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April 29th, 2016, 14:31
Damage made his movies using KeeperFX.
Where is the KeeperFX BUG = getting a black space under the tab, instead of another part of the Dungeon, still not repaired.

Let's play the Porks, James, walking crocodiles, lizards, Vamp's, kinky's, and other great contributions to the game:

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
14. - Sleepiborough

This level is all about design, it's everywhere. The shapes, the layout, even the area around our heart, everything breathes design and architecture. Not very well thought out architecture as we can wall out the enemy keepers by digging and fortifying only a few small tunnels. I hope the enemy keepers AI will be able to handle all this design and our clever gameplay...

http://i43.tinypic.com/o76hp0.png (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co50QHu707w)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

Or just scroll to the second part of that video, in order to find out that the AI Keepers do not work. :p
It became clear to me why them Blue and Green Keepers did not work, but I am very angry at a majority of folks on this forum, I will have to dig deep in my Dungeon Heart in my real life in order to find the patience to address fanatics in nerdism, that are in a deep darkness in this realm called real life, and decide to dig to a place where more, not so AI opponents will know that they will be imprisoned knights and monks, and tortured, to get them work for Electronic Arts rather than Bullfrog.

Now let us sink to their level.
Sleepiborough was designed in a certain manner, where the AI keepers where supposed to attack the player.
This did not very well work in the original game. Bullfrog would produce a patch after their original game was published, which was an upgrade to the AI. This AI upgrade was also used in original Deeper Dungeons. After the Patch was installed: Sleepiborough would finally work, the Keepers where alive and active, and in most cases the Destroy Walls spell could be found in their libraries.

Not any more.
As you can see in the video by Damage, the AI Keepers don't work. :rolleyes:
They stop digging.
Well, I know more or less why, because I have build many custom made levels opposing two Keepers, it is because the map was changed.
The KeeperFX nerds again messed up design, as they do with every thing they touch in the original game, they made changes to the level design, and now the AI does not work properly any more. The game is back to the time before the Patch. All these sacrifices by the Bullfrog team, publishing a patch for free, although the game was their last game, no money could be made from that patch, all these sacrifices dragged to the toilet by disrespectful KeeperFX nerds, that show off their nerdiness and disrespect for art on most threads. Not so Damage, he even is a nice example of a real man. Level 7 at least!

Every difficult design decision, the nerds over here call it a bug.
And if I than tell them it is a design decision, than a huge majority jumps on the bandwagon, calls me a liar, and say that design decisions are bugs.

I know why the AI Keepers in Sleepiborough do not work in KeeperFX.
It's not a big deal to me, a bigger deal to me is the changes that are made in this plagiarized map.
You may believe that plagiarism and copyrights laws are for money, they are not, these laws are there to prevent destroying works of art by folks that make such changes in original Dungeon Keeper maps. Bullfrog would charge nothing for their Patch that made the AI Keepers in Sleepyburg active Keepers, although Bullfrog had huge money problems by papal knights and monks attacking reformed middle class companies, and where under siege by a hostile take-over by a competitor, a multinational.

My proof is there, in that video. :cool:
Mefistotelis and other KeeperFX plagiarists do not listen to reason, as I expressed this on this forum for years, some years ago under another name. The Copyright laws may be safe for the programing part in KeeperFX, but for the art part, they are not in any way respected.

These are the ways KeeperFX designers plagiarize Dungeon Keeper:
By changing creatures.cfg
Because the desicions there, where made after 2 years of full time coding and drawing team, where the original designers of levels, experienced game designers, others, tested these decision after game testers would test these properties.
It is not possible to make better decisions, after just play-testing some what around in the game.

By changing text.dat

The first one to change text.dat, was a noob who was not able to win level 20, that named himself Dzjeear. He was about 16 or 17 old when he did that. I protested to what he did, but I told him that it is possible, but I will keep on protesting changing and making new text.dat's today, because text.dat translates to all translations where Dungeon Keeper was published in. The numbers in text.dat are an international standard, an ISBN.
With Deeper Dungeons, new text implementation commands where added, and a map designer could than create any text there that he wants.
Dzjeear did not have a Deeper Dungeons cd, that is why he tried to remake text.dat for texts.

Every original map of Dungeon Keeper is an international standard. If folk want to change levels there, and rename them, than it becomes their own design, and usually they will rename such a map. But not renaming maps if they are changed, letting the original map number there, publishing these as Dungeon Keeper Maps, it is stealing and destroying an original work of art.
Changes in spells that creatures have in their vocabulary. This may be done in a respectful manner by map designers for KeeperFX, where they make maps or campaign under their own name, and with permission, to have other spells for certain creatures, because the base of an original map carries the copyright of the one who made that map. I would advice against such a thing, but it is legal, since a map design is an intellectual property of the map designer for whatever game a map is designed. But changing spells and, as other part of the original Dungeon Keeper campaign, is an intrusion in copyrights, not because off money or laws by tyrants, but because off property. Stealing is stealing, whether this is done by nerds or otherwise, and current publications of KeeperFX is accompanied by a stealing of a game from the people off this planet.
I will not help any defense of KeeperFX against law suits for these reasons addressed, as long as I see about every one at this Keeperklan forum neglecting every warning I give about copyrights intrusions. As I have experienced this for years on this place.

People don't listen to reason, they force police on themselves in that way.
Now I do not support police in any way, but I also do not regard police officers as the guilty party, it is the communities that with their goodliness support to over all deceit.

Dungeon Keeper expresses reality perfectly here.
Any one that believes this "evil against good" story, does not understand the game. Which is no problem what so ever, as long as such folk do not make decisions that destroy the secret story behind Dungeon Keeper. A story that is so controversial, and in the 19th century already 79 million people where murdered over that controversy. A god game indeed!

This illegal stuff that is going on at this forum, and in the KeeprFX Sleepiborough video the map changes are visible, and also some of the destructive result and hard work by respectable artists. Off course, law in western society is so very corrupted, I don't want to fill the pockets of the law gangsters for this case. The situation is just some indifferent disrespectful ego, thinking themselves to be Lords of the Land, but in fact behave as badly scripted AI keepers, having warlocks without a library. They don't follow their own idea's, they follow a papist designed perception of reality. Yes, I am telling the truth here, realize you can not even grasp the documented reality behind it. Real libraries are not as the libraries in any game, real magic in Dungeon Keeper has not relation to the scripted library. Many spells that creatures use can not be researched there.

If you did not find Sleepiborough proof enough, check what happens to the Keepers in Whoodly Rhyme!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
15. - Whoodly Rhyme

"The best defence is a good offence", or so they say, but that doesn't apply to this level. It's a lesson the enemy keepers are learning the hard way as they're way too eager to rush towards us. But smart keeper me is bolstering his forces before waltzing over whatever is out there destroying keepers...

http://i61.tinypic.com/1zvslxs.png (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_jzIQJpo1Y)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++

What happens there is even worse than what occurered in the original game without the patch! :p
Well, the changes made, they destroyed the balance, that's why.
I know what is done wrong, why Whoodly Rhyme is now even worse than that is was without a Patch.
But I refuse to tell what changes created both Keepers to be annihilated by very weak opponents.
I do not help plagiarists.

The KeeperFX designers proof that they can not be trusted, every time I confront the facts opposing their imaginations off what reality could be.
They will not be converted by reality as usual, they will just steal my information, in order to create a new balance, instead of admitting their cowardice wrongdoings.

Art is a lot more difficult than programming, but is based on hard facts and not imaginations.
As an example, a line on paper can be a line on paper, but can also be a naked woman, where the perceiver forgets it was paper and a pencil line.
Every Decision made in Dungeon Keeper is like that naked woman, every change in that line on paper will stop it being a naked woman.
And don't go color it in, unless you have permission by the artist to do so!

KeeperFX team does not listen to my warnings, and I am very angry. :rolleyes:
I suggest any one that co operates with KeeperFX goes to look for a lawyer, because the arguments in this post will give tools to any brave prosecution to gets folks behind bars for a long time.
And be a happy I won't take the initiative for such a lawsuit, because you will than be tortured while healed until conversion!
And, not converted to my cause.....

April 29th, 2016, 15:32
I'll keep my response brief because I'm getting the sense that you're not very interested in understanding new things,.... First of all the 'KeeperFX team' is just one guy, and it's not very nice to call him a nerd. Working on KeeperFX is his hobby, and several other people are getting enjoyment out of it, and it harms nobody because everybody is free to not play his expansion if they don't like it. The original work of art is still there unchanged, Mefisto is not trying to profit from the original authors and he has had contact with the current rights-holders who have said they don't mind KeeperFX existing.

Secondly, you fail to see that when you get new options nobody loses anything because everybody can ignore those options they don't like. The original game could only be played in 320x200 resolution, later even 640x480 was possible. Mefisto added an OPTION to play the game in an higher resolution, but the pane on the left is only available in the original size so when you decide to configure your own game to a higher resolution your pane on the left doesn't fit the entire screen so you have black space below it. If you decide to keep the original resolution, it looks like the original. This is not a bug, but was a work in progress, to handle a bigger sidebar or have it enlarged. We're playing the game while he is still working on it, it's not finished yet, another of your options is to wait until it is done to play. In the latest version however, he has made code that resizes the panel to full screen even on higher resolutions, so the black space no longer shows up.

And finally it seems you don't know what 'design' is. Design is wanting to have something a certain way for a certain reason. You call the changed behavior of lvl15 'bad design'.
Now nobody is saying lvl15 right now plays out better then it did in the original game: The computers are now more active then they used to be, so dig out sooner and die to the lvl10 knight and samurai and as such the level is won without doing anything except waiting.
This is not what anybody wanted, so this is raised as an issue (https://github.com/dkfans/keeperfx/issues/166) and will be addressed at some point. However, as the game is still under developement, it is much more effective to re-balance the maps when all development is finished and bugs are fixed.

April 29th, 2016, 16:07
I'm more than willing for people to come in and participate in KK's deathbed community, but you've done nothing but whinge, cry and say dumb shit like "Computer colour dictates their personality" ever since you got here. Get off this Damage guys nuts too.

Mark, the entire reason he made this asperger's-infused blogpost was because we both told him stacking 100 traps on a single tile (including boulders) was a bug and not a design decision. That's seriously it. He's chimping out and throwing poo because he writes dumb shit on the forums but hates getting corrected.

April 29th, 2016, 17:24
*Claps* What an astounding rant! One of the best I've seen in years at KK. Meaningless, bitchy and self-entitled, just like a good ol' rant should be.

Metal Gear Rex
April 29th, 2016, 17:56
I thought I recognized this user. I remember his name from old KK, during the final days he posted a few maps. I was going to look at the map he made since it also looked familiar by name but ended up putting it off, and just now I looked at the script. Yep, just as I thought. This is dragonfist (https://keeperklan.com/search.php?searchid=711009). He posted Alcatraz before and Mothrayas and I had a look at it, starting a very fine discussion that resulted in the thread being deleted. I recognized the map instantly because of the *ahem* 'introduction' of the script with the REM texts. You can have a read through his posts as dragonfist if you want to know what you're dealing with, not much has changed.

April 29th, 2016, 18:05

Metal Gear Rex
April 29th, 2016, 18:23
dragonfist aside, I should remind everyone here (including myself) that we should all stay on topic. We are here to discuss the nerds that engage to destroy Dungeon Keeper.

Now what are we supposed to do about this?

April 29th, 2016, 20:38
dragonfist aside, I should remind everyone here (including myself) that we should all stay on topic. We are here to discuss the nerds that engage to destroy Dungeon Keeper.

Now what are we supposed to do about this?

Hang 'em. How dare they engage to destroy Dungeon Keeper by making it runnable on newer systems.

April 29th, 2016, 21:18
Hang 'em. How dare they engage to destroy Dungeon Keeper by making it runnable on newer systems.

In all fairness, if that was the whole point Mefisto would have been done years ago when he wrote the shell to run the original exe as a DLL. Don't get me wrong, I like to see additions and fixes to the game, but if I were in Mefisto's position I would have also made a release like this for conservation sake, to enable people to play/study the original game as intended but on a modern system.

April 29th, 2016, 22:37
In all fairness, if that was the whole point Mefisto would have been done years ago when he wrote the shell to run the original exe as a DLL. Don't get me wrong, I like to see additions and fixes to the game, but if I were in Mefisto's position I would have also made a release like this for conservation sake, to enable people to play/study the original game as intended but on a modern system.

Fair point, if not for the fact that much of the improved compatibility relies on rewriting e.g. the graphics engine to begin with. Just because it's moved to a DLL doesn't mean the mid-nineties rendering code automatically runs flawlessly half a dozen Windows versions later.

And in any case, such a release does exist - it's available on the KeeperFX download pages as version 0.11.

May 2nd, 2016, 04:22
Videos made 2 years ago, very accuarate, yes indeed.

The dungeon keeper 1 Campaign ain't perfect so what? Do you expect 1 man to make things perfect? Lmao get out of here kiddo. Mefisto created this cause as said above as a hobby, he ain't trying to make money out of it, he made the game compatible with Windows 7, who else would've? The game has been banished from the memories of a lot of people, there's barely people on this forum, we all thanks mefisto for his work.
'sides if you don't like the goddamn DK 1 campaign play New Game + Its the same and even better, you got over 100 maps to play as well on the goddamn forum

This is simple, You don't like it don't play it.