View Full Version : podcast interview with alex trowers (bullfrog)

January 17th, 2020, 08:52
Old bullfrog employee talks about various bullfrog games: https://www.arcadeattack.co.uk/podcast-january-2-2020/
-peter molyneux's ridiculous positivity tricked this guy into thinking he had a successful job interview when he didn't and he was on the dole for 6 months as a result because he had quit his previous job, lmao
-there was originally going to be 8 agents in Syndicate before dropping it to 4
-Magic Carpet initially began as a populous sequel called "Populous Village" before morphing into Magic Carpet

Dungeon Keeper discussion begins @41:25
-"Peter kind of wasn't around" molyneux apparently doesn't even deserve credit for DK1, besides being the idea guy lol
-He has an interesting take on DK2 combat, how it had very complex combat but they undid their efforts by allowing the player to pickup and drop all your creatures at once, says it's regretful.
-With DK3 there was a lot of concept art that existed and there was a premise of "can we do over-ground stuff now, can the engine cope with doing overland stuff".
-Talks about the EA buyout.

"Could a bullfrog game be made into a film?" @1:12:25
None of the Bullfrog games ever had any characters to market and this was deemed to be a "huge issue". The only exception being the Horned Reaper. This explains EA's marketing decisions, how they latched onto Horned Reaper for the mobile game (that ridiculous rap) and how Horny became an individual (DK2) instead of a common creature species (DK1).