heroes have finally managed to break the door. As soon as the door fell apart, the Boulder Trap activated and rolled towards the heroes.

:dwarf: Dwarf: "OH, SHI-" *splat*

The elven archer was the last to fall, since he still had his speed active. He would've gotten away, too, if not for the fact that his speed wore off while he was still running away from the giant boulder. Dranton stepped out to survey the carnage left by the boulder and make sure all the heroes were dead.

After this, Dranton turned to Kiboo (and others): "Ladies and gentlemen, the dinner is served!", after which he proceeded to decapitate one of the dead dwarves with his jaws.

"There art no words that could describe how gross thou art...", Xerina thought to herself and looked the other way as she passed past him.

She came to the Bridge and took a look north. Her inhuman vision allowed her to see several dwarves in the distance, coming their way.

"This battle hath not been concluded yet. Their reinforcements art coming coming our way.", Xerina said to others.

-Xerina told Kiboo Dranton helped him too. Heroes got splattered by the Boulder Trap. Dranton said that "dinner was served" and started biting a dead dwarf. Xerina went to the Bridge and saw few dwarves from the 2nd hero group in the distance, then warned the others.

Xerina's Health: 75%
Dranton's Health: 90%

December 4th, 2009, 19:34
:dragon: The Lava Lake

Drell didn't turn round to talk to the child.

"No, all must leave this land. The ancients built the halls of the south. I and my brothers guarded them in solitude and were gifted by the plentiful treasures the gave us for our hordes."

Steam began to seep out of his maw. He was getting ever closer to the dungeon.

"But then the you came and ruined the majestic silence of this realm with the sounds of your digging and battles and casino music. The mortals came and took my horde from me and now they infest the once beautiful ruins."

Drell swayed to a stop and looked down at the two children that were paddling in the lake trying to keep up with him. He was now dangerously close to the dungeon.

"You too will have to be destroyed by me. I must restore my home. It's my fault that I let you and the mortals come. I should not have hid and instead have confronted that strange being when he entered my home them years ago..."

Drell trailed off. But then returned his attention to the demonspawn. "Do you challenge me? Or will you help me save my home?"

December 4th, 2009, 23:19
Ivan the Spider

Ivan watched, somehow, the Boulder crush all the Heroes in it's way. Unhappy that he didn't get to kill the big nosed Dwa-

Ivan saw one of the Dwarfs twitch. Ivan creeps to him, and grabs his leg.

:dwarf: : "*Coughs* This... isn't over yet... We will take back... this Realm!"

"Shut up. This is revenge!"

Ivan tosses the Dwarf into the Lava, whose screams echoed in the Dungeon.

Ivan sighs. One Personal Target down, nine to go.

"This battle hath not been concluded yet. Their reinforcements art coming coming our way."

Ivan looks up from the Dwarf's burning remains. The Scent of Heroes trailed into his sense once again.

"Oh man, more? Seems like we may have to dirty our hands this time."
Health : 100%
Ivan is on the bridge.
Level : 5
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

December 5th, 2009, 01:28
After telling Zenghar and Dasoop his story, the ancient dragon asked the two:

"Do you challenge me? Or will you help me save my home?"

Zenek, a bit more confident now that it turns out the Dragon has a reason for it's anger, rather than just rampaging randomly, looked the beast straight in the face

"O-of course we are willing to help you I mean what strange being, cause our Warlocks have like a proper extensive library I've seen them cast like great spells and stuff so we might have some info which might be useful also we like respect the ancient history and stuff, we wouldn't dare destroy any of it... also, about the sounds, I'm sure placing some like proper doors there and there will quieten them down"

Zenghar grinned, waiting for reply from the Dragon

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 66%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Worried
Action: Talking with the unaligned dragon
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar heard Drell's story, and now offered him his help

December 5th, 2009, 03:09
Larquidos, who had noticed that his front door was finally down, begun to have some extent of worry... that was, until he noticed that his minions deserved more credit then he gave them, and they crushed the heroes with good use of a boulder trap.

"Well done, minions. And Ivan, impressive concept of mercy! Don't be afraid to leave the stragglers alive - any prisoners are more then welcome."

Larquidos then moves the bulk of his conciousness back to his demonspawns and the dragon, whom through the probing of his own creatures minds, he is able to name him; Drell. Larquidos was getting worried, but he was also well aware of the fact that it was just a single dragon. If he was able to disable it with a trap, it would be an excellent training dummy for his minions.

Once again probing his demonspawns, he became aware of their valient attempts at convicing it to attack the heroes and "spare" him.

"Drell. I'd be more then happy to make you an offer. Gold - gold to fill your coffers, and chickens to fill your belly. No need for allegiance to me, either. All you'd need to do is, say, eat a few heroes for supper -after all, they're the ones making all the noise. What say you?"

Metal Gear Rex
December 5th, 2009, 05:12
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

"Val'Kaz. And who might you be, oh malicious one?" Val'Kaz asked Crystice, who replied simply, "I'm the Sorceress better than you, Crystice, the Ice Sorceress."

Crystice felt pleased when Val'Kaz bowed but her eye twitched terribly when Val'Kaz kissed her hand.

And yes, I am a Warlock of fire, but I believe you'll have to make judgment on my prowess as to yourself," Val'Kaz continued, "I personally think each of these creatures is incompetent. Perhaps you can judge my own might based on my opinions?"

Crystice slipped her hand away from Val'Kaz and smacked the back of his head with it while he was trying to kiss it.

"Nothing more disgusting than the spit of slime," Crystice glared at Val'Kaz, "While you have good tastes, can't you think of anything better to do than hit on me during times of battle? Which you also do very poorly... You are pathetic if you can't resist me even during this time. Now is not the time for love but for death... and we should start with this annoying Troll!!"

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Annoyed
Gold: 0
Job: Insulting Val'Kaz
Location: Guard Room


December 5th, 2009, 06:44
Val'Kaz was very pleased by Crystice's reaction - something about hard to get pleased him.

"Good tastes, hmm? Yes, good to hear some agreeance. But if you're going to be a bitch, fine, you can join the rest of these filthy incompetents in prison when I make good on my plans. I was only sharing formalities anyway, you slurry. And I bet i kill twice the amount of heroes you do."

And with that, Val'Kaz gave Crystice the cold shoulder, although he was really thinking of her mentality. If she really is like me, as i guess she is, then she'll like it if i treat her with spite and disgust.

December 5th, 2009, 10:27
Kiboo :bile:

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo want dwarves and thieves. Maybe archers too. Kiboo cook pancake.

Kiboo watches Val'Kaz and Crystice.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo think Warlocks need room.

Kiboo began trying to fit through the passage.

:bile: Kiboo get no meal here. Kiboo go get meal.

Kiboo made his way to the bridge and spotted reinforcements already on their way here.

Kiboo :bile:

Health: 94%
Gold: 0
Level: 2
Location: Bridge

Summery: Kiboo went to the Bridge.

December 5th, 2009, 11:38
:dragon: The lava lake

Drell swayed as a voice in his head offered him gold and chickens. He violently shook his huge head and spew jets of fire seemingly randomly.

"No! I will not be tempted! You must be destroyed as well!" Drell declined his head to look at the two children, he was visibly enraged. "You use trickery and lies! You children are no better than the mortals! I challenge you!"

Tongues of flame shot out of Drell's mouth and billowed over the heads of the two demonspawns. The towering dragon turned to face them and waded through the lava towards them.

Summery: The dragon, enraged by Keeper Larquidos trying to temp him is now chasing after Dasoop and Zenghar.

December 5th, 2009, 12:16
Larquidos noticed that things were getting hairy with Drell. He didn't think of his demonspawns as weak or cowards; he simply knew that they weren't capable of taking down so ancient and skilled a beast, and so he picked up both of his demonspawns and dropped them in the hatchery. He understood that this would likely infuriate Drell further, but that could be used to his advantage. An angry foe was a discautious foe.

Then, to his demonspawns, "Do as you will. Sleep if you need it, but return to the guardroom when you're prepared."

He then spoke with Bob. "Bob, it is now your job to keep Drell entertained. Lure him towards the guardroom, and don't die. Or do. If you do, make sure its near the guardroom."

Finally, to the rest of his imps, he ordered "Near my northern gold escapades, dig to the west, towards the lava. Just a corridor. I've a mind to start claiming my..." Larquidos trailed off for a moment, biting back a hint of sorrow "... my Brothers dungeon."

Larquidos then had a thought; If all goes as i plan, Drell will help me before the end of the day, but not of his own will...

December 5th, 2009, 12:35
The inner Guard Room

Thefsuth was watching Crystice and Val'Kaz from the other side of the guard room while chewing on the last of the chickens. He was fully aware that they where plotting against him but he was certain he could use this to the dungeon's advantage.

Then his Keeper gave some orders to his imps. They were good orders.

"Keeper! Did yer get yer scabby head whacked with a club or something'? Yer suddenly makin' seance!

"If yer ape like attitude alows it I can go to tha workshop and put tha two freeze traps we're not usin' where tha boulder and tha Iron door was. I could also build us a new Iron door in time fur tha flowpressin' hero's third wave, but I'd 'ave ta miss tha one that's waltzing towards yer disordered dungeon now."

Thefsuth swallowed the last of his chicken and looked back at Crystice and Val'Kaz. He raised his voice so both them and the keeper could hear; "Yer might also want ta keep yer short sighted eyes on that girly pair; They 'ave it in their rotting minds that their puny persons are more important than yer disgraceful dungeon!"

You old fool! His tiny mind is going to take offence to that! You're meant to be on HIS side now! Thefsuth thought, Go say something..... what's the word? Nice, about him.... if you can.

Thefsuth's brow wrinkled ever further before he opened his colossal maw; "Keeper. Yer look nice today by the way." Content at a job done adequatly, Thefsuth started giving inspirational punches to the arms of the creatures waiting for battle.

Summery: Thefsuth commented on Larquidos' improvements, suggested they used the two unused Freeze traps in the guard room to replace the boulder trap and Iron door, and suggested he got to work on building a new iron door. In full audible range of Crystice and Val'kaz Thefsuth told Larquidos that they would probably betray him.

Thefsuth told Larquidos that he looked nice today. He then went around the guard room punching people in the arm in "encouragement"

Metal Gear Rex
December 5th, 2009, 15:40
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice's temper grew to frightening levels when called a bitch, and she spoke against it.

"Bitch!? How dare you!?" Crystice shouted furiously, "You're hardly worthy of being in my presence! Let along compliment me! And you'll be the one falling behind enemy bars! You probably can't even hold yourself in a fight! Slurry? Do you even know what that is? And you probably did, seeing as how they're a bunch of pathetic little Fairies!"

Crystice listened to Thefsuth's comment about being a girly couple and she snapped.

"Shut up you ULGY LITTLE TROLL FACE!!!" Crystice yelled to Thefsuth and glared when she came around trying to punch her, "Touch me and I will freeze you solid! Don't ever think of me being with someone so pathetic... the thought of kissing him makes me want to vomit!"

Great... everywhere I go I am surrounded by a bunch of pathetic little worthless creatures who do nothing but slow me and the master down... even Frozengard was better than this!

I wish Mechrin were here so I can beat him senseless... he doesn't have the guts to do anything about it! Maybe I should go back...

Hmm... Mechrin... and Val'Kaz... this should be an interesting match...

Crystice smiled darkly at the thought of the two destroying each other. She went up to Val'Kaz.

"Oh Val'Kaz..." Crystice whispered in a flirty voice, "Do you want me? I want to leave this place to go where I came from, a place called Frozengard. Care to join me? I have a surprise for you if you do..."

Name: Crystice "The Ice Sorceress"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Evil Happy
Gold: 0
Job: Flirting with Val'Kaz
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Crystice yelled at both Val'Kaz and Thefsuth, and then began flirting with Val'Kaz to see if he wanted to join her to go back to Frozengard.

December 5th, 2009, 19:13
The inner guard room

Thefsuth was getting increasingly annoyed with Crystice, the second wave of Heroes were soon to arrive and she was talking about leaving and freezing her fellow creatures! She must have no respect for her dungeon.

Such a creature was a danger to this dungeon and the creatures in it. Thefsuth would not let her endanger his fellow creatures.

Thefsuth's blood shot eyes caught Vergil in the corner looking incredibly idle. Thefsuth instantly began plodding towards him meaning to motivate him, but realized something.

Vergil wasn't all that bad.

He didn't destroy his workshop and hadn't endangered the creatures of this dungeon. He was just lazy, he needed a project!

"Sparrow's fart Vergil." Thefsuth said in greeting as he placed his over sized hammer on the floor and planted his boney behind on it. "Yer need a project. Not somethin' run of tha mill like tryin' ta keep yer clueless carcass upright in tha middle of a war, but a proper project."

Thefsuth began chewing on a particularly loose tooth of his. "Yer see tha blue haired warlock over there with a scowl fur a face? She makes yer look like tha bloomin' horned reaper in creature ability. If you can help me get her terrible temper out of this realm I'll make it worth yer while Vergil."

Thefsuth's old knarly hand slipped into his loin cloth and puleld out a small chest of 1,000 gold. "It will do a lot more good being spent keepin' our dungeon clean of wretched warlocks an' protecting the more deservin' individuals. It could be yours." He said with the tempting tone of the devil.

Summery: Thefsuth made Vergil an offer to help him get rid of Crystice for 1,000 gold.

Metal Gear Rex
December 5th, 2009, 19:33
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Listening over to Thefsuth speak to Vergil, Crystice decides that she should probably leave soon... she could not stand another one of the Troll's stupidity.

"Listen Val'Kaz. I will be waiting in Frozengard... see ya later..." Crystice whispered.

Crystice made her way to the Entrance Portal and decided to make a few final words.

"So long Keeper! To be honest, I never really liked you," Crystice admitted, "I just came here to get away from an annoying Warlock I dealt with in my realm. So in other words... hope to see your shattered remains amongst the heroes as I shall be taking my leave."

Crystice looked back to see if she saw Val'Kaz coming and after seeing no one at the moment, she dropped down the Entrance Portal.


December 5th, 2009, 19:38
"Deal's off"

Thefsuth takes back his gold and kicks Vergil in the shin.

Although, maybe this Val'Kaz character will prove to be an equally dangerous creature now that he's decided to hobble out of his nest in the library...

"Oi! Val'kaz!" He shouted across the room "Are yer a Wretch of a warlock as well?"

Summery: Thefsuth took the gold away from Vergil and rejected him (awww) and asked Val'kaz up front if he was a pratt.

December 5th, 2009, 19:48
Ivan the Pissed Off Spider

While waiting for the Heroes to return, Ivan decided to go get something to eat.

Inner Guard Room

Ivan saw Crystice insulting Val'kaz, Val'kaz insulted back, then suddenly Crystice flirted with Val'kaz. Ivan hears Thefsuth's plan, seemed like Crystice did too, as she left before insulting the Keeper. Ivan's fangs twitched and his eyes glowed red.

"Just what we needed... Some Creature who thinks it is the strongest and powerfulest of them all. It better get it's head out of the clouds then."

Ivan mumbled to himself, as he went into the Hatchery to get something to eat.
Ivan is in the Hatchery.
Mood : Angry

December 6th, 2009, 03:59
"Oh Val'Kaz... Do you want me? I want to leave this place to go where I came from, a place called Frozengard. Care to join me? I have a surprise for you if you do..."

"Actually, i'm more of the type to not like complete sluts. When you were hard to get, sure, but now you just seem to be handing yourself to me. No, i think i'll stay here with my beautiful corpses!"

"Listen Val'Kaz. I will be waiting in Frozengard... see ya later..." Val'Kaz ignored the comment. He'd already made up his mind

"Oi! Val'kaz! Are yer a Wretch of a warlock as well?" Val'Kaz was astonished. Was this filthy troll actually trying to talk to him? And not just that, INSULT him?

Raising his hands quickly to be inline with the Trolls face, only slightly to the left, Val'Kaz yelled "BRIZOT" and a large fireball left his fingers - glancing across the trolls face and burning its right cheek.
"Watch who you're calling a wretch, you disgusting beast. I've nothing to say to the likes of you - leave me alone and i'll try not to kill you and reanimate your corpse to have heroes piss on it"

Val'Kaz was true to his character profile and was ignorant, arrogant and insolent to all!

December 6th, 2009, 11:46
The inner guard room

Yep. All Warlocks are madmen.

Thefsuth gave Vergil a nudge "Tha 1,00 gold might still be fur yer scruffy pockets after all, keep an eye on tha Necrophiliac." he whispered.

Just then the Hero party of Six level 2 dwarves and Two level 2 human archers charged across the bridge and

:dwarf: "Chaaarge!"

Summery: Thefsuth told Vergil that he may be needed to get rid of Val'Kaz at a later date, and the second wave of heroes started attacking!

December 6th, 2009, 12:44
Vergil turned towards thefsuth with a angry stare from his one eye.

"Not a chance Thefsuth, I would be a traitor if I did that. and I HATE traitors." Vergil said as he drew his sword and ran towards the new group of heroes and saw a nearby dwarf and ran at it, knocking it over with a ram of his shoulder.

:dwarf: : "VILE CREATURE!" The dwarf screamed as he punched Vergil in the face.

Vergil fell back holding his face before swinging his sword splitting the Dwarfs mid section open. "Take that you no good midgit." Vergil mumbled with a annoyed sigh.

First my eye, now my nose is messed up next im gonna be loosen my teeth!

December 7th, 2009, 08:55
Dasoop didn't underestimate the dragon size, he was sure he could do some kind of arrangement. After he had spoke, Zenek joined him and asked for his name as well as what was the reason of his furiousness.

The dragon blew some fire above them, which scared Dasoop a bit. He learnt that his name was Drell and that it was his home, willing to destroy everything. He kept walking toward them and Dasoop now realized how tall and massive he was.

He swallowed of fear and wanted to answer, but Zenek was faster than him. He tried to convince the dragon to aim the heroes instead of the dungeon and themselves, but it wasn't sufficient. Drell was now very close Dasoop and Zenek and they had to swim back and look almost straight up to look at Drell's head. Dasoop could feel his heart beating inside, being very nervous about the dragon's menaces. Drell asked both Dasoop and Zenek if they challenged him or helped him instead. Once again, it was Zenek that answered, followed by Larquidos. But nothing convinced Drell to aim the heroes which became even more furious.

The dragon still blew some fire jets over their head, burning them a little, and walked toward them. As a last resort, Dasoop wanted to say a word:

- Arr... Come on mate! I respect yah. Why not starting with humans? Heroes are tastyah! They're the enemiesah!... Naah, waitah, leave meeeeaaahh...

Dasoop got pulled upward by the Keeper and ended into the Hatchery. Then, Larquidos told him, as well as for Zenek:

"Do as you will. Sleep if you need it, but return to the guardroom when you're prepared."

Dasoop was a bit disappointed and sighed. He wanted to help the Keeper, but he failed. It's like if he didn't do much. To console himself, he ate 2 chickens and moved to the Training Room to train a little while waiting for the heroes to come.

- Wannah train a bit with meah? he asked to Zenek.

Health = 89%
Gold = 180 coins
Dasoop the Demon Spawn is in the corridor, between the Hatchery and the Training Room.
Level = 3 (30%)
Mood = Disappointed

Summary of the situation = Dasoop and Zenek didn't convince Drell the dragon much and he got burned a little by the dragon's breathe. Then, he got grabbed by the Keeper and landed into the Hatchery, disappointed for his poor attempt. He ate 2 chickens and asked Zenek to follow him to the Training Room for some training.

December 7th, 2009, 10:52
The keeper offered the Dragon gold and chickens, however, that annoyed Drell. He started spewing jets of flame everywhere, and a big one was just about to hit Zenghar, but the keeper picked him up and dropped him into the hatchery.

When Zenek landed on the ground, he quickly chomped on a few chickens. He saw Dasoop do the same, after which the bigger Demon Spawn went to the training room. He asked Zenghar:

- Wannah train a bit with meah?

"Nah sorry mate look I don't wanna give up that easily I mean maybe I can still try to convince him to stop I mean look I'll do whatever you want, training is good we will need strong creatures especially if I fail either way, I'm gonna go see Drell again and try once more. If I don't come back, don't come looking for me, and don't do anything stupid, ok? Well, I better get going, see ya later"

With that being said, Zenghar left the hatchery and went, once again, to the lava pool. He saw Drell who was still rampaging. He snook up to the dragon, who didn't seem to notice him.

"DRELL!" - He shouted - "Look, I don't care about what the keeper says - I genuinely want to help you. I mean, could you really give me some info about that creature of yours, I could do some research in our library, perhaps mobilize some of our creatures to help as well... And look, the keeper is just worried that such a strong beast as you wants to invade our home, so he tried everything to stop you from destroying it... he didn't mean anything bad... if you'd invade and destroy our home, you'd be no better than that creature which invaded your own... so, could you give me as much info as you can about that beast?"

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 89%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Worried
Action: Talking with the unaligned dragon, trying to convince him
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: After being dropped to hatchery by the keepr, who has annoyed Drell, Zenek ate some chickens. He then decided to try one more time to convince the Dragon to stop his rampage.

December 7th, 2009, 18:20
:dragon: The Lava Lake

Drell was about to drown the children before some trickery caused them to dissipate into the air. He was furious at this Keeper's mind games and raged savagely until his name was yelled.

One of the children was back, as if he had never left.

"Leave Me! I will not be swayed by your tricks and lies, ghost!"

Drell lifted his head and gave an almighty roar! The child was asking him questions that were not his to ask.

"The creature had long ago left this realm! I did not have the mind to confront it as it was both Mortal and Immortal; It was not natural in its nature! It came, it gave the realm a bad air, and then it left. But now mortals have invaded and their leader, dressed in the iron of the earth shares that same stench! It is punishment! For letting that beast hunch over the ancient's realm mortals have come to take it from me and they will destroy it further if I do not stop them!"

Drell gazed down at what he believed to be a apparition. Dragons are often cursed in their age with both a wise and insane mind.

"I did not act on the mortals arrival for I feared that stench, and then you dungeon keepers, you twisted ghouls in the shape of the ancient's dungeon arrive to defile this realm further! You have not made the mistake of letting me near enough to your heart to smell it....

"First I will destroy your twisted dungeon that haunts me, and then I will destroy the mortal. Now Leave Me! Or I Will Strike At You Again!"

Drell lurched at Zenghar.

Summery: Drell is becoming increasingly disillusioned and enraged. He spoke about the creature, the leader of the mortals and the Keepers. He started to attack Zenghar (Start running!)

December 7th, 2009, 22:25
Xerina & Dranton

Xerina started shooting at heroes while slowly backing away from the Bridge towards the Guard Room. She shot one of the Dwarves, but didn't manage to hit any of his vital organs.

When heroes arrived, Dranton was still snacking on a dead Dwarf. He lifted his head from the decapitated body, with blood dripping from his blood-stained jaws/pincers.

"By the Avatar! That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!", said one of the Dwarves.
"Told thee, beetle.", Xerina said while reloading her crossbow, still backing away slowly.

Dranton let out a beastial screech with his bloody jaws wide open before being hit by an arrow. A Dwarf charged him as well, but his axe barely harmed Dranton's tough shell. He smacked the Dwarf back with his right front hand/leg and looked toward the other heroes, attempting to intimidate them (not too effectively, tho').

-Xerina's slowly backing away while shooting at heroes. Dranton took some damage and smacked one Dwarf back toward the other heroes.
Xerina's Health: 75%
Dranton's Health: 76%

December 7th, 2009, 22:54
The training room

After flinching from some of Xerina's arrows and one dwarf bouncing off of Dranton the six dwarfs flooded in to the charge room!


Thefsuth ducked as fingers of lightning danced from the traps onto the Dwarves' breast plates.

When he smelt cooked meat, he climbed to his bony feet and felt the singed hair on his head before noticing the 6 dwarves dazed on the floor.

"I'll 'ave ta tell yer how very-wrong yer stuttered-statement is later Vergil!"

Thefsuth dropped his hammer and plodded over to the two nearest dwarves, pricked each one up in his ghastly grip of each hand (With some effort) and walked over to the nearest century cannon and held the two dwarves tightly in front of it's barrel.

*POW!* "Agghh!" "Garrrh!" "Stop hittin' yer self."
*POW!* "Agghh!" "Garrrh!" "Stop hittin' yer self."
*POW!* "Agghh!" "Garrrh!" "Stop hittin' yer self."
*POW!* "Agghh!" "Garrrh!" "Stop hittin' yer self."
*POW!* "Agghh!" "Garrrh!" "Stop hittin' yer self."

Eventually the two went limp.

Thefsuth was about to grin before an arrow caught him in the back.

He span round on his sweaty feet and spat at the two archers standing out of range of the traps.

"Is that tha best yer baby-bows an' yer flimsy arms can do!? I've 'ad farts that 'ave done more damage ta me old self than that!"

A arrow lazily slid into the side of the lightning trap Thefsuth was standing next to.


"Cleaver inbreeds."


Thefsuth was catapulted across the room by the exploding lightning trap. a thick lightning bolt following him as his swung threw the air and crashed into the wall on the other side.

Thefsuth looked up from the gutter, wounded, to see the 4 remaining dwarves pick them selves up from the guard room floor not a meter away from him.

"Don't just stand there yer idle flowers! crack their hairy heads in or heal me so I can do it!"


Summery: The dwarves charged into the room and were instantly stunned by the lightning traps, Thefsuth picked to up and fed them to the century traps before the archers caused the lightning trap he was standing next to to explode. Thefsuth was catapulted across the room and is now on the floor wounded with a pack of 4 dwarves.

December 8th, 2009, 07:27
Val'Kaz was unaccostmed to fighting in such a noisy environment - in truth, he'd never been in a dungeon with a keeper competent enough to use traps - and as a result, he was disoriented when heroes entered the guard room.

Noticing a dwarf charging Dranton only to be pushed back towards his comrades, Val'Kaz blocked out all thought except for that of a raging inferno, raised his hands to aim at the dwarf and yelled "BRIZOT"..
With this simple but effective word, a great ball of fire left Val'Kaz's gnarled fingers and hit the dwarf, catching fire to its beard and causing it to run around like a suicidal beast.

"ACCELERATE!", he then bellowed, and he was suddenly filled with a mass amount of energy, moving at far greater speeds. He then turned to face a new Dwarven foe. This time, Val'Kaz just happened to pick out one of the many sorrounding the insolent, fat, green drunkard. He taunted: "Oh dear, the Heroes have their garden ornaments fighting for them? They must truly be running out of recruits!"



Ahh, imps, impressive progress - looks as if its time to build a bridge.

*Builds a bridge thusly*


Larquidos then turns his attention to the dwarven charge.

"Good fighting, minions. Keep it up and hold the line - and make sure you retreat to sleep if you need to!"

Then, noticing Zenek, Larquidos whispers: "Very brave of you, dear Zenek, but it also appears futile. When you're done, please, inform Bob that he's to lure the dragon towards my guard room."

December 8th, 2009, 08:57
The Dragon didn't seem to cool down, quite the opposite actually. His rage was growing with every moment. Zenghar slowly started backing up, however, he didn't go towards the dungeon proper. Instead, he went to the small corridor which led straight to the bridge with traps set along.

"Look look please calm down I mean we have a common enemy that guy in iron armor Lord Christopher is his name we know him, we know him too well you could say. He has slain the brother keeper of my master, and he's currently trying to invade our part of the dungeon. We're trying to fight him off, but his army is strong. We do require help, and we would all benefit from that scum's death!"

Name: Zenghar "Zenek"
Creature type: Demonspawn
Level: 1
Health: 89%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: Desperate
Action: Talking with the unaligned dragon, trying to convince him
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Zenghar is now backing away from the dragon, still talking to him, trying to lure him to the bridge/guard room area

December 9th, 2009, 09:34
Kiboo :bile:

The dwarves and archers walked right past Kiboo thinking he was dead. Kiboo had simply been asleep, but did not snore. Normally stereotypes are bad, but in this case the widely believed stereotype that all Bile Demons snore in thier sleep proved beneficial to Kiboo. It was the loud explosion of the Lightning Trap that woke up Kiboo from his long nap.

:bile: Kiboo: Kiboo sleep... Kiboo want sleep... Smell heroes, Kiboo eat now.

Kiboo turned around and watched as the 2 human archers shot out arrows from thier bows towards Kiboo's other allies. Kiboo dragged himself over to the archers, unnoticed because of the loudness of the chaotic battle. Kiboo cocked his head to the right and his mace slammed right into one of the archers head, knocking him unconscious as well as sending him to the wall.

The other archer turned with fright on his face, firing arrows madly at Kiboo while he backed away from Kiboo and into the Guard Room, in range of the traps. Kiboo began casting Poison Cloud madly and filled the passage and Guard Room with Poisonous Gas and thus harming both friend and foe.

Kiboo :bile:
Health: 100%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Guard Room/Bridge Passage

Summery: Kiboo woke up from his nap because of the Lightning Trap explosion, ignored by Heroes who thought he was dead, and then attacked one of the Archers knocking him unconscious. He scared the other one and got him to back away into the Guard Room.

(OOC Make note that the archer is unconscious, not dead, and can taken prisoner, thank you Kiboo)

December 9th, 2009, 21:10
Ivan the Spider (What Heroes are still alive?)

Inner Guard Room

Ivan returned to the Guard Room once he ate two chickens, and was instantly gagged by Kiboo's gas. Just barely able to see through the gas, thanks to sight, Ivan made out the image of a knocked out Archer. Ivan quickly made a webbing lasso and threw it at the Knocked Out Archer. The lasso snares the KOed Archer, and drags it out of the Guard Room. A Imp runs by, yanks the Archer from Ivan, and runs off.

Ivan, taking a deep breathe, runs back into the Guard Room. Once inside, Ivan jumps onto whatever hostile scent he could find. He jumped onto a Dwarf, and started to sink his armoured fangs into the Dwarf. The Dwarf attempted to throw Ivan off, but soon fell down. Ivan, taking his fangs out before the Dwarf died, covered the Dwarf in webbing, and 'kicked' it out of the Guard Room. Ivan gags again from the poisonous gas.
Health : 80%
Inner Guard Room? WHERE IS EVERYONE!?
Level : 5.4
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Ivan grabbed the KOed Archer, gave to a Imp, attacked a Dwarf, covered him in webbing, and kicked out of the Inner Guard Room.

December 10th, 2009, 21:24
Dranton & Xerina

As battle raged on, Dranton was attacked by Dwarves from different sides. He pushed them back, smacked them around and bit them, but even his tough shell couldn't resist their attacks for too long.

"Insignificant humanoids!", he shouted as he fended the Dwarves off.

Only 2 Dwarves were left to 'finish off' the giant bug, while others proceeded to the Guard Room. There they were met with keeper's traps and Thefsuth.

Xerina waited for the heroes in Guard Room's corner, hoping that traps will cripple them as they charge in and make them more vulnerable. When Dwarves charged in and got stunned by the Lightning Traps, Xerina tried shooting one of them, but a rotten luck have struck her - her crossbow jammed!

"Lousy piece of steel...", she mumbled while trying to fix it.

Dranton was getting seriously injured, but he finally managed to smack one of the Dwarves off the Bridge and into the lava. The Dwarf screamed as he tried to get out, but Dranton stepped on his hands when he grabbed Bridge's ledge.

"Going somewhere, humanoid?", Dranton grinned while watching the Dwarf burn.

2nd Dwarf smacked Dranton's back with his axe, trying to save his friend. But it was too late. Dranton let the motionless body sink into the lava, then turned to the second Dwarf. While Dranton was in a bad shape, he came up with a plan to terrify the Dwarf. He used his regeneration, but concentrated only on recovering the outer layer of his skin and thin outer layer of his shell, making it look like he almost completely recovered, even tho' his internal organs were still damaged. His plan seemed to work, as Dwarf was backing off and trying to get away. Unfortunatelly for him, he ran toward Kiboo, who used his poison cloud. Coughing and trying not to inhale the toxic gas, Dwarf was stuck between Kiboo and Dranton. Fear was obvious in his eyes, as he looked around him trying to decide which was the lesser of two evils.

Xerina finally managed to fix her crossbow and aimed at the enemy archer, but that's when Kiboo filled the room with his poison gas. Xerina coughed as she ran outside the Guard Room. She got into the Training Room and gasped for air, feeling a bit weaker from the poison.

-Dranton fought 2 Dwarves as the rest of the heroes charged in the Guard Room. Xerina's crossbow jammed and she started fixing it. Dranton knocked one Dwarf into the lava and regenerated his skin and outer part of his shell, tricking the Dwarf into thinking he recovered completely from a brutal beating. Dwarf tried to retreat, but ran into Kiboo's poison gas. He's now stuck between Kiboo (and gas-filled room) and Dranton, wondering where to go. Xerina ran outside the Guard Room when it filled with poison gas, but took some damage from it.
Xerina's Health: 51%
Dranton's Health: 22%

December 11th, 2009, 07:46
(Evi, by my calculations, 1 dwarf and 1 archer (although technically two archers; one is unconcious))

Larquidos paid heed to his imps work in the north.


Ahh, excellent work my imps. I've a mind to start claiming my brothers dungeon soon - but not now. For now, i'd like you to dig to the west of your current position, building a snaking pathway hugging the northern impenetrable rock. When you've gone west for a reasonable distance, you should reach some lava. Stop there.
*Larquidos turns his attentions to the guard room*

Ahh, well done minions. You've but a dwarf and an archer left standing already.
Incidently, there is an archer lying down. Well done Kiboo - thanks for the prisoner! Imps, gather the body and put it in prison, before he comes to!
Meanwhile, a certain skeleton is reassembling himself on the outside of its prison cell....

Val'Kaz; Soon to get down to some serious business.

Val'Kaz noticed that the battle had died down considerably and that his prowess was no longer needed to win, and so he decided to try out some necromancy.
Pulling a large, old and withered tomb from his robe, he begun reading an incantation and doing

During this time, one of the dwarves lying dead nearest to Val'Kaz begun to twitch, and it even raised its arm after a horrible dry fit of coughing. Satisfied with his progress, Val'Kaz stopped his incantation, turned to exit the Guard room, got a snack in the hatchery and headed towards the Library...

December 11th, 2009, 20:13
The inner guard room

Thefsuth was all ready unconscious by the time Kibbo farted which meant he could shield his mouth from the gasses.

An Imp considered leaving Thefsuth there to die, but decided that he wouldn't like an undead Thefsuth any more than a living Thefsuth; he's already decaying as it is.

He dragged him away, but it made sure not to avoid the dirtier parts of the dungeon floor.

The Lair

Thefsuth's lair was a bashed in Goblin bed he'd taken from a being that he deemed undeserving of sleep.

But it had fallen into disrepair; Thefsuth hadn't bothered to maintain it. Maybe he could think of better uses of his time than providing his old bones with comfort.

The imp was happy to leave the pot bellied troll on the floor.

ZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz zzZzzzincompertantzzzZz He snored rudely.

Summery: Thefsuth passed out and we returned to his lair.

December 12th, 2009, 23:22
Everyone loves Ivan the Spider! Warning, bites might kill you.

Ivan was feeling sick, awful, and his real exoskeleton is starting to hurt. Ivan quickly looked about for a enemy to knock out with the Dwarf Ivan got. Ivan's vision was starting to fade, but it was just keen enough to see a Archer and one more Dwarf. Ivan jumped onto the last Dwarf, not bothering to sink his fangs this time, Ivan picked the Dwarf up and started slamming it onto the ground.

The sounds of bones cracking and breaks came from the Dwarf, as Ivan bended the Dwarf's limbs about. The Dwarf was crying in pain, before falling to the ground, knocked out, but would soon die from the gas. Determined to at least get the Dwarf as a Prisoner, Ivan quickly threw the Dwarf out of the Inner Guard Room. Ivan followed afterwards.


Ivan grabbed the the Dwarf who he recently knocked out, placed it onto a Dwarf he webbed some time ago, and webs them together.

Ivan spoke, but his voice was very raspy, and weak.

"K-Keeper... I have... two more Prisoners... for you... And I been meaning to ask... where did those two Goblins I captured go?"

Ivan opened a little hole in each of the Dwarf's webbing, to see if they had any gold.

Ivan looted Dwarf One!
Gold = One

Ivan looted Dwarf Two!
Gold = One

Ivan hissed softly, dissappointed that the Dwarfs had next to nothing in gold. Ivan covered the webbing holes, before collapsing onto the ground, trying to catch his breath from the Poison Gas.
Health : 50%
Outside of the Inner Guard Room.
Level : 5.7
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 75%
Summary : Ivan caught one Dwarf, put it with the other Dwarf Ivan caught, looted them for two gold, and is on the ground, catching his breath.

December 13th, 2009, 11:53
Kiboo :bile:

Kiboo continued to be attacked by the last archer. This annoyed Kiboo greatly. He tried to grab him but the archer stumbled over. Kiboo dragged himself towards the archer and he quickly got up and ran away from Kiboo, and straight into the Guard Room.

Kiboo, determined to have his meal, filled the room with gas once more. The archer coughed and wheezed but then Kiboo grabbed him. He threw the archer hard at the fear trap.

The archer was directly exposed to the trap, and wet himself several times. Then he actually was smashed into it, and destroyed the Fear Trap but the combined fear and shock with the throw was enough to knock him out cold.

:bile: Kiboo: Dinner ready...

He ignored the coughs and gagging of his allies as he knew it wouldn't kill them. He looked back and saw that the third party was already approaching the bridge.

:bile: Kiboo: Don't eat mcuh. No room for desert.

Kiboo pointed at the knight he saw leading the party, and entered the Guard Room in the protection of the traps. He readied himself for the worst.

Kiboo :bile:
Health: 84%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Guard Room

Summery: Kiboo scared the archer into the Guard Room where he then filled with gas again. He picked up the archer and threw him at the Fear Trap, breaking it as well as knocking out the archer.

December 13th, 2009, 16:28
Dranton, the Beetle

Dranton watched the Dwarf, hoping to take him out with a counter attack when he strikes. But there was no need for fancy footwork, afterall. Ivan jumped the Dwarf and managed to knock him out, webbing him afterward. Dranton was actually happy he didn't have to fight the Dwarf, since his vision was starting to get blurry. His regeneration couldn't keep up with all the wounds he recieved - and he did concentrate most of it on his outside skin and shell. If he didn't have 6 feet, he would've probably wobbled while walking toward the Lair. He went through the Training Room and Hatchery, then collapsed on his nest in the Lair. He fell asleep, letting his wounds regenerate slowly.

-Dranton left for the Lair and is now sleeping.
Health: 22%


Xerina, the Dark Elf

Xerina waited for poison gas to disperse before going back to the Guard Room. As she entered, she saw an Imp dragging the 2nd Archer away toward the Prison. Remembering she was running low on bandages after helping Kiboo, she got an idea. She started ripping off the clothing from the dead Dwarves and putting it into her backpack, hoping she can finish it before the 3rd enemy wave approaches.

-Xerina is collecting the cloth from the dead enemies.
Health: 51%

December 13th, 2009, 18:46
The Lair

Thefsuth had woken up on the floor some time ago.

"Feckin' impotent imps! 'ow am I meant ta rest ma saggy old body if yer leave me in tha corner like any regular bag o' garbage!"

His long rusted and decaying bed lay just a few meters away from him. Thefsuth tried to roll his hard aged body onto it's frightening front so he could pick himself up, rolling over the worst of his burns he winced as the cooked green skin cracked like thought wrinkly bacon that had been fried for too long.

"Is this gratitude Dungeon!? All that I've done for yer disgustin' rooms an' hallways! I've kept yer trainin' room functionin', I've furnished yer with traps an' I've motivated yer feckin' ungrateful dwellers! And yer leavin' me ta crawl ta ma broken bed so I can recuperate an' do it all fur yer again!"

"Yer a smart dungeon you."

Resting uncomfortably on his bulging bear belly and offensive nose he forced his horrible hands into the ground and tried to push away the floor.

His worn body rose into the air shaking before his sludge lined lungs wheezed with the foul air of the guardroom and he collapsed back onto the floor.

Nope, not rested enough yet.

"Yer win this round biology..."

Just then Dranton was pulled in by imps and placed in his lair, which was conveniently close to Thefsuth. The Imps scurried away "Oi! Did yer forget ta fluff his pillows!? Read 'im a bed night story!? And, Oh YEAH! PUT ME IN MA BLOODY BED!?" he called after them.

Aware at his current condition, but feeling more annoyance than embarrassment Thefsuth was compelled to engage Dranton in a conversation about how rotten the world was these days.

"Oi. Feeler face! Mandible mouth! Dranton! Yer can rest wit' yer eye's open!" Thefsuth was fully aware that insects had no eye lids. "Endure tha agony of engaging me in conversation or I'll make sure yer have ta endure the agony of 'ave yer redundant wings wrenched out of yer shell!"

Thefsuth chewed on his rubber like lips, in thought: It had been a long time since he'd tried to start a conversation with anything other than an insult.

"So. Lovely weather eh."

Health: 40%
Summery: Thefsuth found him self unable to reach his bed, much to his annoyance, and forced Dranton into a conversation with him while he recuperated.

December 13th, 2009, 21:33
Dranton, the Beetle

After hearing Thefsuth's insults, Dranton turned toward him.

"So. Lovely weather eh.", Thefsuth asked.

Dranton looked at Thefsuth. Then he looked at the ceiling above their heads. Then back at Thefsuth.

"In case you haven't noticed by now, we're underground. We don't really have 'weather' here.", Dranton responded, "Unless some power-crazed creature casts hail... or thunderstorm... or you count low-altitude poison gas clouds as weather..."

-Dranton's talking with Thefsuth.
Health: 22%