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Duke Ragereaver
August 30th, 2009, 11:04

Ruled: Keeper Dimitrius
Affiliation: Kingdom of Heavenarius (de jure), Keeper Dimitrius' Empire (de facto)

In this snowy realm, an infamous Keeper named Dimitrius wants to take the domination of this territory. This place is a real mess and needs to be destroyed.

Dungeon Heart health

Number of Imps


Current Gold


Rooms constructed and under control
1 Portal
1 Treasury
1 Lair
1 Hatchery
1 Library
1 Training Room
1 Workshop
1 Guard Room
1 Prison

Available creatures
Demon Spawn
Bile Demon
Dark Elf

Imprisoned enemies

Corpses rotting on graveyard


Researched spells
Create Imp
Lightning Strike
Speed Monster
Sight of Evil

Researched Rooms
Training Room

August 30th, 2009, 23:03

Charn the Goblin entered the Dungeon, and is currently in the Training Room training.

Dref the Goblin was last seen in the Training Room, nobody is sure as nobody saw him for 29 days.

Livilde the Warlock is in the Lair, snoring like a baby.

Mulgeun the Warlock is researching the Workshop in the Library.

Lena the Fly is knocked out on the Library floor.

Indigo the Spider rushed into the Library, hearing voices, rams into the Bookcase, settles down then started researching the Workshop.

Samsa the Beetle was last seen in the Lair.)

Duke Ragereaver
September 1st, 2009, 10:23
Emerging from a burst of fire and ice out of the portal, Din setted foot on his new master’s domain. He noticed there were three passages he could go on, and more that he heard a heart beating and went in that one. Eventually reaching the heart chamber, felling down on his knees he swore loyalty to his new master.

Hail, Lord Mikaelios! My name is Din, Dawndeath for my enemies, and yours aswel if you accept me into your realm!

Din the warlock is swearing loyalty to Keeper Mikaelios.
Health: 100%
Level : 1
Mood: Tired
Efficiency: 50%

September 1st, 2009, 14:02
Rising up from the portal with all the flames of his might, Cider came roaring out.

"To quick," He thought to himself. "The mentor hadn't said anything yet. Hello, Mentor, are you there! No answer. He must be on his coffee break or something."

As he looked around he noticed the heart not to far away. He walk toward it, noticing that the realm wasn't all that cold for a realm called "Frozengard."

After he reached to the Heart, he noticed that now he was welcomed. He walked over to the lair to make a bed, then off to the trainng room for a bit, hoping to gain new undiscovered magic.

Health: 100%
Mood: Warm and Accepted
Did: Crawed out of the portal, went to the heart, lair, and trainning room.

September 8th, 2009, 01:16
(I can't really wait any longer.)

Lena the Fly

*Lena woke, with a very bad headache, and weakly flew to her Lair. Lena took a nap, to heal her head wound.*

-Dream- (I didn't want to end my post so soon. :P Besides, I got bored.)
There were voices of 5 Keepers, one was a woman, the other three were male, but the last one never spoke. Lena found herself surrounded by thousands of creature bodies, she felt the searing heat of lava, and saw a Dungeon Heart destroyed in front of her eyes. Another moment later, the last Dungeon Heart was destroyed, a shiny rock was shot out of the last Dungeon Heart before it collapsed, a great red figure appeared from the flames of the NetherRealm and grabbed the shiny rock, as the creatures cheered in victory. The Red Figure glared at Lena, growled menacingly and began to attack Lena.

Lena fled.

*Lena woke up with a startle.*

"Why can't can't I forget that? It make makes me so BZZZZZZZT!" Lena angerly said.

*Lena shifted in her caccoon, continued to shift while trying to sleep.*

Health : 65%
Lena is bzzzting in her caccoon.
Level : 2
Mood : Annoyed
Efficiency : 70%

September 8th, 2009, 04:07
Cinder, after a few seconds of steping into the Trainning room, said to himself "Maybe I should research instead of trainning. Something to do with this smell tells me its not the good kind of bad"

Moving over to the library, he noticed a fallen bookshelf. he was to weak to pick it up, and didn't know what spell to use to pick it up, so he just left it there. Then he picked up the book named Rooms for successful Keepers: Workshops, and begain reading:

Chapter I: How to constuct.

For ever good keeper, you need a large workshop to make traps an doors for control of your soon-to-be-controled realm.

To start, you must first build anvils to contruct the metal part of such a trap/door. To do this, simply convert your gold to supulent iron...

Quick Summery:

Cinder the :warlock:
Health: 100%
Mood: Focused
Did: Walk right into the Trainning Room, Smelled the air, and walked right out to the library. He then begun to research the workshop.

Dark_Omega MK2
September 27th, 2009, 08:33
*A demon spawn appears from the portal, it climbs too quick that it fell in his back*

Ack someone help me!!! I've fallen and i can't get up

*Gets up*

Ahem, anyone here? no? there? of wherever? NO MATTER for the AWESOME Grith will find you and do a lot of stuff...

*Starts jumping*

OOOHHH im soo exited of my new home and all the new friends im goin to make i can barely contain myself. first i want to know all my new home.

*Grith starts running and while looking at every single corner of the dungeon, he passed soo fast at every room that it hardly seen anyone in it, finally he stops at the lair and makes his home*

OOHH my new home... this is going to be sooooooo cool. But now what am i going to do, what im i gonna do? WHAT AM I GONNA DO.

*His stomach growls*

oh, silly me, i forgot i need something to eat, tee hee *w*

*Heads to the hatchery north to the Lair*

oh chickens... you are my new momentary best fwends ever *w*

*Starts eating chicken while speaks with his mouth full*

thish ish delishush.

*Grith continues eating on the hatchery*

Grith explored at light speed (sort of) the entire dungeon, built his lair and now its eating at the hatchery. He seems overly excited.
Health : 100%
Level : 1
Mood : Omnomnomnomnomnomnom
Efficiency : 90%

Metal Gear Rex
September 27th, 2009, 11:48
OOC(It's been a while since I've done any writing... let's see if I remember this right. Sorry for the lengthy post)

NOT DONE YET-I accidently hit Post...
NOW DONE-I finished.

Chapter One: Enter "Nuclear" Roach the Beetle

The sound of small beetle feet echoed from the darkened hole of the Portal. Roach was half-way up the Portal, and began to pick up the pace. The frequency of the feet was enough to make a cowering thief cry. Roach was now high enough to see the dungeon grounds. He decided not to climb out but to make a more exciting entry.

The small beetle put all his strength into his legs and took a leap to the opposite Portal wall. He saw an imp watching his intro, and laughed madly as he rose higher in the air. Suddenly Roach felt a thump on his head from the Portal ceiling and his form collapsed almost instantly. He went straight for the imp who screamed in a great panic before Roach landed on him.

Roach was on his back, right on top of the imp who swarmed and squarmed. Roach began to throw himself to his left in order to put himself back onto his feet. Unfortunately, he went for the wrong direction...

Roach tipped over and began to fall back down the Portal. He panicked and grabbed whatever he could with his tiny feet. It was too late, he and the item he grabbed, known as the imp, fell straight down the Portal. Roach landed onto the bottom of the portal grounds, surrounded by several other creatures who were having a feast over a few spiders.

Roach became scared as he too, was an insect. He quickly leaped to the wall and started climbing again. The imp threw himself at Roach and clutched onto his back. Eventually, Roach made it back up the Portal again. The imp was the first to get onto the dungeon grounds, and hurried back to his work once he did.

Roach climbed back up, and breathed deeply. He slowly dragged himself away from the Portal and towards a beating heart. Roach was only a fourth of the way to the Dungeon Heart, where he collapsed on his stomach. He rested for a minute, before getting back up and began to head for the bright glowing Dungeon Heart.

The passage connected only the Dungeon Heart to the Portal, and nothing else. Roach admired the excellent art work of battling creatures on the walls as he moved along. The frozen enviroment made him feel at home. Roach was built for the cold, and enjoyed the good feel of the cold icy ground on his four feet. Towards the end of the passage, Roach even rubbed himself against the left wall. And now he stood in front of the Dungeon Heart, beside a male elderly warlock.

"Hello, Keeper!" Roach greeted brightly, "I'm Roach. They call me "Nuclear" because I have a thing for always surviving, and I know some good poison attacks. So I will be there to stand guard when everyone else fails."

Roach looked over to the elderly warlock known as Din.

"Even when this old guy fails," Roach sneered.

Roach wasn't shy, but merely prefered to speak when he was spoken to. Even though he was shouting, he sounded rather quiet and timid. That was about as loud as he could get. Roach began heading back to the Portal. He was extra cautious when he reached it. Roach saw the Treasury on the other side of the portal. Roach didn't have much of an interest in gold.

There was a passage to Roach's left. He took it. He admired the art work on the walls again as he passed through. This passage lead to two rooms. Roach heard chickens from his left, and turned. Now in front of him, was a vast field of chickens, all waiting to be eating. Roach's name began appearing on all of them, ignoring the Demon Spawn that was there completely.

Roach jumped into the Hatchery, and landed right on a chicken. It was now completely smashed, and Roach gobbled it up. The chickens around him began running wild. Roach set his eyes on one, and chased after it. He slowing began to gain on the panicking chicken, laughing as he went along. Once he was close enough, he grabbed the chicken with his pinchers and ripped it up. He swallowed each indivuial piece, one by one.

Each sold sepperately. Maybe just one more...

Roach leapped after another chicken, and caught it off hard. He smashed it, and then an idea came to him. He tossed the flat chicken like a disk at another chicken. It hit him in the head and set him in panic.

That didn't work like I expected it to...

Roach grabbed the flat chicken, and went on rampage trying to smash that one wild chicken. Roach was careless in the act, as four innocent chickens were lost before the wild chicken was caught. Finally, Roach saw the Demon Spawn, then looked back at his food.

No way, you are not getting my food!

Roach ran after the chickens he killed and picked them up. He stared at the six chickens, and ate one. Then he ate another. And then another. As he continued, the same thought kept popping in his mind.

Maybe just one more...

After filling himself, Roach took notice of the Library and Training Room attatched to the Hatchery. Roach layed himself on his back and was completely relaxed.

"Listen, Keeper. You's a real smart, putting that book wor-room there, and that train thing over there," Roach whispered to the Dungeon Keeper, "That was real smart."

Roach sounded almost sarcastic with his last line, and then closed his eyes and fell half-asleep for two minutes. When he awoke, he rolled over to his feet and began heading for the Lair. He created his lair a short distance away from the entrance. It was to the right from the entrance from the Portal or Hatchery.

Roach's lair appeared to be a hut. Inside it was a a soft rounded nest for Roach's back, and beside it was a small hidden compartment in some empty space for Roach's things. The hut was big enough for a normal sized beetle. Due to Roach's rather small size, he had plenty of room. The hut lair entrance faced the entrance of the lair from the Portal or Hatchery.

Roach went inside, and felt absolutely comfortable.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach :beetle:
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Lair, inside his own

Summery: Roach entered the dungeon, and tried to make an interesting entry. He jumped from the Portal wall, hit his head on the Portal cieling, and landed on an imp. He rolled down the portal, bringing the imp down with him. He fell to the bottom, and climbed back up with the imp.

The imp ran off, Roach went to the Dungeon Heart. He told of his name and title, and called Din old. He then left for the Lair, but saw the Hatchery. He ate eight chickens. Then he went to the Lair, and created his lair by the entrance. He went to sleep.

September 27th, 2009, 23:19
Cinder, the fire loving :warlock:

"A new species of creature has entered your dungeon" Proclaimed the Mentor.

"Hey, why didn't he say when I came in? Oh never mind" he though to himself. " I just hope this workshop is going to help the keeper enough for me to get noticed, then maybe I can get more gold and praise, and maybe be the favorite of the dungeon."

And, after tighting that last bolt on the anvil, you have made a fully functioning workshop that your trolls will love to be in. Be care, as it maybe get hot in there very quickly, as the iron you made back in chapter 1 can reach a tempature of 200 degrees C in just 5 secounds.

And now, keeper, you may make your first traps and doors to help defend and attack your soon-to-be-kingdom. Good luck. And don't forget to read the other books in this series, incluiding: Torture Chambers: The pain of your Kindom, Speed Monster: The Fastest you will ever get Them, and the latest, Inferno: The fire that Kills*

*some of these titles may not be avilable in all dungeons. Consult your Local Warlock or Dragon to see if anyof these books are avilible for you or you creatures."

"Finally, that book is done, but there may still be more to this, maybe I should get another book on this 'workshop.'" Cinder wispered to himself. And so, he got up, and went to go get another book entitled How to Build Workshops for advance Keepers, and began reading:

"Chapter I: Creating the Heat.

Every Keeper needs a good trap and door to help defend your dungeon, or attack your enemies. Here we will talk about how to make a nice workplace for you creatures to work in.

First, you need to..."

Name: Cinder
Level: 1
Mood: Focused and excited
Did: Finished reading Rooms for sucsessful Keepers: Wokshop, and begun reading How to build Workshops for advance Keepers. Still busy on that workshop, and hopes that if it gets done, then his keeper will finally acknowledge his exsitence, and maybe get more gold and praise.

September 28th, 2009, 00:50


Oh wow, my imps. You have found a lava river. It's Zerri'Mar that will be happy!


Oooh, sweeeet! You did a nice work my researchers! You're now up for the SOE spell, but also, a Guard room would be handy for the new room that has been dug at the South. Also, I dug a little path between the Training Room and the Workshop I just built. And soon, I'll place doors, especially between the Lair and Workshop for the noise... I just need some manufacturers, if you're interested, but I hope that a least a Troll will come to do the job.

Two Warlocks, a Demon Spawn and a Beetle has entered into your dungeon, Master.

Oh, really? That's cool! But next time, my mentor, please, warn me earlier once they're coming from the Portal, okay?

Err... yeah, Master. It was just my break time.

How long mentors should take a break? Stop that and get back to work!... Idiot...

Hmm... yes, Master. the mentor mumbles.

Looks at the newcomers.

Ohoh... Let me wish you the welcome into my domain Din, Cinder, Grith and... Nuclear? Laughs a little. Are you radioactive, lil' Beetle? Anyway, make yourself at home! Oh, and sorry Grith for not helping you earlier. Same for your Nuclear. I was busy building the Workshop. Don't take it personal, okay? But I can see you both like my chickens. Just don't eat as much as a Bile Demon would you? And, I'm glad you finally saved the fallen Imp with you, Nuclear.

Then, I could see Lena's dream and found it a bit disturbing, so I just ignore it. Instead, I listen to Nuclear.

Well, heh, no problem lil' bug. wondering if it's sarcastic or not.

Keep up the great work, my minions! And don't forget to train, sometimes.

Note about the colors : Can you please avoid dark colors over the dark grey background and change them to brigher ones? Blue, Dark red and all those dark colors are hard to read. It'd be very appreciated for reading ease.

Dark_Omega MK2
September 28th, 2009, 01:14
*Grith heard the call of his master*

fwa? *talking with a chicken in mouth*

OH HI MASTER!!! i am Grith i can do anything i can even play do a triple jump while working with the hammer *w*

*Grith stands up*

oh yeah training i love training, you love training, i love training, trainig is awesome and i am awesome, and training is love, that means love is awesome and ill train with love because im that awesome *w*

*Grith gets up and heads right straight to the training room where he starts training with overly excitement*

i can do this i can do it i can do it!!!

Grith is training with overly excitement at the training room.
Health : 100%
Level : 1
Mood : Happy
Efficiency : 90%
Btw hope that color is better to read my dialogues, if its still a pain to read, let me know :)

September 28th, 2009, 01:30
Lena the (Spawn of Satan)Fly

Lena darts out of her Caccoon.

"Keeper Keeper! I smell lava lava! Does that that mean I can ex-explore!?" Lena exclaims excitedly.

Not waiting for a answer, Lena casts speed on herself, and darts out of the Dungeon, exploring the new lava region.

Health: 100%
Lena is exploring the unexplored areas.
Level : 2
Mood: Hyper
Efficiency: 80%

September 28th, 2009, 01:45

"A New Room has been researched" Said the Mentor.

"Good, My hard work has been put to good use." Cinder said quietly, "Now to go check out the trainning area, maybe because I'm so low leveld, the keeper sees me as a regular. But I can't stay there for long, cause that new spell is needed."

Cinder walks over to the trainning room, wich did not smell as bad as when he first went in there. He belived he could stand it for a couple hours, but then he got really hungry.

Most Warlocks don't eat much so they are quicker in battle, but Cinder couldn't resist eating for much longer.

It took him a couple minutes, but he finally found the hatchery (everything is a blur when you havent eaten or slept for as long as he has). After a quick half chicken, he believed he had the streingth to go on for a few hours. He returned to the trainning room, and attempted to try to see how hard he could hit the trainning dummies before they broke.

Name: Cinder the heat loving :warlock:
Level: 1.1
Health: 98% (he was a little weak for not sleeping for a couple days, since his last keeper)
Mood: Strong and excited
Did: Heard the good news about the workshop done, and thought he would get more noticed if he was level 2, so he went to the trainning room, avoided the foul smell of creatures trainning, got hungry, ate, and went back to trainning.

Metal Gear Rex
September 28th, 2009, 12:42
Chapter Two: The Flip

Roach was barely opening his eyes, and his vision was completely blurry. He had been awoken by the voice of the Dungeon Keeper, and managed to hear just about everything. Roach rolled out of his lair, and stood there dazed for a moment.

He tried to walk but he looked like he were staggering from head injury. Roach began to wake up as he staggered towards the Hatchery, and about half-way there he began walking on his own. That's when he began thinking of what the keeper said.

Who's Zerri'Mar? Workshop, yay! But when did we get researchers. I wonder if he will call me by my nickname alot, or by "lil' bug". Am I the only beetle or just the smallest? Whatever, I'm hungry.

Roach entered the Hatchery, and stretched forward at the closest chicken once he was in the garden. He grabbed it with his pinchers, and then became curious what his next move would be. And an idea came to him.

Let's see... maybe I should build a door... but I could train. Eh, I don't feel like getting that much of a work out right now... maybe I should go back to sleep. No... I should do something productive. Don't want Keeper mad at me...

I got an idea... the chicken will decide. I'll throw it to that wall, and if it hits the wall before the ground, I'll go to the Workshop. Alright, let's try this... high-yeah!

Roach threw the decapitated chicken with all his might at the wall. It flew straight up and hit the cieling, then fell onto a torch and fried. Roach watched it burn for a few moments before wondering what that counted for.

Eh, forget it! I'll make a door! But first...

Roach grabbed a chicken and ran excitedly back to the Lair and into the new passage Workshop. He heard something about a door between the two rooms. Roach began production of a wooden door.

But first, Roach had other plans. He went over to one of the fires and began frying the chicken. The idea occured to him because of the chicken landing in the torch. Roach then remembered the keeper, and began to speak to him...

"Don't worry, Keeper!" Roach called out to him, "I won't be eating this here chicken for too long. As soon as I finish, I'll go to work!"

Roach had fried the chicken to black colors, and ate it slowly. It was nice and crunchy. Most of the juice was dried out, but Roach didn't mind. He liked them crunchy. But now, he had to focus on the wooden door.

Ok! So what do I need? Wood, hammer, and nails. So where are they...

Roach ran around the Workshop, making a mess of it in the process, trying to look for his tools. The hammer, or mallet, and nails were found first, but some long time after, Roach found the wood. Then he set out to work.

The wood appeared to be previously cut special for making wooden doors, which made Roach's job alot easier. He picked three pieces of wood, and placed two on the ground beside each other. Then he put the third on top of both, split at a 30-70%, due to a beetle's not so excellent vision. He place some nails on the sides of the top wood piece and began hammering away.

Most of the nails weren't down all the way, or were bent to the side. Few were correctly on. One was actually upside down. Roach placed another wood piece next to the bottom row, and another one on top of that one and the one next to it. It was split at about 40-60%, but the new bottom wood piece was farther away from Roach than it should have been.

Eventually, Roach finished his wooden door. It was probably the worst wooden door a Dungeon Keeper could ever see. Roach was very dissatisfied with the door, and burned it in the workshop fire. And so, he put all his hard work in vain.

Well, it certainly isn't the worst I've ever done. But what could I expect? The only other wooden door I created was that piece of crap block that just stood outside my hut... Well I give up. I guess it is the Training Room for me...

Roach glanced at his mallet.

But I won't waste this golden oppertunity...

What could be expected from Roach as he ran through the Hatchery, smashing chickens with the mallet. Not much, actually. He actually had a good grip on it with his pinchers, and wasn't breaking the mallet either. It was clearly fun for Roach as he laughed madly while squishing chickens, and Roach decided to adopt the mallet by secretly hiding it in his lair.

Roach left in a hurry for the Training Room to begin training.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Training
Gold Held: 0
Location: Towards the entrance of the Training Room from the workshop, training.

Summery: Roach woke up, and went to the Hatchery. He threw a chicken at the wall to decide his next actions. The chicken hit the cieling, and landed on a torch. Roach grabbed a different chicken and went to the Workshop. He fired it and ate it, before building the worst wooden door.

He burned the wooden door because it was so bad. Then he used the mallet to squish some chickens, and then secretly put the mallet in his lair before rushing off to the Training Room.

Dark_Omega MK2
September 29th, 2009, 04:59
*Grith continues his training, he does not seem tired at all, in fact he seems faster than before*

Take THIS!!! and THAT!!! and THIS!!!

*Grith jumps on a dummys head and starts biting it*

grrr omnomnomnom, take my Omnom attack!!!

*Then he stops for a moment*

Hmmm... wait... did i hear... *Puppy eyes* Friends??? *w*

*Then he saw a warlock and heads toward him almost instantly*

HELLO THERE!!!! i am grith im a demon spawn, and you who are you? are you new? are you from the region? are you a warlock? what are you doing? who are you? wanna be my new friend??? icandoapeanutbutterandjellysandwichwithonehandwhil eblindedanddoingabarrelroll *w*

*The last sentence was soo fast that it simply can't be understanded*

Grith its at the training room talking to a warlock.
Health : 100%
Level : 1
Mood : Uber Happy
Efficiency : 90%

October 1st, 2009, 00:06

As the trainning dummy he was pounding on was giving away, he calculated that you can hit a dummy with about 45% the streangth of a horned reaper. After that, it will start to break.

then he heard someone from the not so far distance:

HELLO THERE!!!! i am grith im a demon spawn, and you who are you? are you new? are you from the region? are you a warlock? what are you doing? who are you? wanna be my new friend??? icandoapeanutbutterandjellysandwichwithonehandwhil eblindedanddoingabarrelroll *w*

Um... He strugled for a secound to understand what he said, can you slow down a bit.1 question at a time.

Name: Cinder (obviously)
Mood: confused
Did: found out how hard you can hit a trainning dummy, and then got very confused by girth the very energetic Demon spawn.

October 1st, 2009, 00:24
Lena the Fly

After awhile of exploring the outside of the Dungeon, Lena's wings catch on fire from the Lava's heat.

"OHMYGODOHMYGODIAMONFIREZOOOOOOOOOOM" Lena started screeching, while hurling back into the Dungeon.


Lena landed head first into a chest full of gold. The impact made the flame go out. Lena managed to start flying again, then wondered if she should continue exploring.

"Keeper Keeper! I explored explored some of the outside! I flew through so fast fast, I didn't manage to see much much, what can can you see? Lena exclaimed.

Hyper as ever, Lena started to fly into and outof everyroom, until she heard something that sounded li-

"-nna be my new friend??? icandoapeanutbutterandjellysandwichwithonehandwhil eblindedanddoingabarrelroll! *w*" Something said.

Huh huh? Someone more hyper than me me? Lena wondered, as she fly into the Training Room, spotting a hyper Demon Spawn and a Warlock trying to understand it. Two can play this game game! Lena thought as she casted Speed on herself.

"HeyheyYouseemlikeafunDemonSpawnSpawnWhatsyournamen amelittleguy?" Lena said, then she looks at the Warlock."HeyheyDidyouyouhappentotoseeafemaleWarlockwhoscrea medscreamedlikeamanicwhenshefirstsawmemeIwouldlike totalktoherheragainTeeHee!"

Health : 90%
Lena is torturing creatures with her hyper-sped up voice, while in the Training Room.
Level : 2
Efficiency : 80%

October 1st, 2009, 00:33
Cinder the fire loving, magic wielding, awesom warlock of evil.

HeyheyDidyouyouhappentotoseeafemaleWarlockwhoscre amedscreamedlikeamanicwhenshefirstsawmemeIwouldlik etotalktoherheragainTeeHee!

Um... well, you see... I can't really understand you when you talk faster than light. I don't even think the keeper can build a room as fast a you guys talk. Can you come back when you are less energetic.

Then Cinder went back to his lair for some much needed sleep.

Name: Cinder
Level: 1.41
Mood: sleeping
Did: got more confused from what seems like a fly who ate a treasur chest of sugar, and a bookshelf of soda. He went to go sleep, which he hasn't done in over 3 weeks.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 1st, 2009, 00:54
*Grith didnt really noticed that the Fire Fly spoke really fast, to him was normal*

did anyone asked my name!?! *w* mynameisgrithimademonspawnnotagoblinorabiledemonbu tademonspawnandwhoareyou?whatisyourname?youliveher e?becauseifyoudontillhavetopokeyouintheeyewithasti ck?ohbythewayheresarockifoundjustforyoubythewayyou talkfunny.

*Gives rock to the Fly and Grith starts jumping*

Wanna be my new best fwend evah??? *w* i can do anything, i can dance, i can swim, i can rideachikenwhilefightingadragononatricycle

*Grith talked soo fast that no one in the training room could understand him*

Grith is trying (sort of) to make new friends in the training room, he talks soo fast that its really hard to understand him
Health : 100%
Level : 1
Mood : Uber Happy
Efficiency : 90%

Metal Gear Rex
October 1st, 2009, 09:17
Chapter Three: Grith and Lena

Roach trained hard with his training dummy. He practiced a very basic "head on" fighting style. He took a leap to the side of the training dummy, and then bit it with his pinchers. He jumped back a bit, then threw all of his strength into his tiny legs to form a great jump. The height of his jump was at the training dummy's head level. Roach passed by the head and widened his pinchers so he ripped the head along its side before landing and turning back to face it.

Roach hopped to the training dummy's feet and bit it, then jumped to the side and towards the training dummy again and bit it. Roach jumped back, and prepared in his strategy for any on coming attacks that his enemy might throw. Roach jumped to the left to dodge, and then ran at his training dummy. He leaped up and grabbed onto the head, biting the neck several times before he considered his enemy dead. Roach dropped down, and then he heard another voice.

"HeyheyYouseemlikeafunDemonSpawnSpawnWhatsyourname namelittleguy?" A fly asked a demon spawn before turning to a warlock and asking "HeyheyDidyouyouhappentotoseeafemaleWarlockwhoscre amedscreamedlikeamanicwhenshefirstsawmemeIwouldlik etotalktoherheragainTeeHee!"

Roach understood the fly's words exactly, and did not know any such warlock. In fact, the warlock of whom she spoke to had been the first Roach had seen in the dungeon. He was sure there were others, but perhaps he hadn't paid too much attention.

Then the demon spawn responded back to the female fly, "did anyone asked my name!?! mynameisgrithimademonspawnnotagoblinorabiledemonbu tademonspawnandwhoareyou?whatisyourname?youliveher e?becauseifyoudontillhavetopokeyouintheeyewithasti ck?ohbythewayheresarockifoundjustforyoubythewayyou talkfunny."

Roach couldn't help but laugh at the "You live here? Because if you don't I'll have to poke you in the eye with a stick". He then decided to introduce himself to both creatures, not caring to much for the warlock as he seemed boring to Roach, or at least compared to the other two.

The question I should ask myself is, how should I introduce myself? Hmm...

Roach looked up at his damaged training dummy and an idea came to him. It was time for one of his more favorite days... of course he created it.

"Wanna be my new best fwend evah???" The demon spawn asked the fly after the warlock left, "I can do anything, i can dance, i can swim, i can rideachikenwhilefightingadragononatricycle"

"Hey everybody, how's it all going..." Roach entered the conversation with a rather amusing tone.

Roach stepped forward towards the demon spawn and the fly. He wore the head of the training dummy on his head, and had the arms ripped out and balanced over his back, or as you may call it shell. He quickly had wrapped some rope, originally used to tie the training dummy together, around him to make the head and arms stay on

"It's crazy hat day! Wheee!!!" Roach called out while dancing about and around the two creatures, "Come on! Let's play, friends!"

"Here come Crazy Hat Day"
"Spin around, take a bow"
"Cause it's Crazy Hat Day"

Roach laughed joyfully while circling the fly and demon spawn two times before he decided to ask them their names. Roach couldn't have been happier at the moment.

"So!" Roach started off, "What's your names?"

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Super Happy and joyous
Job: Dancing
Gold Held: 0
Location: By Grith and Lena.

Summery: Roach trained, and damaged the training dummy a little bit. Then he heard Grith and Lina talking. He walked over with an intro of "Crazy Hat Day" while wearing the training dummy's head on his head with the training dummy's arms on his shell, both attached by the training dummy's rope. He asked their names after singing and dancing around them.

Duke Ragereaver
October 1st, 2009, 18:03
Din the warlock :warlock:

After Din received a warm welcome response, along with some other newcomers Keeper Mikaelios mentioned, he proceded to move to the lair to find some rest for his old bones. He was glad he finally received some shelter for he did not find much peace elsewhere due his notority for his deeds in the War for the Overworld.

Oh, how I love those days... were his thoughs with a smile on his face.

Finally arriving at the lair he noticed there were serveral other creatures but did not spend much attention to it, he was too tired. He quickly conjured a confromtable chair in the north-westeren section of the lair and while sitting on it, he took some well earned rest.

Din the warlock is sleeping.
Health: 100%
Level : 1
Mood: Tired

October 2nd, 2009, 04:08
Cinder the :warlock:

After some sleep, Cinder was well rested up and ready to do anything. He desided to go back to trainning, and hopfully meet up with those "fast talkers". He thought it was cause he haden't slept in so long, the world was just speeding up.

He came back into the trainning room. He noticed the fly and demon spawn, and decided to introduce himself.

Hi, sorry for yelling at you guys back there, I haden't slept in a while. My name is Cinder.

Name: Cinder (again)
Level: 1.4
Mood: rested and friendly (in a keeper-y kind of way)
Did: Got rested up (luckily warlocks only need like 2 or 3 hours of sleep for 2 months) and started introducing himslef to Lena and Girth

Dark_Omega MK2
October 2nd, 2009, 10:07
*Grith looks at the roach*

EEEEEWWWWW ITS A ROACH!!!!! DDDDD8... ... ... THATS AWESOME!!!!!! 8D wanna be my new super fantastiduky friend? *w*

*Starts dancing randomly*

horray for crazy hat day of pure randomawesomenessandstuffthingys!!!

*Then stops suddenly*

oh by the way my name is Grith, im a Demon Spawn, and im also Red for some reason. *w*

*Sees the warlock entering and making his speech and talks to him, this time he talked fast but at least it was understandable*

Sorry for what? o.o Yelling? i thought you were using your maaaaaagical poooowers *3*, if you cant sleep you should sleep because sleeping makes you happy and happyness is the course of life and fun thingys, but good thing that now you are sleep. i am Grith, and i can do anything like...

*Suddenly he puts some weird brown pointy hat on his head*

...MAGIC!!! watch, *talks to a dummy* die you evil goodly hero of nice things and stuffs *throw stick at a dummy and nothing happened* HAH, see? the dummy its now freezed *w*

*Looks at everyone*

Oh guys *w* you are my new best fwends evah...

Grith its at the training room talking to Lena, Roach and Cinder, he still talks fast but not as before.
Health : 100%
Level : 1
Mood : Uber Happy
Efficiency : 90%

Metal Gear Rex
October 2nd, 2009, 12:19
Chapter Four: Acceptance

"EEEEEWWWWW ITS A ROACH!!!!!" the demon spawn shouted as Roach became absolutely nervous and unsure if he had something against beetles. But then he said joyfully, "THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!! Wanna be my new super fantastiduky friend?" "Sure!" Roach smiled as much as a beetle actually could.

Roach and then demon spawn then began dancing about. The demon spawn was giving out hurrays for Crazy Hat Day. Meanwhile, Roach was singing the Crazy Hat Day theme. Roach was quick on his feet, and apparently so was the demon spawn.

"Hurray for crazy hat day of pure randomawesomenessandstuffthingys!!!" the demon spawn danced to his words as Roach danced to his laughter.

Then suddenly, the demon spawn stopped. Roach didn't notice at first but froze in his position when he did.

"Oh by the way my name is Grith, I'm a Demon Spawn, and I'm also Red for some reason," the demon spawn told him as Roach let out a deep breath of relief.

I've done everything good up to this point... a nice intro fitting for us... now for my name... I should do this right.

"Cool. I'm called..." Roach started off before running between both Grith and the female fly. He jumped and flipped himself upside down and landed with a twirl of his shell before finishing, "Roach! Sometimes called "Nuclear" Roach because of my poison spells and tendency to survive."

And thus the Crazy Hat Day Dance began once more, but suddenly a warlock interrupted them by entering their dancing grounds. It was that same warlock that was talking to both Grith and the fly before Roach did.

"Hi, sorry for yelling at you guys back there," the warlock apologized, "I hadn't slept in a while. My name is Cinder."

If that's what you called yelling... wait do you even notice I'm here?

Cinder hadn't looked at Roach one time. Roach was curious if he had something against beetles as he originally thought Grith did. Perhaps he actually didn't notice Roach, but Roach was about to change that. But then he noticed Grith speaking, and decided to wait his turn.

"Sorry for what? Yelling?" Grith asked Cinder, "I thought you were using your maaaaaagical poooowers, if you cant sleep you should sleep because sleeping makes you happy and happiness is the course of life and fun thingies, but good thing that now you are sleep. I am Grith, and I can do anything like..."

"MAGIC!" Grith shouted joyfully.

Grith did a magic trick where he "froze" the training dummy with a stick. Roach couldn't help but applaud with such grace. But now was the time Roach would make his intro to Cinder. Roach quickly ran under the warlock's legs and then around his right leg to go back to his original location.

"Hello Cinder!" Roach shouted as loudly as his quiet voice would allow, "I'm called "Nuclear" Roach! Though, "Nuclear" is simply a nickname I got from previous dungeons. Hey, do you have a staff I can borrow?"

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Super Happy and joyous
Job: Introducing himself to Cinder.
Gold Held: 0
Location: By Grith, Lina, and Cinder in the Training Room.

Summery: Roach and Grith introduced themselves to each other and then danced to the Crazy Hat Day theme. Then Cinder showed up and apologized for "yelling" before introducing himself. Grith showed a magic trick where he "froze" a training dummy. Roach applauded before making his intro to Cinder by running under and around Cinder's feet. He said his name, nickname, and asked Cinder if he had a spare staff.

October 2nd, 2009, 14:57
Sorry for what? Yelling? i thought you were using your maaaaaagical poooowers *3*, if you cant sleep you should sleep because sleeping makes you happy and happyness is the course of life and fun thingys, but good thing that now you are sleep. i am Grith, and i can do anything like... said girth, this time, just slow enough for Cinder to understand.

Then Girth threw a stick at a random dummy.

...MAGIC!!! watch, talks to the dummy die you evil goodly hero of nice things and stuffs throws a stick at a dummy and nothing happened HAH, see? the dummy its now freezed.

Cinder knew it wasn't frozen, but he desided to let Girth have his moment. He need all the allies he could get.

Then he noticed a Beetle aplauding to it. Then he noticed the beetle was moving fast around his legs for some odd reason, and stoped back close to his original place.

"Hello Cinder!" Roach shouted as loud as he has ever heard any bug creature go, "I'm called "Nuclear" Roach! Though, "Nuclear" is simply a nickname I got from previous dungeons. Hey, do you have a staff I can borrow?"

Hi "Nuclear" and Girth. Nice to meet you guys. He started. He turned to girth and said Girth, that was amazing. I didn't know demon spawns knew magic, let alone how to freeze stuff. Then Cinder turned back to Roach and said Sorry, my last staff was torched long ago by some very energetic imp. But, if I may ask, why would you need one.

Name: Cinder
Level 1.4
Mood: Curious and friendly
Did: started talking with Girth and Roach.

October 2nd, 2009, 20:52
Lena teh Fly

Lena was about to reply to the Beetle until the Demon Spawn interrupted. after awhile of more conversation, 'Magic' and other things, Lena was able to speak, sadly, her Speed spell wore off.

"Hey hey! I'm Lena the Fly Fly!" Lena said to the Demon Spawn, Grith, the Beetle, Nuclear, and to the Warlock, Cinder.

Not exactly what I I expected my intro to be... Oooh! I know know! I'll spice this up up!

Lena began to fly around each and every Training Dummy, causing them to spin and hit each other with their weapons. When all the Training Dummys were all hitting each other, Lena stopped and flew back to the group. Lena was about to say something, when a Training Dummy broke off and landed on Lena.

"Erk!" Lena squealed, as she got herself out of the bottom of the fallen Training Dummy.

"I... I planned that that! Teehee! (Crap... There goes goes my payday...)" Lena said, then muttered.

Health : 85%
Lena is with the group in the Training Room.
Level : 2
Mood : NOOOO! My payday!
Efficiency : 75%

October 2nd, 2009, 22:01
Hey, I'm Lena the Fly Fly! said a stange fly. After 3 secounds of silence, the fly then started buzing around just fast enough to get all of the dummies to hit themselves. Then a piece of one got hit to hard, and flew off, and hit the fly.

I... I planned that that! Teehee!

Are you ok, Lena? asked Cinder.

Metal Gear Rex
October 2nd, 2009, 23:19
Chapter Five: The Wonder of Lena

"Sorry, my last staff was torched long ago by some very energetic imp. But, if I may ask, why would you need one," Cinder told Grith who was disappointed and asked, "Can I have it if I catch the imp? Er-why I nee-... umm... reasons..."

In truth, Roach had a joy for collecting creature objects, mostly weapons. He has a good collection of creature weapons, but he's never had a staff or rod. All of his collection he left back at home, but Roach wanted to continue collecting. He didn't like to admit his collection to much of anyone.

"Hey hey! I'm Lena the Fly Fly!" Lena suddenly jumped in and caught Roach's attention. "H-Hello Lena," Roach greeted back with the slightest hesitation.

Roach was naturally a little shy in front of women, especially considering the main attraction to her, her quick speech, seemed to have faded. Lena then began flying across row after row of the training dummies to start them in a huge spinning cycle.

Woah, now that takes some sweet talent...

With Lena's quick speed and skillful trick, Roach's attraction came back and his nervousness faded. Lena flew back to the three of them, but for a moment Roach forgot about Cinder and Grith.

Unfortunately, the moment didn't last as one of the training dummy's parts broke off and flew right at Lena. It knocked her to the ground and she quickly struggled to escape it and succeeded shortly.

"Lena? Are you alright?" Roach asked her. "Erk! I... I planned that that! Teehee!"

Seeing as how she was unharmed, Roach couldn't help but laugh at the end result.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Laughing at Lena
Gold Held: 0
Location: By Grith, Lena, and Cinder in the Training Room.

Summery: Roach asked Cinder if he caught the imp that he could keep the staff, but kept quiet about his reason to collect creature objects. Lena did her trick, and Roach asked if she was alright after she got hurt. But then he laughed at her after she said she planned that.

October 3rd, 2009, 03:24
[Sorry, I was a bit sick these days. I just read and LOL, who will win the fastest speaking contest? :D And LOL Metal Gear Rex for that "original" presentation!]

Listen to Grith eating some chickens, trying to catch what he says, and finally understand that he loves training while going to the room so, don't say a word about that.

Then, listen to Lena and look at her leaving the dungeon, exploring the lava river. I don't retain her as she does a nice scout and she's nice to find interesting stuff. Instead, I watch Nuclear doing the wooden and laugh silently while looking at him trying to build the door and finishes by being disappointed by his work.

- It was a nice try Nuclear. Here's a few gold for having tried at least.
Gives Nuclear 10 gold coins.

Suddenly, hear Lena screaming and flies back away, her wings in fire to finally end in a gold chest. Laugh at her for the comical situation.

- You okay, Lena? What did you see?

After that, turn my attention to the situation in the Training Room and hardly understand what Grith and Lena are saying.

- Err... Grith, Lena, could you slow down a little please so that we could understand you better? Thanks!


Oh, already? Fine my minions, go get your pays. Then go back to work. I sense that a big combat awaits for us. There's more important things to do than chatting and I'd like to have at least level 3-4 minions before we go.

October 3rd, 2009, 04:09
It is payday

Yes. I finally can get some money. He thought in his mind.

Ok guys, well, I'm gonna go get my pay and start trainning again. Hope to see you guys around. He said to Lena, Girth, and Roach

And surely he did. After getting his normal pay of 254 gold, he returned to the trainning room, and started beating on a trainning dummy.

Name: Cinder
Level: 1.5
Mood: Energetic, excited, and just plain happy
Did: Got his pay and returned to trainng.

Metal Gear Rex
October 3rd, 2009, 04:32
Chapter Six: First Payday

The gold sprinkled on Roach's shell a bit while one bumped his head. Roach wasn't too please with the gold, but didn't care about the amount even though he gathered it in a small pile anyways.

"Yeaahh... to be honest keeper... I prefer chickens," Roach told him simply, "Gold is nice, but I would really like a chicken... or maybe you could give me one of the imp's pickaxes! I really want one..."

Suddenly the call of payday echoed around the dungeon. Roach gathered his gold and wandered off to find the Treasury. He ended up following Cinder in hope of being led to the Treasury as he had no idea where it was.

He arrived at the Treasury to see quite a nice set of gold bags lying around. Roach peered inside and then began to think how much to take.

Hmm... it is my first payday, and I would like to pay a troll to build me a nice decorative small shield to hang up in my lair... but the keeper already gave me ten gold... but that was for the wooden door I tried to build... Oh well... I'll just go with my usual forty-four.

Roach picked up forty-four gold pieces from the Treasury and went back to his lair to store it all. Then he went to the Training Room and trained as hard as he could.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Balanced
Job: Training
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the middle of the Training Room.

Summery: Roach told the keeper that he preferred chickens to gold and then asked if he could have an imp pick-axe. He collected 44 gold of payday, and stored it along with the 10 gold he got from the keeper in his lair. Then he began training.

October 3rd, 2009, 04:46
Lena the Fly

Lena looks up, hearing the Mentor's voice rumble as he announced it was Pay Day. As Lena flew to the Treasury, she remembered, no payday for her.

"Dart dart... I should of of not showed off. Well... At least least I got this rock!" Lena mumbles to herself.

She was about to take off exploring again, until the Keeper's question ringed in her head again.

What did you see?

Lena looks up, and prepares to explain.

"Hey hey! I I found a little opening in the North North snow wall in the East of of the West lava river, but I haven't haven't seen what was inside yet. Maybe maybe I'll explore that place when when... I feel like like it!

I I also found on on the West side of a little hero ruined fort fort in the middle of a cross-shaped lava lava river. I saw saw a damaged wall with two two openings that contain a Sentry Trap behind a a hero barricade in each of of them. Hey hey! Bzzzzzt~! Lena finally finished.

Lena yawns. She hasn't realised that she didn't get her usual five hour nap.

Hey hey, Keeper? I'll explore the opening opening when I wake up from my my nap...

Lena slowly hovers to the Lair, and heads for her Lair, then drops in like a rock. What seems to sound like Fly snoring followed as the Caccoon shuts.

"Zzzz... No no... No I don't don't want... that darn Spider lair to to sleep in, Bob... You... Pesky witch... Zzz."

Health : 90%
Lena is asleep.
Level : 2
Mood : Zzz.
Efficiency : 0%

Duke Ragereaver
October 3rd, 2009, 22:06
Din the warlock :warlock:

It is payday! were the words the Mentor loudly announced and made Din woke up. Din took a deep breath and while using his staff as support to stand up out of his chair. And took a few strenching excercises, for as much his old body could take

Hm? Payday already? Talk about a good start of the day! he said to himself with a grin. But when also overhearing the part that there was supposed to be a big battle ahead he was quickly silenced. But with who or what and where, were Din's thoughs about it, any standard servant of a Keeper would not care who or what he's supposed to fight with, as long they did their salary paid out. Regardless, Din knew he had to prepare himself, both physicaly and mentally, and he would allow no distractions, even if it ment missing his salary.

Lord Mikaelios, I think I'l skip my payday... this time. He said to Keeper Mikaelios. He then began looking for the trainingsroom, going through the northen exit of the lair and bypassing the hacthery and entering the trainingsroom by it's westeren entrance. He saw there were serveral creatures in the trainingsroom, some seemed quite active, almost too active! He chose a spot quite a distance from them, as he did not want to be distracted, and he began training with the dummy. Due his advanced age he's largely incapable doing things other than defending from the blows the dummy was giving to him, but he's doing quite well.

Din the warlock is training
Health: 99%
Level: 1.1 (and raising)
Mood: Focused
Effiency: 90%

Summary: Din woke up and decided to skip his payday(!) and went training after.

October 4th, 2009, 16:38
The Portal

Machrin the accountant-warlock shuffled out of the portal and looked at his very shiny shoes for a while before saying

*cough* "Umm... hello keeper. Not meaning to disturb you or anything! B-but I'm here."

Mechrin snapped his head back down to look at his shoes so fast for a moment he was afraid he'd snapped his neck and died would have to go to hell and relive that day when he tried to get water from the water cooler when there wasn't any water and every one laughed at him.

"I heard you had a place open for a warlock after that Mr... mulgeon fell into that wood chipper one day before his retirement. And I was- wait," Mechrin noticed the tesuary was full of greedy creatures. "It's pay day? I arrived just before pay day? But, That's not fair! Some creatures Keeper would say that it wouldn't be very nice of you at all not to give gold to a creature just because they were a few minuets late! And, and, that creature's not me, I'm so sorry keeper! It was that evil Mulgoen he made me say it some how! Punish him-


Mechrin huddled over in fear and wobbled.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 5th, 2009, 08:46
*Grith hears the magical words that acts on him like an inyection of cafeine directly to the veins*

...pay... day...??? PAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Grith at lightning speed (not really) went to the treasury and grabed looked at the coins, Grith grabs one coin ahs stares at it and talks to it*

oh coins... my beautiful, shiny and round fwends... you are my favorite among all things in the universe...

*Grith grabs 150 coins as payment*

Coin look, look at your brothers, they look SOO happy. aren't they beautiful?

*Grith takes his payment and goes to his lair singing about how much he loves coins all the way, one in his Lair, he putted some 100 on his Hidden on his Lair and 50 with himself*

Oh my pretty coins, soooooo shiny...

*Suddenly Grith falls over his lair, sleeping, maybe the shock of payment was too much for him*

Grith, the Demon Spawn is sleeping, paydays are the only moment in which Grith forgets about friends, appearently.
Health: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Snore Snore
Effiency: 90%

October 8th, 2009, 03:21

Trainning hard, cinder was almost able to achieve a new level. Then he got hungry again.

So, after a quick chicken or 2, it was back to trainning. He felt he was so close to getting a new level, he hit the trainning dummy hard enough to almost knock it off its spinner.

I better no get too out of hand, or my pay will never exist again

Name: Cinder the :warlock:
Level: 1.8
Mood: Concentrating
Did: trained, Ate, and trainned.

Metal Gear Rex
October 8th, 2009, 05:48
Chapter Seven: Training Session #1

Roach was currently training by practicing one of his attack strategies, "Ant Lion". He played dead next to the training dummy, and pretended it was farther away. Slowly the training dummy got closer and closer until it was right in front of Roach's dead body. Roach used all of his power to pinch the feet of the training dummy and then jumped to his own feet.

Roach bit the training dummy's leg once, before jumping to the side and tackled the training dummy's side. It was as if the training dummy used rebound as Roach bounced back onto his hard shell back. Roach rolled over onto his stomach side.

Tough one, are we?

Roach took a large leap into the air and focused purely on the training dummy's head.

"Yaaaahhhhh!!" Roach cried at the tip of his jump.

Roach missed his target's head and was falling onto the arm instead. He quickly grabbed a hold onto the arm, and stubbornly gripped it. He took advantage of his situation by continuously gnawing on the training dummy's arm.

After a few seconds, the arm fell off, and Roach with it. He landed on his shell and rocked back and forth a bit, continuing to nibble on the arm in a baby's grasp. He stopped when he realized that he no longer would be hurting his enemy, and then got to his feet. Roach noticed the elderly warlock Din more towards the corner of the Training Room.

Hey... that's that old warlock that was at the Dungeon Heart when I met the keeper... he's blocking the strikes pretty well for an old man... maybe I should go meet him...

Roach hesitated, looking for anything to stop him from talking to Din, but only noticed Cinder.

Cinder! Maybe I should talk! I wonder what cool warlock powers he has!

Perhaps Grith and Lena had some kind of disease, Roach seemed to be affected by their hyper speeds and became rather jumpy himself. Roach began running excitedly at Cinder, and tackled him to the the ground in a playful manner

"Hi Cinder! How are you doing? What kind of cool magic powers do you have? Having fun? How old are you? Have you met my good friend Nachos?" Roach's questions seemed endless, and he interrupted whatever Cinder had to say with his next question.

Roach kept hopping up and down on Cinder as he asked his questions. Roach was beginning to show his true colors of weird. But he wasn't done quite yet. Nachos was his imaginary Hell Hound friend, that he created while training.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Super Happy Fun Time!
Job: Jumping on and asking Cinder questions
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the middle of the Training Room, on top of Cinder.

Summery: Roach trained, saw Din and wondered if he should introduce himself. He looked for a distraction and saw Cinder. He tackled Cinder playfully and asked him a bunch of questions while hopping up and down on him.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 8th, 2009, 08:28
*Grith, the Demon Spawn was sleeping in his lair*

ahm... nam nam... oh yeah giant cookies omnomnomnom... wait... you are not a cookie... NO... NO...


*His scream could be heard across the entire dungeon. A few seconds after that completely pointless and ackward moment, Grith awakes*

aaahhhmmm... nam nam... i slept very well... oohh yeah its a nice day the sun is shining underground with his nothingness and thats cool...

*Grith walks like if nothing happened, heads to the treasury to say hi to his coiny friends, when he noticed a hole in the wall Grith desides to look and comes across a river of lava*

a river of lava how sweet!! *Grith walks 5 steps behind and then runs toward the river of lava* BANSAI!!! *Grith throws himself into the lava* oohh i love lava, you are my hot and rivery new friend...

*Grith starts swiming to the right into the river of lava not knowing that he was getting farther from the dungeon limits, he swim passing the intersection and and swims to the south east part of the river until he finally stops and realize hes very far from the dungeon*

wait... where am i? what am i doing here?

*Looks around and realize he is not in his dungeon*

i... don't know how to get back... oh...

*There was total silence for a second until he...*


*...Screamed for help like a little baby*

Mentor: Your creatures are unable to get to the Hatchery

Grith gets lost by following the lava river to the south-eastern part of the map
HP: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Scared
Efficiency: 90%

October 8th, 2009, 15:35

As cinder was happily hitting a trainning dummie as hard as he could, he was tackled to the ground by Roach.

Hi Cinder! How are you doing? What kind of cool magic powers do you have? Having fun? How old are you? Have you met my good friend Nachos?

His questions seemed endless, and he kept asking them to quick for Cinder to say anything.

Then he heard a loud scream comming from the lair that stoped the whole dungeon for a couple secounds. Then Roach went back to asking his qustions while jumping on Cinder.

This...is...you...see...can...you...get...off...of me?

Then he heard a distent but loud scream. That sounded just like that red demon spawn, he thought to himeself while being jumped on. It came from the room that leads to the lava pit.

Cinder the Warlock
Level: 1.8
Mood: Exasted, curoius, and a little energetic (for a warlock)
Did: Trained, got jumped on by roach, and heard a scream from the lava lake that sounded like Girth

October 8th, 2009, 19:40
Out side the portal

Pay Day Was Almost Over!!

Mechrin lay splayed out on the tiles floor gasping for gold, gold, Gold, Goooooooooold!"

Maybe if he was very sneaky he could crawl in and out of the treasury and blame it all on some one else? But what if the keeper finds out!? Terrifying images of torture entered Mechrin's small mind: endless tax forms with In-Proper Grammar threw out!

Mechrin rolls onto his back in angorny "Nooo the semi colon isn't meant to be used that way!" he wept.

"Keeper! Keeper! please, I hope you're not silent because you're quietly planning how you're going to kill me to death, N-not that I have a problem with that! Y-you're the boss n'all. B-b-but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me just walking over to the treasury and taking some G-"


"Aghh! ImSoSorryForgetISaidAnythingITakeItBackHowCanIMake ItUpToYou? Here! Here take my... my" Hopelessly afraid of the impending tax returns the keeper was no doubt to give to him to fill out Mechrin ripped of his sandals and waved them in the air "-My shoes! Take my shoes! Kill them instead!


Mechrin pleaded for his life but possibly also some gold if that's all right.

Metal Gear Rex
October 9th, 2009, 00:18
Chapter Eight: Saving Grith

"This...is...you...see...can...you...get...off...of me?" Cinder asked Roach.

Roach completely ignored him and continued to hop on Cinder until a loud scream entered the Training Room. It was Grith, Roach realized this, and jumped off of Cinder.

"Grith is that you?" Roach asked him, not realizing his voice was too quiet, "I'm coming Grith!"

Roach ran out of the training room and into the room that lead to the lava river as fast as his little feet could carry him. He was accomponied by his imaginary pet hell hound, Nachos. They reached lava's edge, and stopped there.

Okay, how am I going to do this? I can't walk on lava... but Nachos can...

"HOLD ON GRITH!!! I'M GOING TO COME FOR YOU!!!" Roach called out to Grith as loud as he could.

Okay... now go get him Nachos.

Nachos sat there.

Go get him Nachos.

Nachos sat there.

Nachos! Bad dog, go get Grith!

Nachos bit Roach in his left frontal foot before running off and into the "Doggie House" inside Roach's lair.

Ow! Stupid dog...

"GRITH!!! IT'S GOING TO TAKE A WHILE!!!" Roach told him, unsure if he was heard.

Roach ran for the Lair, passing by the Training Room as he got a little lost. He saw Din, the old warlock, and thought that he should "attack" him after he saves Grith. Roach finally made it into the Lair, and headed for his lair hut.

Hey, Nachos, get out! We have to go help Grith!

Nachos shut the door.

Oh darn... OPEN UP!!!

Roach's thoughts were loud enough for the weaker mind-readers to hear. He looked around and spotted Lena napping.

Of course! Lena=Fly, Fly=Wings, Wings=Lava Access, Lava Acess=Rescue Grith! It makes so much sense! And to think I flunked school. Hah! Take that, Rocky!

Rocky was the one teacher that actually had the guts to tell Roach that he wouldn't get very far. Roach then decided it was time for action. He charged towards Lena, and did one of his great hops and landed on the poor fly.

"Hi there," were Roach's first words as he got sidetracked, "I mean... Grith's in trouble. I need to ride you in order to cross the lava, now come on!

Roach then proceeded to pull on Lena's wings.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Semi-Serious
Job: Pulling on Lena's wings, trying to get her up.
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Lair with Lena.

Summery: Roach got off Cinder when he heard Grith's scream. He ran to save him but couldn't because of the lava. He got into a short argument with his imaginary hell hound, Nachos, about saving Grith, Nacho ran to the Lair. Roach followed him. Nachos was in Roach's lair, and "Shut the door" on Roach. Roach saw Lena and jumped on her, and began pulling on her wings while asking to ride her to get over the lava to save Grith.

October 9th, 2009, 00:25
Lena the Fly

Lena jolts awake from the-


Lena started trashing around in her Caccoon.


Some loud crashes, glass shattering and the sound of a nuke going off is heard from the Caccoon, as Lena pumbles out. When she almost got up, she was jumped on by Roach.

"Hi there... I mean... Grith's in trouble. I need to ride you in order to cross the lava, now come on!"

"Hey... Hey... Sure sure, just get off... Bzzt."

Health: 99%
Level: 2
Mood: Bzzzt.
Effiency: 80%

Dark_Omega MK2
October 9th, 2009, 00:46
*Grith heard some words at the distance*


Wait... Satan...? Satan is that you??? are you goin to rescue me... will you tell me the meaning of life, death and love and friendship and fuzzy stuff?

*Then the voice could be heard from the distance again*


You mean... first you are goin to kill me and then you will send me to the torture chamber for 10 years and then turn me into skeleton and theeen tell me the stuff i asked you???... Satan...? ...Satan...?

*Grith starts swiming aimlessly on the river of lava*

Next time ill worship Lucifer... or Xenu...

Grith is still lost... (that bast***)
HP: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Dissapointed about his religion and god
Efficiency: 90%

October 9th, 2009, 01:52

Cinder was so close to a new level, he could just fell it. Then he got distracted by some yelling over by the lair.

He decided to go check it out. He saw a beetle tring to jump on a fly. Instead of getting involved, he decided to avoid it, and see what all the yelling by the lava was.

As he reached the entrance to the lava lake, and he felt vey happy with the heat atmosphere. He forgot what he was doing, and went back to the trainning room to get that last bit needed before a new level.

Name: Cinder (never forget it)
Level: 1.9
Mood: Warm, happy, and determined
Did: checked out the noise in the lair, and the lava, got distracted. Went back to trainning, and is very close to getting a new level.

October 9th, 2009, 05:47
I watch my creatures get their pay and stops at Cinder when he get 254 gold coins.

- 254 coins, Cinder? Isn't that a bit high for a level 1 Warlock?

Then, hear Nuclear's answer and tell me that he prefers chickens or even an imp's pickaxe. Laugh a bit.

- A pickaxe? What does a beetle would do with a pickaxe? No, sorry, keep that gold. And if you want a chicken, my Hatchery is full of 'em.

After that, listen to some interesting informations from Lena the Fly.

- Thanks Lena. Hmmm, so there are some heroes here as well... Please keep training my minions cause we will have some job to do. And I guess a Bridge will become very handy as well, okay my Warlocks?

Talking of Warlocks, listen to Din and grin.

- Skipping your payday, Din? No problem! :D

A new Warlock has entered in your dungeon.

- What? Again?

Look at the newcomer, coming out from the Portal and listen to him.

- Ahem... welcome here Machrin! Make yourself at home! And...

Get interrupted by Grith's huge scream and look immediately straight at him in his bed, waking up peacefully. Mumble a bit and return back to Machrin.

- What did I say already? Oh yeah, about the Payday, err... yeah... Hey wait, come back here...

Listen to Machrin's offering.

- Nah, I don't want your shoes. Go take your pay, yeah, go for it! But simply, just take less coins than normally as you just arrived.

After a little moment, hear another huge scream from Grith. This time he's calling for help outside of the dungeon. Go for him immediately.

- Grith? Heh... what are you doing here? Don't you see it can be dangerous around here? Those Sentry traps could have catch you. And it's not Satan, it's Nuclear that is calling for you. Okay, let me help you a bit.

Grab Grith and place him back in his Lair.

- There you go. And now, be careful not to get lost again, okay?

Metal Gear Rex
October 10th, 2009, 00:15
OOC-Yeah, I contacted Evi for the double post.


Chapter Nine: The Wasted Adventures of Roach and Lena

"Hey... Hey... Sure sure, just get off... Bzzt," Lena told Roach, who merely looked puzzled and said, "If I get off of you, who will I ride you?

Roach adjusted himself so that he sits on top of Lena, gripped onto Lena with his stubby feet, and prepared for the on coming ride.

"Onward! To Grith!" Roach shouted before awaiting Lena's flight. "Zoom zoom!" Lena readied herself to fly straight out of the Dungeon. "Wait!" Roach stopped Lena before she exited the Lair.

Roach jumped off and went to his lair and banged on the "door".

"Bzzzt?" Lena buzzed, confuseed.

Come on out, Nachos. It is time to save Grith.

Nachos shook his heads from inside the door. Roach was upset with Nachos, and in a super image of himself, Roach broke down the "door" and entered his "mansion". He tried to grab the "purebred" Nachos, but met with fire-breathing resistance. Roach took out his sword and began battling with Nachos. After a long and terrible battle, he exited his hut in his normal uninjured form with his common hell hound.

"Okay, I got my dog, Nachos," Roach told Lena. "Bzzuhhh... Okay okay! Lets go go go!" "Okay!" Roach told Lena.

Roach and Lena traveled through the lava river, searching for the little red demon spawn. Roach felt uncomfortable. He naturally hated all types of fire, and he felt incredibly hot. He was pretty sure that he was slowly melting away.

Little had they realized that the keeper had already picked up Grith from the lava fields. They were too focused on the moment to hear. Roach and Lena passed by the area where Grith had been swiming, and shortly after recieved fire from the sentry traps the keeper also mentioned.

"Yaarrrgghh!!" Roach screamed as he gripped Lena's back and tried to turn her away. "Wowwowowowowwowwow!!!" Lena buzzed surprisedly.

Lena turned around abrutly, causing Roach to slip a bit. He regain balanced just in time and leaned close to Lena to avoid being struck by a fireball. Both of them flew away as fast as they could as the fireballs chased them. Unfortunately, one was dead on target and struck both Roach and Lena.

Lena hit the wall after Roach flew off. Lena quickly regained her balance and avoided the lava barely. She looked around for Roach and recieved a short call from him above her. Roach was hanging by one foot that luckily hit a crack and got stuck it in.

"Lena," Roach started out, "I think I'm stuck..." "Bzzt-Bzzzt! Hang on on! I'll pull you out out!"

Lena tried pulling on Roach but only hurt him. She was not strong enough to pull him out alone, and he had to push away himself in order to get out. He landed on Lena who almost fell into the lava yet again, but again regained her balance in time.

"Looks like we're out of range now of those sentry traps..." Roach whispered. Lena only made a buzz. "Let's go back to the dungeon..." Roach whispered fearfully. "Yes yes, anything to get away from those things!" Lena buzzed sliently back.

Together, they both made it back to the dungeon. Both were quiet. They collasped in the lair, and then they found a certain red demon spawn.

"Grith? Wait... what!? You mean we wasted a whole trip!?" Roach exclaimed. "Bzzzzt!? So much much for my first real adventure! Bzzzt!!!" Lena buzzed annoyedly.

A Beetle has become angry because he has wasted his adventure.

A Fly has become angry because she has wasted her adventure.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Angry
Job: Pouting
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Lair with Lena and Grith.

Summery: Roach and Lena flew around in search for Grith, and met the sentry traps the keeper talked about. They ran from it, and were angry to see Grith safe because they wasted an adventure.

October 10th, 2009, 01:31
A Cinder was trainning, the sound of the keeper echoed: "254 coins, Cinder? Isn't that a bit high for a level 1 Warlock?"

Oh...well...you see Cinder started, I can put some back, or not get my next few pays or something, if you think is was to much

Of there was ever anything that Cinder hated, it was giving back gold. But he also didn't want to get his master angry.

With no response, he went back to trainnng.


YES! He said a quiet as yelling can get. Then he tried shooting one of the fireballs he learned at the wall targets, Cool, now I can go research more quicker. And even better, now I will stand out infront of all the other warlcoks in this dungeon.

Cinder stoped trainning, and almost ran to the library to research the Lightning Spell

He got the book titled Thunderbolt: The Blue Fire and began reading faster than he did before.

Level: 2 :D :D ^^
Did: earned a new level, then started researching the Lightning Spell

October 10th, 2009, 02:20
Lena the Fly

Lena was angry, she wanted something to hit, but she wanted to know what was in the Caverns. Lena shakes her head, and heads to the Hatchery, consumes a chicken, then leaves the Dungeon to explore. Lena heads for the Cavern, once inside, she sees alot of Gold pots and a 'Magic Box'.

"Bzzt bzzzt! Oooh ooh! Keeper will be pleased pleased!"

Lena heads for one of the Gold pots, until she hears the sound of a arrow being shot. Lena flies to the ground while turning around. Heroes!!!

3 Level 2 Thieves
2 Level 3 Human Archers
1 Level 4 Barbarian

Panic took control of Lena, she zooms for the exit once she casted Speed on herself. The Barbarian takes a swing at Lena, and misses only by a inch, the Thieves tried to jump on Lena to hold her down, and missed.

Lena left the Caverns, but the Archers were still attacking. Arrows seemed to fly from everywhere as Lena raced back to the Dungeon. Two arrows hit Lena, the first arrow struck two of Lena's wings, and the second one hit her on the Abdomen. A sickly green blood oozed from Lena's wound, her movement slowed down by one side of her wings being immobile from the arrow stuck in them, but Lena still kept retreating. Once Lena got near to safety, two more arrows hit Lena. Lena lets out a cry of pain, crashes down onto the ground, then lies still.

Maybe... Maybe... If I lie still, they will... will stop att... acking. B...Bzzzt... Lena thinks to herself before going unconscious.

Health: 20%
Lena is in the empty room.
Level: 2
Mood: Should of stayed in bed.
Effiency: 10%

Metal Gear Rex
October 10th, 2009, 03:10
OOC-And now, she finally arrives! Here's color coding for her.

Entry #1-Frozen Fire

Suddenly a great cold mist began to form around the portal, and a large block of ice rose from it. The ice block contained a woman who's eyes were shut and arms were crossed. That woman was none other than Crystice. Crystice suddenly oppened her eyes, and the ice block shattered into many little pieces. Crystice spread her arms and legs wide before landing in the Dungeon Keeper's land.

Humph, an ice land? I must have taken a wrong turn. Oh well... I like it here. I hope this keeper doesn't have a series of idiots under his command.

In front of Crystice was the icy path to the Dungeon Heart. She smiled but it faded as quickly as it arrived when she heard the warlock Mechrin weaping on the floor of the path to the Treasury behind her.

"Here take my... my...My shoes! Take my shoes! Kill them instead!" he cried.

The nerve!

Crystice was furious by Mechrin's words, and walked right over to him, appeared to be clearly angry. Mechrin was presenting his sandles to the keeper. Crystice swung her right arm to the left, and then swung it to the right, this time snatching Mechrin's sandles. Then with a final swing to the left, Crystice smacked Mechrin with his sandles.

"How dare you present this to the Lord Keeper! Just because you're not worth a sacrifise to his Majesty!?" Crystice clearly did not understand the situation. She grew wide-eyed as she felt the texture of the warlock's sandles and dropped them with a loud, "Eww!"

"Haven't you ever learned to clean your belongings!?" she questioned him as she shut her eyes, growling, and left her eyebrows to twitch. She created a fist and gave Mechrin a powerful kick in the leg as she opened her eyes again, "Get up! You're giving the Master a bad name by possessing such crying babies as an army!"

I haven't been here a single minute and already I've ran into a pathetic excuse for a creature.

Crystice thought Mechrin was going to sacrifise himself for whatever reason but was too cowardly to do so and offered his shoes. She turned away quickly, letting her hair fly in Mechrin's clear view, and then walked away. She thought of something else to add, and turned back to Mechrin, giving him a dark cruel glare.

"You're also making me look bad as a powerful warlock. So get up!" she yelled at him, before continuing on her way to the Dungeon Heart.

Crystice arrived at the Dungeon Heart, and let herself fall flat on the floor. She rubbed her arms and legs on the Dungeon Keeper's most precious and sacred part of the dungeon.

"Forgive me, my great and almighty Lord. Forgive me for wasting my time on that useless warlock," she whispered in a gentle and sweet voice while still on the floor, "My name is Crystice. I am known as "The Wizard of Ice" and "The Tide" because of my icy abilities. I pledge my ultimate algence to you..."

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Pledging her alligence
Gold Held: 0
Location: On the floor in front of the Dungeon Heart.

Summery: Enter Crystice! She critisized Mechrin for supposedly sacrifising his shoes instead of himself, and then went to the Dungeon Heart and fell flat on the flow and pledged her alligience.

Duke Ragereaver
October 10th, 2009, 07:58
Din the warlock :warlock:

Din was getting the hang of it, and while defending from the blows from the dummy he actually hit the dummy a few times back before reverting back to a defensive stand. Being very focused he gained fast experience almost enough to level 2, at the same time he did not notice some loud screams...

Heh... this old man still has some skill within him left. he said to himself. But he soon felt this training was taking his toll and became tired. He decided to call it a day off and take some rest and find some food because he was hungry aswel. He walked straight out of the trainingsroom and entered the hacthery.

Hm, it has been a while there was plenty of food available... he thought by himself. Bringing back some harsh memories from the past that since he was almost always on the run he had always suffered from a lack of enough available food. Returning back to the present, he proceded to pick up a chicken and coldly snapped it's neck, before frying it using his magic and eating it, repeating the process two more times before being satisfied.

Ahh, that was delicious! he spoke to himself with a smile. He then exited the hacthery and entered the lair by it's northen entrance and returned to his lair that was in the very north-westeren part of the lair and quickly felt to sleep.

Din the warlock is sleeping
Health: 100% (restored)
Level: 1.8

Summary: Din was near level 2 but became tired and hungry and ate some chickens before returning to his lair to sleep.

October 10th, 2009, 08:41
The red mist swirls around the portal, and a few primitive grunts are heard in the depths. Soon after, a green hand is seen grasping the side of one of the pillars. A small goblin head pops up, and looks around, making sure the area is safe.

He hops on out of the portal and see's the dungeon heart, but not knowing what it was, he walks towards the lair, his loincloth flapping as he jerks around the corner.

He is perplexed at what forms of beings made these strange structures, but he doesn't spend much time pondering this untill he hears some noises from nearby rooms, causing him to retreat to behind the portal for safety.

Health: 450/100%
Temperment: Frightened/Confused
Occupation: Hiding

Dark_Omega MK2
October 10th, 2009, 10:46
*Grith was on the Lair, was stuned and confused but then after some time he recovered*

WOW!!! what just happened? that was a weird dream... hahahahahaha... satan was talking to me and then the keeper picked me up and then i die and played poker with some nice people... IN HELL!!!

*Grith headed to the treasury yet again to say hello to the coins and noticed an empty room*

ooohhh just like my nice dream where i get lost, satan talked to me and died... how nice...

*Grith then goes into the room and finds Lena the Fly lying on the floor bleeding to death*

HOLY ******* ON A ******* SANDWICH!!! Oh my dear insectoid weird eyed friend, what happened to you??? Dont worry!!!

*He then saw some heroes at the distance*

wait... YOU BUNCH OF ******** YOU PIECES OF ****** GO TO HELL AND THEN YOU ******* AND YOU CAN ******** AND ***** ******* ********** WITH A POGO STICK WHILE ******* ****** ********* SIDEWAYS!!!!

*Looked at Lena again*

Dont worry... for the AWESOME!!! Grith will take you to safety...

*Grith carries Lena and gets her into her Lair quickly*

ugh... those arrows look painful...

*Grith tries to pull or the arrows of her body while trying not to get sick about it*

wait... is that blood...? oooohhh gross!!! Thats just wrong...

*Grith's face turns green, but after some time he finished pulling the arrows and bandages the Fly*

there you go... yay ima hero!!

*Out of nowhere Grith waves a small flag with the legend "Hero"*

wait a second... i am not a hero!!! heroes are bad!!!

*eats the flag*

oohh im soo hungry... dreams with satan and fly therapy gets me hungry...

*Grith headed to the hatchery and sits on the ground to start eating the chicken*

munch munch munch... thif ficken if delifuf... *talks with his mouth full of chicken*

Grith recovered from stuned, took Lena the Fly to her Lair and starts eating chicken at the hatchery.
HP: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy and warm on the inside
Efficiency: 90%

October 10th, 2009, 14:34
At the Portal

Mechrin quivered as the female warlock did horrible things to him, it was all a traumatic blur to him now, something about a dungeon being entered and her legs spreading wide.

Mechrin looked up from the nose bleed puddle to see Crystice walk away leaving him for dead, with tremendous effort Mechrin managed to move his blood strained lips into speaking an un-audible sentence:

"I, I- I'm,
I'm in loooove!"

"Oh dark gods she's going to Kill me!!"

Mechrin wobbled to his feat and wipes away his nose blood with the sleave of his robe, as he lowered his arm he saw a Goblin marching towards him with a sword in his hand and an expression on his face!

"W-wait! I'm not worth it!" Terrible thoughts of what it was entered Mechrin's mind, like Keeper Mold's torture of having his creatures constantly re-decorating his dungeon. "I mean, I am worth it! But d-don't try it, because I'm a terrifyingly powerful warlock!"

Mechrin tried jumping into a dramatic pose in front of Aeger but with out his sandals he stubbed his toes and get a second nose bleed. Something told Mechrin that the Goblin wasn't buying it.

"Y-you should have seen the other warlock, I beat her to death with my sandals! A-And this is her blood on my face, ummm, in my nose. I snorted her blood for fun! Yeah! That's... right."

Some how Mechrin had managed to completely forget about his gold.

Summery: Mechrin reacted to Crystice's beating. And introduced himself (lied his head off) to Aeger.

October 10th, 2009, 15:35
Aeger, startled by the warlock, holds his blade out infront of him as he slowly moves back, arm over his face.

"Keep aray!" he shouted, backing himself into the corner of the room. Most goblins made fun of him back in the cave how he could never pronouce a w sound.

"Stay aray from me you freak!" Aeger is obviously perplexed on the color of this strange creatures skin.

Aeger gets a sudden fit of braveness, or foolisheness, and jumps towards Mechrin, landing on him and pinning to the ground with Aeger's sword at his throat, but got a slight cut on the portal crystal next to him.

"R-r-rhat is this p-place!?"

Health: 430/93.33%
Temperment: Scared
Occupation: Holding Mechrin hostage

October 10th, 2009, 15:48
At Da Portal

Squealing with fright Mechrin finds him self asulted by the second person in 90 seconds.

"Okay okay! I lied! Let me go! Please?" Dose this goblin have rabies? Oh no! Think of the germs I could be getting from him right now! "Umm, okay, see, I'm going to have to head butt you and kick you off me now in fright, but we can still be buddies after wads right? I'll help you dismember who ever you see fit afterwards as long as it isn't me okay?




oof!" *Clonk*

"Ow 'y 'ose! I 'ink I broke 'y 'ose again! Could 'ou please 'et off me and then I'll 'elp you okay?"

October 10th, 2009, 15:57
Aeger hops up, with a slight headache, but still has his sword near Mechrin's throat.

"Tell me rhat this place is! and rhat are you!" Aeger can see the fear in Mechrin's face, and decides he put intimidated him enough.

While he awaits his answer, he pulls off a small piece of bone from his belt and begins to eat it.

Health: 430/93.33%
Temperment: Uneasy
Occupation: Interrogating Mechrin

October 10th, 2009, 15:58

...and if you used enough mana, the strike will be deadly enough to also stun any hero to live.

Chapter XXVIII: The End

And so, to recap what we have learned.

1.) Never cast on your own creatures.

2.) You can only cast on your own land

3.) The more Mana you use, the more powerful the spell is.

Thank you for reading, and if you wish for any other books in this series, check out Lightning for the advance, Prison: The Cage of the weak, Graveyard: The dead Paradise.

Cinder closed the book, and started picking up another, but heard some shouting by the portal. Man, why is everyone shouting, how does anyone expect to get anthing done?

He went to go check it out, and saw a goblin talking to a bleeding Warlock. Hey you, can you keep it down, I'm trying to read here

Name: Cinder the Fabulous :warlock:
Level: 2
Mood: Strained
Did: Finished reading about the lightning spell, heard some noise, Went to check it out, and saw a Goblin talking to an injured Walock

October 10th, 2009, 16:06
The Portal

Relived to have his personal space back Mechrin decided to help the poor, confused Goblin.

"I am Mechrin.
I'm a warlock.
I sold my soul because the sock rating for souls was about to plummet.
I have magic powers!
Also, we are in a dungeon in Heavenarius.
Heavenarius is an annoying place.
Our dungeon is here to make it more bearible by killing things.
I rule over this dungeon with my terrifying magical powers.
This dungeon is full of suppressed creatures that are terrified of my wrath!
They do my bidding and- Oh Dark Lords here comes one now!"

Mechrin hopped behind Aeger and quivered in fear from the approaching warlock, who then pulled the goblin away from him, Mechrin then realized that the other other warlock (Not the female one of horrifying loveliness) thought that the goblin was attacking him.

"Yes yes! He tried to kill me!"


"umm, I'm Mechrin, and can you two be my friends and not conspire to kill me or anything? I-if it's not too much trouble I mean."

Mechrin told a fistfull of lies to Aerger before realizing Cinder was aproching, he hid and told Cinder the goblin tried to kill him. Mechrin then introduced him self and asked to be friends again.

October 10th, 2009, 16:30
Lena the Fly

"G-Grith? Heroes... Heroes... Bz-zzzzt."

Lena falls asleep.

Lena is resting.

Groogo the Bile Demon

A loud fart is heard from the Portal, a greenish brown gas emits from the Portal as Groogo the Bile Demon jumps out of the Portal, landing with a earth shaking thud.

"Uooggghh! Me are here Keeper! What me smash now?" Groogo bellows.

Groogo moves down the hallway, meeting a Goblin interrogating a Warlock.

"What you are doing? We all friends! Are you no friend? Me smash not friends! But we friends if from same portal... Enemy! GROOGO SMASH!!!"

Groogo grabs both the Goblin and the Warlock.

"Me like smashing puny creats!"

A loud grumble is heard.

"Me are hungry, me smash later."

Groogo drops the Goblin and Warlock and starts searching for the Hatchery, ignoring Cinder.


Health : 100%
Is searching for the Hatchery.
Level : 1
Mood : Hungry...
Efficiency: 80%

October 10th, 2009, 16:37
"You can start being my friends by Never Letting That Bile Demon Do That Ever Again." Mechrin gave a shiver at the thought of Groogo's sweaty palms. "Yuck."

Metal Gear Rex
October 10th, 2009, 17:11
Chapter Ten: Training the Steam

Lena flew off, and Roach was surprised by Grith's reaction. He seemed to simply follow her. Roach was irritated, and decided to go to the Training Room. As he exited with one path, Din entered the Lair with another.

Roach entered the Training Room and searched around for Din, but could not find him. And thus he began to train as hard as he could. Roach usually trains faster when upset.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Upset
Job: Training
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the middle of the Training Room.

Summery: Roach was upset and decided to go train. He missed Din, barely.

October 10th, 2009, 20:45
Groogo the Bile Demon

A moment later, Groogo found the Hatchery and already made a Lair. Now all he has to do is meet the Dungeon heart. On the trip there, the Goblin and two Warlocks seemed to have stopped fighting.

"All friends now? Makes me happy. Me all hug you now!"

Groogo hugs the Goblin and the two Warlocks before going into the Dungeon Heart room.

"Keeper, me Groogo! Me good smasher and Workshopper! Me promise not kill you like me did last Keeper."

Groogo looks at the Female Warlock in the room.

"Hello Warlock, me Groogo! You name?"

Health : 100%
Is in the Dungeon Heart Room.
Level : 1
Mood : Normal
Efficiency: 80%

October 10th, 2009, 21:00

"You have failed me as friends! This is disgusting! Look at all the microscopic germs on my robes!" Mechin tried to pull the microspcoic things off of him, which quickly turned into a sort of jig.

"Nooooo! This is terrible! Um. Umm. Ummm-you! Warlock buddy! Could I... err... umm, would it be okay... if, ahhh, I... eep, took, your, clothes...?"

Mechrin bounced behind Aeger again,


Mechrin, disgusted by Groogo's hug has asked to impossible of Cyinder and is now hiding behind Aeger

Metal Gear Rex
October 10th, 2009, 21:06
Entry #2-The Giant Beast

"Hello Warlock, me Groogo! You name?" Groogo, the Bile Demon, asked Crystice. "I'm Crystice... can you talk in proper English? I know Bile Demons aren't the smartest but at least make an effort," Crystice answered simply, but then glared at Groogo and got up to his face, "And if you ever hurt my Lord Keeper, then I'll kill you personally... got that?"

Idiot #2. These are coming in fast... how convinent...

Crystice pushed Groogo out of the way as much as she could before leaving the Dungeon Heart. She began heading for Mechrin, Cinder, and Aegor. She first spotted Merchrin up on his feet, and laughed to herself.

"Ah, my dear good friend warlock, how are you doing? You're not crying anymore, are you?" Crystice gave Merchrin a sweet sarcastic smile at first but it turned more cruel as she continued speaking, "Who are these two? And don't tell me you were the ones making such a noise while I spoke to his Majesty! Are you!?"

I hope these aren't stupid either.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Angry
Job: Questioning Mechrin, Cinder, and Aegor
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the path between the Portal and the Treasury with Mechrin, Cinder, and Aegor.

Summery: She met Groogo, sorta insulted him, and questioned Mechrin, Cinder, and Aegor about the noise.

October 10th, 2009, 21:17
"N-no! That was... err.. the bile demon that just scooted past, horrible thing, you could kill it you know.-NoDon't!"

Mechrin realised he may have said the wrong thing. He also did not want Crystice to know he had just asked for Cynder's cloths. Doing the only thing he could possibly do to assure such a thing would not be mentioned Mechrin entered an elaborate mime routine to tell Cynder to keep his mouth shut.

...I-if it was okay with him of course!

October 10th, 2009, 21:46
After Michrin was touched by the bile Demon, he was jumping all around. Cinder thought it was lice or something.

After all the jumping, he stoped and shyly asked Cinder Nooooo! This is terrible! Um. Umm. Ummm-you! Warlock buddy! Could I... err... umm, would it be okay... if, ahhh, I... eep, took, your, clothes...?"

Then jumped behind the goblin. Aparently he's not the bravest Warlock, cinder said in his mind.

Um... I'm gonna go back to the library before something else comes by and starts to act wierd.

So, Cinder Rushed back to lirbary, and was searching for a book on the lightning spell. He found one, and began to skim through it to see if there was anything new he didn't already know.

Name: Cinder
Level: 2 XDD
Mood: Confused, Horified, and just plain annoiyed
Did: Met some more new creatures, and hoped more idiots don't come out (he didn't say "idiot", but I'm sure its implied)

October 10th, 2009, 22:01
"No don't leave me!" Mechrin realized Crystice was still watching him. "We, err, were interrogating this deranged goblin, umm yeah, and I pointed out to him that we can archive our goals quicker if we bombard the goblin with terrifying questions in a pair! And, and,"

Aeger was looking at him! Oh dark dogs I need to say sorry and apologize! But I can't let.. her, see me.

"But that warlock was, err, foolish and left before the job was done! How, umm, RUDE of him! I lernt every thing there is to know about this goblin my self! He's uhh, a nice guy, to reason to dislike him or anything. Certainly no reason to kill him!" Ah ha! No body can dislike some one that's has said it's a bad idea to kill you!

Mechrin told Crystice that he and Cyinder was interrogating Aeger, but Cyinder was lazy and walked off and that it turns out that Aeger is a nice chap after all!

October 10th, 2009, 22:11
Aeger starts getting a little upset and grumbles "deranged?"

Aeger then steps in and adds a little information about mechrin, "And this warlock here claims to be your master, but i still don't know exactly what he is ruling."

Aeger's stomach grumbles quite loudly.

"I am hungry, where are the beatles and flys?"

Health: 430/93.33%
Temperment: Hungry
Occupation: Small-Talking

October 10th, 2009, 22:15
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo stood there.


Groogo sighs, then talks to himself.

"Crystice bossy. Me hate bossy creats! Smash later, create traps! Traps, Doors! Saw Workshop, go there me!"

Groogo goes down the hallway again and stops where Crystice, a Goblin and a jumpy Warlock stood, listening to the jumpy Warlock.

"Foolish Warlock? Me thought Warlocks smart. Groogo no care, creating Groogo do now. ...What door creats want? Or trap?"Groogo asked the group.

"I am hungry, where are the beatles and flys?"

"Me no see Beetle nor Fly, Hatchery good chickens. What trap or door want?"

Health : 100%
Groogo asking creats what create.
Level : 1
Mood : Normal
Efficiency: 80%

Metal Gear Rex
October 10th, 2009, 22:22
Entry #3-Sleeping Beauty

Jeez, that warlock didn't even notice me. How rude. Stupid man. But now, I refuse to waste my time on these two.

"No don't leave me!" Mechrin called out to the other warlock, then looked back at Crystice and became really nervous, "We, err, were interrogating this deranged goblin, umm yeah, and I pointed out to him that we can archive our goals quicker if we bombard the goblin with terrifying questions in a pair! And, and..."

"But that warlock was, err, foolish and left before the job was done! How, umm, RUDE of him! I learnt every thing there is to know about this goblin my self! He's uhh, a nice guy, to reason to dislike him or anything. Certainly no reason to kill him!" Mechrin told Crystice, who was rather amused.

"What's your problem? Why are you so nervous!? And stop lying! I don't like liers. And idiot can see you are lying. I'm not going to waste my time on you, warlock!" Crystice told Mechrin with a mean glare, "Out of my way!"

Crystice shoved Mechrin away from her as she walked by him, and then proceded to leave for the Lair. She ignored everything else, and focused mainly on getting her lair set up. She arrived shortly, and looked around at the other creature lairs.

These lairs are a total disgrace! They look like they could fall apart if I tried to sleep in them!

Crystice moved to an unused corner spot and created her lair. It was a rather larger. A double bunker with a blue and purple design on it in perfect condition. It was sheltered by ice. It took up 4 lair tile spaces. The entrance was carved out.

On the inside of the bunker were piles and piles of books that were favored by both Fyoke and herself. Crystice went inside and touched the bottom bunker and sighed.

Oh my dear, Fyoke... why aren't you dead yet?

Crystice remained on this thought, along with a few other memories, for a few minutes before she snapped back into reality. Crystice felt sad from the memories, and then decided to take a short nap in her lair. She climbed into the bottom, and shut her eyes.

She seemed more likeable in this state, now that she was not yelling at anyone. Crystice turned to her side, letting her hair face the entrance. She fell asleep within a few short minutes.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Sad
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 0
Location: In her lair, sleeping.

Summery: She talked to Mechrin, and left for the lair. She went to sleep.

October 10th, 2009, 22:24
Aeger starts getting a little upset and grumbles "deranged?"

Aeger then steps in and adds a little information about mechrin, "And this warlock here claims to be your master, but i still don't know exactly what he is ruling."

Aeger's stomach grumbles quite loudly.

"I am hungry, where are the beatles and flys?"



Mechrin looked terrified at Crystice




"You see it's like"



"I like your hair"


"Where's my sandals?"

"Ummm, I know! Goblin! I'll Show You Where The Flys Are! Quick No Time To Lose! she's going to kill us I'll Take You There Now!"

Mechrin picked Aeger up by his ankels and ran towards anywhere as fast as he possibly could!

The Workshop

Mechrin tripped over an anvil and dropped Aeger.

"Well, that went well" Mechrin ran to the nearest corner and hunched in to a ball and wobbled.

October 10th, 2009, 22:41

After looking through the book, he found nothing diffrent. He checked all the books, and saw that the spell was simple and only 1 book was needed to learn about it.

he waited a few minutes for the Mentor to say the spell was researched, but nothing. Maybe the keeper will notice, he said. I'm gonna wait untill he says what's next.

So, he desided to go warnder around the dungeon untill the keeper came back to tell him what was next to research. Wounderin why the mentor never said why the spell wasn't done?

Name: cinder
Level: 2
Mood: Idle
Did: Finished the spell, and is waiting for the keeper to notice

October 10th, 2009, 22:55
Groogo the Bile Demon

Watching the creatures walk away from him, not even answering his question, Groogo got slightly angry.

"...Sentry be it."

Groogo made his way to the Workshop and observed everything, noticing the Jumpy Warlock from before and the Goblin. Holding back a roar of anger, he ignored them and started working on a Sentry.

Health : 100%
Groogo making Sentry.
Level : 1
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

October 11th, 2009, 00:06
As Aeger was dropped in the workshop, he quickly heard the slam of hammers. He got somewhat excited and whirled around untill he saw a bile demon attempting to create a sentry turret.

"Hey! I love sentry turrets! They go 'round and stuff! We had one in our cave once, we had tons of fun playing dodge the shot with it!" Aeger exclaims, while hopping onto a nearby unused anvil.

"What else can you make? I love watching people make stuff. Say, if I brought you bones could you make me stuff out of them? Like a bone sentry! That would rock. I hope we ca-....

Aeger continues rambling on for quite some time, completely oblivious of Mechrin huddling in the corner.

Health: 430/93.33%
Temperment: Excited
Occupation: Watching Groogo make a Sentry Turret

October 11th, 2009, 00:15
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo listened to all the things the Goblin said, Bone Sentry had to be one of Groogo's favorites.

"Bone Sentry? Sound good, if you get bones bring me. I can make it! Me Groogo! What you name friend?"

Status= same as before.

October 11th, 2009, 00:16
Mechrin was very distressed, he wanted to make some acquaintances that wouldn't kill him but it just didn't seem to work. Sad that the Goblin, who was probably his best friend, had forgotern him Mechrin wondered north and found,

The training room.

"Well, I'll guess I'll just have to buff up and kill every one else then."

"Wait, what am I saying? I should aim to buff up so it takes people longer to kill me! That's why Keeper Domestic tried to infect me with the black death by having me clear out the animals all the time, because I set too high targets for my self!"

Mechrin started training by idlely tapping a dummy with the end of his plastic staff. "Why would hell hounds poop so much? They have two heads not bottoms. To spite me probably, they probably thought 'Hay! Lets screw over Mechrin by pooping all over the place all the time, Ha-He-Ha-He-Ho!"

Mechrin is training in the training room, he looks sad, also, disgusted at the thought of poop, Think Of The Germs!

October 11th, 2009, 00:28
"I am Aeger! If i knew how to get back to the cave where my parents are, I could bring tons of bones but too bad. I'll be sure to find some somewhere! Wait... Didn't somone mention chickens? Maybe we could kill enough for their bones and make a bone sentry!"

Aeger gets really really excited with the prospect of the bone gathering.

"You wanna do it?!"

Health: 430/93.33%
Temperment: Excited
Occupation: Making a Friend.

October 11th, 2009, 00:35
Groogo the Vile Demon

"Sure! Aeger Groogo's friend! Bring bones here, I'll make it!" Groogo happily bellowed.

Status: Same. (I are lazy.)

October 11th, 2009, 00:58

after wandering around,waiting for the dungeon keeper to acknowledge his work, he walked into the workshop.

He saw a bile demon smashing on some metal, and a gobline jumping up and down on an anvil.

Has this realm gone downhill. You guys need to prepair. An attack could happen any minute.

Name: Cinder
Level: 2
Mood: Idle and furious
Did: Yelled at Groogo and Aeger for playing and not getting ready for an attack.

October 11th, 2009, 01:07
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo stops, and turns to face Cinder.

"Me making Sentry, help defend Keeper. You no worker, Workshop not for you. Get out or me SMASH!" Groogo yells back.

Groogo makes a angry bellow, then returns back to work on the Sentry.

Status = Same... (I won't post status until something big happened.)

Metal Gear Rex
October 11th, 2009, 01:33
Entry #4-Research

Crystice slowly cracked her eyes open, and then rolled out of bed. She collasped onto the floor, which woke her up a bit. She rubbed her eyes before getting up.

Those were an odd set of dreams... I guess I should go research something for the great Lord Keeper.

Crystice then began making her way to the Library. She made it to a three-way interception, one path led to the Hatchery, and the other to the Library. Crystice thought it wouldn't hurt to grab a chicken, and so she did. Afterwards, she headed for the Library.

Hmm... now what should I research? What has the Master Keeper already have done by his lesser creatures?

Crystice looks around for a record book that usually the imps record the research data on. She finally found it in a corner. She opened it up and was quite baffled.

What? Only one room... and it's the Workshop!? Well no wonder! With useless creatures like those warlocks running around, how's anything going to get done!? I'm going to have to do something myself.

Crystice searches around for a book of Bridges, since this land does have a lava river. The Library wasn't organized by Alphabetical Order. This irritated Crystice a bit. She eventually found three books about bridges.

Finally... "Bridges", "How to Build Bridges" "Getting Your Imps to Do All the Work: Building Bridges". This last one is short... and it's a series? Who is so weak that they need imps to do work? The Dungeon Keeper should be the only exception as he physically can't do it himself!

Crystice set the "Getting Your Imps to Do All the Work: Building Bridges" book and focused on the other two.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Balanced
Job: Researching
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the corner of the Library, researching

Summery: She woke up and went to the Library to research.

October 11th, 2009, 02:20

Well, while I wait, I might as well go do something, Cinder said to himself.

Fine, he said to Groogo, I'll leave. Just make sure that you are ready when we get invaded.

He left to go back to the library, where he saw yet another warlock. Man, 3 warlocks, but no trolls, how does that work out.

He tried taking out some books out of the shelves and reorganising them in alphabetical order by subject.

Name: Cinder
Level: 2
Mood: Determined, and patient
Did: Walked out of the workshop and back into the library to re organize all the books, almost completly ignoring Crystice.

October 11th, 2009, 02:33
Aeger's stomach soon let out a massive roar, and Aeger departed the workshop, heading north in search of food. Instead, he came across a room full of humanoid figures.

"Who are you!?" Aeger asks.
No reply.
"This place is strange...."
He finishes looking through the room, and notices an exit to the west, so he heads through. He then see's all of these tiny yellow creatures, clucking around. He decided to taste one. He picked it up, and toar a leg off while it was still alive, this cause tons of clucking, so he bashed the rest of the chicken against the wall, and began to taste the leg.
"What is this divine creature!? It tastes like human!"
He goes over to the body of the chicken, and swallows it in one gulp. He then regrets it as a bone gets caught in his throat. His vision starts to go black and he passes out on the floor, and his throat hit a small ledge, dislodging the bone.

Health: 18/4%
Temperment: Hungry still
Occupation: Passed-Out

Metal Gear Rex
October 11th, 2009, 02:38
OOC-Don't really feel much like posting, so this might suck a bit...

Entry #5-Cinder the Warlock

"...to crossing hazards such as lava. But also allow the imps to claim the territory beyond the lava. These were first crafted by the curious dwarves long ago..." Huh?

Crystice heard the shaking of a bookcase, and went to investigate. She found Cinder, researching. He must have carelessly removed the book from the shelf and caused the slight shake.

"Hey, warlock. Are you the one who caused that noise?" she asked him and then reconized him as the rude warlock from before, "Wait a minute, you're that rude little warlock who walked away while I was talking earlier, weren't you!?"

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Annoyed
Job: Talking to Cinder
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Library with Cinder

Summery: She was reading when she heard a noise of the bookshelf, and found Cinder.

October 11th, 2009, 02:56
"Hey, warlock. Are you the one who caused that noise?" she asked him and then reconized him as the rude warlock from before, "Wait a minute, you're that rude little warlock who walked away while I was talking earlier, weren't you!?"

What, I don't remember anyone tring to talk to me earlier. Now, if you don't mind, I'm tring to organize all these books while I wait to see what the keeper thinks of my work.

So, he went back to shfeling and reshelving the books.

Nothing new, really.

Metal Gear Rex
October 11th, 2009, 03:59
Chapter Eleven: Bone Throttlers

Roach leaped up and down from his spot. He was so happy that he finally reached level 2. He hopped like a little child.

I did it! I did it!

Ohh... but now I'm hungry...

Roach began wandering over to the Hatchery. He didn't notice the goblin passed out nearby, he was too hungry.

Let's see... one, two, three... I'll just take them all!

Roach dived for a chicken and squished it. He thought of pancakes, and then saw a torch. Fried chicken also sounded nice. Roach grabed a chicken and then tossed it over at a torch. It caught fire and fell to the ground. Roach leaped for it and caught it. He put out the fire by sitting on the chicken.

Roach saw another and dashed at it, then he caught it and cut off its head with his pinchers. Now he saw another, and squished it. This time, he rolled it up and squeezed out all the blood.

Awesome! Four chickens! Flat Chicken, Fried Chicken, Juice Chicken, and Chicken Roll! Huzzah! Yummy...

Roach then gathered them and ate them in the order they were made. He laid on his back shell and relaxed. Suddenly he heard movement from a twitch of the goblin. Roach then noticed the goblin, and worse realized there was a bone in its neck!

Goblin!? Oh god, oh god... is it dead? No it twitched... oh god, oh god... is it dead? No it... wait I just! Crap crap crap... what do I do? Crap crap crap... I must crap! Yes! Wait... no... that isn't right... Save him! Ahh!! How?

With breif memory of Cinder, Roach remembered what he did to him in the Training Room and then ran to the goblin and proceeded to hop on his stomach. Roach stared at him with his little bug eyes.

Oh god! It didn't work! What do I do? What do I do? Large jump!

Roach then jumped up to the Hatchery pole, and kicked off and was able to touch the cieling. He then came crashing down on the goblin. It didn't work.

Oh no! Oh no! It didn't work!! Maybe I crushed his stomach and killed him!? Ahhh!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!??

In a wild panic, Roach runs wild around the Hatchery, stepping and killing chickens as he went along. He ran wildly around the dungeon, screaming aloud. He managed to make his way to the Workshop, and saw a giant Bile Demon. He thought of asking for assistance, but he seemed busy. Roach got his attentch by trying to tackle him.

"I'msorryfordisturbingyoubutagoblinischokingintheHa tcheryItriedtohelphimbutIthinkImadeitworseandkille dhimpleasehelpme!!" Roach realized he was speaking way to fast and began to roll on the ground in panic, "I THINK I KILLED THE GOBLIN!!! HE WAS CHOKING AND I THINK I MADE IT WORSE!!!!"

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Panicked
Job: Panicking to Groogo the Bile Demon
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Workshop with Groogo.

Summery: Roach reached level 2, but got hungry. He found some chickens, and after he ate 4 he noticed Aeger passed out. He panicked and tried to help him but thought he made it worse. He ran around the dungeon, screaming, and ended up in the Workshop. He asked Groogo for help.

Metal Gear Rex
October 11th, 2009, 04:12
Entry #6-The Passed Out Goblin

"Hah! What work!?" Crystice sneered, "And how could you not notice me talking to that nervous other worthless warlock and the gob-" "AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" Roach's scream echoed the dungeon. "Argh! What is it now!?" Crystice questioned.

It came from the Hatchery... might as well go and pick up a chicken while I'm at it... I am pretty hungry.

Crystice exited the Library and found Aegor passed out. Quickly she ran to him and then stared.

Yup... he's not sleeping... I wonder if he's alive.

Crystice listened and found a heartbeat and pulse. She then proceeded give mouth to mouth, but when that didn't work. She then decided to use some magic and after a minute she managed to successfully save Aegor. She then backed away from him as he opened his eyes.

Eww.... goblin breath... Maybe a chicken will get this stetch out of my mouth... disgusting...

Crystice grabbed a chicken and quickly ate it, enjoying the flavors before she gulped it down. Then she glared at the goblin.

"Next time, don't choke," she said simply, keeping the glare, "Your breath smells terrible... I don't want to have to smell it again..."

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Annoyed
Job: Getting the breath of goblin out of her mind
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Hatchery, with Aegor.

Summery: Crystice investigated Roach's scream, and then found Aegor and used mouth to mouth unsuccessfully, and finally succeddd by using magic to obtain the bone. She critisized Aegor on his bad breath.

October 11th, 2009, 11:59
The Training Room

Mechrin was putting such a feeble effort into tapping the dummy that a lot of the taps didn't even reach the rusty helmet.

"Oh yes, any one else would just love for me to swing at you fully Dummy, training is a lot of fun until a dummy swing round and decapitated you with a sword! Your headless body wonders around desperately trying to find the lair only to walk strait into an arrow some dark elf Failed to remove after use! And then you finally find the door to the lair but then the Heavy Iron Door slams down and cuts you in half length ways!

All the while your head is sitting on the tiled floor forced to watch this horror and he's crying and crying and No Amount Of Counselling Will Enable Him To Forget That!"

Mechrin didn't notice the beetle leave or Aeger walk through the room.

"Only Me! Mechrin can see the BLATANT infringements of safety protocol! I'll fix this training room my self!" Mechrin stopped training and got to work. He conjured woollen mittens and put them over all the dummies' weapons, and drew comforting smiling faces on all the rusty helmets.

"Much better! No I can live with out terror! I should tell lovely blue haired warlock of my vallient victory! "

Mechrin walked out of the training room to the hatchery- and then quickly ran back into the training room before Crystice could have seen him. "Maybe I'll do that later! My time is worth a lot and I need to spend it wisely training! Yes.. eeep."

Mechrin continued to train on the now child friendly Training dummies.

Mechrin made the training dummies safer to use, and almost walked into the hatchery before realizing who was in there, he is still training, nearly level two woo!

October 11th, 2009, 14:26
OCC - Woops :(

Aegor snapped back into consiousness and wildly looks around. His throat hurt and he had a headache. He got up a little to quickly and his vision started blurring, so he leaned on the wall and it soon went away.

"You saved me, didn't you? Thank you."

Aegor then stumbles into the hatchery, but he was so weak that he didn't notice where he was going, and managed to land in a beutiful large bed. He had soon fallen asleep. He hadn't gone potty in awhile, and he was having dreams about runnin water.

Health: 18/4%
Temperment: Grateful
Occupation: Sleeping

October 11th, 2009, 14:28
Mechrin found him self enveloped in a wonderful light!

Mechrin is now level 2! ...for doing more or less nothing for a while.

"Bright un-enclosed lights!? That's a Fire Hazard! Think of all the death and destruction that could happen if a creature levelled whist in a gasses area! It's a wonder Bile Demons don't spontiniously combust when they level!" Mechrin quickly checked there were no bile demons to hear that, and then gave a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his brow.

Mechrin looked at his scrawny hand and tried to acclimatize it to the realm so he could create a fire ball. *poof*

"OW THAT'S HOT GET IT OFF ME GET IT OFF ME!" Mechrin waves his arm about whist shielding his eyes with his other arm, suddenly his hand felt cool again. Mechrin looked up.

"Oh No! THE WOOLLEN MITTENS ARE ON FIRE!!" threwout the training room cutesy child friendly dummies bust into flames and and the previously quit room was engulfed in chaos. "NoNoNoNoNoNoNo! I've killed us all! I'm going to die!"

The Mentor: Keeper, a Warlock is unhappy because he is being roasted alive.

The Hatchery

Mechrin burst in, a lick of flame billowing from the training room followed him. He doubled over and wheezed.

Mechrin levelled and set the whole Training room on fire, he is now in the Hatchery panting like a dog.

October 11th, 2009, 15:38
Groogo the Biley Vile Demon

Groogo listened to the Beetle.

"You killed Aegor?! Friend killed friend!?"

Groogo picks up the Beetle with one hand.

"If friend are dead, ME SMASH YOU."

When they entered the Hatchery...

"Hmm... Groogo no see dead Goblin. You lie to Groogo? Or... was joke? No funny joke, try again."

Groogo drops the Beetle. Since he was here, he grabbed two chickens, stuck his hands in them and ripped out their bones, then ate the remains.

"Chicken without bones. Not bad." Groogo mumbled to itself.

Groogo shrugs, and with the bones in hand, returned to the Workshop.

"Bones not strong, extra Sentry armor? Sound good. Groogo try. After done, me hug friends goooooooooood."

Health: 100%
Groogo making Sentry in Woorkshop.
Mood: Happy

Metal Gear Rex
October 11th, 2009, 16:18
Chapter Twelve: Chicken Bones

"You killed Aegor?! Friend killed friend!?" Groogo questiond the frightened beetle, who simply responded, "B-B-But I didn't! I mean I don't think I did... maybe I did! It was an accident! I don't know! PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!"

Groogo picked up Roach who screamed, "AAHHH!! I DON'T WANNA BE EATEN!!!" ""If friend are dead, ME SMASH YOU," Groogo told Roach after before dropping him.

I wonder what's worse... being eaten or smashed by a Bile Demon... oh god I hope he isn't dead!! I DON'T WANNA BE EATEN!!!

Panicked and shaking, Roach led Groogo into the Hatchery and they found Aegor alive. Roach wasn't sure if he should be relieved or confused.

"Hmm... Groogo no see dead Goblin. You lie to Groogo?" Groogo questioned Roach, who replied, "N-No... he was just..." "Or... was joke? No funny joke, try again," Groogo told Roach. Roach looked down before asking, "What happens when you cross a Bile Demon and a Beetle? A Giant BEETLE!!"

Roach wasn't sure how this was funny, but he was told to try again. He was also too scared to think of anything decent. Though Groogo seemed to ignore him, Roach watched Groogo collect some bones.

"Umm... why do you need those chicken bones? Do you wanna make a wish?" Roach asked and patiently awaited a reply.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Calm
Job: Speaking and watching Groogo pick up bones
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Hatchery with Groogo.

Summery: Roach was frightened by Groogo who was mad because he thought he killed Aegor, and then they found out Aegor was alive. Roach asked why Groogo was collecting bones.

Metal Gear Rex
October 11th, 2009, 23:27
(OOC-Yes I got permission with Evi for the double post)

Chapter Thirteen: The Secret to the Workshop

"Aegor, Goblin friend, gave idea. Bone Sentry. You help?" Groogo asked. "Sure!" Roach jumped over excitedly to the Bile Demon, "Sounds like fun! But I... I can't even build a wooden door?"

"Me teach you." Groogo rumbled, "But now, go collect bones, after done, me teach you then." "Yay! Let's start the bone collecting!"

Roach then begins hopping on chickens and cutting their heads off. Then he pulls the bones out and ate the chicken remains. He spotted three more chicken victims, and they all had a similar fate. Groogo entered the Hatchery to see how many bones had been collected. He looked at all the bones collected, he let out a pleased bellow.

"That 'nough. Groogo teach you now. To Workshop." Groogo commanded before Roach hopped on Groogo's head, "Forward!"

Groogo led Roach to the Workshop, once they entered, Groogo forgot to ask Roach his name.

"Me forgot. Me Groogo! What Beetle's name?" Groogo asked Roach and recieved a simple reply, "Roach!" Groogo nodded. "Groogo happy to meet Roach. Me teach now."

Groogo began teaching Roach of all the ways of making a good, sturdy door to the ways of making a proper trap.

"Secret of building, are-" Groogo started out...


"-that be secret. No tell nonWorkshoppers, okay friend?" Groogo finished. "Alright, now we need to build that Sentry Trap!" Roach told him excitedly. "Me got most done, not long till done." Groogo happily jiggled.

Groogo and Roach began working on the Sentry Trap. Before they knew it, the Sentry was almost finished.

"Now bones make extra Sentry Armor! Also make look imitating, scares puny weak heroes!" Groogo bellowed.

Groogo started clicking the bones together, and made it circle the Sentry Trap. He used the two Skulls he got from the first two chicken and placed them on the Sentry's firing place.

"Sentry done, me wonder where Keeper put it. Thank Roach, me couldn't made fancy Sentry," Groogo said. Roach grinned, "Yay!"

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Completed Bone Sentry Trap
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Workshop with Groogo.

Summery: Roach and Groogo gathered some bones from chickens and made a Sentry Trap with an extra armor out of bones after Groogo told Roach the secret to the Workshop.

October 12th, 2009, 00:02
Aegor tossed and turned in his slumber, obviously dreaming.

"Son, you are dead to us if you leave!"
"Why should I stay here and die the same way as everyone else here will? There has to be something more to us being here then just being born and dieing!"
"You impudent fool! I won't let you leave"
Aeger hears a weapon being brandished
"Your dagger wont affect my decision"
"You are wrong there"
Aeger winces in his sleep as his father jumps at him in his dream, but watches himself grab his father's throat.
"You have no power over me"

Aeger suddenly wakes up, drenched in sweat, and slowly gets up.
"Father why do you haunt me, you brought it down on yourself!"
Aeger moves to the Hatchery, grabs a chicken, and eats it piece by piece instead of all at once. He then moves to the Workshop through the lair. He see's a menacing cannon, with chicken bones and skulls on it, and shudders slightly.

"Groogo! You have done better than i would have ever imagined! Who is this beatle friend of yours?"

He goes up to it and admires it closer.

"Whoever messes with us will have fun explaining it to this thing!"

October 12th, 2009, 02:36
Cinder was reorginizing all the books in the library in alphabetical order by subject.

Ok, so the Bloody Death goes in entertainment, and Bridges of Wood goes in either rooms or terrain crossing.

Just then, he picked up another book titled Lightning Strike for the Evil. he never read this book, so he skimed through the book and found some neat stuff. He sat down and began reading, ignoring the big mess of books.

Found out theres still more about the lightning spell than he first thought.

Metal Gear Rex
October 12th, 2009, 05:18
Chapter Fourteen: The New Generation Workshop Team

"Me Roach!" Roach hops up and down exitedly, "Who are you? Are you the goblin who I think I killed but didn't really but probably still made worse?" "You... Tried killing me?" Aeger asked him before looking around, "Are you joking? It's not funny if you are!"

"NO! Roach tried to save! Failed... tried to jump on stomach but messed up. Did high jump and think I'z killed..." "Groogo not know what really happened, but what done are done. All friends now!" Groogo rumbled.

Groogo opened his arms, about to hug every single thing in the Workshop.

"GROUP HUG!!!" Aeger jumps into Groogo's arms and pulls Roach along with him, "I wonder where our other friends are..." "Roach likes fuzzy!" Roach shouted randomly, "What friends? Me friends with fast fly and red demon spawn!"

"Red Demon Spawn? Sound like friend to me! Fly friend? Me no really like Flies, but Fly you friend, Fly my friend!" Groogo's expression grows slightly darker, "Demon Spawn and Fly not bossy, right?"

"No bossy! Fly is Lena, Demon Spawn is Grith. Oh and Cinder! Cinder is warlock, no bossy!" Roach told Groogo before climbing Groogo's head, "Groogo has comfy safe head..."

"Well his head is your throne then! I lost my helmet back in the caves when I escaped-I mean left... it was a nice helmet too..." Aeger seemed to sadden a bit.

Aeger lighted up shortly after, "But anyways, Mr. Roach, you have to be the strangest creature I have ever met. That's not a bad thing of course. I wonder how many other creatures are here though. Are there more doors like the one I came through?"

Uhh... Mr. Roach? Heh... I am Mr. Roach! Bow down subjects! Heee! But Mr. doesn't sound good with me...

"Er... Roach is fine... Just Roach," Roach told him and then asked, "Have you heard of "Tiki Smashing Day"? The only door I've seen is the one I made which was basically a block of wood... I burned it though..." "Ugoo! Speaking doors, make one Groogo shall! Aeger, Roach, want help Groogo make door?" Groogo smiled.

"Sure!" Roach hopped up from Groogo's head to Aeger's, "Let's get started!" Aeger looks a little frightened, "You mean I get to... make stuff?"

Aeger began to get nervous, "Does it have the possibility to explode? I'm not very good at making things..."

"Doors no explode, Traps explode if lava are in it. You not good builder? No worry, Groogo taught Roach how build, me and Roach can teach you too!" "Hyhah!" Roach shouted. "Okay then, where is the wood?" Aeger asked.

Aeger turns around in circles looking and eventually gets a little dizzy.

Groogo shrugs, "All me know is wood appear when a creat hits Anvil." Groogo yawned before continuing to speak, "We make door later, Groogo not get sleep in long time."

"Me neither..." Roach yawned and then jumped back onto Groogo's head, "To the Lair!"

Groogo heads for the Lair with Roach on his head. Both went to thier own lairs to sleep. Aeger is dissapointed with his friends going to sleep, but he decided to get ahead in the lesson, and try making a door.

"Well he said all I have to do is hit the anvil..." Aeger whispered to himself.

Aeger pounds the anvil with his hands, and magically pieces of wood appear. As he pounds more, he notices they form a small figure shaped like a goblin.

"Hmmm... That's odd," Aeger whispered to himself.

Aeger's stomach grumbles.

"Now where are those pesky chickens...?"Aeger asked himself.

Aeger heads off to the Hatchery for food.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 250/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Lair

Summery: Roach, Groogo, and Aeger talked for a while, then Roach and Groogo went to sleep. Then Aeger went to go eat.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 12th, 2009, 12:39
*grith falls back on the floor*

OH MY!!! i eated soo much... that was delicious... i think im gonna explode... like... KABOOM!!!... not really...

*Grith gets up and starts looking around*

wait a minute... my common sense is tingling... i think someone just said my name...

*After looking around Grith found nothing*

oh well... i think nobody loves me anymore :(

*Grith starts thinking for a while*

hmmm... maybe its because i am not strong enough... YES!!! OF COURSE!!! i need to get supahpowastongahindaunivars!!! (dont try to read it... its not wort it)

*Grith as lightning speed heads toward the training room and starts training with as fast and hard as he can*

i must do it... I AM THE CHAMPION!!!... I AM THE EYE OF THE TIGER!!!

Grith starts training at the training room using all his strenght
Health: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Happy (thats the closest to "sad" he will ever get)
Efficiency: 90%

October 12th, 2009, 20:24
threwout the training room cutesy child friendly dummies bust into flames and and the previously quit room was engulfed in chaos

The Hatchery

Mechrin was stuffing his face with chickens as comfort food, what with the trauma of the Training room catching fire, he looked into the roaring inferno when he saw a red... well, something fast, dash into the flames.

"That creature is going to be burnt alive, I wonder if I could have it's lair after it's died? Oh wait, What am I saying!?" Mechrin raised his voice so that Grith could hear him over the roaring flames: "Don't Go In There! The Whole Room Is On Fire! I'll Save You!"


Mechrin stood their and did nothing. "Haha! once it pulls it's self out it will be so thankful of my heroics it will help me steal a better lair!"

Mechrin continued to fill his mouth with chickens as he watched the demonspawn run around the flaming room. "I must be the greatest dungeon dweller ever!"

Mechrin shouted to Girth than Girth was in a room full of fire, and did nothing hoping that girth would pull him self out and that he'd get a lovely new lair for his heroic efforts

Metal Gear Rex
October 13th, 2009, 00:43
Entry #7-Utter Silent Brawk!

"You saved me, didn't you?" Aeger asked Crystice, "Thank you."

Crystice merely snorted and then Groogo entered the Hatchery accomponied by Roach.

Oh great, not that ugly thing... and what is that!? Eww, a bug. Such worthless creatures only deserve to be squished!

After a bit, they all left, including Aeger.

Well I'm all alone. Why is this so familiar?

Crystice sat down cross-legged and shut her eyes. She contiued to rest and rest... Suddenly she opened her eyes and found a chicken on her lap. She pet it a few times before eating it. She saw the goblin returned, and then heard the voice of a familiar warlock.

"Don't Go In There! The Whole Room Is On Fire! I'll Save You!" shouted Mechrin. Crystice hisses silently at him.

Oh great... that worthless piece of...

"Haha! once it pulls it's self out it will be so thankful of my heroics it will help me steal a better lair!" Mechrin shouted.

What in hell is he talking about? He's always so nervous it irritates the hell out of me! Wait... I wonder...

Mechrin began filling himself with chickens as Crystice got up, apparently unnoticed by Mechrin.

"I must be the greatest dungeon dweller ever!" Mechrin shouted.

Don't flatter yourself...

"You're not the greatest, I AM!!" Crystice suddenly shouted at Mechrin, "But... I'm in a good mood at the moment... And I hear you want a better lair. Mine is made for two, think you can handle it?"

Nothing could compare to Crystice's dark evil grin towards Mechrin. She patiently awaited for his amusing answer.

Come on out and say what you want... if you have the guts my little puppet...

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Amused
Job: Toying with Mechrin
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Hatchery with Mechrin

Summery: Crystice sat cross-legged and fell asleep for a few minutes and then woke up with a chicken on her. She ate it after petting it, and then noticed Mechrin. She was irritated but then began to wonder why Mechrin was so nervous. She decided to toy with him by first claiming to be the greatest and not Mechrin, then invited him to sleep in the same lair as she.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 13th, 2009, 19:17
*Grith hear someone calling him and desided to go to the hatchery*

wait did you just said something?

*Grith hears that the training room its on fire*

ooohhh... i get it... its like... on fire... with fire...i mean... REAL fire... that explains a lot and yet soo little...


ITS ON FIRE!!!!!!!! *Grith suddenly pulls out of nowhere a firefighter hat and runs into the training room hitting everything in the room in hopes that it will put out the fire*

FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIIIIIRE!!!!!!! *Grith continue shouting fire while hitting everything uberly fast in the training room* THE BURN ITS EVIL!!!! AND YET SOO WARM AND YET SOO EVIL!!!!! EVIL IS GOOD!!!! D8

Grith went to the hatchery, listened to Mechrin and went back to the training room to hit everything.
HP: 100%
Level: 1
Mood: Helping
Efficiency: 90%

October 13th, 2009, 21:04
Lena the Fly and Groogo the Bile Demon

Lena finally wakes up, with a arrow still stuck in her wing, She begins chewing on it until it broke in two.

Almost at the same time, Groogo wakes up.

"BZZZZZZT! I'll show show those Heroes who who they are messing with!" Lena buzzed angerily.

Groogo looks at Lena, with a confused look.

"Groogo no find Heroes, what Fly talk bout?"

Lena stares back at Groogo.

"Shuddap LardO! I gotta gotta train to beat those Heroes!"

Groogo ignored the insult.

"Groogo might well train too, stronger Groogo, better Workshop stuff."

Lena sighs, and heads for the Training Room to train with Groogo following her, until...[/I]

"...Bzzt? Why is the the Training Room on on fire?"

"Groogo confused too. why Train Room fired?" Groogo said with a bit of a snarl, he was not pleased to know that he cannot train to get stronger right now.

Health: 70%
Is in the Hatchery, asking why the Training Room is on fire.
Level: 2
Mood: Puzzled
Efficiency: 80%

Metal Gear Rex
October 14th, 2009, 12:56
Chapter Fifteen: Fire Fire Fire!

Roach's eyes slowly cracked open as he got up from inside his lair and stretched. Nachos was sleeping beside him. Roach yawned and got out of his lair. Nachos woke up and followed similar steps before getting out of Roach's lair too.

Ahh... tis a good day...

Nachos wagged his tail and rubbed his two heads against Roach's.

Aye... let's see what mighty prey ye can catch today...

Roach shook his head and threw himself at the wall.

Woah... that was weird dream... Alright Nachos! It's time to train!

Nachos barked a few times and Roach jumped on him and began riding him over to the Training Room. In reality, however, it was actually a poor imp who was passing by.

"Wheee!!" Roach shouted as he took several side-trips before reaching the Training Room by the Hatchery entrance. "G-Get it off! Off! Get off of me!!" the imp continuously squealed as Roach road him, "Help! Ahhhh!!" "Faster!" Roach told him as he traveled.

Nachos stopped in front of the burning Training Room and Roach got off him. Nachos/imp began running into the fire. Nachos/imp were trying to stop the fire.

Don't do it Nachos! I'm coming for you!!

Roach ran into the burning Training Room and his shell got caught on fire. He panicked and ran. Unfortunately another victim imp was making his way to put out the fire. Roach jumped on him and set him screaming as he rode the imp shouting for help.

"AAAHHHH!!!" Roach and the imp both screamed. The imp was also cried, "I'm not a horse you bug!!"

The imp was panicked as he ran wildly in the dungeon. It was understandable as a beetle that was caught on fire attached himself to the imp's back. The imp began going threw the Hatchery but then went for the Library. On the step upward from the inner garden of the Hatchery, the imp tripped and Roach was launched into the air for the Library.

He was spinning vertically with incredible speeds. This got rid of the fire on him as he was in the air. He then hit a bookshelf with his back shell and the bookshelf collapsed over onto another bookshelf which crashed into another which crashed into the wall. Half of one row of bookshelves had been destroyed, it was the one at the entrance destroyed to its left.

Roach rose up from the piles of paper mess and merely whispered, "Owy..." He then collasped over with a single, "Oof!"

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 135/54%
Mood: Dazed
Job: Unconscious
Gold Held: 54
Location: Library entrance under a bunch of book shelves.

Summery: Roach woke up and he and Nachos traveled to the Burning Training Room. Reality was that he was riding an imp. The imp/Nachos ran into the burning Training Room to put it out, and Roach ran after Nachos. His shell got caught on fire and he leaped onto another imp who was going to the training room.

The imp ran wild and tripped when leaving the Hatchery. Roach flew and the spinning put out the fire on him but he crashed into the first Library bookshelf which wobbled but tipped to its left side and knocked that half of the row down.

October 14th, 2009, 19:50
The Hatchery

"You're not the greatest, I AM!!" Crystice suddenly shouted at Mechrin, "But... I'm in a good mood at the moment... And I hear you want a better lair. Mine is made for two, think you can handle it?"

This got Mechrin's attention.

The thought was beautiful, comforting, arousing, disgusting, vile, icky, and all round un-hygienic!

Think of her bed! Think Of Her Bed's Lice!


Desgusting! Mechrin felt his skin crawl, his face whiten, his trousers tighten, his chicken filled stomach turn and his body shake!

"I don't thin-" *Oomp!* "blluuUUUUUUGGGHHH!!*

The vomit leaped from his mouth like champaign from a bottle, and landed on her face with a confident (but soggy) *Splat*

It was in her hair, it was on her robes, it was on her cleavage, ummmmm, and her mouth was ever so slightly open at the time so you can guess where the rest went.

It was a disaster! Death con 5! The missiles have been launched and now we're all royally buggered! It must have been something like this that wiped out the dinosaurs!

Then suddenly Mechrin found a ozzing blob of filth that is Groogo's stomach bearing down on his tiny body asking him why the training room was on fire.

"It wasn't me! It was her!" Pointing at the now soggy Crystice "She did it! She set fire to the dungeon so we couldn't train and then vomited on her face just to sicken us!"

The thing within Mechrin that tells him that he wasn't doing it right had brutally stabbed it's self to death with a pencil 3 minuets ago.

"Sh-sh-she even asked me to bed with her! So y'know she's evil because she's a bit of a whore!"

Mechrin just stood there, eye twitching so fast he was developing premature wrinkles.

"I'll sAve yoU traiNinG roOm!?!" He belched as he launched him self into the much safer inferno.

Mechrin managed to vomit on Crystice, tell every one that she burnt the Training room, called her a nasty word and then jumped into the flaming room heroicly!

Metal Gear Rex
October 14th, 2009, 21:39
Entry #8-The Dead Warlock

""I don't thin-" Mechrin tried to say but vomited all over Crystice.

I-I... you... how dare you little rat human...

The vomit covered her frontal half of her body. And it covered EVERYWHERE. Crystice thought she even tasted some of it! She became so angry that she had a new goal.

I am going to beat the crap out of you so bad, you'll feel like my Dark Mistress...

Groogo entered the scene.

Oh great... another piece of filth.

"It wasn't me! It was her!" Mechrin pointed at Crystice who only got even angrier, "She did it! She set fire to the dungeon so we couldn't train and then vomited on her face just to sicken us!"

You lying piece of...

Crystice spit out what little vomit got in her mouth and then told Mechrin, "How stupid are you? As if I would damage his majesty's property? And why the HELL would I throw up on myself? I HATE being surrounded by such ugly filth!!"

"Sh-sh-she even asked me to bed with her! So y'know she's evil because she's a bit of a whore!" Mechrin told Groogo.

How dare you call me by such a name... I... I am going to kill you...

"Stupid warlock!!!" Crystice shouted infuriated at him, "How dare you call me a whore. The only one in my family that is a whore is my ***** of a sister... I was merely going to toy with you because I thought you liked me, but now I am going to kill you..."

Crystice created a fist so hard that she broke a few nails in the process. She no longer wanted to hit him. She didn't want to torture him. She simply wanted to see Mechrin dead on the floor. And she would save him a thousand times in order to end his life herself.

"I'll sAve yoU traiNinG roOm!?!" Mechrin shouted as he charged into the Training Room. Crystice snorted, "Yeah right, Warlock!! You're too much of a coward to do so!!! And a lyer! AND I HATE YOU!!!!!

Crystice wiped whatever vomit she could get off at the scene before pouting and stomping as she walked away. She traveled to the Treasury and kicked one of the gold bags before going to the edge of the keeper's land. She stared into the lava and an evil smirk appeared on her face.

I wonder would it would feel like if I burned that Warlock's legs off. Perhaps just push his whole body in there... I just want to kill him so badly...

Crystice felt happy now that she knew what she was going to do... but now she had to clean off all of this vomit.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Happy/Crazy Angry
Job: Cleaning herself
Gold Held: 0
Location: Edge of the keeper's land, at the lava river

Summery: Crystice yelled at Mechrin for what he did. She called him stupid and said she wanted to toy with him, but that now she was going to kill him. She screamed at him "I HATE YOU" and left. She stared at the lava river as an idea aroused in her head, then she cleaned herself of the vomit.

October 15th, 2009, 05:30

[Pffffff... Sorry for not being here earlier, I got very busy these days, going in Montreal twice and being very tired of the trips... As a result, I had to read 6 whole pages to take into consideration... *sigh* But at least, I did it!]

After saving Grith from the lava river, realize that Lena and Nuclear have left the dungeon to go saving him. Once back, I could notice they are angry.

- Sorry for wasting your time, Lena and Nuclear, but it was something I had to do myself.

Next, hear Cinder telling me that he can put some gold back or not get his next pays.

- Yup, next payday you get nothing Cinder, but for the next ones, it's half your pay. 127 gold coins is still very good for a Warlock, isn't it?

Your creatures are under attack!

- What?

Spot Lena finding a little cavern with some heroes inside and get shot by arrows to finally fall on our dungeon's area, badly damaged.

A new Warlock and a new Goblin has entered in your dungeon, master.

- Oh my... Ok. Would somebody please take care of Lena and bring her back to her Lair while I wish a warm and evilish welcome to the newcomers? Thank you!

Hurry to the new Warlock and Goblin.

- Hey, hey! Let me wish you to my domain, Crystice and Aeger! Make yourself at home!

Hear Grith yelling and smile of his very bad spoken words.

- Thanks Grith for Lena.

Watch the little fight occurring at the portal.

- AEGER! Leave Mechrin alone would you?

A new Bile Demon entered in your dungeon, master.

- A Biley this time? Great! Welcome here Groogo!

Look at the Bile Demon taking both Mechrin and Aeger and all the funny situations that follow, laughing silently. Then, later, listen to Groogo asking a question about the Workshop.

- Well, I'd like to have some Braced and Steel doors, an Alarm trap, a Fear trap and a Sentry trap would be very handy as well. If you still have time, I'd like some Spike traps as well.

A new spell has been researched, master : Lightning strike

- Lightning strike? That's not really what I wanted to get! But, huh, hmm, well, that's better than nothing... :D Thanks Cinder and any other researchers! Now please, and I hope you'll listen this time : I'd like a Guard Room, a Bridge, a SOE spell and a Speed Monster spell. I guess it should be good and easily researchable. Now, get back to work!

Later, watch Groogo and Aeger building a Bone Sentry trap and simply smile, waiting for the trap to be done. Same for Crystice that start to research for a Bridge. Grin for Nuclear to reach level 2.

Then, suddenly hear for a shout into the Hatchery with Aeger almost dead on the floor, but realize he's okay as he stand up and look at him go to the Lair for a nap. After that, smell a huge odour of smoke from the Training Room to realize that the dummies are on fire while Mechrin leave the room.

- What the... What happened??? Mechrin???

Become angry and look after Grith and Nuclear that enter the burning Training Room with an Imp. Then, look at him Mechrin vomiting on Crystice and hear him telling it's not him that put the Training Room in fire, but her.

Slap Mechrin twice.

- Don't try that with me Mechrin. If I'd have a Torture Chamber right now, I'd be pleased to place you in there for some disciplinary measures. But instead, you simply won't get your pay at the next payday.

Look at Nuclear that suddenly pop out from the Training Room and do a mess in the Library with the Imp and become way angrier.

- At the next TWO paydays instead. Now buzz off and leave me repair the damaged rooms.

Sell the Library and Training Room and build fresh new ones and turn his attention back to his fighting minions.

- Okay. Enough now. ENOUGH! No, it's not loud enough...


The shouting echoes in the whole dungeon, followed by a loud rumbling thunder, everything becoming silent, even the chicken have stopped to cheep.

- You really disappointed me, my minions. It's absolutely not the time to fight amongst yourselves. There are plenty more work to do instead. I saw, thanks to Lena, that there's a little cavern of heroes in the South of our dungeon guarding some gold pots and a special box. We'll have to take their belongings and make them prisoners or allies. But it's not with your attitudes that we'll successfully achieve that goal. It's not by standing there idly and chatting with everyone that we will win the big battle that awaits. It's not by killing your teammates that we will rule this land. You should be glad I don't send some of you into the Portal because TRUST ME, I have a real temptation to do so. If you can prove me you work well and you RESPECT your comrades, then I'll be proud of you. Otherwise, you really won't enjoy my punishments. And if you're enough unhappy, my portal is still open... but I hope it won't happen. Now, go back to work. And please, be careful not to reduce the rooms into ashes next time...

Metal Gear Rex
October 15th, 2009, 08:15
Chapter Sixteen: Sir Faithfullyeatsalot

What... happened... I feel dizzy...

Roach was hurt pretty bad by the burns and crash into the Library shelves. He felt like he was dreaming and his head was spinning wildly as his imagination got the better of him.

"Yes sir," Roach saluted the keeper in his mind, "I am sorry sir about the accident sir!" "You will get back to Training!" the keeper shouted at him, "Do you understand me!?" "Yes sir!" Roach replied.

"Now back to the Barracks!" the keeper ordered. "But sir..." Roach seemed troubled. "No buts!" the keeper barked, "Get back in the Barracks! That's an order!" "Of course sir!" Roach still upheld the salute, "My apologies sir... it's just that I can't feel my legs... sir..."

"I'll send a medic over pronto!" the keeper told him, "Now you better be in the Barracks training by nightfall or I'll double your punishment. Do you understand me!?" "Yes sir!" Roach was full of confidence now. "Very good private," the keeper said at last before turning away.

Yes... sir...

Roach saw a white figure jogging towards him and then picked him up. The figure appeared to be a skeleton. The skeleton then checked Roach's heartbeat, and then carried him off into the light.

"Are... are you mommy?" Roach asked him. The skeleton laughed and replied, "No. I'm here to save you. They call me Sir Faithfullyeatsalot." "Food..." Roach whispered. "Faith is close enough though..." Faith replied.

Faith carried Roach into a bright light and Roach shut his eyes. When he opened them again, he found himself in his lair with Nachos.

Oh... Nachos it was only dream! I'm alive!!

Nachos barked and followed Roach outside. He found Faith outside his lair, looking away.

"Sir Faithfullyeatsalot!" Roach shouted as he jumped in Faith's arms, "Wheee!!" "You should rest," Faith told him, "You're still probably a little dizzy from whatever happened. Sleep." "But I have to go to the Barracks to train before nightfall or the keeper will be mad at me!"Roach told faith. "Well... if it's his majesty's orders, then I'll take you there..." Faith replied.

Faith carried Roach towards the Training Room. He set him down, and then looked around. He gave Roach a quick pet and left.

"Wait! Sir Faithfullyeatsalot, play with me?" Roach asked Faith. Faith simply replied, "I'm sorry little guy, I can't. I'm busy with my own orders."

And with that, Faith left. Roach and Nachos began training by fighting the thieves that were surrounding them all. Roach and Nachos battled them with great pride, and they were winning.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 175/70%
Mood: Happy
Job: Training
Gold Held: 54
Location: The Entrance of the Training Room from the Hatchery

Summery: Roach was in a very light sleep, and so he heard everything going on around him yet interpreted it differently. He was seeing the keeper talking as a general and him being a private. Then he was supposed to be at the "Barracks" and training by nightfall. He told the general he couldn't feel his feet, and the general send in a medic.

The medic was a skeleton named Sir Faithfullyeatsalot, or Faith, and carried Roach and Nachos to the Lair. Roach woke up, and told Faith that he needed to train. Faith carried Roach and Nachos to the Training Room and left. Roach then began to train with Nachos.

Metal Gear Rex
October 15th, 2009, 08:54
Entry #9-Emmra?

"Of course my Lord. I will do what you ask," Crystice bowed and kissed the dungeon floor, "I will make sure we fight not, and destroy our real enemies first. Yes Master... I'll research the Bridge first, that way we can reach the Heroes and send them where they belong..."

Crystice continued sharing her plan, "Since we need not the other items to dismantle them. The Speed Monster spell will speed everything else up, of course. Then the Sight of Evil so you may explore the shadows without risk of losing allies. And then the Guard Room to be built on the lava edge..."

Crystice then began heading for the Library. She found Roach lying unconscious at the Library entrance. Normally, Crystice would want to squish bugs. But given the situation, keeper's orders, and the fact that she wants to save all of her hate and anger for Mechrin, Crystice was quite different, much like her sister. She also found it a little cute being rather small.

Crystice walked over to it and saw it's stubby legs curled up. She picked it up gently.

Is it dead?

Crystice placed her head against Roach's heart and heard a heartbeat and breathing. Roach shook a bit and mumbled out a few unrecognizable words.

Crystice laughed a little, "Can't speak, huh?"

Crystice carried Roach to the Hatchery and then brought him to one of the torches. Its fire emitted a bright light into Roach's eyes as Crystice picked up a chicken and fried it. She then fed it to Roach, who hardly noticed.

Crystice brought Roach to the Lair and set him inside his lair. She knew a Beetle lair when she saw one. She stepped away from the lair, and began to think what she was going to do.

Let's see... help other creatures... good... now I need the Bridge and I'll please his majesty for sure!

Roach got up and out of his lair, and then leaped towards Crystice. Crystice sensed it and turned just in time to catch Roach.

"You should rest," Crystice whispered lightly, "You're still probably a little dizzy from whatever happened. Sleep." "But I have to go to the Barracks to train before nightfall or the keeper will be mad at me!"Roach told her. "Well... if it's his majesty's orders, then I'll take you there..." Crystice replied.

Before nightfall? Barracks? Did he hit his head or something?

Crystice carried Roach to the Training Room and set him down near the entrance. She looked around and no one was currently looking at her. Crystice pet Roach once and then got up. Roach wanted Crystice to play with him, but she had to research.

"I'm sorry little guy, I can't. I'm busy with my own orders," Crystice told Roach before leaving for the Library.

Cute little creature... I wouldn't hurt something so small... But I must focus on getting the bridge researched. I am looking forward to killing some heroes. But I also must train... Hmm... tough decision. I will train after I obtain the Bridge so that I can assist his majesty.

Crystice entered the Library, and found the three books she was trying to read. She sat down and continued reading.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Happy
Job: Researching the Bridge
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the corner of the Library by herself

Summery: Crystice showed that he would obey the Dungeon Keeper, and then went off to the Library. He found Roach and brought him to the Hatchery, fed him a chicken, and brought him to the Lair. He said he had to train so Crystice brought him to the Training Room. She then began researching the Bridge.

October 15th, 2009, 12:16
The Training Room

"E-egh-egh-egh-egh!" Mechrin slapped at his robes "Hand of evil germs!"

Once Mechrin regained his sanity he saw that he was in a very bad place, the Keeper was ANGRY with him! And who could know why? All he had done was try to stop Crystice from burning down the training room... or something like that. But, Mechrin was terrified! The keeper could do awfal things to him like, sell his lair!


"I don't have a lair... There's no time! I must make my Keeper like me again! Only I can research the bridge!"


"Please don't tear off my legs and feed them to me Keeper!" Mechrin scuttled to the library.

The Library

She was sitting there! In the middle of the room! Reading! With out glasses!

How sexy that was...

Mechrin shook him self to keep him self on track, he decided to count all the bad things his Keeper could do to him if he didn't research the bridge. Number one would have been making him talk to Crystice.

Mechrin, holdign his breath to make sure he didn't make any noise crept into one of the darker corners of the libary and selected a book.

Bridges: Why they are nicer to walk on than lava

Mechrin started reading silently, apart from his knees which were knocking so fast imps were surrounding him to dance to the beat.
"Shoo! You'll get me in trouble and it will be all your fault!"

Mechrin has snuck into the library and is researching the bridge

October 15th, 2009, 13:55
Cinder Tha Amazing Warlock of fire.

A new spell has been researched: Lightning strike

Lightning strike? ...Thanks Cinder and any other researchers! Now please, and I hope you'll listen this time; I'd like a Guard Room, a Bridge, a SOE spell and a Speed Monster spell. Said the roar of the keeper.

Yes, my worked paid off again. Now, I need to go train so I can prepair for any invading heros. He thought in his mind.

He walked over to the trainning room, which for some odd reason looked diffrent, almost newer.

He didn't mind the diffrence and continued trainning, hoping he could get level 3 before the heros come

Walked from the library to the trainning room, noticed it looked a bit new, and continued trainning

October 15th, 2009, 16:14
Aeger barely noticed what was going around him in the hatchery. He was playing with a chicken he had adopted as a pet.

"Here Clucky!" He was training it to follow him

"CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK" the chicken replied, running towards Aeger and jumping into his arms.

Aeger "Good Clucky... I should make you some clothes so no one will accidently eat you!" Clucky's head started rubbing on Aeger's chest, and he petted it.

Aeger starts to walk out of the Hatchery, and goes to the lair. He takes a few pieces of other creatures lairs to make a small house for his chicken and himself, and see's the chicken taking small pieces aswell.

As soon as they were done making a small shack, Aeger heads back to the Hatchery. Clucky soon chases after.

Health: 450/100%
Temperment: Excited
Job: Taking care of his new pet Chicken, Clucky

October 15th, 2009, 20:53
Groogo the Bile Demon and Lena the Fly

Groogo and Lena look at each other, shocked to hear the Keeper angry.

"Hey hey..."

Lena flies into the Training Room, and begins to train.

Groogo didn't follow Lena into the Training Room, instead, he goes to the Workshop, repeating the Keeper's words in his head.

Braced Doors. Steel Doors. Alarm trap. Fear trap. Sentry trap. Spike traps.

"Groogo not fail you Keeper! Groogo make for you!"

Groogo looks at the Sentry trap that was decorated with bones, Groogo noticed the firing place wasn't pointing the right way, so Groogo fixed it. Once Groogo done that, he was fired in the face.

"*Cough cough* Keeper! Sentry done!"

Groogo diverts his attention to start working on the doors.

Health: 70%
Is training.
Level: 2
Mood: Normal
Efficiency: 80%

Health: 95%
Is making some Braced/Steel doors.
Level: 1
Mood: Happy
Efficiency: 80%

Dark_Omega MK2
October 15th, 2009, 23:20
*Grith was trying to put out the fire in the old training room*

ha!! i have this under control and now for the-

*Suddenly the keeper sells the training room and builds a new one*

oh... i almost had it...

*then hears the words of the keeper*

ooohhh... i fail as a minion... im sorry mastah... i can do better next time... please dont send me to the magical secret cabinet full of hellhounds!!

*Grith shivers in fear*

besides... i can... can... can...

Grith has gained a level
He has learned Speed Self

*Grith suddenly feels a tingling sensation in his body, accidentanly he casted speed self on himself*

icandoanythingfastericantrainandicanresearchandthe nicanspendmymoneyinavacuumcleanerwithapogostick...



*Grith goes faster than speed light to the library and starts researching*

thereisnottimetoreadimgonnaeatthosebooksinordertog ainthepreciousknowledge

*Grith puts on book on his mouth and starts slurping it*


*But then grabs another one and starts reading it too fast*

Grith was in the training room putting out the fire and gained a level by punching the fire out, keeper replaced tha training room and Grith becomes hyperactive by the presure of not doing a good job for his master, which makes him to cast speed self by accident.

Grith headed to the library and starts researching by putting a book in his mouth and reads another one at lightning speed.
HP: 100%
Mood: Under Pressure
Level: 2
Efficiency: 90%
Status Active: Speed-Self

Duke Ragereaver
October 16th, 2009, 16:38
Din the Warlock :warlock:

Din was sleeping but his nap was ended by the booming ‘enough’ and thunder that echoes through the dungeon. He quickly learned that some creatures were close to incurring Keeper Mikaelios’ wrath, he quickly figured out that would probbaly be the creatures he saw earlier in the trainingsroom. He also thought out this would be a good time to curry some favour to Keeper Mikaelios by researching some of the things he commanded.

While moving towards the library, he passed by a goblin (Aeger) with seemingly followed by a chicken.

Only a fool would use a chicken other than food. were his thoughts he would like to speak out to the goblin. But instead he moved on to the library.

When entering the library he chose a quiet spot to research the bridge, away from others that were in the library. Din was getting very annoyed when a demonspawn, the same one from the trainingsroom, began talking non-stop, making seemingly unending comments.

Din the warlock is researching
Health: 100%
Mood: Very annoyed
Effiency: 50% (due being disturbed)
Level: 1.8

Summary: Din woke up and decided to research to in an attempt to gain favour, he passed by Aeger and entered the library. While researching he’s getting annoyed by a demonspawn (Grith).

Metal Gear Rex
October 17th, 2009, 03:13
Entry #10-Hissing at Mechrin

Finally... done with these two...

Crystice set the Bridges and the How to Build Bridges books aside. She picked up the Getting Your Imps to Do All the Work book, and stared at the cartoonish picture of an imp carrying the Hand of Evil around in his bag on the title. She set it back in the bookshelf, sticking out slightly.

Maybe the Lord can read that later for kicks. After all, it's a best seller series by Almeric.

Crystice stood up and stretched, then put her Bridge books back. She took a glance to her right and saw Mechrin reading. Crystice lighted up with anger instantly, hissing at him silently.

It's that good for nothing lying cowardly warlock!! I've still got some reading to do... but no way in hell am I going to be in the same room as he!!

Crystice walked over to nearby Mechrin, and took a deep breath to calm herself. Then she passed by him, giving him a good smack on the back of the head, and decided to look for some books. She gathered a few books with the word Bridge in them and then passed by Mechrin again. This time she kicked him. As she was leaving, a question popped into her mind.

What is his name?

Crystice pulled herself over to Mechrin, still gripping her books against her chest. She stopped in front of him.

"Warlock..." Crystice started off to get Mechrin's attention. "I'm... Crystice..." Crystice hissed out the words as she spoke them, "What... is yours...? I... want to know..."

Crystice was having the hardest of troubles as she was trying to sound friendly, yet she just smacked and kicked Mechrin a minute ago. And she wanted to hurt him in so many more ways. Crystice patiently awaited a reply from Mechrin.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Irritated
Job: Asking Mechrin his name
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Library, talking to Mechrin

Summery: Crystice finished "Bridges" and "How to Build Bridges" and saw Mechrin. She passed by him and smacked him in the process on the way to a bookshelf looking for more Bridge books. She headed for the exit of the Library and kicked Mechrin as she passed by. Then at the exit, she decided to go back and ask Mechrin his name. She introduced herself as kindly as she could, even if she hissed at him in the process, and asked for Mechrin's name.

October 17th, 2009, 04:22

Cinder was too focused on the trainning dummies, he almost thought of them as real heros, who couldn't attack back.

Take that! And that! He stiked them almost too hard that it looked like the old trainning room. But it wasn't until a trainning dummy's arm broke off that he stoped.

Maybe I'll take a break. The Bridge needs to be reasearched.

So, he heads to the library and picked out a book off the selve that appaired to stick out, named Getting Imps to do all the Work

Hmm... This looks good, its writen by Almeric. He thought in his mind

Name: Cinder
Level: 2.5
Mood: reading
Did: Broke an arm off the trainning dummy, and decided to take a break. Went to go research the bridge. Is now reading the book that Crystice put up for the keeper, but he doesn't know it yet...

October 17th, 2009, 11:20
The Library

First she was abusing him, now she's talking to him! Will the tormenting ever end!?

"M-my name? My name is...


Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness!
Lord of the Thirteen Hells!
Master of Bones!
Emperor of the Black!
Lord of the Undead!
Lord of the Dance!
Mistress of Magma!
And... um... mayor of a little town up the coast?"

Mechrin gave a little thought to the title "Mistress of Magma".

"Well, maybe not all of the titles are mine... or any of them..." Mechrin held up his book to protect his face "But My Name Is Mechrin! Please Don't Sing It's A Small World!!!"

Mechrin's thoughts wondered back to his servitude of Keeper Unhappy, who would play that infernal song CONSTANTLY! Surly he was the greatest embodiment of evil.

It was then when he noticed Cinder, and an excuse to escape the wrath of Crystice.

"Hay! Is that an authentic book by Almeric!?"

Mechrin scuttled away from Crystice into Cinder's corner and researched over his shoulder in that incredibly annoying way people with out their own books do.

Mechrin gave his real name, but retrieved some fake titles from his memory, and then scuttled over to Cinder in an attempt to research from his book as well. Mechrin is researching the bridge in the Library.

Metal Gear Rex
October 17th, 2009, 23:07
Entry #11-Warlock of Lies

"M-my name? My name is... Ummmm...." Mechrin tried to speak.

Spit it out...

"Mechrin!" Mechrin told her and began speaking of his "titles".

Mechrin... I would have picked a better name.

"Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness!"

Like that even exists... and if it did you'd be the jester.

"Lord of the Thirteen Hells!"

There aren't thirteen hells, idiot... but I can send you to one if you like...

"Master of Bones!"

You're not fit for a master...

"Emperor of the Black!"

Alright... shut up with the lying...

"Lord of the Undead!"

The undead will kill you if they heard you say that.

"Lord of the Dance!"

Do you even know how to dance?

"Mistress of Magma!"


"And... um... mayor of a little town up the coast?"

More like village idiot.

"Well, maybe not all of the titles are mine..." Mechrin admitted and whispered, "or any of them..."

You're not even worthy of a title...

"My Name Is Mechrin! Please Don't Sing It's A Small World!!!" Mechrin begged Crystice. Crystice was rather amused, "You're something else... Mechrin... Are you trying to amuse me or what?"

Mechrin looked over and saw Cinder.

"Hay! Is that an authentic book by Almeric!?" Mechrin asked Cinder as he began heading over to him.

How dare you... I was talking to you... is that... that book was for his majesty's amusement!

Crystice watched as Mechrin began leaning over Cinder's shoulder to read the book. She glared at them and walked over to them. She reconized the book immidiately.

"Hey Mechrin, how dare you just walk away like that! I'm still talking to you! And you warlock, gimme that!" Crystice yelled at both Mechrin and Cinder before grabbing Cinder's book, "That's for his majesty's entertainment. The last thing he needs to do is wash his hands after a filth like you touches the book!"

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Annoyed
Job: Yelling at Mechrin and Cinder
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Library with Mechrin and Cinder

Summery: Crystice listened to Mechrin and asked if he was trying to amuse her. She was mad when he left because she was still talking, and got mad at Cinder because that book was for the Dungeon Keeper.

October 18th, 2009, 00:43
The place with all the books... y'know, the book shop or somewhere.

Damn it Mechrin! I should have lied and said we were trying to amuse her! It's too late now! And now the book is gone!

I wodner if she would take kindly to beign ignored?

Of course! Women love to be left alone by me!

Mechrin hopped into a cross legged position and read intensely and he didn't even care that he was probably running the risk of making him self long sighted! He did realize that the book he was reading was titled, 'The Sight of Evil: It's not being a pervert if you call it reconnaissance!' and found it's tips very relevant to his love life.

Mechrin is researching the Sight of Evil very quietly and hopping that Crystice will remain angry at Cinder long enough to forget about him.

October 18th, 2009, 15:18
*Merla entered the dungeon looking around as she did not know where she was.*

Where am I it looks like a-


A-ah it IS creature dungeon....I guess I should help seeing how im no longer wanted in the overworld. Merla quickly began walking around rubbing her arm.

its cold...good shouldnt attract many demon spawn or dragons.

October 18th, 2009, 16:40
(Hey, obliven, can you choose a colore that's a bit lighter than blue. Its hard to read)


Cinder was reading his book, which was accually funny if you weren't imp, or imp lover, when the book was yanked out of his hand by Crystice.

Hey, I was...

That's for his majesty's entertainment. The last thing he needs to do is wash his hands after a filth like you touches the book!

Wait, this is the keeper's book? Why didn't he just keep it for himelf, instead of leaving it in the hand of creatures like this. He pointed to Mechrin. I mean, if it was his, he would have just taken it with him, and lock it away.

Questioning Crystices judgement, unaware that the book was placed by crystice for the keeper.

October 18th, 2009, 21:32
After my little rage, everything seem to be better. Then, take a look at Grith that is in the Library.

- Hey Grith, what are you doing there? I have enough Warlocks that will do the job. Go training with Lena. Same for you Aeg... what?

Stare at the chicken that follows the Goblin wherever he goes.

- Huh... okay... Nice pet Aeger, but like I said, you should go training too. Your... huh... little friend can go with you if you want...

A Sentry Trap has been manufactured.

- Ah, good job Groogo! I will place it near the lava river. Hey! Stop sleeping you idle Imps, you have job to do!

Master, a new Warl...

- No! NO! NOOO!!! *Sigh* It's raining Warlocks, indeed!

Go to see the new Warlock that just entered in the dungeon.

- Welcome to my domain, Merla! Yeah, sorry for the temperature, but heh... we must live with it. Make yourself at home!

Look at the Warlocks in the Library and grin.

- Keep reading! I feel that my Bridge is about to be available...

Metal Gear Rex
October 18th, 2009, 22:15
Entry #12-I'm Leaving

"Wait, this is the keeper's book? Why didn't he just keep it for himelf, instead of leaving it in the hand of creatures like this," Cinder pointed at Mechrin, "I mean, if it was his, he would have just taken it with him, and lock it away."

Crystice glared at him, "No you idiot. I found it and am going to give it the great Lord for his amusement. I don't want you getting your greedy dirty hands on it! Now get back to work! Hey... where did Mechrin go... oh that little..."

I told him not to walk away while I was talking to him, and then he does just that... does he have a brain? I cannot stand him!!

Crystice placed the book on top of the shelves and started heading for Mechrin. He saw him sitting cross-legged where she had been sitting, not too far away. Crystice gave him a good kick in the stomach.

"Are you stupid?" Crystice asked Mechrin, "I told you not to walk away while I'm talking to you... I DON'T like being IGNORED!! Get it through that thick stupid skull of yours! I am not going to research in the same room as you..."

Crystice walked off and began heading for the Training Room. Once inside, she went to the north-east secition of the Training Room, far away from the Workshop and Hatchery and all other noise. Crystice began sending her anger at Mechrin into a training dummy, and destroyed it fifteen seconds later.


Crystice bowed and kissed the Training Room ground, "Oh my great Lord Dungeon Keeper, I apologize greatly for destroying your equiptment... I feel stressed and greatly... please forgive me and punish me if you must."

Crystice got up, and then continued training. Trying very hard NOT to destroy another training dummy with her anger. This proved to be rather difficult.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: Angry/Stressed
Job: Training
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the North-East corner of the Training Room.

Summery: Crystice yelled at Cinder for what she really meant, yelled at Mechrin for walking away from her and ignoring her, and then went on training and accidently destroyed a training dummy with her anger. She apologized to the Dungeon Keeper and continued training.

October 19th, 2009, 21:14
The library

"Are you stupid?" Crystice asked Mechrin, "I told you not to walk away while I'm talking to you... I DON'T like being IGNORED!! Get it through that thick stupid skull of yours! I am not going to research in the same room as you..."

Treat them mean keep them keen Mechrin! Oh ho ho ho, you romantic you!

Mechrin decided to keep up the good work:

"I can't hear you! Lala-Lala-Lala-Lala-Lala!"

You'll have her swooning at your feat!

Ewww... feat.

Mechrin is researching the SoE in the Library

October 19th, 2009, 22:53

Having thebook taken from him, he desided that enough researchers should be working on the bridge so we can get that secret the kepeer was talking about.

But, unfortunatly, all the bridges books were gone. So he decided to go trainning, and hope that another trainning dummy doesn't break again.

But when he got in there, he saw Crystice on her hands and knees kissing the ground, next to a damaged dummy.

Oh, please, kissing the same ground that imps have walked on doesn't please the keeper. he said in his mind.



Killing like frenzy

Wanted to research, but all the books were already in use, so he decided to train

October 19th, 2009, 23:08
Lena the Fly

Lena watched creatures slip in and out while she trained.

Level Up!

Lena would of been happy about her new level, but she wasn't in a good mood. She looks at the two Warlocks who entered the Training Room.

Okay... The girl war-warlock is kissing the ground... That is is sick! And the the male Warlock... he looks mad...

Casting her thoughts aside, and ignoring the two Warlocks, Lena resumes training.

Health : 70%
Lena is training.
Level : 3
Mood : Angry
Efficiency : 75%
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo is still manufacturing.

October 19th, 2009, 23:10
Merla looked up at the sound of the keepers voice inside her head with slight surprise.

AH, that feels...strange. She said before she walked into the training room and saw another warlock on her knees kissing the ground. Merla was worried so she kept her hand near the small dagger at her side, the only weapon she has ever used.

H-hello, im Merla.... She said is a shaky mildly frightened voice, as she said this she reached up and began rubbing the burn on her arm, that same thing she has always done since she got the burn.

Health : 100%
Merla is talking with Crystice in the training room.
Level : 1
Mood : Nervous
Efficiency : 50%

October 19th, 2009, 23:29
The Library

When Mechrin stopped singing "Lala-Lala-Lala I can't hear you!" and looked up he realized that he was alone in the Library (He can't see Din)

"Keeper Keeper! Look how I'm the only creature that is loyal to your orders!" Mechrin waved the SoE book he'd just finished in the air, admittedly most of the chapters where dedicated to location the female changing rooms in Goodly Keeps but the pictures made Mechrin very dedicated to it.

"They've all abandoned your orders to go train in the training room! How ummm, ummm, rebellious of them!" Har-har they're all in he training room growing more and more powerful when I'm here getting true power! Keeper appreciation!

"I would never abandon my orders Keeper! More so if they're wonderfully intelligent orders like yours! If ever I abandon my orders please do give me a slap!" When Crystice walks in here level 4 ablaze with fire and magic and.... Dark Lords! They're training so that they can kill me quicker!

Why? I'm a perfectly likeable Warlock. "Keeper! I'm just popping out to do some training, you can get some other Warlock to research for you."

Mechrin Left the Library and the Sight of Evil book opern on a page with a very interesting picture of a elven archer putting away her arrows.

The Lair

Mechrin came to the Lair looking for some idle creature to carry him to the training room so he wouldn't have to walk. When he saw it was empty he remembered to build his own lair.

... but he soon gave up and stole most of it from Cinder's lair.

Mechrin's lair considered mostly of an over complicated chemistry set, potions and such were bubbling away and germ cultures were growing on petri dishes.

"Perfect! I'll make double my salary by selling potions to gullible punters!"

The training room

Mechrin wondered in and started shooting fireballs idly whist spying on Crystice from the far end of the training room.

Mechrin poked fun at the other warlocks to the keeper for abandoning hteir research, only to do so him self, created his lair (Finally!) but ripping most of it off of Cinder's and is now training/spying on crystice.

Metal Gear Rex
October 20th, 2009, 00:44
Entry #13-Merla

Crystice continued training for a while but noticed the female Warlock Merla walking towards her. Crystice ignored her and continued training.

"H-hello, I'm Merla...." Merla introduced herself.

Crystice ignored her and continued training. But in realizing that she had not gone away, she stopped training.

"Go away Merla," Crystice ordered, "I'm training for his majesty's army. We will soon fight. I want to be ready and not end up dead like the rest of you will... unless..."

Crystice took a pause and punched the training dummy before her twice and then kicked its "leg" before turning back to Merla and continuing.

"Unless of course you're not an idiot like all the other Warlocks..." Crystice continued, "Are you?"

Crystice fired a missile at the training dummy but it died before it was even half way there.

"Damn it!" Crystice then punched the head of the training dummy clean off, and then bowed, "Forgive me my Lord for damaging your equipment... I am terribly sorry..." Crystice continued talking to Merla as she trained, "I've dealt with a stubborn Warlock clearly full of himself, and then there's Mechrin who doesn't know how to treat a lady, let alone me, with respect! If you are like them, I will kill you in the name of the great Lord Keeper, so you do not hold him back... got it?"

Crystice then did a few strong strikes on the training dummy's main body before noticing Mechrin glancing at her and then turning away. Crystice immediately was filled with rage.

H-Him!! What is he looking at me for? I won't stand to see him here... but I must train! But I also must research... the bridge must be built but I also must become stronger if I want to be worthy of the Almighty Dungeon Keeper... her! Merla... she can get the book for me...

"Merla..." Crystice turned to her, "I am Crystice by the way... I must train. Yet we need the bridge. Apparently all the other Warlocks have abandoned their post in the Library. I need to train to master the missile otherwise, I won't be of much use to the Lord... so you will research the Bridge. I must stay here... and train. Otherwise our research will be in vain.

Go do my work for me...

Crystice continued to train and practiced missile until she would get it right. She felt she was getting good fast.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Mood: As close to Happy as she'll commonly get
Job: Training
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the North-East corner of the Training Room

Summery: Crystice trained, introduced herself to Merla, saw Mechrin, ordered Merla to research, and continued training.

October 20th, 2009, 01:01
"Merla..." Crystice turned to her, "I am Crystice by the way... I must train. Yet we need the bridge. Apparently all the other Warlocks have abandoned their post in the Library. I need to train to master the missile otherwise, I won't be of much use to the Lord... so you will research the Bridge. I must stay here... and train. Otherwise our research will be in vain.

Merla quickly upon hearing this order managed to get ahold of her wits through the nervousness

Y-yes I will, anything to be useful. Merla said this and then turned and walked away to fidn the library.

Merla has entered the library

Once she found it she walked inside and began looking for books about bridges and after eventually found one grabbed it and walked over to a table. She looked at a book next to it and saw a book with a interesting picture of a elven archer.

Merla quickly shut the book and moved it away quickly, and began researching.

October 20th, 2009, 01:23
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo stops working, looking at all his work.

"Groogo, done much!"

Groogo then left the Workshop, and finally entered the Training Room.

Hmm... Jumpy Warlock, Bossy Warlock, and Fly. Me ignore, Groogo train now.

Groogo starts hitting one Training Dummy, every impact bends the Dummy slightly.
Health : 100%
Groogo is training.
Level : 1
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

October 20th, 2009, 02:15

Cinder Noticed Merla as she left. Another warlock, isn't 3 enough What we need is a troll or something.

Cinder started hiting the wall tagets with perfect aim. I'm getting good at this.

After hiting each taget in the whole trainning three times in a row, this happend:


Yes! Another level. Now to go check to see if any books are open yet.

He found a book called Bridges. Hmm.... That's oddly specific. He sat down and read

Got another level, and went back to researching the bridge

Dark_Omega MK2
October 20th, 2009, 06:49
*Meanwhile, in the library, Grith was writing in a book*

And soo because of the constitution of pancakes... everyone in the dungeon should really wear ties and treat ducks with the same respect as everyone else.

the constitution of the happy face spell :)
by Grith

oh yeah, this is soo good.

*hears the call of his master telling grith to train*

YES, SIR!!!!

*Grith rushes to the hatchery to eat a few chickens*

soo much writing makes me hungry. omnomnomnomnom

*Grith eated some chickens and headed straight to the training room where quickly jumped and grabed the head of a dummy and starts bitting it*

omnomnomnomnom die monstah!!! omnomnomnomnom

Grith wrote a (completely useless) book, headed to the hatchery and eated and now its training
HP: 100%
level: 2
mood: excited
efficiency: 90% (this guy never gets tired???)

October 20th, 2009, 10:40
Merla was busy researching and her bag fell off the table, at first she didnt see it until she realized it fell.

Huh? She said and looked down at her bag on the floor. She saw a small black box had falled out and she quickly picked it up. This box was one of the few possesions she said she would never lose.

Metal Gear Rex
October 20th, 2009, 22:18
(OOC. Sorry for the big jump of training but his last post was on page 11 and he had been training, sorry for the long post but it is good, and yes I worked out a double post with Evi)

Chapter 17: Tis' a Good Day...

Roach was crawling all over a training dummy and nibbling here and there, practicing his venom bite. But then...

Roach Leveled Up!
Level 3
New Spell-Poison Gas

Roach cheered himself on as he was now able to produce poison gas but accidentally fell off. He saw Crystice and Merla talking.

They're... beautiful... I've never seen such beautiful... fuzzy... hair... I must have fuzzy... I want... the fuzzy... and her hair looks so soft... soft blue hair... I want to play with the fuzzy and nap in the soft...

Roach began crawling over to Crystice and Merla when he saw Lena training.

Lena... pretty fly... must fly! I want to fly!! Nachos! Take me to Lena!!

Roach looked around.



A lone imp stood frightened in the path between the Treasury and Portal. Nachos was behind him, one head on the right shoulder, the other on the left. As Nachos talked, the imp's eyes moved to the head speaking.

"You gonna eat that, Left?" asked the right head. "I'm thinking about it... got some tasty meat there, kid..." the left head answered, "Mind if I have it?" The right head laughed, "I'll take what's left..."

The imp ran wildly and dropped his gold bag. Nachos then opened it up and smiled darkly.

"Bingo..." spoke both heads.

Nachos tried to grab the bag but they're paws and mouths went right through it.

"Ah damn it all!" yelled the left head. "I hate being imaginary!" shouted the right head.

Back in the Training Room...

Lazy dog is probably sleeping. I don't wanna walk...

Roach, instead of walking, charged and leaped onto Lena. He tackled the poor Fly to the ground and began to sit on top.

"Blast off in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." Roach announced.

Lena started to buzz like mad, took off at sonic speed to get Roach off. Lena then flew out of the Training Room and into the Library, Lena takes a unexpected sharp turn to fling Roach off.

Roach was thrown at a shelf but grabbed one of Lena's wings as he went by to pull her with him. Roach knocked a bookshelf over which backed into a wall, and then backed over to land on Roach and Lena.

Roach climbs out by knocking some books on top of him. He attempts pulling out books in search for Lena, with no luck.

"Roach want to ride Lena..." Roach told her as he continued searching, "Why Lena not let Roach ride fun! Lena fun!!" Lena pokes her head out of a pile of books, "Bzzzt! Don't surprise me like like that!"

Roach begins helping Lena, "But Roach do that before and get ride! Roach want fun! Roach want play...! Lena want play with me?" "That was diff-different, Grith was in in trouble," Lena sighs, "Okay, okay... What game you want to to play?"

Roach thought for a moment, "Hide and go seek! It's fun!" Lena blinks, "Uh, okay okay... You hide... I'll see-eek." "Okay!" Roach said, happily, "Close you're eyes..."

Lena closed her eyes, and Roach pulled some books out and hid in the hole it left, and then put books back on him.

She'll never find me here!

Lena opens her eyes, and looks around. Lena lets loose a buzz, and flies out of the Library, and back into the Training Room. After a few moments, Roach sneezed because of the dusty books.

Roach pops out from the books, "Darn! Lena, let me hide agai-Lena? Where'd you go? Roach want play!"

Roach wandered back into the Training Room and found Lena training. He felt hurt and betrayed, as well as a little mad. Roach tackled the training dummy Lena was fighting and bit its head off.

"Why you leave, Lena? Roach want play!" Roach asked her. Lena glares at Roach, "Those Heroes almost killed killed me, I want to get stronger so I I can kill them!"

Roach jumped up and down where the training dummy's head was, "If Lena too strong heroes run! You must find where they are and train with hide go seek!" Lena buzzes angrily, "The heroes are trapped in in a cave! They don't have anywhere to run!"

Roach leaps on Lena, "Roach want to play with Lena! Roach like Lena!"

Oh crap...

Roach stood silent on Lena.

Lena looks at Roach with confused eyes, "...Roach? You... like me... me?"

Roach froze and fell off of Lena and landed on his back shell. Nachos tried to drag Roach away but ran into similar complications as the gold bag. Lena just layed there, letting loose a small squeak of a buzz.

Nachos barked in Roach's face and then bit him.

"Y-Y-Yezzzzz-Yes..." Roach struggled to speak, finally given encouragement from Nachos. Lena glowed slightly from embarrassment, "You are... the first one one to say that to me... Bzz... zzt," Lena squirmed, trying not to show her embarrassment.

"Pretty fly..." Roach told her without thinking, "Lena want to meet Nachos?" Lena looks up at Roach, "Nachos? Uh... sure." "He's my imaginary Hell Hound... he barked at me to speak just now..." Roach told her.

Lena blinks, "Ah...... Nice to meet you you Nachos..."

"This is all the buz?" asked the right head of Nachos. "You call that a woman?" asked the left. "I've seen more turn-ons in the Hatchery!" spoke the right head. "Good Bile Demon joke, Right. I've seen more turn-ons in a Graveyard," told the left.

Roach froze completely.

"He thinks you're pretty too..." Roach lied. Lena shakes her head, "I doubt he he said that." "Why's that?" Roach asked Lena, "Y-You are." Lena stares at Roach, "I seen seen Hell Hounds before... They always called called me names and throw me down down the Portal."

Roach looked around as he had no idea how to respond. But maybe she could use other thoughts other than that of Hell Hounds.

"Want to train together...?" Roach asked Lena. Lena nods, "Sure sure!"

Roach climbed the training dummy and leaped onto Lena's back.

"To victory!" he shouted proudly and looked down at Lena for her approval. Lena nods, "Okay, you can can ride." "Yay!" Roach shouted before shutting his eyes, "Zzzzzzz..." Lena sighs, "Not really what I I meant..."

Lena 'rolls' her eyes, and resumes training.

"Pretty Fly..." Roach whispered in his sleep.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 350/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Happy
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Training Room, sleeping on Lena

Summery: Roach leveled up to level 3 and learned Poison Cloud. He saw Merla and Crystice and fell in love with their hair. He began to approach them but saw Lena and went to her instead. He called Nachos but Nachos was busy elsewhere, terrorizing an imp.

Roach charged and jumped on Lena, who flew around in an attempt to get him off. She flew into the Library and they knocked down a single bookshelf. They played hide and go seek but Lena ditched Roach when he went to hide.

Roach followed Lena back into the Training Room and complained about being left, and accidentally admitted he liked her. Roach introduced Nachos and then decided to train with Lena. Instead, Roach climbed on her and fell asleep. Lena continued training.

October 22nd, 2009, 23:24
Groogo the Bile Demon

Level Up!
Groogo is Level 2 now!

Groogo angrily grunts, not satisfied that all that work didn't level him up faster. Groogo hits the Training Dummy extremely hard, causing it to fly off into the Hatchery. Groogo leaves the Training Room to fetch the Training Dummy.

Groogo bored hitting dummy, Groogo want smash enemy creats, or bossy Warlock.

Groogo returns to the Training Room, holding the Training Dummy, settled it back into place, and began training again.
Health : 95%
Groogo is Training.
Level : 2
Mood : Angry Bored
Efficiency : 50%

October 23rd, 2009, 03:33
Cinder (the wounderful :warlock:)

...and, if you add the stone outside, then you can build it anywhere. But, the bridge is so special, that no one has found a way to build it beyond their dungeons yet, so for now you must build a bridge connection to your land.

Chapter XXVII(27): Conclusion

to recap how to build a common bridge:

1.) must have gold to stone ability

2.) Land connecting to the bridge


3.) A Lake of lava or water to build over.

After all that, all you have to do is convert the gold into stone for the bridge, and let the dungeon magic take its course.

Cinder closes the book, and puts it back.

Then he felt really hungry ( more than usuall) so, he went to the hatchery to grab a bite. Then a Trainning dummy head came in and hitting 3 chickes before stoping. Then Groogo came in and took the head out to the trainning room.

Either that bile demon is really strong, or angry. or we need to streanthen the dummies.

He went back to the library to see if there was any more books on the bridge. Strangly, he found none. *except the book Crystice put away for the keeper.)

So, he dicided to go sleep untill the keeper comes back.

He went into the lair, and saw the only thing left of his lair was the back of the chair.

Then he saw all the peices in another lair next to his. so, tired and angry, he riped them them off and repaired his lair. Them he went to sleep.

Finished his book on bridges, ate something, then went to the lair, noticed his lair destroiyed, then repaired it.

Dark_Omega MK2
October 23rd, 2009, 11:02
*Grith continued his epic training of epic proportions in the training room, its scratching the dummy all over while biting its head at the same time, accidentanly he casted Haste on himself making him go fast*

diediediediedieicandefeatyouiwillgetstringpeoplewi lllovemeandiwillgetalotoffriends!!!

*Grith managed to his one of the dummies soo hard and fast that actually separetes its head off*

:eek: what the f... i mean... :D i won!!!

*Grith celebrated his victory... but not after the body of the dummy falled over him leaving him unconcious*

@_@... agh... agh... no mom... i dont wanna go to the demon spawn school yet...

Grith is unconcious in the training room
Level: 2
HP: ???%
Mood: Unconcious
Efficiency: 10%

October 23rd, 2009, 11:28
Merla was exhausted, she had not slept for the past 2 days. Merla got up shut the obok on bridges she was reading and walked out of the library after leaving it on the table.

Okay need to find the lairs. she mumbled to herself before she looked into the training room and saw a demon spawn stuck under a training dummy unconsious.

uh oh! Merla ran over and then puleld the trainign dummy off.

are you okay? she asked after pulling it off.

Metal Gear Rex
October 23rd, 2009, 20:17
Entry #14-Missile

Crystice continued to train and train until she finally perfected the Missile. She was now capable of firing it without it dying out at such a short distance. Crystice smiled darkly, as she has now...

Level Up!
New Spell: Missile

I'd like to see someone try combat against me now!

Crystice celebrated until she saw Merla and Grith, and became irritated. She walked over to them and hissed at Merla.

"Hello Merla, aren't you supposed to be researching? Quit slacking off and playing with dungeon pets!" Crystice ordered and looked down at Grith, "What are you? You're an ugly Demon Spawn..."

Crystice gave Grith a light kick that flipped him over.

What kind of Demon Spawn is red, anyways?

Crystice walked off and out of the Training Room and into the Library.

"My Lord, I have trained. Now I hold new powers. I will finish research of the Bridge and Speed spell, maybe you could use that to increase my abilities so I may train faster. I wish to learn Freeze before we face the heroes. Then, they will be no challange for me," Crystice's tone began lightly, but when talk turned to defeating the heroes, it grew very dark.

Crystice looked around in the Library, in search for any Bridge book. She noticed a bookshelf had been tipped over. She attempted to lift it back up, but it was extremely heavy, and the books were all still inside. She ignored it, and continued her search. She found two bridge books, both stuffed in the corner of the bookshelf.

Hmm... I wonder why that could be...

Crystice picked them up and looked at them. One was titled, "Basic Dungeon Construction". The artwork below the title illistrated a bed, several chickens, a pot of gold, a bookshelf, an anvil, a flag, and a goblin fighting an orc on a bridge that connected two Dungeon Keeper lands over lava.

This one is rather thick, I hope it has some useful information... I bet I could also learn to make better Lairs and Hatcheries from this book, as well as strengthen the other rooms. And I could get a head start on the Guard Post too...

Crystice looked at the other book. It was titled, "Bridges and Guard Rooms". It showed a guard room connected to another Guard Room by a bridge over lava. On the Bridge, there were Orcs hammering each other to death. Dark Elves were firing arrows at them from the Guard Rooms.

About half as thick as the other one... which means more information. This is good, I'll strike down two Imps with a single Missile.

Crystice found a nice spot in the north-west corner and sat cross-legged. She began to read "Bridges and Guard Rooms".

"Welcome to the introduction of Bridges and Guard Rooms. Here, you'll learn to walk on water, without getting your feet wet, and on lava, without getting burned. You will also learn to strengthen your defense over your gold from those pesky heroes..."

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Sorta Happy
Job: Researching
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the North-West corner of the Library, sitting cross-legged.

Summery: Crystice leveled up and learned Missile. Then she saw Grith and ordered Merla to go and research. She kicked Grith lightly and turned him by his side in doing so. Then Crystice went to the Library, talked to the Dungeon Keeper, and found two books about the Bridge and Guard Room.

One of them, "Basic Dungeon Construction" featured the Treasury to the Workshop. The other, "Bridges and Guard Rooms", specifically was Bridges and Guard Rooms. She sat at the North-West corner of the Library, cross-legged, and then began reading Bridges and Guard Rooms.

October 23rd, 2009, 20:27
Merla: D-demon spawn? A-A-AAAAAHHHHH! Merla turned and ran as fast as she could out of the training room and into the lairs, when she stopped running she was shaking from fright.

C-calm down Merla...calm down! once she finished creating a lair she got into the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Health : 100%
Merla is asleep in the lairs.
Level : 1
Mood : frightened and asleep
Efficiency : 50%

Dark_Omega MK2
October 24th, 2009, 11:19
*Grith remained in the floor unconcious*

@_@... is it cake time already...?

*Grith was kicked by Crystice*

@_@... you must construct aditional pylons...

*After a few minutes, Grith recoveres himself*

aaaahhhmmm... i slept well... i had many weird and AWESOME dreams about saving the world from the evil heroes...

*Aster getting up, Grith took a good look at the dummy*

oh my... some silly creature broke this poor little dummy... but dont worry my little wood friend, ill save you from destruction and stuff

*Grith went to the Workshop and grabbed a hammer and quickly went back to the training room*

now lets see... if i do this...

*Grith swings the hammer but only to smash the dummies head into pieces*

:eek: ops... i didnt expect that... maybe if i do it again...

*Grith starts swinging the hammer over and over the dummy smaching it into millions of pieces*

c'mon fix it!!! :(

Grith is in the training room, hammering a dummy
hp: 90%
Efficiency: 90%
Mood: :eek:
Level: 2

October 24th, 2009, 20:41
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo once again, breaks the Training dummy.

"Groogo bored, Workshop."

Groogo lifts the Training Dummy again, and sets it upside down where it used to be. Groogo leaves the Training Room and heads for the Workshop. Groogo entered the Workshop to see a red Demon Spawn destroying a training dummy.

"Demon Spawn not doing it right!"
Health : 95%
Groogo is in the Workshop.
Level : 2
Mood : Angry
Efficiency : 65%

October 24th, 2009, 23:01
The Training Room

Mechrin watched wide eyed as Crystice leveled to level 2

"B-but I'm level 2! If I ask her to look at my chemistry set one everning and she says no she could littrialy rip out my heart! I need to be stronger than her so I can protect my self!"

Mechrin wondered for a moment is beating Crystice to death would be a better alternative to being shot down. He decided yes and leapt at his training dummy.

"I've got to level to level 3! Even if it means...

Breaking safety regulations!"

Mechrin tapped the end of his staff on the head of the training dummy, he quickly shielded his eyes to make sure he wouldn't get blinded from the leveling energies.

Nothing happened.

"What? I need to be level 3 now! Hurry up biology!"

Mechrin tapped his staff on the dummy again. Nothing happened.

"This is a Disaster!"

He tapped his staff again; Nothing!

"Nooo! I think I'm having a panic attack!"

Yet one more tap of the staff,

"Help! Some one call me the Dungeon Counsellor! I think I'm severely terrified!"

Mechrin is still training, although he is far more distressed now.

Metal Gear Rex
October 25th, 2009, 01:09
Entry #15-Speed Monster


Crystice shut her books, and got up. She had finished both books, and looked around for books about Speed Monster.

"I am done reading," Crystice told the Dungeon Keeper, "I think this is done... I'm going to proceed onto the Speed Monster spell, my Lord."

Crystice wandered around the Library and slowly began gathering books to read tht were about the Speed Monster Spell. They weren't very thick, but featured only that very spell. She found three, "Faster Than a Hell Hound", "Magic Steroids", and "Keeper Spells: Speed Monster".

"Faster Than a Hell Hound" had a picture of a Bile Demon racing in front of a Hell Hound and an Imp, being chased by a Horned Reaper. The Bile Demon had Speed Monster casted over him, and left shadow trails behind him that the Horned Reaper apparently mistook for the real Bile Demon and was trying to hit them. This book apparently was written by the smartest Hell Hound to ever live. Or at least he created it.

"Magic Steroids" showed a picture of an Imp, dancing. Crystice was creeped out by the thought of why Imps were so fast. They already smoked, and now they take something called steroids? "Keeper Spells: Speed Monster" had a simple picture of the icon of the Speed Monster spell.

Which to read... I'm bored from the other books... I could use something funny. Maybe I should go laugh at Mechrin. But knowing him, who know's what'll he take in it. Maybe I'll research him after I'm done with everything, I'm curious what species he came from because he is no Warlock.

Crystice returned to her spot from before and began reading "Faster Than a Hell Hound" while cross-legged, as always.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Sorta Happy
Job: Researching
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the North-West corner of the Library, sitting cross-legged.

Summery: Crystice finished her books and began progress on Speed Monster. She found 3 books and began reading them in the same spot as before.

Metal Gear Rex
October 25th, 2009, 03:49
OOC (Don't interfere as this is originally 1 post but Evi and I split it into 3 parts due to long length)

Chapter Eighteen: Adventures of Roach and Lena Part 1

Lena trained, while Roach was still sleeping on her back. Lena shook herself.

"Hey hey, Roach? Wanna explore?"

Roach fell off of Lena and onto a training dummy's arm. Roach woke up instantly and flipped himself right-way up as fast as a cat. He landed on his stomach over the training dummy's arm, and slipped off and landed on his back shell with a slight strike on his head.

"Owwy..." Roach's head rotated around, "What did you want, mommy?" Lena laughs, "Do you want to go go exploring Roach?" "As long as I get the big cookie," Roach answered and climbed on Lena, who replied with, "Uh... Okay."

Lena leaves the Training Room once Roach climbed on top of her back, flew to the empty room, passing the Sentry.

"Thats thats a odd looking Sentry," Lena told Roach, who was now alert enough to be thinking "Normally", "I wonder if I could destroy it if I jump'd into another cannon and blasted myself into it." "Wait wait, we didn't even leave the Dungeon yet yet!"

Roach looked around, and froze. Then he looked around again.

"Are you sure?" Roach asked Lena, "I'm pretty sure we've been flying for some time... I'm hungry..." Lena looks around, "...Hey hey, we have been flying for sometime..."

The Hero Sentry opens fire at Lena. Roach jumps excitedly on Lena, before gripping onto Lena tightly.

"We're under fire!!!" Roach shouted in a war general's tone, "We need backup!!" "Bzzzt!" Lena buzzed.

Lena took some sharp turns, evading the shots from the Sentry before heading deeper into the unexplored depths. Roach climbed over Lena so that they made eye-contact, but also blocked 60% of Lena's view from the top.

"Does it make sense to charge into a place that is overpowering us with fireballs?" Roach asked Lena. "Bzzt, you know how many many Sentrys are in that place?" Lena asked Roach, "We we would be fried alive!"

"And we are going farther into enemy land because...?" Roach paused and looked up and stopped covering Lena's view to shout, "WALL!!"

Lena turns to avoid slamming into the wall, but she failed and crashed head first into the wall.

End of Chapter


Name: Lena
Health : 70%
Level : 3
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 75%

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 210/60%
Level: 3
Mood: Hurt
Job: Trying to get head out of wall
Gold Held: 54
Location: Down the Lava Stream with Lena

Summery: Roach and Lena decided to go exploring. They flew into the lava river, were attacked by sentry traps, and then crashed into a wall.

October 25th, 2009, 04:39
- It's okay Crystice, it's not that dramatical. I answer after she pulverized a dummy. And don't be sorry for damaging the dummies, that's what they're for! Oh, and be respectful with our newcomer, would you?

Look at Grith and laugh of his situation in the training room (OOC : Grith's so awesome, Dark Omega! :D Same thing applies to Nachos!).

Then, look at Lena and Nuclear doing a little trip and having fun in the Library to finally end back in the Training Room a few seconds later, being in a "so-so" mood.


- Oh ho! That's marvellous! We will be able to join our pathetic enemies now. Great work Cinder, Crystice and all researchers that contributed! I say with an evil grin.

Look back at the Training Room.

- My... my... You're doing quite a mess isn't it? Here, I'll send 2 Imps to repair the dummies, just don't use the broken ones until they're repaired. Understand?


- What again?

Look at Lena and Nuclear being on the lava river, next to the hero fort in ruins, attacked by a sentry trap. After, see them crash into a wall.

- *Sigh* Okay kiddies, the break is over... GO BACK TO WORK!

Metal Gear Rex
October 25th, 2009, 14:38
OOC(Yay, part 2!)

Chapter Nineteen: Adventures of Roach and Lena Part 2

Lena buzzed. "BzzzzzZzZzzt... So so many shiny colors..." "Super... Happy... Place..." Roach whispered, "I think my shell cracked... and Roach... have to go potty but Roach... don't want to wait til Recess..."

Lena shakes her head then looks around, "...Uhhh, Roach? I think we we went too far." Roach, "I'm hungry!"

Roach's shell cracks some more and most of it falls into the lava.

Roach covered himself after a scream, "AHH!! I'M NAKED!! DON'T LOOK LENA!!!" Lena freezes in place, "What? ...Lets... Lets go back." "J-J-Just don't look at me... I'm going to sleep now..." Roach whispered. "Okay." Lena buzzed.

Lena turned back, and tried to find the way back to the Dungeon.

"Lena, do you have any money to help me pay for another shell?" Roach asked her. "...No... All I have have is two rocks..." Lena answered which puzzled Roach, "Why do you have rocks?" Lena tipped her head, "I was given them for for some reason. They're strange shiny shiny rocks."

Roach paused for a moment before asking, "Can I eat one?" Lena shakes her head, "No, I I tried to eat the one I had two years ago, broke my jaw. Now I talk like like this now." "Are we there yet?" Roach asked Lena. "N-yes."

Lena flies into the empty room, or soon to be Guard room.

"Let's go to the Hatchery first! I'm hungry!" Roach spoke playfully, and Lena replied, "Okay okay."

Lena flies to the Hatchery. Roach sits at the edge of Lena.

Roach began talking to thin air, "Hi, I'd like a Double Chicken Sandwich, no bones, extra chicken. Some Chicken fries, and a Chicken Blood Drink, diet cause I need to lose some weight." Lena stares confusedly at Roach, "...What are are you doing?"

Roach answered Lena, "I'm ordering..." Lena stares at Roach, "...Okay..."

Roach waited a long time before finally getting irrated and dropped down from Lena.

"I'm hungry!" he announced, "I'm not going to wait! FOOD!!"

Roach began stuffing himself with chickens and ate a total of 5 chickens. It was a surprise he was so small, but the energy must go to his large leaps. Lena grabs two chickens that escaped Roach's wrath and entered the Training Room. Roach was secretly riding her with a chicken head in his mouth.

"TO THE WORKSHOP!!" Roach shouted suddenly that it was probably heard by the entire Training Room and disrupted Lena's flying. Lena looks at Roach, "Okay okay..."

End of Chapter


Health : 45%
Level : 3
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 70%

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 227/65%
Level: 3
Mood: Happy
Job: Riding Lena
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Training Room on Lena

Summery: Roach and Lena went back to the Dungeon, ate some food, and then went on their way to the Workshop after entering the Training Room with a loud shout.

October 26th, 2009, 21:07
Merla yawned and woke up, she then got up and heard the keeper say the bridge had been researched.

Oh...ill guess il train then. With that sentance she got up and walked out of the lairs and into the training room where she puleld out the small staff that she carrys aroudn and began smashing the dummy with it.

Metal Gear Rex
October 26th, 2009, 21:43
Chapter Twenty: Adventures of Roach and Lena Part 3

Lena entered the Workshop. Roach hugs Lena along the way. Roach spots Groogo in the Workshop and climbs off Lena and on Groogo's head.

"Groogo!" Roach greeted.

Groogo glares at Roach.

"What Roach want? Groogo mad right now!" "What made Groogo mad?" Roach asked Groogo. "Groogo no level awhile, Groogo want be high level, make things faster!" Groogo answered. Roach stared, "Groogo strong already. You mean Groogo can be stronger? Roach has a job for Groogo, Roach has gold to pay."

Groogo grunted, "What Ro-... Roach need shell? Groogo can make." "Yay!" Roach jumped off Groogo, "Say, where did I park Lena?" Lena glares at Roach, "What?"

Lena tips over, causing Roach to fall off. Roach landed on his back, no surprise. But it hurt ALOT more than what Roach remembered.

"OW! Lena! I don't have my shell... that hurt!" Roach complained, "It was a joke!" Lena lets out a annoyed buzz. Groogo shakes his head, "Enough, me made."

Groogo sets down a metal that looks like a beetle shell. Roach climbs in.

"It's really heavy... Lena I need you to fly me to the Lair..." Roach told her. "Groogo help instead, Fly too weak for heavy metal."

Groogo picks the metal up and drops it near Roach's lair. Roach tried dragging it in his Lair, with no success.

"Uhh... Groogo?" Roach looked at him, "Maybe you could make something a little lighter... like a natural beetle shell?" "Groogo can do." Groogo hits the metal, making it thinner and lighter, "Groogo now done." "Works for me!" Roach said joyfully.

I'll have to find the time to paint this thing back to its normal colors... I'll get Nachos to do it. But now I am sleepy...

Roach crawled into his lair and went to sleep, as Groogo farted to the Workshop. Lena left for the Training Room.

End of Chapter


Health : 45%
Level : 3
Mood : Normal
Efficiency : 80%

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 227/65%
Level: 3
Mood: Happy
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 54
Location: Sleeping in his lair

Summery: Roach and Lena went to see Groogo, and he made a new shell for Roach. Roach then went to sleep as Lena went to train, Groogo went back to the workshop.

October 26th, 2009, 22:33

The sound of the keeper roared enough to wake him up.

A new room has been researched. said the mentor

Yes! Keeper, just let me know when its built. I'll gladly kill any heros on it, conected to it, or beside it.

Cinder went to go train and prepair for when the heros decide to show up.

Cinder (the amazing warlock of fire.)
woke up, asked to be alerted when the bridge is built, and is trainning for when heros are attacking.

Duke Ragereaver
October 28th, 2009, 09:19
Din the warlock :warlock:

Din was researching with great annoyance because of other creatures in the library were more occupied with doing other stuff than researching.


Keeper Mikaelios thanked all the creatures but speficialy named Cinder and Crystice. Considering that Din believed HE did most, if not all, he found this outrageous! He wanted to tell Keeper Mikaelios about this but quickly changed his mind and decided to keep his mouth shut for the moment.

:warlock: : I will continue my training now, for I'm predicting we will be in some fights soon with the bridge researched.

With those words he exited the library and entered the trainingsroom.

Din the warlock is training
Health: 99%
Level: 1.8 (and raising)
Mood: Sightly more annoyed than earlier

Summary: Din was angry he did not receive any credit because he believed he did all the research for the bridge but kept his thoughts for himself. He then moved to the trainingsroom and began training.

October 30th, 2009, 00:41
Lena the Fly

Lena continued training.

Level up!

Lena finally reached level 4, and felt extremely exhausted. She flew out of the Training Room, ate a chicken, entered the Lair and went inside her Caccoon to sleep.

Lena is in the Lair, asleep in her Caccoon.
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo shakes his head at Grith, grabs a hammer and begins working on some more Traps and doors.
Groogo is in the Workshop, creating Traps and Doors at random.

Metal Gear Rex
October 30th, 2009, 10:13
Entry #16-Fast Asleep

"...to conclude all the types of energy interphering with the ability to cast Speed Monster. Fine the energy most proper in your current realm and this spells shall come along easy. But there are a few things to keep in mind..."

Crystice was reading "Keeper Spells: Speed Monster" and was on the last few pages. But she was also getting sleepy and let out a yawn. At the same time her stomach growled at her. Crystice's eyes began closing and she had trouble keeping them open. Her vision blurred a bit as well.

"...while casting it... creatures... cancel... effect... power..."

Crystice shut her eyes and fell forward and hit her head on the ground. This woke her up a bit, and she decided to go to sleep but she still wanted to finish the book. She skimmed the last page and shut the book. She put the books back in the nearest shelf and had to squeeze them to make them stay. She was too tired to care about neatness.

Gonna get some food... now... tired...

Crystice found it very tempting to sleep in the Library where she was surrounded by knowledge but knew it would waste time she could be using for researching. She forced herself up, and then began speaking to the Dungeon Keeper.

"Oh great and almighty Lord Mikaelios," Crystice anounced, "I will finish the research when I return. I grow tired, believe me if I needed not rest I'd spend endless hours in the Library but... it is not to be... Please do not desturb me when I sleep..."

Crystice entered the Hatchery, and picked up a chicken. She ate it, and decided to get another. She fired Missile at one, and killed it. She then ate it as well. She peaked inside the Training Room for a quick moment. She noticed Din, the elderly Warlock.

Oh great... another Warlock. Apparently all these male Warlocks are just an insult to my species... except for Mechrin. I'm pretty sure he's his own species... but this one is old. Hmm... maybe he knows how to be more respectful to a lady than these other two... I'll talk to him later. After I finish reading.

Crystice enters the Lair and quickly spots how own lair. She steps inside the small single tile ice house and relaxes on the top bed.

Hmm... eating before sleeping... I hope I don't get fat... *Sigh* I wonder what Fyoke is doing now... I miss him so...

Crystice falls asleep within minutes. She dreams being fat and in an empty room with Fyoke.

"Haha, you're fat!" Fyoke laughed. Crystice told him, "I am not! It is all stuffing!"

Crystice begins reaching in her robes and pulls out lots of stuffing. There seems to be an endless supply of stuffing but no matter how much she takes out, she still is fat. Groogo the Bile Demon walks into the room from nowhere.

"You're one of us..." he tells Crystice as he begins dragging her off. "No! I'm NOT!!" Crystice cries to both him and Fyoke.

Crystice is forced to work in the Workshop with Bile Demons and Trolls. Outside of her dream, Crystice twitches.

"N-No... ugly... desgusting... stupid... eww..." she whispers so lightly that people next to her can barely hear, "Fyoke... save me... you owe me..."

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Unhappy (Inside Dream)
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Lair, inside her lair, sleeping.

Summery: Crystice finished the three books and then told the Dungeon Keeper she was gonna sleep. She grabbed a chicken, peaked into the Training Room and saw Din. She then went to the Lair and went to sleep.

Metal Gear Rex
October 30th, 2009, 12:48
Chapter Twenty-One: Soft Hair

Roach stood up and yawned. His shell hadn't been painted yet.

Nachos! I told you to paint my sh-... Nachos?

Nachos was nowhere to be found. He ran off and temperarily became part of the D.D.D. Team (Dungeon Dog Dilvery) and currently was dilivering a baby Bile Demon with a full diper to someone's house.

Maybe Lena could do it. Where is she? Hmm... I'm hungry...

Roach began heading out of the Library when he saw Crystice and her beautiful soft hair.

Soft... hair... Roach want...

Roach forgot everything else and crawled onto Crystice's head and fell asleep in her hair.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 280/80%
Level: 3
Mood: Happy
Job: Sleeping
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Lair, in, Crystice's lair, inside Crystice's hair.

Summery: Roach woke up, saw Crystice, and went to sleep in her hair.

October 30th, 2009, 13:05
The Training Room

Suffering from the knowledge that absolutely everything was going completely wrong in his life, Mechrin over to Merla and Lena in the training room.

"You've got to help me! I need to be level 3 before Crystice comes and kills me! And that could happen any second now! Quick! Help me train! Calm me down! Talk to me in a slow calming voice! Give me a Hug! Anything!

I can pay!" No I can't, "I'll really play you lots and lots if either of you two help me!" No, I won't, "Honest!" Not really.

Mechrin is training, but also harrasing Merla and Lena for help in return for gold he does not possess!

November 1st, 2009, 03:21
Cinder <---- Awsome

Cinder was too busy hitting a trainning dummies with fire that he didn't notce all the damage he was doing. sudenly he got really hungry

ok, I'll go eat, then I'll go research. getting another room will be better than getting stronger

He walked in the hatchery, ate half a chicken, then walked to the library and look for a new book.

hmm... I wounder what room is next. Lets see... He picks up a book labled Guard Rooms for Advance Keepers. This must be the next room.

He sits down and reads.

reading (again)
ate something, then started reading the guard room.

Metal Gear Rex
November 1st, 2009, 03:53
Entry #17-Kiss

Ohh... Fyoke, my deary... lo-

Crystice opens her ideas to kiss who she believes is Fyoke but means the face of a sleeping Roach. Crystice's eyes slam open, and she follows her first reaction. Crystice slaps Roach, uses Missile on him, and then throws him out of her lair.

"AHH!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU LITTLE PERVERT!!??" Crystice questioned Roach who was runnng around in panic, trying to figure out what to do.

Roach runs wildly around the Lair, screaming, and then runs out of the Lair through the Treasury exit. Crystice sighed, and got out of her bed.

Was that the little Beetle? What was he doing...? Hmm... poor defenseless little bug...

Crystice walked out of her lair.

"Forgive me, my Lord," Crystice spoke to the Dungeon Keeper, "I am fine. Please think nothing of that event. I will continue research on the Speed Monster Spell.

Crystice entered the Library and spots Cinder. She was pleased to see others researching, but grew irritated when she saw he was reading a Guard Room book.

Oh how dare he...

Crystice walked to Cinder, his back facing her, and gave him a light kick in his back.

"Hey," Crystice whispered, irritated and loudly, "We're researching the Speed Monster spell. Get to work on it. It is insulting that you'd read something else while I am trying my best to get the Speed Monster spell ready. It would get done alot quicker if you'd help. Now hurry up!"

Crystice begins to walk away and searches around for more Speed Monster books. She finally found one titled, "Speed Monster: Are You Afraid?". The title image showed an Imp being chased by a Horned Reaper. The Imp was making distance thanks to Speed Monster. She picked her usual North-West spot in the Library and began to read.

This should be enough for this spell.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2
Mood: Neutral
Job: Researching
Gold Held: 0
Location: North-West corner of the Library

Summery: Crystice woke up and kissed Roach, thinking it was Fyoke. She then attacked Roach, called him a pervert, and then apologized to Mikaelios for the loudless of the event. She then told him she'd research and went off to the Library. She gave Cinder a light kick and talkd to him about researching the Guard Room when she was researching the Speed Monster spell. She found a book and began reading in the North-West corner of the Library.

November 1st, 2009, 12:13
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo... strong... Groogo continue... Workshop... Build... for Keeper.

Groogo's stomach rumbles loudly.

Groogo tired, no rest, Groogo hungry, must eat.

Groogo stops manufacturing, goes to the Hatchery, eats three chickens, then resumes to work, with barely enough stamina to keep going.

Groogo very tired.

Groogo slaps himself.

NO! Groogo stay awake, if work hard, Groogo get reward!


Too bad Keeper who gave reward are dead from Groogo's horn.

Groogo shrugs, as he resumes manufacturing.

"Groogo finished door alls, some trap not all, Keeper are pleased?"
Health : 50%
Groogo is still in the Workshop.
Level : 2
Mood : Exhausted
Efficiency : 81% (That slap did something.)

November 1st, 2009, 14:11
Merla glanced at the Warlock who was asking her to help him train.

We cant help each other do that without a combat pit. she said in a warm tone. She then hit the dummy again and...


Merla was now happy and she remembered how to shoot a fire ball, she tried to and only a few sparks shot out of her hand.

Im gonna have to practice... she mumbled to herself.

November 2nd, 2009, 03:53

Hey, Crystice whispered, angry and loudly, We're researching the Speed Monster spell. Get to work on it. It is insulting that you'd read something else while I am trying my best to get the Speed Monster spell ready. It would get done alot quicker if you'd help. Now hurry up!

Then Crystice went to go sit down.

I'm getting a head start at the guard room. The more rooms, the more non-warlocks we'll get he said in his mind

Cinder continied reading

...and if you place a wooden floor, movement will get faster, but will be hard to stop if you are intruded. Carpet/tileing will help stoping, and help aiming, but creatures won't move very fast in it.

If you use wood, you must follow this formula: X(number of tiles)= A(area of 1 tile) x Y (number of tiles) - Z(size of flag in middle, generally it is 10 cm) + C(number of creatures going to use it)

For a carpet, follow this formula X= A x (Y-3) -Z +2c

reading, and reading, and reading
read, will read, and may read forever

November 2nd, 2009, 17:14
The training room

Mechrin waved his scrawny self in front of Merla

"NoNoNoNoNo! You need to help me! I need to be level three I- I- I-"

Mechrin stood strait and put on his serious face.

"If you can get me to level 3, I will give you 60,000 gold!"

Mechrin stood there in his double bow tied shoes and slimly slicked hair.

"I'm serious."

Mechrin slumped from the weight of the patheticness and let his staff drop to the floor, it rolled of and taped the foot of a dummy-


Mechrin jumped in the air in front of Merla "YouDidn'tSayYes! ThatDidn'tCount! It'sMyGoldNow!"

Mechrin jittered off into the distance saying: "Giddy Giddy Giddy Giddy" over and over.

After a while he dragged him self back over to Merla. "Please don't hate me!"

He then skipped off to

The Libary

With a rush of confidence Mechrin burst in, saw crystice and announced: "Behold the wonder that is me! Drop to your knees and worship my male pheromones!"

Again, he stood there in his double bow tied shoes and slimly slicked hair. He panicked, he winced, he dived through the nearest book shelf and scuttled off the to the darkest corner of the library and buried him self in a protective layer of Sight Of Evil books.

Mechrin offered Merla before miraculously reaching level three and rubbing that in Merla's face. He scuttled into the Library and announced his manly whiles to Crystice before panicking and hiding in the Library's depths.

He's now continuing to research the Sight Of Evil spell again.

November 2nd, 2009, 21:37
Groogo the Bile Demon

"Tired... Very... Tired... No... sleep... stay... awake."

Groogo weakly hits a trap.

"Groogo... Gro...o...go...go go Rangers!"

Groogo falls to the ground in the Workshop, sleeping.
Health : 30%
Groogo is sleeping in the Workshop.
Level : 2
Mood : Zzzzzz.
Efficiency : 80%

Metal Gear Rex
November 2nd, 2009, 23:14
Entry #18-Annoying Mechrin

Crystice finished her book and was sure that now, she had completed research for the Speed Monster. But maybe there was more to be done. After all, she was the only one working on the project. But then Mecrhin entered her view and gloated about being more powerful.

A Warlock has become angry because she is listening to Mechrin

How could such a worthless being think he deserves followers? Maybe that Warlock was right about researching the Guard Room... Dark Elves and Orcs would be a nice change from these Warlock idiots...

"Mechrin, shut up. I don't care. Go find someone else to be your slave," Crystice told him aggressively as well as strictly, "Either you shut up or drop dead. Either way, it works better for me."

I should train til I learn Freeze... I need to make this guy shup up!

Crystice gave Mechrin a short glare before stomping her way out of the Library and into the Training Room. She then began smacking Training Dummies with Missiles and anger while trying to speak to Keeper Mikaelios.

"Oh great and almighty Keeper Mikaelios, forgive me for abandoning my researching post. But I can't stand that Mechrin... he's hardly done any research and has goofed and slowed me down... if it isn't too much trouble then may I ask of you to do something about him?"

Crystice suggested a solution, "He's greedy... perhaps you could give me some gold for my hard and work for researching the Speed Monster spell without assistance with anyone... then allow me to rub it in his annoying face. It would be fitting, and would reward me as well as punish him."

Crystice continued to hammer the training dummies she battled and pictured them as Mechrin. It didn't take long until she had battered their bodies enough for them to longer support themselves and they crumbled to the floor.

Just like how Mechrin will...

Crystice continued to angrily train.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.1
Mood: Angry
Job: Training
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Middle of the Training Room, hammering about on Training Dummies.

Summery: Crystice finished her book, told Mechrin to shut up or drop dead, and left. She then told Keeper Mikaelios that he should reward her for her hard and solo work and allow her to rub it in Mechrin's face as his punishment for doing little to nothing but slow everybody down. She destroyed three Training Dummies when she pictured them as Mechren and continued training.

Metal Gear Rex
November 3rd, 2009, 22:55
Chapter Twenty-Two: Gone?

Roach was flying about in the river of lava riding Lena. He carried an imp's pick-axe which he stole and ventured forward. He reached a wall and began mining away and reached the enemy Keeper's dungeon. He took out a sword and hacked every last creature there was. From Goblins to Mistresses, they all fell dead.

He reached the Dungeon Heart and he found the Avatar already hammering the enemy keeper's heart. He challenged him to a duel and their swords met. Roach was throwing his sword wildly at the frightened Avatar until the Avatar tripped and dropped his sword. Roach stabbed him in the heart and killed him. He began smashing the Dungeon Heart of the enemy, each swing made the heart beat faster and faster until it finally ex-

"AHH!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU LITTLE PERVERT!!??" Crystice questioned, waking up Roach from his dream.

Roach was having good dream!

Roach was slapped and hit with Missile before thrown across the Lair. He hit a wall and began running about the Lair screaming with his little stubby beetle feet carrying him all around the other lairs. Roach ran out of the Lair where he fell down the large hole that was the Portal.


"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! HELP ROACH!!!!!!!!!!" Roach cried as he fell and hit the bottom of the Portal. He heard voices all around him, "Where ya been Roach? I was waiting for my dinner..."

Frightened, Roach jumped to the Portal wall and began climbing back up in a hurry. Not even Nachos could save him from the hungry insect-eating beasts that lived down there.

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 280/80%
Level: 3
Mood: Scared
Job: Climbing
Gold Held: 54
Location: Down at the bottom of the Portal, slowly making his way up.

Summery: Roach was dreaming but woke up and ran when Crystice attacked him. He fell down the Portal and is trying to get back up.

November 3rd, 2009, 22:59
Merla stopepd training as she felt mildly exhausted and went exploring the dungeon, as he went by the portal he heard a slight small vocie from the portal screaming, she walked over and looked down into the portal and saw a beetle trying to climb up with stubby legs.

uhhh do you need any help?

November 4th, 2009, 00:23

...And just install the flag in the middle, cut out a little "puzzle" peice, then put it on the tile.

Chapter XLIV the end

And just follow steps 3-17 for each tile. 1 tile is needed, but more will hold more creatures, and may attract more creatures.

If you enjoyed this book, you may also like:

-Advance Dungeon Making: Torture Chamber - Mark Vj'res
-How to Get Your Imps to do all the Work: Guard Room - Almerac
-Dark Elves and How to Get Them - Greden Tro'go
and many more

he closed the book and put it down. I need more people to help me.

He got up and walked out to the workshop to see if anyone was there.

When he got there, he only saw Groogo on the floor.

tsk tsk tsk. lazy work.

A Beetle has left your dungeon.


he walked around, and noticed merla at the portal, yelling. Hey, a warlock, maybe she can help.

He walked up to merla. Hey, could you help me research the guard room. everyone else is trainning, or sleeping.

Name: Cinder
Level: 3.7
Mood: "Help me"
Did: finished reading the book, and then walked around, looking for someone to help him reseaching the guard room. Found merla, and asked her if she'd help.

November 4th, 2009, 00:34
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo dreamed.


Of being a fat Bile Demon.

Groogo woke up after a hearing a Warlock's voice.

"Who there!? Workshop builders only!"

Groogo pushes himself up, yawning.

"Groogo better, work!"

Groogo started working in the Workshop again.
Health : 90%
Groogo working Workshop. You no builder, LEAVE!
Level : 2
Mood : Unhappy
Efficiency : 80%
Lena the Fly

Lena wakes up, and flies out of her Caccoon. Lena looked around, and instantly got bored.

"Hey hey... If I I explore, Keeper will be be mad at me. I hate hate the Workshop, and and reading is bore-boring."

Lena falls back into her Caccoon.

"I'll just just lie here."
Health : 100%
Lena is in the Lair, in her Caccoon.
Level : 4
Mood : BORED
Efficiency : 0%

Metal Gear Rex
November 4th, 2009, 01:45
Chapter Twenty-Three

Roach heard Merla's words but continued climbing until his own eye-sight could see her.

"Help Roach!" he cried.

Merla saw the beetle and heard his plea for help and began looking through her things to try to find a way to get him out faster then climbing.

"Come on, I know I have some rope somewhere...." Merla said as she rummaged through her things, "There it is!"

Merla pulled out coil of rope out of her belongings and began feeding it down the portal.

"H-here grab this," she told Roach.

The rope smacked Roach in the head and he glared at Merla.

"With what?" Roach asked Merla, "These stubby feet?"

Merla pulled the rope up and tied it into something resembling a hangman's noose.

"H-here crawl into the hole and ill pull you up," Merla told Roach.

Roach looked at the rope and crawls in it.

This is gonna hurt!

"This is gonna hurt pulling him up..." Merla began pulling Roach and stopped when he was out ot the portal, "T-there, my arms hurt...


Merla began rubbing her arms to try and get rid of the stiffness that had built up in them. Roach jumped up on Merla's face and liked her.

"Fuzzy hair!" Roach greeted, "Me Roach! What fuzzy's name?"

Merla looked at Roach questionably after being called "Fuzzy".

"Uhhhh Merlas my name, what's yours?" Merla asked Roach. Roach glared at Merla, "Me.... Roach... Roach not like repeating himself..." "Sorry Roach...." Merla apologized, "Well I'll talk to you later then Roach..."

Roach continued on to the Dungeon Heart. He began speaking to Keeper Mikaelios.

"Keeper! I've been attacked! Roach just wanted to nap in pretty lady's hair..." Roach told Mikaelios, "Roach needs to be taken seriously! Roach needs black suit, red tie, and black brief case that fit me! Oh! And a cigarette completes Roach's look!"

End of Chapter


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 280/80%
Level: 3
Mood: Serious
Job: Requesting Stuff
Gold Held: 54
Location: Dungeon Heart

Summery: Roach met Merla when she helped him get up. He then requested a black suit, red tie, black brief case, and cigarette that fits him from Mikaelios.

November 4th, 2009, 17:52
The Library

Mechrin rose eyes covered and quaking with fear from his hovel made from Sight of Evil books. He'd fashioned a soggily spear out of self-chewed paper pulp. Without aiming MNechrin hurled the spear at a general Crystice direction.


Mechrin opened an eye and saw both a puddle of paper and an empty Library.

"Keeper! Keeper! Forgive Crystice for abandoning her researching post. But y'know I can't stand not being by that Crystice... even though she's hardly done any research and has goofed and slowed me down... if it isn't too much trouble then may I ask of you to introduce me to her?"

Mechrin grinned at his own smarts as he offered a solution, "She's greedy... perhaps you could give me some gold for my hard and work for researching the Sight of Evil spell without assistance with anyone... then maybe she'll allow me to rub her feet or something for money... It would be fitting maybe, and would reward me as well as pleasure her!"

Mechrin sulked when he didn't instantly get picked up and dropped in a locked room with Crystice. He continued to Research the SoE spell.

Mechrin asked the Keeper to set him and Crystice up on a date, and then continued to research the SoE spell.

November 5th, 2009, 09:33
(ooc I had Duke's permission for this, as most of you know)

Kanquios :demon:

Kanquios climbed up the Portal, relaxed, breathing deeply. She was sure there was no way Ivan could reach her all the way over here. She spotted Merla and waved at her.

:demon: Kanquios: Hello! I'm Kanquios! Heehee!

Kanquios rested for a bit more but then began to make her way towards the Dungeon Heart. She stopped and waved at the Dungeon Heart.

:demon: Kanquios: Hello! I'm Kanquios! I'm really young, I don't like to fight very much... I came from a faraway land! It's called Crystalbarrow! I ran because a Spider was trying to kill me! I don't know his name, but I was just trying to talk to my friend and he came and try to hurt me! I think I got far awa-

Kanquios freezes as she notices Roach. Her love and fondness of smaller creatures takes over her completely. She liked Roach because even for a Beetle, Roach was small. She ran and tackled him playfully.

:demon: Kanquios: Beetle! I'm Kanquios! Wanna play?

Kanquios :demon:

Health: 100%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: Dungeon Heart

Summery: Kanquios climbed up the portal, rested for a moment, introduced herself and said hi to Merla, and then left for the Dungeon Heart. She said her name and stated she was from Crystalbarrow, but spotted Roach and playfully tackled him in pure fondness of smaller creatures. She introduced herself, and asked if Roach wanted to play.

Metal Gear Rex
November 6th, 2009, 01:39
Entry #19-The Prison

Crystice finally was getting bored of smacking Mechrin's head about so she stopped attacking the training dummies.

I guess I should go research... we are facing enemies soon... wait a minute, we don't have a proper cell for them!

"Almighty Lord Mikaelios, I shall return to my studies," Crystice took a bow and she lifted her head up, "I will being research on the Prison. I know it is against your orders, but that is probably because I am one of few researching. We need a proper cell for those pesky heroes... it'll be a sign to all others the consiquences for defying loyalty to your majesty, to force those to work for you even in the afterlife..."

Crystice's loyal smile turned dark and evil as she spoke and a power-hungry and ruthless look appeared in her eyes as her tone turned cold and heartless. Crystice then began making her way towards the Library and was disappointed to see Mechrin there. She resisted the very strong urge she had to hit him and Missile him to his grave.

Instead, Crystice searched around the Library, and eventually found a book called "Prisoners of Death". It had a picture of Skeletons guarding a Prison which was full of Heroes. Crystice hissed silently at the Heroes but was amused to see the artist knew where they belonged. Crystice opened it up and began to read after picking her usual spot in the North-West corner of the Library. Again, she sat cross-legged.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.45
Mood: Amused
Job: Researching the Prison
Gold Held: 0
Location: North-West corner of the Library, sitting cross-legged.

Summery: Crystice stopped training, told Mikaelios she would research but would try her hand at the Prison to capture the Heroes, and then left. She skimmed around the Library and found a book called "Prisoners of Death" and began reading it sitting cross-legged in the North-West corner of the Library.

November 6th, 2009, 03:47
Cinder "The Warlock of Fire"

A New Speciese of Creature has entered your dungeon: Beetle and Demon Spawn

We already had a beetle and demon spawn. He thought. But maybe one of these guys can help me research.

He walks in to the dungeon heart room and notices a demon spawn jumping on Roach.

He...hey guys, could one of you guys help me...umm... research the Guard Room. I'm the only one doing it.

Questioning and nervious (for cinder)
heard 2 New creatures eneted the dungeon, and went to the heart to see if one would help him. (He doesn't know that the new beetle is roach)

Metal Gear Rex
November 6th, 2009, 08:05
OOC (I spoke with Hamster-Damned for this of course)

Chapter Twenty-Four

Roach was tackled to the ground by a small Demon Spawn with a slightly longer tail, red cloth tied around her right claw, and a red ribbon with a glowing blue rose in it. She also has a beautiful set od playful blue eyes.

"Beetle! I'm Kanquios!" Kanquios introduced herself, "Wanna play?" Roach got to his feet and hopped up and down excitedly, "I'm Roach! Roach wanna play! What game?"

Before Kanquios could answer, Cider the Warlock entered thier view. Nachos also bit Roach to notify that he was back with cash from his job. Roach was jealous that he had gold.

"He...hey guys, could one of you guys help me...umm... research the Guard Room?" Cinder asked Roach and Kanquios, "I'm the only one doing it." "I don't like reading," Kanquios answered simply. Roach whispered softly, "I... I don't know how to read..."

Nachos was biting Roach's leg and pulling on him.

Ow! Bad Nachos!

"Why don't you get one of the other Warlocks to help you, Cinder?" Roach suggested and then his tone became more dreamy, "Like that pretty Warlock with the pretty blue hair..." Kanquios tugged on Roach, "Let's play!" "Okay!" Roach jumped joyfully.

Roach, Kanquios, and Nachos began heading for the Lair. Kanquios had to create a lair, and she created her's next to Roach's. It was a large red glowing ruby stone surrounded by black roses with a large red cloth on the top for Kanquios to nap on.

"Perfect!" Roach cheered as he jumped up on Kanquios' lair and then went to sleep.

Kanquios climbed up and playfully pushed Roach off. Roach landed on his backshell, as always, and got up. Nachos was sleeping in his doggie bed inside Roach's lair, cuddling Roach's gold in his small paws.

"Play!" Kanquios announced before jumping on Roach. Roach laughed and then told Kanquios, "Let me show you my friend, Lena! Lena will play!

Roach pulled Kanquios over to the sleeping Lena, and Roach then tackled Lena before hugging her.

"LENA!!" Roach called out, his voice heard throughout the Lair and probably half the dungeon, "Meet Kanquios! She want to play! Roach's playmate too!" "Hi!" Kanquios waved.

-Chapter End-

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 315/90%
Level: 3
Job: Talking to Lena
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Lair, with Kanquios and Lena

Summery: Roach introduced himself to Lena, said he wanted to play. Kanquios and Roach said they wouldn't research, and Roach suggested he ask another Warlock and mentioned the warlock with pretty blue hair (Crystice) and Roach, Kanquios, and Nachos left for the Lair.

Kanquios created her lair and Roach went to sleep on it as Nachos went to sleep in Roach's. Kanquios pushed him off playfully and jumped on him. Roach brought Kanquios to meet Lena, where Roach tackled Lena and called her name so loud that it was heard throughout the Lair and probably half the Dungeon. He then said Kanquios was his new playmate and Kanquios said hi.

November 7th, 2009, 03:37
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo finally stops hammering the final touches to the spike trap. Groogo lets out a pleased rumble as he looked over all the crates containing the Keeper's orders.

Groogo yawns.

"Keeper, Groogo finished order. Groogo rest now, train when better. Groogo smash Heroes!"

Groogo heaves itself into the Lair.


Groogo slides into his lair, ignoring Roach and his new Demon Spawn friend.

"Roach new friend? Or, new friend mean? Groogo SMASH bossy creats!"

Loud snoring came soon after.
Health: 91%
Groogo is asleep in the Lair.
Mood: Zzz

November 7th, 2009, 13:34
Cinder (awesome :D)

I don't like reading Kanquios answered simply.

Why don't you get one of the other Warlocks to help you, Cinder? Roach suggested and then his tone became more dreamy, Like that pretty Warlock with the pretty blue hair... Kanquios tugged on Roach, Let's play! Okay! Roach jumped joyfully.

Then Roach and Kanquios left

Well, that was useless.

Cinder decided to go back into the library and just read, hoping that someone else would show up to help.

He went back and started reading the first book he picked up.

Reading. Shhhh
Is reading for the guard room with no help. :(

Metal Gear Rex
November 8th, 2009, 00:17
Entry #20

Crystice shut her book and put it away. Reading as many pages as she had done made her very bored. But she knew she had to read it all. Crystice stood up, and noticed Cinder. She also noticed he was still researching the Guard Room.

Hmm... maybe I could get him to do something.

Crystice wandered over to Cinder, and gave him a quick punch in his shoulder to get his attention. Cinder turned around.

"Ow! Whats that for?" Cinder asked Crystice, who answered, "Do you want to redeem your worthlessness?" Ignoring Crystice's insult, Cinder asked, "How?"

"I'm taking the initiative," Crystice answered, "We're going into battle, so I'm researching the Prison so we get more out of our victory."

"Well I'm tring to get another room researched too," Cinder replied, "Seems everyone is more concerned with spells and trainning."

Crystice looked away, "Right now, we're going on the offensive so we need not a Guard Room but a Prison to capture such worthless heroes..." "So what do you want me to do?" Cinder asked her.

Crystice laughed, "Are you stupid? Research the Prison of course! I've already got a head start." "Fine. I'll help, but after the prison, we need a guard room," Cider told her. "Whatever," was Crystice's only response.

Cinder walks to the library and picks up the closest book he could find with a prison on the cover. Crystice also looked around and grabbed a book. She went to her favorite spot and sat cross-legged, beginning to read.

End of Entry


Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.45
Mood: Amused
Job: Researching the Prison
Gold Held: 0
Location: North-West corner of the Library, sitting cross-legged.

Summery: Crystice finished her book, then got Cinder to help with Research on the Prison. She picked out a book and then began reading in her usual spot.

Name: Cinder
Level: 3.7
Mood: focused
Did: Talked with Crystice about the prison, and got talked into researched the prison

November 8th, 2009, 08:45
Look happily for Lena and Nuclear to finally come back to the dungeon and giggles for Nuclear's situation. Then, turn my attention to Din that seem to be a bit unhappy in the Training Room.

- Thanks to you too Din for the Bridge. Don't be mad, your help was appreciated. Now, keep training.

Hear Crystice's speech :

"Oh great and almighty Lord Mikaelios, I will finish the research when I return. I grow tired, believe me if I needed not rest I'd spend endless hours in the Library but... it is not to be... Please do not desturb me when I sleep..."

- No problem Crystice. Have a nice rest.

Look at her going to her Lair and falling asleep and laugh when looking at Nuclear sleeping on her. Later, laugh again when they wake up and become quiet when she says :

"Forgive me, my Lord, I am fine. Please think nothing of that event. I will continue research on the Speed Monster Spell."

- Hehe, ahem, yeah, no problem. The Speed Monster Spell huh? Not a bad idea. Go for it!

Turn his attenton to Groogo in the Workshop.

- Yes, I'm pleased, Groogo. But at the same time, don't force yourself to stay constantly awaken to manufacture. You can go to bed too.


- Awesome!...


- *Sigh* Ah, come on!

Turn my attention to Crystice that tell me :

"Oh great and almighty Keeper Mikaelios, forgive me for abandoning my researching post. But I can't stand that Mechrin... he's hardly done any research and has goofed and slowed me down... if it isn't too much trouble then may I ask of you to do something about him? He's greedy... perhaps you could give me some gold for my hard and work for researching the Speed Monster spell without assistance with anyone... then allow me to rub it in his annoying face. It would be fitting, and would reward me as well as punish him."

- *Sigh* Can't you both become allied and be able to tolerate yourselves? I'm glad that you just researched that spell, thanks a lot for that, but I won't give you a reward just to punish Mechrin for your own satisfaction. He's contributing to do useful researches after all. Let me talk to him...


- Huh?

Look at the Portal, hearing the beetle trying to get back up with Merla next of the Portal's pit.

- What are you doing in there, Nuclear? Come on, get back here!

Watch Merla helping Nuclear to get back into the dungeon.


- Ha! That's it! Great work Merla!

Then, hear Nuclear speaking to me :

"Keeper! I've been attacked! Roach just wanted to nap in pretty lady's hair... Roach needs to be taken seriously! Roach needs black suit, red tie, and black brief case that fit me! Oh! And a cigarette completes Roach's look!"

I laugh and answer :

- Are you serious? Haha! Wow! You're so unbelievable! Yeah, I saw that you slept over Crystice's head. Now, you should know she don't really like bugs... Just sleep into YOUR lair next time.

After that, hear Mechrin :

"Keeper! Keeper! Forgive Crystice for abandoning her researching post. But y'know I can't stand not being by that Crystice... even though she's hardly done any research and has goofed and slowed me down... if it isn't too much trouble then may I ask of you to introduce me to her? She's greedy... perhaps you could give me some gold for my hard and work for researching the Sight of Evil spell without assistance with anyone... then maybe she'll allow me to rub her feet or something for money... It would be fitting maybe, and would reward me as well as pleasure her!"

- OH MY EVIL! :eek: Okay... Enough!

Talk to both Mechrin and Crystice :

- First of all, NO, I won't give any rewards. Second, Mechrin, STOP harassing other creatures and Warlocks. And NO, I won't set a date between you and Crystice for the simple reason that she can't support you. I want that you STOP that sh** between both of you. Okay? STOP! Now go back to work.


- A Demon Spawn? How nice!

Go look at the newcomer and listen to her.

- Hello Kanquios and welcome to my domain! So, huh... you don't like to fight? :eek: Err... well, I hope you enjoy researching or manufacturing instead.

*Damn, she looks so young. Demon Spawns are supposed to enjoy fighting and training. I wouldn't like my dungeon to be a freaking day nursery!* I think to myself.

Later, Crystice tell me that she will research the Prison for the future heroes.

- Good idea, Crystice. Do so.

Duke Ragereaver
November 8th, 2009, 09:11
Din the warlock :warlock:

Din was doing his training quite well, and even launched from time to time a fireball to the dummies (He's over level 2 now). He felt more empowered now, but decided to call it a day off. He then marched to the lair to get some rest. He took a look around, saw plenty of creatures among them a... bile demon, a very familair one. Could it be...? He then walked towards the sleeping bile demon and he recognized him now, it was Groogo! Din started poking him with his staff to wake him up.

:warlock:: Groogo my old friend! Long time no see!

Din the warlock is interacting with fellow veteran and friend Groogo the bile demon.
Health: 95%
Level: 2.4

Din has surpassed level 2 but decided to call it a day off and is talking now to an old friend, Groogo the bile demon

November 8th, 2009, 12:37
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo shifts as something pokes him. Groogo shifts again as it poked him again.

"Groogo my old friend! Long time no see!"

Groogo instantly opened its eyes, and looked at Din. Groogo's eyes open widely, and a smile grows on its face.

"Friend Din! Good see again! How years go after War, you?"
Health: 100%
Mood: Very Happy

November 8th, 2009, 13:38
The library

First of all, NO, I won't give any rewards. Second, Mechrin, STOP harassing other creatures and Warlocks. And NO, I won't set a date between you and Crystice for the simple reason that she can't support you.

Mechrin looked at his feet and gave a wine.

I want that you STOP that sh** between both of you. Okay? STOP! Now go back to work.

Mechrin gave Crystice a nudge and said to his keeper "She started it."

Mechrin looked down to see Crystice was about to bite his head off.

"AGH! Uhhh.... hi Crystice... lovely hair you have today.... ummm... is it real? No no, you don't were a wig... obviously, ummm. Could I buy you a drink? No, of course not! Er, this is a frozen wasteland... no water here..."

Mechrin thought he was dealing with the situation quite well.

"Ah! AH! I see you're researching the Prison! Very smart Crystice! What with all the... umm, things that we could put in there. I know! I'll go off and research it for you so you can get it done quicker!"

Mechrin sat down and continued to read his Sight of Evil book. The thoug came to him that he'd be researching the Sight of Evil for a very long time and every one else seems to be completing things faster. Obviously there is foul play at work!

"Keeper," He whispered "I think the other warlocks are cheating, not me though, I'm still researching your sight of evil like you told me too! Aren't I such a lovely and loyal creature?"

Mechrin told the keeper that Crystice started the calamity, and then tried to wiggle out of Crystice's wrath by insinuating that she wares a wig and that he'll help her research the Prison. He continued to research the sight of evil anywho and told the keeper that he thinks his other Warlocks are cheats.

Metal Gear Rex
November 8th, 2009, 20:31
Entry #21

"Awesome!..." Keeper Mikaelios spoke excitedly. "You're welcome... my Lord..." Crystice whispered gently. "Can't you both become allied and be able to tolerate yourselves?" Keeper Mikaelios asked, angering Crystice. "Do you want me to hold his hand and kiss him while I'm at it?" Crystice asked, "Why don't we all just walk about holding hands and greet the Heroes with something other than a knife in their hearts?"

"I'm glad that you just researched that spell, thanks a lot for that, but I won't give you a reward just to punish Mechrin for your own satisfaction. He's contributing to do useful researches after all. Let me talk to him..." Keeper Mikaelios told Crystice. Crystice whispered, "Good luck getting him to say something that isn't idiotic..."

Crystice went back to her book. She was clearly amused of the thought of what Mechrin would say to embarrass himself.

"First of all, NO, I won't give any rewards," Keeper Mikaelios told both Crystice and Mechrin. Crystice merely laughed, "I seek no rewards, just some time by myself and AWAY FROM THAT IDIOT!!" "Second, Mechrin, STOP harassing other creatures and Warlocks," Keeper Mikaelios told Mechrin, and Crystice laughed again, "Need me to reinforce it, hmm?"

"And NO, I won't set a date between you and Crystice for the simple reason that she can't support you," Keeper Mikaelios told Mechrin, which caused him to whine. Crystice suddenly created a fist, and resisted the urge to kill Mechrin again, "A date!? With him!? Eww!! You mean if I could support him, you would do so?"

Crystice shut her book and resisted the urge to kill herself as she could not stand Mechrin anymore.

Disgusting... my dark gods, the thought of dating... that thing is disgusting! Such a pathetic greedy annoying child brat who is full of lies has nothing to offer in return of what he recieves!

"I could support him if I wanted!" Crystice told both Mechrin, and Keeper Mikaelios, "I know how to handle children..." "I want that you STOP that sh** between both of you. Okay? STOP! Now go back to work," Keeper Mikaelios ordered. "Fine by m-" Crystice began but then felt Mechrin nudge her, "She started it."

Crystice glared at him for touching her, and then rose her arm to slap Mechrin but she stopped herself.

I must not hurt that idiot... just put up with his insulting and degrading behaviour... even if it kills me...

Mechrin looked at Crystice, "AGH! Uhhh.... hi Crystice..."

I wonder what idiot thing you could say now...

"...Lovely hair you have today..." Mechrin told her.

Crystice didn't want to admit accepting the compliment, but instead gave Mechrin a smile.

"Ummm... is it real?" Mechrin asked her, turning Crystice's smile to a glare, "No no, you don't were a wig... obviously, ummm..." "Of course I don't, my hair is naturally this beautiful," Crystice removed her glare but did not smile as she was unsure if this was intended to be a compliment or an insult.

"Could I buy you a drink?" Mechrin asked Crystice, who merely replied without anger, "I don't drink." "No, of course not!" Mechrin told her, looking extremely nervous. Crystice's tone became more amused, "We don't even have a Casino, did you just figure that out? What, are you trying to get me drunk so you could sleep with me or something?"

"Er, this is a frozen wasteland... no water here..." Crystice merely laughed, "Yet somehow we have a river of lava at our front door, there's bound to be some water here. I thought you were talking about something else..."

"Ah! AH! I see you're researching the Prison! Very smart Crystice!" Mechrin told Crystice, who laughed, "Ah yes... I'm thinking beyond your tiny brain..." "What with all the... umm, things that we could put in there..." Mechrin seemed to become more nervous. "Right... you just want to show me something inside the Prison so you can lock the door and go have that stupid date..." Crystice's tone become more strict as she continued on.

"I'll go off and research it for you so you can get it done quicker!" Mechrin told Crystice, "Hmm..."

Mechrin ran off out of Crystice's view. Crystice was thinking of trying to talk to Mechrin a bit so that he and she could be allies, as Keeper Mikaelious suggested. Crystice walked off and found Mechrin.

"Keeper," Mechrin whispered "I think the other warlocks are cheating, not me though, I'm still researching your Sight of Evil like you told me too! Aren't I such a lovely and loyal creature?" Crystice poked Mechrin a few times in the back of the head and glared, "You aren't the most loyal and if you were so lovely then I would have kissed you by now but you are repulsive. You were talking smart for a while and I almost considered this date... though I regret the thoughts now..."

Though to be honest, I'd probably bring him to the Prison and simply lock him up.

"You just wanted to get in his good books, hmm? Is that why you were acting smart so you could get into my good books as well?" Crystice asked Mechrin.

-End of Entry-

Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.45
Mood: Annoyed
Job: Talking to Mechrin
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Library, with Mechrin

Summery: Crystice replied to everything that was happening, and then went to Mechrin and talked to him, now awaiting his reply.

Duke Ragereaver
November 8th, 2009, 20:55
Din the warlock :warlock:

Din was welcomed with a warm smile from Groogo's face, and a friendly response from him.

:bile: Groogo: Friend Din! Good see again! How years go after War, you?

Din responded on his question on a little more serious tone, as this brought bad memories up to him.

:warlock: Din : Let's just say I was on the run for the last.. thirty.. forty or maybe even fifty years since the dissapearance of Keeper Malice. Never a moment rest, never safe.. always alone..

Din took a moment to procces this moment and tried to change subjects in an attempt to not to speak more about his past.

:warlock: Din: So what became out of you? I see you are missing... something... care to join me to the hacthery? I prefer to talk with a full stomach.

Din then moved in the direction of the hacthery.

Din then moved to the hacthery.
Din revealed a bit of his past and asked Groogo to join him to get a snack

Metal Gear Rex
November 8th, 2009, 22:53
Chapter Twenty-Five

Lena buzzes angrily, "Can't I I get some sleep sleep nowadays?" "No," Roach told her with a laugh. "Bzzzt-get off off me then. What do you you want?" "Look Lena!" Roach pointed at Kanquios, "She's my new playmate! Now we can all play! I wanna play!" Kanquios waved again, "Hi."

Lena stares, "Hey hey... You woke me up to play play? *Bzzzt* Fine. What do do you want to play then?" Kanquios tackled Roach playfully, "Hide and go seek! I love that game, heehee... Roach and I hide together." Lena glares at Kanquios, "...Fine." Roach noticed Lena's glare and asked, "What's wrong? You get hide after us." Lena glares at Roach, "Just go hide, now. Bzzzt."

Roach and Lena ran off, giggling, and entered the Workshop.

"She'll never find us here!" Kanquios whispered. "What!?" Roach asked with a shout. "She'll never find us here!" Kanquios shouted. "Oh!" Roach smiled, "Roach hope she doesn't ditch Roach like she did before!" "Umm..." Kanquios started out but didn't finish.

A bellow is heard from the Hatchery, "Tiny creats, Workshop, quiet! Groogo talking Warlock Friend!" "Did you hear something!?" Kanquios asked Roach. "Huh?" Roach replied. Lena flies into the Workshop, "Thanks fat fatty!" "Groogo smash!" Lena looks at Kanquios and Roach, "Found found you two."

Roach was pretending to be a block of metal, but Kanquios stood up when Lena looked at her.

"You cheated!" Kanquios told Lena and then poked Roach, "Time to wake up now, Roach. Heehe!" "...I guess its my my turn to hide now?" Lena questioned.

There was no response from Roach. Kanquios poked Roach playfully but he felt cold.

Lena looks at Roach, "...Roach?" Lena softly pushes Roach.

Roach does not respond nor show any sign of life. Kanquios pokes Roach again.

Lena has a amused look, "Either you you are holding your breath, or this is a a block of metal."

Roach twitched a bit, but then remained still. Kanquios simply stared.

Lena sighs, "Kanquios, you wanna see see the rest of the Dungeon?" "Sure... but what's with Roach?" Kanquios asked. "I I think he takes his games a little too too seriously," Lena replied. "Let's take him with us," Kanquios suggested as she lifted him up, but found it wasn't Roach, "Hey, this is just a block of metal!"


Good thinking Nachos! Replacing Roach with the metal block was smart!

Nachos wagged his tail.

Still is pretty hot in here...

A few moments later, Roach bursts from one of the Workshop Furnaces and is screaming while his shell is on fire, he retreats to Lena and Kanquios and knocks into both of them. Lena's wings caught on fire when Roach crashed into both her and Kanquios.

"Ahhh! Put it it out! Put it out!" Lena buzzed as she started rolling on the ground. Roach screamed, "The fire is going to eat my brainz!!" Kanquios was merely swatting the fire, laughing, "It's just fire!"

Lena finishes off the fire on her wings, which left them badly burned, and one of them fell off.

"Haha, Lena!" Kanquios pointed, "You got burned!" "My brains!!" Roach rolled about.

Lena, ignoring Kanquios, looks at the wing that fell off.

"My... my wing..." Lena said, as she grabbed her wing and tried to fly, but failed. "Hahaha!!" Kanquios rolled on her back, laughing, "A Fly that cannot fly!" Roach was now running out of the Workshop, screaming while still on fire, "MY BRAINS!!! THEY'RE GOING TO EAT MY BRAINS!!"

Lena glares at Kanquios, "Shut up up! I can never fly again again because of this!" Kanquios is too busy laughing to feel threatened, "That's what's so funny!!" Roach runs into Groogo, "Groogo! Help Roach! The fire's going to eat my brains!!"

Lena's eyes dim with saddness, and leaves the Workshop. Groogo looks at Roach, picks him up and shakes the fire away.

"Groogo done. Leave Groogo be, Groogo talking Warlock Friend. Old times of War."

Groogo sets Roach down.

"Groogo is good friend!" Roach hopped up and down excitedly, but when noticing Lena, Roach calls out, "Lena! What's wrong?"

Roach runs after Lena.

"Roach... I can't fly anymore more... I'm useless now now." Lena whispered sadly. Roach hugged Lena, "I still like you..." "...But what what will the Keeper do do now?" Lena asked Roach. Roach replied, "If you leave, I leave. I'll tell the Keeper that!"

Nacho, you're coming too...

Lena stares at Roach, but says nothing.
-Chapter End-

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 105/30%
Level: 3
Mood: Unhappy (No More riding Lena like Jet)
Job: Talking to Lena
Gold Held: 54
Location: In the Lair, with Lena

Summery: Roach played hide and go seek with Lena and Kanquios, and Roach hid in the Workshop Furnace. He ran out on fire, bumbed into Lena and Kanquios, and ran around the Dungeon screaming that the fire was going to eat his brain until he bumped into Groogo. Groogo helped him, and then Roach asked Lena what was wrong. He told her he'd leave too if Lena left.

Kanquios :demon:

Health: 100%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: Workshop

Summery: Kanquios played with Roach, then she laughed at Lena cause she burned her wing off.


Health : 25%
Lena is in the Lair.
Level : 4
Mood : Unhappy
Efficiency : 10%

November 9th, 2009, 20:40

After Groogo put out the fire on Roach, Din repiled.

"Let's just say I was on the run for the last.. thirty.. forty or maybe even fifty years since the disappearance of Keeper Malice. Never a moment rest, never safe.. always alone...

Groogo's smile fades.

"So, what became out of you? I see you are missing... something... care to join me to the hatchery? I prefer to talk with a full stomach."


Groogo follows Din into the Hatchery.

"Groogo missing horn. Horn broken by Groogo's last Keeper's creats after Malice poofed. Groogo accidentally swung at bossy creat in Dungeon Heart, hitted Heart, killed Keeper. Loyal creats swarmed Groogo, broke Horn off. Groogo hurted much."

Groogo eats a chicken and starts talking with mouth full.

"Mts mood mee Min mgain mhough. *Gulp* Its good see Din again though, Groogo no find other nice Creats."
Health: 100%
Mood: Happy

November 9th, 2009, 23:53
Cinder (and his book)

... And if your screw in the last 2 brackets, the door will be finished and ready to put up...

Just as Cinder was reading, he got real hungry.

Hm... He thought I guess leaving for a couple secounds wouldn't hurt.

He left to go to the hatchery, and saw another warlock.

Hey, there's another warlock here not researching. He said to himself.

Cinder approched Din and Groogo. Hey guys, any of you by chance know how to read fast enough to help me and Crystice to research the prison?

Questioning (and hungry)
Got hungry, went to the hatchery, then noticed Din's not working. He approtched him and groogo to ask them if they'd help researching.

November 10th, 2009, 00:05
Groogo the Bile Demon looks at Cinder.

"Groogo no good reader."

Groogo looks at Din, with a grin.

"Din are very reader good. Groogo think he can help very fast good!"

Groogo's status is the same as before.

Metal Gear Rex
November 11th, 2009, 01:00
Chapter Twenty-Six

Roach pokes Lena, asking continuously if she's still okay.

"Roach... Stop. I can can never be okay again." Lena told Roach, who simply replied, "So no more playing games with Roach? No more Roach's friend?" Lena looks at Roach with a annoyed look, "I'm still your your friend Roach. I just can't play anymore... If only that Demon Spawn would of of help put me out, I I could still fly."

"Maybe Groogo can build Lena wings! Or jets! Maybe use Flight spell!" Roach hopped up and down as his ideas went on. Lena blankly stares at Roach, "What are are Jets? But still, I can't can't even lift up metal, even if if its thin. And... flight spell? I don't know any Flight spells..."

Roach answered, "Roach don't know either, Roach had dream. Roach help you! Roach drag metel all day! I know! We bring another Fly and cut off it's wings! Then we paste them to you! Then Roach can ride Lena! And Roach think Lena can still play... Lena just can't fly fast but Lena has feet!"

"...As long as that that Demon Spawn doesn't play with me me..." Lena told Roach. Roach questioned, "What's wrong with Kanquios? Roach like Kanquios! Kanquios want to play with Roach! Roach had to get Lena to play... and Lena left Roach alone..." Lena glares at Roach, "Koonquoos is mean! She laughed at me me when my wing fell off!"

Roach replied, "No she didn't, Roach was there!" "No! You didn't hear hear because you were busy busy screaming!" Lena shouted at Roach, but Roach replied proudly, "Roach is great Beetle! We don't scream!" "Just... Just leave me me alone!"

Lena stalks off into her Cocoon. Roach runs after her.

"Lena!" he called out. "What?!" Lena growls back. "Uhh..." Roach loses his train of thought and speaks in a soft whisper, "Umm... c-can you come here?" Lena crawls out of the caccoon. "What?" Lena asked him. Too scared of Lena being angry with him, Roach spoke the first thing on his mind, "...Does Lena want to grab chickens with Roach?" "...I'm no-" Lena's belly growls. "...Fine."

Roach picked up Lena and put her on his shell.

"This time Lena rides Roach!" Roach told her. Lena makes herself compy, "Hey... its not so so bad."

Roach runs off with high speeds, disrupting Lena. He came to an abrut stop when he entered the Hatchery, and accidently stumbled over. Lena falls between Din and Groogo.

"Groogo!" Roach called out, "Can you make wings for Lena? Otherwise Roach will rip out different Fly's wings and you paste them on Lena!" Groogo looks at Roach, "Groogo busy talking Warlock friend. But, no. Flys weak, no can lift metal wing. And paste wing on Fly no work."

Now sad, Roach hugged Lena and tried to feed her a chicken, who only nibbled at it slowly.

-Chapter End-

Chapter Report

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 157.5/45%
Gold Held: 54
Mood: Sad
Job: Eating
Location: Hatchery with Lena

Lena the, Now Broken, Fly

Health : 26%
Lena is with Roach.
Level : 4
Mood : Sad
Efficiency : 20%

Summery: Roach tried to talk to Lena and make her feel better. Roach brought her to the Hatchery so they could eat. He was disappointed when Groogo said he couldn't make anything to allow Lena to fly again.

November 11th, 2009, 10:31
Merla walked out of the portal room shaking slightly from the appearence of a demon spawn. She had managed not to run away as fast as she good but she felt frozen to the ground.

I....hate...demonspawn... she said before making her way into the library. Once there she grabbed a random book that happened to be a prison and began reading it quickly, trying to get rid of the fear.

November 11th, 2009, 10:55
Defando :troll:

A brown Troll rose up from the mist of the portal. He set his green eyes at the land and dropped down. He held his morning star and sledge hammer with pride and smelled the air.

:troll: Defando: Smell... no Trolls... 1 Bile Demon... no Orcs... this Dungeon be empty...

Defando stepped forward and entered the Treasury. He picked up a piece of gold and bit it, then set it down after he felt his tooth crack.

:troll: Defando: Mighty fine gold ye got.

Defando made his way towards the Lair and set up his Lair in the center of the room for a good reason. It draws attention which he'll need when he sets up his shop. His Lair was a single Anvil with a large Pedal on top to rest upon. Defando began making his way to the Hatchery. He grabbed a chicken and threw it in his mouth. He then remembered to introduce himself to the Dungeon Keeper... but he was still eating.

:troll: Defando: Reeins Miaeios, eye ame Eeano an-*Swalow* Sorry... Greetings Mikaelios, my name Defando and ye first Troll. This dungeon shall change for better.

Defando wiped his hands on his feet and dragged his weapons over to the Workshop. He created a sign and put it in front of his Lair.

Defando's Shop
Come one, come all!
I'll build for a fair price. Weapons, Armors, name it! Leave a note with
request, name, and Lair location. I reply shortly and send it to Lair.

Defando stood proudly over the sign, smiled, and walked off to the Workshop.

:troll: Defando: I'll start off with Wooden Doors, maybe get a few Braced Doors while at it.

Defando set down his Morning Star and sent his Sledge Hammer to work.

Defando :troll:
Health: 100%
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Location: Workshop

Summery: Defando entered dungeon, created lair, ate chicken, introduced himself to keeper, set sign for customers seeking weapons or armors outside his Lair, and began working in the Workshop, creating mostly Wooden Doors but a few Braced Doors would come along.

November 11th, 2009, 13:30
A fly came through the portal. The then-orc-now-fly named Flyrayas has entered the dungeon.

Having been flying around looking for dungeons for a long time, even getting his wings partially frozen due to the extreme colds outside, Flyrayas was getting hungry and tired. Of course, having just entered the dungeon, he needed to greet his new Keeper.

"Hail, lord Mikaelios. A simple-looking Fly, by the name of Flyrayas, and he will do his best to serve you, master, using his high speed for exploration, among other things."

The Keeper welcomed him. Even though his flying was getting suboptimal by having partially frozen wings, he managed to move quickly, searching for the Hatchery. When he found it, he dove into a chicken to grab it. Then he ate it, noticing that the food in the dungeon was of high quality. He then went to the lair to build his lair, and decided to sleep for a while.

Flyrayas the Fly :fly:
Health: 85%
Location: Lair
Status: Sleeping
Mood: Happy, from a good first impression of the dungeon
Level: 1
Gold: 0

Dark_Omega MK2
November 11th, 2009, 16:53
Grith, Now in your favorite local store in 5 diferente flavours:demon:

*After an almost unbelivable and obsene aumont of time and energy, Grith manages to repair (kinda) the broken dummy*

Whew... looks like its done like a cake... hmmm cake... i mean it still needs something else.

*Grith things for a few minutes and then finds what the dummy needs and draws this on the dummy face*

Thats perfect oh yeah im a good artist, but now i is tired and need to sleep because of nice stuff and bad stuff and moar stuff.

*Grith walks abnormaly slowly to his lair where it sleeps*

Good night, coins

Grith repared ine dummy at the training room and now its in his lair sleeping
HP: 100%
Mood: Incredibly Tired
Efficiency: 0% (its sleeping)
Level: 2

November 11th, 2009, 20:06
The Library

"You just wanted to get in his good books, hmm? Is that why you were acting smart so you could get into my good books as well?" Crystice asked Mechrin.

Mechrin wiggled like a cornered worm. The SoE book he'd just finished plopped on the floor.

He'd show Crystice, and she'd fall in love with him; and not kick him or brake his bones; and she'd let him be seen in the same room with her; and tell him his centre parted hair looked nice; and that 37 is not to old to live in his mother's basement; and they could perhaps share a kiss-

Mechrin's head span with panic, with his head occupied his voice picked up the work:

"I do-don't act! I-I don't need to, I'm t-too smart for it! I've never acted in my l-life!" Mechrin's tongue felt too big for his mouth all of the sudden. "I AM smart!" he lied. "I've written books and played chess and... and... I'm very good with numbers" This at least was true; numbers lack the ears to hear his pathetic dribble.

"I'm so smart that I'm a lecturer-ur, and a doctor-or, and an Actor! I'm superb at acting!" Mechrin's weedy arms flew up in exclamation.

"An- and I can prove it too!" Mechrin's mind was too far away in it's happy spot: rocking backwards and forwards on the beach, to hear what he was saying. "Give me a challenge! Not a stupid challenge but a Smart challenge. Something with people, I'm good with people."

"I could make that beetle finally shut up! I could I could make that Bile Demon take a shower! I could even make you less anti-social and less of a generally scary person to be around!"

Mechrin was lying so fast he forgot to pass out and loose conciousness at the thought of commenting on Crystice's attitude. "Anything! Ask me to do anything!"

Mechrin researching the Sight of Evil, and asked Crystice to set him a challenge so he could prove how smart he was. He also looks like a fool.

November 12th, 2009, 16:44
After having slept and having his wings unfrozen, Flyrayas decided to retest his speed flying ability, flying around in the lair. He managed to fly just fine, but he appeared to have lost his Speed Up ability, much to his dismay. Flyrayas thought:

<Maybe if I go to the Training Room and train my strength and flying ability there, I could regain the Speed Up power. I should go and try that out.>

Thus Flyrayas went to the Training Room, building speed and pulling a training dummy while flying circles around it, as a training.

Flyrayas the Fly :fly:
Health: 100%
Location: Training Room
Status: Training
Mood: Unhappy for having lost his Speed Up ability.
Level: 1
Gold: 0

Dark_Omega MK2
November 13th, 2009, 16:24
Grith, That thing under your bed that stares at you while you sleep:demon:

*Grith wakes up after several hours of sleeping*

oh my... i had the weirdest dream ever, i dream i was in a time paradox, can you believe that coin?

*Looks at a coin*

oh you always know what to say to cheer me up, anyway TO DA HATCHERY WE GO!!!

*Grith heads to the hatchery and starts eating chicken*

Oh my beautiful and yellow best fwends, im goin to eat yoou so you can live happy in my tummy kingdom land thingy.

*After some minutes of eating, Grith and his friend Coin, heads to the Workshop*

Oh yeah, now i can do soemthing i wanted to do... oh my... just imagining all the possible traps and door i can make here makes me soo excited!!

*Grith casts speed self*

NowItsTimeToWorkNoTimeToWasteNeedMoarTrapsHereAndD oorThere!!! ThereIsNotEnoughTimeIllPretendImTwoBlacksmiths!!!

*Grith starts hammering to anvils at lightning speed*


Grith is at the workshop... working on something i guess...
Hp 100%
Efficiency: 90%
Mood: Overly Excited
Level: 2

Metal Gear Rex
November 13th, 2009, 20:28
Entry #22

"I do-don't act! I-I don't need to, I'm t-too smart for it! I've never acted in my l-life!" Mechrin studdered as the words left his mouth. Crystice merely laughed and replied, "That's because you can't act. "I AM smart!" Mechrin lied. Crystice didn't need to catch his lie to not believe him, "You haven't shown to hold one ounce of brain power!"

"I've written books and played chess and... and... I'm very good with numbers" Mechrin continued, Crystice was still amused, "Any books that actually make sense? And yes you've played chess but have you won? Numbers? You mean numbers beyond 3?" "I'm so smart that I'm a lecturer-ur, and a doctor-or, and an Actor! I'm superb at acting!" Mechrin told her.

Crystice could not contain her amusement and laughed again, "My dark gods, I don't know how Mikaelios expects me to get along with someone like you! You're so stupid you make Trolls look smart!" "An- and I can prove it too!" Mechrin replied as Crystice sneered, "Really?"

"Give me a challenge! Not a stupid challenge but a Smart challenge. Something with people, I'm good with people," Mechrin didn't convince Crystice, "If you're so good with people, why don't I like you one bit?"

"I could make that Beetle finally shut up!" Mechrin suggested, and Crystice asked him, "Really? You would purposely hurt such a defenseless creature?" "I could I could make that Bile Demon take a shower!" Mechrin continued, finally saying something that pleased Crystice, "Well if you did that then I would reward you... then again so would everybody else."

"I could even make you less anti-social and less of a generally scary person to be around!" Mechrin finished, angering Crystice, "What are you talking about, "anti-social"? I am NOT ANTI-SOCIAL!! And scary? Well I don't mind that, in fact you should be on your knees bowing down to me right now." "Anything! Ask me to do anything!" Mechrin begged.

Glad I'm not the one asking that... the number of things he would want a beautiful goddess like me to do... eww...

Crystice smiled at the number of things he would do for her right now.

"Why don't you drop dead?" Crystice suggested but then paused, "No-wait... I have a better idea. You will be my servant. You will do as I say, and I shall guide you to fix this place up, and then people will like you better. And maybe I'll give you something as a reward..."

-End of Entry-

Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.45
Mood: Amused
Job: Talking to Mechrin
Gold Held: 0
Location: In the Library, with Mechrin

Summery: Crystice replied with amusement, and told Mechrin his challange would be becoming her servant.

November 13th, 2009, 20:32
After having been flying around a training dummy for a fairly long time, Flyrayas wanted to test his Speed Up again. He tried it, and it almost came out, but unfortunately it still didn't work.

<<Darn it, I still don't have regained my Speed Up skill. I believe it got close, though. I'll try it again, soon, though. I'm getting hungry.>>

Flyrayas went to the hatchery. When he got there, he tried Speed Up again, but it still didn't work. He dived into a chicken as fast as he could - which was pretty fast - but still no Speed Up. He ate the chicken.

<<I feel like I'm almost having Speed Up back, I'll just need to practice a bit more.>>

Having thought that, Flyrayas returned to the training room. Now, he decided to just fly around a dummy without pulling it along the way. Either way, it was fast. Just not fast enough.

Flyrayas the Fly :fly:
Health: 100%
Location: Again in the Training Room
Status: Again, training
Mood: Still unhappy for having lost his Speed Up ability.
Level: 1, nearly 2
Gold: 0

Dark_Omega MK2
November 14th, 2009, 18:49
Grith, you know you want it.:demon:

*Grith as been working in the workshop for a few hours by now, soo far he has made over 10 traps and 5 doors... too bad each and everyone of those are garbade or plain useless crap, but Grith has mastered (kinda) the art of dual weilding hammers*

OhMyICantFinishDaTrapsINeedMoarActivityAndWorkFast ah

*Grith drops both hammers and heads straight to the training room at lightning speed (kinda) and starts hitting three dummies at the same time*

ThereIsNoTimeMustTrainFasterToDoBetterStuffWootINe edMoarTrainingToGetMoarFwends!!!

Grith its at the training room... uhm... training...
Hp: 100%
Mood: Overly Excited
Level: 2

November 14th, 2009, 18:54
Groogo the Bile Dem-*FART*

Groogo nods at Din.

"Well, Groogo better train, then Groogo build good! Later, we can talk."

Groogo looks at the Library.

"Groogo heard that, Jumpy Warlock! Me hug you later!"

Groogo drags himself into the Training Room, and starts training.
Health : 100%
Groogo are Training, Training Room.
Level : 2
Mood : Pleased
Efficiency : 80%

November 14th, 2009, 21:35
As other creatures started to go training, and Flyrayas nearly got smashed by a Bile Demon ear mace, Flyrayas decided to stop training, before he would get smashed by a Bile Demon for real. As he went to the lair, Flyrayas decided to try out a Speed Up again, and it worked.

<<Ah, finally, Speed Up works. Now we'll be seeing some real speeding around.>>

Flyrayas zipped to the lair, where he flew around a bit to test his Speed Up ability some more. Then he landed on his own lair, where he said:

"Lord Mikaelios, if any exploration work, or other work that I could do, needs to be done, I would be glad to do it."

Knowing the keeper has heard that, Flyrayas went to sleep a bit.

Flyrayas the Fly
Health: 100%
Location: Lair
Status: Sleeping, while patiently waiting for a task or something
Mood: Happy
Level: 2
Gold: 0

Dark_Omega MK2
November 15th, 2009, 02:47
Grith is brought to you by The Asociation Against of Mutated Frogs, because you know you are wrong when a frog tells you to go f*ck youself.:demon:

*Grith was training with soo fast in the training room that his head hit the wall, making him go at normal speed again*

Wow, that was a good punch. DIE!!!

*Jumps on the dummy and starts bitting it*

Oh yeah you thing you are soo though!?!?

*Grith pulls out a hammer and throws it at the dummy crushing it into pieces*

Oh... woops... i mean... OH MY GOD!!! NOT AGAIN!!!

*Suddenly a message can be heard*

You have Gained a Level!
Waahh!!! Dont shoot!!! i didnt mean that!!!... i mean... really a level? OH MY DANCING DEMON FLYING BABY JESUS THAT'S SOO COOL!!!!

*Grith does the victory dance of demon spawns*

Yes... i am stronger!!! and to proove it... i am going to destroy something with my POWERFUL toad muscles!

*Grith rushes south to the lava river and looks stares at the darkness far away*

oh my... i think i should think about this first before doing something silly, i dont wanna get lost again.

Grith gained a level and now its at the empty room next to the lava river.
HP: 100%
Mood: Coward
Level: 3

November 15th, 2009, 09:10
Sorry for missing out on some posts and Kanquios... I should have posted with her back then with Defando so she'd train. And wow, lota posts... lucky for summeries! Oh and now when I use color but without the icon, it's the thoughts.

Kanquios :demon:
Defando :troll:

Kanquios was getting bored sitting in the loud noisy Workshop so she began to make her way towards the Hatchery. She grabbed a chicken and began to eat it but then saw Lena and nearly spit out her food in laughter.

A Fly that can't fly!! Hahaha! If only Dasoop were here... he'd find that funny... I miss Dasoop... stupid spider! If only he didn't chase me this far! I wanna go back... but I don't remember the way back! What if I get lost and some hero finds me and kills me! Yikes!

Kanquios tried to forget the thought and wiped her claws on a different chicken. She then decided to train for something to do. She couldn't nap all day and she knew Roach wouldn't play with her anymore. She found a good dummy to wack and began clawing it as if it were her claw post.

Meanwhile, Defando was working his magic in the Workshop.

:troll: Defando: Time for this finishing touch and ye doors will be complete!

Defando through his Sledge Hammer at the Wooden Door, smashing the nails straight in. His third Wooden Door was complete. He was slowly working a Braced Door along the side. He picked up a wrench and was tightening a few bolts but then finished.

:troll: Defando: Comepletion, 3 Wooden Doors and a Braced Door for ye dungeon! But now I shall go test ye training equiptment... maybe fix it up a bit, har har har! Ye Guard Room ready? I'm up for a good date or 2! Maybe a party in the Casino!

Defando laughed as he remembered the glorious feeling he got when he picked up 2 Dark Elves for a date meeting in the Casino. He got them both drunk so he no longer needed to jump from table to table but set them all at one. Defando is a real lady's man when it comes to Dark Elves.

During this time, Kanquios could be found gnawing on the dummy's head. She was fine destroying dummies and talking about battle but being in real battle troubled and frightened her due to her past.

Defando found himself in the Hatchering, creating a Chicken Sandwich with his hammer. He munched the sandwich with pride, and then explored the dungeon in search for the Guard Room. He ended up disappointed at the empty not but will eventually be a Guard Room room.

He talked to an Imp and found out the Guard Room was being put on hold for a Prison. Defando was outraged.

:troll: Defando: THEY WHAAAAT!?
A stupid Prison for ye Guard Room? Who will make sure ye can sleep at night? Who will protect the Workshop, Imps, and ye Dungeon Keeper? And what will bring a sexy Dark Elf in this here dungeon!? I need someone to flirt with and I don't want ye being a bony Skeleton!

Defando marched off to the Library looking like he would rip 3 Bile Demons in half. He stepped inside and began shouting at the Warlocks.

:troll: Defando: Listen here ye old greedy good for nothing nerdy bookworms! What ye Dungeon Keeper needs is a Guard Room! Not any stinking old Prison! Plus, I need a good date! Need some lovely Dark Elves and ye Dungeon needs those sexy elves running about. For ye who helps this lonely Troll, I promise ye anything!

Well... almost anything...

Kanquios was rolling around the dummy, its head in her grasp, and she kicked at it as if she were a cat wrestling its prey.[/color]

Kanquios :demon:
Defando :troll:

Health: 100%
Health: 100%
Level: 1.2
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Gold: 0
Location: Training Room
Location: Library

Summery: Grabbed a chicken, and saw Lena. She laughed and then got sad when she remembered Dasoop but mad when she thought of Ivan. She then decided to train and began attacking a dummy and deheaded it.

Summery: Finished 3 Wooden Doors and 1 Braced Door, grabbed a chicken, and searched for a Guard Room. He ended up in the empty room at the lava river, and spoke with an Imp about the Guard Room plan. He was outraged, and marched into the Library and demanded they research the Guard Room first and he would do anything for the one who helps him out.

November 15th, 2009, 17:52
Lena the Fly

Lena crawls off into the Lair, leaving Roach, and into her Cacoon.

Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo looks at Kanquios.

"Demon Spawn sound bossy from Workshop. No make fun other creats. Or..."

Groogo belly rumbles. it's eyes glow red, it's palms started sweating, it's armpits started to reek, it's belly is sucked in and it's butt farts non-poisonous gas.


The entire Realm rumbles from Groogo's roar, echos of the roar are still heard. After awhile, everything is calm, and Groogo looks less threatening and revolting.

"But Demon Spawn not bossy. Are?"

Groogo resumes hitting his horn mace at the Dummy.
Health : 100%
Groogo is training.
Level : 2 (90%)
Mood : Pleased
Efficiency : 80%

November 15th, 2009, 17:53
:troll: Defando: Listen here ye old greedy good for nothing nerdy bookworms! What ye Dungeon Keeper needs is a Guard Room! Not any stinking old Prison! Plus, I need a good date! Need some lovely Dark Elves and ye Dungeon needs those sexy elves running about. For ye who helps this lonely Troll, I promise ye anything!

Merla looked up at the sound of a angry troll yelling at everyone.

I T-thought we were researching the prison...ill research the guard room I guess. Merla said grabbing a nearby guardroom book and began researching it.

Metal Gear Rex
November 15th, 2009, 21:09
Chapter Twenty-Seven

Roach followed Lena to her Lair, but seeing as how she simply ignored him, Roach felt unwanted. So he wandered over to the Training Room and began attacking a training dummy but was also getting sleepy. Ignoring his tiredness, he began pulling on one of the training dummy's arms

-Chapter End-

Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 175/50%
Level: 3
Mood: Unhappy
Job: Training
Gold Held: 54
Location: Training Room

Summery: Roach felt unwanted by Lena and then went to train.

Metal Gear Rex
November 15th, 2009, 21:28
Entry #23

"Listen here ye old greedy good for nothing nerdy bookworms!" Defando shouted, disrupting Crystice as well as angering her. "Old? Nerdy?" Crystice was so angry it was probably more than enough to make Mechrin wet himself. "What ye Dungeon Keeper needs is a Guard Room! Not any stinking old Prison!" Defando continued.

Crystice leaned on a wall, "Is he new? I don't care, Mechrin you're new task is-" "Plus, I need a good date!" Defando told them. A dark smirk arose on Crystice's face, "Hold on Mechrin..." "Need some lovely Dark Elves and ye Dungeon needs those sexy elves running about. For ye who helps this lonely Troll, I promise ye anything!" Defando finished.

Crystice noticed Merla stepping forward, "I th-thought we were researching the prison... I'll research the guard room I guess."

Crystice stepped over to Merla, and gave her hair a light tug to get her attention.

"Hey Merla," Crystice glared at her, "Are you honestly going to take researching orders from a Troll? And here I thought you were the only decent Warlock around here besides myself of course... continue the Prison. The Almighty Mikaelios will be pleased... let me say a few words to this ugly mut of a Troll...

Crystice's words were right in hearing range for Defando, but she didn't care. She went over to Mechrin and grabbed his hand.

"I have your challange..." Crystice whispered lightly and then smiled slightly warmly, "You'll like this I'm sure..."

Crystice tightened her grip on Mechrin's hand and then pulled him over to Defando and practically threw Mechrin over to him.

"Troll... meet your date. Mechrin, make him happy, now go make love somewhere else while the real researchers finish our work," Crystice told them, amused.

Two Fairies with one Fireball...

Crystice then began wandering about the Library in search for a Prison book. She finally found one titled "Home of the Rats: Prison" and began reading in her usual spot.

-End of Entry-

Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.45
Mood: Amused
Job: Researching the Prison
Gold Held: 0
Location: North-East corner of the Library sitting cross-legged.

Summery: Crystice told Merla to continue work on the Prison, and set Defando up with a date with Mechrin.

Duke Ragereaver
November 16th, 2009, 16:43
Din the Warlock :warlock:

Din was enjoying a snack while listening carefully to Groogo's tale. He was very curious what happend to him.

:bile: Groogo: Groogo missing horn. Horn broken by Groogo's last Keeper's creats after Malice poofed. Groogo accidentally swung at bossy creat in Dungeon Heart, hitted Heart, killed Keeper. Loyal creats swarmed Groogo, broke Horn off. Groogo hurted much.

Groogo eated a chicken and started to talk with a mouth full.

:bile: Groogo: Mts mood mee Min mgain mhough. *Gulp* Its good see Din again though, Groogo no find other nice Creats.

Din nods understandingly to this. But before he could reply something, he was interrupted by a young warlock.

:warlock: Cinder: Hey guys, any of you by chance know how to read fast enough to help me and Crystice to research the prison?

Again before Din could reply, Groogo responded he himself is not a good researcher but instead pointed out Din is. Groogo then said goodbye before moving to the trainingsroom. Din responded also with a goodbye before turning to the other warlock.

:warlock: Din: Alright Groogo, I'l see you around! And alright young man, let's move on to research the prison.

Din then moved towards the library to help research the prison
Din has agreed to help Cinder researching the prison

Dark_Omega MK2
November 16th, 2009, 16:49
Grith, comes with 1 out of 10 surprises inside.:demon:

*Grith still was trying to deside if going on his adventure on the lava river again or not*

No, i must not fear, for i am a Jedi... i mean... a giant frog thingy with maaaaagical powers. Wait, i dont have magic either... nuts... Anyway i must not fear for fear must be conquered so i can become fear to overcome my fear and then fear will go to my party and fear will be my breadkfast or something like that... OFF I GO!!! YAAAAARGH!!!

*Grith starts running on the lava river recklessly, and enters a small cave nearby where there are some heroes, Grith didnt noticed right away*

I wonder whats in... *Heroes start looking at Grith* what the... ooohhh... i get it... you own this place...



OH MY BABY GOD JESUS HORNY SAVE ME!!!!!!!! *Grith starts running backwards until he reaches the wall at the next side of the lava river, where the Heroes cant reach him*

Oh... HA!!! I WON!!! i am pretty awesome!!! i am the... *Grith noticed an arrow hitting the wall and many more heading his way, grith takes cover*

Ha!! you missed me!! *Grith had putted himself a toy arrow between his eyes*

*More arrows are being shot at him and Grith finally desides to run for his life to the left side of the lava river*

Grith spotted some heroes and escaped for its life
HP: 95%
Mood: Coward (again)
Level: 3

November 17th, 2009, 21:53
After not having done much bar sleeping lately, Flyrayas was getting hungry. He flew to the Hatchery and grabbed and ate a chicken before it even noticed him.

<<Might as well go and train a bit, it's not like I've got anything better to do around here.>>

Flyrayas went to the Training Room, where he noticed a Bile Demon with only one horn training. Not wanting to nearly get splatted on a Bile Demon's mace again, he kept some distance between himself and the Bile Demon, and used Speed Up to send a flurry of bashes against a dummy.

Flyrayas the Fly
Health: 100%
Location: Training Room
Status: Training (in offense)
Mood: Moderately happy
Level: 2
Gold: 0

November 18th, 2009, 01:12

Alright Groogo, I'll see you around! And alright young man, let's move on to research the prison Din said.

Good. I hope Crystice hasn't noticed I've left. Cinder walked with Din into the library and went back to researching, hoping that Crystice didn't see him leave.

Aked din for help, and he said yes. as of right now, he back to reading.

November 18th, 2009, 01:32
Groogo the Bile Demon

Groogo hits the Dummy.

Level Up!
Groogo is now Level 3!
Groogo learned how to burp but has forgotten how to breathe!

Groogo starts choking, gasping for air.


The Dummy Groogo was training on was burped on, a green gas covered the dummy.

"Groogo feel better now! Now Groogo must learn Fart!"

Groogo starts headbutting the Dummy.
Health : 99%
Groogo is training.
Level : 3
Mood : Pleased and Gasy
Efficiency : 80%

November 18th, 2009, 10:57
Kanquios :demon:
Defando :troll:

Kanquios leveled up, and smiled at her personal glory.

Yay! Level 2!

While she gained no new spells, she definately was stronger. Her dummy was not in a good condition. The head was broken off, and chewed on. The arms were bent, one is hanging and the other is in pieces. The body comepletely battered with scraches, and the lower body showed signs of being clawed, kicked, and bitten.

Kanquios surely was strong but was still too cowardly to fight for real. Maybe an imp or Tunneller, but if the imp was level 4 or lower and the Tunneller drunk and level 1.

Kanquios yawned and wandered over to the Lair and jumped on her own Lair. she yawned again shut her eyes. But then her stomach growled and so she set off for the Hatchery. She grabbed 2 chickens and ate them. Then she went back to her Lair and went to sleep.

Meanwhile, Defando was still in the Library. He was pleased by Merla's actions to read about the Guard Room instead.

:troll: Defando: Now that's the additude ye all need! Tis a Warlock of brain, perhaps a date sometime? Har har har...

Defando saw Crystice telling Merla to forget the Guard Room and research the Prison, annoying Defando. Defando wanted to smack Crystice with his Morning Star but she walked over to Mechrin. Defando went to Merla, and poked her with his Hammer's head.

:troll: Defando: Hey... Ye Guard Room is needed. Ye smart, eh? Maybe after ma date with tis Dark Elf ye and thy shall share a date hmm? Har har har!

Defando saw Crystice pulling Mechrin over to him by hand.

:troll: Defando: What's with those two, are they in love?

:warlock: Crystice: Troll... meet your date. Mechrin, make him happy, now go make love somewhere else while the real researchers finish our work.

Defando stared at Mechrin, then thumped him in his stomach with the dirty head end of his hammer.

:troll: Defando: Even my kind are better than ye snot-nosed Warlock.

Defando noticed both Cinder and Din walking in the Library, and quickly made his way over to them. He tapped them with his hammer.

:troll: Defando: Maybe one of ye can stop being selfish bookworms and get thy a Guard Room for a lady Dark Elf.

Kanquios :demon:
Defando :troll:

Health: 100%
Health: 100%
Level: 2
Level: 1
Gold: 0
Gold: 0
Location: Lair
Location: Library

Summery: Kanquios leveled up, went to the Lair, but got hungry, and went to the Hatchery and grabbed 2 chickens. Then she went to the Lair and slept.

Summery: Defando told Merla to go read the Guard Room, asked her if Crystice and Mechrin were in love, and thumped Mechrin's stomach with his dirty hammer and said Trolls were better than he was. He saw Cinder and Din enter the Library, and tapped them both and asked if one of them would begin research on the Guard Room.

Metal Gear Rex
November 18th, 2009, 11:28
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice tried to read in peace, ignoring the noise that was Defando. Her reading slowed down greatly, and Crystice eventually got so upset that she shut the book and slammed it back into the bookshelf. She proceeded to leave and ran into Cinder and Din.

"What are you doing, not researching, hmm?" Crystice asked Cinder and took notice of Din, smiling before speaking, "I hope you at least have better manners than Cinder and Mechrin... I need a Warlock that doesn't make the real Warlocks look bad. Cinder, that Prison better be done by the time I come back or else... I'm going off to Train because I CAN'T STAND that UGLY MUTT!"

Crystice stomped off, and headed for the Training Room. She focused on a single training dummy and Missiled it until it was even more damaged than Kanquios' training dummy.

-End of Entry-

Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 350/100%
Level: 2.5
Mood: Angry
Gold Held: 0
Job: Training
Location: Training Room, center

Summery: Crystice got mad for Defando still talking, told Cinder that he'd better be done with the Prison by the time she got back from training which she decided to do because she was angry. She told Din that she hoped he had the manners that Cinder and Mechrin lacked. And she is now training

Duke Ragereaver
November 18th, 2009, 17:06
Din the elderly warlock :warlock:

Din walked alongside the young warlock (Cinder) to the library, their welcome was mixed. Immidiatly when setting foot on the library a brown troll appoached them.

:troll: Defando: Maybe one of ye can stop being selfish bookworms and get thy a Guard Room for a lady Dark Elf.

Din responded on a calm and polite way.

:warlock: Din: I'm sorry but I've already been asked to help researching the prison, but I promise I will see what I can do for you after this is finished. But if you could leave the library the research will go alot faster.

Din barely took a book out of a bookshelf before being interrupted by a female warlock(Crystice), he estimated her age would be around the late thirties. The female warlock turned to the young warlock (Cinder). Apparantly scolding him for not researching.

:warlock: Crystice: What are you doing, not researching, hmm?

The warlock (Crystice) then took notice of Din, smiling before speaking.

:warlock: Crystice: I hope you at least have better manners than Cinder and Mechrin... I need a Warlock that doesn't make the real Warlocks look bad.

The warlock (Crystice) then turned to the young warlock (Cinder), this time threatening him the research would be done by the time she returned from training, or else facing dire consequences. She then left the room, leaving Din a little dumbstruck behind, he found her quite attractive but he did not dare to ask the young warlock (Cinder) about her and came to his senses. Instead focusing on the research he was supposed to do. He then opened the book he has in his hands and began to research.

Din the warlock is researching the prison.
Health: 100%
Level : 2.4
Effiency: 100%

Summary: Din has agreed to help a brown troll (Defando) to research the guard room once the prison was done. After the Cinder-Crystice moment he went researching.

November 18th, 2009, 21:44
Flyrayas got bored from hitting the same dummy rapidly over and over again. He decided to go to the lava river to see what's happening in there. When he arrived there, he saw a red Demon Spawn in the lava, which was apparently terribly frightened of something.

:fly: "Hey, uh, what's the matter?"

:demon: "H-H-HEROES!" *pointing to a cave opening somewhere further along the lava river*

Flyrayas didn't know whether he was actually answering his question, or he was just yelling to nothing out of fright; either way, Flyrayas carefully went to the cave opening, keeping himself above the lava. Then two archers saw him and they both sot an arrow at him. Flyrayas dodged both arrows quickly.

"Uh, it's not very kind to instantly shoot- *the archers shot some more arrows, Flyrayas still dodged them* -er, shoot anything you see-"

<<Okay, never mind. Let's just get out of there before they HIT-
*gets hit by a grazing arrow, near the left side of the abdomen; it didn't hurt that much, just bleeds a little*
-Oh screw it, I'll leave.>> *goes away quickly*

<<Okay, at least I know what's in there, now.>>

Flyrayas returned into the dungeon, to the lair. He took a quick nap to recover from his arrow wound.

Flyrayas the Fly
Health: 88%
Location: Lair
Status: Sleeping
Mood: meh
Level: 2
Gold: 0

November 19th, 2009, 10:25
Merlas hair was mildly tuged on and she looked up at Crystice as she told her to research the prison before walking away.

B-but researching the guard rooms would help us guard for heroes.... Merla protested.

Metal Gear Rex
November 20th, 2009, 07:55
The Tiny Friendly Lovable Odd Beetle

Roach hopped up in the air excitedly as he finally leveled up to level 4. He ran off to show Lena. He entered the Lair quickly and found Lena's Lair.

"Hey Lena! Hey Lena! Hey Lena! Hey Lena!" Roach said repeatedly as he kept hopping left and right, "Look what I can do!"

Roach casted Slow on Lena

"Haha! I countered your Speed! Now you can't chase me when I do this!" Roach laughed.

Roach casted Poison Cloud at the ground in front of him, knowing he would be fine as Posion Gas bothered him not. Roach then hopped around excitedly laughing. It took him a while to realize Nachos was biting at his back feet.

-Chapter End-
Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 420/100%
Level: 4
Mood: Super Happy
Gold: 54
Job: Running from Lena
Location: Lair

Summery: Roach leveled up, ran to Lena and called her name until she came out. Then he slowed her, and used Poison Gas on the floor and ran laughing.

November 20th, 2009, 09:54
Kanquios :demon:
Defando :troll:

Kanquios got up from her nap. She stretched and climbed off her Lair. She saw Roach and Lena but decided not to bother them now, she knew Lena didn't like her very much. She wandered around the dungeon, and eventually saw Crystice training.

Meanwhile, Defando was glaring at Din.

:troll: Defando: Don't tell thy what to do, old man! Why don't ye be more like tis girl over there and get working on thy Guard Room!

Defando stomped out of the Library, and wandered into the Training Room. He smacked a single dummy's head with his Morning Star and wandered over to the Workshop. He began hammering away, creating something for himself because he had no real orders. What it was, he had no idea.

:demon: Kanquios: Hi! I'm Kanquios!

Kanquios had found her way onto Crystice's shoulder and was playing with her hair.

:demon: Kanquios: I like your hair! It is soft and reminds me of a Fairy I knew!

Kanquios :demon:
Defando :troll:

Health: 100%
Health: 100%
Level: 2
Level: 1.01
Gold: 0
Gold: 0
Location: Training Room, Crystice's shoulder
Location: Varying inside the Workshop

Summery: Kanquios woke up, wandered around, and climbed up on Crystice's shoulder and said hi and her name, telling Crystice she liked her hair because it was like a Fairy's.

Summery: Told Din not to tell him what to do, called him an old man, and stomped out of the Library and went into the Training Room. He wacked a dummy once with his Morning Star, and entered the Workshop and began working on a personal creation since he had no real orders.

November 20th, 2009, 13:45
Flyrayas woke up, nearly fully healed. After having seen that the heroes in the area are actually competent, he decided to train some more. So he went to the Training Room to train.

Flyrayas the Fly
Health: 99%
Location: Training Room
Status: training some more
Mood: still meh
Level: 2
Gold: 0

Dark_Omega MK2
November 20th, 2009, 19:39
Grith... ... ... What? No comments this time...:demon:

*After Grith tells Flyrayas what was going on (kinda), he continued running away and hide in his lair*

mum... im scared... :(

*Several minutes later, Grith gets up goes to the hatchery to eat some chickens*

Oh my dear chicken friends i have faaaailed as a creature and as a demon toad thingy

*Grabs a chicken and eats*

oohh what am i going to do now... WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *His cry was heard in the entire dungeon for a few seconds*

I KNOW!!! *Grith (still with a few chickens in his mouth) heads to the library and grabs a bunch of random books and starts reading three at the same time while slurping another one*

no time!!! i must eat books to learn!!!

Grith went to the hatchery, eated and now its at the library
HP: 100%
Mood: With new hopes of being useful
Level 3

November 21st, 2009, 00:23
"She started it."

- I absolutely don't care who started. I just want that you end... Anyway, why should I bother on your case, Mechrin and Crystice. I guess you're capable on solving this on your own by yourselves. I have much more important things to do.


- Ah, there you go.

Leaves the Library, ignoring them and concentrates over the newcomer.

- Hello Defando and welcome to my domain! You'll be very useful for our Workshop! Make yourself at home!


- Wow! I didn't know my realm would have become so popular! Welcome here Flyrayas! Make yourself at home!


- Ah! Sweet! I'm gonna use them for sure. Keep up the good work, my minions!

Mothrayas and Obliven : please put more stuff into your posts. It's a bit empty.

November 21st, 2009, 01:52
Cinder (not done)

... And if you put the bars up, and then make the door stand up next to the open spot in the bars. Use some magic to streighten them so no giants or other strong creatures can escape.

Chapter LXCVII- The End

now, just put up the last wall, and you're done. Now you can start capturing your first heros, and may it not be your last.

Cinder put the book down, then he heard loud sound comming from a closeby book case.

He put the book away, and saw Girth tring to eat a book.

Hey, Girth. I don't think eating the book can help. He tried to take the books out of his mouth.

Stupid Demon Spawn, souldn't he be trainning or manufactoring or something? He said in his mind

Name: Cinder
Health: 100% (yep, health is back :D)
Level: 3.7
Gold Held: 273/10 (new thing too <-----)(first number is overall, secound is on him)
Did: Finished the prison book, and saw Girth tring to eat a book. He is currently tring to stop Girth from eating it.

November 21st, 2009, 02:14
Groogo the Bile Demon

As Groogo's mace smashed the Dummy, a piece of the Dummy flew off and clobbered Groogo in the head.

"OW! Dummy hurt Groogo! GROOGO SMASH!"

Groogo started smashing the Dummy with it's fists, saying smash for every hit being done.

Health : 90%
Groogo are smashing mean Dummy!
Level : 3 (30%)
Mood : Angry
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Groogo training. Dummy hurt Groogo! GROOGO SMASHING DUMMY!

November 21st, 2009, 23:01
Flyrayas is still repeatedly smacking a dummy in the training room, as training. In his mind, Flyrayas is imagining that he is fighting a real hero:

<<Take that!>> *smacks dummy* <<And that!>> *smacks dummy again* <<And that!>>

Flyrayas' vision shifts back to reality, wherein he is getting tired from all the training and he's getting a painful butt from whacking a dummy with it so many times.

<<God, my *** hurts. I'll just go and sleep a bit, I'm not going to continue on like this for the time being.>>

Flyrayas flies to the lair, and when he lands on his lair, he still greatly feels his painful ***

*sigh* <<Note to self: no more overworking when I'm training. Now just to see if I can sleep.>>

Flyrayas tries to sleep, but it takes a long time until he actually gets to sleep.

Flyrayas the Fly
Health: 94%
Location: Lair
Status: Sleeping
Mood: annoyed because his *** hurts
Level: 2, almost 3 by now
Gold: 0

Summary: Flyrayas stopped training, went to sleep. Has a buttache.

Dark_Omega MK2
November 22nd, 2009, 07:00
Grith, it is ilegal for people under 21 years :demon:

*Grith looks at Cinder, the warlock while he tooks the book he was slurping*

But mister... MIIIIIIISTEEEEEEER!!! you dont understand i have to learn and to learn i have to breath and to breath i have to slurp the knowledge and to slurp knowledge i need pancakes and to need pancakes i need to read more books because that makes keeper happy and grith happy and coins happy and friends happy...

*Grith looks at his watch (that came out of nowhere and dissapears after this dialogue and its never ever mentioned again... of course) and looks at the time*

Oh noes, its... ITS LATE!!! i have no time...

*Grith grabs one of cinders coin and starts eating it*

i need to learn faaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssttttttteeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr r... i need moar fweeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnndddddssss... and become a better creature!!!

*Grith spits the coin*

Puag... coins of knowledge taste bad... by the way... who are you mister warlock? :confused:

Grith is "trying to make new friends at the library" while trying to learn how to become a better creature
HP: 100%
Level: 3
Mood: in a hurry
Summary: Grith bitted Cinder's wand (a.k.a. kicked his pride completely) and now its trying to dialogue with Cinder
Side Note: http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/1/20074000/ngbbs4abb197c89d24.jpg

November 22nd, 2009, 09:40
Defando :troll:

Defando had finally finished his creation. It was a chair. Defabdo looked at it and sat down. He felt comfortable. But what to do with it? He didn't need it. In Defando's experiance, Warlocks like Chairs for reading, perhaps he could collect some gold off of a Warlock, maybe one of the Warlocks he ran into at the Library.

Defando picked up the Chair and carried it over to the Library, and he walked over to Din and Cinder.

:troll: Defando: Would any of ye Warlocks like tis comfy chair? Thy shall sell it to ye for a reasonable price, say 6 gold pieces?

Defando :troll:

Health: 100%
Level: 1.01
Gold: 0
Location: Library

Wooden Chair, on the market for 6 gold, selling it to Cinder and Din.

Summery: Defando built a chair, brought it to Din and Cinder and offered to sell it for 6 gold.

Metal Gear Rex
November 22nd, 2009, 11:02
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice Leveled Up after such a long train, she could finally use the Freeze Spell and casted it on the training dummy. Mist and Ice game out of her hand and threw itself at the training dummy, which froze almost upon impact. But then Crystice felt something on her shoulder. She jumped and realized it was a Demon Spawn.

"Hi! I'm Kanquios!" Kanquios greeted, "I like your hair! It is soft and reminds me of a Fairy I knew!" Crystice glared at the tiny female Demon Spawn, "Get... off..."

With a quick movement of her hand, Crystice used Missile to knock Kanquios off her shoulder and then decided to test her new ability once more. She casted Freeze on Kanquios, but because Kanquios had been knocked behind the training dummy, the Freeze froze the training dummy again. Even though she missed her target, she smiled as she realized she could get her revenge on Mechrin for annoying her greatly.

"I absolutely don't care who started," spoke Keeper Mikaelios, "I just want that you end... Anyway, why should I bother on your case, Mechrin and Crystice. I guess you're capable on solving this on your own by yourselves. I have much more important things to do."

An evil smirk quickly formed on Crystice's face.

Don't worry... I will...

A flash in Crystice's eyes and they appeared to be black, cold, and overall evil. Crystice's eyes reverted back to thier former color as she began to leave the Training Room and headed for the Libary. She couldn't find Mechrin at all. Even so, Crystice wanted to speak to Mechrin more calmly, but was too excited about Freezing him solid to be any less happy.

She decided to try and wear it off by speaking to the other creatures in the Library. Crystice saw Cinder and Din, and smiled at them. She even smiled at Defando. She passed by Merla and gave her a poke.

"Begin research on the Guard Room, we're almost done with the Prison and we'll need a head start on that room afterwards, alright?" Crystice smiled again, there was no sign of strictness in her voice.

Crystice looked around the Library but couldn't find Mechrin and gave up. Disappointed, she returned to her research on the Prison. She prepared herself to Freeze him the next time she heard his annoying voice. She sat at her usual spot in the north-west corner of the Library cross-legged.

-End of Entry-

Name: Crystice "The Wizard of Ice" "The Tide"
Health: 450/100%
Level: 3
Mood: Disappointed
Gold Held: 0
Job: Researching the Prison
Location: Library, usual spot (North-West Corner)

Summery: Crystice leveled up, told Kanquios to get off and knocked her off with Missile. She then cast freeze on Kanquios to test it out but froze the training dummy instead. She went to the Library. She smiled at Defando, Din, Cinder, and Merla and told Merla to begin work on the Guard Room. She couldn't find Mechrin, and began researching again but prepared to attack him the next time he spoke to her.

RESEARCH: Prison is done, I'm sure. Crystice was researching the most on it, and for a long time, then dragged Merla into doing it too. She was in the Library for some time, and Crystice then got Cinder to help out as well. He then brought Din too, but Din wasn' there too long.

November 23rd, 2009, 03:23
Groogo, Everyone's Favorite Retard

Groogo stopped hitting the Training Dummy and left for the Hatchery.


Groogo grabbed three chickens and ate them whole. Instead of going back to train, it went to the Workshop.


Groogo began inspecting the Traps and doors it 'finished'

"Groogo see... Groogo need knob doors, traps need magic. Groogo finish traps first!"

Groogo went into the corner of the Workshop, and pulled out a small bag of "Instant Finish Trap Powder: The Lazy Edition!" Groogo sprinkles some of it on the almost finished Traps.

Traps Completed: Three Spike Traps, One Fear Trap, and One Alarm Trap.

"Groogo finish... finish... Uh... Steel and Braced Door! Groogo so smart! S... A... L...... SMASH! Smart!"

Groogo puts the finished Trap crates in a corner of the workshop and begins making knobs for the doors.
Health : 95%
Groogo are building in Workshop!
Level : 3 (35%)
Mood : Pleased
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Groogo trained. Groogo finished 5 traps! Groogo now finishing Doors!

November 23rd, 2009, 03:45
Cinder, the warlock of fire and awesomeness :D

But mister... MIIIIIIISTEEEEEEER!!! you dont understand i have to learn and to learn i have to breath and to breath i have to slurp the knowledge and to slurp knowledge i need pancakes and to need pancakes i need to read more books because that makes keeper happy and grith happy and coins happy and friends happy...

Suddenly, Girth looked at his arm for some reason.

Oh noes, its... ITS LATE!!! i have no time...

Then Girth took out a gold coin and started eating it. i need to learn faaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssttttttteeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr r... i need moar fweeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnndddddssss... and become a better creature!!!

Then he spits out the coin Puag... coins of knowledge taste bad... by the way... who are you mister warlock?

Umm... First, why did you eat one of my gold coins? And secound, you should probably be helping out by manufactoring or trainning. Even sleeping is better than eating these books (many of which were ones to be used on later spells and rooms)

Name: Cinder :warlock:
Level: 3.7
Health: 100%
Gold: 272/9
Did: Talked with girth, who ate one of his gold coins, and a book

Dark_Omega MK2
November 23rd, 2009, 22:45
Grith, now get two for only $1.99 plus taxes (please we r desperate) :demon:

*Grith listen to the wise words of Cinder and comes to the most logical conclusion he could come up with*

hey... You can teach me to become a better creature?!?! i can be your uber fine and greatest fwend ever and do a lot of things, the other day i found a rock... and it was pretty...

*Grith starts jumping of excitement*

i feel soo excited i can do a lot of stuff i can organize the books and then i can make a cake with them!!! and then... *and so he continued talking*

Grith its trying to become friend of Cinder
HP: 100%
Mood: Excited
Level 3
Summary: Grith went to a hero cave, ran away from heroes, hide in his lair, eated some chickens, cried loudly, tried to eat a book to research fast and now its trying to be Cinders Guinea Pig.

November 23rd, 2009, 22:57
Cinder: The only warlock who doesn't care what you say about him

hey... You can teach me to become a better creature?!?! i can be your uber fine and greatest fwend ever and do a lot of things, the other day i found a rock... and it was pretty...

Grith starts jumping of excitement

i feel soo excited i can do a lot of stuff i can organize the books and then i can make a cake with them!!! and then...

Ok, stop. How about you try helping out by seeing if the workshop need more people. If we get a door in here, it can prevent sound and stuff getting in.

Then cinder sat down, and picked up a book about the Guard Room and read it.

Asked Girth to see if he can make a door for the library, and sat down to read the guard room

November 24th, 2009, 08:50
Kanquios :demon:

:warlock: Crystice: Get... off...

Crystice then fired Missile at Kanquios as she turned around to get off. It hit her tail and she did several flips in the air before hitting her head on a dummy. Kanquios then saw mist and ice come out of Crystice's hand and come for her. Kanquios shut her eyes and covered them with her front claws as she cowered behind a dummy.

The mist touched the dummy and froze it comepletely, Kanquios, frightened of Crystice, ran off in fright. She was so scared that she decided to hide in the place no one would think to look for her, but the place where Warlocks loved the most, the Library.

Kanquios spotted Grith, and jumped up and down excited at the sighting of another Demon Spawn. She ran at him and stole one of the books he was reading.

:demon: Kanquios: Hi! I'm Kanquios! Heehee!

Kanquios :demon:

Health: 92%
Level: 2
Gold: 0
Location: Library, with Grith

Summery: Kanquios was knocked off and hurt herself, then she ran to the Library and met Grith. She ran at him and stole one of his books and introduced herself and giggled.

November 24th, 2009, 15:40
What is this? A new creature entering the dungeon!

Anzu-Vey the Demon Spawn, felt himself floating in the air and mist. He could not see anything - everything was black. He could suddenly feel a massive block infront of him. He looked up and saw some glinsing light. He climbed out of what he realised was a portal. He suddenly felt how the heat surrounded his entire body. This was to be his new home!
He could not remember anything - not even his name, but he found out, that letters were burned into the palm of his claw. He looked at it, and pronounced his name - Anzu-Vey.

He started to explore his new home.

Name: Anzu-Vey :demon:
Level: 1
Health: 15%
Gold: 0.00
Currently: Looking for a place to sleep.

Dark_Omega MK2
November 24th, 2009, 17:25
Grith, because two would be ridicolously silly:demon:

*Grith notices Kanquios who takes one os the books he was reading, Grith simply stares at the Demon Spawn for a few seconds*

you... you... ... ... YOU ARE MY CLONE!!!! BUT GREEN!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

*Grith runs in circles for a while until he suddenly stops*

No wait... i know, you are a mutan frog just like me...

*Grith thinks about what he just said*

Wait... YOU are a MUTANT FROG just like ME... ... ... AWESOME!!!

*Hugs Kanquios*

You are my new best fweng in the universe, i am Grith and this is Coin *Shows Kanquios one coin Grith had* we are in a quest for world domination and for the pancakes around the world, all cats in the universe will fall by my ruthless hand of stell by my chicken dance of doom and then i can eat chickens...

But right now im with my new best fwend ever Cinder, who is pretending to ignore me, isnt he cool? :D

Grith its at the library talking to Kanquios the Demon Spawn
HP 100%
Level: 3
Mood: Overly Happy
Summary: Grith went to a hero cave, ran away from heroes, hide in his lair, eated some chickens, cried loudly, tried to eat a book to research fast, it was trying to be Cinders Guinea Pig and now its talking to Kanquios in the Library

November 24th, 2009, 20:39

Doors Completed:
Braced Doorx1

Groogo finished one Braced Door, and sets the box near his completed Traps. Groogo drags himself back to an anvil.

"Where workers? Groogo no can make every!"

Groogo grunts, and lets out a angry bellow, before returning to work.

"Keeper, a Bile Demon is angry because he doesn't have any hel-"

Health : 95%
Groogo make doors. Braced one done.
Level : 3 (35%)
Mood : ANGRY
Efficiency : 80%
Summary : Groogo finish one door, Groogo want help! OR GROOGO SMASH!

November 25th, 2009, 19:20


Metal Gear Rex
November 25th, 2009, 19:47
(Of course I had Evi's permission, he wanted this so badly)

The Tiny Friendly Lovable Odd Beetle

"Tthhhhaaaaaattttttttt'sssssssss nnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiicccccccceeeee niiiiiiiiccccceeeeeeee Rrrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh."

But Roach had already left, and had all that was left for Lena was a Slow Spell to dodge and a large thick cloud of poison gas. Lena started gagging at the poison gas, Lena casts Speed on herself and zips away from the poison cloud.

"Haha! You can't get me!!" Roach taunted Lena.

Crap... I missed... I should improve my aim...

Lena glares at Roach, "What the the hell are you trying to do do Roach?!" "I wanted to play... are you going to chase me...?" Roach asked her, shaking a bit. "I'm not immune to to poison like you are are Roach!"

"So... are you going to chase me...?" Roach asked, calming down a bit. "...Yes!" Lena yelled as she jumped at Roach. "AH!!" Roach screamed.

Not knowing where to go, which way to run, Roach was tackled by Lena. He attemped to push her off. Lena clinged onto Roach, biting him and poking him in the eye.

"OW!" Roach yelped.

Roach accidentally fired Poison Cloud but was unaware of it as he was immune. He continued to struggle with Lena, trying to roll over so he was on top. Lena gagged and choked as she was still clinging to Roach.

Lena's strength faded as she continued to attack Roach by biting him. Roach finally managed to roll over and from there he escaped from Lena.

"Haha! Come and get me!" Roach teased Lena.

Lena wobbled over to Roach, and tackled him. Roach quickly squiggled out of Lena's grasp and ran all the way over to the Dungeon Heart, teasing Lena along the way. He wasn't sure if she chased him because she liked him, was bored, or annoyed.

Lena came from the corner of the corridor and jumped at Roach. Roach ducked, and ran all the way to the to-be Guard Room room. He stopped at the edge of the land and stared down at the lava.

"No where else to run run now Roach!" Lena called out.

Lena creeped out of the hallway into the to-be Guardroom. Roach hid in his shell but realized only turtles did that so he stood up and fired Poison Cloud at Lena only to miss.

Lena tackles Roach, causing both to fall into the lava. Roach screamed in pain as he was burned and cooked at the same time.

"R-Roach! I'M SORRY!" Lena managed to scream before being burned into a crisp.


Name: "Nuclear" Roach
Health: 0/0%
Level: 4
Mood: Dead
Gold: 0
Job: Dead
Location: Lava River

Summery: Roach played with Lena and they both fell into the lava by accident and died.

Health : 0%
Lena died with Roach in the lava near the To-Be Guardroom.

November 25th, 2009, 22:35

- Haha! I'm so glad to have so many Warlocks! I'm really proud of who, my great researchers. Now, a Guard Room and perhaps even a Torture Chamber would be nice. As for the spells, how about Heal? I'm counting on you my Warlocks, don't deceive me! In the meantime, I will command my imps to dig a new area for the Prison and soon getting Skeletons! MWAHAHAHAAAA!!!


- Thanks Groogo and Defando and all who contributed. I'm gonna use them for sure.


- Holy sh**! It never ends!

Go meet the new creature.

- Hello Anzu-Vey and welcome in my domain! Nice to see another Demon Spawn!

"Keeper, a Bile Demon is angry because he doesn't have any hel-"

- Really? But where's Defando? HEY, the Troll! Your Bile Demon buddy needs help! Don't let him down! And what's that, a chair? Err... Could you build something a little bit more useful and more deadly next time, like... well... hmmm... A TRAP?!?


- Hmmm... nice, now my scouts are starting to leave... *sigh*


- Yup, exactly what I said! But anyway...

Talk to all :

- Keep up the good work my minions! And don't forget to train as we will start fighting reeeaally soon!

Metal Gear Rex
November 26th, 2009, 08:16
The Beautiful, Deadly, Cruel, and Heart-Breaking Sorceress
"The Ice Sorceress"

Crystice hadn't been reading at all, she was too distracted. She had to solve the problem herself, yet she realized now that attacking Mechrin wouldn't solve anything. She knew what she had to do. Crystice stood up and set her book back. She then began walking calmly over to the Entrance Portal and stopped in front of it.

"I'm sorry keeper Mikaelios," Crystice told him, "I must do this to make the fight between Mechrin and I stop for good... and there is only one thing to do besides killing him..."


Crystice dropped down the portal never to be seen again in Frozengard.


November 26th, 2009, 08:24
Anzu-Vey :demon: was pleased to greet his new master.

Anzu-vey: "I hope I will serve you well, also if you will need a scout and with no wings, but feet which are very use to walk the surface of lava - then I'm your demon!"

Anzy-Vey found out the location of the lair. The tiny demon stood in the doorway, while he looked into a room, which was covered in cozy darkness. His shadow cast a huge demon on the floor.

"Now thats what I'm going to look like when I grow to level 10!"

When he had done some few flexes and played around with his cast shadow, he walked thowards the darkness of the room.

He found himself a nice looking spot, right next to the lair of a bile demon, by name Groogo.

He was exciting to meet his new fellow creatures of this dungeon.

Anzy-Vey fell asleep quickly, but it did not take long for him to wake up with a chock. He was worried. And wondered if the Bile Demon who had lair next to his, would not notice him and accidently squash him??

Anzy-Vey then quickly shook his head, and thought he was just being paranoid and a bit frightened, because of this entire new enviroment.

Name: Anzu-Vey :demon:
Level: 1
Health: 18%
Gold: 0.00
Currently: Sleeping

Duke Ragereaver
November 27th, 2009, 17:50
Din the elderly Warlock :warlock:

Din was continueing his research on the guard room, he was disturbed by the brown troll again who tried to sell him a selfmade chair.

:troll: Defando: Would any of ye Warlocks like tis comfy chair? Thy shall sell it to ye for a reasonable price, say 6 gold pieces?

Din looked to him for a second before turning his back to him and ignored him to continue his research. Din was so focused on his research he didn’t notice the events in the library, it was only that Keeper Mikaelios said the research on the Prison was finished Din became aware of his surrounding. He then decided to go to the Lair to take a nap. He exited the library, walked straight into the Lair and sate down on his chair before sleeping.

Din the warlock is sleeping.
Health : 100%

Summary: Din ignored Defando, and continued research on the Prison, and after it was finished he went to his lair to take some well earned rest.

November 27th, 2009, 18:29
The Lair

Mechrin had been sulking around there. This time he was CERTAIN Crystice was trying to kill him! Because.... errr..... for one blissful moment Mechrin realized there was no evidence that Crystice wanted to kill him, in fact, she said earlier that she considered the date. Maybe women wern't strange monsters and that peopel don't instantly want to kill him, maybe they only wanted to kill him because he was consattly trying to wiggle out of situations?

For a moment... Mechrin was... well; Calm.


It was nice.

The room seemed to stop spinning; the sounds of distant battles turned into the sounds of Groogo's distant farts; he stopped relentlessly sweating; he stopped stuttaring and his heart beat slowed and began to return to norm-

"OH NO! I ThiNk I'm hAviNg a hEarT AttaCk!?!"

Mechrin dropped to the floor and started rolling about. He didn't have time to realize that as a Warlock he had his heart removed years ago, or to think about whether Stop Drop and Roll was what you were meant to do during a heart attack: for the 17th time today he was going to die!

Mechrin was so busy rolling about he didn't hear his keeper congratulate him, in fact, things didn't return to their normal Terrifying ways until Crystice walked into the Lair on her way to the Portal.

"...to make the fight between Mechrin and I stop for good... and there is only one thing to do besides killing him..."

Clearly the only alternative to killing Mechrin was to announce her love and to marry Mechrin! Eager to find out if he could remove Groogo from the guest list Mechrin followed Crystice until she dropped down the portal.


The Lair.

Mechrin sat.

He didn't even notice that Cynder had removed half of his lair. He just... sat.




W-where did you go when things went wrong? Baby!
Wh-Who did you run to, t-to find a shoulder to lay your head upon? Baby!
wasn't I there!? didn't I take good care of you!?
No!, Noooo! I can't believe your leaving meeeee!

Mechrin leapt to his feat and spread his arms in exclamation

Stay with me baby (baby please stay)
Stay With Me Baby!
I can't go oh-woh-on....

Mechrin sobbed.

Summery: Mechrin had a moment of total peace, but mistook it for a heart attack and rolled around on the floor (missing Keeper Mik's thank you) he then mistook Crystice anouncement to the keeper to mean that she was going to marry him, only to see her leave the dungeon and him.

He went back to his lair and wept, singing "Stay with me Baby!"

November 29th, 2009, 00:43
Out of the portal, a warlock crawled out. He wore dark gray robes, with golden ornaments on them. His staff was decorated with multiple gem stones and on it's tip burned green, magical flame. He slapped the dust off the robes, and took off his hood. Now you could clearly see his face, which sported a long, gray beard, and no hair on the top, besides his big, bushy eyebrows, which were placed just above two little black spots which were his eyes. He slowly walked from the portal to the Dungeon Heart. After arriving at the heart, he kneeled down, supporting himself with his staff, and, looking at the ceiling, said, in a nemotionless tone:

"Greetings, Master. My name is Sleak, and I'm here to offer you my... services. As you can see, I'm a mage, and a brilliant one at that. Due to an... unfortunate accident, involving my previous' master's Dungeon Heart, a temple and two horned reapers, I have been badly injured, and, for undisclosed reasons I have been... bannished from that realm. However, I will gladly serve under you, sire, provided you can afford my services, of course."

Name: Sleak
Creature type: Warlock
Current level: 1
Health: 100%
Gold on pocket: 0
Mood: None
Action: Talking to the Dungeon Keeper through the Dungeon Heart
Current Abilities: Attack
Summary: Sleak has arrived into the realm and introduced himself to the Dungeon Keeper.

November 29th, 2009, 01:21
Cinder (the warlock that stayed)

... And put in the guard post, and you're creatures are able to patrol the area with ease.

Chapter CCCCLLLLXXXVIII: the end

Ok, well, the guard room is now contructed. Just drop a creature on the land, and if they are loyal, they will guard for you and alert you of heros about to breach your dungeon.

After finishing the book down (which was his 6th on the guard room), he felt that was enough information to build a guard room. Hey, mentor guy, I think that the guard room is done. you wanna confirm this, or should I just tell the keeper! Cinder was yelling at the celling.

Name: Cinder
Level: 3.7 (not for long)
Health: 100%
Gold: 272/9
Did: Finished the guard room, and told the "mentor" of this fact.

Dark_Omega MK2
November 29th, 2009, 09:04
Grith, use your Griths wisely young people:demon:

*Grith then hears a voice while talking to Kanquios*

wait... yeah... oh... i see...

*Grith then comes to a realization*

Kanquios, it is time for me to go, i just received... THE CALL OF NATURE... and its telling me that my true identify and friends and destiny and stuff its not here... therefore i must leave now... i am sorry but im sure we will meet again and become really nice fwends evah :D

*Grith runs away and heads toward his lair where he starts packing everything (which its nothing actually, except a coin)*

C'mon coin. lets head into our most epicness quest of epicness and chaos :D

*Grith heads toward the keepers chamber*

Hi keeper, i received a call i must go, thanks for everything i leave yoou my guldz because you are pretty awesome... and bye... remember to always feed the coinly brothers :D

*Grith heads toward the portal and leaves*


Summary: Grith has left the Dungeon:demon:

November 29th, 2009, 13:51
The Library

Mechrin pulled him self to his work place and addressed the warlock he was most familiar with; Cinder

"Guys... I think I've just been du-" Mechrin thought about this for a second "Guys! I just dumped Cyrstice because she was way too moody for a great guy like me! And now I'm single again so let's go to a casino and look at dark Elves and Mistresses!" Mechrin was crying at this point but tried with all his effort to keep a smile up.

With a jolt of supprise Mechrin noticed a brown troll standing uncomfortably close to him (He was in the same room as Mechrin)

"AhhaaAh-AH!" Mechrin said to Defendo, his tiny hands clamped over his mouth to protect it from troll germs, but these hands got distracted when Mechrin noticed the chair.

"Hay! That's a pretty nice chair!" He said snatching it from Defendo "Can I buy it? Some body vandalized my lair and stole half of it" Mechrin went pale at the thought of someone touching his stuff.

"ummm, so can I buy it?" Mechrin shuffled about in his oversized robes only to remember he never picked up his pay day "Err, I'll have top get the gold to you later, I'm loaded you see, so I have to keep it all at my lair as it would take me ages to lug it everywhere!"

Sumemry: Mechrin told Cinder he just dumped Crystice and now wants to go on the razzle in search of dark elves and mistresses, but was distracted by Defendo and his chair, Mechrin asked if he could buy the chair while snatchign it from the troll.

November 29th, 2009, 21:34
Hey, mentor guy, I think that the guard room is done. you wanna confirm this, or should I just tell the keeper!

There's no need to shout creature... I only answer to Keepers. Come back when you've ascended to a higher plain of being and have you heart swelled 10,000 times in size.

November 30th, 2009, 22:00
Groogo the Bile Demon

Doors Finished!
Another Braced Door and two Steel Doors.

"Groogo finished Doors. Me train."

Groogo goes into the Lair, noticing that very little lairs remained.

"Where creats? Groogo LONELY!"

Training Room

"Quiet. No creat speak. ...Groogo saw bossy Warlock gone. Groogo..."


Groogo, content, starts to train.
Health : 80%
Groogo are Training. Leave Groogo alone!
Level : 3
Mood : HAPPY
Efficiency : 81%

November 30th, 2009, 22:01
Cinder: He is Fire. Use him well.

He was sitting around in the library, playing with a fireball.Hmm... this is boreing. I thought this keeper was good. This is the last time I come into a dungeon before it has more than 3 creatures.

Cinder Got up and walked to the dungeon Heart. Keeper, I bring sad news. I must leave this dungeon. I ma or may not return. I will give you 200 of my 275 gold back. make sure it can be used for good use. He gave up the gold. Accually, I will only need 10, so you can have the rest. he gave up more gold. Hey, where's the rest... oh yeah, that demon spawn. I hope I don't meet him again.

He walked to the portal. See you later keeper, I will return when you are strong and worthy of my presence.

He walked down the portal to a room with portals to other keepers.

A Warlock has left your dungeon (temperarly)

Left the dungeon for a while. He hopes to come back when the keeper is strong enough.

November 30th, 2009, 22:41
The Library

"Hay Cinder! We can use this chair for when the gillies give us lap dances!"

Mechrin swivelled round to see a Cinder shapped emptyness in the air.

A Warlock has left your dungeon!

"NNNOOOOOOOOO!!" Mechrin dropped to his knees - remembered he was holding a chair - got up and sat on the chair - "Do you hate me Mentor!?"

"Yes creature!" "AGHaaahHH!" "I look forward to telling all your friends to betray and kill you."

"But... I haven't got any friends..."

"What was that Creature? Did you just gain an inch of tragic awareness?"

"W-W-what!? Ummm... No! Ummm, that was Defendo!" Mechrin pokes Defendo and then quickly wipes his hand on his robes.

"Keeper... your creatures are infinitely entertaining."

Mechrin looked back at the cinder-less spot. "I tried to convince him not to go Keeper! Honest! If it wasn't for me he would have revolted and slashed your heart open while frothing at the mouth..."

Mechrin trailed off; he didn't quite feel up to it. He turned to Defendo but saw that the troll seemed to be sleeping while standing up with his eyes open or something.

Mechrin tore a page out of a book, scribbled "Mechrin owes you 6 gold for you chair." pondered this for a while, scribbled out "Mechrin" and wrote "Groogo" over it and pinned it to Defendo's chest. Mechrin then walked back to his lair to see if he could remember any more verses to his sad song...

The Lair.

Mechrin now fully realized that there was a large chunk missing from his lair.

Some one had been touching his stuff! YUCK! YUCK! People aren't allowed to touch Mechrin's stuff!

Mechrin darted around the lair looking for the chair that was part of his lair, he found it: It was part of a warlock lair.

Mechrin was relived to have found it and inspected it, he saw the label "Property of Cinder"


Now his chair was gone too! Was the world trying to destroy him!?

"I keep telling you: Yes!"

A soggy tear slid down Mechrin's pale cheek. He was desperate now, and there was only one being in the whole of Frozengard that could save him!

The Training Room.

"Groogo... I need a hug." Mechrin instantly flipped into the cower position, he squinted in terror at what was about to come.

Summery: Mechrin was disheartened to see Cinder two had left him, and that Defendo had gone strangely vacant and that the only good part of his lair followed Cinder to his next realm. The Mentor teased him a good bit too.

Mechrin left Defendo a note telling him that Groogo had taken his chair and owed him 6 gold.

Mechrin walked into the training room and asked Groogo for a hug.

November 30th, 2009, 22:51
Groogo the Huggy Demon

"Groogo... I need a hug."

Groogo stops training, and looks at Mechrin.


Groogo picks up Mechrin, and hugs him with his sweaty armpits, drool slobbered from Groogo's mouth; which fall onto Mechrin, a long worm crawls it's way into Mechrin's sleeve, Groogo farts, and the mold slowly crawls onto Mechrin's skin.
Groogo is hugging Mechrin.