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May 25th, 2020, 19:58
About this Map Pack

It's a simple Map pack where I recreated all classic 1vs1 maps to be suitable for competetiv play.
Download here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F1qCllgr9W8i5THJipKMv58dUebx0ZO6/view?usp=sharing) or that one in the attachement -> 2027

What's different?

All Portals and Artefacts are revealed for all players
The maps are mirrored
All Empire Units got removed and some got replaced with defences
You allways start with 5 workers
I removed and changed many artefacts
Dungeonhearts are located to the east and west
Deactivated possession and Horned Reaper spell
No more Hero Gates

Why did I change that?

A player shouldn't have an advantage by just knowing the exact position of Portals and artefacts, that's also true for the opponents starting portal as an assault target
because even a single tile could theoreticly be an advantage
Farming empire units takes away skill, because hoarding units is quite easy to achiev
I wanted to keep it consistent
Artefacts are really strong and sometimes even a win condition, so I changed it to either be supportive or giving a reason to go a different route
To prevent a bug which causes units who attack from south deal +50% damage
Simply because with possession you can wipe out armies with just 1 unit, and the horned reaper is just busted
Because I can't get them to work :'(

How to install?

Download "ACE - A competetiv Environment" here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F1qCllgr9W8i5THJipKMv58dUebx0ZO6/view?usp=sharing) or from the attachement -> 2027
Go to your Dungeon Keeper 2 Folder (where the .exe is)
Unfold "ACE - A competetiv Environment" in there

Map previews1.2

2012 2013 2014 2021
2015 2016 2017 2022
2018 2019 2020

If something isn't clear, found a bug or even a writting mistake, feel free to comment below

added 2 level up Artefact on Small, because I forgot them
fix an issue where at some maps, certain rooms/spells/etc. are locked
possession and horned reaper are locked now
Rotate Thumbnail for "A - No Mans Land" to represent the actual ingame position
Changed the Red Dungeon Heart to be allways west and Blue Dungeon Heart to be allways on the east to keep things consistent
Changed the Thumbnails for some maps to represent the new ingame position
Changed 4 tiles in "A - The Pass" on the top
Replaced Hero Portals with Keeper Portals, because Hero Portals are broken, nothing I can do about that, sorry :/
Fixed up "A - The Deep End", I missed a row on the top
Fixed up "A - The Deep End", I forgot to put Red to the west
Fixed up "A - The Deep End", I deleted 2 foundry and archive tiles, so that the Trolls or Warlocks spawn randomlized
Fixed an issue with "A - The Pass", where Keeper 1 had most rooms and doors locked
I forgot 2 Portals on "A - No Mans Land", fixed that

May 25th, 2020, 22:21
Did you consider the North-South bug? Since units from the south get a 50% boost in attack power, multiplayer maps should generally be east-west oriented.

May 25th, 2020, 22:31
Did you consider the North-South bug? Since units from the south get a 50% boost in attack power, multiplayer maps should generally be east-west oriented.
Yes I considered that, that's why I rotated many maps (will add that in the disciption, good point, thanks).
I also were thinking about rotating some "actually" fine maps (like "U Turn"), so that the defender has the advantage, but I wanted to stay closer to the original, to not upset people who actually enjoyed and lerned the classic maps.
Small is a map, where it doesn't matter how you rotate, you will allways give the south Keeper the advantage, BUT I stuck with the original because the portal which is faster to reach is on the north of the south Keeper.