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December 25th, 2009, 21:07
Welcome Keeper in to my dungeons!

I was create a new Campaign : Conquest of the Arctic.

This Campaign is the continuation of Destiny of the Ninja but the manner of the contest very differs, here we have a portal and at times we was fight with other keeper.

After the control of Japan, Ninja not the debt were glad their own winning. They did not kill all Shoguns, but only these which were a key to the winning. Enemy shogun decided to overthrow rule of people of the shadow. The year after the conquest of the authority over the state, warriors of the shadow were all the time attacked by men. In the country exploded the civil war. After five years of the bloody fight with the terror the quantity ninja come down to a dozen or so warriors… These warriors decided to save themselves and their own secrets. They left the and flowed by boat northerly. In a month they swam to hardly of living lands, ice-lands. There lived there very few people for ruler there the climate. They decided there to settle. They began to build there houses in the cave, so that the winter the wind do not blow to them into faces… One day somebody got to their house piercing the wall. Were then very strange monsters… such warriors of the shadow not yet saw… the Tunnel drove far inside the earth when ninja last already on the dwon the tunnel saw the battle, the very large battle. They fought in her people and demons. Demons surely wanted come to the surface, people tried to prevent to this. Ninja they flung themselves help and killed enemy demons. When this they made came the silence… after a little one of people it levelled a gun from the bow to one with ninja ninja renbaund theen while came the silence… After a little the part of people stood by ninja while the rest stand where to be… of the moment set up the following battle between people and warriors of the shadow… the Victory in this battle they achieved ninja and this hi of inhabitants which stood up after side of warriors of the shadow. Warriors from Japan understood what themselves here history… that the true world is in dungeons that here lasts the war and that unless will fight this anyway sooner or later will seize them or people or demons… saw that right now reached the third player to the battle about Arctic!

All campaign has complete, the campaign will consist from 10 levels and one special (moon level). Only in the first level there is no portal and it is from the simple reason, because as the new player in the battle for Arctic you must occupy dungeon of the enemy keeper to have its own first dungeon. In every following mission we have a portal.

All campaign - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TSSTM06T

A moment ago I sketched land vive (for the CCP) of the campaign, what about him do you think?


I finished the land vive:
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December 28th, 2009, 15:53
8 level has complete :)

9 level has complete :)

Duke Ragereaver
December 29th, 2009, 07:01
Going to play the first levels today or tomorrow.

Edit: Uh, where are the level maps at all? I've downloaded the link and when clicking on the file it just restarts the download.

December 29th, 2009, 07:55
Going to play the first levels today or tomorrow.

Edit: Uh, where are the level maps at all? I've downloaded the link and when clicking on the file it just restarts the download.

I wish the pleasant game :)

And you inscribed the code from the small picture above?

At me all download without problems.

Campania has descriptions in for the moment in the polish language, how I will finish her this I will make also English versions.

January 1st, 2010, 18:42
10 level has complete :)

Moon level has complete :)

All campaign has complite - look at the first message

September 1st, 2017, 14:13
The thread is old, but maybe the mapmaker still gets a notification that there is a new comment.

So I played the campaign in the last days and I think it is good. I recorded the levels as videos for Youtube. Not too difficult, some levels had challenging parts. Overall it was an enjoyable experience.

Still, there are a few things that might need a fix:

- not meant as offense, but the English of the introductory texts and speeches has some mistakes. I´m not a native speaker myself, so it is understandable, but it might be a good idea to fix this :cool:
- I wish you had added the monk and the heroines to the creatures pool, and maybe for the first levels the dwarf. On the other hand there should be a limit for the Avatars in later levels - with about 8-10 Avatars winning the level is obviously a piece of cake...
- in level 2 the lack of melee fighters at the beginning is really bothersome - it is difficult to defeat the L10 dwarf up there.
- I wished you had added the Call to Arms spell especially in later levels, because so it is a bit cumbersome to lead the armies to fight the enemies
- in most levels the AI keepers are not really a challenge because most times they get already defeated by the hostile heroes. Maybe if their behaviour to build oversized lairs and a lot of workshops that makes them dig out too much territory would be changed this wouldn´t be a problem
- as it is not necessary to defeat the AI keepers the levels are sometimes too easy - especially Land of Blood, one can just fortify the dungeon and ignore the two keepers and just go for the white heart. It is also possible to avoid killing the enemy heroes with just sneaking into the dungeon and destroying the heart.

And to be honest I have no idea how to solve the moon level. I managed to defeat the three AI keepers, but the goal is to destroy the white heart. Still, I don´t know how as it is behind fortified walls. There are also neutral vampires unreachable in such a room, and two boxes. Some spellbooks are hidden in the water area, but they aren´t of any use as no library is available. I tried to attack the white heard through the diagonal opening, but this did not work.

That is my feedback about the campaign.

December 6th, 2018, 12:03
Thank you guys for your great work!
I've just completed all the maps. I had a good time and decided to write some feedback...

I have to agree with some of Noanechu's remarks.

1. I'm so sorry that so many times the enemy keepers were defeated before I managed to get to 'em.
This problem could be easily resolved if we divide them and the enemy heroes using lava with posts built on the brink. This would make the terrain unpassable not only for the lava-walking creatures like Dragons but also for flying unites. Also, the enemy keepers would have to be banned from using bridges of course :)))

2. the lack of call to arms spell is indeed a bit cumbersome but not always. Most fights ain't tough at all so if you put 8 converted samurais or other trained creatures and add some more- this would do the job. Most of the time you don't have to fight with all your army.
In case of danger, to gather my crew, I also built posts near the entrance of massive enemy clusters.

3. extending the creature pool by e.g. monks and others - great idea! 100% agree.

Ice Blood was a bit :D challenging as I had like 150 creatures early/mid game all training in the training room and I had only 4 sides of gems :)))) The gold was melting AF.

Greetings from Poland guys! :)))