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Creature 1

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Creature 2 (Reserved)

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Creature 3 (Reserved)

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Creature 4 (Reserved)

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Name: ''Red Chef'' Gordo (Retired)
Creature type: Bile Demon
Gender: Male
Age: 37 (However, he doesn't act his age)
Personality: Stubborn, Caring
Alignment: Lawful Good
Current level: 3
Gold: 0
-On Hand: 10

-Excellent Cook (Gordo cook good food yes?)
-Good at manufacturing (Gordo makes own equipment!)
-Adept in combat (Gordo cut you!)

-Like all Bile Demons, he ravages the Hatchery. In addition, he takes more chickens than he needs for his cooking. (Gordo eat good! Gordo cook!)
-Gordo fears the cold. (Cold makes Gordo feel bad...)
-Skeletons (You no eat Gordo's masterpiece?!)
-Loneliness (Gordo has no friends...)


-Lack of Food

Level One: Attack
Level Three: Poison Cloud
Level Five: Fart
Level Seven: Protect Self
Level Ten: Meteor

Other things:
Unlike other Bile Demons, Gordo has longer arms and is adept with his hands, thus getting adept in the culinary arts. In addition, Gordo's horns hold his various knives he uses for cooking instead of maces. These knives can prove lethal in combat, as he can wield them. He is also smarter than the adverage Bile Demon.

Realm: Unknown (Inactive)

Gordo does not remember his early years. All he remembers is that he lived at an abandoned hero camp and he learned the art of cooking there via a cooking picture book. Later, he found out he was being used as an experiment by the local Wizards to see if Bile Demons could hold any intelligence. When he learned of this, he broke free of thier bonds and killed them, but before he killed the last one, that Wizard let loose a massive ice-cold flood that wiped out that underground complex. Gordo, being heavy, struggled with breathing, but he was fully taken underwater and blacked out, yet he could still feel the cold throughout the whole experience.
Gordo later awoke mysteriously alive but freezing. He stumbled across the flooded ruins and found something akin to a portal he once saw in a picture book. With one last look around him and to the ceiling, he jumped down...

When Posting:
Thy Post Itself

-Level 1 Rogue :thief:: (N/A) -- Crushed and Stabbed (3 March 2010, Post 368 of Northland Iceland)

Warlock Crystice :warlock:: Absorbs spells cast by the Level 7 Wizard Sheer. (22 Feb 2010, Post 339 of Northland Iceland)

Posts of Legend:
Post 239 of Northland Iceland (Gordo enters Northland Iceland)
Post 425 of Northland Iceland (History / Battle Post)
Post 445 of Northland Iceland (Gordo departs from Northland Iceland)

Experience Log:
Battle = 1.5 (1.5/3) Northland Iceland, Post 318
Battle = 1.5 (Level Up, Now Level 2 -- 0/5) Northland Iceland, Post 326
Battle = 1.5 (1.5/5) Northland Iceland, Post 336
Battle = 1.5 (3/5) Northland Iceland, Post 339
Battle = 1.5 (4.5) Northland Iceland, Post 363
Battle = 1.5 (Level Up, Now Level 3 -- 1/8) Nothland Iceland, Post 368
Training = 1 (2/8) Northland Iceland, Post 413
Combat = 1.5 (3.5/8) Northland Iceland, Post 425

* * *
* * *

Dead Creatures:

Name: Otto ''Demotto'' (Demoltionist Otto) (Deceased)
Creature Type: Troll
Gender : Male
Age: ''Why you need to know that? Just sit back down and enjoy yourself kid.''
Personality: Easygoing, relaxed, ''Blow em Up'' style.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Current level: 1
Gold: 0
-On Hand: 100

-Great Manufacturer
-Great ''Demolitionist''

-Sometimes can be ''too'' relaxed.
-His solution to almost everything involves blowing something up...
-Otto can sometimes fall into insanity during his dreams.



Level 1: Attack
Level 3 Sight
Level 5: Fireball
Level 8: Grenade

Other Things:
Otto wears a Black Eyepatch over the left eye and wears a strap equipped with grenades. He also has a belt outfited with various tools. Otto is also smarter than the adverage Troll.

Realm: Formerly Frozenguard Wastelands


''You want to know my lifestory? Ok, I'll tell ya, but I'll have to blow you up afterwards...''

*Slapped by Keeper*

''Ok Keeper-man, I'll talk. Just keep it cool ok?...''

Otto is an explosives expert and veteran from War for the Overworld. His services was much sought after during the war by various keepers. However, his relaxed style didn't fit in with most keepers and was kicked out as soon as he finished his work. (The only thing he was truely useful for was his explosives, otherwised he just took up space.)

After the war, Otto lived a relatively peaceful lifestyle creating fireworks for all the evil little creatures running around. However, he was later sued when one such firework shot by a child blasted the Hatchery to pieces. (''He wanted a 'BIG BOOM!', so I gave it to the little man.'')
With Otto's funding drained, he once more looks for work in a Keeper's ranks so he can go back to his relaxed lifestyle.

Unknown to Otto, but he suffers from a mental illness that makes him suffer from vivid dreams. Sometimes, while dreaming, he can move his real life self around and may cause harm to others without knowing it. This condition has only arisen recently (Frozengard Wastelands).

While Posting:
Thy Post Itself

- Level 3 Archer :archer: -- Head smashed (Post 344 of Frozengard)
- Level 4 Barbarain :barb: -- Ribcage crushed (Post 347 of Frozengard)

None here either.

Posts of Legend:
Post 305 of Frozengard Wastelands (Otto enters Frozengard)
Post 347 of Frozengard Wastelands (Otto finds death in battle)

Experience Log:
Training = 1 (1/3) Frozengard Wastelands, Post 314
Training = 1 (2/3) Frozengard Wastelands, Post 318
Training = 1 (Level Up, Now Level 2 -- 0/5) Frozengard Wastelands, Post 330
Combat = 1.5 (1.5/5) Frozengard Wastelands, Post 344
Combat = 1.5 (3/5) Frozengard Wastelands, Post 347

February 26th, 2010, 00:50

Here is where I post random stuff about my characters, such as plans and personal settings that I use.

Summary Posts:

[Name] Summary:
Level: #
Health: ###%
Gold: #
Mood: [Mood]
Status: [Status]
Summary: [Summary of Post]

Note: I normally copy / paste my most recent summary, editing it as needed.

Current Leveling System
This is the leveling system that I use. To see an experience log, view that character's profile. There is room for improvement on this leveling method.

Note that every time the creature gains a level, the meter resets.
Also note that this is the system always used, even if changed. Thus, even if I said I leveled up in a post, I may have leveled earlier or at a later post due to changes to the system. These changes will be reflected in the logs as well as my signature, but not in the posts themselves.

Training / Combat Pit Posts = 1 Point
Battle Posts = 1.5 Points
Realm Completion = 5 Points

Pattern: N+1

1 -> 2 : 3 Points
2 -> 3 : 5 Points
3 -> 4 : 8 Points
4 -> 5 : 12 Points
5 -> 6 : 17 Points
6 -> 7 : 23 Points
7 -> 8 : 30 Points
8 -> 9 : 38 Points
9 -> 10 : 47 Points

Future Plans:

Gordo is planned to remain inactive for some time.
Derrick probably won't be seen for a very long while...